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Zenci sarn inletiyor fena anal seks
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********************************************Part 1************************************************************ As Matt awoke the next morning he examined his surroundings.

Clothes stretched out on the floor, and bed. He smiled as he remembered the events that took place right there the night before. He looked over to the next side of the bed and frowned when he realized that Laressa wasn't next to him.

"Good morning."he heard a sweet voice mellow. He turned to the direction that the statement came from. He smiled again as he saw at the door leaning against the door jam in nothing but a transparent t-shirt that came down to her upper thigh. "How did you sleep?" he asked. He saw her blush a little,"I slept japanese teen takes on two cocks uncenso, how about you?" she asked.

Now it was Matt's turn to blush. "I slept good." he answered,"But I could really use a shower." he said grinning as he saw how what he had just said affected her, he saw her blush again, and her eyes looked him over. "Um.the bathroom is down the hall, to the left, and then the first door on your right." she stuttered. Matt felt like teasing her, "Would you like to accompany me?" he asked.

And he saw her eyes get really big as she watched him, and then she nodded yes. As Laressa guided him to the bathroom he couldn't help but admire her lovely full shape, and he eyes were glued to her ass as she walked. By the time she closed and locked the bathroom door he was already fully undressed and he pulled her into his strong embrace, and reached for the hem of her shirt and lifted it up off her head. He heard Laressa moan as he pressed his lips hard against hers.


And as his hands found and wrapped themselves around her waist she arched herself into him giving him more access to her body. But, reluctantly he pulled away from her lips. "Let's try to take a shower." he said.

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As Matt turned on the water he watched as Laressa stood directly under the nozzle and Matt watched as the water cascade on her body, and he really enjoyed it as the water fell from her slowly crinkling black hair down to her neck and then it dribbled down to her breast and fell over her hardening nipples, down to her midriff and he kept her watching her as the water kept traveling to the mound between her legs and then it finally made it's way down her long slender legs.

Laressa bit her bottom lip as she watched him, teasing him. As Matt watched her he felt something stirring from deep within him and he couldn't explain it.

Matt couldn't take it any more he grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall tiles and gave her another one of his passionate kisses, Laressa arched off the cool wall causing her breast to be cushioned against his bare, muscular chest.

He looked up at her, and then worked his way from her lips down to her neck and he kissed down it and worked his way to her now fully erect nipples and first sucked on her left one while he played with the other one. He let his tongue drag across it then he encircled it with his finger first, and then his tongue, and he gently let his teeth graze it.

Then he moved on to the other nipple honoring it with same level of pleasure as the first one. As he heard Laressa moan, God knows he wanted to release but he caught a hold of himself. He migrated further down to her lower stomach and spent a few moments there then he went all the way down to her mound and lifted her legs above and put them on his shoulders, and squatted so his face was mere centimeters above her aching little twat.

As his mouth came down onto it, he felt her shudder up above him as he held her in place to avoid what she had did the previous night(all that bucking against his mouth.) As he kita zen is young sexy filipina addicted to black dicks interracial pornstar playing with her clit he heard her scream. Matt noticed that this time she wasn't begging him to stop. So he was pulled his head away to see what she would do, and she protested a whimper, and gently urged his head back to pleasuring her.

Laressa screamed as she had her first orgasm of that morning.

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Instead following his usual suit Matt was gonna try something different, he wasn't gonna focus on pleasuring himself, more ever he was gonna pleasure her. He took two fingers and rubbed them around down there exploring.

Matt placed the two fingers at the tunnel and slowly pushed them inside and enjoyed both the squeaky noises that came from Laressa and the way her vaginal walls gripped his fingers. Just as Laressa felt like she was gonna have another orgasm he pulled his fingers out and licked them clean and he pulled her down leveling her with him and he positioned himself at her entrance.

"Wait." she stammered breathlessly,"We don't have any_" she was cut off as he slid into her. "Protection." she whispered. As he slowly rocked back in forth into her. "I really think we should stop be_" she was cut off again as he pushed up into her harder. He took her arms and placed them above her heard and stroked her firmer and harder then ever.

Laressa forgot about all the negative and just went with the flow, and moaned as he went harder and harder into her. Laressa started feeling light-headed and she felt the now familiar pressure building in her body starting from her toes.

Finally, she felt her muscles grip and milk him and she screamed one last time as her body shook, and spasmed.She heard Matt groan and phoenix marie goes on top of seth gambles cock up at him and as he kissed her she felt him cum inside her, and the warmth of it felt so good that she couldn't help but moan.

And she forgot all about the consequences of what they had just done. ***************************************************Part 2******************************************************** Later on that night, around about 9:00pm Laressa was downstairs in the living room while Matt was still upstairs sleeping.

She julie silver has the ability to get two cocks in the ass sitting down xxx sex of priyanka chopra the sofa and flicking the television channels from left to right. When she heard light footsteps descending down the stairs.Laressa looked up to see Matt there, standing at the foot of the stairs, looking down at her, smiling, "So, where are your folks anyways?" he asked.

For a few minutes, she just stared at him, smiling, then she finally answered, "They're away, some trip thing, said they'd be gone for a while, gave me money to take care of myself, and they left." Matt walked over and sat by her. He patted his lap as in a motion to say sit there. Laressa got up and sat on his lap, leaned her head back on his shoulder, and relaxed. Matt had never felt this relaxed in years, if ever.

Laressa turned her whole body, still in his lap, but now facing him, she stared into his blue eyes, as true as the sea, and smiled as she gently pressed her lips against his.

What started as a innocent peck-on-the lips, turned into a thrilling tongue twister between them. As Matt laid Laressa down she wondered, what were they? Where were they to go from here? Were they to stop, and just be close friends? What if they couldn't stop? Were they to be friends with benefits? Were they to be lovers? Or were they to be boyfriend and girlfriend? Or simply nothing at all? Laressa didn't know the answer, but she surely knew, she didn't want this, the pleasure they created in each other, the feelings, the love, to stop, she wanted it to last forever.

Laressa was pulled from her musing, by this feeling of pleasure, that felt like electricity shocking through her entire already weakened body, it was then she realized that Matt was going down on her. Suddenly, Matt flipped her over, doggy-style, and slowly entered him, this time penetration was deeper then any other time they'd done it. Matt started off slowly, then with time, and pleasure he increased his speed. They wouldn't last long after that. Laressa felt it in Matt's movements, he was close to release.

With speed and agility he had no idea she had, Laressa had him laying down, and was sucking his dick in a slow paste rhythm. Within a few moments Laressa heard Matt groan. She then started moaning to create a vibration as she sucked up and down his entire cock.

Laressa was awaiting the now familiar phrase from him. Laressa still continued, as she did, she felt one of his of his hands slide from her head, to her sopping wet pussy, as his fingers slid up and down her slit, Laressa started moaning again, Matt didn't know if it was purposely to give off that vibration again, or simply because he was pleasuring her.

Matt then slid his middle finger inside of her love tunnel, finger-fucking her, and with his thumb, he rubbed her clitoris vigorously until she had to pull off of his dick, moaned, then resumed to sucking him off. As Matt continued fingering her, he felt Laressa pushing her body against his fingers, pushing them deeper inside of her pussy. "Oh fuck! Laressa I'm gonna cum, NOW!" Matt groaned, but Laressa just continued sucking, and sucking.


As if on call, Matt groaned, then with his free hand pushed her head all the way down gagging her abit. Before he came in her mouth, he started fingering her harder, and finally he stopped, and shot his load of hot jizz straight down her throat.

**** One Month Later **** Laressa has a secret. (Should I continue or what?)