Moist and lusty blowjob pornstar and hardcore

Moist and lusty blowjob pornstar and hardcore
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"C'mon Selena, lets go, I am not gonna wait forever. "Just a final touch and I am ready." "Hurry, Miranda is probably waiting for me already, I don't wanna be late for my date." "Well I don't wanna be late for mine too, but I have to look pretty, right." "Ye, like u ever look ugly" "Lol, thanks for the compliment Justin, I am ready lets go." About 3 hours later Selena storms through the door upset and goes directly to her room, few seconds later I enter also visibly not happy.

"What happened with Selena, Justin?: "I don't know mom, she was quiеt the hole time since i picked her from Dylan's house, maybe her date was disaster like mine." "Why, what happened?

"I don't really wanna talk about it." "Ok, but go talk to your sister and find out whats with her." "Really mom?" "She is your sister Justin! And she probably wont wanna talk with me." "Ok, I will go later, she is obviously too upset right now It was passing 12, no surprise I couldn't fell asleep.

I remembered that I promised mom that I will talk to Selena, and I went to see if she is still awake. Slowly opened her door and saw her lying on the bed sobbing and flipping pages on some magazine clearly not paying attention to it at all. "Don't u knock!" "Sorry, I." "What do u want?" "To tell me what happened and why are u like that" "I don't wanna talk about it." "If this fucker Dylan did something inappropriate or something that he wasn't suppose to do I am gonna make him cry like a little baby." "Please, go away, I just wanna be alone." 'Ok, I am going back to Dylan's and we will have a talk or something else with him." "No, no, don't, please." "Only if u tell me what happened?" "It is private Justin." "We are brother and sister, mom thought u wont wanna talk with her so at least talk to me." "Ok, will it help if I old u about my disastress date." "Fine, tell me and I will think about it." "U know I am with Miranda for quite some time now, and I had plans for tonight, but everything went wrong." "Why." "I planned to go to do the next level with her." "What is this next level, did u propose to her or something?" "No.

No. The other next level, u know, after kissing." "Second base?" - she asked devilishly "No, more like third base." "Wow, I was kidding, u are telling me that after that time u are not even to third base." "Nope" "C'mon Justin u are almost 19, I thought u 2 are having sex on regular basis and u are telling me 'that." "I was hoping that tonight will be the night, but." "And." 'I am a little embarrassed to talk about this with u, like u said it is very private." "Tell me, and I will tell u about my date" "Well in few words she simply didn't felt the same way, and when I made beauteous teen rubs a big throbbing dong girlfriend homemade move on her I found out through the most painful way that she wasn't in love with me, and when she said she likes me only as a friend u can imagine how I felt." "Man, that's the worst, this really sux." "And to be honest my date was something like that too." "What??" "Well I was ready to give myself to Dylan, but then I found out what a jerk he is." "Wait?

What? U were ready to real beauty recorded on live cam tube porn yourself to a guy, U are only 15 Selena, thank god it didn't happen, why u would wanna do rough sex teen blonde hd dont say you love me, don't u want your first time to be with someone u really love and trust and is in other words "the one" not to mention how young u are and u are not suppose to that any time soon." "I was sure he is "the one", and now I am grateful that I found soon than later that he is not." "Why, what happened." "Well, while we were kissing and touching eachother I seachle rompen el cula la cachetona the courage to tell him that I love him and I want him to be my first, and I am ready to do it right now." As was listening my sister confessing that she wanted to have sex for the first time tonight something unexpected happened in my pants that stressed me stepmom bianca having a threesome sex with a teen couple I interrupted her.

"I don't need so much detail sis, please." "Ok, ok, it is little awkward I know, but it gets even more awkward for telling." I was little frightened what will come out from her mouth next, and how it will affect me, and with good reason because the next few sentences shocked me, and made me feel really awkward and strange.

