Young swingers having foursome with doggie style and chicks on top

Young swingers having foursome with doggie style and chicks on top
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Part III From Parts I - II: I returned from Afghanistan, having been shot in the shoulder and having two surgeries to repair it. I got out of the Army to help my mother who had bladder cancer and ran into the high school girl on whom I had had a crush.

I found out she was a single mother of a young daughter and tried to ask her out, only to have her accuse me of treating her like someone who I thought couldn't take care of herself and needed to be saved. She realized her mistake and we dated once then I was invited to her house, where I ran into her ex, who had drugged her and then knocked me out. After the incident, Lily says she won't see me anymore, but then, one night she arrived, drunk, and fucks me.

When she wakes, she says it was a mistake and goes back to not seeing me anymore. Chapter 10. Ahhhh, Cindy! Over the next few weeks I never saw Lily.

She was either not in the café or avoiding me. I looked for her everywhere, but never saw her once. I called her home and cell, but she wouldn't answer or talk to me. During this period, my mother asked me what I was going to do about her and I could only shrug. I had no idea what to do. I was not in love with her, but there was a strong attraction there that I wanted to know more about. But if she didn't want to see me, I could only try for so long. It was time to consider other things in my life.

My FOID (Firearms Owners ID Card) had finally been approved and I purchased a SigSauer P226 9mm handgun. It's a nice model and I was able to affect the purchase and get the handgun in a reasonable amount of time.

It was used and had only been fired a couple of times, so I got it cheap. I had my eye on the famous Glock, but the SigSauer was too cheap to pass up. I also got one box of hollow point bullets for self protection and a couple sexy bimbos show off their hot bodies big tits boxes of full metal jacketed bullets for going to the range. Most people don't understand that the hollow point bullets are not just for the stopping power, but they also prevent the bullets from traveling too far.

Ravishing hottie is revealing her opened tight crack in close up stretching and pleasuring you happen to be attacked in your house and you fire a weapon, a full metal jacketed bullet, if it misses your intruder, can continue to travel through the walls and out of the house to other houses and locations. A hollow point, by the way it mushrooms when it strikes, will not travel much beyond the immediate area of the room where it's fired.

10 November 2009 One day I was in the café again. I was undergoing physical therapy for my shoulder and stopped to get something to eat. Lily was nowhere to be found, but I once again got Cindy as my waitress. She handed me the menu. "So what can I get you today?" "Is she here?" She looked at me sadly.

"Yes, but she won't see you." I looked closely at Cindy. She was a cute little strawberry blonde woman, probably only about 5'2", 105 pounds, with her hair in a ponytail for work. I liked her and, coupled with Lily's ignoring me, she suddenly seemed like an option. "Can I ask you a personal question?" She looked at me carefully. "Depends." "Will you go soft pussy stimulation for insolent girl miu watanabe with me?" Her eyes narrowed and she studied me, cocking her hips and putting a hand on one of them.

"Why?" "Do I have to have a reason to ask a good-looking young lady out?" "No, you don't. But I have to have a good reason to go out with someone that my boss seems to have a problem with." "If she has a problem with me, why won't she see me or talk to me?

Why does she ignore me? She won't even speak to me even though I thought we were friends." "Jon, I like you. But I can't get in the middle of something that could get me fired." "Then we'll do it where she won't see us. She can stop living her life, but I'm not going to stop living mine. I plan to continue to date and meet other people.

Why can't you be one of them?" She looked at me closely and then glanced over her shoulder. "Okay, look. I'll give you my cell number, but you have to promise she will never find out. I don't want to take a chance on losing this job right now. Okay?" I agreed and she took my order.

When she brought my order out she left a small piece of paper next to my plate with her cell phone number on it. I pocketed it and ate. I only waited until that night to phone Cindy and ask her out. She agreed to go out with me on Saturday night. 14 November 2009 On Saturday, I went to the address that Cindy had given me and found that it was a small set of apartments in the next small town over from mine.

It was a complex of only about 20 apartments, wrapped around a small parking area. All the apartments were arranged so that they had doors on the inside and went through to the outside.

The ones on one side were single-floor apartments and the ones on Cindy's side were two-story townhouse style apartments. I walked up to Cindy's apartment and knocked. She answered the door immediately and I was greeted by a beautiful sight. "Hey, Jon, come on in for a second." I walked into her apartment and looked around. It was nicely appointed, clean, and rather large. I then took in the sight of Cindy. She looked fantastic. I had told her we were going to a nice dinner and drinks at an upscale place in St.

Louis and she was prepared. She was dressed in a very nice deep purple dress that had a single shoulder strap on the left, leaving the right shoulder bare. The bodice hugged her form and revealed to me that her true shape was not very well seen in her work attire. It showed me that she had a very small waist and perfect small breasts.

The hips were nice and curvy and her ass was delectable. The dress came down to just above her knees and her heels, which must have been approaching four inches, accentuated those nice legs and butt. I guess she saw me looking her over. "Well, is this appropriate for where we are going?" "Perfect." I smiled at her. "Does it look okay?" I couldn't tell if she was fishing for a compliment or not, but I gave her one.

"You look delicious." Her eyes sparkled at that and she smiled. "Thanks. I've never been to this place before, so I wanted to look good." I grinned.

"Cindy, you look amazing. You are way past good." She giggled. "Thanks. Do we have to leave now or do you want a drink first?" "We have a few minutes. If you have any diet soda, I'll take one of those? I don't want any alcohol since we'll be drinking at dinner and it's a long drive there and back." "Sure. Diet Pepsi okay?" "Perfect. That's my drink." She walked over to the small kitchen. "If you want to wait a couple of minutes, my roommate will be down." She lowered her voice and smiled.

"She wanted to meet you." "That's fine. We should have plenty of time to get there." She finished making my soda and poured herself a glass of wine. "Cindy, what's your last name?" "Tomlinson." "Can I ask you young hottie with huge boobs gangbanged by many cocks personal question?" She looked up at me.

"Sure." "How old are you anyway?

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I have no idea." She smiled at me. "I'm 23. Just turned 23 last month. Why?" "No real reason other than wanting to know more about you. Did you go to college?" "I went to Southwestern Illinois College for two years and then dropped out. There didn't seem to be any point in finishing my degree in psychology.

I knew of several people with that degree that had trouble finding work so I wanted to take some time to determine what marketable field I wanted to be in. I didn't see any jobs coming my way in psychology since I'm not smart enough to be a doctor. I can't see myself working in an office every day, but my feet and back won't hold up long if I don't find something other than waitressing." Then she looked up at me.

"So what are your plans for the future?" "Not sure. I can't stay with my mother forever. She's getting better and I need to get a job. I have some more physical therapy to go through for my shoulder, but I need to consider working or going back to school." "In this area?" "Not sure yet. I think so. I want to be near my mother for a while to make sure she gets better, but once I get a job, moving would be no big deal for me." "That's cool." I heard her roommate come in behind me.

She spoke before I could turn. "Hello, Jon." I turned quickly. I knew that voice. I turned to meet her eyes and she was smiling a familiar smile.

It was Rhonda Mortensen. Shit! I had dated her and even had sex with her when I was a senior and she was a sophomore in high school. "Rhonda!" I said it as a surprise and she laughed. I glanced over at Cindy and she was obviously perplexed.

Rhonda had come over to me by elsa jean eva lovia sweet nothings with elsa jean time and given me a big hug.

Cindy finally spoke when we separated. "You two know each other?" Rhonda grinned, nodded, and turned to Cindy. "Remember when we discussed our first time and Lesbian lookers stretch their deep assholes and plow huge sex toys told you about my boyfriend when I was a sophomore?" She turned and with a flourish held her hand out indicating me. Cindy's eyes went wide and then she grinned and finally laughed. "Wait, you mean that this is the guy who wouldn't have sex with you at first because he was leaving town and didn't want to hurt you?" The way she said it made it obvious that they had talked about the entire thing.

"Yep. This is him." Cindy grinned wickedly. "I like him even more now." I looked back and forth between the two women as I took in what they just said and I know I had to be three shades redder than normal. I could feel the heat in my face. "I can't believe you told her about us, Rhonda." She patted me on the arm and Cindy came over to me as well.

"Jon, I didn't really tell her about teanna kai aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures. Cindy and I just told each other about our first sexual encounters and I told her about mine without giving a name.

It was several months ago when we first became roommates and I had no idea you were going to turn up as her date one night." Cindy put her arm around my waist.

"It was an endearing story, Jon. You should feel good to hear how she talks about you. I know a lot of women that are not so pleased with the way they lost their virginity or to whom." I shook my head. "God! I still can't believe you know all about that." Rhonda leaned up and kissed me on the cheek.

"You were sweet, Jon. I'm very glad that for my first time I had you." I know I was blushing now. It seemed to me that women were much more open about discussing their sexual adventures. The guys I knew just wanted to let other guys know that there had been a conquest, but no details.

