One girl and tow man sex

One girl and tow man sex
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The Brother and Sister next door (final) Brad looked at Lisa and said: "So, tell me who it was." Lisa again tried to not giggle and tell him. She said…'not a who…and it!'…Brad looked at her like she'd lost her mind. She finally settled down and told the whole story. Brad didn't believe her at all. Mom never told anyone about watching Tina next door letting Sparky her dog fuck her. Finally Lisa told brad what she saw and he began to believe her.

Brad said, the one time I decide not to go and watch, damn!.I would have loved to see that! Lisa told every detail of it and that somebody was a 'no show' or…Sparky was her hot date.

Brad said, 'she'll do it again I bet, and I'll be there to watch this time! Mom went to bed after her shower but couldn't sleep. Dad came home, showered and kissed his wife warmly and got the bed with her. Mom wondered at his happy face and that he hadn't kissed her goodnight for years.

She knew now Jen and him were hitting it off, big time. Now she was happy that he had a hot young wild girl to keep classic pornvideo from da s with groupsex entertained, and not her. He went right to sleep. Mom quietly got up and went and smelled his clothes…ahhh.Jen's perfume, and fresh cum spots on his pants.

Good, good she was happy now, knowing she could have wild sex with her kids, and others&hellip.oh my god…others. Her heart jumped at the thought of anyone ever finding out she let a dog fuck her…and worse…she liked it!


She thought back how Sparky felt on her. His warm belly on her back and butt cheeks, his hot feeling long dick slapping her pussy, trying to get it in. The feel of his hot dick in her hands as she helped him find her pussy hole.

He touched her cervix with every stroke and it made her so weak with pleasure she was helpless to stop him…but didn't want to stop him, it just felt too damn good to stop him.


The feel of him exploding his massive amount of cum in her and just kept fucking as he flooded her pussy. She stopped thinking about it. Stop, stop, stop, stop it! She went down stairs to get a drink and relax. Brad and Lisa could get to sleep either and came and joined her on the couch. They knew their mom well, and knew she would be stressed about Sparky fucking her.

They sat on either side of her and Lisa laid her head on mom's shoulder and played with her tits. Mom closed her eyes and smiled and started to relax. Brad played with the inside of her leg and rubbed her pussy softly. Now mom was really relaxed. Brad kissed his mom warmly and said: "Mom, Lisa and I did a bad thing.

We know about Sparky." Mom gulped and coughed as Brad soothed her &hellip."It's ok mom, it will never leave our lips." She caught her breath, and finally smiled. She put her arms around her two kids. "My two all natural college blondie fuck ready pornstars hardcore perverts, and their pervert mom." They all laughed out loud. She told them the whole story. Brad and Lisa were dying to hear how it went.

She explained it all in detail. "Wow, Lisa said, you know I have to try out Sparky myself." Mom smiled and looked at Brad, "And you just know mommy and Brad have to watch it!" They all laughed again! Lisa asked: "Was that who you were waiting for…Sparky?" "No, I was waiting for Robb, but he never showed.

Maybe Jen didn't get a chance to tell him." Brad smiled and said: "I know one thing, Robb spends a lot of time at Marks house, fucking Marks mom, Maggie. He's got a thing for her and fucks her every time he get the chance.

Maggie even says to Mark, "Why don't you invite you little friend Robb over this evening, I'll be going to bed early but you boys can play together…ok?" Mom mumbled what a big fake she is.

Pretending not to be a whore. I should go over there and fuck her myself. Brad and Lisa just grinned real big and both said: "Do it, do it, do it, mom!…she eats pussy too!" Mom grinned big, but didn't say a word. Then she started laughing and couldn't stop, she held her stomach and laughed some more. Brad and Lisa just looked at each other puzzled.

Mom got tears in eyes and couldn't get the words out…she kept trying&hellip.finally got out the word&hellip."S…S&hellip.Sparky!"&hellip.Now they all cracked up and laughed and held their sides laughing&hellip.Lisa, wiped her tears and asked: "We have to dognap Sparky!!" It was too good to pass up. The next day mom wandered over to Tina's yard and talked to her, and petted Sparky, she told her how she liked Sparky and ask if sometimes if she gets lonely, could Sparky spend the night with her and keep her company.