"So, as we are fooling around after hearing all of that, he told me that he is not ready for that and that we should start with something smaller like a handjob. 'I looked at him a little pissed', then he proposed a blowjob, adriana chechik gets bent like a pretzel while fucked in the ass I looked him even more pissed', and the next thing he proposed was the and of it." I didn't now what to respond to my sister talking about handjobs and blowjobs, so I let her continue, knowing that some disturbing images started popping in my head.

"He told me that he wasn't ready to take my virginity so if I want he can put it in my butt. 'I was absolutely furious.'" "Of course, this is disgusting, how he dares, the fucker." "Yes it is disgusting, but I was even more furious that he didn't wanted to take my virginity, which in other words meant that he wasn't ready to commit to me, he didn't loved me like I did.

And I was sure he is not the guy for me. And when he added that doing it this way is a win-win because we will still have sex but if i will be sorry about it later atleast I will be still technically a virgin. Why I would be sorry, I didn't decide this for 2 minutes. As I was listening her sex talk the trouble in my pants and in my brain got bigger and the scary thing was I couldn't control it.

"You should be happy not sad, u dodged a bullet." "I know bro, but I loved him." "I know it is hard when u love someone, it is the same with me and Miranda." As we were laying on our backs on the bed, she turned and hugged me, half of her body was on mine, I felt her left breast on my chest, then I felt her leg on my crouch, then I realized she wasn't wearing a bra cause I could swear I felt her nipple, then I realized that her leg was touching my erection and she probably could feel it witch was confirmed second later.

"Justin are u hard? - she asked with unreadable expression on her face." I didn't respond, which made things worse, cause she started grinding on it with her leg. "You are! Are u getting hard from me?" I learned my lesson last time so I had to respond something. "No, no, it goes hard sometimes on its own. Maybe because of the big expectations tonight, I don't know." - of course this was a lie, but I still didn't want to admit even to myself what was happening, that my beautiful little sister.

"Ok, can I ask u something a little inappropriate then." "Of course, ask." "Can u show it to me?" I certainly didn't expect that, so I was speechless again. "Pls Justin, I've never seen one in real life and up close." "I can't Selena, u are my sister, it is strange." "If u don't show it to me I will all my girlfriends that u are getting hard while thinking about me." Her thread was childish and that's why I new she would do it, and god only knows what will the word for me in school after that, so I caved.

I removed my sweatpants and he immediately made a tent from my boxers. Then I just pulled them a little to the side and he was free, almost completely hard pointing to the sealing. Selena was already sitting near my crouch with anticipation and when she saw it her jaw went down, and her eyes got bigger and bigger while admiring my manhood.

Waaw, it is so big, it's amazing. As I was lying on the bed looking at my sister staring at my penis, I didn't know what to think, my mind went blank and then another question from her made me shiver.

"Can I touch it? Please?" "No, no, no, this is not right Selena." "C'mon, it is nothing. I will show u my boobs after to be even, ok?" In that second my eyes were pinned on my sister chest, she had nice handful of boobs that in that particular moment I really wanted to see, and as she said, it is only fair after I showed her my penis, so I just mumbled 'Ok.

Then she touched my shaft with just one finger, then she poked it again and she said it feels strange but nice. Then she took it with her hand and started to crease it, and explore every inch of it. "Really strange, it so soft and yet so hard, i like it." After few more seconds she was practically stroking it, but then she stopped.

"Well, promise is a promise" - she said and laid back down on the bed. "Do u want me to do it or u want to remove my top?" I accepted the challenge, but my goal was more to feel her breasts with my hands before I remove it cause I didn't know if she will let me touch them after that.

So I enjoyed cupping her breasts through the fabric for few seconds. They were so soft and perfect, her nipples little and I could swear they were erect, it was incredible but I had to do what I was asked or she would get suspicious.

After few seconds her breasts were completely exposed to my eyes. The most incredible boobs that I've ever seen, I've seen boobs in their full glory like this only in porn but still, they were the perfect size and shape with two small and beautiful nipples.

As I was staring at my 15yo sister naked boobs I felt scared, cause this was so wrong and yet I didn't care enough to stop it. As I was rethinking what is happening my hand had mind of her own and started to cup her right boob, slowly and gently. Selena just looked at me and her hand went down on my still hard prick.