"Okay, okay, can we please stop talking about it? I think it's time for us to leave, Cindy." They both smiled that smile that women get when they are being condescending and letting you have your way. "Sure thing. I'll just get my purse." Rhonda leaned over toward me. "If this doesn't work out, just give me a call." My eyes went wide, but before I could say anything, Cindy was back.

"Okay, I'm ready." We headed out toward the car and got in. As I drove to St. Louis, there was a lull in talking with Cindy where I remembered that time with Rhonda. I was a senior, just ready to graduate. She was a sophomore who was very cute and, since we grew up in the same block and had known each other since grade school, I asked her out. She and I hit it off and dated for three months. Near my graduation, she told me one night in the car that she had decided that she wanted to have sex to find out what it was all about and wanted it to be with me.

I was shocked. None of my other girlfriends had ever talked so frankly about sex. I had only had sex with two other girls and both of those were fumbling disasters because we were rushed into it in the back seat of a car.

Rhonda and I had both made out heavily, including getting each other off with our hands while still dressed, but we had never gotten naked or discussed 'doing it'. Suddenly, to Rhonda, it was the most normal thing in the world to decide to give up her virginity. I was a little shocked and at first said that I was leaving for West Point at the end of June and didn't want to hurt her.

She looked directly at me and said that it would only hurt a little and then she would be free to enjoy it more. She said she was on the pill and wanted to have sex. I put it off, saying that I didn't want to do it in the car because of how uncomfortable it was. I was really hoping she would change her mind. I liked her and wanted to have sex, but I felt that she was so young that it might be a mistake with me leaving shortly.

She continued to press the issue the next couple of days and then asked me to come over one Saturday. We normally hung out at each other's house on Saturdays, but what I didn't know is that her entire family was going to be away that day. She had told her parents that she was going to be at her friend Jennifer's house, so she stayed behind. When I got there, she opened the door and was standing there in just her panties. She had decided it was to be right then.

She ushered me in, my mouth hanging open. She smiled and said it was time. She led me to her bedroom where she had laid a couple of towels out and we had sex. It was wonderful and she had somehow already broken her hymen, so it was easy for both of us.

We then had sex every two or three days before I left. It felt badly for her when I had to leave, but she said that she knew it was going to happen and she liked me, but was happy to know what sex was all about. She had no regrets, but I still felt bad about it and had poured my heart out to her in a letter.

She wrote back and told me it was no problem and that she would always think of me fondly. Cindy broke me from my reverie. "So, are you remembering what happened with Rhonda?" I glanced over at her. "How did you know that?" "You seemed a little lost in thought and after what just happened in our apartment I figured you might be thinking about what happened back when you two were together, not listening to the radio." "I had known her since we were kids, so it felt a little odd at first.


And yeah, I was sad that I had to leave her." She patted me on the arm. "Don't be. She talks about you in the most wonderful way. She said that she learned that sex can be a wonderful, enjoyable thing, not to be hidden and locked away. And I have to say after meeting you, that I can see how it would be you. You are still a nice guy." "Ugh! Don't say nice guy." "Well, you are.

And believe it or not, we women want a nice guy. Sure, we're attracted to bad boys, but in the long run we all want a nice guy." I thought for a moment. "You don't know that I'm that nice anymore." I paused and she was smiling at me.

"So Rhonda told you all about it, huh?" "Yeah. She said that you were trying to be this understanding grown-up guy who was watching out for her until she attacked you one day at her house." "She told you everything, didn't she?" "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone else." "Gee, thanks." We were quiet for that last five minutes and then arrived at the restaurant and had dinner. I had only had the one date with Lily in the last year, so I really enjoyed spending time with Cindy.

She was so easy to talk to. After dinner, she said she didn't really want to go anywhere else so we headed back to her place. When we got there she asked me in. "How about a beer now?" "Sure." It was only a short drive home now. She went into the kitchen and came back with two beers. She handed me both of them. "Here, put mine on the table. I have got to get out of these pantyhose." She disappeared and I took a long drink of my beer.

After a couple of minutes I heard her coming up behind me. "Rhonda is out for the night, so&hellip." I turned to look as she walked back into the room and she was in just her panties.

"Interested?" I stared at her beautiful, tiny body. She was small with just the right curves and her nipples were already at attention.

"Oh, yes." "Recognize the seduction move?" "Oh, yes. Just like Rhonda did to me." She held out her hand. "That's right. Now come with me stud." I stood and she led me into her bedroom. She turned and kissed me hard, her tongue searching out mine.

I put my hands on her ass and felt her beautiful bubble butt. She purred as I fondled it. She then broke off the kiss. "You have too many clothes on." Cindy helped me bright big tits student lena paul oral and fucking in class pornstars hardcore and then pushed me back on the bed.

"Yum! You have a perfectly sized and curved dick." I looked down at it. "Curved?" She was now kneeling between my legs and was getting ready to go down on me. She looked up. "Yes, it has this perfect upward curve when it's hard and it's definitely hard." She emphasized that by pulling it down and releasing it, letting it slap up against my stomach. "I bet that curve is going to hit my g-spot just right." I stared at her as she smiled at me when she did that and I was suddenly happen with my upwardly curved appendage.

And then she lowered her head to suck me. Fuck! That felt fantastic! I was having sex for the second time in a few weeks after a 15 month break, so I really had full sex stories xxxx dp story 1080 odia sex stories recent comparison for it, but a woman sucking your cock is a woman sucking your cock.

It reminded me of the old joke my buddy in the Army used to tell. "What's the difference between these three horny pretty hot lovely girls hardcore and reality good blow job and a bad blow job?

There are no bad blowjobs, some are just better than others." She looked up at me and I stared into her blue eyes. She smiled around my cock as she continued to lick and suck on it. I groaned out loud and she lifted her head. "I think somebody likes having their cock sucked." She said it with the emphasis on the last two words, trying to sound like she was talking dirty.

Then she continued as she stared at my dick. "Of course, sex toy and hard pounder for a pretty bitch man loves to have his cock sucked. But I'm going to give you a cock-sucking like you've never had." And she attacked my dick again. I leaned back and let her just play.

She took her mouth off and licked all around the back and over my balls. Then she licked up to the head and teased around the crown of my circumcised dickhead. She put her lips around the head and slowly lowered her head, burying me in her mouth. It felt amazing. She was not just blowing me; she was making love to my cock. She lifted her mouth off it and rubbed it around her face, staring at me as I lifted my head to watch.

She grinned. "Do you like my cock-sucking skills?" "Oh, yes." "Do you want to cum in my mouth, Jon?" "Fuck yes." "Good.

I'm going to suck on this big dick and I want you to fuck my mouth. I want you to fuck my mouth and fill it with your spunk. I'm going to swallow all your cum and then suck you hard again so that you can penetrate my cunt with your hard dick." I groaned.

She obviously enjoyed talking dirty and telling me what she was going to do. She went back to work on my dick and I was really into it. I started thrusting, knowing that this was it. I was going to spurt into this cute little blonde's hot little mouth. And she was sucking and bobbing and stroking me for all she was worth. Finally, I announced it. "Fuck, I'm cumming!" She pulled her mouth up to just cover my shilpa shetty yoga sexy seen, continued to stroke me with her right hand, and kept running her tongue on the sensitive spot just under the head.

I blasted her. I came and came and came. I couldn't stop thrusting into that hot fucking mouth! After what seemed like an eternity, I was spent and collapsed back on the bed. I watched as Cindy smiled at me and then finished cleaning up my dick. She smacked her lips. "Yum! I just love a large load of cum." I stared at her. "Really?" "Oh, yeah. I love the feel of a hard dick throbbing and spurting into my mouth." "You're not kidding?

I've only been with women who gave blow jobs and swallowed because they thought it was expected of them." She crawled up next to me and cuddled to my chest. "Not me. I love everything there is about sucking cock. I love knowing that I can get a guy that excited, that I can make them cum almost whenever I want by doing it. I love holding that piece of muscle in my hand, controlling it, owning it, feeling it grow until it spurts, and then shrivel as the blood leaves it.

It's just so cool." I was shocked. I had never met a woman like this. "Well, you certainly can give a blowjob. You were making love to my cock. You are one of a kind in my book." She rose up and looked at me. She grinned. "Yeah? Well, you remember that, stud." I chuckled. "Somehow I think you won't let me forget at least I hope you remind me often." She grinned and started playing with my genitalia. "Don't worry, I will. Now I'm gonna get you wound up again so you can take care of my itch." She moved down and started sucking and licking on my balls and dick, waking it up for another round.

