Busty sunny and holly on threesome pov

Busty sunny and holly on threesome pov
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Hi - I'm Michelle. In this part of my teensloveanal teaching my step daughter anal sex true growing up stage, I'm now 14. 5' 5" tall at 102 lbs, but with really nice, pert 36C breasts, a tiny waist, and a butt that my brother Ricky swears "looks like a ten year old". In chapter 1, I told you about my discovery of masturbation, watching my brother stroke himself and squirt, watching him pee, and being scared that he stood outside my bedroom door listening to me pleasure myself.

(I came so hard I really couldn't be quiet). I was also coming to the realization that boys, (guys) liked to watch things, as when I watched Ricky stroke himself he was watching a movie with two people going at it.

Later that evening, I swear he tried to look right through my nightie, and after my heated self pleasuring session later that night, the thoughts rolling through my head led to me to plot this scheme. Chapter Two: I awoke groggily, only slowing becoming aware that one of my hands was down inside my panties, and that one of my fingers was deep inside my pussy.

As I came to, I became aware that my pussy was gushing, my hand was soaked, and my panties were drenched. My mind drifted back to the last evening as I slowly began teasing my rapidly awakening clit. Ricky.watching the movie and stroking himself.jerking.spurting.Ricky, holding his penis while he peed, Ricky, shaking his penis up and down to "be sure I got it all so I don't drip".Ricky trying to stare through my flimsly nightie, Ricky (maybe) standing outside my door listening to sounds as I pleasured myself.the whole thing about boy's (guy's) penises getting big and hard as they got turned on.

My finger started moving on my clit, faster and faster.as if it had a mind of it's own. In no time I was panting and bucking up and down and started the day with a wonderful orgasm. As my breathing slowed and my heartbeat returned to normal, I starting reviewing in my mind the plan for the day. I was enthralled at the thought that maybe I, and me alone, could make a guy's penis get hard just by looking at me, listening to me, and that maybe I could turn guys on just by being me.

I scurried to the bathroom and took a quick pee, all the time my mind being centered on sex. (Sex that I had never experienced.at this point in my story I am still a virgin, in fact have never even touched a boy's penis.) Still, just the thought that I could kissable girl stretches wet cunt and gets devirginized a boy's penis hard just by letting him look at me has me absolutely fascinated.and more than a little turned on.

So as I go to brush my teeth, my mind is churning.today I'm going to find out eactly what I can do a boy even if I don't do anything to the boy.

Since my mind is centered on sex, the electric toothbrush takes on nagaland dimapur girl xxx vidoes whole new identity. As I feel it vibrate in my hands, my mind starts to wander."I wonder what this would feel like.?" I finish with my teeth, rinse the brush head, and decide to see what this would feel like against one of my nipples.

(Time out.you need to know that although my breasts are average at best (36C), in retrospect I have always had extrordinary nipples.when aroused and hard, they will grow to a solid 1/2".) So as I apply the brush to one of my nipples, it immediately hardens and grows. The brush doesn't feel as good as I thought it would, so I turn the brush over so the vibrating plastic is against my nipple rather than the brush itself. Heaven. My nipple gets hard as a rock and grows even bigger than usual.to the point it feels like it's going to burst.

Then my mind starts wandering again."If this feels so good against my nipple.I wonder what it would feel like." In a flash I have checked the bathroom door and stripped off my now soaking wet panties. I start by teasing myself, running the unit up the inside of my thighs, spreading my legs so I can watch myself in the mirror. Around and around my pussy I go, but don't actually ever touch it.

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The teasing is driving me crazy, but even more so the sight of my own pussy in the mirror, lips wide open, juices running.begging for attention. I slowly bring the unit up and start running it around my lips. The tingling sensation is driving me crazy and I already know that when I do finally let myself come, it's going to be one massive explosion. I'm not quite reay to end this yet so I continue teasing.exploring.I run the unit all around my thighs, my lips, and almost by accident (maybe) touch my anus.

What a jolt. I gasped.and hastily moved it.continuing the teasing of my pussy. But as I got wetter and wetter, and my breathing got heavier and heavier, I couldn't help but remember the shock when the unit actually touched my anus. This time I did it on purpose. I moved it slowly along my lips, first one then the other.each time going lower and lower. I ran it over my butt cheeks. And although this did nothing for me, each time I would bring it a little closer to my crack.

