Asian babe gives our cocks some loving

Asian babe gives our cocks some loving
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Most, if not all teenage girls were curious about the opposite and even their own sex and would sometimes wonder, what would it be like to see them naked? As most girls wonder, some have experienced in their teenage years. Some knew what it was like to have a deep, dark secret with someone.

This is the story of a girl who has one of these experiences. Shannon was a beautiful, fit girl. She was very well known in school; she amazed people by her naturally straight blond hair, her firm B cup breasts, her athletically built body, and her nice ass. Apart from her alluring looks, she was also a very smart student, who managed to get A's and B's on her report cards.

Shannon's parents were pleased with how well she was doing in school. Shannon was also an only child, so her parents tended to dawdle with her. She lived in a nice, medium size house that was fit for their family's size. There were two bedrooms, one for Shannon and one for her parents.

Also, there was a room comprised of a treadmill and a stationary bike. Shannon often worked out in there to keep her body in shape. Shannon's bedroom was on the opposite side of the house as her parents. This led to her masturbation sessions while her parents were asleep and her also being able to make a little more noise.


There was a second floor to Shannon's house; it was only one room and was the exercise room. When Shannon was 16 years old, a new family moved in to the house next door.

There were two parents and a child boy, who was 15 years old, one year younger than Shannon. They first met when Shannon's mother decided to make them cookies and Shannon brought them over.

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Shannon was shy, but the boy did not seem to be. "My mother made these cookies for your family," said Shannon. "Thank you, my name is Robert, and yours?" replied the boy. "Oh…ha…my name is Shannon," she said with a witty tone. Then, Shannon went back to her home. Even though they only said a few words together, Shannon felt like she was in love with him. As she went up to her room and sat on her bed, she recalled the way he looked: his hair was smooth and was a dark black colour, his body was athletic, but not too much muscle; he looked as if he might have been on the track team.

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His eyes were sparkly brown, and his face was flawless. He was a cute boy, and Shannon thought that she would be interested in him. So, over the course of the next few weeks, she began to be friends with him.

At this point, they were not dating, but they were certainly thinking about it. About five weeks after Robert moved in, she noticed something that she had never noticed before. From the window in her garage, two hot girls screwed by perverted dudes in hotel room pornstars blowjob was able to she Robert standing in the bathroom. He was clothed and she could only see his chest. But, she got a daring idea. She went upstairs into the exercise room, which is above the garage.

Robert's house was only a single floor, so she was sure this was the bathroom her would use. She noticed that she would be able to see his crotch if he was naked. Shannon felt like she should not be spying on him, but at the same time, it turned her on.

She waited there for about two hours waiting for him to take a shower, occasionally glancing at her phone for her new text message and the time.

It had grown dark outside; Shannon thought that this was never going to work because she did not even know if her was going to take a shower that night. Finally, she saw a light go on in the bathroom. She turned the lights off in her room so he would not see her.


She noticed that he turned the water on, and brushed his teeth. Shannon could only see the area outside the shower and part of the are in front of the sink from her view. Then, what Shannon had been waiting for all evening: Robert took his shirt off, and then his pants, followed by his boxers. What Shannon saw surprised her.

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He had decent sized penis, roughly 4 inches flaccid. His penis was surrounded by a dark patch of pubic hair. She could see from his knees to his nipples, as the window would allow. Robert then stepped into the shower, which was out of Shannon's view. She could not believe what she had seen. She waited until he stepped out of the shower, and watched as he put his nightclothes on. Shannon also saw that he wore sweatpants with no underwear to bed.

Time passed; she tried to watch him with the chances she got. It was all the excitement in the world for the briefest of times. Eventually, they were acting like boyfriend and girlfriend, even though they claimed it was not official. They began to go over to each others houses and watch long movies and just chat together. Shannon and Robert were very happy together. One night when Shannon was at Robert's house, they were alone. Shannon's parents were at home; they had told Shannon to return by midnight.

But, they did not realize that Robert's parents were not there and Robert's parents did not know that Shannon was over. Shannon arrived around 7 p.m., and they watched a movie together. The movie was interesting and lasted close to two hours. Nine o'clock rolled around; Robert offered to get Shannon some ice cream.

"Okay, but only one scoop," Shannon said to Robert. Robert brought some chocolate ice cream and they both ate it sitting next to each other on the couch. They slowly ate it and continued chatting about various things such as people at school and the government. The conversation was interesting.

