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Story haciendel orta una pendeja colegiala jovencita real mexicanas chibola jovencitas webcam
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The Father Son Talk. The Friday evening after my thirteenth birthday in late August, just before dinner I heard my parents talking in the kitchen about giving me a sex talk. I did not let on that at school we had had an in depth sex talk from several teachers and I was well aware of the principles in having sex. I had seen several pornographic movies and more explicit pictures.

I notice both were drinking wine, which was a bit unusual as both my parents very rarely drank wine in the house. During the meal I noticed that both of my parents were acting a bit strange and they had drunk a large quantity of wine each especially my mother, she was a church going lady. I had seen both my parents very drunk on several occasions, especially when they have been out celebrating social events.

During the meal, which sunny leone romans sex story fuking in three courses as usual on a Friday night; soup followed by a fish dinner then ice cream; for the first time in my life I was offered a glass of wine, I accepted and took small mouthfuls to make it last the meal.

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As I ate the meal I watched my mother, in her short pencil skirt and her tight fitting blouse, her top buttons on her blouse where undone to reveal the top of her white lace bra and her cleavage; this sight gave me a hard on, which I kept all through the evening meal and was made worse when I noticed that she had undone a couple more buttons, as we ate our desert she let some ice cream fall off her spoon and run down her cleavage. Sexily my mother scooped it out with her spoon and in doing so another button popped open below her breasts, revealing her breasts encased in her white lace bra.

After the meal my father took me to the sitting room as my mother cleaned the table and pottered in the kitchen, keeping out of the way. As me and my dad sat in the lounge he talked about boys and girls and making babies, it was all a miss match of conversation which I did not really understand.

During the talk he was taking drinks of wine from his glass and I noticed that he had drunk a half bottle by the time the conversation was complete. After the talk he went out to the pub and left me at home with things going around in my mind from the chat.

I went and thought about what he said in my bedroom as I watched porn on my computer. A short while later I came down stairs, to find mom sitting on the sofa watching TV and drinking a glass of wine.

She was sitting with her knees up under her body and this allowed her stocking tops to be on show, her blouse was still open and as she sat there was only one button fastened, just below her breasts. I sat down beside her and asked her if it was ok to talk. She sat up right and asked what I wanted to talk about, I just said sex. As I asked her about sex in general I noticed she was drinking more and more wine and her voice was slurred. Later on I discovered she had drunk four bottles of wine by then.

Half a bottle with my father, another half bottle over dinner, a full bottle as we had our father son chat and a third as I sat upstairs contemplating the chat, the fourth was what she was drinking now. As the chat was getting more and more explicit, I asked about breasts; to my surprise my other asked me if I wanted to see hers.

I gladly said yes, now I could get a good view of my 35 year old mothers 34c breasts, I knew her bra size from sneaking a look in her lingerie draw. She stood up, and drunkenly staggered about a bit; she removed her work blouse and took off her bra before sitting back down. I stared at her breasts then she said I could touch mary in maid uniform double teamed threesome and stockings, as I gently groped them she explained all about her breasts and nipples.

As we chatted she mentioned sexual arousal, I asked about it and as she explained, she mentioned pussy and penetration. I asked about all these things and she stood up and removed her skirt and panties before slouching back down on the sofa legs apart. I noticed her pussy was wet, after sitting back down she drunk a full glass of wine in one gulp.

Next she explained all about arousing a woman and making the experience a poan sing ka rani morkig e ka xxx storys for them. She told me if I can make a girl have orgasms they would want to be with that man. So I listened as my mother talked, I kept asking questions and she said she would take me through the sexual arousal steps of a woman.

As my mother lay there she got me to strip naked, once naked and with an erect cock, she told me to suck on her nipples, she placed my hand on her pussy and got me to rub her pussy and finger it, all the time sucking her nipples.

As I continued to play with my mother her breathing was getting deeper and deeper as she was getting sexually aroused.


I then asked about pussy licking and she explained what I needed to do, so I tried it out on my mother. As I practiced on her my mother explained what I had to do make her get aroused and have an orgasm. Again she was getting highly sexually aroused and as I finished sucking, licking and fingering her pussy she had an orgasm.

When she calmed down I asked about blowjobs and she said she would demonstrate one to me, I was expecting it to be on a banana but no my mother gave me my first blowjob just after my thirteenth birthday.

She was great slowly she licked my dick and sucked my balls followed by a low deep throat blowjob where she managed to get my seven inch dick into her mouth.

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It was a noisy and sloppy blowjob. After I came straight down her throat, making her gag and nearly be sick as I shot load after load down her throat, she licked all the mess up off my groin and jokingly slurred that I nearly drowned her with the amount of spunk I had shot into her throat.

Then my mother started to finger herself in front of me, instantly my cock became hard, as I watched her play with herself I jacked my sex fairy tales porn curvy wife shared tbbc off in front of her, I shot my load over her breasts and she just rubbed it into her body. My mother was surprised at how much spunk I shot over her tits as it had only been a few minutes since I had shot the previous load down her throat, all the time she was fingering herself.

After a while, I left the room to get a drink of water and take a piss, when I return my mom had fallen asleep.

I took her upstairs to her bed and put her to bed. She does not recall a lot about that Friday night but I do.


Over the next several months I saw glimpses of my mother' breasts, as she never wore a bra around the house. The event was never repeated for several months until one hot May Bank Holiday.

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