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Sweeties pound dudes anal hole with monster strapons and squirt jizm
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My friend Alex was a real asshole. He was that guy everybody knows. The one that seduces a girl, fucks her, then totally abandons her. He was what many girls hope to never encounter. The worst part is, he is my best friend so I can't really judge these little experiences he has with these girls. Being in college, I occasionally do meet and have sex with some random girl- but we both know that it's just a one time thing.

Saturday night came and I was walking over to go pick up Alex at his dorm so we could head over to this party that we had heard about. The party was going to be a little ways off campus, but there would be plenty of drinks. I got to Alex's hall, and noticed step mom wants your baby mindi mink milf pov hairy pussy and lingerie girl walking towards his door. She stopped in front of it and knocked 4 times. About 20 seconds later, the door opened and a hand reached for hers, leading her inside.

I thought that it was one of Alex's roommates, so I continued on and knocked on the door. Alex's roommate Jake opened the door, surprised to see me. "Luis? What's up?" "I'm here to get Alex, we're going to a party." "Alex? Are you sure?" I could feel my eyebrow lift. "Yea. Why wouldn't I be?" He motioned his thumb behind his left side, pointing at Alex's door. "He told me about 30 minutes ago that he was having company over.

I was just about to go out so that he could have at it with that girl you probably just saw outside." Seriously? What the fuck. I know sex is sex, but damn- at least let a dude KNOW beforehand. "Oh, well alright beautiful virgin twat vs fake penis hardcore and blowjob man, I'll just talk to em later." "Cool dude." He shut the door, and I turned to walk back the way I came.

"Son of a bitch!" I heard a snicker behind me. I turned to see a girl with her hands folded, smiling at me. "Did he fuck you then ignore your calls too?" I blankly stared at her, knowing that she must have been one of Alex's girls. I laughed a bit, "Yea he fucked me, fucked me out of a good time at this party we were supposed to head over to right now." She shook her head, still smiling.

"Why not go alone?" I sighed, "It's a little bit off campus, but I'm not feeling the walk. He was my ride too." "Aaaaah." "Yea." She looked to her left, as if thinking. She then turned to me and stared me up and down for a second. "Well hey, I'm free tonight- I could go with you if you want. I'll drive." I looked at Alex's door, then back at her. I didn't want to spend my Saturday night alone in my dorm.

This girl seemed nice enough, I guess making new friends was what college was all about. "You sure?" She nodded, "Yea! Just let me go back to room and change, meet me out in the lounge." "Gotcha." I said as I turned and started walking.

Back in the lounge, I sat on the sofa waiting for this girl. I kept checkin my phone every 5 minutes, looking at the time. 8:15 8:20 8:25 8:30 . 9:10 "Was this girl coming back?" I thought to myself. Part of me thought that it wasn't worth it. 9:30 I got up and started walking towards the exit.


Just then, I heard a girl call out. "Hey! Ok I'm here, let's go!" I turned and saw that it was the girl I was waiting for. But she sure did look different. Upstairs, she had on sweats and a university t shirt on. She had her hair in a ponytail and was wearing some fuzzy slippers. I had to fight my jaw to seema bhabhi ki x story sex stories full it from dropping as I saw her transformation.

She speed walked towards me, but she seemed to walk in slow motion. She was wearing a cherry red tube top that showed most of her abdomen which allowed her to show off a cute belly button piercing. It struggled to contain her tits. Her tits weren't huge, maybe smaller C cups. The top was just too tight. As she got closer, she twirled her body around and lifted her arms in the air, as if she was showing off her outfit. She wore the most incredible white short shorts, they were skin tight.

Her ass barely fit into them, it was perfect.

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It wasn't grossly large or round, it matched perfectly with her hourglass figure, popping out just the right amount. When she turned, I could see the outlining of a red thong through her shorts. She wasn't hiding much. She arrived at my side and then kept walking towards the door. "C'mon let's go!" she son ripe mom italian sleeping with a very gorgeous smile.

Her hair went down past her shoulders, just reaching her breasts. Everytime it covered her tits, she would slide it across her shoulders so that it went towards her back, allowing her chest to be very visible. God, she was so freaking hot. I had half a bulge that I had to re-adjust in my pants while walking so that she would not notice. We got to her car and I gave her the address. We started on our way to the party, which was about 5 minutes driving distance.

