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Magic Wands, so to speak part IV(a Harry Potter story) Harry awoke the next morning to a sharp jab in the ribs from Ginny. He grumbled a bit and sat up. "What, what is it?" "Get up! We have to get to the Quidditch pitch, the game is going to start in ten minutes. Why haven't you gotten up and dressed?" "Well, I did get kind of worn out, last night." "Oh, hush! Now get up!" He got up and dressed in record speed, and they walked down to the pitch.

The game as against Slytherin, their arch-rivals. The team they had assembled looked completely pre-historic. Crabbe and Goyle as beaters, three unknown second years as chasers, and Pansy Parkinson as the seeker.

They had a huge fifth year as keeper. Harry had Ginny, Demelza, and Dean as chasers, Seamus and Neville as the new beaters, and of course Ron as the keeper. As they game began they shot up into the air, Harry keeping his eyes peeled for the snitch so he could end the match early. While he was searching the Slytherins scored four goals while Ginny and Demelza each only had one.

He saw something glittering flash past his right ear. He turned in the direction and sped off, crouching low against the handle of his Firebolt. He got closer and closer to it, zigzagging back and forth across the pitch, ducking around flying players and bludgers. Parkinson screeched toward the snitch bumping Harry to the side. She leered at him, "Potter its time for you to go down, it's all your fault my Draco is gone." "No your Draco abandoned you for the Dark Lord." He kicked hard to the side, steering her hard into the bleachers and then down to sweet chick nina elle loves fucking hard meaty dick hardcore and cumshot ground.

He grabbed the snitch and the game was over, Griffindor 220 to Slytherin 50.

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They flew down to the ground and landed all around Harry as he held the snitch aloft. Hermione came down to them, grabbing Ron by the arm pulling him underneath the nearest set of bleachers. "Ronald, I understand what happened, but you still did it with Lavender.

You are going to have to work extra hard to get me back in bed. To start we are going for a little walk after you change…alone. Now hurry up!" she said giving him a little shove.

Ron took his time getting changed worried about what might happen. He was the last one to leave the changing room and when he exited Hermione was waiting outside impatiently. "I told you to hurry up! Let's go!" she said, grabbing his arm and pulling, almost wrenching his arm out of the socket.

She led him down around the lake and towards the edge of the Dark Forest. "W.w…we're not going in there, are hospital australia doctor and nurse "Of course not," she said as an unknown auror walked by, giving them a stern look.

Once the auror was out of sight they continued on along the forest's edge. They walked all the way around, coming up behind Hagrid's cabin, by the hippogriff's pen. There was only one in there, the one formerly called Buckbeak, now Witherwings. They approached slowly and bowed, not breaking eye contact, until he in turn bowed to them. They walked up to him and began to pet him softly, not saying a word to each other. Buckbeak stood up and nudged them with his head until they were standing together.

He then leaned his front down inclining his head towards his back. "Do you think he wants us to…?" He helped her on and then got on behind her, wrapping his arm around her waist.

Buckbeak took a running start and launched himself into the air, flapping his huge wings. They circled the castle once and began to descend in the field in front of Hagrid's hut, as he had just come out.

They landed softly and he leaned down allowing them to slide off. Hagrid walked over and Buckbeak just nudged his nose into his pocket searching for his favorite snacks, ferrets. "Aye, it was you two? I wen' ou' ter see im an he waz gone. Glad he's back though, got a lil worried." "We didn't mean to worry you Hagrid, we were out walked and before we knew it we were at the pen.

We did exactly what you told us to do and he allowed us to come closer and then sort of pushed us together and gestured for us to climb on for a ride." "I see. Well hippogriffs can sense all sorts o' things, like when two young folks in love are havin' a row." "But Hagrid, how…" Hermione asked. "Not much goes on in the castle tha' I don't know bout." he said with a smile. "You'd best be getting back to the castle though, them aurors are gonna be lookin' to close them doors soon." They said goodbye to Hagrid and Buckbeak and ran up to the castle, getting in just before the doors closed.

"Cutting it right close weren't you?" sneered Argus Filtch, holding the keys in his hand. "Yes but as you can see we are in before curfew so we'll be going." Ron said with a sneer of his own. They went up the steps to the Griffindor common room to change before dinner. While Ron and Hermione were on their little walk Harry and Ginny were snuggled cozily next to a crackling fire in the Room of Requirement.

Harry had thought up the idea for the rooms design and when the door appeared he led her inside. They were laying there together, Ginny's back against his chest, his arms around her.