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I finally started running the unit very lightly through my crack, careful not to touch my hole. After a few minutes of this, it seemed like my own body was screaming and bucking, wanting the contact with my hole.

So I finally relented, bringing the unit closer and closer to my anus, until again contact was made. My body jerked again. I backed off for a moment, then again brought it closer and closer, until once again the buzzing unit was touching my little hole. The feeling was exquisite.not sexual really.but very erotic. I continued playing with my back side hole hot blonde and brunette lesbians get horny making out while stripping another minute or two, then realized the juices flowing out of my pussy were dripping all the way to the floor.

I quickly brought the unit back to my pussy, and starting again playing it around my lips, getting closer and closer to where I really wanted it.and then decided that foreplay was over.my clit was screaming for attention.

I brought the unit up slowly, and finally laid it to rest with the back side of the brush head half against the hood that usually covers my clit, and half against my now protruding clit itself. It took only only a couple of seconds, and the explosive climax racked through me. My legs shook, by body trembled, my chest was heaving, I couldn't breathe. After several seconds of this heaven on earth, I started to come down. My legs felt like rubber.I couldn't stand.

I leaned back against the counter steadying myself, and looked at the electric toothbrush with a whole new attitude.


When my breathing finally returned to normal, I reminded myself that I did have a plan for the day, and it involved boys and penises.not light skinned ebony babe with big tits webcam toothbrushes.

I jumped in the shower and started Part One of THE PLAN!!! I returned to my room and intentionally left the door wide open. I crawled into bed naked and waited, scarcely breathing, waiting for any kind of a sound that would tell me Ricky was awake.

In the meantime, I let my hand drift down to my pussy and start idly caressing my lips. As soon as I heard the first sound, I pulled the sheet, (only the sheet), up over my entire body.

I made sure it was lying perfectly flat against me to that the entire outline of my body was clearly visible beneath the thin covering I heard him head down to the other end of the hall to the bathroom, and returned one hand to my pussy while I waited in anticipation. I waited as I stroked my now very wet pussy, hoping that my perception of his arousal, and therefore, my plan, would have the desired effect. As soon as I heard the toilet flush and the door open, I pulled the thin sheet up over my head.completely covering me, with the idea that if I caught his attention, and he decided to stay and watch, he wouldn't have to worry about me "catching" him.

As I heard his footsteps coming down the hall, I increased my movements, putting first one, then two, and then three fingers inside my pussy, pumping them in and out in such a way that there could be no mistaking what I was doing.

I got wetter and wetter. Even though my choice for pleasuring myself is not invading my pussy with my fingers, but rather pleasuring my clit, I realized this was not so much for my pleasure, but to see what effect it had on Ricky. I let the movements of my hand get more pronounced. I was rewarded a moment later when I heard his footsteps approach my door, and then stop with a sudden gasp. My hand got frantic, pummeling my pussy, and then I withdrew my fingers and started on my clit.


I made sure the movements would be clearly visible under the sheet, and my clit started to harden as I fantisized what might be happening on the other side of the sheet. I spread my legs apart, my fingers working furiously, my mind racing even more. Was his penis getting hard watching me? Was it already hard? Was he touching it? Was he stroking it? Is it going to spurt again? My mind was racing and my fantasy was going out of control as all of these images raced through my mind.

I urged my fingers to move even faster, and in seconds was in the middle of a mind blowing orgasm. When I finally caught my breath, I opened my eyes only to find that my doorway was empty.no Ricky in my fantasies. Disappointed at the result, yet totally satisfied with a great come, I decide to move on to phase 2. I dried my pussy, (as best I could), and showered. I had chosen an outfit specifically for the purpose of seeing if I could turn guys on, just by looking.

(The first test on my brother is just an experiment.) (Remember that last night Ricky had stared hard at my nightie and (I Think) also stood outside my bedroom door listening to the moaning and panting as I pleasured myself.

I had decided during the plotting stage to see if Ricky (or rather Ricky's penis) could be made to get excited by the mere sight of me. After my shower, I returned to my room to dress.where I had chosen my outfit very carefully.

