Cuckold loving bitch makes him eat cumshot

Cuckold loving bitch makes him eat cumshot
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I awoke with my daughter in my bed. I stared in disbelief, then I groaned and horny milf stepmom sucks a stepsons dick under a shower my face. It was real. I had stepped over the line. What a stupid fuck. I padded downstairs, made coffee, then showered and dressed before Jill awoke. I felt like shit. Skipper was bouncing around all over me.

He was happy as hell. That dog didn't care what kind of attention he got, as long as he got something. He was a lot like me. "Do something constructive," I told Skipper, "go take a chunk out of Mrs. Jefferson." I heard tiny footsteps on the stairs. Jill skipped across the kitchen as I opened my thermos. "Jill, I want to talk to you," I said as I filled my steel thermos from the pot of coffee.

"Morning, daddy," she stood on tiptoes and kissed my cheek. I glanced at her and my heart skipped a beat as I saw her perfect body in a see-through neglige. "Damn!" I yelled as coffee poured over my hand. "In the first place, get dressed. Mrs.

Jefferson can see everything from her bedroom window. Put some clothes on that naked ass." "I thought you liked this ass, daddy," she smiled coyly, while shaking her ass. "I do, sweetheart, and last night was wonderful, but it will never happen again. You hear me?" "Why, daddy," her face fell. "Because I feel like shit and I have to go out and face the world now. I just can't do this again." "Ok," she was disappointed.

"And one more thing." "Yes daddy?" "No punks in my house while I'm gone.


Phillip can come over while I'm here. Understand?" "Yes daddy," she said, and I believed her this time. "If he has to fuck you so damned badly, tell him to get a 69 Chevy like everybody else," I smiled as I closed the thermos and kissed her on the cheek again. "Can I bring a girl over?" she asked brightly. "Sure. Make her about 40 with long blonde hair and legs clear up too here," I held my hand to my chest, before I slipped my boots on.

"No problem. Ah, daddy?" "Yes sweetheart?" "I have to tell you something. . " "Don't have time now. I have to talk to Jim Reilly before he leaves for California. I think the son-of-a-bitch is cutting stove daddy fucking my princess parts pussyplaying pussyfucking from my log piles." "But.

. " "Later," I said as I opened the door. There was Mrs. Jefferson in a white flowered bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, looking at the bumper on my truck. She made a surprised face and hurried toward her house.

"Damned kids will put anything on there, won't they?" my yell followed her into the door. I was right. He had been cutting wood from my convenient log piles. The stupid bastard. A good thick 20 foot pine log can net me 300 dollars. If the bastard cuts the end off, leaving me with a 17-foot log, I get half as much.

He finally dropped several thousand dollars from his asking price for the entire stand of timber. I made a little money before starting work. As I filled the black girl sucking their first big white cock 46 tube porn and the fuel tank, then started my saw, I was one happy logger.

My good mood carried over into the evening. I was a little pissed when my dog didn't show up to greet me. The bastard was getting lazy. I watched the doggy door for a moment, then brushed the sawdust off my pants and stamped the mud from my boots. Mrs. Jefferson was standing behind her house, trying to see inside my back door. I could just see her around the side of my house. "Why don't you come over for supper?" I called. She looked startled. "Me?" she seemed amazed. "Yeah, you," I said, striding around the side of the house.

"I'll start the grill and burn some steaks." "I. well yes," she said, holding her hand to her chest. She fumbled with the top button on her robe for a moment, then waved timidly.

"I'll get dressed and be right over." I watched her disappear into the house. She wouldn't look too bad if she'd just get rid of those thick, ugly, birth control glasses. They made her look like Urkle.

"Come on in, the back door will be open," I called. It was a damned good day to be alive. The sun was shining, the lawn mowers were going, and I was about to prove I was the master of the grill.

I had just picked up a hundred pounds of ribeyes in Marysville. Mrs. Jefferson was back in less than a minute, wearing a blue flowered dress with a six-pack of Bud in her hand. I liked her more all the time. I had the grill scraped and going. I dropped the lid and waved her over. She handed me a beer and I twisted off the top. I started to flick it at my neighbor's house, as usual, then I remembered she was standing next to me.

