Dirty foursome with wild euro adorable hotties hardcore groupsex

Dirty foursome with wild euro adorable hotties hardcore groupsex
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At The Company Picnic My wife and I attended our first company picnic just last weekend. It was a small affair as the company isn't that big but everyone seems like family. We were new so when we arrived, the boss immediately invited us over to his table where we met his wife.

They were both very gracious and kind, wanting us to feel at home. The afternoon progressed until it was time to clean up and go home. After helping, we were turning to leave when the boss asked us to stay for just one more drink. With him samantha saint makes a pussy sundae in her kitchen the boss, we couldn't really refuse so we sat down again and watched everyone else leave. The bosses wife sat right down beside my wife and her hand found my wife's thigh.

I noticed this out of the corner of my eye and turned to see what my wife would do.


She seemed oblivious to the woman's hand as they talked on and on while the hand kept creeping higher and higher up my wife's thigh. It wasn't long before, the woman had her hand practically right on top of my wife's cunt as she rubbed her hand up and down my wife's thigh, pushing her dress higher and higher as she did.

Again, I looked at my wife and found she seemed to be xx club and collage pron what was being done to her. I was wondering what was going on when I felt a hand on my back, down around my belt line. I turned and the boss was sitting close beside me with his hand on my back, rubbing up and down my spine as we talked and watched the two women. After a minute or so, he brought his other hand around and placed it on my thigh, slowly running it up towards my crotch.

I should have stopped him but I didn't because after all, he was the boss and I was the new guy so I didn't want to piss him off. I looked over at my wife again and saw that the boss's wife had her hand completely under my wife's dress. I could see her hand caress my wife's cunt through her panties and there was a big wet spot where she was rubbing. Also, I noticed, my wife had opened her legs as I watched the two of them start to make love to each other.

My wife leaned over and their lips met, their tongues finding the insides of each sex stacy cash xxx com mouth as they embraced. My boss in the mean time, had moved his hand up to my crotch and was openly caressing my cock through my tented pants.

It felt good to have someone rubbing my hard cock and as he continued, his other hand moved down to my ass and started to rub it too. I had leaned back and let him caress my hardening cock while caressing my cheeks. The women in the mean time, had moved off the chairs and were now down on the blankets, kissing and sucking tongues as they ran their hands over each others bodies. My wife was the first to take off her bra and the boss's wife immediately latched on to a nipple with an open mouth and a groan.

While she sucked on my wife's breast, she had moved my wife's panties aside and had a finger deep inside my wife's cunt, slowly finger fucking her. The boss whispered in my ear that maybe we should join them.

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With that he took my hand and led me over to the blankets and pulled me down on top of him. His mouth immediately found mine and he stuck his hot tongue between my lips, starting to explore my mouth while his hands ran over my ass.

I responded after a minute or so and found it exciting to be kissing a man while he caressed me. I could hear the women beside us but was too involved with the boss to look over at them. His hands went under my belt and found my ass. Pulling my shorts away from my crack, he ran a finger up and down it before finding my hole and gently pushing his finger against my this teenie college girl loves a warm load. I responded by pushing back against him and it popped inside me suddenly.

I felt a little bit of pain but it wasn't too bad as he started to finger fuck my ass while our mouths never left each others. After several minutes, I pushed myself up off him and started to undo his shirt while he did the same to me. I pulled it off him and let him do the same before going to his belt and undoing his pants. I could feel his hard cock under his shorts so I carefully, pulled his shorts down and freed him.

He was quite large, especially in girth. I wrapped my hand around his cock and pumped it while leaning back down to find his mouth again. He groaned into my mouth as he pushed my pants off my cheeks and found my hole with his finger.

This time he wasted little time in getting inside me, pushing his finger as far into me as he could. He then added a second then a third finger while we continued tonguing each others mouth. I finally moved up off him again and looked down at him. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he just grinned. The two of us moved until I was on my back, my legs up over his shoulders, while he aimed his hard cock at my opening, pushing it into me slowly but deliberately.

I felt pain like I have never felt before but didn't say anything while I waited for him to get fully inside me. Finally, he did and he waited for me while his heavy balls rested against the back of my thighs. He started slowly and while he fucked me, I looked over at the women.


I saw that my wife was now flat on her back like me, while the boss's wife was using a large black strap on cock to fuck her cunt. My wife was writhing under the thrusts of the strap on and as I watched, she came, surrounding the big cock with her juices. The two women continued for a few more thrusts, then the bosses wife got up and turned my wife around so her ass was sticking up in the air. She plunged the strap on deep inside my wife's ass, making her howl.

Now we were both being fucked in the ass and I wasn't sure which one of us, my wife or me, was enjoying it more.

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The boss was really pounding his hard cock in and out of me now. I could feel his engorged head rubbing against the sides of my canal every time he thrust into me. Finally, when I didn't think I could take any more of it, he grunted loudly and yelled that he was coming. I felt a hot sensation inside me as he spurted his hot juices deep up into me, surrounding his still hard cock.

Slowly pulling out of me, I felt his juices running down the back of my legs while he got off me. I lowered my legs a little but not completely because the boss and his wife were changing positions and I soon found myself being fucked by the big strap on as the boss ass fucked my wife. I moaned and groaned while she fucked me and was matched by my wife. They fucked the two of us until the boss came again, this time filling my wife's ass with his juices then turning her around so his wife could suck his come out of her.

While she did that, the boss came around and sucked my sore ass too. We left them there with a new feeling of joy that both of us had found a new way of life and we enjoyed each other as soon as we got home. My wife now became more open about sex and she would go down to the parks that were known for casual sex and have someone fuck her ass. Several times I went with her and was fucked by men I didn't even know while my wife was being fucked right beside me.

We also joined a swing club and got to fuck and be fucked by frisky czech cutie stretches her spread vagina to the bizarre men and women.