Girl fun nicki big boobs brunette masturbation

Girl fun nicki big boobs brunette masturbation
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Pablo and I had been corresponding for several months and had been struggling to find a time and place to finally meet face to face when our busy schedules subsided a little bit. It was months before I had the courage to send him a picture so he would know what I looked like. I was apprehensive as to whether he would find me attractive and desirable or fat and frumpy.

It was the hardest thing I ever did to mail that letter with my picture to him. I waited anxiously for his response and when I finally talked to him again I was relieved that he found me attractive and desirable.

He reciprocated by sending his picture to me. He was so beautiful, tall, dark and handsome. His bronze skin was highlighting his Latin beauty. His noble profile accentuated by the raised fist and bottle of Budweiser in his hand in the picture he sent. That picture told me more about him than all our conversations could have begun to say.

After cute college brunette masturbating spreads her legs and fingers her wet pussy initial curiosity was satisfied, I felt I could move forward wi th the relationship and perhaps this would be one that we could both benefit from. He revealed his occupation to me and I was impressed and flattered that he took time from his busy day to call me or write to me.

His voice was so sexy, loving and passionate. We discovered we had much in common family wise, value wise, and sexwise. We wanted to meet and explore each other mentally, physically and sexually so after a while we arranged to meet halfway between our homes at a restaurant, knowing we would end up eventually in bed. I was almost to the meeting place, reminiscing about the diff erent things we had discussed, the beautiful letters I had received from him and the loving messages he left when he couldn't reach me.


I adored him and wanted to share our fantasy so we would have a special experience to take with us until the next rendezvous. Finally I reached the restaurant. There he was! God he was gorgeous! My heart skipped a beat!

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He knew me immediately and his smile beamed as he walked toward the car to open the door for me. I paled next to his dark skin. Would I be sexy enough for him? "Hello darling," he said as he took me into his arms and kissed me passionately.

"I didn't think today would ever come." He said as he held me next to him. "I know, my love, neither did I.but here we are.isn't this wonderful?" I said. "Yes it is.let's go inside and relax as we get something to eat, okay?" he suggested. "Sure." I responded, wrapping my arm around his waist as we walked into the restaurant together. He leaned over and kissed the top of my head as he opened the door for me. God he was so "physical"! Could my heart stand this!

Hey, I'm fearless! We ordered our food and chatted about our drive to the meeting place and what we had been doing at work, our families, etc. As we ate, our eyes were glued to each other. We knew what was going to happen when we left this place, but we wanted to make this meeting a memorable experience and more than sex, since our love was old man sucking young cock and blonde tall euro teen the blue balled comrades brother on something other than sex, and we became more familiar with each other's idiosyncrasies, twitches, glitches, etc.

The electricity was obvious. My love juices were dripping in an ticipation of lying next to this tall, dark hunk of man, my love. How did I get to be so blessed to have him in my life. I wanted him so badly. He slid his hand under the table and moved it slowly up my thigh, feeling the heat of passion in that deeper crevice.

Higher and higher his hand went, until his fingers felt the dampness between my thighs. He slipped his finger underneath the crotch of my panties and into my wet nether lips. I thought I would faint at the table, but I managed to maintain my composur e.

He withdrew his finger and placed it at his lips, sucking the moisture from the tip. He nodded his head, signaling for me to touch him so I slid my hand to the front of his pants. He was rock hard. God I wanted him right then and there! He winked at me. "About done eating?" He asked. "Done." I said, moving out of the booth toward the door. He followed, paid the bill and we headed toward the parking lot. As he approached my car he took me in his arms again, kissed me deeply, pressing his hardness against my soft belly.

People were staring at us but we didn't care. He cupped my breasts and squeezed them as I took his ass into my hands to pull him closer to me. I was dripping wet.I had to have him, but I didn't want us to get arrested. "Let's go to the hotel room, my Latin King." I suggested.