When they were finished, Shannon insisted that she take the bowls and place them in the dishwasher. Robert waited for her on the couch. When she returned they sat there for a few seconds, and then started kissing. Shannon was beginning to feel horny and she knew that Robert was probably feeling the same. They stopped kissing, stared at each other, and then continued kissing. As they were kissing, Shannon began to feel Robert getting an erection. "Ha," she said, 'You're getting a boner." Robert blushed, but Shannon said, "No, don't be japanese brother sister sex game show with english subtitle, it happens to every boy." Then slowly, she took her hand on put it on his penis through the outside of his gym shorts.

She had never felt anyone penis before; she had never seen anybody nude nor has anybody been her nude at by this point. Then Shannon said, "Stop, let's go to your bedroom since there're windows in this room." "Good point," said Robert.

The two of them headed to Roberts room. He had a queen bed. Shannon pulled the top cover off and saw the blue sheets. "Looks like you have had some fun with yourself in here," Shannon said, judging by the satins on his bed.

Robert again blushed, and Shannon said, "Don't worry honey, I won't tell." She slowly pulled his shirt off, then his shorts. She saw his penis. It looked much better up close and erect.

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It was close to six inches from what she could tell. They were both nervous. Shannon never thought she would be doing this when she was only 16. But, she loved it. Then, Shannon told Robert that he had to take her clothes off. So, Robert began to take Shannon's shirt off, and then her bra. He was a boy yes, but still that doesn't mean they shouldn't know how to take a bra off a girl. Shannon giggled and then showed him how to do it. When the bra was taken off, it revealed Shannon's B cup breasts, which were beautiful and perfect.

Robert was staring blankly at them until Shannon said, "Snap out of it, we still have work to do." Through this whole sexual encounter, Shannon was being very sarcastic. Next, Robert pulled her short, pink shorts off her, and then her panties. Robert looked amazed as he stared at her shaved vagina. It was wet, and it looked like she had shaven it that morning. "Alright, now that we've seen each other, it's time to get started. Role over on your back." Shannon commanded Robert.

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Robert laid on his back; Shannon sat on her side next of Robert. She took a lose fist, placed it around Robert's penis, and began to slowly move it up and down.

Petite brunette with tattoos and great tits masturbates could see the titillation in his eyes, but also the anxiety. She continued to stroke is cock, up and down, gradually faster with every minute that passed by. Throughout all of her thoughts, she still could not believe that this was happening. She noticed that Robert's breathing style changed. His chest began to rise and fall more quickly.

He squeezed his fists together, took a deep breath, and then, with an incredible display, cum shot out his penis. It most of it landed on is chest; every rope landing closer to his crotch. Shannon managed to get a small amount on her hands. Robert took a towel and wiped Shannon's hand, and then himself.

Robert and Shannon switched positions. Shannon laid on her back whilst Robert prepared to stick his fingers in her. As he did, it sent a shiver up Shannon's spine. She had never felt anything this great before. She was well past horny and very wet; she could not wait for him to continue. Robert fingered Shannon, which is something that he had never done before. He was a bit rusty, but Shannon didn't mind.

He continued to finger her, gradually getting faster. Shannon's mind ran deep and she almost lost track of where she was the feeling was so strong. Shannon usually did not moan when she was masturbating, but this time; she was having a strenuous time. Every once in a while she would let out a soft moan. They became close together as she approached an orgasm. Finally, the momentous part of the entire night, Shannon's eyes closed, her breaths became deep, she let out many soft moans, her legs squeezed together, and her vagina let out a small amount of liquid.

Shannon caught her breath and then started laughing. They both stared at each other, enjoying that great feeling after an orgasm. Shannon went to Robert's dresser and grabbed a tissue. She wiped her vagina and tried to clean the spot of of his sheets. "Sorry about the mess," she said. Robert replied, "It's fine; it's worth it." They each put their clothes back on and, honoring her parents decision, returned home just before midnight.

They had a dark, dirty secret between the two of them that they would never forget. Shannon left the house, walked through the yard and went in the front door. She watched television for a while and went to sleep.

In the morning, she woke up exited about what had happened last cherry hilson your dick deep in my mouth.

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Shannon and Robert stayed close for a very long time and never once were they dissatisfied with each other.

They did this a couple of times when the timing was right, and eventually, they ended up having sex many times after they were married.