Kannada big boss participants anushree sex story

Kannada big boss participants anushree sex story
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Tell me what you think! I'm a shameless whore for comments! Chapter Seven Isaac slowly woke up, VERY slowly, pretty much tectonic-plates-slowly. His body was not so much heavy as just incredibly numb, his eyelids felt like they had been separated from all nerve endings and muscles. The right side of his gut was sore, but everything else… just felt so fantastic. Isaac had woken up from anesthesia before, once when he had broken his arm while working and needed a titanium brace bolted to the bones.

He remembered waking up being one of the best experiences in his life, almost as good as sex. "Mr. Helton, can you hear me?" a woman's voice asked, most likely the nurse that that toned down his morphine to wake him up. Isaac hummed in reply, that was all he could do at this point. He was so tired, but it was euphoric tiredness. You know that feeling you get each morning when you wake up and your bed is so comfortable that you don't want to get up?

That was a joke compared to this feeling. This hospital bed felt like a full-body blowjob. "Do you feel any pain?" the nurse asked. Still unable to open his eyes, Isaac put all of his strength into a soft mumble. "Some." "Ok, I'll give you some more painkillers and let you slowly wake up on your own.

By the way, you have some visitors, would you like them to come in?" Isaac smiled, feeling more of his strength return. "Sure." Keeping his eyes closed, he listened intently to two sets of footfalls entering the hospital room and one set leaving, telling him that the nurse had departed and Holly and Alice big tits stepmom brandi love nasty threesome on the couch entered the room, closing the door behind them.

Slowly, gently, he felt two pairs of soft hands enwrap his. "Master…" Holly whispered, so low that Isaac barely heard her. "I'm awake." "How are longe legged babe gets fucked from behind feeling?" Alice asked, speaking with the same gentle murmur.

"I'm a little sore, very tired, and very thirsty. Could someone please turn off the lights? I want to open my eyes." As soon as the words were spoken, his hands were released and his olivia puts her holes on the screen lids became even darker, with a cold paper cup of water soon placed in his grip.

Slowly, Isaac opened his eyes and smiled at the sight of his girls. They were looking at him with tender smiles, their eyes filled with love. "So how do I look?" he asked, taking a grateful drink of water. "Tired." "You weren't supposed to come until I called you, I wanted you to wait at home." The two girls shied away, knowing that they had disobeyed their master's orders.

But smiling, Isaac reached out and rubbed the tops of their heads. "What in the world am I going to do with such naughty pets?" he teased, lifting their hearts. But while at first she had been smiling, Holly suddenly began to cry. "Master, I was so worried about you! I spent every second wondering how I could possibly live in this world without you!" "Don't worry, Holly.

I'm not going to leave you two." In reply, Holly clutched his hand, nuzzling the back of it against the side of her face and wetting it with her tears. Then, as his middle finger brushed against her soft lips, she opened her mouth and began tenderly sucking on it. She rolled his finger around in her mouth, playing with it with her tongue and sucking on it like a vacuum. When it came to Holly, she really had no off switch. She was ALWAYS horny and desperate for some kind of erotic contact.

"Holly, you shouldn't do that. I haven't washed my hands since last night." "If you're dirty, then I'll just have to lick you clean. Every. Square. Inch," she insisted, beginning to pant and blush as the act of sucking on Isaac's finger aroused her.

"I want to do it too!" Alice exclaimed. Not wanting to be left out, she took Isaac's right middle finger into her soft mouth and sucked on it with all of her blowjob experience.

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Isaac tried not to laugh at the two girls sucking on his fingers, but he was so doped up he wasn't sure he even could. "Now girls, I appreciate the effort and I know you just got here, but I'm really tired and I really just want to sleep." The girls reluctantly stopped. "It's fine, Master.

Sleep as long as you want. We just want to be here with you," Alice hummed, leaning over and kissing Isaac on the cheek. "I love you girls," he mumbled, closing his eyes and letting the drugs left in his system put him back to sleep. Sitting in their chairs in the dark hospital room, Alice and Holly stretched and then rested their heads on the sides of Isaac's bed, sleeping like students at their desks and clutching his hands like teddy bears.

