He picks up cute big butt plumper for sex play

He picks up cute big butt plumper for sex play
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"Alex, get your ass out of bed" i yelled into my brothers room My name is Sarah im 14 about 5 foot 4, 100 pounds.


Me and my brother arnt like many brothers and sisters we get along and when we were little we were best friends, we are twins so we are in the same grade and have alot of the same friends. Alex trudged down the stairs and poured himself a bowl of cereal, rubbing the sleepiness off his eyes. "why did you wake me up" Alex says stairing into his bowl of cereal pushing his coca puffs around the bowl "Its 2" i say rolling my eyes "i was up all night" he said bringing his bowl over to the sink and rinsing it off.

He put it in the dishwasher and headed over to the living room I watched him walk over to the living room, i never noticed how good looking he actually was, he stood about 5 foot 6 and about 130 pounds. He has brown hair that goes to his ears and curls out. He plays hockey and all the girls are all over him but he doesnt seem to take an intrest in any of them, hes had a couple girl friends but they dont usually last that long.

He turned on the TV and started watching some show. "Im going to go take a shower" i yelled heading up the stairs. I walked down the hall and went to my room and grabbed some clothes. I headed back down the hall to the bathroom that me and alex shared. It sucked sharing a bathroom with my brother especially in the mornings before school. But it was summer. I shut the door and took off my clothes looking at my body in the mirror, ive been a cheerleader since i was 5 so i had a pretty nice body, C cup breasts, and a nice ass.

I had long brown hair hot treesome and a strap on camel toe brown eyes. I turned on the shower and stepped in, the warm water felt great hitting my boobs and running down my body to my smoothly shaven pussy.

I washed my hair, body and spending extra time washing my breasts and rolling my nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I got out of the shower and stared drying my self off and the towel rubbed over my clit which made me moan slightly, i dont masterbate much but i decided to sit down on the rug infront of the full body mirror.

ive never noticed how soft this rug was before. i started by sliding my finger over my slit and started rubbing my clit. i began moaning in complete pleasure, after a bit i started sliding a finger in and out of my pussy and then added another, i started increasing the pace and without noticeing ww com sexy story jogi ji dheere dheere dala was moaning louder then i should have, loud enough to be heard over the TV down stairs.

Alex started hearing a moaning sound and tryed tuning it out, at first it worked but it got louder and louder. He decided to go see what it was, heading up the stairs it started getting louder he figured out that it was coming from the bathroom, he slowly opened the door and what he saw surprised him his sister fully naked sitting on the bathroom floor with 2 fingers jammed in her dripping wet pussy she was just in the midst of her orgasm she pulled her fingers out and sprayed cum everywhere.

He couldnt belive what he saw, he turned around and went to his room his dick was throbbing and fully tenting his basket ball shorts.

he shut his door and jumped onto his bed and quickly threw off his shorts and started pumping his 8 1/2 inch fully erect dick playing back the images of what he just saw, imagining that he was fucking me, within 5 minutes he shot a huge load all over his hands and his bed.

Relived he put his shorts back on and went down stairs to resume watching TV "where did you go" i asked him as he headed over to the couch. "i was. ummm.

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uhhh. i was checking my phone" "umm ok" i said heading upstairs, i decided to go in the hottub. I went to my bed room and picked out my black swimsuit out of the drawer and put it on, its getting pretty tight it barely covers my breasts, and you can see my nipples right throught them. the bottems werent much better you could pretty much see my slit right throught the worn black material. I grabbed a towel and ran down stairs i grabbed my ipod off the table and went out side.

Maci mays anal gets drill balls deep by her bf stepped into the hottub and sat down, put my headphones in and started blairing my music. Alex decided to go for a swim. He put his trunks on and ran out side (not noticing me in the hot tub) and he jumped into the pool. I didnt notice him either, i was having an amazing day dream imagining fucking my brother which confused me cause ive never ever thought of my brother that way before and after a few more minutes i decided to jump into the pool for a swim to cool off.

Alex was just swimming around the pool and was getting the water toys off of the bottem of the pool.

When he came back up he saw me standing next to the hottub and while i was playing with my ipod he noticed my tits recalling that he never really noticed them before even when he walked in on me (which hes keeping a secret).

they were really perky and my nipples stuck right throught the fabric. then he looked down at my pussy remebering what he saw earlier, as thin as it is i might as well as not even be wearing one.


His dick started to grow till it was rock hard. I jumped in and swam around, i decided to dunk Alex so i jumped on his back and when i did, i felt his dick brush against my leg. immediatly his face got bright red.

"little excited there alex" i joked, which only made him get redder. "Dont worry, its ok, i saw you walk in on me earlier when i was in the bathroom" "uhh.uhh.uhh. sorry" alex studdered turning an even brighter shade of red( i didnt even know that was possible) "its ok" i comforted him with a smile which made him relax a bit "did u like it?" i asked him "uhh.umm" he looks down "umm.

yeah. alot" "So when you where "checking your phone" you were actually." "yeah" he cut me off "did u cum?" "yeah.alot" "thats really hott" "really?" "yeah" "how far have you ever gone with a girl before?" i ask "Just a hand job" "thats it" "yeah" "how about you?" "well. he just licked my pussy and i gave him a blow job" "really" "umm.


yeah" i say, a little bit more comfortable now about talking to my brother like this. I went and sat on the edge of the pool, Alex soon fallowed me with his boner sticking straight up in the air, i gasped at how big it was. Alex turned red again without even thinking "can i see it" i say alex looks down and slowly grabs the waist band of his trunks and pulls them down and his dick sprung up standing straight up again.

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"wow, its really big" i said stairing at it "you think" "yeah way bigger than any of the other ones ive seen" "really?" "yeah.can i touch it" "umm. sure" he said i reached out and took it in my hand and started stroking it up and down slowly.

he let out a long moan. there was a look in his big brown eyes i have never seen before. a look of sheer happiness and lust. I started picking up speed, i could tell he was close to cumming so i stopped. he looked at me confused and said "why did you stop" right then i slid my tounge across the top of his slit licking all the pre cum off it. He jumped, not expecting that. i swirled my tounge around it a few times before putting the head in then the whole thing.

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"oooooo" he moaned i started going faster and faster and then i felt him shoot his load deep into my throat. it was warm and it just seemed to just keep coming out and coming out.

till he shot the last bit of it. he layed back on the sement, spent "that was amazing" he said, barely able to speak. i reached around and un-tied my top, "your turn" he sat up and took my right breast in his hand and the other in his mouth. he took his time. being very gentle he lightly bit my nipple, it felt amazing after awhile he switched boobs and did the same thing taking his time massaging and sucking on them and then he slipped a finger under my swim suit and started rubbing my clit, ohh it felt sooo good, better than any time i did it myself i layed back and he took my bottems off and flicked my clit with his tounge, which made me scream with pleasure.he took his time there too to make sure it feels as good as possible as he sucked on my clit he slipped a finger into my pussy slowly pumping it in and out.

increasing speed he pulled his finger out and started fucking me with his tounge within a few minutes i was thrusting my hips up to meet his face, my body started to shake and my pussy walls contracted on his tounge and i cummed all over his face. by that time he was rock hard again "fuck me hard, i wanna feel you inside of me" he took the head of his dick and wiped it up and down my slit and up it at my opening to make sure it caused as little pain to me and as much pleasure as possible.

"u ready" he said "yes FUCK ME HARD" i screamed he was just big ass rape faking sax to thrust into me when i heard this wierd noise and alex quickly stood up and grabbed his trunks and yelled " MOM AND DAD ARE HOME" more???