I pushed her away and crawled off the bed. She stared, waiting to see what I was planning. I couldn't support myself with my bad shoulder, but I figured kneeling on the floor would be easy and let me get to her pussy. I knelt and pulled her around so that her crotch was facing me. I pulled her toward me and she got the idea and helped. She let me pull her so that her legs were dangling over the side on either side of my head. "Mmmm. I like this idea, stud; someone who can return my oral favors.

Do you like the taste of blonde pussy?" "I love the taste of pussy; the color of the rug doesn't matter." She giggled and laid her head back as I went to work. "Mmmm, Jon. Eat my pretty little blonde pussy, suck up my juices and lick my clit. I want to cum!" Fuck!

This woman had quite the dirty mouth on her during sex. I leaned in to study the features of this small woman's pussy. She had just the hint of blonde hair over the top of her pussy and the rest was free of all hair, either shaved or waxed.

It had nice full outer lips that were swollen with blood due to her arousal, and bright pink inner lips that opened to show her very wet and pink cunt.

It was beautiful and from the moment I took my first taste, I loved hers. I settled in by kissing her right on her pussy and then all around it.

I pushed her legs up and she reached down to hold them up and apart for me. There was no hesitation or sense of unease at spreading herself wide open for me. I parted her outer lips and kissed her inner ones, running my tongue all around inside.

I pulled back and ran my tongue down over her asshole. She twitched and moaned in appreciation. I slowly drug my tongue back up over her pussy to her now revealed pearl.

Her clit was aroused and demanding attention. I gave it some and after only a minute of sucking and licking on it Cindy reached her orgasm. "Oh, fuck, right there!" She moaned her desires out loud and started going through the spasms of her first orgasm. I released her clit and just kissed her pussy. She was holding her legs up tightly to her chest as I finished her off and I could see her jerk each time I lightly brushed her clit.

Finally, she relaxed and let her legs slip down to either side of me. I lifted my head up and she suddenly sat up and grabbed my head. She kissed me hard, her tongue working me over, and then licked around my mouth. She pulled back and looked into my eyes. "Baby, you eat pussy pretty good. I think I might have to keep you around for a while." She grinned. "And I love the taste of me on your mouth. God, that's so fucking hot!" She then lay back down and pulled her legs back, baring her delectable treasure to me.

"Are you hard enough to give me the fucking I need?" I smiled and stood up.

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I was hard as could be and pointing straight at her pussy. I started to bury my dick in her, sultry blonde babe natalia starr butt plugged and analyzed she blocked her pussy with her hand.

She leaned to the right and reached over to the bedside table to pull out a condom. She opened it and slid it quickly over my erection. Then Cindy turned over and scooted to the edge of the bed so that I could fuck her standing up. She was on her knees, chest on the bed, her ass up against my cock, rotating her hips. "Oh, yeah. Fuck me hard, Jon. Show me what that hard cock can do." I pulled back so that my dick came out from where it was laying between her butt cheeks and aimed it at her cunt.

Her dirty talk was making me want to pound her. I lined it up and slowly eased it in. She was soaking after her orgasm and I slid in easy. I only had to pump a couple of times to get enough moisture on my condom encased dick to bury it completely in her. When my hips hit her ass she groaned. "Fuck, yes, Jon, amateur brunette babe boned by pawn guy at the pawnshop reality and blowjob feels great.

Now pound me. Fuck me. Make me your bitch." I was amazed at what was coming out of this cute little pixie of a woman. I thought I was getting the shy girl next door and instead I got a horny, blonde, dirty-talking, sex goddess. So I did as she asked. Using my right hand, I steadied myself on her hip and started slowly fucking her, accentuating the thrusts by ensuring that I buried it hard and slapped up against her ass. She loved it. "Yeah, Jon, that's it. Now make it fast!" I obliged and started fucking her hard and fast.

She started groaning and emitting 'fuck yeah' every time I bottomed out. I watched as she arched her back, shoved her hips back, and made sure that I could really bury it and make good contact. I slammed and slammed into her and she moaned and groaned and had at least two orgasms before I reached mine. I finally reached my peak and just buried my dick into her as I spurted over and over. She was still rotating her hips a little, stimulating that sensitive spot on my dick so that I couldn't stop jerking.

Finally, I had to pull out of her. I pulled back and saw her gaping hole, my condom filled with spunk. Her cunt closed quickly and I had to peel off the condom, toss it in the trash, and then sit down on the bed exhausted. When I finally sat down she collapsed over onto her side and looked up with a smile.

"Nice job, Jon. I haven't been fucked that good in a while." I stared down at this surprising woman. "Thanks." I took a deep breath.

"I think you stole all my energy, you little minx." She grinned. "I guess that's something guys don't guess about me unless they see me in curvaceous stepdaughters want to get creampied by their horny fathers. I love sex and I love talking during sex and I love sex games." She reached over and lightly caressed my now limp and sated member.

"I'm glad I decided to have sex with you. I really needed it." "Me, too." She sat up and ran to the bathroom. When she came back she lay down next to me. I had fallen back on the bed with my legs still over the side.

"It looked like you were going to fuck me bareback without thinking about it. I just want you to know that I don't do that with anyone.

If you want, we can get tested just to make sure and then if it comes up, I might give you a break." She grinned at that. "Yeah, sorry about that. I've only had sex twice in the last 16 months, so I'm a little out of practice." "You mean the other night with Lily was the first time since you were deployed to Afghanistan?" "Yep. And you're the second." She grinned.

"Well, you may not remember condoms, but you definitely remember how to fuck. I'll be thinking about this all week." I smiled and looked at the clock. "I guess I should get dressed and go now." She put her arm over my chest. "Not unless you want to.

You can stay here tonight. Maybe we'll be able to get one more round in tomorrow morning." I looked over at her. She was so open about everything it was almost scary. "What about Rhonda?" "What about her? You think we haven't had men stay overnight since we've been roommates?" "Yeah, but I know her." "Don't worry about her.

She would probably love it if I let her jump your bones again. I really meant it when I said she still had very fond memories of your time together and introduction to sex." "Really?" "Oh, yeah." She was lightly stroking my chest. "Will you stay if I beg?" I laughed. "You don't have to beg. I'll stay. I would love to snuggle and sleep next to you, you little sex bomb you." She grinned. "No problem with the fact that you still have a thing for Lily?" I looked at her closely.

"I don't know if I do or not, but she certainly made it plain that I wasn't welcome and that she didn't want anything to do with me. I've pushed a couple of times, but I can't moon over her forever. I've got to move on with my life if she's going to be that way." She looked at me very intensely for a moment.

"Okay, good. You are mine tonight, baby." We both got ready for bed and crawled in. I never heard anything from Rhonda before I was fast asleep. Chapter 11. Domestic Cindy. 15 November 2009 I woke the next morning when Cindy got up to go to the bathroom. I lay there and thought about what had happened. Was this where I really wanted to go with my life? Did I want to do this or should I go back and make a solid pitch for Lily?

I knew that I was feeling more than just a normal attraction to Lily, but she was making it clear that she didn't want anything to do with me. Did she want me to wear her down? And what about Cindy? She was a sexual dynamo. Was she just a fuck? I liked her, but I didn't get those tingly feelings I got from Lily. Would she be okay as just a friend with benefits? She seemed to be, but things always looked a little different in the light of day. After a few minutes, I realized that Cindy never came back to bed.

She must have gone out the other side of the bathroom and downstairs. I decided to get up. I got dressed and walked downstairs, ready to head home and get cleaned up.

Cindy was making some scrambled eggs and Rhonda was buttering toast. They looked up as I came in. Cindy rushed over and kissed me hard. "Morning, lover. Did you sleep well?

Want some breakfast?" I looked over at Rhonda and she was grinning. "Uh, yeah. I slept very well. And yes, breakfast would be great." I walked over to their small kitchen table. Rhonda came over and put some toast on the table. "Hey, Jon." I looked up at her sheepishly.

"Good morning." She grinned. "I hear you and Cindy had fun last night." I looked up at her. "Do you guys talk about everything?" They looked at each other and smiled. Cindy spoke. "Sorry, Jon, but yes, we do. Does that embarrass you? I looked back and forth between them. "Well, a little." Rhonda laughed. "Look at you. Are you going to blush over this? I don't know why. You've already slept with both of us." Cindy giggled as I shook my head. "You guys are crazy." Cindy finished putting a large plate of scrambled eggs on the table.

"No, not crazy. We're just honest and open with each other." "Okay." I tried to not look at them as I spooned some eggs onto my plate.

Rhonda changed the subject to the restaurant we went to last night and then we talked about everything else. When we were finished eating, Cindy walked me to the door. She kissed me. "So Jon, will I see you again?" I looked down at her.

"Absolutely." "Look, there's no pressure. It was just two people hooking up and enjoying sex. You don't owe me anything and I don't owe you anything. I just want to know if you want to see me again." I thought about what she said and looked down at this little sexual dynamo. "I definitely want to see you again," I leaned over and whispered into her ear "with your lips wrapped around my dick." She giggled.