I rolled it across my fingers and slipped it into my pocket. As I did, my eyes went to Mrs. Jefferson and I discovered something. Mrs. Jefferson has breasts.

Her top two buttons were undone. I could see a nice set of breasts in a lacy bra. Well, that was a surprise. And here came a bigger one. My dick was getting hard. She looked down at herself self-consciously, then smiled as we entered the back door. Her smile and those glasses made her look like a 50-year-old school teacher. My dick began wilting again. "Jill must be around," I said softly. Was she asleep? No, I could hear MTV playing loudly on the TV. I would seat Mrs. Jefferson on the couch and defrost the steaks.

"In here," I nodded. I closed the screen door and turned, to find Mrs. Jefferson still standing behind me, looking into the living room. I started to go around her luscious teen vagina acquires satisfied to max hardcore massage my heart froze.

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"Uh, oh yes," a voice cried softly. I could hear the familiar sound of sloop, sloop, sloop, the unmistakable sound of Skipper licking my daughter's pussy. I was going to die. I was going to kill. I pushed my way past Mrs. Jefferson and looked over her shoulder. I got an even bigger surprise. Skipper was not licking my daughter's pussy, a girl was. Skipper was licking the girl. "Oh my," Mrs. Jefferson said from the corner of her mouth. Her eyes turned to me and I reluctantly met them.

I was surprised to see humor and excitement in them. Was she excited about picking up some new gossip, or excited by what she saw? I suddenly realized that I was touching her left buttock. I could feel it against my right hip. It was hot and firm. We stood watching from the darkness of the hallway, fascinated by what we saw. It was very beautiful, in a way. Jill's face was one of complete rapture. She was sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide. The girl had a hand on each of Jill's thighs, lapping like there was no tomorrow.

Jill was mashing her own breasts with her right hand, and pulling the girl's face into her crotch with the left. The girl was kneeling before Jill on her hands and knees. She was naked and well built, from what I could see. Skipper was standing behind her just licking the hell out of that sweet young ass. Damn, that boy liked pussy. "Yes, Tina, do me," Jill whispered. Tina? Tina was damn hot. She looked like that Richards girl, the actress. I suddenly wished I could see better. We were too far away and they were in a dark corner near pale punk chick pov ass fucked and facialed point of view natural tits entrance to the kitchen.

Damned, I can't count the number of times I've fantasized about seeing those young breasts. Maybe next time. Well, there was one place we could watch, without being easily seen. The stairs. "Oh God!" Jill yelled. My eyes went to Mrs. Jefferson. My cock was rock hard and throbbing, just six inches from a pussy.

I laid my hand on her shoulder. A surprised look crossed her face, before she laid a hand over mine. "Should you be watching this?" she asked in a harsh whisper. I almost died, confronting those thick black framed glasses from so close.

I had the urge to rip them off her face. "No," I said with a shrug. "Want to leave?" "No," she gave me a shy smile. "Let's go sit on the stairs," I nodded down the hallway. We hurried down the passage with exaggerated care. They wouldn't have noticed us, nothing could have torn their attention away from what they were doing.

Well, almost. I forgot Skipper. As we took a seat on the stairs, watching the action through the elaborate iron railing, Skipper noticed us for the first time and started wagging.

Faithful old fur ball. He came bounding across the livingroom. He rushed up to us and went right up to Mrs. Jefferson. She ruffled his shinny black hair while he whined softly. His tail was going a mile a minute. "We're old friends," she explained. "Yes, I can see that," I was hurt and surprised. My eyes went back redheaded whore kehlani kalypso getting face and pussy smashed the girls.

It was obviously Tina. I could see her well now. What a magnificent set of breasts. She had the breasts which were always bulging from a sweater. Now I could see why. They were swinging under her chest as she ate my daughter. Suddenly she stopped and looked around. "Skipper's gone," she objected. "Let's 69," Jill said eagerly. They positioned pillows on the couch to prop up Jill's head, then Tina crawled on top of her.

I vowed to fuck the hell out of Tina at the very first opportunity. She was the sexiest girl I have ever seen. I looked down and to my horror I saw Skipper's nose go under Mrs. Jefferson's dress. I started to slap him away, but Mrs.

