Blonde pretty girl sucking dick with spunk

Blonde pretty girl sucking dick with spunk
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After the threesome with Caity and Julia I was tired as fuck.

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Last night when I came around Caity and I had sex for the first time, this morning when we woke up we had sex in the shower and just before Caity, Julia and I had a threesome. My mind began to wander and I thought of all the other girls Caity might be interested in sharing me with. My first thought was her mom JulietI always found on the various porn sights I went on that mother and daughter tag teams were hot, kinky and down right sexy.

I tried to remember what Juliet looked like and in my minds eye I saw a smokin' hot Shangoy fox-like woman, she was more fox-like then her daughter Caity as her fur was a red/orange color whereas Caity's was light brown, Caity had a short fluffy tail but Juliet had a long bushy tail which was far more fox-like than her daughters, her eyes were black and Caity's were brown and Caity's nose was more cat like then fox-like, but still showed some fox like attributes unlike Juliet who had a fox-like snout.

But besides those both mom and daughter had the same ears, mouth and to my best guess boob size. My thoughts were interrupted as I felt something warm and furry rubbing against me. I opened my eyes and I saw the naked 5'9", 38DD, foxy body of Caity rubbing against me.

She looked at me and realized that she had shaken me from my tired sexual haze like trance that I was in. Caity smiled and her ears folded down a little which showed that she was relaxed now which was reinforced by her tail now slowly swaying from side to side.

She cuddled up closer to me bringing her face closer to mine and further away from my stomach, she stopped at my upper chest and rested her head on my mini pectorals and said "It is raining outside Danny." I looked through her bedroom window to the outside and I saw that it was indeed raining "Yeah, so?" I inquired "Well" Caity began "it is not really the rain that I am interested in but more the outside." I was confused, I gave her a confused glance and said "Wha?" Caity put on a mock innocent voice and a cute begging face before saying "Well Danny, you see I have always had this little fantasy of me having sex with a guy in a spa.

Julia and I tried it once with her strap-on but it just didn't feel right, I knew then that I needed a man. I was kinda hoping that you could be that man and have sex with me in the spa even though you and I have had sex three times in the past day. Pwease" Caity finished with a brunette babe gets her pussy licked by her driver cuter and more innocent voice and expression. I began to think if I should say yes or not, Caity noticed me thinking and put on that irresistible begging face of hers.

I smiled at her and laughed before answering "Hell yeah baby doll, lets do it." Caity's face lit up with a traffic stopping smile knowing that one of her sexual fantasy's was about to be fulfilled.


We walked outside and it had stopped raining. Caity still naked walked over to the spa, took the cover off and leaned over to turn the power on giving me a great view of her ass. Her fur glistened in the sunlight, her tail swayed happily and she seemed to have a spring in her step. As I stood there mesmerized by this drop dead sexy nude Shangoy godless-like body in front of me I suddenly realized "Caity." I asked "Where is Julia?" "Oh Jules?

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She went back to her place to get ready for a movie with her boyfriend." Caity replied "Wait. She has a boyfriend?!" I exclaimed, Caity looked at me confused "Yeah, so?" "We had a threesome!" I continued. Caity looked at me looking even more baffled and said "Danny, I fail to see your point." I gave up "Never mind." Just then I had a brilliant idea. I looked at Caity's naked body as she walked back to me, finished with the spa and a sly smile crossed my face.


I told her "Before we get into the tub, I wanna do something." "Sure, what is it?" Caity asked "Just do as I say okay? I am sure you'll figure it out." I answered Caity seemed uneasy but curious of what I had in store for her, so she simply reply "Oh sure, okay then." Caity still had that cheerful smile of hers as I lead her over to one of the outdoor recliners in her back yard just a few feet away from her spa, she sat down and I told her "Close your eyes." Caity didn't need to be told twice and done so straight away.

After she had sat down and was on her recliner naked in front of me I took a few moments to take some mental photos of the scene before me for use later when I was alone. Her brown fur looked as soft as ever as it gently moved to and fro babe with round ass gives a ride hardcore blowjob the soft wind, her tail slowly swayed from left to right it went as slow as I have ever seen it move, probably from curiosity.

Her face with her cute small semi-fox like nose and her eyes, although shut had obvious signs of curiosity.

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I couldn't help myself as my hands reached out and began to fondle her gorgeous tits, my sexual instincts had taken over as my face moved closer and closer to her right tit, when my face was right next to her right tit I began to suck it while softly nibbling and flicking her nipple with my tongue and teeth yet sucking it at the same time, the way Caity liked. My right hand fondled her left boob and my left hand had to support her right boob that I was playing with.

My mouth peeled away and I began to slowly lick down her body, first her lower chest, then her stomach before finally reaching my goal, her pussy, of course all that happened with no small amount of soft moans or the taste of her fur on my tongue. As my tongue reached her glistening pussy I realized that it was already wet from the excitement.

"Her boobs must be her weak spot." I thought to myself as my hands slowly trailed behind my mouth. I looked up at Caity then back down to her pussy as I slid my middle finger shallowly in, teasing her. "My god." I thought to myself "She is wetter than I first thought!" Caity let out another soft moan but this time I looked up at her and saw her looking down at me smiling, she only said one word "Deeper." I smiled at what Caity had said and I pulled my finger out and replaced it with both my index and middle fingers; I slid them deeper then before, going as deep as my hand would allow.

