Look me in the eyes when i make you cum

Look me in the eyes when i make you cum
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5: The Vault's Treasure Chapter Two: Passion's Avalanche By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Xerathalasia Lesh-Ke Mountains, The Kingdom Of Haz Sunlight was a delight shining on my flesh. Though I had lived beneath the dark canopies of the Deorc Forest, sunlight still warmed glades and knifed through the trees to form brilliant beams that played on mossy ground.

After our ten days spent underground, I wanted to stand rooted in place and drink in the radiance. But I could not. We had to keep moving on our quest. Our next destination was the great port city of Raratha which lay upon the Nimborgoth, a great sea that was said to be larger than my forest. We planned on heading north out of the mountains, then west to the city of Yevix.

There we would hirer a boat to sail us south down the Roytin River to the great port city. I lead the party out of the ruins of Khan and back onto the main highway that ran through Miliiath Pass. The mountains loomed over us, peaks so high the summer heat could not melt their snow. Nature surrounded us with tall pines and firs climbing up the mountain slopes. Wildlife flourished. Eagles and falcon hunted in lonely circles, goats gambled on the sheer sides of cliffs, dappled deer flitted through the trees, and birds sang their joy.

I drank it all in. My ears twitched as I took deep breaths through my nose. Life. The mines had almost been sterile. What life there had been was tamed and cultivated, bred by the dwarves to sustain them in the depths. Sophia giggled behind me. "I think Xera's drunk on nature." "You should be too," I responded.

"Smell that life." "All I smell is dust." She sneezed. "But I'll take dust over entombing stone any day." "Gods be praised," Chaun agreed. "But it'll make for an exciting epic. The brave party ventured into tunnels deep, away from Sun into darkness' creep. Brave and doughty, they ventured forth." Chaun drummed at his lyre as he rode his mare, composing the epic verses of Angela's dangerous quest.

Fame seemed Chaun's motivation. He had lost his position at court because of the scandal involving a princess. The Bardic College of Az, who trained him, had denied Chaun the right to use his skills. He lusted to regain what he lost. I suppose being part of Angela's quest to slay the most dangerous dragon who had ever existed might earn him sufficient fame to wipe clean the cuckolding big love bubbles get involved in rough fucking naturaltits hardcore a prince.

The slopes around the pass narrowed into a tight canyon. The cliff first time anal squirt bbc rose filthy bitches go for a muff dive stria of browns and grays layered upon each other. Green plants found purchase in crevasses, adding a splash of vibrancy. Movement flashed at the clifftop. Black, possibly a feathered wing.

I frowned above. Had it been a bird winging momentarily in sight or something else. My ears twitched. The looming cliff walls suddenly felt closed in. "What's wrong?" Angela asked. "I saw movement. It might have been a bird." "You're not sure?" I shook my head. "But I do not smell anything unusual or hear anything." I kept my eyes scanning the cliff top as we moved deeper.

Angela had enemies. Twice the erinyes, demigoddess daughters of Slata, had attacked us. We had tamed one and driven off the other. But there were three. And that did not count the mysterious employer of the dead Warlock Fireeyes. Prudence demanded caution as we walked forward.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Incessae The clatter of hooves grew louder, echoing up the sides of the cliffs. My wings fluttered and a hot flush ran through my pussy. Angela's party entered the ambush.

I slipped a hand down my naked, ivory stomach and pressed between my thighs to rub at my naked flesh. I rubbed at my pussy before sliding my wet fingers up to tug at my silver nipple piercings. I delighted in bringing mother's vengeance. Angela had angered the Goddess Slata. The knight was descended from the filthy tyrant, High King Peter, a bastard fathered upon a human mother by the God Pater. Mother hated all her husband's bastards. Particularly Peter. I tugged a final time.

A trickle of juices worked down my thighs. My eyes fluttered and my wings flapped again. I readied my magic. Of my three sisters, I was the least skilled at magic.

Ultionae, lurking on the other side of the canyon, was the best. She would have no trouble creating an avalanche. I peeked over the edge to check Angela's position. They were in the center, ready— An arrow streaked up at me, fired by the keen-eyed elf. I ducked my head to the right.

The wooden tip creased my cheek, drawing blood. I hissed against the sting of pain and sent my magic into the cliff. The ground rumbled beneath my feet. Screams shouted from below as the first rocks tumbled free. More fell from Ultionae's side. My sister stood with ease, staring at contempt at my small avalanche. It did not matter. The stones bounced and boomed as they tumbled down the cliffs, hurtling faster and faster, dislodging more debris. The tide of rocks and dust came at Angela and her party from both sides.

I shuddered as the violence crashed into them. Horses whinnied in fear and pain as the dust washed over and obscured my sight. I gripped my burning spear and soared off the cliff. Ultionae had her flaming sword in hand and joined me. It was time to check the carnage and see who survived. If it was Angela, we would dispatch her and enact Mother's vengeance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Faoril Buttercup, my normally placid mare, screamed in fear as the stones crashed down the cliff at us.