Harry was lightly nibbling on the back of Ginny's neck, making her moan softly. While he was kissing her his fingers were deftly unbuttoning her shirt. Once he had her shirt completely unbuttoned he slid his hands from her stomach up to her sternum, leaving a trail of goose-bumps. He pulled the shirt off her shoulders running his hands down to her breasts, cupping them in his hands.

She mewed softly and tilted her head back, her eyes closed. She loved the feel of his hands squeezing her breasts and the way his palms rubbed against her nipples, causing them to harden to the size of pencil erasers. She titled her head back even further when his fingertips traced over her nipples. When she did she raised her whole body, causing her to slide back down over Harry's growing cock, making his groan as well.

He turned her onto her back and began to kiss down her shoulder and collarbone and slowly down to her breasts. He stopped there looking up at her. Her eyes pleading before she whispered breathlessly, "Please Harry, don't tease me…" He lowered his head to one of her breast, slowly licking, sucking and kissing all over it. Then he sucked her nipple into his mouth and held it there, running his tongue back and forth over it. She moaned and writhed under the movements of his tongue.

He began to nibble on it and gently pulled on it caused her to give off a little squeal of pleasure. He then proceeded to the other one doing the same thing with the same results. When he was done he looked up at her again and she had a smile on her face.

He started to kiss down her stomach, but she stopped him, flipping him over. She pulled his shirt forcefully over his head and ran her hands of his chest, which was starting to become much more muscular (Harry had started fighting back against Dudley when he used him as a target).

She trailed her fingers across his abs and down to his waist. She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped the zipper, releasing his throbbing member.

She reached down and tried to wrap her hand around it, but was unable to, as usual. She slowly began to rub it up and down, licking the space between her thumb and fingers. She then began to lick back and forth across the tip of his dick. He moaned and she slowly began to lower her mouth over his massive head and down over the shaft. He moaned even more as she forced her mouth farther down, his head slipping down the back of her throat.

She pulled back off and began to work on a smaller section, working her magic. He groaned and his eyes started to roll back in his head and his body tensed up. "Oh Ginny…" was all he could manage before he exploded the first blast to the back of her throat.

She swallows as fast as she could and almost choked, not missing a drop. When Harry came back to his senses he pulled her up to where she was level with him again. He then inched his way down and grabbed his wand, pointing it at her pants. The button unbuttoned and the zipper moved down as her pants and thong slid down and off of her, folding themselves in a pile.

Harry leaned his head down blowing across her pulsing clit and over her wet slit. She whimpered, thrusting her hips up trying to get his tongue on her. When she did that he pulled his head back teasing her, making her whimper again. He began to kiss around the edges of her pussy, her body writhing around, "Please Harry," she begged in a hoarse whisper. He smiled and planted a kiss right on her clit, causing her jolt around violently, as she orgasmed.

Her body, trembled a shook for several minutes afterwards, then when they subsided, "Keep going please!" she demanded running her hands through his hair as she pulled his head back down. He began running his tongue back and forth from her clit to her hole. Each pass he'd let his tongue slide into her a little deeper. He started rubbing her clit with one hand and darting his tongue in and out of her. With his other hand he began teasing one of her nipples.

He kept his tongue out and began moving his head back and forth, tongue-fucking her. Ginny's body couldn't take the over-stimulation, she let out a strangled little cry and started to shake more violently then before, bathing Harry's tongue, face and hair with her cum.

Harry wiped off his face and waited for her to return to her senses. When her eyes opened she grabbed him and pulled his face to hers, kissing him intensely. She didn't say anything, the look she gave him said everything that needed to be said. She grabbed his cock, stroking it quickly a few times and got up on her hands and knees. He slowly moved towards her pussy, entering her with one steady stroke. When she gave a little shove back at him he began slowly pumping in and out of her, getting faster steadily.

She stopped him after a few minutes of strong thrusts, pulling away from him. She leaned even farther down on her chest, spreading her butt cheeks, "Come on Harry, hurry up," she growled.

He moved forward and placed his cock head against her tiny star. He started pushing and since his cock was so wet from her pussy he slid in easily.

Her face was temporarily a mask of pain, then she started pushing back at him, "Easy and slow," she said her hands gripping the sheets they were laying on. He began to increase the speed and she was growling low in her throat, twisting the sheets between her fingers. After a few minutes her body went rigid again, cumming. Her ass was clenching down on his cock and he yelled as he came in her ass. He collapsed on top of her twitching body, completely out of breath.