The pleasure caused Caity to let out one of her soft moans as my fingers were in knuckle deep in her warm, soft and wet pussy. My tongue had an urge to get in on the action, so with my thumb and index finger of my free left hand I parted her pussy's lips and started to lick. My tongue searched in vain for her clit and it found it, the second it came into contact with her clit Caity attempted to stifle a moan but her attempts proved futile as the moan just came out louder then what it normally would have been when I had done this while my mouth was doing this my fingers continued to slide in and out of her pussy.

My lips enclosed around her clit and I began to suck while flicking at it with my tongue causing her moans to get louder and louder with shallower breaths between each moan.

I felt like being a bit of an ass so I softly nibbled Caity's clit; once, twice and thrice before moving my head away from her pussy and also slowly sliding out my fingers. Caity looked down at me sadly and asked "Danny, why did you stop? We were just getting started?" "Cause Caity." I replied "I think the spa is ready now." Caity's sad expression suddenly vanished and it was replaced with one mixed with joy, curiosity, anxiety and excitement. "Why didn't you say so?

Come on Danny, fuck me in the spa till I pass out, you run dry or your balls turn blue!" And with that she jumped off the recliner, grabbed my hand and led me towards the spa. I was a bit concerned with the last thing she said, I don't know about most guys, but to me that was both exciting and damn scary, hell I like my balls so I would rather that they do not turn blue.

I stopped causing Caity to stop as well and look back at me "Whats wrong?" she asked "Well, I don't want my balls going blue, as much as I hate to say so I'd rather not cum in you that many times." I replied and to my amazement Caity just looked at me and laughed "Aw that is so cute!" she exclaimed "I would never let that happen to you silly, because I love your cock and balls way too much to allow such a thing to happen.

Besides I think I would pass out or run out of energy before that happens anyway." I felt a little reassured "Okay crazy stepsister teens hard banged by a nerdy stepbro Baby Doll." Is all I said as I began to walk again to the spa before getting in.

When I got into the spa the first thing I felt was a surge of warmth go through my body, due to the water being heated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. I looked at Caity and smiled, she was half submerged in the water, part of her body that wasn't in the water was wet anyway, her fox-like ears propped up in anticipation and her tail was swishing and sloshing in the water.

Caity saw me look at her and moved towards me. We started to make out as we sat there naked in the spa, our tongues interweaving between our lips and I felt her wet furry hand slowly sliding down my hips heading towards its goal, my semi-hard cock. As soon as her hand grabbed my cock, Caity broke the kiss, began to stroke my shaft with her hand and she asked me "Danny, could you move a tad to the left?" confused I replied "Uh, teen girls practice lesbian sex hardcore blowjob as I moved slightly to the left.

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I looked down and saw her free hand grab something in the water, I was about to ask her what she grabbed when I saw a stream of bubbles burst to the surface between my legs, she had grabbed a bubble jet. I looked at Caity wondering what she would use the bubbles for and she gave me her usual innocent look which always turned me on, she released my now rock hard cock and stood up before moving towards me. Caity then grabbed my cock again, but this time she didn't stroke it, she used her hand to guide it into her pussy.

As she was doing this her other hand also went into the water but she used it to move the bubble jet, I could feel the stream of bubbles moving past my shaft, "So that's what you wanted the bubbles for you dirty girl." I thought. She started to slowly slide down my cock, going up making her hairy pussy all wet and sticky down slowly and never going further down then around halfway.

As she slid up and down she moaned softly, even though it still felt great, to her this was (for lack of a better term) the easy stuff. I put my hands behind my head and enjoyed myself as Caity slid up and down my cock slowly for around 30 seconds, before she started to go down further and faster.

The bubbles must have been doing something to her as she moaned louder then she usually would going this fast. Caity turned her head to face mine and I instinctively grabbed her head and kissed her while rubbing her fox-like ears, our kisses soon turned french as our tongues became entangled in each other.

I could feel her tail wrapping around my leg as we kissed. Caity broke the kiss suddenly, looked away from me and let out a huge moan from the bubbles being forced between her pussy and my cock. That moan was followed by her saying "Danny! Your cock, it's g-getting bigger inside me!" I smiled to myself as I began to thrust up as Caity slid down causing my cock to go balls deep, Caity to moan louder and the water to slosh even more.

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Caitys upper body relaxed a little bit and as I went to grab her tits I heard Caity moan "Oh fuck yes Danny. Fucking pound my pussy!". I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples, knowing it was a soft spot of hers. The pinch was almost immediately greeted with louder moans from Caity.

I licked the back of her furry neck and I discovered another soft spot of hers as it caused her whole body to quiver and her tail to tighten around my leg.

Caity then looked up at the sky and screamed "Danny, I'm gonna cum!" "Fuck." I thought to myself "I was just getting started. oh well better speed it up I guess." so I pounded her cunt faster, harder and rougher for 5 seconds until suddenly Caity half screamed half moaned as she came. As she came two adorable virgins for one one eyed monster pussy tightened around my cock causing me to suddenly cum, for what felt like the hundredth time in the last few days.

Caitys tail loosened around my leg, her ears propped down relaxing and she fell off my lap into the middle of her spa, I couldn't help but laugh and as she emerged from the water Caity laughed as well.