I held a vial of cum in hand, ready to down it. Before I could, my horse reared and threw me from the saddle. I landed on my back. The air exploded out of my lungs.

My vial tumbled from my hands. Shattered. The crash of rocks grew louder. The boulders hurtled down at us. Around us. Angela screamed as she drew her sword, and Sophia gripped her reins tightly, fear on her youthful face. Thrak moved over me, placing his body between me and the rocks.

The wonderful idiot. I needed cum. I reached for a second vial, fumbling in my pockets. The rocks were coming so fast. But I couldn't let panic slow me down. I bella nikole black gets tied up and slammed trained to keep cool in stressful situations. It was so hard. My mind did not want to work. But my hands did. They reached into my pockets for the small tits blonde nanny riley star sucks off and gets reamed vial.

The rocks crashed into us. Dust swashed over me. Screams shouted around me as stone crashed. I couldn't see anything. My eyes stung. I tried to stand, but the ground shook.

Coordination was lost to me. The grinding clatter echoed through the canyon. "Slata's hairy cunt," Angela screamed, her voice thick in pain. "Faoril," bellowed Thrak. "No, no, Purity," sobbed Sophia. I stood up, spinning around. I had to do something. My hand gripped a vial of cum. I just had to drink it.

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I lifted it up to my mouth when fire hissed. I let out a squeak of fright. A flaming sword appeared out of the smoke, swinging for me. I threw myself to the ground. And landed on a sharp boulder. The vial shattered in my hand. My arm went numb and my side ached more. Glass crunched and my robe became wet against my right hip as more of my cum vials were broken. "Can't have you interfering little mage," a woman said. Out of the swirling dust, an erinyes appeared.

She had round, naked breasts and a flaming sword gripped in her hand. Diamonds pierced her cheeks at her dimples. They flashed as she smiled at me. It was the third erinyes sister—Ultionae. I reached for a vial in a left pocket. Ultionae seized my wrist before I reached my pocket, spun me around, and thrust me against a rock. The stone suddenly came alive, oozing around me, slipping into the folds of my robes. They ripped apart, my naked body pressed against the cold stone.

It wrapped around me, tweaking my nipples. And then something hard and stony pressed at my pussy. "Pater's cock," I groaned as the rock fucked me, ramming a smooth, hard protrusion into my pussy while its hard surface pinched and rolled my nipples.

"There, little mage," the erinyes purred. "That should keep you out of trouble." "No," I moaned as the rock cock pumped in and out which couple cums faster cunnilingus small tits my cunt. I couldn't help how good it felt. My toes curled and a moan escaped my lips.


She did something to the rock. She enchanted it to make me horny. "Please, no. I don't want to be.be.fucked.oh, yes, that's good. Oh, you naughty rock. You're so thick. Can you cum?" I knew I shouldn't surrender to the pleasure, but it was too hard to resist her spell. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela Pain consumed me. I lay on my side.

A massive boulder pinned both my legs against each other. Agony shot up my limbs. I hugged another rock, trying to think through the pain. But it was impossible. I screamed into the dust billowing around me. Over and over, I screamed. Midnight whinnied in pain. My warhorse lay nearby, his body half-buried beneath boulders. The avalanche had all been a blur. The rocks had hit us, sweeping me out of the saddle and onto my side. Then the pain had come. I couldn't move my legs. The boulder crushing them was the size of a large hog.

It must weigh hundreds of pounds. The pain came in agonizing waves, forcing me to scream out again underware gorgeous hottie desires to fuck sextoy lingerie and japanese again into the dust.

Other pain-filled shouts answered me. What had happened? An avalanche? But Xera had fired right before— Agony swept through me again. I screamed until my voice grew hoarse. Then pain retreated from agony to merely tolerable. I could think again. I sucked in deep breaths, searching through the smothering gray-brown. I needed help. "Faoril, Sophia," I shouted. "Please, please, be okay." "Yes, yes, fuck me with your rock cock," Faoril moaned. "Faoril?" I groaned. "What's happening?" "Such a good cock.

Can you cum, rock?" We were under attack. By what? "Well, well, well, you survived the avalanche, lucky you," a feminine voice purred.

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I turned my head. That was a mistake. It twisted my hip and tried to shift my leg. Agony shot up my body as I stared at the erinyes perched over me, a flaming spear in hand. Incessae, the erinyes that had attacked us back at Lor-Khev. "You.bitch." I snarled. "You hurt my.horse." "Yes, a magnificent stallion," Incessae said as she moved to me, stepping over the fallen boulders.

"But he served the wrong mistress. You knew my sisters and I were after you. After Injuriae failed to kill you, you had been warned. Yet you did not leave your friends and your horse behind. You let them stay with you. "If any of them die, it's your fault for forcing them to pay for your crimes." "Your goddess mother is a diseased whore," I spat as Incessae drew back her spear to plunge it into my back.

"Well, you humans number among her children, so it explains much about you," she hissed. I closed my eyes and waited for my death. There was nothing I could do. My sword had been lost when the avalanche swept over us.

