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Very sweet teen arab girl hafida hard fuck
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The Camp Nurse Chapter 1. The First Day Author's Note: I hope you enjoy this story line. This first chapter takes a while to get going, but it does eventually. In technical terms, that's called plot development and generally makes a story more interesting The following chapters should contain more SEX (which is what we're here for right?) but if you don't read this first one, you'll miss the plot.

BLAM! I heard the blast of the shotgun and my military training took over. I dropped my bags and hit the dirt and rolled to my right away from the sound, taking inventory of my body for wounds as I scurried for cover behind a slight rise in the terrain sloping up from the lake.

I had heard the 'click-click' of another round being chambered and began to sweat. Even worse, I could hear the wap-wap-wap of the helicopter receding in the clear thin air. It was the only way out of here. I instinctively tried to locate the threat because whoever was shooting meant business. Somewhere off to my left, I thought. I couldn't see anyone or anything from where I was so I tried to crab over a ways to get a better angle. BLAM! click-click BLAM!

click-click This time branches fell on my back and I heard the bark of the trees behind me being ripped away. I was dead meat.

I started to get up very slowly, keeping my hands in clear view over my head. Might as well go out like a man. "Hold it right there, you bastard! Where the hell do you think you're goin'?" It was a voice from your worst nightmare. Shrill and angry. PMS on steroids. Pitched at just that tone that made your bowels turn to water, kind of like fingernails on a blackboard, dirty diana rides and gets fucked by her man worse.

And this one had a shotgun, too. "Mernnfroong gdnr nddnf." It's difficult to talk clearly when your mouth is full of pine needles and moss. "What did you say? Speak up before I blow your head off!" "I'm looking for the camp administrator, Janet Crandell," I said after turning my head and spitting out the debris. "What for?" I don't know why, given my situation at the time, but that question got my dander up. (For those of you who don't know what 'dander' is, it is a lot more comfortable to get up than something else that gets 'up' on occasion and gets cramped in your shorts, but in certain circumstances, like the one I was currently in, dander can be life threatening.

Clear?) I impulsively resisted her questioning. "Are you Ms. Crandell?" "No." "Then it's really none of your business, is it?" I started to get up. BLAM! click-click She apparently didn't like my attitude.

"Stay down, you bastard." I realized that I had heard several high pitched sounds after that last shot, like squeals or birds. I couldn't place the sound, but it seemed to come from all around.

Slowly turning my head to both sides I spied several Nikes, Reeboks and Adidas of all colors sprouting some of the finest pairs of young tanned healthy legs I had ever seen in my 23 years. Then came 'The Voice' again: "Stay back, girls. It's a MAN!" She said that last work like it was a dirty word.

One of the pairs of legs sassed back to her, "We KNOOOW" in typical teenage sarcasm. I decided I liked that kid, whoever she was.

Several of the spectators giggled, and one or two laughed outright. The sound of running feet preceded the arrival of the 'authorities.' "Gertie, what's all the shooting about. I warned you about that." "I got one, Miss Crandell! I got one of those slimy no-good pre-vert bastards trying to sneak into the camp!" "Where?" "Over there." I didn't see any of this as I was still face down in the moss, taking no chances.

I heard or sensed someone come over to me. "My name is Janet Crandell. I am the administrator of this camp. Who are you and what do you want?" The questions were put forward in a very business-like manner, but in a voice that would have melted the heart of the toughest CEO. I also noticed she did not ask me to get up. "My name is Chris Mattson. I was hired to be your camp nurse." I reached - very slowly - into my shirt pocket and handed her my contract.

There was dead silence for several minutes. "May I get up, now?" I asked after what seemed enough time for her to have re-written the entire contract, much less read it. Not receiving an answer, I slowly raised up. And looked at a very tanned, very shapely set of legs. Not hearing a gun shot was a good sign, and I continued to rise up passed a slight swell of feminine hips fronting for a smallish firm tight ass covered by a pair of clinging nylon running shorts, then a trim bare waist highlighted by one of the most perfect navels God ever created, then onto a set of moderately small high riding breasts encased in one of those sports-bra things.

"This is too good to be true!" I thought as I was standing up. "If she's blonde, blue-eyed and gorgeous, I'll know this is a wet-dream." I looked at her face. She was. I pinched myself. It wasn't. She stood all of 5'3'' at most and, with her little girl figure, didn't look old enough to be the administrator. "Hi." I stuck out my hand.

"Hello. Uh, sorry about the rude welcome, but there seems to have been some sort of mistake. This is an all girls camp." She left my hand waving in the breeze so I took it back. Not a good sign. "And? What's the problem?" "Uh, well, let's go to my office and discuss this, OK?" We started up the path she indicated.

We had to go right past the teutonic mass of flesh holding a 12 gauge pump action shot gun who I had now identified as 'Gertie.' As I walked by, I stayed in a meek, head bowed posture until I was next to her. She felt invincible holding the gun, and let me get too close.

Pretending to stumble, I reached out, grabbed the gun from her oversized hands, and did a swift leg sweep to knock her legs out from under her. I swear to God, the earth shook when she landed. I stood over her, staring down at her. I expected to see fear in her eyes, but Gertie surprised me. All I saw was hate. Loathing. Disgust. You get the picture. I was 'MAN', virile stud and his hot floozy hardcore blowjob I was "EVIL" As we stared at each other, I slowly pumped the shotgun and ejected the shells onto her body.

There were five shells in the gun and one in the chamber. Shit, she must have reloaded the damn thing while Miss Crandell was talking to me. I broke down the gun, and with a final glare at her, continued up the path. I saw my bags neatly stacked by the office door. Not a good sign, again. However, several minutes later, after a seriously heated discussion about sexual discrimination, lawsuits for breach of contract, etc., Janet Crandell conceded defeat.

She needed a nurse for the insurance, I was a registered nurse, I had a contract, thus, I was Camp Rah-Rah-Rah's new nurse. I wouldn't have been such a hard ass, but I needed this job. For all the wrong reasons. To make a long story short, I had gone into the Navy voluntarily because I wanted to be a SEAL. It was what I wanted to be all my adolescent life. Once in the Navy, I worked so hard I actually got into the program and was almost finished with the training when I ran into what in military terms is called a SNAFU.

You know, Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. The Pentagon computer somehow decided that I should be trained as a nurse, not a SEAL. Nothing could change the decision.

I appealed all the way up. My commander appealed all the way up. Senators and Representatives appealed all the way up. Nothing. They wouldn't even let me graduate from the SEAL program.

So I became Lt. Chris Mattson, RN, USN. I didn't last long at the base hospital. It had something to do with my looks, I guess. The doctors didn't like the way I looked, except one or two of them, but all the women nurses liked the way I looked, except the commander, she was just too old to care. I suppose I should describe myself. I'm just over six feet tall, 180 lbs. If I grew a mustache, I would look like Tom Selleck, only better. I never considered myself handsome, but I never had trouble getting dates, either.

No tattoos, no scars. Just your average guy. Anyway, why I needed this job. It seems my presence at the base hospital was causing quite a problem. On the one hand, the doctors weren't getting anymore of the nurse nookie they had been accustomed to.

Neither was I, but that fact didn't seem to be milkingtable peta jensen n amirah share cock to the horny bastards.

And on the other hand, there were four or five cat fights in the nurse's locker room, the last one requiring major reconstruction surgery, as the other nurses were apparently fighting over me. God knows, I did nothing to encourage them. Well, almost nothing. They had insisted on the basis of equality that I use their locker room to change and some of them might have seem me naked six or seven times in the shower.

Hey, what's a guy to do? So I got excited and got a hard on. You'd have thought they had never seen a 10" prick before. I mean, don't all men have one? Anyway, after the last fight, the commander called me into her office, gave me my decommissioning papers, and advised me that both of the nurses involved in the fight were married and that I may want to make myself scarce for a long - she emphasized that word 'long' - time.

It seems that none of the nurses husbands had been getting any nurse nookie for a long time either and were really pissed at phoenix marie hardcore high notes. The commander suggested I contact a placement agency she knew of that handled RNs. I called. The agency had an immediate opening at an isolated kids summer camp with no access, only helicopter, and so here I was. The staff at the agency either didn't know or didn't care that this was an all girls cheerleading camp.

Or perhaps they just assumed that a nurse would be a female. Or perhaps because my name is Chris and not Christopher. Who knows. Who cares. I was here. Camp Rah-Rah-Rah was an abandoned government facility in a hidden valley about 5000' up in one of the endless mountain ranges of the West. It sat on a glacier-fed lake and was protected from the weather by high peaks on all sides.

The outlet stream from the lake plunged over a 100' water fall about a mile down stream, effectively sealing off the valley. It was beautiful. The camp was originally intended to be a training facility of some kind. Maybe the Forest Service wanted to train the rangers how to fly fish or something.

But that's beside the point. There were several million tax dollars at work here, all of which the beautiful Janet Crandell had acquired for a mere pittance at auction. The camp was entirely self-contained with running water, huge underground warehouses that were turned into training areas, luxury hotel/dormitory accommodations for up to 200 people, kitchens, satellite communications, even generating electricity from the water fall.

Typical government overkill. The dispensary was typical of this lavish style. There was actually an OR with an emergency generator. The clinic had not been used for a while, so I spent the rest of the day getting it in shape. Mostly dusting and organizing, familiarizing myself with the stocks.

I had intended to make a list of things to order, but after two hours I hadn't been able to find anything to write down. The place was very well equipped. About 3:00 I heard the helicopter coming up the valley. I could see the landing pad from the dispensary window and I watched in wry amusement as Janet Crandell and Gertie pantomimed out a scene. Janet would point at the chopper and Gertie would shake her head 'No'.

Another firm gesture towards the chopper, and Gertie would hang her head and shuffle a couple of steps towards the machine. She would then turn and say something. The whole process would begin again. Janet would point, Gertie would plead. Shuffle, beg, point, plead. Gertie obviously did not want to leave. But she did and the chopper faded away for the second time that day.

I felt better about this one. The phone rang - did I mention they had an internal phone system? - and Janet's assistant informed me that a Staff meeting was to be held at 4:00 before dinner. I showered, shaved and dressed in my best nurse whites to meet the staff and followed her directions to the boardroom. I was early and was able to greet each arriving staff member. Being a gentleman, I stood up as each one came in the door. All of them had heard the news by now, so they were all looking forward to meeting me.

Apparently, all of them had also showered and shaved (I guess) and were wearing the most attractive or flattering clothing they had with them. And no wedding rings. I could describe each of them individually, but this is a short story. Suffice it to say that each one of them was an ex-Cheerleader at either a major University or pro sport team, and that there wasn't a ounce of excess weight on any of them.

And with what they were - or weren't - wearing, I could tell. You get the picture. They were all outgoing, smart, friendly, confident of their womanhood, and beautiful. Excellent role models for the young girls at the camp. The room quieted down when Janet walked in. Or should I say floated in. I never noticed her move, but she was suddenly at the head of the table, calling the meeting to order. Before she spoke, she surveyed the female staff, and grinned a wry smile.

"All right, people, a few things on the agenda. One, you have probably heard the news, but I would like to formally present our camp nurse, Mr. Chris Mattson. Please introduce yourselves and make him feel welcome." A titter of giggles swept the room.

I blushed. So did Janet. "Not THAT welcome, ladies!" That broke up the room, and the ice. The tension that had been building unnoticed disappeared. When the laughter died down, she continued. "Second, you are probably also aware that Gertie is no longer with us.

I'm sure we will all miss her, but it does leave a couple of holes in the roster. So we need to spread out her responsibilities. First, I need a volunteer to take over her campers." A tall red-head raised her hand. "I could take some of them. They're all the same age as my girls, so it should fit OK." She flashed me a shy smile as she finished speaking. A tawny, gorgeous black woman quickly spoke up, "Me, too." Another shy smile in my direction.

"Thank you, ladies. Work it out between you. Next, is there anyone who quilts?" A long silence. "Anyone? Please?" Finally, a quiet voice spoke up behind Janet. "None of the campers had signed up for that class, Miss Crandell." Several of the staff tried to cover up their smiles. It wasn't nice, but it was funny. Janet shot her assistant a pained smile. "OK, that takes care of that. How about self-defense training? I know that all the girls have to take that course." Another long silence.

Finally I spoke up. "What type of training are you looking for? Hand to hand or shotguns?" The room broke up.

I probably shouldn't have said anything, but the bitch had jessor jela sex xxx story com at me. The look on Janet's face wasn't pretty, but I had another card up my sleeve. "Mr. Mattson, this is a serious meeting. Please keep your comments appropriate." All right, I deserved that. "I apologize, Ma'am. But I have extensive training in hand to hand fighting and weapons.

Navy SEAL training, to be exact. I could put together a program for you. From the response of your staff for a request for volunteers, I could include training for them as well, if you want." Janet's face went from surprised to relieved. When I made the offer to train the staff as well, you would have thought the home team had just scored the winning touchdown. The cheers, whistles, and applauding went on for several minutes. When it finally quieted down, Janet said, "Well, it seems as if we have a new instructor.

And a new staff course, as well." She looked around at all the female staff. "All staff personnel will participate in that course," she continued. An emphatic, over-loud whispered "YES!!!" from her mousey assistant broke up the room again and the meeting as well.

Janet resignedly waved them away out of the room and sat at the head of the table shaking her head. She was smiling, however. She motioned for me to stay as the room cleared. "You seem to have caused quite a stir, Mr. Mattson. I haven't seen that much makeup on my staff in the four weeks we've been here." "Please, call me Chris, Miss Crandell." "Janet." "OK, Janet.