Tina said sure, he's not our dog anyway…"Oh"…he just hangs around here when I play in the back yard. He's a fun dog. "Who does he belong to Tina?"…mom asked. "Nobody he had no tags, he just hangs around if you feed him, he'll stay with you.

I give him doggy treats in my back yard, and he hugs me." Mom grinned and thought…I know he does little Tina…I've seen the way he 'hugs' you. Now mom had a inner chuckle and let Brad and Lisa set up a session with Sparky and Maggie. Brad just had to let mom know. If Maggie ever gave her a hard time at work, just show her this picture of Maggie and her son Mark fucking.

Mom's eyes went wide and she said…"Oh my god, oh my god…it this real?". Brad said is sure was, that Lisa got in and took the picture! Mom held on to the picture like it was gold. Brad said to keep it, he had it on disk and could print out more at anytime. Mom was grinning and quiet. Brad said…"Mom.what are you up to now…oh mom…hey mom." Mom was just thinking about how now, she could shut up Maggie's mouth at her work forever.

It was time old mother pleases her sons gf with a dildo a little friendly blackmail. Lisa checked her window the next day. She saw Robb eyeball his mom and hold her while he copped a feel.

They giggled and left to go in the house. She saw something in their own back yard. A Frisbee fly by. Then she saw Sparky chase it and return it where Lisa couldn't see. Then again. Then she saw mom walking towards Sparky and sit in the grass and pet Sparky. Mom had on a short skirt. It looked like she had no panties on. Lisa thought&hellip.oh my god, not in our own back yard…mom …OH Shit, where's Brad's video camera. She went in Brads room and found it.

She started taking a video of mom and Sparky. Nothing, just playing.

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Then mom looked all around and started feeling Sparky's dick. She went over behind some bushes, but Lisa could still see her.

Mom laid in the grass and stuck her butt up in the air. Sparky mounted her and started fucking fast as hell. He finished and mom held him until his knot went down, and then let him go lick himself. Mom laid there holding her pussy with a towel for a while, then looked all around stood up and brushed herself off and went in the garage. Lisa stopped the video and smiled to herself.

She thought…'Brad brother, have I got a video for you to see'&hellip. Lisa showed Brad the video of their mom sweet sinner sex mobi zoye Sparky fuck her in their back yard.

Brad and her laughed and just shook their heads. What a horny mom we've got, they said. Of course Lisa had to try Sparky, and Brad watched in Lisa's bedroom as Sparky fucked Lisa real good. Next time she sucked Sparky off, then next time she had Brad get naked on her bed. She sucked Brad to cum while Sparky fucked her behind from behind. She called it 'Lisa's grand slam!'.

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Sparky got a new red, diamond studded collar, with big tags on it, and slept in mom's or Lisa's room all the time. Mom continued to have sex with her son, and daughter, Sparky-the dog, Robb and Jen from natural tits teen smashed by her stepdad door and with her sleep mask on, Mark, Maggie's son. Mom and Maggie get along fine now, mom goes over with her sleep mask too, and they have blind hot women sex with other. Mom even fucked Jen's dad, when he saw her fucking Sparky in the back yard, then fucked him to keep from telling anyone.

Brad got with Robb and Jen's mom and they can't get enough of each other. Jen keep's dad all fucked out, all the time. This family still goes on today, in a normal looking neighbor hood. No one driving by would know what goes on behind closed doors. Oh look……&hellip.

& neighbors moving in across the street. The mom, with her tits hanging half out, the dad, wearing a speedo showing thru his shorts, a studly looking teen age boy and a slutty looking teen girl holding the leash of a big dog with a huge dick. The name on their mailbox says: 'Virginia and Milo Klocksooker' Lisa and Brad looked out Brad's window, and started laughing…finally Lisa said: "Looks like a family of Cocksuckers moved in across the street!!!,…What's this neighborhood coming to!…tsk, tsk." Mom walked down the hall to see what all the laughing was about, and walked into Brad's room.

Brad was on his bed laughing holding his side, Lisa was laughing wiping her eyes. Mom said: "What's so funny kids?"…Brad and Lisa couldn't talk, as they started laughing again. He pointed to his window… Mom looked out…she put her hand to her mouth and gasp!…"Look at the dick on that dog!!!" Later Brad sat as his computer, he started writing a story as Lisa stood sunny leone full sexe xxxstory him.

The story title was: "The Cocksuckers across the Street." The End