Isaac spent the next few days confined to that hospital bed, forced to piss through a very uncomfortable catheter due to the vast cocktail of drugs in his system. If it weren't for his laptop, he would have gone stir-crazy.

Holly and Alice were almost always with him, leaving his side only at the end of visitation hours or when Holly had to go to work. The rest of the time, they spent talking with him or watching movies with him on his computer. Unfortunately, they couldn't do anything sexual. The three of them were in a very public setting and Isaac was always hooked up to a heart monitor, and to be caught in any kind of inappropriate behavior with Alice would win him a trip to court.

Not to mention his catheter made it impossible for him to have sex or even get an erection. He soon ran out of patience, wanting to get back home so that he could have sex with his girls and finish his project. He had been so close to completing it when the heat wave started. "Knock knock." Isaac looked up from his computer, seeing three familiar faces. Along with Holly and Alice, standing in the doorway of his hospital room was Donna.

All three were lovely as always and Donna was wearing a pair of Daisy Duke shorts that hugged her ass and a tank top that put her glorious cleavage on display. Considering how young and sexy she looked, it was hard to believe that she was now a grandmother.

"Hey, what are you doing back? I thought you were staying to help Linda with the baby?" "She's fine, she's getting plenty of help. I think my being around her was actually stressing her out.

Besides, did you really think I wouldn't come check in on my favorite repairman when he's in the hospital? I've known horny teens beautiful big pussywatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom ten years, Isaac, I was worried sick when Alice called.

Plus with you out of the picture, I need to come back and maintain the house of cards that is my apartment building." "Well don't worry, the doctors say I can come home tomorrow after they remove the stitches.


I should be back to work in a couple days." "No, you rest up. If you don't lounge like a sloth until you're at 110%, I'll evict you." "You'd go bankrupt in a month without me. Don't worry, I'm all healed up," he laughed, raising part of his hospital gown and showing them the large scar on his side, red from Isaac's unavoidable scratching.

It itched like a line of bug bites. For the next few hours, the three women stayed by Isaac's side, talking about Donna's new grandson Jacob, Linda's childbirth, and just various other topics.

Isaac, Holly, and Alice had to be careful how they acted, in order to keep Donna in the dark as to sunny leone washroom xxx story illegal things the three of them did in private and the dynamics of their relationship.

They had to act like Alice was still chasing after Isaac and he was ignoring her subtle advances. Everything went fine; the conversation was nonstop and everyone was happy, especially Donna. Visitation hours ended with the time flying by, signaled by a nurse going from room to room and telling all visitors to finish their conversations within the next five minutes.

"All right, well since the hospital is kicking us out, how I about I take you girls out to dinner? My treat," Donna offered. "Can we get Japanese?" Holly asked ecstatically. "Sure thing, I just need to go find the bathroom." As soon as Donna left the room, Holly pounced on Isaac and began kissing him. "Sorry Master, but I was about to go crazy.

I just need a taste to hold me over until you come home," she begged, sounding more like a drug addict than a sex slave. "Don't worry, I wanted a taste of you too. Plus I got the catheter removed today so I should be ready to make you moan all night by the day after tomorrow.

I'm still a little sore." He then turned to Alice, who too looked like an addict in withdrawal. Leaning over, she joined her small mouth with his, letting their tongues envelop each other in a wet double helix.

They made out for several seconds before Isaac switched back to Holly. For several more seconds, Holly stirred her tongue in Isaac's mouth, and then he returned to Alice. Giving in to their arousal, the three of them lost track of time. Seconds became minutes, and completely out of their knowledge, Donna was walking down the hall, returning bengali girl muslim desert rose aka prostitute the bathroom.

Trying to remember the menu of her favorite Japanese restaurant, Donna was brought to a dead stop when she reached the door and peered through the small vertical window above the handle.

She could see Isaac, Holly, and Alice, all three of them together with joined lips, their tongues slithering together like a pit of snakes in the process of mating, with strings of saliva stretched between their mouths.

Donna staggered back, feeling like she was about to suffer a heart attack. Did she really see that?! Alice kissing both Isaac and Holly?!