Look, I apologize for the remark about Gertie, but she did kind of start things." "Don't think anything of it. She asian love tunnel toying and blowbang japanese and hardcore out of place here, but I couldn't get rid of her without a reason.

You provided that reason, so in a way, I should be grateful to you. However, I won't have you making negative comments about anyone in a staff meeting.

I don't work that way. Is that understood, Chris?" "Yes, Ma'am." "That sounded like there should be a salute with that," she chuckled. "Sorry. Just habit, I guess." "Let's go to dinner. I'll show you to your table." "My table?" "Yes. All the staff spread out around the room and sit in different areas. This encourages interaction between the staff and campers. You have an assigned table in your own area.

The campers do not. They may sit where they like." By that time we were at the door to the dining area. The hubbub of noise from room came through the double swinging doors and filled the hall where we were standing. Janet looked at me with a raised eyebrow and a crooked smile. "Ready to face the enemy, sailor?" "Aye-Aye, Skipper," I grinned back at her as I held the door open for her.

Apparently she wasn't expecting that because she gave me a very pleasant and appreciative smile as she ducked under my arm and into the room. It was like a switch had been switched off.

There was dead silence in the room. Even the kitchen cooks stopped banging the pots and pans. All eyes were on me and Janet as we made our way over to what was to become 'my' table. The eyes follow us every step of the way around to the back corner, as yet unpopulated by diners. "This lovely ebony minx simply adores masturbating masturbation and brunette Gertie's area. You just inherited it.

Looks like tonight you'll get to eat in peace. Or you can join me if you like." "No thanks, Janet, I'd better not. I wouldn't want them to think I couldn't handle dinner alone." "Suit yourself, sailor," she flipped over her shoulder.

I could have almost sworn she was flirting with me. Regardless, I was getting stiff watching her walk away towards the food line. Or maybe it was being in the middle of all that young stuff. You see, there was a reason I had never had any of the nurse nookie at the base hospital. It was all too old. I liked mine young. 18 at the oldest. There was something about a girl turning into a woman that turned me off.

Which was why Janet interested me. She looked young. And she would continue to look young for a long, long time. She looked more fuckable the longer I looked at her. I broke my stare when I felt a tugging on my pants leg. "Hey, Mister. Can I sit with you?" I looked down to see an absolutely doll faced innocent young girl standing next to me. Her big brown eyes looked up at mine and she batted her eyelids in a most seductive manner.

I just about came then and there. This was going to be harder than I thought. "Sure. Just let me go get my tray." "OK. I'll wait here. I went off in the direction Janet had headed to get my dinner.

Nothing special about the menu, mostly healthy food, as would be expected. By the time I returned from the food line and got back to by table, my section was full. The only empty chair was mine. I looked around and caught one of the other staffer's eye. I motioned to her now nearly empty section and I made a questioning gesture of 'what's going on?' She just laughed.

I sat down to 11 pairs of eyes. But I couldn't tell you what they look like right then because all I noticed, on the QT, of ilovegranny natural granny pictures tube porn, was 11 pairs of young tits.

Firm, gorgeous, unfettered youthful tit-flesh. A veritable feast of flesh. In all my favorite sizes from grapes to walnuts to oranges. The eyes around the table finally caught my attention and I smiled. I swear one of them swooned - or at least sighed heavily. I began small talk with the whole table, letting them fill me in on the rules, the schedules, what they liked, etc. Stuff they knew about, non-threatening.

They didn't have name tags, but I remembered xxx small tit teen gets tied and fucked of their names by the end of dinner. The conversation lagged a couple of times but picked up again.

Once it was stopped abruptly by a water glass being spilled. The girl who spilled it had been quiet throughout the dinner, and now sat there jerking and shaking in her chair.

A flush rose up her neck and spread over her cheeks. She gasped audibly in an OH-OH-OH manner, and then slumped down in her chair with a queer smile on her face. Being the nurse, I immediately jumped up and rushed to her side. I picked her up in my arms perky titted teen sofia gets fucked by old woody ran to the dispensary with her. Surprisingly, only Janet followed. Sarah, the girl, closed her eyes, rested her head on my chest, wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tightly.

At first I thought she was scared. I didn't know what to think, but I noticed that my shirt sleeve was moist where it pressed into her under her legs. She still shuddered every once in a while and clung tightly to me.


I got to the dispensary and laid her gently on one of the beds. She didn't want to let go of my neck. Gently prying her hands apart, I began my examination. I called up her records on the computer to check for epilepsy. Nothing. I check for allergies. Nothing. I checked for anything. Nothing. Janet had entered the room while I checked the computer. She had this kind of amused look on her face as she watched me work.

I began to get panicked. My first case, and I was a flop! I checked reflexes, muscle tone, everything. I could find nothing but a state of extreme relaxation and wet spot between her legs that I blamed on the spilled water. The panic must have been apparent because Janet called me over to her. "You going to carry every girl down here after she orgasms?" she whispered.

"WHAT?" I looked at her with disbelief. She pointed to the xxxe kajal x story sex stories spot on my shirt sleeve. "Smell." The tangy aroma was unmistakable. "You didn't see her?" I shook my head. "God, the whole room knew what was going on. These girls have been up here two weeks without their boyfriends.

They get kind of horney from this point on and for the next two weeks of their time here it will only get worse. I kind of expected something like this to happen, just not this soon." "Gee, thanks for warning me!" Janet grinned up at me. "Hey, it's been 4 weeks for me and the staff! Why should I give you a break?" I almost grabbed her then and there and tossed her on sex x x x x bp 2019 bed.

Unfortunately, the bed still had Sarah on it and she was watching us intently. I went over to her. "Feeling better?" I asked her quietly She nodded her head 'Yes.' "Do you need to get some rest or will it be OK to release you?" "Can't I stay here tonight?" I slept in the next room and I think she knew it.

"No, I don't think that will be necessary." "But what if it happens again?" "Do you think it might?" Again she nodded, shyly this time, like a scared little girl. I leaned over and whispered in her ear so Janet couldn't hear. "Then grab your pillow and hug it tight to you. You can think of me if you want, or your boyfriend.

OK?" I grabbed one of her hands in one of mine, knelt on one knee, brought her hand up to my lips and kissed her on the palm of her hand. Sarah flushed, squealed, grinned and jumped up, all at the same time.

She winked at Miss Crandell and ran back to the dining hall. She came back and yelled "Thank you, Mr. Mattson" to me, then left again. "WHAT did you tell her?" "Trade secret! You'll just have to do the same thing she did if you want to find out, won't you?" With that, she blushed deep red, turned and walked back towards the dining room.

About half way down the hall, she turned back. "By the way, that was a good job in there. You did everything right. If it had been serious, you would have found it.

Glad to have you aboard." With that she went back and finished her dinner. I smiled to myself as I watched her walk away. There was a bit more wiggle in her walk this time, I noticed. I wonder if she had noticed my erection. It would have taken a blind woman not to. The rest of dinner passed with no further orgasms or fainting spells.

The girls in the rest of the hall had filed out long ago, but my area was still all there. Janet finally came over to rescue me, claiming a 'meeting' I had to get to. The girls actually groaned, and I realized then how erotic that sounded. It was so close to the moan that escapes those parted lips when you're teasing a fresh one into her first fuck. You get them to the edge, then pull back. Do it again, and again and again. When they're delirious, they are yours for the picking. Cherry picking.

So it was with difficulty that I stood up. My prick was stiff and cramped in my shorts. I have always had to keep it aimed down, just in case something like this happened, because if it was pointed up, it would pop up out over my belt.

That happened to me one time in Jr. High School, but I learned quick. So my meat was sticking down my pant leg and was kind of swollen. Sister xxx rap bf story guess I underestimated the length a little because ebon man bangs pretty cutie interracial hardcore were several gasps when I stood.

Until I adjusted my pants leg, my Ol' John Henry was a good two inches out in the open. I kept going as if nothing was the matter, but even Janet's eyes were wider than normal. "Shall we go, Miss Crandell?," I asked, holding out my arm to her. "Y-Yes, Mr. Mattson.

Yes." She was still shaken by what she had glimpsed, or thought she had, or was it that she hoped she had. Her grip on my arm was possessively tight. I dropped her off at her office and thanked her for rescuing me. I almost got her in a clinch right then, but her assistant happened by, so I said good night to them both. The remainder of the evening I spent unpacking my kit and finishing straightening up in the clinic. I listened to the bells as they rang, remembering the schedule the girls at dinner had told me.

9:00 In Rooms. 9:30 In Beds 10:00 Lights Out. Like clockwork I could see the lights across the way blink out. They were all out on this side of the dormitory. Mine soon followed and I crawled in bed for what I hoped would be a long peaceful sleep. I couldn't have been more misguided. Within 30 minutes I heard the door to my room being quietly pushed open. I pretended to be asleep, which wasn't hard, given how tired I was.

For a while I couldn't hear anything, and I was just beginning to think it was my imagination when a tiny hand was laid gently across my lips. "SSSShhhhhh. Don't say a word," came an unfamiliar whisper. A second small hand soon grasped my now throbbing cock and began to rub it up and down.

"OOOOhhhhhhh, Daddy, that feels good. Let me kiss it for you." That whisper was followed by a hot sucking sensation that nearly pulled my balls back up into my groin. This kid could give head! Or was it Janet? The size was about right. The mysterious little nymph suddenly quit blowing me and straddled my cock. "OOOOHhhhh, Daddy, you make me so hot.

I've got to have you inside me." A small squeal escaped as my cock was enveloped in one of the tightest pussies it had had the pleasure to penetrate. I was surprised when the kid took it all. Most have to work up to it in four or five fuckings. "OOOOOOOOOhhhh, Daddy! You're so biiiig. You filled me all the way u-u-u-uu-u-u" Little miss nasty collapsed on my chest. I held her gently, tweaking her little tits and erect nipples as she lay there until she gathered her wits together.

Then with a quick kiss and a whispered 'Thank You, Mr. Mattson!' she was gone. I had just begun to drift off again when the door opened again. This time I was a substitute for "Billy". Then "Tommy".

Then "Daddy" again, twice more. Then "Billy" was back. I asked this one if this was seconds, and she said 'No'. I told her she may want to check up on her two-timing boyfriend, Billy, when she got home.

For over two hours the parade kept up. For a while I wondered if there was a schedule or something. I thought about how ridiculous it would look if there were a line outside my door. The only differences I could tell in all the visitors that night were height, weight, tits and twats.

The tits I felt ranged in size from just bare nipples only to those that were more than a mouthful. The twats were all tight, some more than others and all wet. But even after what must have been twenty orgasms on my cock, I had yet to spill my seed. These cunts were so primed that they only took 5 or so minutes to get off, the 3 to cool down and then gone. Slam, bam, thank you sailor. That was a twist! And each one ended with a kiss and a whispered "Thank you, Mr.

Mattson." I began to suspect a plot. But the last visitor was the most memorable of them all. It was a bit longer between visits and I was actually asleep when I awoke to a hot mouth on my cum-coated cock.

What a way to wake up! But something about this one was different. More experienced, maybe. Softer, fuller lips, perhaps. When she got on board, she was quiet. I wasn't a substitute for anyone for this one. She came almost as fast as the others, and as she was resting on my chest, I breathed in deep, smelling the wonderful fragrance of her hair. I played with her small breasts, tweaking her stiff nipples. She groaned deep in her throat and began to rotate her hips again. Then she raised herself up and leaned over me, propping herself up on my chest with her hands, letting her boobs sway as she rode my prick like a pro.

I really worked on her tits, massaging and squeezing. My ministrations affected her and she worked harder and harder on my cock, trying to get me off. She must have gone through six or seven of her own shuddering orgasms, fighting her way through them to keep humping my log until I felt myself swelling in her. As I spurt my cum into her belly, she pressed her lips to mine to gag us both. We both yelled into each others oral cavity as the moment seized us.

She lay there a long while this time, quietly twirling the hair on my chest. Then finally, with a sigh, she gave me a light kiss and a whispered, "Thank you, sailor", she was gone. I was still laughing as I finally got to sleep. Chapter 2. The Hike As was my practice, I got up at first light. That's just the way my body clock works. I don't care if I've only had 15 minutes sleep, I'm up at first light.

Normally I do my exercises nude in my room. But with all the fresh mountain air up here, I decided to go outside this morning. I slipped on a pair shorts and sandals and wandered around the compound until I found a peaceful clearing overlooking the lake. My exercises consist of my own style of the Chinese Tai Chi movements. I had adapted them from movements I had picked up in the SEAL martial-arts training. I also used the exercises as a focusing aid to meditation. After the movements become so natural and fluid that I don't have to think about them anymore, I can slip into a really relaxing state of meditation.

With all the beautiful scenery around, I really got into the meditation that morning. So when I tell you this next part, you'll have to understand that I really wasn't aware of this going on all around me. Janet, the camp administrator, filled me in later that morning. Anyway, there I was, doing my routine in my shorts and bare feet, body glistening with sweat in the first strong rays of the sun, xxx hot grils with story light playing off my rippling muscles as I moved cat-like through the slow graceful step of my routine.

And, as would be expected in a group of 100 or more people, some of the others were early risers as well. Apparently, one of the early risers spied me from her window and quickly woke the others in her room and on her floor. The girls, ranging from 14-18, as well as the slightly older staffers, slowly trickled out into the woods surrounding the clearing I was in wearing whatever they had on, which in some cases, was nothing.

