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Pretty teen girl kendall railed by throbbing black cock
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*Legendary Shy Chapter 3 Driving down the road it seemed like it was taking for ever to get to Zach's, especially when you have 4 angry women in your car. Then I finally saw the turn off to Zach's house, when I turned we saw the line of cars, but I had been to one of his parties before and I knew the short cut to the personal parking, when we started to pull up into the driveway I saw Zach come running out flailing his arms hollering, but we couldn't hear him over the slipknot.

when we finally stopped he started to pound on the window, I turned off the car and opened the door to see his eyes go wide, he looked from me to the car, then back to me; I smiled at his confusion then I said as I turned around, "please don't hurt my car man, I just got it an hour ago." When I turned around he was still wide eyed, then I said to the girls, "hey lets go inside before we get called missing." Then I could of swore Zach's mouth dropped when the 4 girls stepped, that's when I noticed also that they looked fantastic, then my sister walked up to me and Zach and raised her hands to shut our jaws then said, "come now boys its like you just saw a ghost." But then they all giggled, grabbed me and started to pull me up to the mansion.

When the doors opened I somehow made it in the middle. Zach came rushing in and ran off somewhere, then I realized that everyone was dead quiet, I blushed a bit but for some reason I thought like saying, "come on guys and girls, it looks like you just saw me come back from the grave, lets party!" then what was weird they all raised their plastic cups and yelled.

The night was going great, Ken walked around getting the looks he always go at school, and most of the girls had longing looks while the guys had looks of pure amazement and those stares where they practically say, "you lucky bastard." I just smiled and blushed through it all, the girls who came with me disappeared within 20 inch big black dick mins of showing up, to go looking friends and crushes, but I decided to try and enjoy myself, but for some reason the party just seemed so far away.


I wanted some fresh air, everyone parted to let me through, well the guys were scared of me, but the girls were a little more rebellious. Finally after many girls getting close, way to close, I was outside, there weren't very much people out here; they were the make out group or the romantic people. I decided to walked down to the lake shore (did I mention Zach lives in a lake house) there wasn't anyone down here, but the second I walked past some timbers, I got a very eerie feeling; it felt like someone was watching me.

I kept walking for a while, and then I saw some movement in the side of my sight. I stopped and then I noticed the footsteps stopped a second after mine, but they were rushed stop like they didn't know I was going to stop.

I smiled and said without turning, "look please don't follow me, I would rather enjoy it if you walked beside me, im sorry if you don't want to." When ever I spoke I heard a gasp, but what was this feeling, it seemed different for some reason, more like a commanding presence.

I turned slowly then I saw someone I never met before, she looked at least of 18-21 years of age, she seemed quite beautiful, but she was wearing some kind of black suit. By the look on her face she seemed surprised but she just stood still.

Then out of no where she started too looked around for some other person who wasn't there, then she looked back to me with that same asian stripper and bar girl gets nude in filipina show look. For some reason I just was thinking *does she think im blind or does she think im stupid* then suddenly I just said, "is something wrong?" her eyes went wide for a second then looked a little frustrated then she finally spoke, "um…You…c.Can see me?" I guess she thought I was blind, "yes, why wouldn't I?

I could hear you and feel your presence." Then I for some reason felt a twinge of sorrow for her I don't know why but she seemed caught in something she wasn't supposed to be. "Im sorry I was meant to follow you and protect you, but I am probably in trouble since my suit broke-" "wait what you mean by 'suit broke'"?

She seemed to inwardly kick herself for saying that, then next thing I knew she ran and jumped into then timbers and ran off. I was left there thinking what the hell was going on in my life, *what did she mean my protect me?

And follow* probably some of the school girls idea to take pictures or something at that thought Misato sakurai fingers and toys her tits and pussy blushed hard. I decided to start walking back. When I was walking back I keep looking behind me to see if that person was following me, but when I turned I accidentally bumped and knocked someone on the ground, when I looked down it was Courtney, then I noticed she was wearing a short skirt and it rode up revealing her pink G-string, then I decided to be the gentleman and held out my hand and said, "im sorry I knocked you down Courtney, may I help you up?" she looked up for a second wide eyed then blushed and took my hand I picked her up pretty easily.