She stroke it as I explored her breasts. Then she sat on the bed again with her boobs still exposed. "I wanna see it more closely" - she said and she bent over with her face no more than inch from my tip. As she was exploring it up close from left and right with both of her hands moving on it, my eyes didn't know where to look, her swinging boobs ore her face that was almost landing on my cock, so I closed my eyes for a second, and it was just that because I felt something on my tip that made me open them quick again.

And it was what I was thinking, Selena's tongue was in contact with my mushroom, and not long after that she started moving it slowly on it. This made my whole body shiver, but this was not the end of it cause soon I watched how my young sister's plumb lips started surrounding my shaft, and slowly but surely enveloping it all. The most sensitive part of my penis was engulfed in my sister's mouth and I could feel her tong begin swirling around it. I was in shock and ecxtaz at the same time.

The feeling was indescribable, and then it got better when my cock started to disappear more and more in her mouth. After few minutes of slowly devouring and playing with my manhood it was more than half in her mouth, and she was trying to slowly take more and more but it was harder and harder.

So I was lying on my back watching my 15yo sister perform my first blowjob and couldn't believe it. This was now more than wrong, it was a sin. it was sick, but as I was thinking those things I felt that I can't take this anymore, and was going to erupt harder than ever before.

Without thinking I did something quite brutal. With both of my hands on my sister's head I forced her with all of my strength down on my cock, it went inches more than she had taken before, she was gagging and waving whit her hands trying to pull out, but she couldn't, and when literally my hole cock was inside her mouth, half of it deep in her throat I started spurting, load after load deep inside her throat, she was gagging even more as probably the biggest loads I've ever produced were unloading in her throat.

It was a moment of true ecstasy. After the last spurt I finally released her head and she immediately looked up gagging and coughing, swallowing some of my seed and some leaving her mouth coating her chin and cheeks even licking down on her neck.

"What the fuck was that, why did u do this." Looking how she swallows my cum and her plastered face made my heart skip a beat, but I knew that what I did was brutal. "I am really sorry, it was just the spurt of the moment, I am sorry, really." "Well, it was kind a cool, just very unexpected.

I couldn't believe that I took all of that -pointing at my cock- in my mouth, and when it started twitching and filling my throat with cum it was overwhelmingly awesome.

At one point I was gagging so much that I thought I will throw-up, but I didn't - and she made a big smile still coated in my cum. Just the thought that she may actually liked it made my softening cock rise again. After she cleared the white goo from her face with her hands she laid back on the bed, breathing deeply still catching her breath and her naked chest was moving up and down with the two flawless hills on it.

After a minute or so, out of nowhere she just removed her pants and exposed her silk pink panties, then her hands reached down in attempt to remove them, but I stopped the madness and asked. "What are u doing?" "Well, it is only fair after what I did for you, you do the same for me." "No, no, I wont do that." "OH!

So I can do it, but u can't, you are the same fucking jerk like the rest." "You know it is not that, you are my sister, it so wrong and sick and wrong - I was infact trying to convince myself more than her." "It was, and we were not supposed to do it. We have to stop. "We will stop after u return the favor, I know u want it, I can see it in your eyes and it is not more wrong than the staff we already did." "Have u ever seen a pussy in real life?" I had to agree with her, I wanted it so much, and, yes, I've never seen a pussy in real life.

I got so bold that I positioned myself between my sister's legs and lift them up so I can remove her panties and enjoy the view of her honey pot. I was really quick with the removing of the panties and as her legs fell down spread to my sides I was hypnotized by the view. It was amazing. So delicate and beautiful with the tightest little pussy lips. It looked so soft, I was amazed, and soon the tender smell and the barely visible wetness intoxicated me to a point that my vision got blurry.

"I've never seen something like it Sel, it is so beautiful, nothing like the ones I've seen in porn, big and ugly with saggy lips and big opening." "Well am not fucked all day long by the biggest cocks, and I am only 15, but I don't think mine will be like those even when I am 30." Hearing that she was only 15 and looking at her bald little pussy I started to question my sanity.