"Deal." I left their apartment feeling wonderful. But on the drive home I revisited my feelings about her and about Lily. There was still something drawing me toward Lily even while I loved the feeling and idea of having sex with Cindy again. It seemed like Cindy was just a happy-go-lucky woman who enjoyed sex and didn't mind hooking up with someone from time to time.

But was that totally correct? And could I keep my feelings for Lily from interfering with my physical relationship with Cindy? Or could I maintain a purely physical relationship with Cindy? I was never the type who could do that.

I was a one-woman-at-a-time kind of guy, who usually committed myself to my relationships, few that there had been. It was going to be difficult and I didn't even know if I could do that.

When I got home, my mother was in the kitchen reading the paper. "So, didn't come home last night, I see." I didn't want to divulge too much. "Nope, it was too late to come home." "Mmm-hmmm." She grinned at me without looking up. "Okay, I spent the night with the woman I went out with last night." She looked up and put her hand over her heart as she mocked me.

"Oh, my God! You spent the night with a young lady? And had sex? I'm shocked." I smiled. "Yeah, yeah. Real funny." I went to the big monster fuck teen my very first creampie to get a diet Pepsi. She looked at me over her reading glasses. "Well, I'm glad you told me before you left that you might not be back so I didn't have to worry." "No problem.

How was your night?" "Oh, pretty normal; went to dinner, danced with some strange men, and then I brought them back here for sex." She grinned and I knew that she was kidding. I stared at her. "You're hilarious, Mom." I took my diet Pepsi back to my room and got cleaned up for the day. 16 November 2009 When I woke the next morning I felt worse than the day before about how my feelings for Lily seemed to be stronger than those for Cindy, and yet I was going to be going out and hooking up with Cindy and not Lily.

Something seemed so wrong about this. I thought maybe I would feel better about it after sleeping on it, but the opposite was hot babes sydney cole and aidra fox in a hot threesome sex large ladies and pornstars. I didn't know what to do about it. I called Cindy at about noon and she was already at work. She was on break when I called so I could talk to her for a minute about it.

"Cindy, I need to talk to you about the other night." There was a momentary silence. "I guess it's not to complement me on my oral skills." I had to chuckle at that. "Well, they were the best I had ever encountered. Your other skills are exemplary, as well." She laughed. "Yeah, yeah, spit it out lover. You're having second thoughts because of Lily, right?" "Well&hellip." I let it trail off.

She knew immediately. "I know. Me, too. But I have to tell you that the sex was some of the best I've had and I'm not letting you go very easily. Even if I have to kidnap you." "Cindy, can we get together to talk about this seriously?" "Yeah, okay. How about tomorrow night at my apartment?

I'll be off. I know I shouldn't make light of this, but if she doesn't want you, then baby I got first dibs." "Agreed, my excellent little cocksucker." "Shit, don't say that.

You know I like dirty talk and you're going to make my panties wet. Then how will I get any work done around here?" I grinned and apologized sarcastically. "Sorry, baby.

See you tomorrow." I hung up and turned around and saw my mother standing there. I could tell by the way she looked away that she had heard the cocksucker remark. I blushed when she looked back up at me. "Better be more discreet with your conversations, Jon." She grinned when she said it and walked away shaking her head. Damn! That was not something I wanted my mother to hear.

17 November 2009 The next night I arrived at Cindy's at about 6pm. I rang the bell and Rhonda answered. "Hello, Jon." She smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek. It still felt a little weird being in the presence of two women that I had slept with. "Dinner's almost ready." "Dinner? There was no need for you to cook dinner." Rhonda laughed, shook her head, and lowered her voice. "It wasn't me. Cindy is going all out over you, stud." I chuckled.

"Stop calling me that." "Why?" She had an evil gleam in her eye. "Because it sounds terrible to me. It sounds like all I'm here to do is service someone." She looked at me and thought hard for a moment. Then as she walked toward the kitchen with me following she tossed this over her shoulder. "And would that be wrong?" I slapped her on the ass hard.

"Smartass!" She jumped and yelped. Cindy heard all of that and stuck her head around the corner. "Who's a smartass?" Rhonda just grinned and I pointed to her from behind so that just Cindy could see. Cindy giggled and Rhonda turned to see me pointing. I kept it up. "Hey!" She tried to slap me but I avoided it and protected myself from any further onslaught. Rhonda just laughed. "Well, I've got a date in an hour, so I'm going upstairs. You kids be good." She winked at Cindy and Cindy stuck her tongue out at Rhonda.

I walked over to Cindy. "Hey, gorgeous." I gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She smiled. "Mmmm. I like your welcomes." She went back to the stove. "Broccoli will be ready in a minute. Why don't you get out the wine on the inside door of the fridge and fill the glasses on the table." I went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of white wine that she had there and moved back to the table.

It had been set very nicely. She had definitely gone all out. I poured a couple of glasses of wine and took hers to her. "What are we having?" "Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. You like?" "Yum!" It sounded and smelled wonderful.


"My favorites." Then I moved up next to Cindy and ran my hand over her tight hot big tits professor alessandra fucked by her student bubble butt. "Among other things." Cindy laughed and wiggled her ass. "Mmmm. That kind of talk will get you everywhere with me." "All the way over here I thought we were going to have tube steak and fuzzy taco." Cindy groaned.

"Ugh! Those terms are so passé." Then she turned to me and grinned. "But I heard they do make an excellent dessert!" I grinned back and she shooed me out of the way as she started moving everything to the table. She pulled the chicken and potatoes, which had been done before the broccoli, out of the oven in covered dishes and put them on the table.

Then she drained and served up the broccoli. I sat down and she finished putting everything on the table and joined me. "Everything looks wonderful." It did and I told her so as I was spooning the potatoes onto my plate. "Thank you, kind sir." "Of course, if anything doesn't meet my approval, I'll take it out on you later." Cindy grinned. "Oh, yeah? I think I'm going to have to keep my eye on you." I laughed and we ate and discussed the local sports teams while we ate.

Once dinner was finished, we cleared away the dishes and put the leftovers away. As soon as that was done, Cindy took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. "C'mon, baby, I need sex." Naturally, I didn't disagree with her or try to stop her.

She was a woman on a mission and both my heads agreed with her. She led me into the bedroom, stripped, stripped me, and then pulled me into bed. She looked at me and grinned. "Jon, do you think you could do me a favor and eat my pussy again?" How could I refuse this delectable creature? I kissed her on the lips and grinned. "No problem, my little sex fiend." She giggled.

"Don't worry, you're going to get yours, too." Having said that she turned and faced the foot of the bed and straddled my face. She looked down at me and grinned. "Still my favorite number." I knew that she meant 69 and she lowered her pussy onto my face as she leaned forward and started licking my dick. She was definitely a sex-loving woman and after my long time off I was enjoying having regular sex again. I ate her with gusto and she sucked me like she hadn't had cock in a year. We brought each other to an orgasm and then basked in the afterglow of being sated with food and sex.

"Mmmm. I think I could get used to this." Cindy turned to me and looked at me as she said that.

Mmv films busty blonde mature enjoys a good fuck

I teased her a little. "Not me, I hate it when a woman feeds me and blows me. I hate feeling so relaxed and satisfied." She smiled and put her head on my chest. "Who's the smartass now?" "Rhonda." She started laughing at that. "I can't wait to tell her how her name came up like that." "You guys really tell each other everything?" She raised her head up from my chest. "Well, we don't usually go into minute detail, but we definitely discuss the general… uh… abilities and… uh… well, the satisfaction levels we receive from our lovers." I looked down into her eyes.

"And have you discussed me?" "Oh, yeah. I told her you were a pussy eating expert." I narrowed my eyes and looked at her. "Really?" "Well, not in those words, but I told her that you definitely knew how to have good sex. And Rhonda and I both agree that a man who doesn't eat pussy is not worth having sex with." "Okay.

But I've heard that women usually never say anything bad about a current boyfriend or lover, but once they break up, they dish the dirt. Is that true?" She smiled at me said mockingly. "Who's been giving away our gender secrets?" Then she put her head on my chest.

"That's probably pretty close to the truth. Most of my friends would never say anything bad about their lover while dating or living with someone, but they'll trash them once they leave. And I mean intimate detail trashing. Of course, my married friends dish the dirt on their husbands no matter what." "Really? Ouch. That has to hurt." "Whatever, let's discuss something else… like my next orgasm." She rolled over on top of me, starting kissing me, and fondled my recovering member. He was up for round 2 and we made it a good one.

I didn't leave until 1am and Rhonda was just driving up when I walked out. "Hey, Rhonda." "Well, hello, stud." I rolled my eyes at her comment. "Heading home tonight? Can't take the breakfasts around here?" I chuckled. "No, just need to horny teens beautiful big pussywatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom home to take my mother to the hospital tomorrow morning." "Oh, sorry." "No problem." I left and was thankful that Cindy was in my life.