She turned on the radio and some pop song came on. We didn't talk much on the way. We arrived at the party to see that it was in full swing. There was huge crowd out in the front lawn, friends all having drinks and socializing.

We walked up the steps to the porch and entered the house. There was loud house music playing. I looked around to see a few people had reached their alcohol limit and had already passed out in their own little corners of the room. There was a keg, mostly guys surrounded it- pouring drinks and passing them out. There were about 10 people dancing out of the 35+ in the room. The girl tapped my shoulder and signaled me to come closer so she could say something to me over the music.

"I'm going to get get a drink and hang around. Where are you going to be?" "I think I might head to the back and see if any of my other friends showed up." We nodded at eachother and just like that, we split up to go enjoy ourselves in our own ways.

After about an hour of chatting up some buddies near desirable vixen shows off her cocksucking skills cumshots and brunette pool and having a few beers, I decided to go inside and check to see if the girl was still around.

I walked in and saw that a lot more people were dancing now. I private aletta in a teen lesbians hardcore orgy spot her in the huge crowd.

I decided that she'd be fine and decided to go back outside. As I turned, I felt an arm grab my shoulder. "Bro, you better check on your girl." He signaled at the dance floor Confused, I searched for what he was pointing at, finally seeing the girl, dancing in the crowd. She looked slightly drunk. She was dancing, but she seemed to struggle keeping her balance. I walked over and tapped her shoulder.

She turned to me, losing her footing and almost falling onto me. I caught her by her arms and kept her steady. "You ok? " She smiled and opened her eyes wide. "Yeeeaaa! I'm good, I'm just, just Getting a little TIPSY, is all!" This girl was my ride back to the dorms, I didn't want to have to walk it back alone so late at night. "Hey how bout we head out a little early, it's pretty lame here." She frowned a little, then closed her eyes and nodded.

Great, one hour of partying, and I wasn't even close to buzzed. We got to her cars and she pulled out her keys, tossing them at me. "We don't want that, do we?" She said, pretending to turn an invisible steering wheel. I drove us back to the dorms, the parking lot was pretty empty. I started to exit the car, but she grabbed my arm.

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"Woah now, slow down there." I looked at her, "What's up?" "Why we gotta go so soon?" I looked around the parking lot and gave a light hearted scoff. "Well there's not much to do around here, is there?" She smiled seductively, "Weeeell, I know of a few things we could do." She leaned back in the car seat and put her right leg onto the dash, slowly rubbing it from her ankles down to her shorts.

Her left arm was around her neck caressing the back of her scalp. She had her right index finger placed at the bottom of her lips, slowly bringing it down to reveal her perfect teeth. Then her hand slid further down to her neck, which then proceeded down to her top. She gently caressed the top of her left breast, making a circular motion with her middle finger. I looked at her eyes, which showed that she was still pretty buzzed, but not so much that she didn't know what she was doing.

"What exactly did you have in mind?" I asked, jokingly. She shrugged her shoulders, still sliding her finger around her tits.

She turned her body a little bit so that her left leg could go over and be placed on top of the bulge in my pants. She giggled innocently. "I dunno." I placed my hand on her foot, slowly massaging her sole. I rubbed her ankle gently, making my way up her leg. I began to touch her inner thigh, feeling its warmth. "You blonde cam model with shiny oiled sexy body teases know, huh?" I smiled.

She bit her lower lip and giggled. She shook her head at me. "I don't." Then, she turned to the back of her spacious station wagon.

The seats were already down, with a few blankets laid out. I laughed to myself, realizing that this girl was almost the equivalent of Alex, just not the bad parts. She climbed over the seat and made her way to back and laid her head against the back of the car. She spread her legs open and placed her right hand over her shorts, where her pussy was.

"C'mon." She smiled at me, then slowly began licking the bottom of her front teeth. I climbed to the back and made my way over to her. She got on her knees and pushed me back so that I was sitting up against the back of the front seats. She lifted her right leg and positioned herself on top of me.


She slid her hand down my chest, reaching my belt. She began to unbuckle it and quickly slid it off. She undid my jeans and pulled out my hard cock which she slowly jerked with her right hand. She leaned forward and jammed her tongue into my mouth, searching it before being met by mine. She kept jerking my cock harder, gradually increasing speed and intensity. She pulled her mouth away and looked me in the eyes, still massaging my cock. "Ever fuck in a parking lot before?" she said, smiling.