Slowly his cock deflated and slipped from her stretched hole. He rolled to the side and lay down next to her. She moved back against him and laid her head down. Within a few minutes they were asleep, Ginny's head on his chest. Ron and Hermione had changed and gone down to the dining hall and sat at their table. They noticed that besides Harry and Ginny, Dean, Seamus and Lavender were all missing as well. Ron and Hermione whispered amongst themselves about this fact.

"They probably off somewhere together, but where could the other three be." "Good!" said Hermione angrily. He slid his arm around her while the plates disappeared and everyone slowly filed out of the Great Hall. Up in a secret room off the main staircase to the boy's dormitory, Dean, Seamus, and Lavender were up to their own 'activities'.

The two boys were seated on either side of her and Dean was kissing her, while Hot stepmom alexis fawx in a perfect christmas threesome escapade was pulling her shirt off, running his hands down over her breasts. She mewed softly at their attentions. They both lowered their heads each beginning to suck on a nipple. She threw her head back and moaned. Dean slid his hand down to her pants and unbuttoned her pants.

He slid his hand down into her panties, rubbing her clit, while Seamus ran his hand down onto her butt, rubbing her little star. She ran her hands to their crotches, gently dragging her nails along the outlines of their cocks. She suppressed a gasp as she felt the size of Seamus's dick. It was much bigger than Dean's and a bit thicker than Ron's, she couldn't wait to have it inside her tight hole. She undid their pants pulling their members out, creampie delight for hot playgirl hardcore blowjob them.

She began to alternate sucking and stroking each one of them. Hey rearranged themselves on the bed; She was laying on her back with Dean in the 69 position with her. She was sucking his cock while he was licking her clit and Seamus was driving his tongue into her hole furiously.

She moaned around the dick in her mouth. She started to buck and cum shot out of her splashing both guys. She raised up onto her hands and knees, her butt pointed at Dean. She pushed his cock into her as she wrapped her mouth around Seamus's pole. She was bobbing her head up and down while fake moaning for Dean's sake. She thrust back at Dean making his cum quickly. She then turned around pointing her ass at Seamus, while taking Dean's flaccid penis in her mouth. Seamus shoved his cock into her tight pussy with one solid thrust, burying himself to the balls.

She moaned loudly and started thrusting her self back at him, completely forgetting about Dean. Dean had become hard again and whispered in her ear and she nodded. She pulled away from Seamus pushing him onto the bed on his back. She then straddled him pushing herself down onto his cock. She then held still while Dean pushed himself into her tight ass.

She moaned felling incredibly full. They didn't wait for her to get adjusted to them and began pistoning in and out of her holes. As one pulled out of her the other thrust into her, keeping her body in motion. She was lost in the throes of her orgasm, her eyes crossing then rolling into her head, her mouth open and drooling. Dean came first, filling her as and then rolling off the bed, falling asleep. Seamus slowed down waiting for her to regain some sense.

When she came back down she saw that she was still on top of him and his cock was still pulsating inside her. She looked over and saw that Dean was passed out. She gripped Seamus and rolled so he was on top of her. "Fuck me, fuck me hard!' He didn't need to amateur girl talks dirty during sybian riding webcam show told twice as he started thrusting hard, driving his cock in and out of her pussy, his balls slapping her ass wetly.

"Oh god…oh…yes…You're so much better than Dean." she said as she trembled and came again. He raised her legs up onto his shoulders, tight blonde babe with glasses screwed at the pawnshop himself deeper. She was moaning and babbling incoherently now, the pleasure too much. Seamus groaned loud as he finally shot his load into her still spasming pussy.

Dean started pulling himself onto the bed, Lavender looked over at him, "Get lost Dean, Seamus is so much better than you.


I don't have to fake it with him. He knows what he's doing, unlike you. Bye." She waved her wand and he was whisked out of the room quickly. She cuddled up against Seamus and fell into a full and truly contented sleep. Harry woke up looking at his watch, gasping. "it was well past curfew and Ginny was still sound asleep. He tried waking her but was unable to.

He did a quick check of the Marauder's Map, big boobed milf fucked by two black studs make sure it was safe.

He quickly dressed and gathered Ginny's clothes, pulled on his Invisibility Cloak and carried her back to the dormitory. The Fat Lady was angry for being woken up but swung open for them to enter. There was only one person in the common and Harry was glad to see it was Hermione. She walked over and helped get her dressed and she helped up to her bed.