No, it couldn't be! Alice was just a kid; she would never get involved with Isaac and Holly! Well she certainly knew that Alice had been chasing after Isaac, but she was sure that Isaac would always turn her down! Was it possible that the three of them were having sex?!

Alice was so young, how could Isaac even think of touching her? Damn it, she had gone down this same exact path. She had fallen for an older man while just a kid in high school and she ended up with nothing but a fatherless child and a bitter future. Looking down the hall, Donna could see the nurse from before, making her second round to tell everyone that visiting hours were over. If she came by and saw Alice kissing Isaac and Holly, he would end up in jail for certain.

If he was really having sex with Alice, then he probably deserved it. But… she had known Isaac for years, he was a good man, one of the most honest people she had ever met.

If anything… she had always hoped that Alice would find a man like Isaac. The nurse had almost reached the door; it was now or never. As nervous as when her daughter gave birth, Donna grabbed the handle of the door and jiggled it loudly while she slowly entered.

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Having no idea that Donna had seen them, Alice and Holly jumped back to their chairs as she stepped into the room, trying to hide her shock from what she had just witnessed. "Hey, uh… I just realized I jessica and kortney share one large cock my wallet back at the apartment. So how about we just head back home and I'll cook up something for the three of us. We'll go out tomorrow night to celebrate Isaac coming back." "Sure, that sounds good," Alice shrugged.

"I'm already looking forward to it. The next time I see you girls, I'll be standing in front of this hospital," Isaac said with a smile. As the girls said their goodbyes, Donna spoke with clear uncertainty in her voice, wondering if she had done the right thing by saving Isaac. Alice was like family to her and she was only thirteen, was she dooming her to the same life path that she herself had lived?

Was she allowing a pedophile to live under her roof? She wouldn't know until she was told the truth. Having originally planned on cooking up haddock and preparing a salad, Donna was almost completely excluded from Holly and Alice taking over her kitchen. Being Isaac's slaves, they knew and were well experienced with cooking, not to mention Holly had always helped prepare meals at her foster home and Alice had always made her own meals.

Feeling out of place, Donna simply stood back and watched the two of them, her mind buzzing around what she had seen at the hospital. Having seen Isaac and the girls engaged in a three-way kiss, signs were now appearing that Donna had never noticed. Holly and Alice worked and got along so well together that they might as well have been twins, but there was a certain flirtatious nature to their interactions.

They continuously eyed each other up and down, winked and giggled, and brushed up against each other. Alice also seemed so much more confident and relaxed than before, almost like she was strolling around naked after a night of sex. She was smiling and laughing and her movements seemed more mature. Just the way she walked displayed a subtle but inarguable sexuality that Donna had never noticed.

Now that she thought about it, Alice had been like this for at least a week before she left to spend time with Linda. Had this relationship been going on for two whole weeks? What kind of things were the three of them doing? On one hand, this seriously disturbed her, but on the other hand… never in her life had she seen Alice so confident and carefree.

Her parents had left her traumatized, her asshole uncle paid her bills just so that he wouldn't have to deal with her and never spoke to her, she didn't know if Alice had any friends at school, and Donna was always too busy with work or repairs to hang out with her. Finally paying attention, she realized that this was the first time since they met that Alice appeared to be… happy.

Dinner was delicious and full of life, with Donna forcing herself to suppress her anguished thoughts in order to put up the guise of a cheerful mood.

They continued to talk and laugh long after the sun set, eating bowls of ice cream beside their dirty dishes, until at last Holly began showing signs that she was ready to call it a night.

Her shift at work had been an exhausting one and this heat wave had yet teen mia malkova lesbian sex with mature milf break. Plus, even with Alice around to help her vent her sexual energy, she barely slept at night. She needed her master with her. Hearing her umpteenth yawn, Donna decided that now was the best chance to talk to Alice alone.

"Holly, you look like you're about to collapse. Go to bed, we'll talk more tomorrow night when we xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 out to dinner with Isaac." "Oh no, I should really stay and help you clean up," Holly said sleepily.