Believe me, I'm really sorry I missed that, but I was totally focused inward, meditating. Soft, lithe fingers began rubbing and fondling moist cracks and perky nipples and sensitive clits. Sometimes the fingers belonged to the body being fondled, sometimes they belonged to the person next to them. But there was no pussy left un-petted, no clit left un-rubbed, no nipples left un-squeezed. According to reports, there were as many as 20-50 girls and staffers gathered around my clearing.

A good sized orgy, if that's what you call 50 cunts and only one cock to go around. One girl actually humped a tree, letting a low-level branch slip between her cunt lips and rub along her sensitive swollen inner labia. She gave a new definition to the term 'tree-hugger.' The moaning and groaning of all those wanton teenagers did not affect me consciously, but subconsciously megumi shino is a creampie asian in a threesome ears and brain picked up on those erotic sounds and directed them to the organ most usually affected by them.

You guessed it. My cock-a-doodle-do did. Being in its usual head down position and unencumbered by jockey shorts or jock strap - which I never wear - my prick began to lengthen and swell. Understand, this is not an unusual occurrence when I do my exercises. The feelings I get from a good work out are almost the same as I get from great sex. (I said 'almost', OK?) So a stiff prick didn't register to my meditating brain. However, my stiffening wang did register in the brains of the watching girls.

While several of them had sampled it the night before, it had been dark in my room and, fortunately or unfortunately - you pick - things can seem smaller in the dark. Those who had swallowed my prick and then impaled themselves on it were amazed at it's size. Those who had heard about the visits to my room stared in disbelief, envy and lust.

The staffers, who I assumed knew more about pricks than the young campers, just got plain horney and vowed to get my sausage between their buns if it was the last thing they did. It didn't help matters any when I started stroking my meat, slowing bringing it to its full potential and right out in the open. Hey, it feels good! And I really wasn't aware of the audience. I'm just kind of a shy guy. Honest! I don't like to get it on in public. But during part of my routine I focus on just my stomach and back so my hands don't have anything to do.

They just kind of did what came naturally, and began working on my cock. Now this is something that seemed odd to me when Janet told me all of this. (By the way, she was getting hotter and hotter during our meeting. I noticed she wasn't wearing that bra-thingy she black female police stunning mexican floozie alejandra leon attempts to help her cousine the day before and that her large engorged hard pink nipples were clearly poking through the tight thin cotton T-shirt she had on this morning.

I wondered if her tits were sore from last night.) Janet seemed amazed that I could keep stroking as long as I did and not blast off. I told her I have always been what you would call a 'late bloomer' or something. I can get hard and stay hard for almost two hours before coming. For a long time I thought all guys were like that. But I had always asked myself two questions.

The more you stroke it, the better it feels, right? If so, then why blow it so soon if it feels so good? Janet got outright agitated when I told her two dirty girls doing what they like most long it takes me to come, and I almost thought she was going to ask me to prove it. Right there on her desk. With her. But she didn't. Her assistant, who I was beginning to really dislike by now, came in and interrupted the meeting at that point.

The first wake up bell at 5:30 had roused most of the campers and staff from their erotic pastimes, and so, by the time I had finished at 5:45, most of them had left. I smiled shyly at the couple of campers still remaining, slipped on my sandals and went back to take a shower in my room. I had no idea the spectacle I had put on until I got hauled into Janet's office right after breakfast. Which is where I learned what I just told you. The bottom line she tried to force on me was that I was to be confined to the dispensary or the dining hall or the training room for the self defense classes.

Period. Sounded like prison to me, and I told her so. She started raving about me corrupting all the young girls. Normally, a gentleman doesn't fuck and tell, but since I technically only fucked the last visitor last night - all the others fucked me - I felt I could tell her that these young girls had already been corrupted before I got there.

By Billy twice, Tommy, Jerry, Sam, Bob, and particularly, Daddy. That shut her up. She then asked me to be careful of exposure, as some of the girls were not yet corrupted, and I did agree to be more careful. But there was something in her eyes when she saw my prick leap up when she mentioned the uncorrupted girls that made a lie of her sincerity.

Thinking about that gleam in her eye kept me hard for the rest of the day. Honest! The next few days passed in a blur.

I set up my self defense course for the campers and staff. The nightly visits by the campers, and I suspected some of the staff continued like clock work, including the final unknown visitor.

I was hoping beyond hope that I knew who the last visitor was. I was really hoping it was Janet. But she never gave herself away other than to call me 'sailor', which none of the other campers or staffers did. So I was never really sure.

And I had tried everything I could think of to find out who it was. The only thing that was unusual during that time that was reported in the daily staff meetings was the high rate of visits to the nurse. By the staffers!

I had 'had' to examine each one of them at least once, some twice, and a couple had almost moved into the clinic. I made meticulous notes of the visits, leaving out of the reports that none of them had escaped the exam without showing me everything, including having to bend over and spreading their cheeks to expose their rosebuds. God, aren't hormones great? Horney chics will do literally anything!

I finger fucked all of them on the pretext of doing the exam and all of them had at least one orgasm from my fingers. Two of the horniest ones got two fingers up the ass, but none got my cock between their legs. I would have liked to say that none got my cock at all, but one particularly fine looking tiny brunette, Julie, skinned my shorts off and sucked my cock down her throat before she even said 'Hello.' And I was wearing a belt and jockeys, just like I'd agreed!

What's a guy to do? I let her suck for a while until she got tired, then gave her a very thorough exam. She was one of the ones that got two fingers in the ass. It was obvious it was her first time that way, and she was squealing and moaning the whole time I pumped my fingers in and out of her back door. And fucking back on my fingers as if her life depended on it. She had one of the smallest asses of the group of staffers, and all that exercise she did kept it as tight and firm as when she was 14 years old.

I complimented her on her muscle tone and firmness and she actually blushed. She was a little embarrassed that she had had an orgasm from having fingers up her ass, but I told her some women were built that way and it was normal for her. She actually believed that shit! And she came back for more later that day.

Later that week, Janet, unfortunately, requested that all illnesses and visits to the nurse by the staff be routed through her office, and I could literally hear the groans of dismay. They big sticky mom tits milf cleavage cum on boobs titfucking homemade going to have to be more inventive if they were going to get some of my cock, but then, they were all intelligent women, as I mentioned before.

I suppose I should mention the fact that, while I really like, and prefer, young, or young-looking girls, I have never had a problem getting it up for any good looking woman. Especially the ones that really want you bad. And I intended to be really bad with each one of them.

But they were going to have to work for it. Which brings me to the first successful staffer to get my cock. I finally had a free day. I had been there a week and the staff was rotated, 4 days on, 1 day off. Except the nurse, who had 24 hour duty. But one day a week, when the other activities were light, I was allowed to get out of camp, sleep late, or whatever, as long as I had my pager. (Another tax-payer paid luxury.) That day I decided to go for a hike.

I had seen a cabin or some kind of structure higher up on one of the neighboring peaks and I decided to investigate. I notified the office, packed a backpack full of safety stuff and food and set off. It wasn't fifteen minutes into the hike when I sensed I was being followed.

Call it intuition, call it luck, but it was one of the things that had helped me pass the SEAL training. I could always tell when someone was on my tail. I stopped for a while to let whoever it was get close enough so I could tell who it was. I smiled when I saw the energetic bounce of brunette hair heading my way. Julie. Good. I'll give her a run for her money. I'll give the lady credit. She kept up with me over some pretty rough terrain.

It was kind of a game. I would pick what I thought would be the route that would push her to her max or a little beyond even and she always came through. I was getting more and more impressed with her. And a little turned on, too. Which made it a bit more difficult to walk around, but then, we all have to suffer a little.

Finally I angled my course at the unknown structure and came at it from around the back and above. It turned out to be an abandon mine shaft that had collapse years before. The building was just a huge pile of rubble that had survived all those years. I sat down on a rock facing away from the direction she would come and waited for her.

I didn't hear anything for a long time, and then I sensed her behind me. "Hello, Julie," I said, without turning. Silence. "How long have you known?" "Since we left camp. You should have let me know you wanted to come up here." I turned and looked at her. She was a mess. Her hair was askew, makeup (for hiking?) was smeared from the sweat, and her thin shirt was clinging to her unsupported teen bikini hd and petite masturbation sexy young girls alexa nova and kendall woods like saran wrap to cantaloupes.

I thought she had never looked more beautiful and I told her so. She beamed up at me, all her anger forgotten. "So now what?" I asked her. "Uh, well, uh, I was wondering if, ummm, you know." "Julie, just say it." She looked down at her feet. Kind of shuffled them. Then she took a deep breath, which did wonders for pushing her nipples even tighter against her shirt.

"Will you please fuck me, Chris? Please? God, I'm so embarrassed, I've never had to ask before. Will you do me?" When she had finished I let her stand there a minute. Her hopeful gaze faltered, then shattered, and she turned to go. "If you really want me to, I will." I swear, we were both naked in 3 seconds and I still had on my backpack. I have never seen a woman move so quick.

How she got my shirt off with my backpack on still bothers me, because it's a great trick. She had - thoughtfully - brought along a blanket which we spread to prevent grass stains and settled on it. She attacked me before I was completely down.

I had had a number of women suck my cock. But Julie could do things with her throat and mouth that made each time seem like the best time. She couldn't get it all in, not many ladies can, especially ones as tiny as her. But there was only a little bit of Mr. Roger not showing, and she was really trying to get it all down. After several minutes with no air, she finally pulled off and gulped a huge lungful of air.

I appreciated the motion of those lungs all over again. "I'm sorry I'm such a poor cock-sucker. I can't seem to get you all in. Can I try again?" "Julie. You're doing fine. It's not you, it's me.

I'm probably just too big around and long for you to get all the way down. But if you want to try again, please do. I really enjoy it." She giggled at the compliment and dutifully went back to work. This time, however, she attacked from the top, kneeling over my body with her legs straddling my chest. The view was too much to resist, and I lifted my head and gently probed her dripping pussy with my tongue.

I heard a muffled squeal from her and then I noticed she slid her body back towards my head a little to get closer to my mouth. I guess she gave up on swallowing my whole prick because now she couldn't reach. But I really don't think she cared. I know I didn't. We stayed like that for almost an hour. She would suck on my cock like it was a straw in a thick milkshake, really trying japanes xxxx full sex stories movie get me to come.

I was just enjoying the feelings she was giving me. She liked what I was doing to her, too, because every now and then she would let loose of my prick, lift up her head and scream in ecstasy. It was really neat, too, because those screams would echo back and forth between the mountain peaks for several minutes after each climax. We would sit there and listen to them rolling back and forth until they would finally fade away.

Then I would get back to work and so would she. Finally, I started focusing on her ass hole. First I swiped my tongue over it a couple of times and felt her shudder. But she didn't pull away. If anything, she pushed back farther and lowered her ass closer to my tongue.

So I stuck it in. Like a animai girll sex black guy vidio penis. In and out. In and out. In and out. Harder.

Farther. Finally I pulled her upright so she was sitting square on my face. That way I could stick my tongue in as far as it could go. I kept up the in and out rhythm of my tongue in her ass until I heard her screams. These were higher pitched that the others and even more intense. She farted around my tongue when she came, but even that smelled sweet. She started giggling in the middle of her orgasm, not an easy thing to do.

Apparently, she thought farting in my face was funny. I thought the sight of her giggling and cumming at the same time was funny. So we both laughed. She stopped laughing when I lifted her up by her hips off my face and turned her around to face me. I moved her body down so that she was poised above my cock.

Her eyes got big and there was a little bit of fear in them, but she reached under her and aimed the head of my cock into the opening of her cunt, now dripping with the juice of her latest cum. "Ready?" She nodded. I gently lowered her down so that my prick was into her about two inches. Then I let her take over.

I took my hands from her hips and moved them to her tits. We both liked that. Her little nipples were hard as rocks, but they were as sensitive as big puffy ones.

I could press them to her chest with the pads of my fingers and roll them around. Julie reacted as if an electric current was being passed through her body. She shuddered and bucked. He eyes rolled up in her head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth. She took in huge gulps of air, trying to get oxygen into her system.

Finally she came back to her senses. She looked down at me. "Never. Never before. God, what are you doing to me?" "You want me to stop?" I asked teasingly. "If you do, I'll kill you!" she said with a grin. I looked down between our bodies. "So, are you just going to sit up there, or are you going to ride the pony, little girl?" She looked down between her legs and saw most of my prick still outside of her.

She looked back up at me with an almost pleading look and then let herself slide the rest the of the way down until our pubic hairs meshed. "OH.

OH. Oh Ohhhhhh God!" She was still for a minute. Then she shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs. "Satisfied?" she asked sarcastically. "I'm happy if you're happy!" I quipped back. She rolled her eyes in response. Then she started the rocking motion which would make my stiff rod stir around in her honey pot. She started slow until she got used to the feel, and then she took off. She rode the rail for several minutes.

When I thought she was close to the the whore is of wall street xxx peak, I touched my finger tips to her hard nipples and gently rubbed them around her chest.

This time she didn't scream. But every muscle in her body contracted at the same instant, including her cunt muscles. It was great! She wasn't moving except to quiver and shake, and yet her cunt muscles were milking my cock like she was kneading bread.

I was beginning to get worried until she suddenly gasped in a tremendous breath. And collapsed on my chest. After a while I felt tears wetting my chest and I turned her face to mine. "What's the problem, Julie? Did I hurt you?" "Oh God, Chris. I'm so terrible. You didn't cum. But I tried so hard. What's wrong with me? Aren't I sexy enough for you?" Can you believe women?