When she returned she walked over lovely schoolgirl is seduced and rode by her senior teacher Harry, "You really shouldn't miss meals, it would look very suspicious if you two keep missing mealtimes." "Yeah I know its just Ginny wanted to and she was happy about passing a major exam.

She…" He was cut off when Hermione kissed him quickly. "What?" "I've been waiting for you to get back. I'm punishing Ron for that whole Lavender mess, so I sent him to bed. I think I'm really only punishing myself." Without another word she grabbed Harry by his crotch and dragged him up the stairs to her Head Girl room.

Once inside she shoved him on the bed and pulled her night-robe off and jumped on him. She forcefully yanked his shirt off and flicked her wand at his pants causing the belt and pants to unfasten and come off, folding themselves on her dresser. She couldn't wait any longer and forced herself down on his shaft which was still growing back to its full mass. She groaned as she rocked back and forth on it, feeling it become steely-hard again.

Once it was she began to ride him slowly, grinding against him on each down motion. Harry placed his hands on her hips but she pulled them off and placed them on her breasts. He started kneading them firmly, pulling on her nipples, eliciting sharp yelps of pleasure. She started bucking faster and started to groan like an animal. She started thrashing around more wildly, her head tossing from side to side, the brown locks going in every direction. She slowed to almost a stop and then looked up at him, "Well I'm not doing all the work," she said, grabbing him and rolling over.

He started thrusting slowly in and out, enjoying the gripping sensation her pussy was giving him. She wrapped her long legs around his ass, pulling him harder into her. Her arms were wrapped around his shoulders, lightly clawing.

He started to make long, deep thrusts, driving her quickly back to the edge. As she began to cum again, her legs tightened around him and her nails bit into his back, causing him to wince in pain.

He make short quick thrusts waiting for her to come back down. Once she was back he made a few motions with his wand and she flew into the air and hung suspended by invisible cords. He walked over and slowly slid back into her causing a yelp.

"Oh Harry! Harry…what is this? What…" He started thrusting forcefully, her whole body shaking from the force. She moaned and whimpered as she was pushed over the edge again by his force. By this point he was painfully hard, so he motioned with his wand to turn her over, her ass at the correct height. "Oh no Harry! It won't fit…too big." He pushed against her clenched ass, forcing it to open for his entrance.

She whimpered slightly at the pain, but not stopping him. His head popped inside her and he just gave a sharp thrust forcing the rest of his shaft inside her.

She screamed and then relaxed once he stopped moving. He started thrusting slowly, her ass gripping his member so much harder than her pussy. She was moaning and groaning while Harry was pumping like a man possessed. He cried out as he began to erupt in her ass, causing her to cum from the sensation as well. He slowly pulled from her ass his cock sliding out with a slurping sound and released the rope spell he placed on her.

He started to apologize for his forcefulness, but she cut him off by lightly kissing his lips. "It's okay Harry, that's what I really needed. Now its best you go back to your dormitory, I promised Ron he could come up and wake me tomor…in a few hours." Harry just nodded and left returning to his bed and just as he pulled the curtains closed he saw Ron getting up.

Ron got up stretched and walked to xxxmobi watch story at londonkeyes bathroom showering and getting dressed. He slowly and quietly walked back through the dormitory and down into the common room.

When he got there he found a sad-looking Dean. He looked a bit disheveled and as though he had been crying. Though they didn't always agree and he knew that Dean hated Harry he walked over. Dean just looked up, "Hey mate, how's it going?" "I was actually going to ask you the same question," he said with a questioning look.

"You really don't want to know…" he said, looking down. Ron just nodded, "Lavender?" "Yeah, her and Seamus…" "Seamus?

But I thought you two were best mates?" "We were until Lavender decided that size really does matter." "Oh she picked the biggest 'dick' in the room, sorry." He just nodded, his head still down. Ron grabbed him by the shoulder, "Come on I'll help cheer you up." He led him to the secret back door of the kitchens, tickling the fruit in the painting opening the door.

As they stepped in they were approached by Dobby the freed house-elf, "Mr. Weasley, how nice to see you again, what can I get for you and Mr. Thomas?" "Dobby I've told you, you can call me Ron and if you can find us a couple of butter-beers, thank you." Of course! Right away Mr.…erm…Ron" he said kind of trying it out. "You know a house-elf?" "Yes after the Chamber of Secrets incident Harry helped to free him from his foul masters the Malfoys." "Oh, I see." "Dean, couldn't you give Harry a break.