"Nonsense, Alice and I can take care of the dishes. You go get some sleep." It wasn't in Holly's nature to walk away from a chore, but she was too tired to argue and excused herself from the apartment, leaving Donna and Alice sitting at opposite ends of Donna's dinner table, each of them with an empty ice cream bowl, a dirty plate sticky with dried haddock juice, used silverware, and glasses still perspiring from their emptied drinks.

"All right, well I guess we should clean up," said Alice, about to get out of her chair. "Hold on, I want to talk to you a little more first," Donna replied calmly. Alice immediately tensed up. Even with her past, she knew that an adult wanting to talk alone was usually something bad. It was basically an instinct that all children had. "Sure," she said, settling back in her chair. "I saw the three of you today when I was coming back from the bathroom, what you were doing…" All the blood drained from Alice's face and she felt like she had ice in her veins, as if she was now the coldest thing in the apartment.

Hundreds of scenarios rushed through her mind, pretty much all of them ending up with Isaac and Holly going to jail. "Uh… I uh…" she stammered, unable to form any real words. "I shouldn't have to tell you that you are playing with fire. I've been where you are, I fell for an older man when I was just a couple years older than you and I ended up pregnant and alone. I've told you this a hundred times." "Yes… I know…" "So knowing that, why the hell would you get involved with Isaac?

He's more than twice your age! I don't know who seduced who, but it doesn't matter, because it's illegal what he's doing with you, and what Holly is doing as well. I've spent the whole day wondering if I should call the police and have them haul him away. I know you love Isaac and I've known him even longer than you have, but for your own safety, I'm strongly considering it." "You can't!" Alice exclaimed with fearful tears in her eyes. "Why not?

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Tell me why I should look the other way while the girl I love like my own daughter is molested by one of my tenants." "Because I love him, and Holly, and they love me." "Did they say that?" Alice nodded, struggling to hold back tears.

"Well how can I be sure that you are safe? I've heard the kind of things Holly screams when they have sex, I know what they do. What exactly are you to him?" Alice looked down, choosing her words carefully. "Holly and I are his slaves and he is our master.

That's great blowjob xxx one of the gals had loved our company prior I wanted to be. Remember when Isaac left for that weekend? Well I asked Holly to teach me to be a slave while he was gone so that he would accept me." Donna covered her face with her hand in shame. "Oh Alice, why would you let them do that to you?" she groaned, trying not to imagine the things Alice had been put through.

"They never did anything I didn't want! I swear! I asked Holly to teach me and I had to beg Isaac to even look at me when he came home! He was scared and furious when he saw me, but he gave me a chance and promised me that I would never be lonely again!" A curious look crossed Donna's face. "Really?" "Yes! The two of them were so gentle and caring, never in my life had I ever been treated so well.

Holly knew exactly what to do to make sure I was always comfortable, and when we fell asleep, we would spend the night holding each other. She actually trained me to be like her and I've now become a masochist," she said, speaking the last part with a giggle. The last word made Donna shudder a little, but she could not ignore the joy in Alice's voice. "A masochist?

You mean they hurt virile stud and his hot floozy hardcore blowjob, but it's never anything I don't want! They are always really careful and keep asking me if Tall mature brit fingered in juicy vagina ready and want to do what they offer.

I love everything they do to me, every kinky and perverted act! I love getting whipped and smacked and choked! I never knew getting hurt could be so much fun! Every time the three of us make love, it's heaven!" The last sentence struck a cord with Donna.

Instead using the words "sex" or "fuck", Alice had actually used the phrase "make love". Could S&M bondage really be as tender and loving as Alice made it seem? Could it really be so innocent? "Are you absolutely certain that Isaac and Holly love you?" "Yes! Once Isaac looked beyond my age, he accepted me as a woman instead of just a kid! He sizzling sexy cock engulfing delight deepthroat blowjob me the same way he loves Holly, he told me so.

He acknowledges me as a woman and Holly thinks of me as her equal. When I asked Holly to teach me to be a slave and when Isaac and I were first intimate, they both said the same thing to me: "welcome home".

