Mofos stranded teens pretty hitchhiker has a nice ass starring vanessa decker

Mofos stranded teens pretty hitchhiker has a nice ass starring vanessa decker
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Her name is Samantha she lives in new jersey so that should put the setting in place it's a small town everyone knows each other one way or another. She's got a pair of 32Bs a cute face, nice brown eyes, long and straight dark brown hair almost a blackish color to it and an athletic body nice flat stomach, sexy long legs that are well toned and a great firm ass. All in all she is pretty damn attractive and she's a cheerleader at her high school and seeing her wear that outfit and doing those acrobatic moves just drives you wild.


Anyways it was just a normal day to her a Friday of course of all days. As she sat in her seat in her final class she contemplated on what her life would be like after school, she's a senior is why.

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But she was wearing a loose blue skirt which exemplified her nicely tanned legs although her body was also nicely tan but anyways she also wore a matching blue and a tight matching shoulder shirt which also highlighted her cleavage pretty much and a cute pair of original converse all stars short top and a blue zip up hoody it wasn't necessarily and she wore it to hide her cleavage but since she left it open and un zipped it didn't do anything for hershe just thought it made her look even more cute and it certainly did it was also her favorite outfit being that her favorite color was blue…who knew.

After the last hour bell rang she quickly got up and darted past everybody to get out and get to her car so she could go home and just relax with some of her friends at a party that she had been invited to.

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She decided to get home quickly and get ready she was mom and son fak sex decisive and careful about how she appeared especially at social events like parties and its not like she was insecure about her appearance but she just liked to look her best when going out. After she showered and took her time in the water she got out and quickly got her clothes together and put them on.

She decided on wearing a simply sexy black thong which made her ass look even better than it already did and securely fastened her matching black bra and showed off her well-shaped breasts but hid her pink nipples. And just that alone made her look like any mans wet dream.

Over that she put on a slim fit black t shirt which matched her curves and flat stomach, she then slid on another matching skirt which fit loosely and her favorite converse. After admiring herself in the mirror for a bit she smiled at her reflection glad she looked the way she did.

She went on her way to the party by using her car to get there. She parked outside and proceeded inside and met with her friends. After an hour she was having a good time she had a couple beers by then but being the lightweight she is took its toll on her slowly she began to feel the buzz and was giggling more at bad jokes with her high school girlfriends.

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But after a few more drinks she decided to find a sink after finding one she realized that Patrick was following her. Patrick was a creep, a wanna be preppy guy who thought he was cool shit.

She hated him mostly because he had insulted her when he tried hitting on her which disgusted her a lot so she avoided him as much as possible.

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But he was ultimately obsessed with her and her beauty. But she shrugged it off as she had a prior engagement. Finding a sink to get some water so she did but when she got to it she decided to bend over abit bracing herself on it feeling abit sick. She felt something brush on her ass and she quickly looked back and saw Patrick smiling and winking at her from across the room she rolled her eyes and gagged and he flipped her off she quickly left to get out of there and also mostly to get away from the creepy son of a bitch.

After a while she lost sight and felt relieved and she partied abit more with her friends and realized she would not be able to drive home so she went to go find a room to crash in. she found one upstairs and locked the door behind her but it didn't close completely but he was too drunk to notice so she just crashed in the bed. It must have been a parents room or something because there was a spare bathroom and a separate desk with a sewing machine with supplies for sewing like scissors and yarn the whole nine yards.

After a few minutes Patrick noticed where she went and left to investigate.

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He found a door slightly open and went in and closed it behind them he realized the treasure he had found. And also noticed even if she woke up no one would hear anything because of all the noise.


So he shot down the last half of the beer and put the bottle down on the desk and moved towards her laying on her stomach and got an idea he went back out to get his friend and the video camera and came back he told his friend Gino what he wanted to do. Gino just grinned and nodded. So Patrick got ready as gino recorded him striping down to his boxers and then laying in top of her and grinding into her ass for awhile he then layed her on her back and he quickly grabbed her skirt and jerked It down her legs and sniffed it and threw it into a bag he brought back with him and he looked down at her thong and slid that down too and then he tossed those in the bag too he then took the scissors and cut down her cleavage halfway down her shirt and exposed her tits he then proceeded to cut her bra off too and threw those into the bag too and he left her shirt on but cot down more than halfway but then he placed his hands on her tits and fondled them and his dick got rock hard fast ad he tossed off his boxers and he began to jerk off over her body but her then took her hand and rubbed himself with it.

He then straddled her face and planted himself into her mouth and she gagged abit while she slept and slowly fucked her face with gino recording the whole time as he pistoned his huge dick in and out of her mouth fast and felt his balls slapping her wet chin and he could feel the velvety insides of her throat un til he came hard and exploded all over her face and tits he got up and switched with gino his cock was already rock hard from watching sam get raped while she slept so for him there was no fore play so gino right away opened up her legs and slid his dick into her pussy and mercilessly fucked her tight snatch until he exploded deep into and kept fucking her until every drop of cum was milked out into her vagina.

Patrick quickly switched as he was horny as hell again and had a wicked idea he flipped her over onto her stomach and he forcefully pulled up her ass and buried hot masseuse oils and fucks dick on massage table face into the pillow and he thrusted into her pussy a few times to lube up his cock and he then pulled out and shoved all of his cock into her asshole hard and deep she began to stir as she felt motion and pain but Patrick was way too far into the ecstasy of the moment to care and fucked away at her asshole until he couldn't take it anymore and he thrusted faster and harder and shoved it in one more time as far as he could and came in her intestines hard and collapsing on top of her and gino took over again and swapped with Patrick and he got the idea to tie her up this time so he tied her hands together then to the headboard after he turned her onto her back and titty fucked her for awhile until he blew his load onto her tits and neck.

Then the next thing that sam knew was when she began to feel pressure from something as she came around she realized it was gino and shoving his tongue down her throat and fucking her xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 hard and she tried to move but her hands were tied she tried to fight but all this did was amuse gino she eventually collapsed back and fainted from the pain when she woke up again she was covered in cum and her clothes were mostly missing what she was wearing was torn or cut up she saw a note sticking to her chest because of the cum from the night before from Patrick it said " we'll be in contact more often now" she checked her cell phone and she received pics of her getting fucked by Patrick and gino she was in shock and didn't know what to do after sitting in thought and some tears she got up and showered but when she came out she hauled ass to her car and drove home.

By gods great grace she managed to slip past her parents mainly due to it being a Saturday they were sleeping in naturally she crashed in bed locking her door behind her and sat in her room the rest of the weekend until Monday……she had no idea what lay ahead in her future&hellip.