Cocksucking old woman is riding another cock tube porn

Cocksucking old woman is riding another cock tube porn
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Micheal's doorbell rang. He knew it would Traci, seeing if he could watch alexis. He was free, but he was still going to make his sister beg. "Hey trace" he said, opening the door "what's up butter cup" "You know I hate that saying" came the reply "People who want favors usual don't nit-pick speech patterns" he smiled "How did you know. whatever, not important, alexis is in the car.

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I was called to meet with a client about six hours from here and ill be gone for a day or two. Can you watch her?" She asked, her voice revealing that she already knew the answer "Spending my weekend alone with a fifteen year old? What could be more fun." he responded sarcastically. "Mike." she slender alexis gets fucked on the beach he relented "but when you get back." he stepped forward and slipped a hand down the front of her, dancing his middle finger around the entrance to his sisters grace noel hardcore dp huge gape slut gg exclusive " I expect a little.

payment" She leaned up and kissed her brother full on the lips, her tongue darting in and out, and in a deeply seductive voice, responded "of course" The two had kept a torrid affair going since childhood, and neither one was bent on changing it. "Send her in" he said, pulling his hand free of her panties "and tell her to be on her best behavior" "Thank you, thank you, thank you"" said traci, her lips meeting his again "ill go get her" She left and returned, with a scantly clad fifteen year old in tow "Jeeze" Micheal said, seeing her short-shorts and tank top "I still can't believe mommy dearest let's you dress like that" Traci gave him a light slap on the cheek " all the girls her age do, and be nice, she is a good girl.

Now youll be good for your uncle mike, wont you?" "Yes mommy" came the reply "Good, then go upstairs and take a shower, its getting late" Traci ordered "Yes mommy" the girl repeated, and dutifully marched upstairs. "And you" Traci said, reaching forward and rubbing Micheals cock through his jeans "be good too" and with that, she turned and headed up to her car.

Within a minuet or so, Micheal heard alexis call out "uncle mike" "Yea sweety?" He replied "Can you bring me a towel before I get in" she she asked "On my way" he said as he got up and grabbed a towel. He reached the bathroom door just as alexis finished removing her fantastically minimal clothes.

He paused, and stared for a moment at the tight little ass that was turned towards him as she reached up to let her hair down. His left over buzz from his sisters partial handjob was intensified, and he found himself hard again.

Moving to the side of the door, where he couldn't see her and she couldn't see him, he knocked on the frame and held the towel out to her "Here you go, alex" he said, hearing her footsteps approach. "Thanks" she said, as she reached past the towel, and her hand found its way jessor jela sex xxx story com his thigh, then, with still no more than an arm around the doorframe, she felt around until she found his enlarging cock, and began to run her hand up and down it over his jeans "Alex." mike said, not protesting, but confirming this wasn't an accident "Wow uncle mike, I didn't think you would get that hard just from seeing my ass.

your a little horny, aren't you?" She stepped around the doorframe now, and pressed her naked, 15 year old body up to his, hand never stopping. She was young, and not fully developed, but still very pretty.

Small breasts rubbed against his shirt, and auburn hair tickled his chin.

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Her whole body grinded up against him, and she began to nibble at his neck. "Oh. but that can't be too comfortable with jeans on." she said, and dropped to her knees, undoing his belt and button, and slowly snaking his fly down. As soon as it was free, his 9 1/2 inch cock stood up, almost fully erect, and was immediately grasped and pumped by small hands.

"Alex, baby, are you sure?" Mike asked, half hating himself for even temping this beautiful thing to stop. "So very sure uncle mike, I've thought about it for years. Now." she opened her mouth and enveloped his throbbing dick down to about halfway in her little mouth.

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"Oh, god, alex, baby don't stop" mike crowed, feeling so good that he fought to keep his legs from giving out. Alexis redoubled her efforts, doubling her speed, working up and down his shaft, tongue circling his head and then changing directions, right hand at the base of his cock and left cradling and playing with his balls.

Her passionated blow job only intensified, until about ten minuets later, mike couldn't take it anymore "Oh, god baby, im gonna cum! im gonna cum!" He tried to push her head away, but she batted his hand away, and looked up at him, smiling around his cock in her mouth.

Mike grinned back, and then tilted his head back as he shot spurt after hot spurt of semen into her mouth. "Can you swallow it all baby?" He asked.

She responded by closing her mouth and gulping, then opening her mouth again and showing it to him, empty. "Oh, that'll do alex"he he said, and he picked her up, putting her over his right shoulder, and reaching up to finger her tight pussy with his left hand.


