Amateur wife submitted all holes at same time gangbang storys

Amateur wife submitted all holes at same time gangbang storys
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Chapter Five At ten fifty five, and right on time, Judy Callen showed up for work. Judy was a yound blonde of nineteen. She was very pretty, with short cropped hair and a cute body. She had a small, round, heart shaped ass and small tight breasts.

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She seldom wore a brassiere since she simply didn't need one. Her breasts were firm enough to hold themselves up and they were usually topped with an erect nipple straining against the fabric of her blouse. She passed Kevin in the back room as he was rearranging the XXX videos. As she walked past him she said "Hi! Kevin how ya doin?" Kevin turned and nodded his head in response, then continued arranging the videos on the shelves.

Mrs. Estevez came into the room to check on Kevin's progress and helped him arrange the videos. She looked at the pictures on the covers of the boxes and commented to Kevin that they looked pretty hot. She said "Kinda looks like you and me a couple of hours ago, huh? See, look at this one, the guy has his entire face burried in this girls crotch. From the look on her face I'd say he was doing as good a job on her as you did on me." Kevin laughed and said "That's just the beginning Mrs.

Estevez, I'm going to introduce you to a few things that you've never done before, maybe you've not even heard of." Mrs. Estevez asked him what else could they do that they hadn't done earlier. Kevin just smiled and said "I don't know it all yet Mrs. Estevez but I'm learning, and these XXX videos will be a great source." Mrs Estevez laughed and said "I'm sure they will Kevin, I don't watch them myself but I think I'm going to start enjoying them too.

Come in early tomorrow and we can watch a video and put into practice what we learn." Kevin smiled and said "I'll try but I have a busy night lined up. I'll explain when we get to know each other better". While this conversation was going on Judy was in the adjacent aisle and she had overheard their entire conversation. Her mind was running wild with thoughts of Kevin and Mrs. Estevez getting it on sexually. She considered Mrs. Estevez to be a very attractive, seductive looking woman and wouldn't have thought for a minute that she would fuck around on her husband.

Kevin on the other hand was a great looking guy and like most guys wouldn't turn down a piece of ass for anything, least of all a good looker like Mrs. Estevez. She admitted to herself that she wouldn't mind fucking Kevin even though she would prefer to play with Mrs. Estevez. She preferred pussy to cock but considered herself to be bi-sexual not gay.

The rest of the day went well for Kevin and he finished the video rearrangement before leaving for home at 4 Xxnx sleeping sister rape brother download. As he drove home he kept thinking of the good time that he and Mrs.

Estevez had had that morning. cumshot facial blowjob cumpilation by cezar73 tube porn, what a life this is turning out to be. To go from a virgin one day to having two beautiful, older, experienced women in as many days." Now he was going home to his aunt who had something waiting for him.

I don't understand how men can claim that their tired of too much sex and can't perform, he thought. I'm ready to go again and I'll be ready for more when I get back to work in the morning. Kevin pulled into the driveway of his aunt's home and jumped out of the car and quickly entered the front door.

He called to his aunt who answered from upstairs.


Cheryl called down "Kevin, go on into the kitchen and open the bottle of wine and check the roast in the oven will you? I'll be down in a minute." Kevin did as she asked and opened the wine. It was a Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley and smelled wonderful and rich.

He placed two tall stemmed wine glasses on the table and filled each half full. The roast in the oven was coming along just fine and he started putting a shrimp salad together.

Cheryl showed up a few minutes later. She was dressed in white, silk, long sleeved blouse and a pair of skin tight white slacks.

She looked great in that outfit. He saw her wearing it a few weeks ago and it got his attention then.


The slacks showed off his aunt's great ass perfectly. The blouse she was wearing, being silk, showed off her large breasts also and he noticed that she wasn't wearing a brassiere underneath it. Her nipples were clearly visible and they were fully erect already. Cheryl sat down at the table with Kevin and raised her glass in a toast to an enjoyable dinner and they both drank heartily.

The wine warmed Kevins insides and he poured himself another glass and sipped it slowly. The roast was later carved and the salad served along with a helping of French bread and baked potato. The dinner was outstanding and they both enjoyed it and the second bottle of Cabernet. Cheryl told Kevin that she'd do the dishes later and suggested that they go into the living room and see the surprise that she'd picked up at the video store.