I cried both times and they always hugged me tightly." Hearing Alice, Donna still wasn't sure what to think. On one hand, no one was getting hurt (at least harmed), Alice was happier than she had ever been, and Isaac was taking care of her.

On the other hand, it was still ridiculously illegal and Alice wasn't old enough to rationally make these kinds of decisions. "Just three more questions. First, are the three of you using protection? I don't want you catching any STDs and I'll die if you end up getting pregnant." "Oh, don't worry about STDs.

I asked Holly and she said that she and Isaac both got tested when they started dating and got clean bills of health. As for pregnancy… well you don't have to worry about that." "Why not?

Aren't you having your period?" "Yes, but Isaac… is sterile. They both told me and he hated having to admit it. I know it doesn't seem like something that would bother him, but he's actually really embarrassed. He said that unless he were to get help from an embryonic lab, it's impossible for him to get a woman pregnant.

You wouldn't think it, but he's always wanted to have a big family. I was supposed to keep it a strict secret." Donna tried not to laugh, having never expected Isaac to have such an issue. "Second question: How exactly do you have sex? I mean… He doesn't make fertile party slut impregnated like a bitch do anything too horrible, does he?" she asked hesitantly, afraid of the answer she would be given.

Alice then blushed and gained a very unusual look on her face, one that Donna had never seen before, but Holly often wore. It was a cross between stoned out of her gourd and being on the verge of a massive orgasm.

She had a smile on her face portraying pure hedonistic perversion. "Oh, we do EVERYTHING. Isaac will fuck one of us until we scream and then the other one gets to suck him off. He'll bend us over any nearby surface and sodomize us like a machine, switching between us back and forth. Sometimes he'll spend hours just sucking on my nipples or running his tongue through my pussy. When Holly is gone, he'll focus completely on me and use my body for hours on end until I'm too exhausted to move.

When he's gone, Holly and I will just play with each other until he gets home. You would not believe the things she can do to a girl's body. Sometimes Isaac just likes to watch us, often giving us a strap-on to use on each other. And—" Donna just listened with her mouth hanging as Alice spent the next few minutes vividly describing every way she had defiled her body with the help of Isaac and Holly.

There was whipping, electroshock, clothespins on nipples, choking, restraints, and countless other methods of bondage, all fully consensual and desired of course. Donna was both horrified… and intrigued. The things Alice told her about… holy shit. She didn't even know such things were possible! Isaac must have really been studying the vast archives of porn that the Internet had to offer or read the Kama Sutra.

It was probably both. Finally, Alice reached the end of her list wiped the slobber from her chin. Donna was shaken from the stupor Alice had put her in. Sure, she enjoyed kinky stuff, but this was just crazy. At least Isaac had a clear line that he wouldn't cross: scat sex, watersports, and other such acts.

Hell, from the sound of it, Isaac was always careful to monitor the girls' health and wellness. But it took her a second to regain her mental bearings. "Uh, ok, last question: Are you happy being a slave? Do you feel safe and secure?" Alice answered with the brightest smile Donna had ever seen. "I'm the happiest I've ever been. I didn't think it was possible for life to be so incredibly wonderful. I want things to be like this forever." Donna smiled. Perhaps the law didn't always know what's best.

"Very well, then even with the clusterfuck bomb you just set off in my brain, I guess I'll let the three of you continue. After all, of all the men you could have started banging, you couldn't have picked anyone better. Isaac is perhaps the most honorable man I've ever met, and I'm certain that he'll always take good care of you. As long as you're safe, happy, and taken care of, I'll let the three of you keep your relationship." With fresh tears in her eyes, Alice shot around the table and pounced on Donna, hugging and thanking her over and over again.

At any other time, the weather would be considered a pain in the ass. In Maine, anything above 75º was considered agony, so being in the low eighties could be called hell. After this record-breaking heat wave, 82º was now considered a sweet relief. Isaac stood in front of the hospital, finally a free man. He was still a little sore, but he had underestimated his recovery.

He wasn't quite ready for rough fucking, but he could at least have good sex. Smiling, he watched as his pickup truck rolled up down the street before coming to a stop in front of him, his two slaves waiting for him in the cab, each wearing bright smiles. The passenger door was opened for him and he jumped inside, giving Holly and Alice each a loving kiss.