Mom and Dad were both at work, gone for the day, so I had nothing to think about except teasing Ricky and seeing what kind of reaction I got. The outfit I had chosen consisted of two pieces. One was an old cut off Tee Shirt that I had worn when I was ten (Before I had breasts) and was now way way way too tight. But when I put in on, the look was exactly what I wanted. The cutoff left most of my tummy bare, and although it covered my breasts, it was tight enough that the outline of my nipples was very clear through the thin fabric.

I chose panties that were skimpy, low cut bikinis, and semi transparent. Checking myself in the mirror, and practicing different poses, I could see that if I bent over, the crack of my butt would be clearly visible, and that if I sat with my legs at all apart, the puffiness of my lips would be easy to see, and the outline of my slit would be clearly visible. I tried squatting on my lesbian kissing stockings and chubby teen hd hardcore now that ive been investigated by, keeping my knees together, but my feet a little apart, and was rewarded in the mirror by the sight of the thin little strip of material hugged tight against my pussy, the shape of my lips clearly visible.

I noticed in some of my pratice poses that the little bit of fuzz that I had surrounding my pussy was visible in some of the poses.and I didn't think that looked sexy. Donning my "costume", I paused to check myself in the mirror. My nipples were clearly visible even though I had a Tee Shirt on, and my panties barely covered anything.

When I turned around to bend over and look in the mirror, the crack of my butt was clearly visible through the "almost panties". When I turned around to do a front inspection, I think I could almost see the lips of my pussy kind of hiding behind the little bit of hair that I have down there.

I put on my "costume" and proceeded down to the kitchen to see what would happen. Ricky was standing at the kitchen counter, engrossed in the morning paper, sipping coffee.

He was bare chested, wearing only boxer shorts, and seemed oblivious to my presence. I walked in, mumbled "good morning" and went to get some juice out of the refrigerator. After opening the door, I made it a point to bend over, giving Ricky a great view of my semi covered butt, and the crack splitting the view in half. When I retrieved the juice, I turned to notice that although his position hadn't changed, his eyes were glued to my panties.

Feigning a yawn, I stretched my arms up over my head, making sure that my breasts were straining against my tight tee, and that my nipples were clearly outlined against the tight material, and was again rewarded by his eyes being glued to my chest. My mind was racing as I thought about my next move. "Is all full sex stories sex 20 30 minute watching? Is he getting turned on?

Is his penis getting hard?" All because he's looking at me?" I knew what my next move was going to be, but I was getting scared. My pussy had gotten very wet, to the point of dripping into my panties, and although I really wanted to continue putting on a show, I was getting afraid that there would be a very big wet spot in my panties, and Ricky would look and laugh.

It was then that he turned slightly and I could see the bulge in his boxer shorts. Now I feel confident. I was right all along. I can turn a guy on, even my brother, just by letting him look at me.

With this realization, I am now starting to feel really sexy.I mean really sexy.bordering on horney. I grab my coffee, and hop up on the kitchen counter, careful to make sure that Ricky has a momentary view of my panties stretched tight over my pussy before I "demurely" cross my legs.

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I go back to my "practiced" pose, feet up on piss mich voll du sau2 counter, knees up to my chin, feet and knees together, knowing that from the right position, Ricky has a clear view of the thin material stretched over my pussy. Ricky appears not to notice at first, and I start to get scared again. The honey flowing from my pussy seems to be increasing, and I'm sure the wet spot in my panties is getting larger and wetter by the moment.

I'm afraid I'm making a fool of myself until he turns around and approaches me. The bulge in his boxer shorts has grown, and he conveniently stops directly across the counter from me, with a very clear view of anything (and everything) I want to show him.

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I am getting very turned on, looking at the obvious bulge in his shorts, but maybe more from the thought that I caused it, just by letting him look at me. I part my knees slightly, and his eyes gape as he stares at the thin strip of material, now obviously very wet, stretched tightly over my pussy.

I'm looking in his eyes, and he in mine. I'm still afraid to say anything that might break the electricity in the air, so I say nothing but part my knees a bit further. My pantie clad pussy, and the now obvious large wet spot, should be clearly visible to him. "My God!", I thought, "What am I doing?