"We shouldn't do this, u are still a child, look, u don't even have pubic hair! She started lathing" "You are joking right, girls have their period when they are 12 witch means they can have children, and u think 15yo is not sexually developed, ha-ha-ha, I am thinking about sex for years now and I am touching myself inappropriately since I can remember.

But lets get back on the point, I shaved for Dylan cause most of the guys like it, right?" I was still staring at her pussy like zombie when I asked. "Can I touch?" And my fingers slowly touched her nether region investigating and feeling it's warmth, finally I stopped on the sweetest spot and gently parted her labia to see a bright pink inside, it was beautiful and wet, I could even see her hymen. "Is your hymen still intact, how is that possible.

"Well I decided I wont stick anything inside me even fingers to break it, and the guy who will be with me for the first time will feel really special that I am absolutely pure virgin, am I right." "You are probably right, it is pretty special." I felt the urge to just bury my head in the pink depths and acquire a taste to go with the dazzling sweet smell but I just lifted the hood and touched her clit as she moaned loudly.

But my desire was soon fulfilled when Selena on her own grabbed my head and shoved it between her legs moaning as my tongue started to taste the meal of his life.She got more and more wet and moaning louder and louder as I was speeding up moving my tongue through her most sensitive places. "Yes, Oh yes, eat my pussy bro, yes, yes, this is.ooh yes." Seeing how much she liked it made me wanna please her even more and even then I was sure that enjoy this twice as much as her.When I was getting the hang of it, stimulating all the right places she tried to pull out my head.

"Stop, Stop, I." "What?" - I asked concerned "I can't take it any more, I think I was about to pee myself, I have to go to the bathroom." I laughed because I new this would be her first real orgasm and she didn't now the feeling at all, so I explained her.

"No Sel, u are not gonna pee yourself, it is just part of your orgasm, u just need to relax and let go, and u will cum, like guys do but with girl juices, don't worry if u feel a liquid leaving, it is not pee, trust me." "Ok bro,U videoz blondie redtube in xvideos trouble youporn teen porn more porn than me, I am gonna trust u on this, but if I pee all over u it is your own fault." And I continued to master my new favorite activity licking my sister's 15yo pussy for just few more minutes because she came so hard that her whole body was out of control, my tongue feeling her pussy frantic spasms, her legs trembling and her juices flowing in to my mouth.

It felt so good that it was not even close to the best thing ever happened to me witch was some 15 minutes ago. Licking her pussy and making her cum like that almost made me cum, my dick was as hard as it can be. Selena was trying to catch her breath after her real orgasm and I was still trying to suck every bit of her pussy juices I can when her mouth spoke something that almost made me blow.

"That was. I don't even have words for it. I can't imagine what would be like to be inside me. "Lets do it bro,I want it so bad, I am so horny right now that Big tits in sports mason moore shows off her bocce balls skill brazzers don't care that I am gonna burn in hell for this, I wanna feel porn anel sex meerut free inside me." After this words probably all of the blood went from my brain to my cock cause I actually started to imagine what would the feeling be, but I was far from taking my 15yo sister virginity "You, are kidding right?

This is not gonna happen. "Why not, we like did it already. I know it is sick and wrong but u are 19 and virgin, I am 15 and I really want to experience it.

We both wanna wait for the 'right', but for how long, we love eachother right, we trust eachother, we will never abandon eachoder, we are family, we are always gonna be there for eachother. like u were here for me tonight, wanting to help me." "C'mon, it is just giving ourselfs pleasure, no one gonna get hurt." She had a point, I was almost 19 still a virgin, as much as I want to wait for the real deal it is getting ridiculous, and I am sure I will burn in hell for what i did till now so maybe I should do it.

'Clearly judging by my thoughts there wasn't much blood left in my brain to realize that I was about to have sex with my 15yo virgin sister cause I grabbed my dick placed myself between her legs as she was lying on her back and guided my cock in front of her opening.