Jefferson opened her legs and scratched his back, as he sniffed and began licking. Suddenly my cock grew an inch longer. "I want to fuck you," I said suddenly. I had planned on saying something clever, but I was dying. "Ok," she said. "Can. . Can I fuck you in the ass?" I asked nervously.

"How big are you?" She asked, reaching out and grabbing my cock. "Oh fuck," I shuddered, "about six or seven inches." "Take it out," she ordered, suddenly anxious. I leaned back on the stairs and undid my jeans. With her help I had them off in seconds. She yanked down my shorts and took my cock in her hands like it was a precious gift. Even to my eyes it looked like somebody's arm.

Damn I was hard. She turned on the stairs, going down on her hands and knees. She hiked her dress up to her back and yanked down her panties. Skipper went crazy. He looked like he owned that pussy. Mrs. Jefferson looked at my cock, then smiled up at me greedily.

I couldn't help it. I had to yank off those glasses. They were making me sick. She blinked a few times and I found myself looking into a nice set of brown eyes. She wasn't beautiful, by any standards, but she sure wasn't ugly.

Time seemed to stand still as she licked her lips, opened her mouth and moved down toward my cock. I held my breath, waiting for that first wonderful moment.

It was heavenly. I shuddered and almost came. My wife used to cum while I played with her ears or breasts. Now I knew how she felt. I was close. It was all I could do to tighten the muscles in my ass and thighs to contain myself. That damned hound lapping in Mrs. Jefferson's pussy, didn't help much either. Even from that angle I could see his tongue going from the bottom of her pussy to the top of the crack in her ass. He stopped and licked his lips, looking at me with that tail just a going.

He shook his head, snorted, and went back to eating Mrs. Jefferson. She hissed and slammed into my stomach. I reached beneath her and found those interesting breasts. It was a very nice bra. I had seen that bra before. My wife used to wear one. It was a lace underwire.

White lace. I loved white lace. Her breasts were good sized. I've seen worse. I fished her breasts out of her bra and in this clip a foxy little brunette gets bent over and fucked hard untill getting a face full of jiz tweaking her nipples.

I thought she would choke on my cock. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" Jill suddenly screamed. I looked toward the couch. Jill was bouncing around all over the place. Tina was holding her thighs apart and trying to follow the bouncing pussy.

She was getting knocked around a bit. God what a beautiful sight. I don't think there is anything more beautiful than two teen girls going down on each other. The fresh skin, silky hair, and figures to die for, make a perfect picture.

Two girls just seemed to fit nicely together. Man they were hot. "Oh," Tina suddenly screamed. She was finished with Jill now so she could just lay there and enjoy it. Jill was eating her with a serious attitude. She seemed to be biting and mashing like there was no tomorrow.

Her hands were firmly clamped into Tina's perfect ass cheeks. Her mouth was sucking and shaking between those sweet nethery thighs. Tina hissed repeatedly. She humped her ass forward, driving her mound into Jill's wet face. She grunted each time her pussy smacked Jill. Then it all stopped.

As they both lay panting, I realized I was cumming. I had wanted to cum in her ass. Too late, the liquid fire began spurting from my balls, down my cock and into her sucking lips.

She drank quickly, her eyes widening slightly as I filled her mouth with thick cream. I gasped, trying to restrain my cries. My cock emptied its heavy load into Mrs. Jefferson's greedy lips. She was milking my cock and hot amatuer in sexy lingerie fucked and facialised like a calf on its mother. She was one greedy bitch.

She smiled and released me. Skipper was still eating her pussy. She turned and sat one step below me, between my legs. Opening her leg wide, allowed Skipper free access to her pussy. I reached down and massaged her shoulders. She leaned against me. I slid my hands into her bra and returned to her nipples. She moaned and laid her head against my abdomen, looking up at me.

She was too far away to kiss. I simply watched as Skipper did an excellent job of eating her pussy like and old pro. I wondered again where he had learned that. Most male dogs swipe at a pussy once or twice, then try to stab it with their cocks. Skipper was the most patient male dog I had ever seen. The familiar sloop, sloop, sloop of his tongue was a very distinctive and erotic sound.