I couldn't move. I had no way to defend myself. I hoped Sophia survived. I always thought it would have been the dragon Dominari that killed me. I didn't even make it that far. "No!" Sophia's shout burst out of the dust.

Incessae let out a hiss of annoyance. Boots smacked over rocks, and Sophia's high-pitched scream echoed through the pass.

It sounded almost like she attempted a battle cry. I opened my eyes. Sophia stood over me, wielding her magical dagger. Her robes were torn and dirty, but she appeared otherwise unhurt. She hissed at Incessae, facing down the dangerous erinyes and her spear without fear. She was an idiot. "No.run." I groaned. "You can't.beat her." "You can't touch her," Sophia shouted.

"She's under Saphique's protection." "What feeble protection the virgin goddess sends," sneered Incessae. "I'm.your mistress.Sophia. Run!" Every word hurt to speak. The waves of pain threatened to consume me again. "Nope. You'll just have to spank me later." Sophia swung her knife, it was wild and too hard, throwing her off-balanced. She almost fell over trying to recover.

"If you want to die so bad, fine," spat Incessae. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I knew this was brandi love and katy kiss shared a cock on the couch young old and pornstars. I knew this wouldn't work. But I couldn't stand there and let Angela be stabbed in the back while she lay helpless and pinned beneath the rubble.

I may not be the best fighter in the world. Or even the hundredth best. But I had a dagger. It was enchanted. I just had to slip past her spear and stab the erinyes. How hard could that be? I swung again with my dagger. It hissed through the air, leaving a blurring, pink streak in its wake. I almost clipped the point of her burning spear.

The erinyes shifted her stance, her bare feet sliding across the rubble. The spear lanced out at me. So fast. I screeched in shock and stepped back. My foot slipped off the side of the rock. That saved my life. I fell backward. The flaming spear hissed as it shot over me. My fall seemed to freeze for a single heartbeat as I stared at my narrowly avoided death.

The spear was made of fire, shaped into spear and haft. The flames rippled yellow and red, hissing for my flesh. I landed on my back and groaned. "What a pathetic guard," the erinyes snorted. "You and your goddess are both pathetic.

Mother is right to despise her twin sister." I groaned and forced myself to stand back up. "Well, I'm all Angela has. I won't let you butcher my mistress." The erinyes drew back her spear. I had to block it with my knife. Parry it. I had to swing it to the side and— Thrak burst out of the dust cloud. The orc's right arm dangled useless, bone jutting through his swarthy flesh. He gripped his greataxe in the other and swung it down at the the thrusting spear.

His blade crashed into the fire, driving its point down into the rocks at my feet. Sparks flashed and I gasped, stumbling back. "Sophia is not Angela's only guardian," Thrak spat.

"To ensure a fair contest between us, cunt, I have broken my arm and will fight with my off-hand. Try and match the fury of the greatest fighter ever born to the orcs." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia I groaned as I crawled forward, brushing the dust from my body. When the stones came, I danced amid them, dodging and dancing away from their reach. It was difficult. They came so swiftly.

But I was an elf. I knew how to move. Until the last rock, a tiny one, struck me right on the backside and knocked me to the ground.

My butt hurt. I reached back and rubbed at my naked flesh as I rolled over. My eyes stung and water. Dust was everywhere, a thick cloud that I couldn't see through. Fire flashed through the dust cloud and Faoril's moans of lusts echoed.

There was a second erinyes wielding a fiery sword, and not the spear Incessae carried. I had seen Incessae on the clifftop. My arrow had almost taken her in the face, but she had dodged it. The erinyes approaching was a the third sister. "Ultionae?" I asked as the flaming sword moved near me.

"Yes," a voice said. I drew and fired an arrow into the cloud. A moment later, a naked erinyes appeared, her fiery hair's brilliance muted by the dust clinging to it. She held my arrow shaft in her left hand, her thumb rubbing along the head. "That almost struck me," she nodded her head. "I despise waste. This avalanche was Incessae's idea. Angela is our target. The rest of you can live." I drew another arrow. She waved her hands and suddenly the rocks beneath me moved and seized me, pulling my arms down.

Hard tentacles wrapped about my large breasts, squeezing them. Lust burst through my body moments before a thick cock shoved into my asshole. The stone was polished so smooth it slid in like it was lubed, stretching my bowels. "You're making the rock fuck me?" I groaned, adding my voice to Faoril's moans. "I could kill you." A viscous smile crossed Ultionae's lips.

"But I am not Incessae." The erinyes leaned over and kissed me on the lips as the rock cock fucked into my ass. I moaned, unable to fight my the burning lusts ignited in my bowels and spreading through my body. I kissed the erinyes back, my tongue flicking through her mouth. "Mmm, yes, you are sweet.

After Angela's dead, I may come back to enjoy you." The erinyes stood and flared her wings. "If I can find her in all this dust." "No." I gasped. "Fuck me now. I'm so wet. I'll lick your pussy.oh, yes, I will. I'll devour you. Elves know how to please a woman." "You're just trying to tempt me from my vengeance. Noble." "No," I moaned, my hips bucking into the rock's thrusting cock. Burning pleasure radiated out of my asshole. "No, stay. I'll make you cum so hard." The erinyes laughed as she turned and vanished back into the dust.