<i> Part IV From Parts I - III: I returned from Afghanistan, having been shot in the shoulder and having two surgeries to repair it. I got out of the Army to help my mother who had bladder cancer and ran into the high school girl on whom I had had a crush. I found out she was a single mother of a young daughter and tried to ask her out, only to have her accuse me of treating her like someone who I thought couldn't take care of herself and needed to be saved.

She realized her mistake and we dated once then I was invited to her house, where I ran into her ex, who had drugged her and then knocked me out. After the incident, Lily says she won't see me anymore, but then, one night she arrived, drunk, and fucks me. When she wakes, she says it was a mistake and goes back to not seeing me anymore. After a few weeks of being ignored and turned down by Lily, I asked the waitress Cindy out and she proved to be a sexual dynamo. </i> Chapter 12. Playful Cindy.

Over the next few weeks, Cindy and I met regularly. She was a bit wild, but then I needed that. I needed someone to draw me away from Lily. One very tense incident occurred on 14 December when I was in the café after physical therapy and Cindy was working.

I sat in her area and she waited on me. After I finished eating, I guess our flirting and playful banter was noticed by Lily. We had said we would be careful, but we got a little carried away. Lily came over just after Cindy had gone to tushy young rich girl punished and ass gaped on someone else and sat at my table.

Cindy noticed, but stayed away, probably waiting to see what would happen. Lily looked tired and stressed. "Do you hate me?" I was shocked dump this loaded condom down your throat cei masturbation instructions cei jerk off instructions the question.

"What? No, I don't hate you. What would ever make you think that?" She looked over at Cindy. "Why else would you start hooking up with a waitress that works for me and throw it in my face." I sat there trying to process that and then looked down, feeling sheepish. "I'm sorry. That was not my intention. She's just a beautiful woman and I was attracted to her.

It had nothing to do with you and I certainly wasn't trying to throw it into your face. We didn't mean to be obvious. You didn't want anything to do with me, but I certainly don't hate you. Do you hate me?" She stared at me for a few moments and then looked down. "No." She got up and walked away, leaving me feeling like an asshole.

That encounter made me not want to go back there, so Cindy and I limited our being together to places outside of the café. I knew there was still something that drew me to Lily when I saw her, but she was always completely closed off to me and I decided that the best thing was to continue to be with Cindy.

All the great sex was taking my mind off everything else. My mother was doing well and my shoulder was responding well to the physical therapy. The more I took physical therapy the more I knew that part of the recruiting process for them was to ensure that they were masochists.

Lily, however, was still something of a paradox. She was a beautiful woman and the great sex we had that one night had really enthralled me, but ever since she had been cold and unapproachable. She had told me she wanted nothing to do with me. Cindy, meanwhile, was turning out to be amazingly good company, an intelligent woman on many subjects even though she didn't finish her education, and a witty talker who could hold her own.

I felt like we were getting really close. One night as I was leaving and Rhonda was downstairs when I left, she stopped me to talk. "Jon, can you keep a secret." "Sure." "It's about Cindy." I was suddenly uncomfortable. "Uh… sure, I guess." She smiled.

"It's nothing bad, just something I wanted to pass along." "Okay, go ahead." "Cindy is a very sexual woman." I smiled and nodded at that. "She is also still a woman with feelings.

Don't forget that." I frowned and stared at her. "What do you mean by that?" "Okay, I'm going to just come out and say it. Cindy usually has several lovers at a time and makes no bones about it being her prerogative to do so. Since she has started having sex with you she has turned down all her other 'friends-with-benefits' regulars. I think she's getting attached to you. I just wanted you to know. I love her and don't want to see her get hurt." I was a little stunned, but not completely.

I could tell the way Cindy acted around me that she really enjoyed taking care of me and was a little enamored with our relationship. "I don't intend to hurt her in any humiliatedmilfs bi milfs francesca and kylie hunger for each others pussy. I really like Cindy. I can keep a secret and I'll be good to her." She eyed me carefully. "I hope so. See you again soon." "Okay, bye." Now what was I supposed to do about that?

It was 15 December, just before Christmas when I heard from Cindy about a 'special' night that she had in mind. She wanted me to come to her apartment at 8pm that Friday and let myself in. She said the door would be unlocked and I was to come in and sit on the couch.

There would be a note for me there. Cindy and I had had pretty regular sex and I thought this might be a continuation of that, but I wasn't sure what she had in mind. 18 December 2009 I was anxious and horny when I entered her apartment. I went to the couch and there was a written note. It was a scenario. It read: <i> I'm sorry stepfather that you caught me and the next door neighbor playing in my room.

I'm sorry that you caught him sucking and fondling my breasts and with his hand up my skirt. We were not going to do 'it', but sometimes I cannot deny my urges. Please, do not take it out on him. He was just succumbing to my advances. He's too dumb to do otherwise. I know that I am a dirty, nasty girl and that I deserve to be punished. I'm also sorry that I tease you by flaunting my body in my panties and t-shirts in the morning.

I'm just a sinful girl. I'm willing to take whatever punishment you want to give me. I am waiting in my room for you to call me and administer it. Your stepdaughter, Cindy. P.S. Rhonda is out for the night. </i> I put the note down. She told me almost everything I needed to know in this scenario. Once before during sex, she had asked me to slap her on the ass and she seemed to get into that, but this was a much different scenario. I was a little surprised by it, but she was basically telling me what she wanted.

I also noticed the items that she had placed on the coffee table. I stared at what was there. There were five items; a blindfold, pair of handcuffs, a butt plug, some lube, and a small paddle. She had provided everything that she wanted me to have to enact her little fantasy.

She was kinkier than I thought. I was a little shocked, but very interested. I had always been a pretty straight person myself and now was excited by this new turn of events. It was something that I had never experienced and would never have asked for.

I picked up the blindfold and called her name. She walked into the room and was the poster child for a teenager's wet dream. Hell, every straight man's wet dream. She was wearing a sheer blouse that she had tied up under her small breasts and a plaid schoolgirl's skirt, except she had rolled up the waistband until it only came to the bottom of her ass.

"Come stand in front of me." She did. I whispered to her quietly. "What's the safe word." She looked at me and whispered. "I don't know, I didn't think about one." "I can see that you are telling me you trust me, but we have to have one, right?

Isn't that how it's done? How about 'snowstorm'?" "That's fine. I trust you, so I don't think I'll need it." "Yes, but I'm new to this. I would feel better about having one so that I don't go too far." "Okay snowstorm it is." I leaned back and looked up at her, trying to get into character. "What do you have to say about this incident with the boy next door, Cindy?" "I'm s.

s. sorry stepfather. I shouldn't have let Joe touch me… but&hellip." She stopped. I stared at her. She had her eyes downcast and her hands clasped in front of her like she was really ashamed, and she was slightly rocking from foot to foot. She was playing this well. "But what?" "But… but sometimes I cannot stand the ache in my body.

It wants to be touched, in a bad way." I stared at this woman in front of me. There was much I didn't know about her, obviously. I thought I knew her pretty well, but how well do we really know someone's secret desires? "What do you mean 'in a bad way'?" "Sometimes I like to touch my breasts and my, you know, my other thing." "What other thing?

Cindy, if you can't be honest with me, how can I properly discipline you? You must tell me everything." "You know, stepfather, my vagina." She was trying to keep to the ashamed little girl, but a slutty grin passed over her face.

"You mean your pussy?" She looked up at me and answered in a whisper. "Yes, stepfather." She was standing directly in front of me, her small breasts and areola easily visible through the gauzy blouse. Her nipples were hard and pointy. Her legs were visible all the way to just below her pussy because it was so short. After giving her a good looking over I looked up and could see the lust in her eyes.

I stood up and walked behind her. I lifted the blindfold up and showed it to her. "I am going to put this on you for your punishment." "Yes, sir." "You will call me sir or daddy while I am punishing you, understand?" "Yes, sir." I put the blindfold on her and waited for a few seconds.

If she wanted to play, I would at least make her anticipate it and think about it. After a few seconds I went and sat back down. I reached up and fondled her tits. "Did you like it when Joe fondled your tits and played chat with eufrat silvie de lux your nipples?" "Yes, sir." She squirmed as I played with them.

I released the knot of the tied up shirt and let it fall open. I pushed it back over her shoulders and she shrugged it off onto the floor. "You have very pretty tits, Cindy." "Thank you, sir." "Do you like to have them pinched?" I pinched one nipple a little harder and pulled out on it. She had a sharp intake of breath. "Yes, sir, very much." She started squirming more so I leaned forward and sucked on one. "Oh, yes, sir." She moaned and reached for my head.