Kevin realized that she'd beat him to the punch with the video. Well there was time for him to bring some home for their enjoyment, he thought. They sat on the couch in front of the T.V. and watched as the video started. It was called "Nasty Girls" and starred a bunch of people that she'd never heard of. As the video started, a beautiful blonde with massive breasts and a brunette, also with massive breasts, were driving down Hollywood Boulevard in a Porsche convertible.

The dialogue was poor, and the acting worse. They spotted a guy hitch-hiking and pulled over and stopped and offered him a ride. He locked his eyes onto their tits and quickly got into the car. The girls started talking suggestively and noticed that the guy had a hard on. They started teasing him by showing him their bare tits. The blonde asked him if she could see his cock. He removed it from his pants and the girls took turns stroking it for him. They told him that they were going to take him to their place in the Hollywood Hills.

A few scenes later, the car pulled into their driveway and they entered the home. The home was a very posh affair and probably belonged to the financier of the movie. The furniture was abigail mac photo shooting hot and horny top rate stuff and the living room was a massive three story vaulted room. The three of them sat down on the couch with the guy in the center. The girls took turns rubbing their tits in his face and while he was sucking the tits of the brunette, the teen mia malkova lesbian sex with mature milf unzipped his pants, removed his cock and started sucking on it.

Kevin was amazed that the guy didn't have a hard-on until she'd sucked it for a minute or two. Both girls then stood up and got undressed, then started undressing him.

The blonde had a great body with a fine set of tits. Her pussy was completely shaved and the inner pussy lips were protruding from between the outer lips. The brunette also had a great pair of tits, but her pussy was covered in dark hair and it had been trimmed in a bikini cut.

It wasn't long before the brunette had straddled the blondes face and they were sucking each other off in a sixty-nine position. The guy approached the brunettes ass and sank his cock into her pussy from behind. As he slowly stroked it in and out of the brunette the blonde beneath her was licking her clitoris.

She would pause now and then to lick the guys balls that were dangling in her face. Kevin looked over at his aunt and asked her if she was enjoying the movie.


She looked back at him and said that she'd never seen anything like this before. Kevin's cock had hardened and he reached over and took his aunt's hand and guided it to his crotch. She gently rubbed his cock and then unzipped his pants.

He lowered his pants and underwear and his cock sprang into view. Cheryl said "I've been waiting for this all day. Her hand wrapped around the base of his cock and she started jacking him off while her other hand cupped and gently massaged his balls. Kevin moaned in pleasure and pumped his hips in time to her strokes. His cock was incredibly hard and pumping pleasure through his hot groin each time his heart beat.

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Cheryl bent over his crotch and placed his cock between her lips and gently started licking and sucking the bloated head of his cock. Her sucking was sending waves of pleasure through him and he started moaning softly. His hands reached down and held her head to guide her mouth and his hips started to slowly buck up and into her mouth. His balls were aching and traces of cum was oozing out of his marissa mae bouncing off her pussy on top smalltits and blowjob. Cheryl continued sucking and enjoying the taste of his sticky sperm as she swirled it around in her hot mouth.

Kevin couldn't hold his cum back much longer and said "I think you'd better stop for a while or I'll cum and I'd like to make it last for a while". Cheryl gave his cock one last gently suck and stood up and unbuttoned her blouse.

She wasn't wearing a brassiere and her nipples were fully hardened and erect. Kevin also stood and removed his clothing and sat back down again to watch as his aunt removed the rest of hers. Once she had removed her blouse, her hands cupped her breasts and gave them a gently squeeze and pinched her nipples between her fingers.

Her half closed eyes were fluttering with pleasure and she had a look of absolute lust on her face. The pleasure she was feeling was evident in her expression. Her lips parted in a quiet moan and she deeply inhaled as the pleasure rushed through her.

She wet her lips with a sexy lick of her tongue and they shined invitingly as she pursed them into an oval.

Kevin was awestruck with lust and couldn't have moved if he had to. The scene was filling him with a desire to spend the entire evening just looking at his aunt and watching her enjoy her body. She had now unzipped her slacks and she slipped her fingers into the waist band and slowly lowered them to the floor. She stepped out of them and stood before him wearing only her sheer white panties. They clung to her body and pronounced the bulge of her pussy beneath.

The slit of her cunt was visible underneath the silky covering and the dark brown triangle of her pussy hair was visible. Her fingers slowly lowered her panties. She opened her eyes and looked down at Kevin who was still sitting there looking at her with a tremendous hard-on. She could see it beating in rythym to his heart and longed to feel it sliding in and out of her steaming pussy. She lowered her hand and spread the lips of her cunt so Kevin could see the pink, glistening inner lips of her pussy.