Before I could answer, she pulled herself off of me and got on her knees. She bent forward and pulled her hair back over her shoulders, my cock still in her right hand. She licked the sides of my shaft up and down, getting a taste of me. She put her head directly over my dick and let a bit of spit fall down from her tongue onto the tip of my cock. She watched as it slid down the side of my cock and reached my balls.

She suddenly engulfed my cock in her throat, taking it in all at once very fast. She looked up at mira sunset dana weyron lesbian seduction masturbation fingering, my cock still rammed down her throat.

She gave a small wink and began to suck my cock. She pulled back to the head and wrapped her tongue around it- gently playing with it.

She slurped as she took in every inch of my cock, trying hard to not let any saliva make its way down to my balls. I could feel my dick throbbing, getting ready to explode. I pulled her off my cock and turned her around. I found her shorts button and undid it, sliding them down to her knees. I bent her over and slid her thong out of her crack and to the side of her ass.


I bent down and began to eat her soaked pussy from behind, spreading her ass as far as possible. She tasted amazing, every bit of pussy juice spilled right into my mouth. "Mmm, oh yea! Fuck me with your hot tongue!" I ate her pussy hungrily, quickly licking her clit. Her moans were incredibly sexy, high pitched and full of desire- like a slut's moans should be. I pulled away and could see her disappointed face turn to find me.

I grabbed my cock and slowly pulled her hips closer to me. She smiled and turned back around. She moved her right hand under her stomach to her pussy, spreading her lips in anticipation. I made my way into her gently, slowly sliding in. She groaned softly, putting her head and shoulders against the floor of the car. She reached back and grabbed her ass, spreading it wide open. I placed my hands on top of hers, pulling with each thrust. She was incredibly wet, her pussy slushed as my cock slid in and out of her tight cunt.

"Oh god! Oh. Oh finger my ass!" I slid my right thumb into her ass while I fucked her pussy. She gave a huge moan of pleasure. "Oh yea! Fuck both of my tight holes!" I shoved my thumb deep into her ass, quickly bringing it back out and jamming it back in harder and faster than the previous time. I felt her pussy tighten around the shaft of my cock.

She began Squirting all over the blankets beneath us. She placed her hands side by side next to her head, her mouth wide open. "Holy fucking shit!" I kept fucking her until her juices stopped pouring from her pussy. "Fuck! Aaaaah." She pulled her self away and turned to me.

She pushed me back against the seats again, this time she sat on top of me- taking my cock in her hand searching for some place to put it. She positioned her ass on top of my cock, slowly letting herself take in my cock into her tight asshole. She squeezed her eyes right together, then opened her mouth wide "Ooooh god." I could feel the warmth of her asshole it tighten around my cock. I laid my head back and grabbed her ass, spreading it.

She grabbed the head rests of the seats in front and began to ride my dick. She built up speed as her asshole adjusted to my cock. She quickly bounced her sweet ass on my cock, every time she brought her self down onto me brought me closer to cumming deep inside of her. She leaned back and pulled her top down, exposing her incredibly firm and supple tits. She grabbed the head rests again, bringing her tits to my face. I took one in left hand and started sucking on her right nipple.

They were pink and very small, but they were both erect, still not standing very tall.I sucked her nipple, tonguing it at the same time.

Her breathing began to pick up pace. "Mmm suck my tits baby." I rotated my tongue on her sweet little nipples, teasing them at certain points, then ravenously slurping them.

I could feel myself about to cum as she continued to ride my cock with her tight little asshole. "I'm close.", I moaned. "Mmm oh yea. Cum in my ass." She began to work her hips, grinding her ass on my dick. She closed her eyes and leaned into my shoulder, whispering into my ear. "Fill me up baby." I grabbed her ass and began to thrust deep into her harder than ever, hearing new nepali porn porn videios clap of her ass against me.

I felt my cock throb before finally spewing cum deep into her warm ass. She kept grinding my cock slowly, looking directly into eyes.

"Mmm. So much cum." She giggled, then reached around and swiped a bit of cum which escaped her asshole and slid down to my balls. She brought the cum up to her mouth and slowly surrounded her finger with her gorgeous lips, slurping it off. She smiled and gave me a cute wink, "Yummy." I laughed, "You don't seem like a girl who'd be all hung over a guy like Alex." "Well I never said I fucked Alex, did I?" She giggled, "My roommate sure was pissed at him, though." I smiled, slightly relieved.

"Hey, what's your name?" -------------------------- End.