Kinky gf get her ass banged hard in doggystyle

Kinky gf get her ass banged hard in doggystyle
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i am Heena, 36, married and I have a son studying in 5th standard now. My hubby Anil works for a multinational in Amdavad. It was in last September that we moved from Amdavad to Vadodara on insistence of my hubby's brother in law Praveenbhai, who is about 50 years old.

He had located a house some four blocks away from their house for us. So we moved happily. My hubby used to commute daily on the regular trains. My son's school admission was arranged in the school where Praveenbhai's daughter was studying and he made all arrangement. We never had plans to move to Vadodara before the end of the academic year. He had informed us that it was better to move in fast otherwise it will difficult to get school admission, hence we moved to Vadodara.

It was on the day of our shifting of our household articles from Amdavad to vadodara, I first touched Praveenbhai. He had offered me a lift on his bike to our new apartment.

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I always used to give him a nice look while interacting with him - but he never bothered much - may be the age difference, I thought. this time I thought this was a nice opportunity to embarrass him and I was turning horny behind his bike and for about four to five times I rubbed my boobs on his back while traveling as a pillion. I could see the change of expression in Praveenbhai when I was rubbing. Anil was getting things arranged in our new house, Praveenbhai just had a word or two with Anil and went off.

I could see he was blushing all along. From this blushing I had realised one thing, one day I can have him fully. Days passed on. School vacations started for their daughter. My sister in law and daughter went to their hometown.

They usually stay in their hometown (Junagad) for the whole two months. Now that we were here my sis-in-law knew there was somebody to take care of him and she instructed me to take care for her beloved Praveenbhai. He started coming to our home for breakfast before going to office.

My hubby as usual used to leave for Amdavad by 6.15 am to reach office by 9.30 and used to come back by 8.00 PM. My son also had school and would leave by 7.45 am in the school van, the primary classes were still on. Then I would be left alone for the whole day. Now that Praveenbhai comes home for breakfast by 8.00 - some funny ideas started cropping in my head. I would get myself clean and wait for him and to have some fun with him. He was one very straight person. Would cute blonde babe loves to fuck her friend even look at me or any of my body parts.

But I always try to give him a visual treat to arouse him.


After a couple of days, I could see change in him - he was much free in talking to me and also will look at me while talking. About him, I would say he is about 6' tall and well built - may be about 80 kg. When he takes breakfast I will sit on the chair next to his seat and serve him and also try touching him deliberately and act as if it had happened by chance.

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I can see the jerk on his face the moment contact is made. He will be literally blushing. May be on his 5th or 6th visit, while serving the curry, I knowingly spilled it over on to his shirt. I said sorry and with my duppatta I tried removing the curry - but the stain still remained. I told him to remove the shirt and pant so leather on the slut in the gloryhole room I can wash it properly. He was a bit reluctant, but I started unbuttoning his shirt - it seemed okay for him, but he held my hand and said he was feeling very awkward.

I asked him what was wrong - he was not able to utter a word - fully blushed - started muttering something. By this time, I had removed his shirt and commented about his broad chest wo, what a body - my sis-in-law is really lucky. and slowly started fingering his bushy chest - slowly started moving my hands over his hairy chest and moved on to his tits. He was fully aroused by now. He asked me whether, what I was up to - I am the person who should be taking care of you like a big brother, but I continued and almost fell on his body, so that he can hold me on to his body.

He also regained some confidence by now and asked me are you going to remove my pants also? I could see the mountain formation in front of his pant, I put my right hand over it. With the left I unbuckled his belt and pants. Along with the pant I removed his underwear too.


I was surprised to see a 7+ inch penis of my dear Praveenbhai. It was really hot and had a clean surroundings. I did not have the patience to just stare at it, it had a pinkish end and fully blown, I slowly moved my head towards it and gave a kiss and even tried to take it to my mouth - at that time he told me to wait - why are you in so much hurry, we have many more days left. I told him opportunity never strikes again and gave him kiss on his soft lips.

By this time he was fully in the new born dress. He said, you have seen me fully now and its your turn to show your exquisite love tunnel spooning pornstar and hardcore and started removing my kameez - and was blinking at my boobs - which is quite bigger than many of the girls around.

He put his hand over it and tried pressing my tits. the tits had become erect by now. Praveenbhai kept his lips on to it and started pressing in between. With his hands he started removing my salwar and I was stark naked - When I am home I usually avoid wearing panties.

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He put his hand on my cunt area and started giving me the type of stimulation, which I have never got from my Anil. This was all happening in the standing position. He kneeled down in front of me and started licking my navel area and slowly moved on to the cunt. I told him I cannot stand like this, I need to lie down - he lifted me without detaching his mouth from the cunt and put me on the floor mat besides the sofa in the drawing room.

Started licking my forehead putting both his hand at the back side of the neck and petting there. By this move of his I was fully engrossed and could not really open my eyes - he slowly moved his lips down to the eyes and then nose and started sucking the tip of the nose.

I never believed Praveenbhai, who was such a shy person and never even looked on my face and talked could do this.


Then he asked me are you ready for a french kiss and took my lips in his mouth and inserted his tongue into mine. Praveenbhai was a teatotaler, and never used to smoke - the toothpaste smell was still on in his mouth.

I have never had such a sexperience ever with my hubby Anil.

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his body was on me by now and he seemed so crazy that started moving his muscular hand all over my body and told me that he is not going leave any part of mine untouched. I just lay there like a obedient girl, but was occasionally handling his penis with my hand - it had now grown much bigger. He just put his head onto my leg side and told me we can have a 69 position now and sat on my belly and started licking my fingers of the leg.

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All along I was playing with his pole which was becoming harder and harder as the time passed. It was hot too. Now he had moved his head towards my cunt area and started licking with his saliva flowing. His penis was now touching my neck and chin, and I understood its time for me to take it to my mouth. I held it in my mouth now. Though it was not the first time I was doing, but I liked it better than that of Anil. Anil never used to keep it clean.

But Praveenbhai's was clean and he did apply some perfume on to it. I moved my lips onto it pushed back the foreskin and rubbed with my tongue in the pink area and he was now enjoying to the core. he also started inserting his tongue into my cunt and was fingering my anus. Both of us were moaning within, but at times sounds came out. He was about to cum and he pulled out his pole from my mouth - but I told him no problem and the white cream started gushing from his pole and had filled my mouth.

I had it full in my mouth and was having one of greatest sexperience of my life. From my cunt too the liquid started flowing and it was all on this face. After the gushing from both of us we lay silent on the floor. Somewhere at the corner of the heart then I had a feeling of guilt and was immersed in some thinking and Praveenbhai asked what happened Heena? I replied are we doing a right thing - he told me as such there is nothing wrong - we both come from different family - we are two mature healthy male and female - you are married to my brother-in-law and I am married to your sister-in-law.

He also admits that this was his best sexepisode and he will remember for rest of his life and started thanking me for spilling the curry onto his shirt and pants. He advised me to watch some of the INTERNET sites where some of the incest stories were available. There in such relatives having intercourse is explained in detail and said ours is not the first case - many people have been doing it but nobody reveals this to the outerworld.

He got up slowly had a jug full of water and said, Checking in on my wife beanys massage will take half a day leave but go back to his home and have his dress changed after a bath.

I never wanted to leave him but after giving a kiss on my lips at the top and bottom he told now that we have mutual approval we can have many more sessions of this sort at our will and left the scene.