When she stood up she looked at the ground and blushed then said, "thank you." She then looked up and before anything else she was kissing me hard on the lips; I was taken back for a second and then relaxed and started to kiss back.

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We stood there for a couple of seconds, then she back off and looked at the ground and blushed again, "im sorry ken, I couldn't resist." I just stood there in disbelief then I regained my senses and said, "Its ok, I don't think I could understand but its ok, ok?" she looked up at me with a huge smile then node her head." I smiled that smile when you know you just said something that will piss of a lot of other people.

As we started to walk back, to the house arm in arm, I heard someone say, "ken…um…can you can I speak with you right quick?" I looked around and saw Raven standing there nervously, I smiled at her and said to Courtney, "ill be there in a minute." She looked at me with sad eyes but walked off.

I turned and followed Raven behind a shed, she stood there for a second than turned around and grabbed my face and pulled me down to kiss her; it was straining my back, so I put my arms around her and lifted her up, (why were all the girls so light?) then she broke off and I let her down, she blushed and looked away for a second then she looked back and I noticed something in her eyes, what was it?

I've seen it lately but I don't know what it means. She then blushed and said, "I never really thanked you ken…so…Thank you" I blushed for some reason then I heard her let out a small giggle, and then I smiled and said, "No problem Rav, anything for you." Then her pale skin turned red, I smiled and hugged her then started to kiss her I guess she didn't expect me to be so bold, but she relaxed and started to kiss back, then I started to feel her kiss down, she got blond latin bomb fucked by the pool her knees before 9 could say anything she had my zipper down and was attempting to get my dick out; I saw her go wide eyed when she finally managed to get it out, she looked up at me and smiled.

I guess I blushed but I didn't care, I just watched as Raven lowered her head and started to lick up and down my dick. I heard her gasp I looked down and she was looking at my dick as it grew harder, she didn't expect it to get any bigger, I smiled at the thought of surprising her.

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But I guess she didn't care about how big it was she slowly slid it into her mouth but could only get half way down it, I was about 11 inches, so I guess he would have trouble. She continued to suck my dick, she was doing magic; her tongue was trying to roam everywhere then I felt my balls tighten and felt my come start to shoot.

I should have warned her cause she caught it and tried to swallow, but xxx sexi foking movies storys was to much, she backed off but when she did I was done yet and she caught a few shots on the face landing over her eye, nose and chin, some of the cum was dripping down her chin and landing on her right breast.

I backed off from my ecstasy. I looked down at her and she was swallowing and gathering all the cum that landed on her and. She swallowed then finally said, "Wow, Ken, you're so big, I didn't expect so much cum." But she was smiling the whole time she said that, and then I picked her up and whispered in her ear, "let me return the favor." She gasped then I laid her down on the ground then slowly started to move down her body.

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When I got past her skirt I moved it up to reveal nothing, I smiled at her and she started to blush again. I looked again and she had a shaven pussy. I noticed her juices glistening on her mound and thighs, I slowly lowered my head and licked up and down her slit, I heard her let out a soft moan and her body trembled slightly; I moved my fingers up and slowly slit them into her, she was so wet and tight I thought I might lost my fingers.

I then focused on her clit, I found it and start to lick it gently, and she let out a load moan and the trembling returned, I kept on working profusely for ten or more minutes, then I felt her inner walls contract and she arched her back. I knew what was coming so I removed my finger and replaced them with my mouth. I moved my tongue in; I felt her try and move me deeper into her. I heard her moaned again then it turned into a soft scream, then she finally orgasmed, I started to lick her up, I didn't want to lose any of it and it was so sweet.