"Yes, my love." He responded. We drove to the hotel and checked into our rooms. Pablo and I had fantasized a Master/Slave relationship and we wanted to play it out. I agreed to be the slave in the fantasy as long as no "pain" was involved.

I wasn't into that scene. Pablo agreed. "Get on your knees, slave." He ordered as soon as we shut the door. "Yes, master." I replied. "Follow me to the bathroom." He ordered. "Yes, master." I complied, crawling behind him on my knees.

"Stand up and remove your clothes." He commanded. "Yes, master." I removed my dress, unbuttoning it slowly and letting it drop to the floor.

"Turn around." He ordered. "I'll take off the rest." "Yes, master." I replied. He slid my bra straps down and unfastened the bra, pulling it off one arm then the other. He reached around and took my large breasts into his hands, squeezing them and caressing them, all the time kissing me on the back of my neck and pressing his erect member against my ass.

"Bend over." He ordered. I complied. He seemed to enjoy watching the gravity pull my breasts toward the ground. He ran his hands down my back, tickling my spine lightly. My back is very sensitive and he knew this. I tried to maintain my composure but it was hard.

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My labia was dripping, my nipples were hard and my heart was going a million miles an hours. "Spread your legs." He commanded. "Yes, master." I replied. He slipped his hands between my thighs and felt the dampness of my crevice. I was drenched! He slipped one finger inside, then two, then three, in and out, in and out, until my knees were weak with anticipation of his hard manhood. " wet." he commented.

He slid his erection along my nether lips slowly teasing me, torturing me. My love juices were pouring from my swollen lips. He gripped my waist and rammed his penis into my pussy to the hilt! I came immediately! I came again.and again.and again.bucking back into his erection feeling his testicles slapping against me harder faster.harder, deeper.faster and faster until step daughter catches dad jerking off both reached climax together and he released his jism i nto my already saturated vagina.

We stayed in that position for a few seconds locked together in ecstasy then he pulled me up and turned me around to face him. "I love you my and I are going to explore a lot of fantasies before we depart." He told me "I know, time YOU are the slave." I responded, with a wink. Tired from the long drive, we agreed to take a little nap before resuming our attempt to live out every fantasy we had revealed to each other in our letters and phone calls.

We slipped under the sheet and fell asleep in each others arms, Pablo was lying on his back as I wrapped my arms around him, holding onto his semi-erect penis as we drifted off to sleep.

I awoke first, Pablo's penis still in hand. It was so beautiful, so brown, the purple head peeking at me through my fist. I slid my hand down to caress his testicles. He stirred a little, but quickly wet oral stimulation and from behind sex hardcore blowjob into his dreams. I slid my hand down his thighs, feeling the smoothness of his skin, and back up to run my fingers through his pubic hair and over his tummy.

He seemed dead to the world, the drive must have worn him out, poor baby. As I lay there in his arms, I took a good look at him. His thick eyebrows enhanced his beautiful dark eyes, his noble nose accentuated his full lips and beautiful teeth. Here I was! Lying in his arms! He turned toward me and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me a little closer to him. He kissed my forehead lightly and once again drifted off to sleep. With my head against his shoulder, I basked in the scent of him and the scent of sex on his lips.

I slid my hand down between my legs and felt the wetness there. I slid my finger over his lips. His lips were slightly parted and I smeared my love juice along them. Subconsciously, he slipped his tongue out to taste me. His hands moved to my breasts and he began to caress them, moaning as he did it and pulling my head toward him even closer. He slipped his hands down my back to my hips and finally over my belly to my labia. His fingers played with me clitoris as he showered my face with soft kisses, holding me close to him with the other arm so that I was willingly trapped in his arms.

After a few seconds, he brought me to orgasm, held me again as we fell asleep again. He woke up first the next time. I awakened to find him straddling me with his truncheon above my face. It was time to play again. "Hey, You're the slave this time." I reminded him. "Oh, that's right.sorry." he responded meekly. "Go run my bath water.I want you to wash me." I commanded. "Yes mistress." he replied. "Don't you dare put any clothing on either.I want to watch you walk around naked.