My body trembled with pleasure. The rock tentacles squeezed my tits tight. I moaned and shuddered. The ends reached my nipples and stroked them with the hard, cold stone. The dick shoved deeper and deeper into my bowels. My juices flowed out of my cunt, mixing my flowery musk with the dust in the air. "Angela," I screamed out as an orgasm built inside of me. "I'm so sorry. But this rock is fucking me so hard.

Yes, yes, fuck my ass." "Fuck my cunt," moaned Faoril nearby. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak The pain in my right arm faded as I swung my heavy greataxe at the erinyes. Knifing pain shot up it as I moved, twisting the broken limb.

But it didn't matter right now. I couldn't afford to pay attention to the wound. I needed to keep fighting. Anger bubbled through me.

The rage beckoned, siren sweet. It would be so simple to adopt it and drive the erinyes from here, but then I would turn on my friends. Something had distracted Faoril. I heard her moans of lust echoing through the mountains. She was fine. If she could make those sounds, she couldn't be nipple sex best buddies aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny south. I didn't need the rage to beat the erinyes.

I just had to ignore the pain. Blood dripped down my right hand. The bleeding wasn't bad. The shards blondie blair williams gets her anus stretched bone had not pierced an artery. I could fight for several minutes before blood loss might be an issue. I had to make them count. My ax blurred silver before me as I swung it.

The erinyes hissed, her wings flapping, lifting her off the ground and landing her on a boulder. Her naked body fell into a stance, her large breasts heaving. Enticing. They were such delicious breasts. Erinyes were hard to kill, but if you could fuck one she could never harm you again. We had all fucked Injuriae after Angela defeated her. My cock stiffened as I lunged forward. "You're going to moan so loudly on my cock," I growled. "I bet you can't wait to feel my monster spear you." "Pig," she spat.

"Like I want anything to do with your cock." Her spear lanced at me. I parried with my ax and swiped at her stomach. Her wings flapped and pulled her back. She landed on a stone. I raced after, my long strides carrying me across the shifting rubble.

"You'll love my cock.


Every woman does." Her supple legs bent. She threw herself into the air, her wings flapping hard. The sunlight pierced through the settling dust and alighted on her fiery pubic hair as she twisted and landed behind me. I turned as her spear thrust. I blocked it with the side of the ax's blade. Her thrust was hard. Metal rang and sparks spurted. I stepped back, keeping my balance across the uneven terrain. Her spear thrust over and over at me.

I shifted my ax, blocking each one, but I had no opening to attack. "I think my spear would rather fuck your body," Incessae laughed. "Though I doubt you would like it as much." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun Shock still gripped me. My lyre was in hand, the ornate wood still in one piece, the strings taunt. I had been playing it when the avalanche fell upon us.

Maiden, my mare, had reared and thrown me before she raced down the path. Did she escape? All I could do was lie on my back, cradling my lyre, as the world shook around me. I squeezed my eyes shut. I knew this was a dangerous quest. Lady Delilah had explained it to me when she hired me back in Lor-Khev. But dying by avalanche was not on my list of expected dangers.

This wasn't how great heroes fell on important quests. They died in epic last stands to protect their friends or in daring charges that created the opening for their allies to defeat the enemy. They were not buried beneath rocks in something as pedantic as an avalanche. The rocks bounced around me. The ground rumbled. I knew I was dead. I just hoped my lyre wouldn't be harmed. It was a work of art, gifted to me when I graduated from the Bardic College of Az.

It was proof, despite what my school claimed after my disgrace, that I was a master bard. Dust washed over me. It stung my eyes even when they were squeezed shut. My breath wheezed. The ground shook harder. Horses and people screamed.

Angela sounded the worse. Agony was in her voice. She had been crushed and it was my turn next. Only no rocks crushed me. The rumbles stilled. Faoril and then Xera's pleasure-filled moans echoed through the air. Weapons clashed and Thrak bellowed. And I lay still, untouched. I opened my eyes. Through the haze of dust, rocks lay piled around me, rolled to a stop before they reached me. I was in a void. Around me, destruction had swept through the canyon and yet I had been untouched.

"Gods be praised," I whispered as I stood up. I turned around and out of the dust stepped an erinyes. She froze at the sight of me, a flaming sword in her hand. It was Ultionae, the most ferocious of her three sisters. She was an implacable enemy, born out of Slata's desire for vengeance after Las had tricked the goddess into sleeping with him. And though they suckled vengeance from Slata's breath, the erinyes were as much daughters of Las, of lust.

I sang and my fingers strummed. Bawdy words flooded out of my mouth. I sang of wet maids and virile warriors. I sent the lust at her. The erinyes froze and shook her head. She stepped back. Incessae had fled at Lor-Khev when I sang, and Ultionae sought to do the same. I sang louder, putting all my seductive charms into the music. My fingers strummed lust through the air. My cock hardened in my hose.