You fuck their brains out for two hours and then they worry they're not sexy! Go figure! I quietly explained to Julie about how long it takes me to come. She asked me if I ever came. I said I did. She asked me if I had come with anyone at the camp. I said I had. She asked who. I chided her for being indelicate with her questions, but she persisted. I told her I didn't know, and why. She was quiet a moment and then she grinned.

"You really like little girls, don't chocolate bitch sucking cock with face full of sperm It wasn't a question. It was a statement. "I like all kinds of girls," I protested.

"But especially the little ones. Like the little campers. Like me." I was silent. "And Janet." She let that last statement taper off. I think I might have gotten away with denying it if my prick hadn't been still buried up to the hilt in her cunt.

But when she mentioned Janet's name, it twitched. Best lie detector in the world. Her eyes widened. "Does she know?" "Know what?" "How you feel about her." "How do you know how I feel?" I asked her. "Women know these things." "Bullshit." "OK. It's in your eyes. Your smile. I mentioned her name, and you lit up like a little kid seeing the ice cream truck. Plus I just about got whiplash when your cock jerked. See, I told you, women know these things." I groaned. "I'm dead, aren't I." "What do you mean?" "She won't have anything to do with me if she finds out about the campers and the exams and this here today." "What makes you think she doesn't already know?" "Huh?" "Who do you think told me where you were going today?" "I didn't think about it." Now I did.

"Is she really OK with this?" "I don't think she thought we were coming up here for a picnic. She even gave me this." She reached into two filipinas fuck and get a facial bag and started to hand me something.

Then she hesitated. I held out my hand and she shyly handed it over. "I don't know if I'm ready for that." I looked at it. It was a tube of KY jelly. Anal lubricant. I just about came right then. Thinking about that virgin ass hole squeezing my stiff dork as I plunged in and out.

I jerked her off of me and laid her on the blanket beside me on her stomach. She didn't resist. But I did notice a small smile play across her lips as if to say "Gotcha!" The jelly was in a squeeze tube and I poked it into her butt and forced some of the cool gel inside her rectum.

She shivered as she felt it slide into her and moaned deep in her throat, like a animalistic growl. She moved cat-like into a crouch, her shoulders and head resting on the ground and her hips raised up in the air, an inviting target.

I gently probed her rosebud with my finger and it slipped readily in up to the second knuckle. Julie moaned and moved back against my hand, forcing the rest of my finger in.

I wiggled my finger around a bit and then pulled it out. "Oh, nooooo," she wailed. I slipped two fingers into her back door and the wail turned into a moan of such animal lust that several animals in the area went into heat.

I plunged them into her and held them there for several minutes as she ground her hips back onto my hand. With my free hand I slicked up my now rampant cock. I let her fuck herself on my hand for a while and then swiftly I switched my cock for my fingers in that virgin hole. "Oh noo EEEEEEEEE, oh God it so biiiig." And that was just the head of it. I let it set there for a minute, several, actually, until she grew accustomed to the size. When I noticed her breathing stabilize and her hips grinding back towards me, I eased forward a little.

To my surprise, she sucked in the whole thing up to the hilt! "Julie, are you sure this is your first time?" "Yeah, I don't think I'd forget something like this." "Good or bad?" She multiple creampies in opened fuck holes for spicy joy girl stretching and squirting. "Neither.

This is absolutely fantastic. I haven't stopped cumming since you slid in. It's like it belongs there, even though I know that's not right." "Says who? 'Normal' people who only use it to shit with?" Julie giggled. And came. "Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me hard. Fuck my ass." Julie began to urge me to begin moving with very vulgar words and actions.

She started whipping her head around and throated cassidy klein wants to be choked deepthroat brunette her ass in counterpoint.

I started to pull out a little bit. Then plunged back in. Julie squealed like stuck pig and went berserk. If I hadn't had a hold of her hips with a firm grip she would have wiggled completely off the end of my cock.

As it was, the only way I could keep her under control was to stand up. It wasn't hard, she weighed less than 100 lbs. and I simply leaned back and stood up. That forced her completely down onto my prick, jamming it all the way in. With her supported on my cock, I wrapped both arms around her thrashing body and held her while she writhed and wiggled and did all kinds of erotic sexy movements brittany bliss in spinner likes it rough her body.

When she would begin to settle down, I would torture her by lightly caressing her ultra sensitive nipples, sending her into even more convulsions. I hadn't been paying much attention to my own state, but apparently her movements were too much for my cock. Suddenly I felt it swell and begin to spurt sticky white juice into her dark tunnel. This time it was my screams which echoed around the hidden valley. We collapsed on the blanket, totally spent, listening to the fading echoes, relaxing in the afterglow of truly tremendous sex.

We were just beginning to nod off to sleep for a brief post-coital nap, when we heard raucous cheering and clapping coming up from the direction of the camp. Julie and I looked at each other in disbelief and confusion.

"Nahhhhh. Couldn't be." Chapter 3 - The Skipper [The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west. Only Chris is a male. Let the fun continue.] Julie and I napped for about an hour after we stopped laughing.

There was a small stream where we cleaned up. Then we ate a light lunch and started back down the mountain. It only took about 100 yards for Julie to realize that she was too sore from her losing her anal virginity to make it back down the hill before darkness fell. Nothing was broken, xxx family mom dad sister storys com her tiny hole was stretched and the tissues were bruised.

She bravely tried to go on, but it was obvious she was in too much pain. We combined our backpacks into mine and I picked her up in my arms. She gave me a very unchaste thank-you kiss and wrapped her arms around my neck. Fortunately, she was only about 100 lbs. or so, and I had no problem carrying her. There was an overgrown path that led from the abandoned mine down to the lake and I followed this down, even though this route was much less scenic than the one I took to get to the mine.

About 10 minutes into the descent, Julie had wiggled her body into such a position that my hand was directly supporting her compact little ass. She kept her face buried in my chest with her eyes closed and I could big ass babe bella reese does a cock workout breathing speeding up. Another wiggle or two and my thumb brushed along her damp slit up between her thighs. Julie expelled her breath in a rush and groaned into my shirt.

I kept my thumb still for a few moments and then rubbed it a bit harder against her hot, humid crotch. She shuddered and let out a small cry. But her arms tightened around my neck and she pressed herself back against my marauding digit when I moved it away. It wasn't intentional, on my part at least, but the edge of her shorts just kind of slipped out of the way, and suddenly my thumb sank into the hottest cunt on the mountainside.

Julie tipped back her head and screamed. Loud. Right in my ear. We were far enough down the mountain that there weren't any echoes anymore, and it felt a little odd that she was the only one screaming without the mountains climaxing along with her. After she finished cumming, she whimpered to herself, thrust her hips down on my thumb even farther, and laid her head back on my chest. I took that as a sign that she liked it, so I kept my thumb in her pussy.

It actually made a good grip to hold her with. I didn't try to give her a smooth ride down the hill, as I noticed that she seemed to react quite a lot to the jolts and bumps of walking down a rough path. I didn't jump over any logs or anything, but I didn't avoid any obstacles either.

Julie came with regularity, about every quarter mile or so, announcing the event with an ear-shattering scream of ecstasy. Walking into camp was like the ending scene from a Rocky movie. The nearly deaf and very tired hero stumbling out of the jungle carrying the damsel in distress in his arms. The rest of the campers and staffers were even waiting for us in two long lines like a gauntlet of succulent flesh. It was a sight that made my prick forget it was tired. Two of the staffers standing next to Janet took Julie from my arms at the head of the gauntlet.

She staggered when she tried to stand on her rubbery knees and I thought Janet was going to attack me right then. She was certain I had hurt Julie or allowed some harm to come to her.

But before she could move, Julie bent and kissed the tip of my semi-hard prick through my shorts. Looking up she gave me a wink and said, "Thank you, Mr. Mattson" in the trademark line I had come to expect from my sexy marital device play with wild fucking time visitors. Her smile, and a silent `Thank You' directed at Janet reassured the administrator that she was OK.

Janet turned to me and gave me a look with her expressive baby blue eyes that I couldn't decipher. There was relief that Julie was not harmed, just tired, but there was also a hurt look in there somewhere, but I didn't know why.

She was quiet and withdrawn at dinner and then that night there were no visitors for the first time since my arrival. I was so tired, I didn't even miss them. Much. But carrying another person down a mountain is a lot of work, especially when there is a lot of wiggling and shouting going on.

I must have been asleep an hour or shona xxxstorys 2019 sex stories xxx when I suddenly woke up.

To the most heavenly feeling of my hard cock sliding down a tight, hot, wet throat. All the way down. With lots of suction and tongue action. In a very determined manner. Whoever it was meant business. I must have groaned or moved or something, because the blow job stopped and I heard "Hi, sailor.

In town for long?" With that, the mouth returned to its task. I leaned back in the dark and enjoyed the wonderful feeling. After a while I expected her to stop. The only change she made, however, was to get more comfortable and straddle my slutty lesbian lookers are stretching and fist fucking anals. If she had been a bit taller, or if she would scoot back a bit, it would have been the classic `69' position.

I pulled on her hips to move her lower lips closer to my mouth, but she resisted. "You're going to come in my mouth, damit. I need to get you all in." "Use your hands on the lower shaft and just suck on the top.

It works just as good and you can pump with your fist better than your neck." She tried it. "Like that?" "Oh yeah, lady, just like that." I dove into her hot steamy cunt with my tongue and returned the favors she had been bestowing on me for the last 30 minutes or so. I immediately noticed something different. No hair. She was completely bald as baby. She must have just shaved it, too, because she was extremely smooth and smelled a little like baby lotion.

I tongued the shaved area around and above her cunt lips to show my appreciation of her haircut. Then I centered on her clit with one finger in her fuck tunnel. She groaned as her first orgasm flooded through her system a while later. And a while later after that. And again later.

Finally, I felt that tingling in my balls that preceded my own orgasm. I gave her a slight squeeze on her ass to let her know and she lunged down on my prick instead of pulling off, forcing my first explosion of thick seed to come deep in her throat.

I groaned as I felt myself empty into her. The second spasm forced even more sticky white fluid down the gullet of my mystery lover. Then a third. A final blast of cum juice and I felt the stiffness in my prick begin to subside. My mystery lady again surprised me. Instead of coming up for air, she began to suck me hard again right away. Now, I've never had a problem getting it up more than once, but usually there just isn't time in the night or desire on the part of my satiated partners.

Never an unsatisfied customer. And, true to form, I rose to the challenge at hand, or mouth, in this case. Coming up off my prick, she turned herself and settled herself back down over my prick, enclosing it in her tight cunt. With a couple of wiggles she made herself comfortable. Even in the dark I could tell she was smiling. Almost smirking. "You really are amazing, sailor, you know? You don't come in the mouth very often, do you?" I shook my head, big boobs woman anal fucked by black menb it was dark.

But I'm glad it was, because I was blushing. I didn't know how to tell her that that had been the first time I had ever had anyone last that long so that I could come in their mouth. It was my first complete blow job and a great one at that.

"Cat got your tongue, sailor? Why so serious?" I was silent. It wasn't that her milking cunt was completely distracting me, -well, sort of - it was that I didn't trust myself to say anything. I was afraid to say anything that might let me find out that this magnificent fucking machine sitting on my cock wasn't the woman I fantasized about.

I mean, it was still a great fuck, but I felt like I was making love with this mystery woman, and I wanted so bad for the two them, Janet and this incredible body, to be the same person.

Beautiful babe blair williams sits on bfs big cock

But I was afraid to be disappointed. "We need to talk." I started to pull her off my prick. She fought me off. "Whoa! I'm fine right here. What's your problem? Not getting enough pussy?" she said teasingly. She was bordering on being downright flippant.

"I need to know who you are. Uh, I think I have feelings for you." "How can you have you have feelings for me if you don't know who I am?" "Well, I think I know.

At least, I know who I want you to be." "Oh." She paused. "And who would that be?" "I can't say." "Why?" "Because if you, the most incredible body I have ever been with, are not who I want you to be, I would hurt you, and I don't want that. Part of my feelings for you have to do with the things we do here, understand? So I need you to tell me who you are. And it's not fair. You know who I am. That way, if you're not my dream girl, at least I can pretend you are and not hurt you." "Gee, thanks." She ground around on my cock for several minutes before continuing.

She may have climaxed, but she was so tight and ariella ferrera in mother daughter mixup full on muscles so active normally, I may have missed it. I wasn't touching her anywhere else and it was dark, so I couldn't tell for sure. "I can't tell you either. Sorry." "Why not?" "There are 150 girls and women in this camp. All of them horney, some of them are even fucking the trees. If one woman was to claim as her own the only prick for a hundred miles around, there would be a riot.

A big riot. It would be better if, during the time at camp, there weren't any sticky feelings around screwing up a good program. Liara sucking cock new porn game play now you live with that?" In a way, I was insulted. I was just a prick to satisfy 150 cunts. But the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I think she felt my response, because she started giggling. I was going to have to stop having meaningful conversations with women when my cock was stuffed up inside them.

No way to lie. "I think it's kind of sexist." "Liar." "OK, so it does turn me on. But what about my feelings?

What about us?" "I feel like you do." "So tell me who you are!" "No." Nothing is more frustrating than a stubborn woman. I tried another tactic. "If you feel the same way, how can you let me fuck all those others?" Ha!

Gotcha there! She was silent and stopped moving for a long time. "That was a low blow, sailor. But if you want to know, it's better for you to fuck them with my knowledge than to do it behind my back." "Do you really mean that?," I asked unbelievingly.

"You bet. Because they will get to you, one way or another. And then you would feel guilty and I would be hurt if I found out, and I find out everything that goes on in this camp. Besides, it may even help some of them with their problems." She started fucking me again.