I slapped her hands away. "Keep your hands down." "I don't think I can, sir." She grinned from beneath her blindfold. I realized that she was hinting at the use of the handcuffs, so I got up and retrieved them. I stood behind her and pulled her arms back and she let me cuff her.

"That should keep you under control, my little minx." She didn't say anything and I sat back down and sucked on one tit and pinched the nipple of the other for the next few minutes. I never pinched hard enough to hurt her since she had never let on that she was into pain. She was moaning and squirming a lot now. I could tell she was getting turned on.

I leaned back. "So what else did you let Joe do? Did you let him play with your pussy?" "No, sir. He only got to rub it over my panties." "Did you like that?" "Yes, sir. It made me get… you know… a little wet." "Are you getting wet now, my slutty little stepdaughter?" "Yes, sir, I think so." "Well, let me just check then." I reached under her skirt and found that she was not wearing panties. I lifted the front of the skirt and saw that she had shaved all her young brunette hussy has her pussy rammed teen cock hair and was definitely wet.

"You are very wet and hot mamma with juicy titties in bedroom romp video have completely shaved off your pubic hair." "Yes, sir." "Only nasty little sluts who crave to have their pussies played with and fucked do that.

Are you ready for your punishment now?" "Yes, sir." "Are you my own personal little slut?" "Yes, sir." "No, I want you to repeat what I say back to me." "Yes, sir, I am your personal little slut." I stood up and led her to the middle of the living room. "You are going to kneel down now." I held her arm as I helped her kneel. "Now bend forward and put your face on the floor." She did so. I flipped her skirt up over her ass and looked at it. It was magnificent. I had an erection that was threatening to burst the zipper on my Dockers so I stripped.

She didn't say anything while I did so even though I know she heard me, so I retrieved the lube, butt plug, and paddle and approached her.

"You have been a very bad, very slutty girl. I'm going to have to teach you a lesson. Do you understand?" "Yes, sir, you are going to teach me a lesson." I ran my hand over her soaking gash and made sure I ran a couple of fingers over her clit. She jerked at the contact and moaned. This was really fun. I had never played this sort of game and had this kind of control over a woman. I was enjoying lightly tormenting her. I wasn't sure about the paddle, but I loved teasing.

I came back up to her ass and played with her asshole. "Please, sir, not there. That's dirty." "You are a very dirty, very slutty, very nasty girl and I am going to teach you what happens to sluts who act like you did and try to seduce a nice young man.

Are you ready for me to put a plug in your ass, you little slut?" "Yes, sir, I am ready for you to put a plug in my ass." I opened the lube and dribbled some on her ass crack just above the hole. I rubbed it all around her little pink star and then into it as I pushed my index finger in.

She wiggled a little and I watched as my erection bobbed right next to her ass. I was almost as turned on as she was. I started slowing fucking her ass with one finger and she moaned and wiggled. I then put just a touch more lube on her asshole and started working a second finger in. She was very tight, but eventually I was in her up to the middle knuckle. I had never done more than play with or lightly lick a woman's ass while having sex and had never penetrated one.

It was an amazingly dirty, taboo, and exciting feeling. I looked at the butt plug she had left out. It was not small, but not humongous. I pulled out my fingers and lubed up the plug. She was still there, slightly wiggling her ass, taking slow measured breaths.

I put the butt plug against her asshole and started fucking her with it, pushing harder each time to get it closer to entering her. She groaned. "It's so big, sir. Please don't put it in my little bottom." I wondered if she had really had anything back there before, but her pleading during this role play led me to believe that either way, she wanted it now.

"This is my ass, slut, and if I take this instrument out, I'm going to put my big, hard cock into this tiny little asshole." "Sorry, sir. I will take whatever you desire." She was playing along well and I was amazed at the freedom she gave me. She was very trusting considering we had been dating for only a little over a month. Finally, the butt plug got past the large part and was seated into her ass. She moaned as her ass closed around it.

She had never mentioned any desire for anal play in our few weeks together, but she seemed to be enjoying it now. "So what does my little slut think about having her ass plugged?" "It makes me feel so full, sir. Will you take it out soon?" "We'll see. We still haven't gotten to your punishment. So far all I've done is shown you what a little tramp you are for sex." I picked up the paddle and looked at it.

It was like a ping pong paddle with extra padding. It was meant more for show than pain, which was good. I was not really into inflicting pain. I brought it down and rubbed it over her ass.

She squirmed, showing her nice little ass with the bottom of the butt plug on display, wiggling in front of me. I suddenly brought the paddle back and then down on her ass. It hit her ass and she jerked and yelped as it hit, but it was an amazing sight. I had never in my life played at spanking or something like this. I couldn't hit her hard because I had no experience with this and was afraid I would really hurt her.

I tried to hit her just enough to make it interesting. "I think I will give you 10 swats." And I started doing so. I took a few seconds between each one and made sure they were not too hard. In any case, by the time I finished, Cindy was moaning and her pussy was starting to actually leak her lubrication out and down her legs.

I stared at it. Wow! This was fucking amazing. After I finished the swats, I ran my hand down into her pussy and it was flooded with her juices. She was seriously aroused. I patted it and leaned over toward her head. "Are you a virgin little girl?" "No, sir." "What?! You've already had sex? What a little slut! Who did you fuck?" "I'm sorry, sir. I have not f… had sex with anyone.

I only meant that I broke my hymen on my mother's toy." "You are a nasty girl, aren't you? You have used your mother's dildo to fuck yourself. You know that your mother is a little bit of a prude in the bedroom? I bought that dildo for her and she won't let me use it on her. I don't know if anyone has used it except for my slutty little stepdaughter, but I'm going to love fucking her slutty little girl.

And you are going to love it when I thrust my big, hard dick into that tiny little cunt you have and fuck you like the slutty little bitch you are." Cindy just moaned. I knew she loved the dirty talk. I shuffled on my knees behind her and lined my dick up with her hole. I started slowly thrusting into her and decided that this was not a good position because of the angle with the butt plug. I pulled out and Cindy groaned in disagreement with that.

I went over to the table and came back with the handcuff keys. I unlocked her hands and removed the cuffs. Beautiful european girl lulu love rammed by rocco siffredi then pulled her up a little and removed her blindfold.

"Come over here my little personal whore. I want you to fuck me on the couch." I walked to the couch and sat down, my dick sticking straight up. Cindy looked at it hungrily and slowly clambered up over me. She put my dick into her cunt and started lowering herself onto it.

I could feel the butt plug, but because she could arch her back differently, I felt like I had more room and was comfortable with fucking her. Cindy looked down at me and continued her role playing. "Oh, shit, fuck me sir. Please fuck your stepdaughter's bald pussy and make her cum. I really need to cum, sir." I reached down and thumbed her clit while she was rocking back and forth and that set her off. She started jerking and jerking and threw her head back.

Her mouth was open and she was breathing heavily as she came and came and came. When she finally relaxed she collapsed onto me, her head buried in my chest. I smiled as I thought of how good she looked when she was wrapped up in her orgasm. Finally, she leaned back and looked at me. I thought we were done with the role-playing, but apparently not. "Are you ready to cum, sir? Do you want your stepdaughter to make you cum, sir?" "Mmmm.

Yes, I do. I want you to get off me and suck me like the brilliant cock-sucker you were born to be. Then you're going to swallow every ounce of my cum and make me happy." Cindy grinned. "Yes, sir." I stared at her. "Repeat it." "Yes, sir, I am going to suck your cock and swallow all your cum to make you happy." She got off me and knelt in front of me. She wasted no time in getting her mouth over my pussy soaked dick. She started licking and sucking. "Do you like the taste of your pussy on my dick?" "Yes, sir.

I love the taste of my pussy on your dick." She pulled back to answer me, but put her mouth immediately back on me. She sucked me some and then pulled back to lick all around my dick and balls, slurping up all the girl cum that she had left all over my crotch.

She cleaned that up the best way that she could and then resumed sucking. She put her mouth over my dick and went at it like a demon, fucking her mouth with my dick by bobbing up and down mercilessly, forcing it into her throat without prompting from me. I was in awe how she attacked my dick.

Finally, I could feel the cum rising and my orgasm closing in. I told her I was going to cum and she brought her mouth to just around the crown and stared at my eyes as I reached nirvana. I spurted and spurted and spurted some more. I filled her mouth and she swallowed every drop as she continued to stare into my eyes. She was wonderful. After I relaxed back against the couch I looked down at her.

"You are a wonderful cocksucker, but I think you need some deep throat training." Cindy smiled up at me evilly. "Yes, sir. You may use my mouth whenever you desire." "That's good, because your mother is terrible at sucking cock." She grinned. "I will try to be the best you've ever had sir." I grinned. "Okay, enough. I want my girlfriend Cindy back." Cindy stood up, naked, dripping from her pussy, and flushed over 90% of her body. "Wow, Jon that was wonderful." "Quite an interesting way of introducing a fantasy." "Yes, it was, but I was hoping you'd be up for it." She climbed up onto my lap sideways, curling up like a cat.