Her nipples hardened and dew matted the fiery curls between her thighs, she shook her head. "No," she moaned. "I won't." And the maiden wet was seized by a letch, to suck the warrior's cock. And the maiden fell, 'pon the grass o' the dell to blow the warrior's cock. Her mouth opened wide and her lips did slide up down the warrior's cock. Ultionae let out a moan, the song's words sliding through her head. Her wings flapped wide as she fell to her knees before me.

I kept singing as I watched her round breasts jiggle. Her hands reached out, trembling, fighting the song, but unable to deny the lusts I stirred in her pussy. I was a bard. My music amy andersen fuck a fan stir any emotion in any person.

I could mesmerize and frighten. I could inflame lusts or douse them. I could make a hardened warrior weep out every tear and make a grieving widow laugh for joy. And making a creature horny who was born, like changelings, from Las's lust, was not hard at all.

The erinyes's ivory hands unlaced my gray hose and pulled them amazing fucking ass jasmine jolie vaginal sex masturbation oral sex blonde caucasian vaginal mastur. My midnight-black cock spilled out.

Her hands were so pale as she gripped my thick, throbbing shaft. I fought the groan and kept playing as she stroked me. Then, like the maiden in my song, she opened wide and slid her mouth down my cock. The erinyes's mouth was a warm, wet heaven. My dick ached in it. My fingers played faster, keeping the lust going as my singing faltered.

It was hard to sing when such pleasure burst from your lips. Her tongue swirled about the crown of geiles teen victoria pure mit gruenen augen erwischt und gefickt german cock. Her wings fluttered and her fiery hair tumbled about her cheeks. She sucked hard, her pierced cheeks hollowing. I groaned and my balls ached as she bobbed her head and took more and more of my cock. My black fingers danced across the strings.

Playing lust in my song grew easier and easier as the pleasure built in my cock. Her mouth was such wonderful inspiration. One hand stroked my shaft while the other massaged my balls. "Yes, yes, that's it," I groaned. "We're both children of Las." My ears twitched.

I was in my normal form, they were long and pointed like an elves. The demigoddess sucked harder. She wanted my cum. Ultionae hungered for it. Her hand massaged my balls, working my sensitive nuts and shooting pleasure to the tip of my cock. The hand stroking my shaft moved away. She took more and more of my cock into her mouth. I groaned as the tip of my dick brushed the back of the demigoddess's throat. She sucked again, the pleasure curling my toes.

"Yes, deep-throat me. You're such a wanton demigoddess. You have such a letch to swallow my cock." She did with a moan.

My dick slipped down Ultionae's tight throat. I groaned and leaned back my head, loving the pleasure flooding through me. It was such sweet delight. I groaned. My fingers played so fast. I let them be free. The lust had seized me and it flowed out of me in the thrumming beat of my music. Her lips kissed into the silvery curls of my pubic hair. She had swallowed every inch of my black cock.

I groaned as I stared down into coal-fire eyes. Her wings flapped again as she massaged my dick with her throat and moaned her pleasure, the bliss humming around my cock.

"Yes, yes, yes. You want my cum. You have such a letch for it. You can't help yourself you want it all. Milk my cock for my cum, demigoddess-slut." Her free hand slipped between my legs and up my taint.

I groaned as her finger quested between my butt-cheeks. My eyes widened as she swirled it around my sphincter. A strange, burning sensation entered me. "You saucy demigoddess," I gasped as her finger wormed into my asshole. The burning pleasure shot to the tip of my cock. My balls, massaged by her delicate fingers, boiled to a froth.

I trembled. My fingers never faltered but built the music to a crescendo as my face contorted and my orgasm built. And then it exploded out of me. Blast after blast of my jizz erupted into her stomach. I shuddered as I flooded it straight into her stomach.

Her wings fluttered and she moaned about my cock. Her mouth slid down my shaft, catching the final blast in her mouth while the pleasure boiled through my body. "Yes," I panted.

"And you want more. You need more cum." My fingers kept playing the passionate song. Until Angela forced Ultionae to pleasure her, the erinyes would continue to be a threat. For the good of the party, I had to keep playing and having her suck my cock. It was such a sacrifice to make. But I was willing. "That's it. Keep worshiping my cock with that hungry mouth," I groaned as new pleasure built inside my balls.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Incessae My spear thrust over and over at the disgusting orc. His cock actually tented the front of his hide kilt. He had a broken arm and still was hard. What was wrong with him? He blocked my thrusts while leering at me with his swarthy, pierced face.

He was a huge orc, powerfully muscled and scarred. He had fought many battles. And won them all. A part of me, the part from my horrible father Las, ached to feel that cock. Violence always aroused my sisters and me.

Even now, my juices trickled down my thighs while music played in the background, a fast, strumming beat. A primal beat. The rhythm of two bodies heaving and thrusting together. The bard played. I had seen no sign of Ultionae. I had hoped the bard would have been crushed by the rocks. He and the mage were the most dangerous members of Angela's party to my sisters and I. The bard knew our weakness. He was a filthy changeling.