"I've got to get going. I've still got one to go after this." I didn't know what she meant by that, but I had one or two more questions. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. "OK, I'll agree to stuff my feelings, but I need two or three things from you. One, I want to know who you are after we're done here at Camp Rah-Rah-Rah, and two, I have to call you something.

What do you want me to call you in here during your visits? And three, are there any restrictions on who I can fuck here?" She placed her hands on my chest and grabbed two handfuls of hair. She didn't pull, but she let me know that she could. A deep throaty laugh came up from her, starting just above where my cock ended. "OK, I'll try to hold off until after camp. And you can call me `Skipper'.

That seems fitting. OK, `sailor'? As to restrictions, any girl that comes here is old enough to fuck in my opinion. Just don't force anyone." Her laugh, the grip of her hands on my chest hair, the thought of all that young cunt being offered to me, and her request to call her `Skipper' confirmed my deepest hopes and dreams. It was Janet!

I knew it. She knew I knew it. And I could still boff the campers with her blessing. I blasted off inside her.

It was so unexpected, it caught both of us by surprise. I had only been hard for an hour or so. She stretched her body out on top of mine and laid down with her head next to mine. I could feel her stiff nipples grinding into my pectoral muscles as she snuggled in like a soft cat. She didn't let me out of her tight pussy, though, and kept up a constant squeezing and milking action. "The thought of all that underage pussy must really turn you on. Or was it me?" "It was you, Skipper," I answered and my cock didn't betray me for once.

Or maybe beautiful czech pair gets money for gf exchange really was the truth. We lay there cuddling and kissing for a while, and she was like a little girl, licking all of her dried juices off of my face. My beard tickled her tongue and she started a giggle fit. It was one of the most erotic feelings I have ever experienced as her whole body got into the act.

Her diaphragm and pelvic muscles convulsed in the most pleasurable way imaginable and I got up to full stiffness. My prodding member brought her back to her senses and suddenly she was quiet. "Good, you're hard again. Now we can finish." By now it was very late at night.

Only once before had I gone two rounds with a girl and then there had been four of them. Never had I gone three rounds, but my pecker was sure up for it. "What do you mean `finish'?" We've already done everything." "Not quite." As she said this she gently pressed a small tube into my hand. I recognized the shape from a similar tube Julie had given me earlier in the day.

Anal lubricant. I was going to have to order in a bigger supply if they were going to keep stealing it from the infirmary supplies. She nudged me off the bed and I felt her kneeling down where I had been laying. What little light there was gleamed off of a pair of pale white moons waving in the night.

I sat on the bed behind her. "Skipper, have you done this before?" "What kind of question is that? That's none of your business." She almost sounded indignant and might have pulled it off, but for her salacious position.

"No. I just meant that this can be uncomfortable for someone as small as you." "and as big as you?" she finished for me. "Don't flatter yourself, sailor. It'll fit. And besides, Julie said you were very gentle with her on her first time.

I know you'll be careful with me." "on your first time," I finished for her. She didn't negate my statement. "God, is there anything you women don't tell each other?" I got no answer, but I realized Julie must have told Janet about our conversation on the mountainside and about my feelings for her.

That would explain her change of attitude after shunning me the evening before. I spent several minutes preparing the target. As it was dark, I had to do it all by feel, which was just fine by me. The first thing I did was tenderize the target. I don't usually like rough stuff, but the way she had been teasing me all night, and her refusal to tell me who she was got to me. I swatted her swaying cheeks with my open hand.

Not hard, but hard enough to turn that ivory skin a hot pink and to make a loud SWACK! Or at least it would have if I could have seen the colors.

I just used my imagination in the dark. "Ooooww," she moaned. But she didn't move. "Have I been naughty, Daddy?" she asked in a seductive little girl voice. I didn't know whether to play her game or not. I decided not to. "No, Skipper, and let's not play games until I know who you are.

I just decided to warm your backside before I butt fuck you. Sometimes it helps to relax the muscles, if you know what I mean." "Oh.

Well, I am pretty tense." She let that hang there. SMACK! No sound. SMACK! Still no sound. SMACK! Still quiet. I swung harder, and switched cheeks. KA-SMACK! A amateur blonde babe strips for private show tube porn groan.

I spanked her bottom several more times before I stopped and rubbed my hands over the soft smooth skin of her buttocks. It was warm. A trip to the exposed slit told me she was wet. Sopping wet. "Are you cumming from this?" "Oooohhh, yessssss.

I didn't know Brooklyn chase double penetration with big black cock liked this, even though it hurts. Or maybe it's just you. God, I hope it's just that it's you. You make me feel so hot. Anything would make me get off." "Shit, you should have told me it hurt. I didn't mean to hit you that hard." "Oh shut up, you big sissy. It didn't hurt bad, it hurt good. Now get busy.

We haven't got all night." Which wasn't exactly true. We did, and had used most of it up already. She was really pushing me into this. I slid the tip of the tube of lubricant into her tight puckered hole and squirted some jelly into her rectum. The cool gel brought a moan and a shiver from the kneeling form, but she didn't move away.

She even shoved back on my finger as first one and then two fingers stretched the tight sphincter. "It feels good but funny, like I'm full or I have to take a shit. But it doesn't hurt." That last was for my benefit, I was sure. I kept moving my fingers in and out until she really got into it. I could feel her own hands busy on her clit and in her cunt, but she was starting to grunt and groan in time with my thrusts into her ass. I slicked up my cock. I debated whether or not to warn her.

I decided not to. I kneeled up behind her, still frigging her ass with my two fingers. I don't think she noticed, she was so far into what was happening to her ass. I smoothly pulled out my fingers and replaced them with the head of my cock. "oh. OH!" She stayed quiet for a minute. "That's feels bigger that I thought it would." I held completely still, allowing her time to stretch.

I could hear little grunts and panting, like Lamaz breathing exercises. I started to pull out. "Stop, damn you! Just give me a minute, OK? This is something I have to do." She didn't trickyspa huge tits ava adams gagging bj why. But soon I felt her beginning to breathe easier and then to push back against me. Unlike Julie, where I just slid in up to the hilt, I had to fight for every glorious quarter of an inch with this tight ass.

And it was a glorious fight into a glorious ass. It took a while, but finally I was in up to the max. We were both sweating profusely. I leaned over her bent back and whispered in her ear.

"We can stop now. I'm in you all the way." "Don't you dare, chicken-shit. You're going to finish in all three holes tonight, if I have to die doing it." I suddenly realized what she was doing. She was giving me a night so special, I would never forget it. Anybody I fucked after this would just be ordinary sex. If this was truly Janet I was buried in, it would explain her hurt look when I brought Julie back in that afternoon. She, and the whole camp had heard as I had climaxed inside Julie like I never had with the mystery lady.

In her own way she was telling me she was laying claim to me, putting her mark on me. Well if she wanted it, who was I to refuse her? I started to slowly pull out of her. Just a couple of inches at first, and then I slid it back in. "Ooophhhh! Do it again!" I obeyed the Skipper. I let it slip out of the super-tight canal, and then pushed back in.

And again. And again. Slowly, she began to loosen up and her breathing deepened. She started pushing back in counterpoint to my thrusts, pulling away when I pulled out, shoving back when I pushed forward. I was almost coming all the way out to my cock head on each motion by now.

Suddenly she raised up on both elbows and squeezed down tightly on my prick. She was motionless for what seemed like several minutes and I held still behind her.

"I wouldn't have thought it possible." "What?," I asked after she didn't elaborate. "I just had the most intense orgasm of my life and I got it from having a ten foot log shoved up my ass! That's what! Now do it for me again, sailor. And that's an order!" I did my best, and, with her willful cooperation, I did it to her again.

At least four more times. It seemed she got more sensitive with each climax, never quite coming down from the last one before exploding into another one higher and harder than the one before.

I don't know how she hung on for the whole 2 hours or so we were locked into position like that, but she did. She didn't quit or hold back. If anything, she got more greedy for the orgasms, pushing herself and me to greater and greater exertions.

Finally, just as her fifth and biggest orgasm was sweeping over her, we both felt my cock swell in her shit chute and empty into her. The feeling of my hot sticky spunk filling her sent her even higher and she fainted and collapsed on the bed, her mission accomplished. My cock was still stuck in her and I had to follow her back down to the bed.

I gently rolled over onto my side and pulled her still hot body to me. Slowly she came to as I toyed with her tight swollen breasts and snuggled back into me. We lay there for a while in utter bliss until we heard a scratching noise at my door. "Psssst. Uh, Ma'am. Are you still there? It's almost light." I recognized the administrator's assistant, if not by her timing, then by her mousy voice. "I'll be right there." She rolled away from me and I slipped out of her ass hole with a loud "POP!" Then she farted.

I could almost see her blush. She sat on the edge of the bed for a minute and then got up. I started to get up to help her.

I also figured I'd be able to see her in the light from the hallway. She pushed me back down. "Nice try, sailor." She got almost to the door when she stopped. I thought she was in too much pain, but instead she turned around and came back to the bed. She lightly kissed me and said, "Almost forgot. `Thank you, Mr. Mattson'," in that sexy little girl voice.

Then, "Goodnight, sailor. And I do mean I had a GOOD night." "Me, too. Goodnight, Skipper." Believe it or not, I was hard again from her saying that. God, she was sexy! I skipped my exercises that morning for the first time in years. The Camp Nurse Chapter 4 - The Assistant by Nightshade [The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west.

Only Chris is a male. Let the fun continue.] I slept late the next morning, arriving for breakfast just in time to take my place at my table after a hurried shower and shave. Janet was not at her place. I noticed the somber atmosphere of the girls around me and chalked it up to her absence - she really did light up the whole camp, mom son sek japan 3 gp was not just my biased opinion.

Breakfast went by quietly and then again lunch. By dinner Janet still hadn't shown up, and I was concerned. But the quietness had a different cause, as I found out after dinner.

I was sitting under one of the huge old redwoods that populated the valley, watching the last of the light reflect off of the lake. I heard light steps coming up from the direction of the camp and then a quiet soft voice. I turned to look at one of the younger girls standing by my side. "Mr. Mattson?" "Yes?" "May I sit down with you?" "Sure!" Instead of sitting on the ground as I expected, she pivoted and plopped her ass down in my lap.

She ground it around a couple of times and then looked up at me with those big innocent clear brown eyes. Boy, can looks be deceiving! "Are you feeling better today?" I thought fast. Why was I not feeling better yesterday? Then I remembered that there were no visitors last night. They must have told the girls that I was tired or not feeling well. "Yes, I'm feeling much better, thank you.

Why?" "Oh, good!," she gushed. "It's my turn tonight and I was hoping you would be OK." Suddenly she realized what she had said and blushed. "What's your name?" "Melody." "Well, Melody, tonight when you come in, kiss me on my nose so I'll know it's you and we'll do something special. OK?" "But we don't have that much time to." She again blushed. "We'll make time.

Thank you for your concern." I kissed her on her forehead and helped her up, copping a satisfying feel of her tight little ass on the way up. She giggled and wiggled it against my palm and then impishly leaned over to give me a kiss back, pausing and holding herself bent over at the waist until I got a complete view of her 14 year old tits.

Or what there was of them. When I sighed and grinned she finished her kiss and stood up, giving me an instant replay on the way back up. "Later, Mr. Mattson," she called. I could hardly wait for later. "Bye, Melody." black freak put legs up and hood dick drove inside wet pussy But later came.

Finally. The bells rang and the camp quieted down. The lights were out, but for some reason I couldn't sleep. Anticipation, I guess.

I never realized how much I looked forward to all those tight pussies getting off on my prick each night.

A guy could get used to this, you know? But the visits started, right on schedule. The first couple of fucks were straightforward kiss, suck, fuck, "Thank you, Mr. Mattson" jobs. I did notice, however, that I was being used less and less as substitute and that they were actually fucking my prick. In fact, I was only Daddy once that whole night.

Melody was the fifth girl. I felt a kiss on my mouth that quickly moved up to my nose. She even nipped it a little with her teeth, just to make sure I wouldn't miss the signal, I guess. A girlish little giggle and she snuggled into the narrow cot beside me. "So what are we going to do?," she asked.

"Well, first, take off your nightshirt." "Oh, Mr. Mattson, that would be naughty! I would be naked," she gushed as she lay back down next to me, soft young bare skin on my skin.

They must teach speed stripping as a nadia ali xxx mp4 storys here, with Julie as the instructor. I let my hands roam over her tight young body, exciting both of us with little touches and pinches and probes.

Her tits were what you would call perky. Just beginning to develop, they were slight mounds topped by hard kernels of nipples. They were at that painful stage were they always itched or ached, so I was particularly gentle with them. As it was, her nipples were so hard and sensitive she came just from my gentle explorations. I also found a bald pussy, not the first one I had noticed that night. She shuddered again as I toyed with her lower nub between her cunt lips.

She was biting my arm to keep quiet and I knew I was going to have a hickey the next day. "Melody, straddle my chest like you were going to get on my prick, but face the other way." She did so quickly and quietly. These kids recuperate much faster than us old folks. "Now slide this way." I pulled on her hips to move her towards my head - and mouth.

She was still sitting straight up. I lifted her hips gently and lowered her cunt down on my mouth. "OH! OH! OH! OH! Mr. Mattson! What are you doing? It feels so good! OH! OH! OH! Yessssss! Nobody has ever done that before. OH! SSSsssshhhhiiiitttt! Don't Stop. AAARRrrrggggghhhh!" Several hissing and shushing noises came from the hallway. There really was a line out side my door.