It was getting me hard again. Jill giggled and I looked up at the girls. Tina was using a swiffer duster on her body. Tina had just reached Jill's neck. She was ticklish there, like her mother. Tina began dusting Jill's breasts. Jill suddenly took on a serious expression. Tina had hit her mark. Jill took the duster from Tina and leaned close for a kiss. As they kissed passionately, Jill ran the duster over Tina's back and ass. In moments they were going at it again. This time Jill was on top.

Jill had Tina's legs beneath her arms so she could gain access to her ass. That was a new one on me. I'd have to remember that. "Mark!" a harsh voice woke me from my daydream. "Huh?" I asked in surprise. "You're hurting me," she said, holding one breast.

"Sorry. I was carried away." "Sit down here," she patted the stairs beside her. I brought a leg over her head and slid down the stairs. I tried to watch Skipper licking her pussy, but she wouldn't wait that long. She pulled my face all out of shape to kiss me. I changed positions to get comfortable and returned her kiss. I had to admit, it was a hot kiss. She was surprisingly good at it. In a few moments I was getting a lot hotter.

I broke the kiss, slid down another stair, and leaned down to suck her breast. She liked that. She held my head to her chest while I nursed and tongued her nipple. I could tell by her ragged breathing that she was getting close. I didn't want to miss the show. I tried to watch Skipper from the corner of my eye, but that hurt. I finally broke contact with her nipple and sat up to watch. She didn't seem to mind. She was really close now. She had her eyes closed as she leaned against me and panted harshly.

I could see her involuntarily pushing her pussy toward Skipper's mouth. I leaned forward and found Skipper with his nose pushed up inside her pussy. I could hardly see his eyes. I started counting to see how long he could hold his breath, but he pulled out suddenly and began licking her clit, while breathing quickly. That was all it took to bring Mrs. Jefferson to her first orgasm. She mashed her face against my shoulder and held my arm in a death grip.

She humped her pussy against Skipper's nose, while the distinctive sloop, sloop, sloop, continued. Damn, that was a sexy thing to see. With the words, "I don't give a damn, I don't give a fuck," coming from my TV to mask the sounds, Mrs. Jefferson sat beside me and had a massive orgasm, the likes of which I have never seen before. I don't know what kept her from having a massive heart attack right there on my stairs. Her face turned red, then purple. She gasped, trying to get her breath, and she clutched my arm shutting off all blood to my fingers.

She sat shuddering like that for a good minute, before she anal hooker getting a messy facial at the end her legs together with a slap, evicting my happy, perverted hound.

Skipper's black face was even shiner now. It was coated with Lucia loves night in with her doxy wand.

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Jefferson's juices. He licked off what he could reach with his tongue, then with a whine he lay on the floor and began licking his own cock. "I wish I could do that," I mumbled. "He sure does like the taste of pussy," I said, shaking my head. "It's the honey," she said, sitting up for the first time. "Boy, he's good." "He loves his job," I nodded with a chuckle. "Are you hard again?" she asked unusual teens nail the biggest strap ons and spray load all over excitement.

"Oh hell yes," I pulled my shirt aside so she could see. My cock was throbbing in time with my heartbeat. The veins were standing out all down hot tory likes her some anal pounding length.

The circumcised head looked like a nuclear missile. "Oh my," she sank to her knees again. "I'll get it wet for you," she whispered. Her lips went to my cock and I whined like Skipper. He looked up in surprise. When he did, he found Mrs. Jefferson's pussy facing him.

He leaped to his feet and the sloop, sloop, sloop, started all over again. Those lips felt so damn good on my cock. I almost begged her to finish me again. But I was an ass man. I love the intense warmth and friction of a good firm ass.

And she had a tiny ass just perfect for fucking. I could really penetrate a tiny ass, with a cock like mine. "Now," I whispered. She turned and stood while I slid down the stairs. When my feet were firmly planted on the floor, she leaned back over my throbbing penis.

The first heavenly touch nearly made me scream. Not only was my cock lubricated, but Skipper had done a good job of juicing up her ass. She found the hole for me and sank on my shaft without hesitation. I nearly screamed like a bitch. She stopped, just an inch from the base of my cock. I adjusted my legs and held her ass to keep her from taking too much. I didn't have to do a thing. She began rocking on my knees, fucking her own ass on my cock, while Skipper happily licked her pussy.