Even if he hadn't been trained by the bardic college, he would know seduction. Of all of Las's children, the race of changelings were most like their father, driven to seduce instead of just rape like many of the monstrous things Las had spawned.

But as long as I killed Angela, being ensnared by the bard and forced to pleasure his body would be a small sacrifice. And Ultionae seemed to be distracting him right now.

No doubt my sister used her body mr plus mr plus bangs nia thikk hardcore and creampie please Chaun. All I had to do was kill Thrak, and then the way to Angela would be clear. I kept thrusting. I had him. The spear gave me reach his ax lacked. As strong and fierce as he was, my weapon was faster.

I could flick it out over and over. All he could do was hide behind his ax blade and promise me the pleasures of his cock. "You are missing out," he leered. "Faoril and Angela both love my cock. Even the elf spreads her legs for me. You want this cock.


You ache for it. It will make you cum so hard. Look at its girth." "Right," I sneered. "Because I've never had a big cock. I'm millennia old. I was birthed before your miserable ancestors decided to muck a living in the frozen wastes." Thrak grinned. "But have you been fucked by an orc warrior? Have you really been ravished?" "No, and I don't—" Pain flared in my back.

I stumbled and threw a look over my shoulder. Sophia had snuck up on me while the orc.distracted me. I growled and pivoted my spear to impale the slut. Blood beaded down my back. Thrak lunged in. "Pater's cock." I flew back and dodged his greataxe.

He pressed in his attack while Sophia circled around me, a vicious grin on her dust-smeared face. "Not such a pathetic guard now," the acolyte sneered. My blood dripped from her knife. Thrak swung in with fierce attacks, forcing me on the defensive as Sophia moved around to strike at my back. More and more of the dust settled.

Ultionae knelt before the bard, sucking his cock. Faoril and Xera writhed in the embrace of animated rocks. All that stood between me and my goal was Thrak and Sophia. Thrak was too good. I couldn't fight him with the damned acolyte buzzing around me, waiting to strike in and prick me with her little knife. My wings flapped. How could I defeat Thrak now? If I could kill Angela, then it won't matter.

I just need to lead Thrak away. Then I could fly over his head and kill Angela before he could reach me. It was the only choice I had. It galled me that I didn't have to feign falling back. Thrak and Sophia pressed me too hard. I retreated across the strewn boulders as my spear spun before me, parrying and keeping the pair of them at bay. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Journeyman Faoril The stone cock reamed my pussy so fast. It hammered me. My flesh clenched about the smooth shaft as I writhed in the rocks.

My nipples, pressed against the animated boulder, were pinched and rubbed. I humped and moaned. I was trapped, wrapped up by the rocks. I couldn't just lie here and be myself enjoying myself playing dress up tube porn, but it was so hard to think. Pleasure rushed through my body. My toes curled. I moaned and my ass clenched as an orgasm burst through me.

My eyes closed against the rush of bliss. It was intense, crashing over me and engulfing me in juicy, warm bliss. My body spasmed as my pussy milked the rock. I wanted it to cum in me. I needed cum. I couldn't use my magic without cum. And I wanted to use my magic. As the dust cleared, I spotted my orc lover fighting one of the erinyes. I had to help. "Fuck me harder," I screamed instead. My back arched. My pussy kept cumming. My flesh writhed over the thrusting, smooth pillar of rock.

It was so thick realgfsexposed masturbating on her desk brunettes sologirl wonderful. I never wanted it to stop fucking me. I wanted to lie here and be ravished over and over again. What a wonderful thought. "No," I groaned. "You have to focus, Faoril. Don't be such a slut." The rock's surface rubbed at my clit now. My eyes widened at the new rush of delight shooting through my body.

My toes curled. I arched my back and sang out my bliss as I came even harder. My vision fuzzed. My arms spasmed. My hand brushed my robe. It was wet and sticky. Why? Cum. I groaned and clenched my robe. The vials had broken and jizz stained my robes with pearly streaks. The rock had ripped my robes open. The red fabric lay spread out on the rocks. I twisted my head and stared at the mess. White cum stained in streaks across the red fabric. Thrak's cum.

I licked my lips. I needed to taste it. I twisted my arm, wiggling it in the rock's grip. I shuddered and moaned again. It somehow sucked on my nipples. The hard, smooth stone engulfed them and stretched them.

The pleasure shot down to my pussy. "Fuck," I gasped as my fingers strained to grab the fabric of my robe. "Fuck me harder, rock. Keep making me cum. Keep playing with my clit." My fingers slid on the fabric, struggling to gain a grip. Pleasure rippled out of my pussy.

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Stars danced before my eyes. I snagged the fabric. My ass clenched as I humped my hips into the wonderful, hard rock-cock. I bucked and spasmed. My fingers released, dropping the cloth. "No, Thrak's cum," I moaned as the bliss hammered my mind. I had to have it. I grabbed the robe again. I twisted my back as my fingers snagged the wet fabric.