"I was." "You're also the only guy I've ever dated who I trusted with handcuffs." "Thank you." She looked up at me. "No, thank you. I've had this idea in my head for years and just wanted to try it once.

Like I said, I very young sandra romain gets two cocks up her ass trust most guys in that scenario. I always wanted to see what that felt like. I think I liked the light spanking and being controlled for a little while, but it's not something that I want to do often. I'm too much of a wild woman who likes to control sex. What did you think?" I grinned and said jokingly.

"I liked it, but I think I'm more of a straight sex kind of guy. I'm not really a spanking, demanding sort of guy. I like strong woman who I have to wrangle." I gave her an evil grin. "However, you were a very good little slut for me and I think I like that idea." "Oh, you like strong women, huh?

And you liked me being your little slut?" "Of course to both." "Well, we'll see." She stood up and I also got up. I picked her up in my arms and carried her up to her bedroom. My left arm was working well enough that there was very little discomfort from picking up this little pixie of a woman. She giggled the entire time. I put her in bed and climbed in with her.

She smiled and threw her arms around me. "Mmm. My big, strong lover." I kissed her and we both turned to relax and get some sleep. Just as I was dozing off, I heard her whisper to me. "I love you, Jon Kenton." I knew that she thought I was asleep and that I wasn't supposed to hear that, but I did. I tried to determine how I felt about that, and I have to admit that I actually liked the idea of her falling in love with me.

Was I in love with her? When I thought about that, for the first time in a long time I didn't see Lily. But I wasn't sure about Cindy. I really liked her, and having sex with her, and she was really fun, but was that love? Was that going to fulfill me? I drifted off, wondering about all these things.

Chapter 13. Buck… and family. Cindy!! The second week of January 2010 saw Buck in court and we all showed up to provide our testimony. It was a short trial and only took three days. The night before I had to testify I had the dream again. It was getting better each time, but still occurring. 13 January 2010 When it came time for me to testify his lawyer tried a typical ridiculous tactic.

The prosecutor, a guy named James Edelmann who liked to be called 'James', had just had me give my version of what happened and then Buck's lawyer, a sleazy guy named Christopher Reuben who didn't seem very good, questioned me.

He tried to make it look like I just barged in and attacked Buck, but it didn't come off very well. I had already testified and been taken through the attack by the prosecutor, so the defense attorney was just trying to poke holes in my story. He was not able to do so and his case was really nothing. The 911 call recording was pretty damning, too. By the close of business on the 14th Buck had been sentenced to 15 years. Lily was overjoyed, but his brother and father were not.

They were angry, but kept away from us. I still remember what Lily said though, and kept my eye on them. The prosecutor was an assistant in the local county office and afterwards he came to me and told me that his boss wanted to talk to me. I met him just outside the courtroom. "Hello, Jon, my name is Darrin Walker. I'm the DA. Have you got a few minutes?" "Sure." He led me downstairs to the small cafeteria in the courthouse and he got a cup of coffee while I got a Diet Pepsi.

"Jon, I'll get right to the point. My assistant tells me that you have recently left the service and have not looked for work yet. Is that correct?" "That's correct. I have not done anything about that yet. I've been worried about my mother and going to physical therapy for my shoulder." "How is your mother?" "She's doing well.

She has just finished a round of chemo and the doctors say that she should be fine for many years." "That's good. Sorry to hear that she had bladder cancer." I could see that he had checked this because I hadn't said what she was receiving treatment for. "Jon, we are in need of an investigator. We are a small office and have never had one before, but with the explosion of the suburbs this far out from St.

Louis, we have a new position that I am authorized to fill. I saw you in the courtroom and I know of your history. You don't have any criminology background, but I believe we can assist with that. Are you at all interested?" I thought about it for a second. It would keep me here, which was a double-edged sword.

I was not as fond of these small towns as some folks, but my mother needed some attention for a while longer and I needed time for physical therapy. "I'm interested. Can I come by later to talk about this?" "Sure. It was authorized with the new calendar year, but I don't have any other applicants at the moment. It will be available for a little while, but I do have to fill it, so don't wait too long." "Okay, thanks.

I just need to consider what I plan on doing with my future." "I understand." He handed me his card that he retrieved easily from his jacket pocket. "Just call me when you make up your mind one way or the other." "I will. And thanks for considering me." "No problem." He stood and left and I tried to think about where I was trying to take my life.

But I couldn't make up my mind right now. I decided to head home and discuss it with my mother. And, of course, there was Cindy. My relationship with Cindy had been deepening. I was feeling more attached to her and wondered if maybe this was love. 30 January 2010 One Saturday Cindy and I went to a firing range. We took my 9mm and taught her how to assemble, disassemble, clear, load, and fire the weapon. The folks there were very helpful and by the time I was done, Cindy was much more comfortable around it.

I just wanted her to be able to handle it and not be afraid of it. Her father had had weapons when she was young, but she never really learned anything about them. It was for the boys, not the girls to learn about firearms in her family.

I made her fire about 50 rounds by reloading the magazines and learning how to do everything herself. After the range, we were at her place and Rhonda was upstairs getting ready for a date. I had just finished cleaning my weapon and laid it on the counter that they had between the kitchen and the small eating area when I brought up the subject that I had been waiting to discuss with her.

I decided I had to tell her what I heard that night when she said she loved me after we enacted one of her fantasies. I had been thinking about this for a while and was getting a little attached to her myself. I decided that I had to discuss it. "Cindy, I have to tell you something." "Mm-hmm." She sounded a little uninterested. I sat up a little. "Cindy, I really need to talk to you." That got her attention. She immediately sat up and her eyes got big.

"Okay." She looked scared. "Is it about us?" "Yes, it is. I wanted to talk about our relationship and where we're going." She just stared at me. "Okay. I hope nothing's wrong." I could hear the tension in her voice. I knew then that she was definitely getting attached to me.

I didn't want to upset her so I tried to calm her fears. I reached out and took her hand. "No, nothing like that. I think we need to discuss what you said that Friday night before Christmas after our little fantasy romp. I was almost asleep when I heard you say that you love me." She foxy ebony honey has her pussy hammered at me and I could see tears forming in her eyes.

I was a little shocked that this strong, independent, everyone-else-be-damned woman was getting so emotional. "Okay." "Well, is it true?" She looked down at her hands and I saw a tear leak out of her left eye and start to make its way down her cheek. She finally shook herself, wiped her cheek off, and seemed to steel herself for the conversation. When she spoke, her voice was firm and strong; the independent woman was back. "Yes, Jon. It's hard not to love you.

You are a good man, a well-mannered man, and a good, considerate lover. I feel a connection with you I haven't felt before.

I've never felt like I wanted to be with just one person before, but I do with you." I watched her. "I see." "That's all you have to say?" "I'm sorry, of course not. Cindy, I'm not sure I can define love or what it means to me, but I really enjoy being with you. I don't care if we are eating, drinking, having sex, watching TV, or just reading. All of those things are better with you." She smiled and another set of tears brimmed.

She reached out and took my hand. "I can't believe I fell in love with you so fast. I didn't even want to go out with you at first because I thought you were still hooked on Lily. But you are so easy to fall for. I can't believe that the other women you dated didn't try to nab you." "Who said they didn't?" She smiled and wiped her eyes. "Smartass!" I reached out and pulled her to my chest in a big hug. "Cindy, I'm not ready to say that this is permanent because it's been such a little amount of time, but I really like you.

I want to be with you and see what happens. Is that okay for now?" She looked up at me and rose up to give me a quick kiss. "That's just fine, lover. At least I can say it out loud now, right? I love you, Jon Kenton." I smiled. "You are a beautiful woman and I'm surprised that nobody has latched onto you, either." I leaned down and kissed her. We both heard the sniffle from behind us and stopped kissing to turn and find Rhonda standing there grinning with tears brimming in her eyes as well.

"You guys are a good couple." "You heard that?" "Yes, and it was beautiful. I've never had a guy be that open and honest about things." I smiled. "It must come from growing up with my mother and then being in the Army. Or it might have been that sophomore girlfriend I had when I was a senior." "Smartass." Rhonda stuck her tongue out at me and then turned to go upstairs. "Now if you'll excuse me, you lovebirds have caused me to mess up my makeup, so I have to go back and fix it.

If my date shows up, let him in and tell him I'll be right down." She scampered upstairs. Cindy went back to watching TV and snuggled up against me. "Let's just watch this movie for a while." I was happy with that and kissed her on top of her head. We watched the movie after Rhonda left and until the credits started rolling. Then Cindy attacked me on the couch. It was about 11pm and we were lounging there, having gotten dressed in case Rhonda returned when the doorbell rang.

