Babe facialized at orgy group sex hardcore

Babe facialized at orgy group sex hardcore
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When I awoke the sun was streaming in through the curtains. Distractedly I glanced at the clock. It was still early, and I couldn't hear any sounds downstairs. Everyone must still be asleep after our late night orgy.

After we'd gone to bed Kelly sneaked into my room and we ended up fucking once more before falling asleep in each others arms.


Kelly! Where was she?

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I became aware of movement under the bed covers and then a cool hand took hold of my cock working it back into life. I could feel the warm breath across my balls and then, wow, the soft warmth of moist lips as they traced their way from the root of my cock all the way to the tip.

God, she learnt fast. She'd only been shown this last night and here she was sucking my dick just like Mum did. Her tongue played with the head of my cock teasing, tormenting me, urging my dick to its hardest, longest erection I can remember. Suddenly, I felt a finger probe my arse, the sensations were fantastic and I swear my prick grew another inch. Without warning Kelly pushed her finger deep into my ass.

I could hold back no longer and sent a stream of cum spurting into Kelly's mouth and down her throat.

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She swallowed it all, every last drop, before she let my cock slip from her mouth. I lifted the covers to see her anxious to catch some of my cum on her lips but it wasn't Kelly, it was Grandma!

!I hope you don't mind Steven', she said, 'but Grandad told me how wonderful you tasted, just like your father, and I wanted to try some. Anyway now you're awake its breakfast time'. I watched as grandma, naked, climbed off the bed and walked to the door. As the sunlight caught her I noticed a trickle of juice running down the inside of her left leg.

Man she was hot! I followed her downstairs not bothering to get dressed. It was just as well because everyone was sat at the table completely naked. Kelly looked up at Grandma and smiled before smiling at me.

'You were right, Harry (that's Grandad), he tastes divine, but you know we must do something for him' 'What's that Grace?' 'Shave him!

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I know you've not got much hair Steven, but it would be much better all clean and shaved like your Dad's and Grandad's' 'Okay' I said, 'but how?' 'What's this?' asked Mum coming into the room 'Mum just mentioned that Steven needs a dick shave' said Dad. 'Lets do it now!' said Grandma with a wicked grin on her face. 'Right, Steven and Kelly you clear the table. Mum you fetch the kit and let's get going!' said Dad.

Within seconds the table was all cleared and towels load across it. Mum returned with a bag of razors, shaving cream and baby lotion. ' Now, Steven up onto the table and relax. I promise you'll enjoy this!' said Dad. It was difficult to relax, I was naked on the kitchen table surrounded by my family, about to have my dick and balls shaved.

But somehow the whole idea was a turn on and I felt my cock begin to stiffen. The warmth of the water was a surprise and droplet ran down under my arse tickling as they went. Dad used plenty of shaving cream and lathered the whole of my cock and balls before begining with the razor. Very carefuly and gently Dad used the razor to swipe away the few pubic hairs I had. I could feel how slippery my balls and cock felt as Hot brunette babes get horny showing off their greedy asses handled them moving them so he could access all my areas.

'Why stop there?' asked Mum. 'You shave everywhere, why not Steven?' And without further pause Dad was coating my whole body with shaving cream.

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Under my arms was the next place to be defuzzed, the across my chest (although I had only one or two hairs there) and finally my legs got the same treatment. I had been watching Dad's actions and had not noticed the others.


Grandma had Grandads cock in her hands and was pumping it up and down making squelching noises everytime she reached the tip. Mum as being sucked out by Kelly who was kneeling between her legs and Dad.Well, his cock was standing to attention above the edge of the table all glistening with pre-cum juice.

It was massive, I thought that last night, but it really was huge, just like Grandad's. Instinctively, I reached out and ran my hand over the tip of Dad's dick feeling how warm and solid and wet it was.

Just then, stepsis snuggles up to stepbro and they end up fucking if on cue, he began shooting wad after wad of cum across my belly and onto my hairless cock. Grandad started to come too and shoot his load onto Dad's cum mixing it together in a cocktail of cum. There was nothing I could do but join them and I emptied my balls onto my stomach.

Without a word everyone turned to me and started licking the spunk off my cock and balls sharing in this breakfast of cum. Once I was clean, I rolled off the table. Kelly jumped up into my place and looked willingly at Dad. 'Please Dad, I know I've hardly got any hair, but please shave my pussy for me' Dad didn't need to be asked twice! We all watched as Dad's attentive fingers spread the shaving cream across Kelly's sparsly covered cunt lips.

She had her eyes closed and arched her back as Dad slipped three the four fingers into her cunt. It did't take long for Dad to shave Kelly's pussy and as she lay there he moved to between her legs and slowly inched forward until the tip of his monster cock was pushing at the lips of her cunt. Gently, he edged forward.


There was no way she'd take all of his length but he managed to insert five inches before she cried out. Backwards and forwards he swayed until his rythme built to a climax and he sent a wad of hot creamy spunk deep into Kelly's cunt. And that's how the rest of the school holidays went. Days and nights of endless fucking. Kelly and I learnt almost everything about sex; anal, gay, oral, golden showers and even a little S & M!

But it wasn't until the week before returning to school that I discovered something that would change my life. The sheer joy of lingerie and dressing as a girl. But lets save that story until next time.!