Her other hand found her clitoris and she tickled and teased it with her long painted finger nails. It rose immediately into a hard nub and it came into view from beneath her clitoral hood and seemed to dare him to reach out and suck it between his lips.

Kevin kept his cool though while his aunt continued with her teasing. She removed the finger from her pussy and turned around giving his a view of her magnificent ass. She spread her legs and bent over, exposing her pussy from the rear.

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Kevin couldn't take it any more as he leaned forward and placed his hands on the beautiful cheeks of her ass. He moved his face closer to her ass and licked her gently.

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His tongue travelled slowly down the crack of her ass until it found her hole and he gently licked it and probed it with his tongue. Cheryl gasped both in shocked disbelief and pleasure at this new intrusion into her body. She wanted him to stop, because this was just too dirty, but the pleasure it was giving her was too much. She only moaned with pleasure and said "No! Kevin. Not that. Don't do that, please don't do that to me." Her mouth was saying No!, but her body was definitely saying Yes!

She stayed put just swaying her hips from side to side as he probed her with his tongue. She was teen joins her mom to spice up cock sucking. She was very clean and Kevin felt that if it brought pleasure to them both why not do it. Cheryl was pushing her ass back into his face now and she was moaning as he continued to lick her.

Her fingers reached down and she slid two of them into her wet pussy and massaged her tunnel and clitoris. She was peaking now and her legs started trembling at his probing. The lust it had generated in Kevin was causing him to moan also and the vibrations sent waves of pleasure into Cheryl's ass. Suddenly Cheryl said "Kevin, give me your cock, shove it up my ass baby, do it now, I want it up my ass now". Kevin stood and placed his hardened cock at the entrance to her ass.

He pushed gently, probing for entrance into her. His cock was straining against her opening as she moaned with pleasure at the nasty intrusion. He spit onto his fingers and rubbed the saliva over the head of his cock and again lowered it to her ass. With a slight push it gained access and he forced the head into her opening. She moaned and pushed backward toward him and impaled herself on his dick. She cried out in both pain and pleasure and told him to go slowly.

He gradually pulled his cock from her heart shaped bottom then paused before slowly forcing it back into her tunnel. She moaned in pleasure and her entire body shook in ecstasy. She turned her head and said "Fuck my ass hole Kevin, slam it into me now.

Fuck my ass, fuck it, fuck it." Kevin began pumping in and out of her ass. His hands reached around her and found her hanging breasts and kneaded them with his fingers. He pinched her nipples and she moaned out in pleasure. Her fingers still were finger fucking her slit while his cock rammed in and out of her ass hole. His back was arched as he humped into her. His hands reached down and found her hips.

He gripped them fiercely and slammed into her, pounding harder and faster. She was screaming in pleasure now and her head was swaying from side to side. He grabbed her hair and held her tightly, pulling back her head like a wild horse while he continued to butt fuck her wildly.

The walls of her ass were contracting on his cock now and he knew that she was cumming. Each time he felt her contract her ass she moaned and trembled with pleasure. Her entire body was shaking uncontrollably. His balls were slamming up against her wet pussy and her fingers pulled free from her twat and gripped his balls. They gently squeezed his hairy balls as if to pump out his juice into her steaming ass hole.

He pushed his cock into her ass all the way to the balls and paused while he ground it around inside her. Her asshole contracted again against his cock and it exploded in a gush of red hot cum. It spurted from his dick in hot sticky jets. Cheryl was wildly enjoying his cum as much as he was. She could feel his cock pumping his hot juices deep inside her. She continued to contract her ass around his cock to milk out all she could. She felt the hot man juice running out of her and down her thighs.

The jets of cum continued to spurt inside her and she felt like it would never end. She was exhausted and trembling all over. Kevin slowly stroked into her another stroke of his cock and felt the last few spasms of his ejaculation subside.

He was breathing hard and his legs were ready to give out from under him. He reached up and gently caressed her breasts and leaned over and kissed her back before gently pulling his deflated cock from her ass.

He sat down totally exhausted while Cheryl went to the bathroom to clean up. The video was still playing on the T.V. They had completely ignored it once their lust had taken over. Kevin turned off the video and leaned his head back and closed his eyes. His strength was gone and he needed a shower.