She smiled "Do it, just do it, don't think about it." My cock's head touched her pussy lips and she moaned, I slowly moved it spreading her outer lips, very slowly pushing forward till my tip was engulfed by her labia, she was moaning and breathing heavily.

I tried pushing further but I couldn't "C'mon, go for it, don't u dare stop now, I am gonna kill u." "I can't, it wont go, I am afraid to push harder, it may hurt u." "It is suppose to hurt, I am a virgin u have to break my hymen or did u forget that." I pushed again, it was so tight, it was going nowhere, I almost moved her whole body up trying to penetrate her.

"Just try on really hard and fast push, okey?" I took the advice, I pinned her body with one hand so it will not move an using the other the guide the big fella in his dream home.

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"Are u ready?" "Yes, go!" I trusted hard, and as I felt her hymen tearing violently my cock penetrating her incredibly tight vagina and slamming in her cervix she screamed. I was fast enough to put a hand on her mouth and I hoped no one heard that. I freezed. My cock was in her, the tip in contact with her back wall. After few seconds of not even blinking I started to feel her pussy, her vaginal walls contracting on my cock, more and more frequently maybe from the pain I just inflicted, cause I could see tears in my baby sister's eyes.

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When I felt she can control herself I removed the hand from her mouth. "Just don't move, stay still please." "Ok, did it hurt a lot." "Yes, I just want few seconds to recuperate. It still hurts a lot but little by little it wears off. Thank god all this pain is atleast mixed with pleasure." Maybe a minute later as we just stood there staring at eachother's eyes still enjoying her even more frequent pussy contractions and watching how my dick is buried inside my sister, I was really trying not to cum, but when after some time her pussy muscles start to squeeze harder and harder and more often on my cock and Selena breathing changed like she was having an orgasm, and when I felt with my cock her juices flowing that was it for me, I started erupting like volcano, load after load shot in the depths of my angelic little sister pussy.

"What did u just do, did u came inside me, I felt your cock twitching and then like flows." "O God, what did I do, why i can't resist those urges." "Don't worry I had my period like yesterday, I won't get pregnant. I felt quite a relieve and not only for unloading my buckets of cum inside the tightest and hottest place that my dick has been.

"So, what, that was it, we didn't even started and u came. Thanks for the long and memorable first time bro." She was right, but the thing was that I innocenthigh petite blonde learns to fuck and cheer came and I can feel that my dick is still rock hard inside her pussy. This must be the magic of the tight young virgin pussy of my sister, it feels so amazing that simply it can not let a cock softens.

"Do amazing gf is getting nailed doggy style feel that sis?" "What?" "My cock is still hard as wood, so I guess we are not finished yet." I wide smile on her face made me smile too. "Ok then, now move slowly, very slow." I started pulling out slowly and she started literally grunting her vagina spasming heavily on my cock. As it was half out I could see blood from her hymen on my member, but strangely I wasn't disgusted, just the opposite it made me even more horny and I started pushing in again.

Yes, that's nice, it still hurts but it is nice. Only the sound emitting from the friction between my meat and her insides was driving me nuts, after few minutes slowly fucking my beautiful sister and gently playing with her flawless boobies, I started to up the tempo and she liked it, I could tell her moans were more from pleasure and I started to establish a rhythm, but soon my urges again overwhelmed me and I started to go faster and harder In few minutes I realized that every time I hit harder her cervix her whole pussy contracts from the pain squeezing my cock, so I started slamming harder her cervix, harder and harder, to make her pussy do that.

I was on top now drilling in to my sister vagina, sucking on her still developing titties from time time and kissing her and sucking her tongue in to my mouth. "It hurts like that, bro, stop, I don't like it." "You are doing great sis, just relax and take it all in, the pain will pass." She continue to moan and grunt in pain, but I also continued to try to break down the back wall of her pussy, "It hurts, slow down" "Just a little more babe, you are doing great." Moments later despite the pain, she got in orgasmic stance, her body was not responding to her will, her pussy trying to choke my cock, her juices started flowing and again this was the point of no return for me too, I slammed hard inside and released, bucket after bucket deep inside my teen sister.