This is my brother!" But the very thought of him getting turned on and his penis getting big and hard just from looking at me made it impossible to stop my "show". His eyes were glued to my panties, and the bulge in his boxer shorts was growing even larger. Looking at his penis growing, (even though I couldn't yet see it), was turning me on more and more. My pussy juices were now flowing freely, my panties were soaked, but all of a sudden I didn't care. I put one of my hands in my panties, and started fondling my lips.

I was already soaking black guy and gral xxx storys, and all of a sudden didn/t care. I just wanted to find out if I could turn a guy on just by letting him watch me.

I laid back further, opened my legs wider, and looked him in the eye. "Do you like to look at me?" I asked. "Yeah" he answered, his hand moving to his groin. "Were you standing right outside my bedroom door last night?" "Yeah" he mumbled "Did it turn you on listening to me?" "Yeah" "Did your penis get hard listening to me?" "Yeah" 'Did you stroke yourself while you listened to me pleasuring myself?" Blushing a bright red, he replied "Yeah" "Did you squirt like the other time?" His face went pale."What do you mean the other time?" "Ricky, you know exactly what I mean.

I watched you pleasure yourself from outside your bedroom. I saw you squirt. You listened to me pleasuring myself from outside my room, but even though I couldn't see you and you couldn't see me, I knew you were there." His blush deepened. "Ricky, did it turn you on to hear me playing with my pussy, to hear me making myself come?" "Yeah" "Would you like me to do it again.but this time close up?" His face lit up.

"Oh yeah!" I thought I had him, but just to alisyas asshole filled with two huge strapons at the same time sure I laid back and spread my legs further. The wet spot in my panties was growing every second, but I no longer cared.

Showing off to my brother was really turning me pornstar gianna nicole fucked in the office. If I could turn my brother on, I could probably turn any guy on. I slid a hand inside my panties and watched his face as he watched me finger my pussy. His eyes were riveted to the thin strip of material covering my pussy from his gaze. I got more brazen and the movements of my hand more obvious. He stood as in a trance.

As I moved my fingers from my pussy to my clit and started teasing it, I watched his eyes. Although I was pleasuring myself, my biggest turn on was watching the expression on his face, the look in his eyea as he watched me play with myself. IT HAPPENED! Without him ever touching his penis, it grew to the point that it popped out of his boxer shorts.

It stood right up and and was big and hard, just like the night I watched him stroke it. I wondered if I could it would squit again from just watching me.

Awed at the sight of his big, hard penis, (and really turned on), I raised my legs and pulled my drenched panties down off my legs. With them off, I leaned back and spread my legs wide. I spread my lips open. "Do you like what you see?" His response was a gasp. "OK big brother, I'm showing you everything.

I'll show you how I pleasure myself if you will take your penis in your hand and stroke it like you did last night and make it squirt again." Ricky couln't decide whether to be turned on or ashamed, and stood there for a minute undecided.

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"Come on Bro", I purred, stroking my pussy and making sure it was wide open for his view, "I showed you mine, and how I do it. You gotta show me yours, and how you do it." Ricky blushed again, but eventually took hold hold of his penis and started a slow up and down motion.

As I watched it grow in size and get hard, my pussy got wetter and wetter. I moved my fingers to my clit as Ricky started to get flushed in the face. I stared in fascination as his penis kept growing bigger, longer, thicker, and for the first time in my life wondered what it would feel like to have one of those in my pussy. I put my lewd thoughts aside, and focused on how much fun I was having knowing that even my own brother was turned on just looking at me, my breasts, my pussy, me fingering my pussy.

I was getting hotter and hotter, fingering my clit, but Ricky got there first. It was just like the time I watched him in his bedroom. All of a sudden, his body starting jerking, his penis started twitching, and then one, two, three spurts of white cream shot into the air. I remembered the first time I saw that, and seeing it again was enough to make my finger fly over my clit. In seconds, I came.hard. After we both calmed down, we approached each other, probably somewhat sheepishly.

"Ricky,: I said blushing."this wasn't supposed to happen" "Michelle.you're my little sister.but nothing serious happened, so don't worry about it.

But I do need to warn you that next Saturday I'm having a bunch of ny friends over for a pool party/barbeque, so you might want to be a little more careful how you dress."