Wait.come here first and stand in front of me, eyes down." I ordered. "Yes mistress." he responded as he walked toward me, eyes down. I reached out and took his erect member in my hand, weighing it, so heavy, so beautiful. I slapped his testicles lightly. His penis began to bob sporadically.

I took it into my mouth and began to suck, nibbling and licking the tip of it slowly.


He became rock hard, almost gagging me as it touched the back of my throat. How delightful! I pushed him back from xxx vidau 15 san kpan. "Go run the bath water now.walk in front of me so I can watch your erection jutt out in front of you." I ordered drooling over the gorgeous creature I had at my command. I reclined on the bed watching him and waiting for his signal that the bath was ready.

"It's ready now mistress." He offered his cock still rock hard as he stood at the end of the bed watching me rub my pussy slowly spreading the lips so he could see the pink rosebud inside. His eyes widened as I spread my legs even farther slipping a finger into my glistening hole. His erection was an arrow aimed at me. It was so beautiful.

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He never took his eyes from me. "Watch me, but you can't touch." I ordered, enjoying every minute of this torture. "Yes mistress." he replied. Before long he began caressing his stiff member slowly, then faster. "Stop it!" I ordered. "I'm not ready for you to touch yourself yet." "Yes mistress", he replied, lowering his hand to his side, his eyes glued to my fingers as I caressed my clitoris, increasing the movements faster, faster, as I became wetter and wetter.

"Come here." I ordered. "I want to suck your cock." "Yes mistress." he replied, walking to the bed slowly. "Climb over me so your balls are hanging down on my chin." I commanded. "Yes mistress." he replied. He moved up from the bottom of the bed, sliding his hard pole against my thigh, belly, breasts and finally situating himself over my face. I took his member into my hand and guided it into my mouth. I wanted to feel him in my mouth.

I reached around to grab his ass and guide him in and out of my mouth as I sucked hungrily to devour him. He took my hair into his hands and guided me as he pumped into my face, slowly at first, then a little faster and faster. When I sensed he was getting ready to spill his seed, I pushed him away. "Not yet." I said. "Bath time.follow me." I said mom xxx milf cant get his cock I slid out from under him and walked toward the bathroom.

He followed close behind, with a raging hard-on. I slipped into the water. "Wash me." I ordered him. He complied, starting with shampoo to cleanse my hair. He dampened my hair with water from the tap and began to massage my scalp with the shampoo, slowly, then increasing the pressure and movements until a good lather was worked up.

Next he washed my back and moved around to wash my arms, lingering on my elbows, he bent to kiss me. I let him. His erection was still raging.

Occasionally I would reach up and caress his penis and balls, much to his delight. He moved downward and began to wash my feet slowly one at a time, taking my toes into his mouth and sucking them as he tickled me lightly on the inside of my thighs.

He moved upward and washed my labia, still swollen in desire. He looked at me slyly, knowing how much I was enjoying this, smiled and winked. He slipped the washcloth through my legs and washed my ass, teasingly inserting his finger and making me gasp. Next he turned on the shower so I could rinse off the lather.

"Come sex amateurskool xxx black guy and girl six me." I ordered. He slipped into the shower with me. "Fuck me." I ordered. "Yes mistress." he responded, lifting my leg so that he could slip his erect penis into my waiting cleft.

His arms held me, one around my waist, the other under my leg, as he pumped into me slowly, easing it in and out of me. "Fuck me hard!" I ordered. "Yes mistress." he responded, increasing the movement of his penis in and out of me, pumping harder, deeper, faster, all the while kissing my neck as I held onto him for fear of collapsing. I moved against him, matching him stroke for stroke. I couldn't get him deep enough.

I wanted to absorb him into me completely. We kissed passionately as our bodies bucked against each other, alternately grinding ourselves into each other, until we finally reached climax together. The water slithered down our bodies, rinsing the sweat of our passion away.

We stepped out of the shower and towel dried each other, then decided to get dressed and go for a drive to the nearby beach.