He carried her that way, hand pumping in and out of her, back to his bedroom, and dropped on the bed. He pulled his finger out of her and asked " are you ready" She smiled, and, nodding, said "uncle mike, I've been ready since I was twelve years old, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me like you fuck my mom when you think im asleep" Momentarily startled, both by the language and the revelation, Micheal paused and thought 'twelve.

that was only 3 years ago. this is so deliciously wrong'. But all thoughts of doubt were cast aside, as he entered his niece, and plunged his cock in as far as it would go. her scream of pain and moan of pleasure told him he was on track, and he began to thrust and retract his hips, fucking the teenage girl until she cried for more, which he was only too happy to give.

He pumped harder, until he was almost at orgasm again, and the girl on his dick cried out "uncle mike, im! Gonna!

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Ah.!" And she was cut of as an orgasm rocked her body, her tight pussy clenching around his dick. At this point mike could take no more, he let out another great cumshot into the girls belly, and then leaned forward and pressed his tongue into her mouth, hands massaging and pinching her breasts, helping her get the most out of the orgasm. She shuddered again and again, and the last of his cum squirted into the young girls body, as Micheal collapsed on the bed next to her.

"Now" he said, trying to catch his breath "if your mother asks." "I can make you cum harder than she can" she smiled, and brought some of the excess semen up to her face to lick off her fingers. "No, you ask her to join in" he joked, leaning over to kiss the girl, and being met with a passionate, tongue heavy response "and what was all that cursing?

I don't want to hear that language coming from such a pretty mouth, young lady. even if it is a mouth full of my cum" She laughed and made excuses, saying "oh, I was just in the heat of the moment uncle mike" and then, sliding down, kissed his cock, and slid off the bed, standing up and heading to the door.

"Where too?" Asked mike, watching the naked teenager go, and wanting nothing more than for her to stay. "well, uncle mike, now I really do need that shower" she paused, and turned, causing Micheals eyes sex toy and hard pounder for a pretty bitch dart from her ass, to her naked breasts, and finally her face "Care to join me?" Mike smiled, and extended his legs.

Stepping out of his pants, he un-buttoned his shirt and dropped it next to them. "Ooooh." breathed alexis, looking his naked body up and down with hungry eyes. The sound of her voice was enough to start the blood flowing back to his cock again, and he began to feel small twitches as he walked to her, grabbing a handful of ass on the way by he inquired "shall we" and motioned to the open door.

As they exited the room they heard a gasp. Traci was standing on the third to top step, purse in one hand, toothbrush, which alexis had clearly forgotten, in the other.

She dropped both in shock as she beheld her naked brother, dick leading the way, exiting his bedroom with her fifteen year old daughter, leaking with cum and smelling of sex in tow. "How dare you!" She yelled, startling the two even further "Traci, I." "Mom, we." they both started, neither finishing their thought before she continued ".

get started without me" she finished.


Micheal gaped and alexis smiled as Traci pulled of her blouse and undid her milf teen ass bbw dp. She droped them on the steps next to the bag and continued "my client called and canceled, I was just coming to see if alex wanted to still spend the night. but now, I think we both will. Lay down." The two lay down as Traci finished stripping and laid down next to them, and ordered "now, alexis, sweety, why don't you suck your uncles cock, and brother dearest, if you're not too busy fucking my daughter, would you mind licking my pussy?" The two complied, and alexis began fingering herself, much to her mother suprise and pleasure, who watched her young daughters hand move in and out of her pussy for a minuet, before saying "oh, good baby, but now move your hand away, and mommy is going to eat you out, okay?" Alexis eagerly complied, and mike nearly came again in her mouth from hearing it.

"good, my daughter has such a yummy pussy, I could just eat it up." She smiled as she began licking her daughters tight cunt, clearing it of her brothers cum. The three continued this way, licking and sucking, massaging and rubbing, until they were all at their limits.

First alexis, the Traci, and finally mike, succumb to the oral pleasure the were reviving. Orgasm racked the bodies of all three, the girls clenching and squirming, mike letting loose a smaller load into alexis' mouth, and they fell to their sides, panting and breathless, wrapped in the bliss of what they had done.

Traci, being involved latest, was the first to recover. She sat up, and looked over at the two of them, and finally managed to say "mike. do you think your bed is big enough for the three of us?" "Its a king plus, trace" he panted "its big enough for the three of us if we want busty milf gets fucked for your pleasure spend the whole night rolling around" "Good" she smiled, "because we just might" she crawled over and began stroking his cock, and slid two fingers into her daughters pussy, rubbings and caressing them back into arousal "because I have some catching up to do" They sucked and fucked and moaned and came all night, until pleasure racked their bodies and exhaustion caught up to them, then they slept fitfully, excited for the erotic pleasures the next days would bring.

The End