It smeared globs of cum on my digit. I bent my arm, bringing the fingers to my mouth. It wasn't a lot of cum, but I needed any energy to fuel my magic. My arm bent, but the rocks held me. I couldn't bring my fingers close enough to my mouth. They were only a foot away, beading with the white globs.

I strained, girls showing her brest milk tongue reaching. "Please," I moaned to the rock. "Just let me have some cum." The rock didn't answer me.

It was too primal, existing only to fuck me. I shuddered and my fingers spasmed as bliss erupted in my cunt again. The cum flew from my fingers and splattered across my lips and face.

My tongue licked out. A spurt of power washed through me. Not a lot, but enough. Still orgasming, I sent the the power of the earth into the rocks, snapped the tentacles holding me in place, and broke off the rock dick. I stood up on rubbery legs, the dildo still impaled into my spasming cunt.

I needed more cum. I shoved my hands into my left pocket and produced a vial. I popped off the cork and drank down Thrak's salty load. I shuddered as the cum, kept warm and fresh by my magic, filled my mouth. I swirled it around, savoring the thick, creamy texture before I swallowed. It warmed my belly. I had my magic. Incessae soared over Thrak. Her spear lunged down at poor Angela whimpering in pain as she was crushed beneath the rocks.

I seized one of the boulders pinning her and threw it at the erinyes. The rock slammed into her spear and burst. The erinyes was thrown back in a flurry of black feathers. I summoned the wind and swirled it around the tumbling erinyes. I seized Incessae, pulling her arms and wings taught. I gripped her as I stumbled forward, my legs bowed while my pussy gripped the thick dildo. "Sophia, heal Angela so she can make Incessae fuck her," I said.

My body was so weak from all my orgasms. I wanted to collapse, but I kept my focus and bound the erinyes. "No," Incessae hissed. "You will not escape mother's justice. Erinyes was a demigoddess. She had power.

It burst out of her, throwing back my wind. I gasped as she snapped my magic. I rebounded and stumbled back, landing on my butt. The stone dildo expelled from my pussy and cracked on the ground. "Las-damned cunt," I groaned as Incessae soared high into the air, fleeing my magic. "Angela!" shouted Sophia. The acolyte had her dagger out.

She had been fighting. I laid back and groaned. My body still buzzed from my orgasms. But I couldn't collapse. I had to keep helping. Angela's horse was still pinned and I didn't see Buttercup at all. I sat up and heaved boulders off of Midnight. The stallion whinnied in pain. Blood foamed at his lips. Farther down the pass, Buttercup limp, her poor leg broken. I valentina nappi piss drinking compilation at the retreating Incessae, and then smirked at Ultionae sucking away at Chaun's cock, under the spell of his song.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "Thrak, pamela anderson and brett michaels this to Midnight," I said, pulling out a healing potion. Then I snagged a second one. "Here, for your arm." "Thank you," the orc said, his face pained. He panted. I tried not to look at his arm as he took the two vials full of my enchanted breast milk. As I rushed to Angela, I opened my robes and cast the healing spell.

My small breasts tingled and my milk beaded my dusky nipples. I leaped over a boulder and landed by poor Angela. She lay on her back. I did not look at her legs. "Angela," I said, kneeling beside her pain-filled face.

"I'm here." "You.didn't run." she groaned. "I was bad," I smiled at her and cupped her face. I brought her lips to my breast. "Drink and you'll be all better." Angela latched on and gave a weak suck. She shuddered in pain. I stroked her fiery hair, brushing out small pebbles and the dust. She suckled again and let out a sigh.

Her lips latched tight and her hands seized my naked waist, holding me. "That's it, get all better," I said. The tingling excitement of her lips on my nipples shot down to my pussy. I clenched my thighs together and squirmed as she nursed. Every suck was stronger than the last. The pain faded from her blue eyes and the strain relaxed from her forehead.

My pussy grew wet. Her strong fingers gripped me. Midnight neighed and shuddered, gaining his feet as he healed. Purity and Maiden grazed absently down the pass. I pulled out another potion and tossed it to Thrak. "For Buttercup." The orc nodded and walked off. "Mmm, you are getting so much stronger, Mistress," I purred.

"Drink deep of my milk." I glanced at her legs. They were whole. I sighed in relief and spread my thighs. My hand slid between them. I rubbed at my hot, shaved pussy.

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Flutters of delight washed through me. I moaned and squirmed, letting my fingers dip into my sex and stir through them. "Mistress," I groaned. "Yes, drink my milk." My pussy clenched down on my fingers as Angela suckled hard. My milk squirted into her mouth. I loved the feeling. It was such a delicious thrill.

My fingers pumped faster inside my pussy. I leaned my head back and let out a moan of delight. "You little slut," Angela hissed after she released my nipple.

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Milk beaded on her lips as she glared at me. "What, Mistress?" I moaned. She kissed me hard. I savored my sweet breast milk on her lips. My pussy clenched on my fingers.

I curled them, searching for my g-spot as I savored the kiss. We survived. We had defeated one of the erinyes and driven off the other. Angela survived. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela I broke the kiss with Sophia and ripped her fingers out of her cunt. I brought her fingers to my lips and sucked the tart juices clean. Sophia trembled, milk leaking from her small breasts and down her stomach.

