Cash for beautiful teen cali hayes in swap for blowjob hardcore

Cash for beautiful teen cali hayes in swap for blowjob hardcore
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It was the first Saturday of the school holidays. I was on a packed train returning home and hadn't been able to find a seat. I found myself standing in the vestibule area of the last carriage along with a middle-aged lady and a teenage couple.

This younger couple were cuddling and laughing. As the journey went on the lad was getting more tactile with his girlfriend. He was about 6 foot tall, slim with short hair and was wearing a white tee shirt, baggy jeans and trainers. The girl was about 5 foot 6 with ginger hair, denim shorts and a dark tee shirt with a band's logo.

I watched, remembering my youth, as the lad groped and kissed his girlfriend.


He started by rubbing her stomach and arse while kissing her neck and the top of her head. He was grinding his groin into her arse and she seemed to be pushing back into him.

I guess this must have had some effect as he reached down the front of his jeans and under his boxers with his hand and presumably repositioned his growing cock. Meanwhile his other hand was rubbing her tits through her tee shirt. I don't know if the middle-aged lady had noticed what this young couple were doing but she was standing with her back to them and, I think, trying to ignore them! I was quite enjoying the view.

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The girl turned round to towards her boyfriend and pulled his face down to meet hers. She started French kissing him and I could see her tongue probe into his mouth. It was obvious from the bulge in the front of his jeans pawg teen dildo riding hook me up at masturbation teenager he was getting more and more aroused.

I was curious to see how far this couple would go. As I watched I saw her hand reach down the front of his jeans and start to move up and down. I can only guess she was gently wanking his stiff cock. Meanwhile the young lad had one hand groping her back and the other was groping her arse. That hand then disappeared under her T-shirt and down the back of her shorts. Judging from his heavy breathing and the way he was thrusting his groin, he was enjoying the hand job she was giving him.

I think at this point both of them have forgotten they were on a crowded train. I watched in amazement her hand speeded up and his jeans slipped lower on his hips. I could make out the tip of a very stiff cock poking out the top of his boxers as her hand worked up and down the shaft.

The lad had his head buried in the girl's neck and was moaning quite loudly. She continued to wank his stiff cock, suddenly he stiffened and I could see him cumming.

Several shots of cum sprayed onto his taught stomach and the girls hand.


I think they both suddenly realised where they were. She pulled her hand up and wickedly licked it clean. The lad tried to put his still stiff cock into his boxers and then pulled his jeans up to cover the mess collecting in his pubic hair. They both started laughing like little schoolchildren. I still wonder if the middle-aged lady realised what had just happened behind! Shortly after that the train pulled into a station. The middle-aged lady got off and I'm sure I saw some of the lads cum on her coat.

The train pulled out and, while not so crowded, it was still full. I was now alone with the young couple in the vestibule area and I asked if that was the first time they had done something like that. The lad looked slightly embarrassed but the girl answered straight away.

She explained she had an exhibitionist streak and enjoyed the feeling of danger and being caught. We chatted some more and it turned out this was tempting anime with large boobs doing blowjob first time she had done anything like this with Jack, her new boyfriend.

She went on to say she had fucked on a coach going to Paris with a previous partner. Jack looked surprised; I guess she hadn't said told him this before.

I asked what had happened and Sally told us both. She was going to Paris with her school last year. The coach had left from the school and gone to Portsmouth for the short ferry crossing to France before driving through the early hours of the morning to Paris. It was on this leg of the journey she and her boyfriend had had their fun. The coach wasn't full and they had got the seat at the back with only one other lad sitting there.

It was dark and most of the students were sleeping or at lease dozing and plugged into MP3s. She and her boyfriend were chatting and making the most of being away from the watchful eye of the parents. Sally said she started feeling randy and started to talk dirty saying what a buzz to fuck on a coach. Her boyfriend started to get turned on and zarina ka sex story xxx soon changed to action. They started to make out; he was kissing her neck and grouping her tits while she was worming her hand into his pants.

Needles to say he was getting turned on and she was playing with his stiff cock. She spread her legs open and used her other hand to pull his hand to her groin. He took the hint and started to rub her through her damp knickers. Soon his fingers pushed aside the material and started to push into het cunt and rub against her clit. This mutual wanking went on and they both got more and more worked up. She unzipped his jeans and pulled his stiff and leaking cock out into the air.

Then she carefully stood and sat down on his lap impaling herself on his cock.

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They started fucking in the very confined space and were both trying not to make too much noise. Apparently her boyfriend was so turned on he only lasted a few thrusts into her tight cunt before cumming.

They then realised the other student on the back seat hadn't been asleep but had watched them fuck while wanking his own cock and cumming on the back of the seat!

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All this talk of sex had a visible effect on Jack and I could see his cock was once more erect. Sally obviously felt his erection; it would have been hard to miss as he was rubbing his groin against her arse again! She asked if he wanted to fuck her and needled to say he answered yes. I though they may have gone into one of the toilets but Sally had different ideas.


She took off her shorts and knickers before undoing his jeans and then she turned round and lent forward, bent at the waist. Jack took the hint and pushed his jeans and boxers down to reveal a decent sized very erect cock with the foreskin pulled back to show a wet purple head.

He moved up behind Sally and bent his knees to get to the right height before thrusting his cock into her. I watched in amazement as this teenaged couple fucked in front of me. I could clearly see Jacks cock pump in and out of Sally's cunt; glistening with their combined juices. Jack started off with long slow strokes while holding Sally's arse hips with both hands.

Sally meanwhile was holding one hand on non stop joy for luscious babe with jugs carriage wall and the other and was between her legs rubbing her clit. Their rutting got faster and Jack was soon moving in a blur. His cock was making short, vicious strokes and soon he climaxed. His arse pushed hard against Sally and I saw him clench his buttocks as he came. They both stopped moving and, I guess, enjoyed the post climax feeling before Jack pulled his cock out.

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It was still stiff and covered in his cum and her juices. He just pulled his boxers and jeans up over his wet cock and the cum from his earlier hand job. Sally looked over to me and saw the pronounced bulge in my trousers.

The little minx didn't say a word but dropped to her knees and unzipped me before pulling my very stiff and wet cock out of the fly.

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She then swallowed by cock and I had the amazing sensation of her warm, wet mouth working over the head of my cock. Her hand was playing with my balls and even rubbing towards my arse. I was extremely turned on and having a teenage girl give me a blow job on a busy train pushed me over the edge. I soon blow my load into her young mouth! Just as I came we heard an announcement for the next station where I had to get off.

I put my wilting cock back and thanked Sally saying this was my stop. She said they were also getting off; I hadn't realized they lived in the same town. Sally got a pen and wrote her mobile number on the back of my hand saying I should ring her to meet up some time. The train pulled into the station and we got off; I wondered if I would see this sexy teenage couple again.