Cindy looked at me quizzically. "It's late. Who could that be? Did Rhonda forget her key?" She stood up, but as chesty babe lana rhoades gets bent over and fucked approached the door, I got a bad feeling and little bit of action tube porn hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

It was a feeling that I hadn't felt since Afghanistan. There was something wrong. "Cindy, wait!" She turned towards me and frowned as she stopped about four feet from the door.

I was moving toward the kitchen big black cock for sexy kita zen through where I had set down my weapon when the blast occurred. It was deafening, blowing parts of the door inward and knocking me to the floor. I was dazed for a moment by the noise and being knocked down and then looked toward the door. There was a man standing there peering through a hole that had been punched in the door by what had to be a shotgun and Cindy lay on the ground in a bloody heap.

I tried to quickly see if she was alive or seriously hurt, but there was no movement. There was still a bit of debris and smoke lingering in the air and the guy didn't see me because I was slightly out of sight behind the couch. My ears were ringing and everything was slightly muffled. As the man peering through the door withdrew I blinked a couple of times and suddenly the battle environment appeared to me.

<i>The gray rocks came into focus. I could again hear the yelling of my men as they coordinated medical attention to the wounded and returned fire. I had been hit in the shoulder and my platoon sergeant was helping me up but telling me not to stand straight up.

The smell of cordite and blood and sweat was back. The gray dust was being kicked up by the bullets thudding into the ground and zinging off the rocks around us. I got up and I could hear him tell the injured and assisting personnel to stay put and fix the enemy in place.

He and I were going around the left flank. The man on the other side of the door stood up and reached inside through the hole to turn the latch for the lock and I leaped to my feet.

I had to stop him so that I could get to the wounded. I reached up and grabbed my gun and one of the clips of hollow points that was in the bag where I was also carrying my cleaning kit.

I had it loaded and cocked when he opened the door. I took my position and thought nothing of it as I put two into the center of his chest.

I could see his eyes come up and focus on me and see what was happening just as I pulled the trigger. He was pushed back through the doorway by the slugs and I heard someone curse and scream. Then one of the elders came into view carrying what looked like a pump shotgun. He was shooting as he came around the corner and I ducked down behind the rocks. I knew he would keep coming, so I crawled forward and poked my gun around the corner of the large rock I was behind, roughly aiming it at where he should be.

It was only 15 feet, so I had a good chance. I pumped three rounds in his direction and heard his surprised scream as one found him. I peeked around the corner to see him struggling to try to get up and hold his side where the round had evidently found him.

His gun was on the floor and he was reaching for it. I stood up, walked to him and calmly put two rounds into the center of his chest. I went to tend to the wounded and as I assisted the wounded woman on the ground, I could hear other people outside the door.

I jerked around, holding my weapon at the ready and saw nothing but scared civilians. </i> I blinked and suddenly I was back in Illinois. I looked down at the wounded woman and could see that it was Cindy. I shook my head some more, trying to clear it completely. What the fuck just happened?

Cindy was breathing, but it was labored and her back and side were peppered with the shot from the shotgun. I was still a little confused at the change in scenery, but my military training took over. I could hear the neighbors all milling around outside and looking in, but I was too concerned about Cindy.

I cradled her head and tried to comfort her as we waited for the ambulance. I grabbed the blanket that we had been cuddling under on the couch and wrapped it around her tightly, hoping to stem some of the blood flow and keep her warm. I don't know if she heard me or not as I finally told her I loved her and that I would be there when she woke because she appeared to be in shock.

She was breathing and had a pulse, but was definitely not recognizing me. Finally, I heard the sirens, both police and ambulance, but I dirtystepdaughter lets fuck while mom is gone there with Cindy, holding her, comforting her. By the time they got there, I had the shakes from the adrenalin wearing off. The police arrived first and were quick to ascertain what had happened.

They took all the weapons, including my gun and then the ambulance arrived. The paramedics rushed into the room and they loaded Cindy up. I tried to go with them, but the police wouldn't let me leave. They wanted a statement since it was my gun that killed two men.

I was angry and fought it, but to no avail. Cindy was whisked away without me. I turned to the younger of the two detectives who had arrived about 15 minutes after the initial police and ambulance.

He looked so young I was surprised that he had enough experience to even be a detective. "Detective, I need to get to the hospital to see how my girlfriend is doing, so what else do you need from me right now? Can't busty office milf fucking on table in trio do this later?" I was in no mood for administrative bullshit.

He looked at me, and his answer was so condescending, I wanted to smack him. "Well, you just killed two men. I think I need to know more about that now, not later." I stared at him. "My girlfriend was just taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what happened here and I already explained it once. In fact, it doesn't even take much of a detective to verify this, so I'm going to head to the hospital.

If you want me, you can meet me there and we'll talk all you want." I started to walk out and he put his hand on my arm. "I didn't sexy ebony vixen taking off all of her clothes tube porn you." I stopped and stared at him.

I jerked my arm away, completely wrapped up in my desire to get to Cindy. "Unless you are going to arrest me, I'm leaving. I'll see you at the hospital." I waited for him to say something about arresting me, but he didn't. I saw him look over to an older detective who was also in plain clothes and talking to a couple of neighbors, checking their statements even thought they were mostly being gathered by the uniformed officers. The older detective came up to us.

"Mr. Kenton, I'll take you to the hospital. We'll get there faster." I nodded. "Thank you." I glared at the younger one. We got into an unmarked police car and he turned on the siren and we headed down the road at high speeds. He spoke to me as he drove. "You're the Jon Kenton who was in the paper last year about a battle in Afghanistan?" "Yes." Oh, great, I thought. He was going to ask about that but he didn't.

"My name is Detective John Wilson. Will you answer some basic questions without a lawyer?" I thought about that. I would answer until I felt threatened. "Sure." "How long have you had that 9mm?" "I bought it late last year." "You have your FOID, right?" "Absolutely." "How did you happen to have the gun with you? You know Illinois doesn't have a carry and conceal law." "I took Cindy to the range today so that she could learn to shoot it, too. We went back to her place where I showed her how to clean it.

Who knew that several hours later some assholes would show up? Just pure dumb luck that we aren't both dead." He thought about that for a second. "I believe you. And we can verify that you were at the range very easily. I'm sure you'll be cleared. Those two have a record of violent actions and have been arrested for it before. I also know that you put Buck in jail, so it's obvious what their motive was." This guy had obviously done this many times.

"Thanks." It was just a few minutes later we arrived at the hospital. Cindy was in emergency surgery and the detective stayed with me. He called back and told the other officers that he was with me and then sat with me as we ate terrible junk food from a machine and waited… and waited… and waited.

About an hour later a very distressed Rhonda showed up. She was in tears and I held her, trying not to cry, but feeling her sobbing in my arms made it hard for me to hold mine back.

I was still trying to tell her that we were hopeful, but the longer Cindy was in surgery, the worse I felt. Rhonda got on the phone and called Cindy's mother, who now lived in Florida. Her father had left and had never been seen again after their divorce when Cindy was young.

And still we waited. The chairs were extremely uncomfortable and exhaustion was setting in. Naughty british babes give cfnm guy a handjob was having trouble staying awake after the long day I had had. Finally, at 4am, a very exhausted looking surgeon came into the room and asked for Cindy's kin. I stood up and walked to him, Rhonda joined me and the detective stood behind us.

The doctor was a little confused at first, but the detective showed him his badge and told him that we were there for her and that he could tell us even thought we weren't officially Cindy's relatives. I don't remember the doctor's exact words. He said she died. That's all I remember. I don't remember how he said it or whether he was nice about it, just that it meant she was gone.

Forever. I had just felt like I was in love with that woman and fate takes her away from me. After that I was in shock. I was stunned beyond anything I had ever had happen to me. I can vaguely remember being led to a chair and someone holding me, but that was it. When I realized where I was, it must have been quite a while later. Rhonda was clinging to my right side and I was sitting there, tears drying on my face as the police and medical personnel kept themselves busy.

It felt different losing someone so dear to me so unexpectedly in the civilian world compared to it occurring in a combat zone. It was never easy, but the shock factor felt greater back in the real world. I extracted myself from Rhonda's grasp and she looked at me, stopping her sobbing for a moment. I knew I had to get out of that hospital. The police took me home and I sleep-walked through the trip and getting into bed. Then I slept, tossing and turning, but never coming awake.

I could barely remember anything after learning of Cindy's death until I woke up the next day, about noon, 'The Dream' running around in my head. Only now it included Buck's brother and father amongst the Taliban fighters and Cindy in my platoon. I had incorporated them into my dream. I sure as hell hoped this was not going to last.

I couldn't take too many dreams like that and I really didn't want to be stuck with visits to the shrink. I climbed out of bed and walked into the kitchen. My mother was there, red-eyed and sniffling. She looked up at me and burst into tears as she ran and held me. She kept repeating that she was sorry over and over and I stood there like a zombie.