If that's never happened to you, you have no idea what that will do for your ego. Mine sure felt healthy. Melody kind of fell forward and gagged herself by swallowing my stiff prick. But her hips never stopped wiggling against my nose and chin, urging my tongue to greater depths inside her.

I obliged to the best of my ability, which was considerable. She finally shuddered and collapsed on my abdomen, breathing heavily. I could feel the two knots of her nipples pressing on my stomach. When she started to come around, I lifted her small frame and flipped her around so she was lying on my stomach on her back.

I slip her down until my prick head was butting up against her cunt lips. Automatically, she reached down and guided it into the tight opening. She took over from there, sensing what I wanted. She slid down its length and began to fuck herself with my hard cock.

There wasn't as much horny awesome chick organizes a wild fuck with her clit in this position, but it did hit the G-spot better. I reached down and found her excited clit. I pinched it lightly between my thumb and fore finger and urged her to reach her climax. When she came, she twisted almost all the way around and kissed me hard, stifling her screams into my mouth. She tasted her own juice on my lips and she came again.

"So that's what I taste like." "You tasted good. I liked it. And what we did, too." "Me, too." She pulled herself off the bed. She leaned over and lightly kissed me. "Thank you, Mr. Mattson. Thank you very much!" She was headed out the door when I whispered to her. "Melody!" She turned back to me. I reached up and found her nose. I rubbed it gently. "Let's keep it out little secret, right?" You would have thought I had just given her a million dollars.

In some ways, I suppose a genuine secret is worth that much in self esteem to a 14 year old girl. Her kiss that time was not so light and almost started us off again. If it hadn't been for the impatient girls in the hall way, I just might have fucked her again.

But she would be back another night. I heard considerable whispering and discussions as the rest of the visitors tried to find out what happened with Melody.

She became something of a celebrity and I prepared myself to make an explanation to the Skipper when she showed up later that night. I had not seen Janet all day, and had been refused access to her, unless it was an emergency. A lonely heart didn't qualify, so I had suffered through the day without her.

But I knew she was going to come in later. She hadn't missed a night. But a half hour passed after the last girl had gotten herself off on my stiff member, then an hour. Finally, I heard the door creep open. "Uh, Mr. Mattson?" My heart sank, but not my prick.

It was the assistant. "Yes?" She shuffled closer to the bed in the dark. "Uh, I was told to tell you that `The Skipper can't make it tonight.' She said she was sorry, and something about it was her fault for trying to swallow `a ten foot log.' She said you would understand.

Do you?" I did. Her ass was sore. "Is she alright?" I was concerned. "I think she's just sore. She didn't sit down all day and has to lay on her stomach to sleep." She giggled. "She called you `an insatiable satyr'.

From her, that's a compliment." "But she's OK?" "Yes, but she won't be here tonight." Her message done, I natural cutie blows cock in pov and gets spread kitty reamed amateur babe she would leave. While not unattractive, she didn't seem the type to hang around.

For whatever. But she didn't leave. She kind of stood there and shuffled her feet. "Was there anything else?," I asked her. "Well, I was wondering, uh, since, you know, since, well, you know, well, since she's not, you know, like, well." "Would you like to take her place?" "Oh yes!

That's what I want. I want to take her place." "In my heart or on my prick?" "Oh! On your thing, silly." I expected her to move, but she just stood there. "Well?" "Uh, don't laugh at me, but I don't actually know what to do." "You've never done it before?" "Oh, yes. In high school and a couple of times in college. But I've never, well, I've always just kind of been there for the guy. They always did everything.

I don't know what to do." I smiled in the dark at her honesty. I forgave her all her interruptions and swore to make this a good time for her. "You could start by sitting down." I patted the cot so she could hear where to sit in the dark.

She sat. "Now take off your night shirt and sandals." She shivered in the cool night air. I touched her lightly on her side, just above her hip. A safe place to touch a skittish woman. "Now, what do you want to do?" She was quiet. Then I felt her hand sliding around my stomach gradually moving down. She bumped into my hard meat much earlier than she anticipated and kind of gasped. Her hand pulled away and then found it again, this time on purpose.

"Oh, my! It's bigger than I thought." She played with it gently, stroking it up and down, then becoming more and more urgent until I cried out in pain. "Ouch!" "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Let me kiss it." Before either of us realized what she was doing, she had my rod in her mouth.

It was obvious she had not done this very much, if at all, but her enthusiasm was arousing. She just about rubbed it raw with her teeth until I got her to cover her teeth with her upper lip and tongue underneath. She also got the head down her throat part way without gagging. She kept coming up and asking if she was doing it right. She tried so hard, and, by the time she was tired, was getting to be a pretty good cock sucker, too.

I told her that, and I could feel the heat from her blush. She lifted her head up from my cock and stretched out next to me on the cot, never letting go of my prick with her hand. But now she held it gently and caressed it like a lover.

I felt her looking sex with large a hole beauteous hottie at me. I tipped my head towards hers and our lips met. "Do all men taste like you do?" I laughed.

"Only men who have had twenty or so girls sitting on their pricks!" "Oh." Silence "I liked it. Does that mean I like girls?" That was a loaded question. I changed the subject. "What would you like me to do for you?" She caught her breath. The big question. Decision time. In a shy voice she asked, "Would you make love to me?

Show me what to do? I want to do something, but I don't know what or how." I rolled over so I was on top of her. Kissed her lips. Then her eyes. Then her ears. I spent a long time just caressing her and kissing her.

I felt the tears rolling down her cheeks and licked them away. She cried some more. I drew my lips along her neck, down along her jugular vein into the depression at the base of her neck. I buried my face there and traced gentle designs with my tongue on that sensitive area. Then I did the other side. She had stuffed one of her hands in her mouth to muffle her screams. This poor woman was so tense she was orgasming already and I wasn't even to her tits.

I avoided those for now and concentrated on her long smooth arms. Each finger received a lingering kiss with special attention paid to the palms of her hands. She was now sobbing, jerking around on the cot under me. I was afraid what would happen when I started on her breasts, so I flipped hot slut girl get taped and fucked clip 16 over on her stomach.

The sudden move surprised her until I ran my tongue down the length of her back. She screamed into the pillow, beating her fists into the mattress. She would have kicked her feet but I was sitting on them.

I decided what this woman needed was a massage. I happened to know how to give two kinds of massages, both erotic. One was good, the other very good. I didn't think she would last if I gave her a housewife takes care of black dick monster cock interracial good one, which included the anal areas I didn't think she was ready for. Yet. So I started on a sensual back rub that had the effect of calming her down.

Apparently this was something she could deal with, something she knew. Her breathing returned to normal as Middle eastern teen gets her twat screwed and creampied worked my way down her back.

And reached her buttocks. My rod had been resting on the crease between those cheeks for most of the massage, but she didn't seem to have noticed. As I began to rub and move the deep muscles in her ass, her breathing began to get ragged again. I did her butt, then moved down her one leg then back up the other.

I did spend extra time on her feet and toes and was rewarded with another orgasm, but a slower, gentler one this time. It felt like she almost enjoyed that one.

I moved up the side of the bed and quickly flipped her over. It wasn't like a kung foo thing, but it happened before she was aware of it. I started to massage her upper chest and shoulders, still avoiding her breasts. She noticed, because she started to thrust them up at my hands, brushing them against my wrists as I worked higher up.

She began to grunt and pant in an animalistic way, writhing on the bed in the ancient movements of sex and seduction. "Oh, God. What are you doing to me? I've never felt this way before. I want you to touch me, squeeze me hard, play with my boobies. Please.Please.Please," she pleaded. I gently captured her swollen dancing nipples in the cracks between my fingers as I palmed her entire breasts.

I applied pressure gently as I squeezed my fingers together over those soft mounds. I had always thought of the assistant as mousy, an ordinary, plain girl. From the way she dressed and walked, I imagined small, saggy tits and the same for her bottom, kind of flat and droopy. Boy, was I wrong!

She was just a beautiful girl with a poor self image. Because the guys in her life didn't know how to make her feel special, she didn't think she was. Jerks. All of them. I may have my own quirks and kinks, but at least I made each person feel special. Not like some kind of jerk-off bag to squirt sperm into.

Her tits were a bit larger than I like, and softer. But they felt terrific. I told her so and she started crying again. I continued down her body, describing each rib, each smooth curve of her trim body in the most erotic language I could think of. When I got to her mons, there was no hair.

"Is this for me?," I asked her, indicating her shaved mound. "Yes. Most of the girls are shaved now. For you. Do you like it? I hope so. I haven't felt this naked since I was 12." "It's beautiful.

Lovely, so smooth, so kissable." I proceeded to do just that and she squealed a bit. The aromas coming from between her legs told me she had really been enjoying herself, and that I would have to change the sheets before getting any sleep tonight. But I didn't mind.

I kissed a little lower. Her legs parted automatically, spreading her cuntlips wide open. I frenched them. She arched her back into my mouth, forcing her cunt hard on my lips. I grabbed onto her legs to hold her there, and feasted on the delectable nectar she was producing in quantity. I could hear her sobbing softly but I didn't stop until she went limp in my arms. I laid her gently out on the bed and lay down beside her still form.

She rested quietly for a while. She wasn't unconscious because her hand drew little designs in my chest hair. "Thank you, Chris, uh, Mr. Mattson. Thank you." "You're welcome, but is that all you want?" "There's more?" "If you want, yes. But it's OK to stop now. I'm fine. Only if you want." Her hand seized the hairs on my chest and pulled a few.

Ouch! "I want more. Please. Now!" I laughed and gently kissed her forehead. Then I kissed her lips and she tasted herself, probably for the first time. "Ummmm. Good!" she whispered. I rolled her on top of me and helped her sit up. I cupped her swaying tits in my hands and held them firmly, the nipples rubbing into my palms. She began rutting on my stomach. "What do I do now?," she asked timidly. "Move down a little." Her old boyfriends really were jerks.

She slipped down and bumped into my cock. She automatically raised up a little to slide over it, but as she passed over the head it slipped up inside her hot box. She froze. "What's the matter?" "I'm scared. It's always hurt before or I've been disappointed." "It always hurts the first time.

But that's over now. And it wasn't your fault you were disappointed. Blame your taste in men, maybe, but other than that, it was all their fault you weren't satisfied.

Go ahead. Let it just slip inside you. We'll go slow and make sure it doesn't hurt and that you like it. OK?" For an answer she let a bit more slip in. Before I could say anything she grunted, and forced a little bit more. To me it didn't seem that she was that tight, given the young pussies and tight assholes I had been into in the last few days, but it must have felt like she was splitting in two to her.

She didn't cry, but it was an effort on her part to get each inch of me into her. But she did. And it was like a switch went off in her head. Suddenly she was the all-American cheerleader. The cheers started out clean enough, like the old: Push `em back Push `em back, Harder Harder, and the one that goes: Do it again Do it again We like it We like it.

They started out, like I said, clean and somewhat quiet. But after her first climax riding in the saddle, she got loud. And dirty. Between cheers of: Push it in Push it in Harder harder and Give me an `F' Give me a `U' Give me a `C' Give me a `K' Fuck me!, Fuck me!, Fuck me!, I was beginning to hear peals of laughter coming from outside my window.

My companion either didn't know or didn't care. Her yells got raunchier and louder with each climax, and she had quite a few. Her hips never stopped swirling and thrusting, rubbing her clit on both the up and down strokes. With and between each orgasm, I swear I could actually feel her cunt muscles tightening up. I guess the old saying about `use it or loose it' was true in this case. She finally shrieked and collapsed to a thunderous round of applause and laughter, not at her, but at the situation.

Two of the staff came in and carried her away back to her room, both very solicitous of her. They both asked if I needed them to come back and help with any unfinished business, but I was already asleep, a big grin on my face. I think I had finally answered her loaded question if she liked girls or not. Maybe she did, but she liked men, too, and that was what was important. To me, anyway. Chapter 5 - The Canoe [The continuing adventures of Chris Mattson, RN at an all-girls cheerleading camp high up in the mountains out west.

Only Chris is a male. Let the fun continue.] s Janet was at breakfast the next morning. She smiled a shy greeting at me and I noticed she sat down very slowly and gently. I grinned back at her and she noticed me watching her sit. She blushed a beautiful shade of pink, then got up her nerve and blew me a kiss across the room. I don't think any of the campers noticed it, but a couple of the staffers grinned knowingly in my direction. I got a call to come up to Janet's office for a 10:10 staff meeting that morning.

I thought the time was odd, but she was a busy woman, and she had to make up for lost time the day before. I cleaned up for the staff meeting, and got there on time. Walking in to the outer office, I didn't see anyone.

I went on into the conference room. Sandra, the mousy assistant, was mousy no more. She stood there in the room, leaning up against the table. Her hair wasn't in a bun, but hung in sexy waves around her face and over her shoulders. She was wearing makeup, just a touch, to emphasize her lips and eyes.

But that wasn't the big change. It was what she was wearing. Or wasn't wearing. Gone were the tweeds and pant suits, the efficient business clothes. This morning she was wearing a half-T that was about two sizes too small. And no bra. The bottom edge of the short shirt showed most of her large soft tits that jiggled with each breath she took. And she was breathing fast. She was also wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts that were high cut on each hip and made of a slippery nylon fabric.

Even though they were loose, they clung to her body like paint. It was obvious she wasn't wearing any underwear and that she was damp in the crotch. She let me gaze at her for a moment, grinning and blushing at the visible effect she was having on me. The right leg of my short was bulging out and suddenly became too short to cover all my parts.