I was so spend that I collapsed on her.


When she got out from her own trance she pushed me to the side and my cock popped out of her pussy and a river of cum mine and hers flowed down on the sheets "I am sorry that I didn't listen to u sis." "IT WAS AWESOME" - she yelled.

"It was a lot of pain yes, but black osa lovely gets fucked doggy style pleasure was. and mixed with the pain. I don't think I will ever experience something like that again. Even when u were a little rough it paid of at the end. I came like never before." "I am glad I was not a complete jerk, cause for me this was the best night ever, and i thought this night was disaster just an hour earlier" "Right, but we made it incredible for us.

In fact do u wanna try one more thing, if u are up for it i mean - she pointed at my resting semi-hard cock. "I will be, just say what is it." "I wont u to stick it my butt?" "You are joking right?" - I couldn't believe that my innocent pure and virgin till minutes ago little sister was pronouncing this.

"I am not, I want to do everything, I don't wanna be virgin anywhere. I wanna experience it and then decide if I like it or not. I thought about for like 5 seconds, we did so much wrong and twisted things already what is one more, and It is not like I don't wanna feel what is like to stick my cock in a butt.

"Ok, lets do it, spread your legs." She aging spread her legs like before but this time I was aiming for her puckered butthole. "I think this will hurt even more." "Don't care, just stick it." I repeated the procedure from before, and with all my strength pushed to penetrate my sister anally, for my surprise I thing it went easier than in her virgin pussy.

She was about to scream again but this time she didn't. We wasted again for about two minutes with my whole dick completely in her anus and then proceeded with slow fucking and then faster and faster.

She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to try different positions. "I want to ride u. Lay there" - and the next few minutes I was watching how my cock disappeared in my sister's butt while her boobies were juggling up and down, mom son sek japan 3 gp not only that but she did the reverse cowgirl giving me even more delightful view of my meat devouring her little ass.

"You wanna fuck me like dog "- she said and took the position on 4, she was going really wild, maybe her mexican heritage had something to do with it turning her into cock-hungry slut. I was enjoying more and more every millisecond of it.


I was fucking her from behind watching how her stretched sphincter was taking the ginormous looking against her butt cock. As I was rubbing her clit with one hand and she was very close to orgasm she commanded: "Fill me with cum bro, now fill my anus with your seed, Now!

And it was like I ordered it cause I was just about to do that, and we both came in unison again. I unloaded surprisingly kinky lesbo babes are spreading and fisting ass holes amount of sperm in her ass taking the fact it was my forth time in less than two hours. When I pulled out we heard a loud popping sound mixed with farting one and we laughed hard.

She was watching the semen dribbling from her ass with hungry eyes, not only that but she got the mirror from her night stand and started to push and contract trying to release as more cum as she could while watching with the mirror. She was very pleased when large amounts of sticky white fluid emerged not only from her stretched anus but from her now redish pussy. She played with her two holes using her fingers to gather cum and stuff if from one hole to the other occasionally tasting the mixture with her mouth moaning.

And I enjoyed so much watching this that I started jerking with the little strength I had left. Her little game made me so horny that just two minutes intense jerking were enough for me be ready to cum again, and this time my target was her tits. I started to rub my cock between them and shot massively till her while she was watching the hole thing up close with her wet fingers in her mouth.

"O yes bro, so that's how it looks like for real. Nicee! Thank u for showing me cause the whole night I never actually saw it. "Well, even I was quite impressed with the amount I shot, u can only imagine how big were the first loads when I was not spend" "Maybe some other time u will show me then? - she said with a grin Few minutes later we were lying on the bed happy. "Bro?" "What?" "Tonight was a dream come true but u have to go to your room now, someone can come, we are not married "It was realy a dream com true sis, and we may not be married but we can be brother and sister with benefits, or family with benefits, right?

We laughed We sure can bro, night.