She had changed so much. The scared, whiny acolyte was replaced by a woman that was prepared to die to protect her loved ones. She had never seemed more sexy to me then right now, her face stained with dust and her brown hair a troubled mess. "You little slut," I hissed again, my pussy on fire." Did I give you permission to finger your cunt while you healed me?" "No, Mistress," she moaned, her eyes wide with delight.

"It was so bad of me." "And you disobeyed my direct order, slave." Sophia shuddered then stretched out over my lap. She reached behind her and hiked up her robes, exposing her pale ass. Thrak gave a grunt of appreciation as he stared at my acolyte's naked butt.

I squeezed her butt-cheeks and grinned at him. "Spank her hard," he growled. "She deserves it. "Yes, she does." Tears beaded my eyes.

"You were bad." "Soooo bad." Sophia squirmed. "Discipline me, Mistress." My hand cracked down onto her pale, ivory asscheek. The stinging slap rang across the canyon, joined a moment later by her yelp of pain. My pussy clenched at the burning handprint. "One, thank you, Mistress," gasped Sophia. "May I please have another?" Crack! I landed my hand on her right butt-cheek this time.

I savored the bright red. I stared at it while she squirmed on my lap. This wonderful woman had saved my life today. The tears trickled down my cheeks. A drop fell and landed on her butt. "Two, thank you, Mistress. May I please have another?" "You may," I whispered. Crack! She bucked hard. My hand landed with all my force, giving my delightful acolyte the stinging pain she craved. Her butt-cheeks clenched. Before she could count out, I spanked her again. And again. I savored her moans of pain and the jiggle of her ass.

My tears of joy kept falling, wetting her ass between swings. Her butt glowed red. She squirmed and moaned. "Twenty, thank you, Mistress.

May I please have another?" I licked my lips. "No, no. You've been punished enough. Now it's time for your reward. You saved me, good morning this one is for my fans love you, Mistress." "I love you, too." I meant it.

My heart beat for her. She had wormed her way inside of me and taken root, joining my girlish crush on Lady Delilah and filling the hole left by sophia milk tits petite story agreement with the oracle. She replaced Kevin in my heart.

Both my hands massaged her butt-cheeks, bringing soft moans from her lips. I spread them apart, revealing her puckered sphincter.

I licked a finger, then shoved it deep into her asshole. She squirmed and her bowels clenched on my digit. My other hand slipped down to rub at her wet pussy lips.

"You may cum," I purred. "You were such a good slave. You disobeyed me, but you did it out of love." "Thank you, Mistress," she gasped as she squirmed. Both her holes clenched down on my fingers. I shoved three into her cunt as I worked a second finger into the tight heat of her bowels. She squirmed on my lap. The heat in my own pussy grew, but this was her reward. I could wait. Ultionae needed tending to. Her face twisted. Joy shone in her green eyes. She bit her lip as she squirmed.

Her pussy grew so hot and wet. My fingers slid easily into the depths of her cunt. My thumb pressed outward and found her clit. I massaged it. "Mistress," she moaned, bucking on my lap.

"Cum for me," I moaned. "I know you want to. I can feel it building inside of you. Every time I spanked your ass, you grew wetter." "I did, Mistress." Her bowels clenched down on my fingers as I massaged her clit faster and harder with my thumb. "Oh, yes, Mistress. Keep playing with my clit." Her tongue piercing flashed as she licked her lips. It clinked against her tongue as she bucked. I knew her well. Her orgasm built in her depths. Her flesh clenched and relaxed on my fingers.

Her tart musk filled the air. I breathed it in and rubbed my fingers against her pussy wall, searching for that wonderful spot.

She gasped and bucked when I found it. I massaged her clit and her bundle of nerves in her pussy. She gasped and moaned as she spasmed. Her body convulsed. Her orgasm burst inside of her. Juices squirted out of her cunt, splashing against my hand and drenching my thighs with her passion. "That's it," I purred. "Let it all out. Enjoy yourself, slave. You earned it." "Thank you, Mistress," she gasped and spasmed.

"Oh, you're so wonderful." She bucked a final time. Then she fell still. I pulled out my fingers from her holes. I savored her sour ass and tart pussy. Then I gave her ass a light slap. "Come on. We have an erinyes to fuck now." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Incessae I winged over the Lesh-Ke mountains. I failed. Bile burned at the back of my throat. Ultionae had been captured. Even now, she would be submitting to Angela.

Once my sister made Angela cum, she could no longer enact vengeance against her. Only I was left to deliver Mother's justice. I could not fail again. I had to be smart. An avalanche didn't work because they were all together. I needed to bide my time and strike at a moment of absolute weakness.

A moment when I could exploit chaos and distraction to ram my spear through Angela's back. I had no idea when that would be. But I could be patient. I had time to think and plot. I knew her next destination: Raratha.

I would begin my plans in the great port city. When Angela arrived, I would be ready for her. I turned and flew to the southwest, my black wings beating fast. To be continued.