Sandra licked her lips when she saw the large purple head pop out into the daylight. She had apparently not yet taken the speed sexy nomi blew a guy fast and hard course at the camp yet, because she simply launched herself at me from her position at the conference table. Her arms wrapped around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist.

She didn't say a thing. She just kissed me real hard several times, and then just held on. Tight. Waiting. What was I to do? I struggled to get my shorts down and free the monster that had grown in my pants leg. She helped me by wiggling around. She wouldn't let go of my waist with her legs, however, and I was wondering how I was going to get into her pussy, when the situation kind of took care of itself.

Her loose shorts slipped to the side and suddenly she was crying in joy as she felt it slide easily into her cunt. She was even tighter than last night. With the workout she had had last night and now again this morning, I felt sure her cunt muscles would be sore.

But she didn't seem to mind. I looked down at her face and her eyes were screwed tightly shut. She was totally focused on this fuck. She was a little heavier than some of the petite little girls and women I had had ride my cock like that so I turned her around and eased my butt onto the conference table and supported our weight by leaning against it.

It also provided her with a more stable platform for her increasingly wild screwing motions. It was when I looked up from watching her tits bounce and her face contort that my prick jerked and almost unsaddled the morphed assistant.

Busty starlet rides on a stiff prick brunette and big tits was standing just inside the door watching us fuck. My eyes widened in surprise when I saw her, but then she gave me a smile that let me know it was OK to keep going. In fact, she gave her own tiny breasts a squeeze through her tight top with one hand and caressed her cunt through her shorts with the other as she stood there watching.

I just about came when she seductively licked her lips with that tiny pink tongue, running it around her lips two or three times. I remembered what it felt like on my prick and a shiver went down my back. Then I just about started laughing. Here I was, fucking a beautiful woman who I had just helped, I hoped, the night before to get over a self image problem, while at the same time fantasizing about another woman's mouth on my cock.

I didn't think it would help Sandra's image if I laughed, or if she found out what I was thinking, so I made a face at Janet to let her know I knew what she was doing. She grinned wickedly and stopped fondling herself. She didn't stop watching. "Uh, Sandra." "Call me Sandi. I don't feel like a Sandra anymore. Brother and sistar rap storys didn't get fucked enough.

Sandi is going to get fucked a whole lot. I feel like a Sandi," she interrupted me. "OK, Sandi," I replied. "What time is the meeting? The real staff meeting." "10:30. I hope I left us enough time. I wanted you to be early. What took you so fucking long to get here?" She paused. "God, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. Having your cock in my cunny just does something to me, you know?" "Don't apologize, Sandi. It feels good being inside you. But do you think it's fair to the others to have `special' meetings like this?" A bit of Sandra came back.

"Fair? Fair? Do you think it's fair that all the other girls get all the attention, that they get picked for the pep squads? All I ever wanted to be was one of them, but." She tapered off and buried her head in my chest.

I kissed the top of her head. I knew what she was going to say, so I finished for her. ".but you never tried out, did you." She sobbed, and shook her head. "I knew I wasn't good enough." I reached down and grabbed her chin and lifted her head up. "And now.?" She opened her eyes and looked at me. I saw a fire burning in them.

She stopped crying. And she never stopped rotating her hips around on my cock. "From now on, I'm going to busty slut has her orgasmic twat hammered brunette and big tits after what I want.

Like this." She indicated my hard prick by squeezing it with her internal muscles. "And if that isn't fair, tough shit. They can make their own arrangements." I smiled. Janet smiled. I kissed Sandi's forehead. "Good girl," I said. Then I leaned down and whispered to her. "If you want me to come early, just ask. I will do anything I can for you. OK?" "Oh, Chris! Thank you! OH! I'm cominnnnnnngggg." Sandi clung to me like a leech on a cock. I could feel her cunt actually sucking me deeper into her body.

She shuddered and throbbed on my rampant cock for several minutes and then lifted herself off my tall member. "Thank you, Mr. Mattson." She leaned down and cleaned my cock with her tongue and mouth, even sucking my balls clean. Three times. She only jumped slightly when she felt Janet's tongue cleaning the insides of her thighs.

But the groans she made with her mouth around my prick just about set me off. Janet was hampered by Sandi's shorts, but it was obvious that both of them enjoyed what was happening. And that it would happen again, later. Without the shorts. Sandi paused in her cleaning efforts and looked up at me with a question in her eyes. I could see the first edges of doubt about her sexuality creeping back in. "Both.

It's perfectly normal to like both, Sandi. You're an attractive woman. To both men and women. Enjoy it." Sandi squeezed my cock in response and gave me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had. She had learned a lot in the last day or two. When she stuck a finger up my ass and massaged my prostate gland, I surprised all three of us and filled her mouth with a bucket of cum. She didn't waste a drop and only had to share with Janet because Janet immediately kissed her hard on the mouth and stuck her tongue in to get some of my jism.

They dueled at length before Janet pulled back and sighed. "Think we can cancel the staff meeting, Sandi?" Sandi groaned. "They're already on their way. We'll have to straighten up, Miss Crandell." "Why, Sandi! How can you call me `Miss Crandell,' when I'm standing here with your pussy juice on my face? Call me Janet, OK?" The two women hugged. I was forgotten, my semi-stiff cock still hanging out of my shorts.

"And you," Janet said to me, "put that thing away. It's caused enough `trouble' for now." The staff meeting was anti-climatic. Although a couple of the staffers with sensitive olfactory senses did sniff the air and give me a queer look. Apparently the pungent aroma of Sandi's secretions were detectable. The rest of the day past without incident, except that during the morning the fondling and quick feels by the staff became a bit more insistent and frenzied.

I was in an almost constant state of arousal the entire day, with the engorged head of my cock visible and on display below the cuff of my shorts. The campers didn't seem to mind, in fact, several of them started to copy the example of their older leaders and began fondling and feeling it whenever they happened to pass within arm's reach, or could find some excuse to sit and grind on my lap.

Janet watched this process with an amused grin on her face. Several times during the day I swear she told some of the younger campers to come over and `torment' me in some soft way or another.

It was particularly hard not to plow those tight cunts when they had you firmly in the grasp of their tiny hands and looked up at me with those delightfully smiling eyes and asked me the most mundane question imaginable. I was in heaven, and I think Janet knew it. And then it stopped. Like a light going off. Right after lunch. The girls would come right up to me, stand a smidgen away from me and not touch. Time after time. I wasn't sure which was more exciting: The touching or the tantalizing.

It didn't make any difference to me, I was as hard as a rock, regardless. I loved these little sex games they were playing. It kept everything on a friendly level with everyone knowing what was going on, and no one got their feelings hurt. I knew things were wide open when the first girl that night kissed me on my nose and said, "I want what Melody got," and then stripped and sat on my face. So did the second girl and the third.

But this type of service took longer and it was getting late. The last several of the nocturnal visitors began coming into my room in pairs. One would sit on my face, the other would climb on my cock. Some of them even began kissing and fondling each other they were getting serviced by me. I'm sure a lot of activity continued on after they left me back in the dormitory later on that night. And when they were all done, the Skipper visited me. She slipped in and was naked in my arms before I heard her.

She was just suddenly there and, at first I thought it was a dream. But dreams don't feel that good, and this felt tremendous.

We kissed and I tasted a new flavor. "I see you had another meeting with Sandi, Skipper." "Uh-huh. I thought she need a good chewing out." She laughed.

"She didn't seem too upset about it, though." "Did she do you, too.?" "Oh, God, yes. She really is a fast learner, you know." I was silent. "Next time, can I watch?" I caught a jab in the ribs. "Would that turn you on, sailor?" "Just thinking of the picture of the two of you making love to each other gets me hard." I hugged her to me tighter. "Thinking of you makes me even harder, though." I thought about how sore she must have been after our last bout.

"What would you like to do tonight? Or do you just want to cuddle?" "Cuddle? That's for wimps. Unless you can't get it up, sailor. Then I'll just go back to Sandi." She was teasing, as she was laying directly on my rock hard cock. It must have been giving her a stomach ache it was prodding her so hard.

"So what's your pleasure, Ma'am?" She leaned down and kissed my chin. "I want it up my ass," she said finally in a quiet, but firm voice. "It hurt like hell, but I loved it. I'm going to learn how to relax like Julie told me and take that monster all the way up there. Do you mind?" Did I mind? Offering me the finest ass I had ever fucked? Did she think I was crazy? Hell, no, I didn't mind. But I didn't want to appear too anxious.

"You're sure? I'd hate to hurt you again." She lifted herself up and positioned her asshole over the tip of my cock. She lowered herself gingerly down until about three inches were inside her.

She had pre-lubed her ass with enough gel so that some of it leaked out and ran down the exposed shaft of my cock, preparing it for deeper penetration. With a determined grunt she took the rest of my throbbing prick deep up inside her rectal recesses. "Was that better?" "Hey, it's always good for me. Was it better for you?" "Yesssssss. Can you feel it? I can't stop the spasms. They just ripple through me, one after the other. They start at my shitter and go to my toes and fingers and the tips of my nipples.

My hair feels funny, too, like its alive. God, I love this. And it doesn't hurt now." She still hadn't moved. "Pull up a little and then slide back down." As she did, I slipped my hand under her and let her impale herself on my extended middle finger. With my thumb I found and pressed on her clit. She went wild. I thought my finger would break she was squeezing it so hard. She was laughing, sobbingyelling, blubbering and so on all at once. Until her system finally spent itself of all her built up tension and she relaxed on my chest.

"Sailor?" "What, Skipper?" "Watching all the girls tease you all day really turned me on. I didn't realize how much." "Do you think it was a good idea with the campers?" "Hey none of those girls had ever seen a prick before, so I let them have their chance to see a real good one." "Those were all virgins?" She giggled as my prick seemed to swell to twice its normal size in her ass.

"Well, they are for now. Who knows if they will be by the end of camp." She slid up and down a bit on my cock. "But before you get them, I have one more chore for you to take care of." "Your cunt?," I asked, hopefully.

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"That, too, but I didn't think that was a chore, you bastard!" She pummeled my chest with her tiny fists in mock anger. "I need you to `fix' one of the staff. Diane. I don't know what's wrong with her." I tried to picture Diane in my mind. All I got was a faceless blonde with high thrusting knockers. I had heard comments about a silicone job, but something didn't match up with her personality and a boob job. I also didn't recall her being one of the active participants of my torture earlier that day.

Or of her coming in for an exam earlier. She was friendly enough, cheerful, outgoing, well spoken. But not horney? Give me a break. She was either tremendously self disciplined or had a wire loose somewhere. The Skipper was continuing, "I want you to spend some time with her. As much as you need. I would suggest a canoe trip across the lake, if you don't mind my suggestions." "You're all right with this?," I asked, still not believing my luck or this woman's attitude. "Do you love me?," she asked me quietly.

"Yes," I answered immediately. I didn't have to think about it. It was true. "Then I'm all right with it. Do what ever it takes," she instructed. "But first, roll me over and fuck my ass off, will you, sailor?" Always obey the skipper, my training manual said. So I did. The next day after lunch I wandered down to the docks to find Diane waiting for me with a back pack. A canoe had already been loaded with food and a sleeping bag. One bag. Diane stared at me hard and with a bit of a look of distaste or loathing when she saw the single bag, but said nothing.

In fact, she actually sounded cheerful and would have fooled me, but I had seen her eyes. We loaded the rest of our gear in and took off.

About a mile into the trip, we both bean to work up a sweat. We took a break and took off our sweatshirts, leaving me bare-chested and Diane in the tiniest bikini top I had ever seen. She sure wasn't shy about showing her body!

She was extremely fair, as some blondes are, and I leaned forward to rub sun screen on her shoulders. Just as I touched her I felt a twitch or a shudder, as if she reflexively pulled away, but then she relaxed, looked over her shoulder at me and gave me such a smoldering look that I would have jumped her right then if aline gets a dp creampie one in pussy in ass no pullout between hadn't been that all the pieces didn't fit right.

I grinned back at her, finished applying the sun screen and indicated the far shore. I swear she looked puzzled that I hadn't done anything. We got to the far shore and found a beach and a nice clearing. We pulled the boat up, unloaded our gear and set up a small camp. I had left the sleeping bag in the boat. When that was done, I unrolled a towel on the beach, stripped to my bathing suit and called over my shoulder as I dove into the cool water, "Last one in is a rotten egg!" She responded to the childish dare, stripped off her shorts and joined me in the water.

Her suit was not meant for water and turned almost transparent, exposing her charms to anyone who would look. But I didn't. OK, I tried real hard not to, but would you be able to not look at a near naked woman playing in the water with you?

I tried to studiously force myself to look directly into her eyes when I looked at her. But it was hard. I had thought her top was small. Her bottoms almost didn't exist. They were essentially a string around her waist and a second string through her crotch with a wide patch of thin cloth in the front. She was totally naked underneath. The string had long ago buried itself between her cunt lips and they were clearly visible as she jumped and splashed in the water.

It was one of the hardest things I ever did to not take her up on her blatant offer. Somehow, I knew I had to make her ask for it. Otherwise she would consider me just another aggressive male. When we got out of the water, I nina elle sarah jessie yoga time on my towel in the sand and lay there soaking up the sun. I had my head turned away from her, but I could tell by the shuffling and rearranging that she was surprised we were not doing the dirty deed.

I grinned to myself. It was like a game. I don't know how long we lay there, but suddenly it got dark. And wet. A sudden storm had blown in over the lake and was sitting right on top of us.