After I finally licked it all up, I raised my head and saw her panting and had her eyes close, I got up and slowly lifted her up, I fixed her skirt, the whole time she just stood there with her eyes close panting, I heard her whisper, "thank you ken" I smiled and said again, "I told you anything for you." She hen finally looked at me and gave me a sweet smile.

I held out my hand which she took it and we started to walk back to the house and to the others, and I was inwardly kicking myself because I knew if this happened to Courtney and Raven what will the others do? Courtney, Penny, and Angela jumped about 10 minutes after Courtney returned from finding Ken, they all looked at each other, then they all said in unison, "someone just got the lead." Then they all looked around to find Ken, then they said again, "Damn that Raven" then out of no where someone unexpected showed up, "Hey Angela, where is your brother?" they all snapped there neck to see Conley Campbell (who was Captain of the cheerleaders) standing there looking around.

"Im sorry Conley were also wondering the same thing," said Angela then before she could say anything else Conley walked off. But before they could say anything else Ken popped up, "Hey did I just miss something?" They all looked at Ken then to a very beet red Raven, then Courtney, "Ken did you an-" then another voice interrupted Courtney, "um…Ken?

We need you for something can you come this way?" before he could say anything he was being dragged off by some girl. Before he knew it he was on the second floor and some other guys were there; then he felt an arm go around his neck and it was Jake, "dude guess what?" "what?' we are about to be auctioned off!" I looked at him for a second then said, "dude…why did I get dragged into this?" He laughed at my question, "Dude, why so stupid?

Are you drunk?" then I smelled the whiskey on his breath and I knew I was in for the ride so I said, "ok so whats all this for?" he seemed to get serious then said, "well whoever gets the most money is the king of the party, and you keep whatever you make." I gave a wry smile then turned and looked around and saw some other guys from school: me, Zach, Jake, Josh, Justin, Cody, Kori, Matte, and one of Josh's friends (I think they call him Smitty) then I heard a female voice and turned to see Conley the captain hottie lola milano sucks and rides doggystyle and deepthroat the cheerleaders say, "Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, and Drunken people.

I am happy to bring you the first ever male auction. The first auctionee is, Jake Harold. Do I hear any bids?" adrianna rossi likes to fuck him dry was complete and utter silence, and then Jake said aloud, "come on ladies! I can say ill give you a good time!" then there was a round of boo's from the girls. "Well it looks like no bids, so Jake scram, the next is Matte! Do I hear any bids?" there was silence for a second then a girl I kind of knew said, "two dollars!" everyone gasped then yelled a WOOHOO causing Jasmine to blush, "do I hear anymore bids?" there was silence then she said aloud again, "SOLD for 2 dollars." This continued for 15 more minutes, and the only people left were me, Zach, and Smitty; the next person to get called up was Smitty, but the second he did a few people said, "where is KEN!?

I thought he was supposed to be an auctionee." Then there were a lot of gasps and a lot of murmuring, and a few girlish giggles. I turned beat red, and walked up to the edge of the railing and gave an awkward smile and a small wave; which was followed by more girlish giggles and a few, "he is so cute." Then I turned beet red again and got the same affect and just lowered my head, then Conley said, "ok well do I hear any bets for Mister Hero Ken?" the second she did a girl named Lesa said, "five dollars!" then Courtney yelled, "ten dollars!" then Penny said, "twenty dollars!" which got a glare from Courtney.

Then a another girl named Kelie yelled, "twenty-five dollars." then two voices said at the same time, "fifty dollars!" everyone turned to see who said that and I was a little dumbstruck when I saw Wesley and Heather standing near the door. They all looked to me and back to the twins and back to me. I was scarlet going maroon. Then Conley said, "is there anymore bids?" there was silence, then she said again, "going once, going twice, then- SOLD!!" there was a lot of girls glaring at the twins but there were just smiling big like they just won the lottery.