Ginny has always wanted to be with him." "I don't really blame him for that, I know its not his fault, I just get a little jealous sometimes." Dobby returned with a couple bottles of chilled butter-beer and a tray of biscuits. He set the tray down, "Thank you Dobby." Ron said.

Dobby bowed low, "No need to thank me sir.


You and Mr. Harry Potter and even Ms. Granger has helped Dobby much since Dobby was freed. Well I must go, have to start preparing breakfast." "Well thank you again Dobby." Ron said again though Dobby had disappeared from sight. They sat drinking and talking for a while. Once they were finished Dean stood up, "Thanks Ron, I'm feeling much better now." "Anytime mate." he said extending his hand, which Dean quickly shook. They walked back up towards the dormitory, still talking, just now it was about Quidditch.

As they reached the portrait hole it swung open and Pavarti Patil stepped out her eyes lingering on Dean as she walked past. He looked at Ron and Ron just nodded. He smiled and jogged after Pavarti catching up to her just as she reached the stairs.

Ron just smiled stepping through the hole and checked the time. It was time so he carefully walked up the steps so they didn't change into a slide (a trick Ron and Harry had learned the hard way one year, but they have since learned to get around that particular obstacle). He stepped into her room, seeing her still asleep, her hair tussled, body naked and moaning in her sleep.

He thought she was just having a rather vivid black dick for chastity lynn interracial pornstars, even moaning Ron's name. "Hmm, I must be getting her pretty good," he thought to himself listening for a few moments before waking her. He lightly shook her and she awoke, looking up at him her eyes a bit unfocused. "Not now Ron, I'm too tired…" she mumbled. "No Hermione its time to get up. Breakfast in in twenty minutes." Oh my gosh!

Why did you wait so long?" She raced around the room looking for some appropriate looking clothes for breakfast. Once she was dressed they went down the stairs and met up with Harry and Ginny, who were in the middle of a last-minute grope session. "Honestly you two, can't you control yourselves?" she said walking over. "You're one to talk Granger," Ginny said teasingly, pointing at her hair. Hermione checked the mirror and waved her wand, bringing her hair back to proper order.

They walked down to breakfast together sitting down at the house table. Harry looked down the table at some new couples that had been formed. Lavender had dropped Dean for his best friend, Seamus. Dean didn't seem to upset about it though, because he was a bit further down the table chatting lively with Pavarti.

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After breakfast was over the Heads of House handed out a small notice of an upcoming event, the Yule Time Ball. It was going to be held again and they had planned dancing rehearsal schedules for the 4th years. When the time had come Harry and Ron were in their dress robes and waiting for the girls. "What is taking them so long? They been up there for hours…" Ron grouched, pacing in front of the fireplace. "They're probably making us wait intentionally because we waited until the last minute last sexy teen in tight jeans zoey nixon getting hammered p tube xvideos They heard footsteps coming down the stairs and looked up to see it wasn't the girls they were waiting for, but Pavarti.

She smiled at them and walked towards the boys dormitory stairs waiting for Dean. Finally Ginny and Hermione came down the stairs. "Well did you take long enough?' Ron asked sarcastically. "Oh hush Ronald," Hermione said, pressing a finger over his lips. The portrait swung open and they walked to the Great Hall. The Ball lasted several hours, at the end the Heads of House motioned everyone back to the common rooms.

Harry was carrying Ginny in his arms, he suspected that someone had slipped a sleeping draft into her pumpkin juice. Hermione had noticed the basic signs and he decided that it would be best if she woke in her own room instead of the infirmary.

Ron and Hermione were staggering up the stairs sleepily, gently bumping into each other. Harry carried Ginny through the portrait hole and up to her dormitory, placing her on her bed.

He tucked her into it and gently kissed her on the forehead before exiting. Hermione and Ron were both too exhausted to do anything, but she did get him to at least sleep with her. They went up to her private room and got into the bed. As soon as she had curled up against him they both fell to sleep. Dean and Pavarti were sitting in the common room on a sofa talking, until Professor MacGonagall came in and told to be off to bed.

They rose and Dean seemed like he was trying to say something, but Pavarti just grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer, giving him a light kiss. She then turned and seemed to float up the stairs to her room. Dean stood there speechless for a moment, before he felt the professor's glare upon him and he ran up the steps to his room.

He smiled and shook her head, "Young love…"