The backpacks were waterproof and everything else but us and the towels were undercover, but we were getting soaked. We had just been in the water, but somehow this was wetter. I went over to the canoe and called Diane. I tipped the canoe over and pushed her under it and then crawled in behind her. It was quite roomy, but there was no way we could lay there without touching.

I spread the bench cushions on the ground and used the sleeping bag for a pillow. We lay down side by side on the makeshift bed and prepared to wait out the storm.

It didn't stop. It was finally too dark to go back that night. We were stranded at the other end of the lake. I think we finally got tired of not talking. I know Diane was not a normally quiet person, and I have been known to talk as hot milf blowjob fat cock and cum in mouth closeup on occasion.

I think it may have started when she link photocom porn story sex sexi photcom storys stopped avoiding me and put her arm up around my neck. It wasn't in passion, but for comfort. I grinned at her and leaned back and closed my eyes. I think that was when she started talking. I think she asked me why I hadn't done anything to her. She knew what was going on at camp, even encouraged her girls to take advantage of their scheduled visits.

So why had I not tried anything with her? I had to think about that one. I told her I got a sense that she really didn't want me to do anything. She may have expected it, she may have even accepted my advances out of a sense of duty or obligation to someone or to me, but I didn't think she really wanted to have sex.

Why do they always cry? At least I knew I was on the right track when I felt the salty drops falling on my arm. But I had no idea how screwed up this young woman was. Her story was simple, but devastating. As a little girl, she had always wanted to be a cheerleader. Her mother, also a beautiful woman, had been a cheerleader in high school and had then gotten married early and had Diane. As Diane developed into the gorgeous creature she was, her mother encouraged her and helped her as much as possible.

Cute asian blonde is happy and squirting for two things. The first was that, for some reason, Diane's mother was convinced that the evidence of nipples showing was in extremely bad taste and worse, wicked.

So as soon as Diane began to develop nipples her mother would put tape on them before the games so they wouldn't show. She began using heavier and heavier tape, which not only caused Diane considerable embarrassment, but was painful to remove. And it wasn't always successful. One night, after a particularly rousing cheer, the dreaded nipples popped through the tape. Diane's mother and father had attended that game.

Both of them came onto the basketball court and dragged her home. She was incredibly embarrassed by their actions. When they got home, her mother locked her in her room for about an hour and then flung open the door and stormed into the room. She had made her take off her sweater and bra and then her mom ripped the tape from her breasts. She then held up two small cylinders.

They were about a quarter inch around and about a half inch long. They were sections from wooden dowel. Her mother pressed one of the dowels against her right nipple, forcing it to invert on itself. She pushed until the dowel was flush with the front surface of her breast and then put a piece of tape over it to hold it in place. She repeated the process with the other breast.

Diane was in tears. It hurt. Terribly. But her mother said that this was the only way she could be a cheerleader in public ever again. So she suffered through it, finally getting so she would insert the plungers herself before the games. The second thing that her mother had done was to instill in Diane an absolute fear of any and all pleasurable, as is sexy, feelings.

She had done this by spanking not only her fingers, but her clitoris when she was a little girl and had been caught exploring her own body in the bath tub. Later, she had poured burning hot water, not quite scalding, over her vaginal area when she was older and had been caught diddling herself. She had been caught ten times, until she simply lost the urge to masturbate. I, for one, was amazed at her persistence. I would have quit after being burned once, maybe twice. But it did confirm my suspicions that there was a passionate woman hidden deep in this body beside me.

Now, how to dig it out? "Diane, what can I do for you?," I asked into the darkness. "What would you like me to do?" "Nothing. Nothing works. It all feels like blah." "Can I at least give it a try?" She looked at me. "Why? Why bother?" "Because I care about you. I hate to see you missing this side of your life." "What about Janet? I thought you cared about her." `DANGER!

DANGER! Dive! Dive!' went off in my head. I answered carefully, but honestly. "I care about Janet very much. But we both think I may be able to help you." "How? By fucking me up the ass? It doesn't work, I've tried. No, thank you," she said bitterly.

"That was a cheap shot, Diane." "Sorry. But I've heard that's what you like." "I like all kinds of sex. Including anal. But only if the partner is willing.

Have you ever heard of me forcing anyone?" There was a long silence. Finally, "No. That's always puzzled me." We lay there a while. The rain still dripped on our roof, the canoe, but we could hear the sounds of the forest around us and the lapping of the waves on the beach a few feet from our spot.

It was surprisingly warm in spite of the storm and we were both still in our bathing suits. "Chris, would you kiss me?" I leaned over to kiss her and she turned her head away from me. In the faint light I could see her flushed cheeks.

"Not there. Down there." Bingo! She had asked for something. I held myself in check so I wouldn't seem to be rushing and began to wander down her lovely body. I got to her chest and nuzzled one of the swatches of cloth up and over her breast, baring it to my lips. I suckled on her tit and sucked out the wooden plunger. She was still wearing them. I spit it out.

"Not there, either." I moved over to the other tit. Sure enough, I sucked another chunk of wood out of it. "Lower. Stop teasing me." I focused on her navel. She began to move, but microscopically. But it was movement. "Lower. Suck my thingy." "Your `thingy'?," I asked her. "My vagina and clitoris." She paused. "Suck my cunt! There, is that what you want to hear?" "Is that what you want me to suck?," I fired back.

"Yes, damit! Now do it. Please?" The last plea was done in such perfectly shaped teen jelena jensen fucks a horny milf sara luvv european brunette voice I couldn't have refused.

And I had no intention of refusing. I lowered my mouth to her cunt lips and immediately got my tongue caught under her bikini bottom. I untied to two sides and drew away the insignificant covering.

I urged her legs up and she slipped them over one of the crossbeams of the canoe over our heads. It lifted her knees up and out, spreading her wide open before me. I lowered my mouth back down to her now exposed box and began to feast. I went slowly. Something told me I would be there a while, but at that time I had no idea how long that would turn out to be.

Diane's cunt was dry.


Well, not dry, but not wet, either. As I licked and sucked and poked and prodded she would occasionally sigh, but other than that, there was no response.

Occasionally she would shift to another dani daniels sex in outdoor to get comfortable, but no response. But she never asked me to stop, either. Of course, if I had been in her place with a guy willing to eat my pussy all night long, I wouldn't have asked him to stop.

I guess. Anyway, that was exactly what I did. I ate her all night long. Of course, it didn't seem that long as I was busy doing what I love almost more than fucking. But first light came and we were still at it. The first change came about 6:00 am. Suddenly, I got a reaction. "Ooooooohhhhhh. God, Chris, look!" I raised my head. "What happened?" "My nipple popped up! God, it feels so good!" An hour later the second nipple popped up.

They were about an inch out from her firm breasts, standing stiff and angry red in the morning light. She was staring at them in amazement.

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"I never thought I'd see them again." She spoke of them as if they were her friends who had gone away. In a way, they were. "Diane, kiss them," I instructed her. While I went back to work in her pussy, she did that incredibly sexy move women do and cupped her breasts and brought them up to her lips. Her pointed little tongue sneaked out of her mouth and flicked against the right nipple.

She stiffened and arched her back. She flicked her tongue against the left one and stiffened again. I had mature upskirt tight panties volume 1 tube porn my head when she stiffened the first time. As I bent again to my task, I got a huge surprise. And I do mean huge.

Her clit had stiffened as well and popped up. It was about the size of my little finger, and it was a good two inches long or longer and about as thick. It took a little convincing on my part to myself that it wasn't a cock, and I sucked it into my mouth. I got a little squeal. I sucked harder and rimmed it with my tongue. I got a louder squeal. I bobbed my head up and down on it, sucked it and nipped it with my teeth. She came. A small, short, tiny shuddering orgasm, but she did come.

I licked up her flow of cum juice and began tongue fucking her in earnest now. Even though my jaw was sore and my tongue was beginning to ache, I kept going.


At eight o'clock she had her second orgasm. Still nothing to write home about to Mom, but for her it was earth shattering. When she finished trembling, she lay still.

I continued petting her cunt with shriveled fingers and a tired tongue. Suddenly, she lifted those strong cheerleader legs and raised the canoe off of us and kicked it out of the way. She grabbed my ears and pulled me up to her so we lay face to face, with me on top of her. "Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me now." That was going to be easy to do, as when I had slid up her body, my hard cock had partially penetrated into her pussy. A slow thrust buried it in to the hilt.

Nothing. I had expected some reaction. But she didn't even sigh or anything. I looked at her and it looked like she was gritting her teeth. "Diane, relax! I won't tell your mother if you enjoy yourself. But don't quit on me now!" She glared at me reflexively, defensive of my attack on her mother. But then she smiled as she realized her teeth were clenched. Her face softened. "It's so hard to let go." "I know.

Take your time. I'm in no hurry." "What about all those young girls who didn't get their turns last night? Don't you want to get back to them?" "And miss this?" I gave a sharp thrust into her cunt. This time she gave an imperceptible groan. "Besides, they'll just be hornier when we get back." She gave a short laugh.

"You're a baaad boy, Mr. Mattson!" And then she started moving her hips to fuck herself on my cock. I have mentioned it takes me a long time, about two hours, to orgasm and that I can stay hard between bouts. So when I say I came three times, that calculates out to a six hour fuck session. But by the end of the six hours, she was beginning to come alive. I heard moans and groans and she was beginning to shriek when she came. But I was just about at the end of my strength. I was thinking of renaming the camp to Camp Raw-Raw-Raw.

When she pushed me off of her and rolled me onto my elbows and knees, I didn't resist. When she kneeled up behind me, it still didn't register. The slick finger up my ass got me wondering what was going on, and when she bellied up to my ass, I began to squirm. I wasn't into this. I told her so.

She told me she wouldn't tell anyone, but that if I let her do me, she would let me do her. I was still unsure, but by that time I felt the slender shaft of her clit slide into my ass. She groaned. It was too late. I was deflowered. "Oh, God. That feels great! Ooohhh, you're so tight. It's like you're sucking on it and squeezing it and OOOOHhhhhh!

YYYYeeessssss!" Diane didn't stop thrusting even as she came and it led her to her brazil teen gangbang and sluts pool sharing is caring, and then again. Finally, she leaned over my back, rubbing her now firmly erect nipples into my straining back muscles. She reached around and grasped my still hard cock.

She had lubricant in her hand and it was a tremendously good feeling as she jerked me off while fucking my ass. To say I didn't enjoy it wouldn't be true, but I didn't think I would do it again. But the feeling of her hard breasts pressing into my back and her hand slicking up and down my prick only augmented the strange feeling of being invaded from behind.

It felt good, but I didn't come. After her fourth or fifth building climax, she pulled out. She knelt down as I had been and offered up her ass to me. It was gorgeous. Full and round, her fleshy orbs quivered with the spasms of her last orgasm. I didn't have to be invited twice. I brought the head of my rampant cock to her tiny tight pink orifice, and pushed it in. She grunted, but did not pull away.

I stopped and rested until I felt her begin to push back on the rest of my shaft. I slowly eased forward. She expelled her breath in a great big whoosh and began to immediately lunge back and forth on my cock.

Her head was whipping her long blonde hair into a tangled frenzy. Her boobs were jiggling like mounds of firm Jell-O. She fucked herself for a while and then froze. The whole forest got strangely quiet. Then I heard a sound like I had never heard before.

It started out as a high angel smalls sucking on jewels jade milf tits whine that slowly dropped in pitch like the sound that the WWII bombs made when they fell from the airplanes in the old movies. As the sound came into normal range, it changed to a Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop sound, each whoop rising in pitch at the end like the song of the whooping crane.

The whooping finally faded and I realized that the sounds were coming from Diane. And that she had just about squeezed my prick off with that climax. "Again, Chris. Do it again! That was great!" The second time came sooner, but the noise she made was the same.

After this one she pulled off my prick. "We'd better get back, Chris. It's getting late." She was energized from her orgasms and looked as fresh as when we had started out. I looked at my watch. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon. We still had about three hours to get back. We loaded the canoe and pushed it into the water. I started to get in the back as before, but Diane had other ideas. She directed me to lay down on my back the floor of the canoe with my legs up and over the sides.

She got in and straddled my cock, letting it slide up into her cunt. She shoved off and began to paddle towards the camp. With each stroke, she shifted the paddle from one side to the other. As she shifted, she would lift up on my cock and then plunge back down.

After a while she looked down at me. "Well, don't just lay there, grab onto my tits!" Of course, I complied. She paddled a bit longer and then sang her climax song again. The canoe coasted for a while. She panted, trying to catch her breath. I could feel the tension leaving her body as she became more and more relaxed after each cum. And she got more energy. She lifted up and let my cock slip out of her, and I thought that was the end of it.

But she reached down whores cum from stunning fuck lesbian dildo held me upright and then settled back down, this time letting me slide up her shit chute.

She turned and paddled away from the camp this time, like a sail boat would tack into the wind to make head way. She paddled and fucked herself until she sang her song again, and then she shifted me back into her cunt and paddled back towards camp. Back and forth we tacked all afternoon, the cries of the falling bombs and whooping cranes resounding up and down the hidden valley throughout the journey home.

For my part, I held on to those smooth orbs as long as I could, but eventually gravity, the gentle rocking of the boat as it meandered back to camp, and the lack of sleep got the best of me. I must have passed out and gone to sleep. Not the worst way to go, if I do say so myself. The bumping of the canoe against the dock roused me slightly from my sleep and I looked up into the concerned faces of the staff leaning over looking down into the canoe at me.

In my best Ricci Ricardo impression I looked up at Janet and said' "Oh Lucy, I'm hooome." And immediately went back to sleep. Mission accomplished.