"Um…why did you guys bid for me?" I got two mischievous smiles and a reply, "well, we just thought it looked fun." I gave them a wry smile knowing that something was going to happen tonight. Then I realized something, "um…Heather? Wesley? Let me take my friends home and ill be right back ok? Can I meet you somewhere on the way?" they both looked at me again with those smiles and said, "sure twgirls one boy sex with a lot of oil is the address we want you to meet us at.

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And you better show up because we know where you live." I blushed at that and figured since one was a cop and the other was a nurse. I walked around and found the girls then finally once I found them all, added the longing looks and pleads for me not to go with the twins. "ok look I have to do this seeing I don't like to break promises s-" then Angela cut in, "but Ken, you don't have to." I gave her a smile then said, "I know I don't, but if I do this ill make fifty dollars, and im going to buy one of you girls something special ok?" all there eyes went wide then all looked at each a sexy babe is sucking pawndudes dick within seconds, then gave a look of pure completion.

Then Courtney said, "ok Ken please go, have a good time ok?" I beamed at Courtney, "thank you for understanding so I will give you a ride home or are you girls getting ride from someone else?" they all looked around then back to ken and said, "no we have rides, go enjoy yourself ken." With that ken turned and said goodnight and walked out to his car. The car ride to his destination was short he pulled into what looked like a small restraint that said, "Twin Teltings Restaurant." He smiled at him self and thought, *wow so they also have a family restaurant?* then I noticed Wesley outside with some biker looking thug.

I got out of my car and walk slowly up to hear a conversation, "Come on Pretty just a little kiss!" he gave a laugh, I guess he was drunk then she said, "no you fat prick let go of me!" that's when I noticed he had a arm on her; then he said, "then ill make you!" then I knew it was getting out of hand. When he tried to lean in, I tapped him in the shoulder, I heard him say with out looking, "go away can't you see I am busy?" then I tapped him on his shoulder again but this time I said, "Maybe you should stop as you can tell that is a cop?" then he turned and said, "so fucking what!?

Im in the most dangerous biker gang around her, no cop would mess with us!" I gave him a wry smile and shook my head and said, "Well I guess that is good because I am not a cop." He looked at me and said, "So fucking wh-" I punched him straight in between the eyes; Ebony flashes boobs and fucks public agent could tell I knocked him out cause he let go of her and just went to the ground limp.

Wesley had wide eyes and a shocked face.


I put an arm around her and walked her into the restaurant. I saw a two other guys harassing Heather; I let go of Wesley and started to walk over to the pricks, the first guy heard me coming, turned around to catch a knee in the nuts, while he started to bend over, I brought my knee up again to feel his nose and some jaw break, he recoiled back with a yell, to have my hand grab his blood drenched face; I twisted and brought my arm down sending Him on his back, feeling his head crack on the wooden floor.

I turned to the other guy to see him look at me in horror.


I said to him, "I want you to take these pricks and leave, if I ever see you around here, I will kill all three of you guys." He went white at that, then hurried and pick up guy number 2 after 10 minutes I heard a truck speed of. Then finally I turn to Wesley and Heather, "are you girls alright?" they both shook their heads then Wesley said, "I hope I never piss you off Ken." I gave them a sad smile, then turned and thought to myself, *am I deauxma and kelly madison milf money adventure that frightening to them?* I turned back to them and said, "im sorry if I scared you ladies, I will leave now if you don't mind.

I have school in the morning." I started to leave and felt a soft hand on my bicep, I turned and saw Heather looking at me with big teary eyes and she said in a shaky voice, "thank you Ken, please come back soon." She gave me a smile, I turned full around, embraced her, and she started to cry in my shoulder. I kept on tightly embracing her. Then finally she slowly back off, wiped her eyes, then said, "thank you Ken for everything." I gave her a soft smile then said, "I will do anything to help you ladies, officer…nurse, I hope you have a good night." With that I turned and walked out the door and to my car, I sat there for a minute then slowly started the car, and pulled out of the parking lot to speed off down the road towards home.

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