"Owe, that hurts," Jill yelled. I looked at the girls and found Jill eating Tina, while Tina thrust the handle of the swiffer duster up inside my daughter's pussy. I had a good view of Tina's firm breasts again. I just had to feel those breasts for myself. Mrs. Jefferson was really hot and really tight. She hadn't had a lot of cocks in her ass. I could tell that. At least not many like mine.

She felt like a virgin. I was getting really, really hot. I didn't want to cum yet, I wanted to draw it out and make it last. I grabbed her ass in my hands and held her still for a moment. She tried to mash her ass down on my cock, but then understood my actions. She held off while Skipper licked her pussy, then moved down to my fragrant cock. His harsh tongue almost pushed me over the edged. Luckily he moved up and concentrated on her ass, then went back into her pussy.

She was shaking. I didn't know if it was strain, or if her own orgasm was getting close. How much stimulation did a cock up the ass cause?

I didn't know and probably wouldn't find out real soon. I released my grip on her ass and she eagerly pushed that tiny ass down all the way on my cock. I had never felt my cock all the way up an ass before. It was fucking great. She sat and rotated slightly on my cock, while Skipper lapped her pussy. This was perfect. It was hot and sexy, without being so strong that it pushed me over the edge. Suddenly Mrs. Jefferson changed and I grew frightened. She began sliding gently forward and back on my cock.

I was afraid she would rip it out by the roots, but she seemed to know what she was doing. I was really churning her peanut butter now. I could feel my cock bouncing around inside her ass like the paddle in a butter churn. Man this was great. I held her ass to make sure she didn't get too carried away. Seconds turned into minutes and I still didn't cum. This was going to be big. It took a moment to hear her pants and slight cries.

I paid attention when she began rocking harder. I was afraid she would break my cock. I held her in a death grip. She turned and gave me a sexy, determined look, letting me know she was cummin. "Oh yes," she gasped, closing her eyes and leaning closer. Her face was sweaty. Her eyebrows were a little too thick, but who was I to complain? She opened her eyes and sought out my mouth. We kissed passionately. I released her ass and she began bouncing on my lap.

She breathed harshly, wetly through her nose while restraining her moans. Her eyes flew open in surprise when her orgasm struck. I started cumming at the same time. As I pumped liquid fire up her ass, she mashed her lips against my mouth and sucked urgently. I held footjob babe tugs cock pornstars and hardcore close as we shared the moment of climax, then jerked and shuddered, relaxing together on the stairs. It wasn't long before those legs slapped together again and my poor hound was excluded.

Once again he lay on the floor and licked his cock. We were wet and messy. I badly needed a shower. "What to share a shower?" I asked, nodding toward the stairs. "No, I should go home and change. Skipper has me all messy." "He likes pussy," I chuckled. "It's the honey." "I call it juices." "No, real honey." "Yeah," I agreed, not understanding. "Hey, why are you always watching my house?" "Oh, sorry.

I didn't think you'd notice. I used to get mad when Skipper laid on my back porch sunning himself. One day I came out to sunbathe and there he was. I decided to just ignore him. I bent to adjust my chair and his nose went into my ass. I almost died. I had a bikini on and it had slipped. After that I tried to get him to lick me on purpose, but he would stop after a few minutes and want to fuck. I like being eaten. So I bought a few little honey bears and I used honey to train him to lick my pussy.

He went wild. Soon he learned that if he licked long enough, he would get natural juices from my pussy. Well you see, ever since I taught Skipper to eat pussy, I couldn't wait for him to come over to my house.

So I would watch and wait. When I saw him alone, I'd call him over. I don't even need honey now. I have about 15 jars left, do you want some?" "I'll be damned," I gasped. "That explains a lot. Honey," I laughed shaking my head. "I'll run home and wash this stuff off, then come right back. We can race," she said, slipping into her dress. She grabbed her glasses and put them on. Boy, what a transformation.

She turned to leave, but I called her back. "Do me a favor," I whispered.


She nodded listening, then tiptoed away with a giggle. I grabbed my clothes before I hurried up the stairs. I stopped at the head of the stairs listening. "What the hell is going on here!" Mrs. Jefferson's voice screeched at the top of her lungs. I dodged into the bathroom laughing as the screams began, followed by the sound of running teenage feet.