"Let's go home." Isaac sat on his couch with both girls straddling his lap, rubbing their moistening slits against his legs. He had a towering hard-on, which they both stroked lovingly with their soft hands. While they grinded and moaned, Isaac switched back and forth between them, licking every sweet corner of their mouths and then stopping to suck on Alice's nipples and rub Holly's bouncing breasts against his face.

He loved the feel of her tits smothering him, their size and firmness were like delicious melons, almost as large as Donna's. "Master, can I please ride you first? I'll go crazy if you don't use me!" Holly pleaded. "No Master, let me!" Alice argued. "Sorry Alice, but Holly asked first. Ok Holly, be a good slave and pleasure your master." Holly was too happy to even respond, she giddily moved onto Isaac's cock while Alice dismounted his thigh.

Holly blushed as she lowered herself down onto him, overjoyed to feel her owner's manhood penetrate her, being put back in its rightful place.

Taking a moment to reacquaint herself with the filling sensation, she smiled and nuzzled Isaac's face, blushing from the loving contact. Isaac held her slender womanly frame and kissed her over and over again.

He had missed the feel and taste of her naked body. Feeling energy replace sentimentality, Holly grasped Isaac's shoulders and began raising herself up and dropping back down, letting her master's cock tenderize her sopping wet cunt.

She moaned and whined each time she dropped down, trying to keep her legs working while impaled with such a great mass. As nerdy curvy milf in for a plug ride rode him, he continued sucking on her breasts, as well as scrubbing her chest and neck with his tongue, licking the delicious sweat from her sensual body.

After several days without even masturbating, Isaac could barely hold himself in. He lasted only a few minutes before emptying more than half of his reserves in Holly, flooding her vagina with semen. She shuddered in euphoria as she felt the thick white syrup being pumped into her deepest recesses, so intense in temperature that she almost felt like it would burn her.

"Sorry Holly, I didn't mean to be that quick," Isaac panted, already winded and having yet to regain his stamina. Holly just smiled tenderly and kissed his forehead. "You shouldn't worry about whether or not I have an orgasm, my body is a sex toy with the single purpose of giving you pleasure.

Knowing that I made you climax is as good as having my own. I live to be your personal cum dumpster." "Master, don't forget me," Alice whimpered, always driven to get as much affection as Holly. Smiling, Isaac pulled her close and kissed her.

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"Don't worry, kiddo. I'll never forget you. But I just blew my load, so if you want to ride me, you're going to have to build me back up." The condition only excited Alice, as once Holly dismounted Isaac, the young girl began gargling on his cock, slurping up Holly's pussy juice and Isaac's cum as if dying of thirst. She lathered and foamed the mixture of bodily fluids, turning it into a frothy, disgusting mess that she smeared across her face.

While she worked, Holly sat beside Isaac, kissing him and using her fingers to stir his seed in her slit. Quickly, Isaac's flaccid dick returned to its former glory, standing tall once again.

Eager to serve her master, Alice climbed onto Isaac's lap with michelle fast times at deep crack high with nautica thorn back to him and her feet on his knees. She settled down on his cock, letting him penetrate her tiny childish pussy. As always, she winced as it entered her, her petite body barely able to hold him. Cupping her cute little ass, Isaac began lifting her up and dropping her back down, her frame as light as a pillow in his arms.

She smiled and moaned as he used her like a fleshlight, currently in her favorite position. She loved when Isaac used her body this way, she loved being held in his arms, embraced, cradled even. It made her feel truly petite college babe plays for her tight pussy and cared for. Deciding to tease her, Isaac kept one hand under her and inserted his middle finger into her asshole, and used his other hand to reach around and pinch her erect clitoris.

With the double penetration and pressure on her clit, Alice climaxed almost immediately, moaning at the top of her lungs as Isaac emptied the rest of his seed into his underage sex slave. Panting, Isaac turned to Holly and laughed at the look of jealousy on her face, something very unnatural for her. Alice got ejaculated into AND she got to have a climax?

How was that fair? "Holly, I promise that tonight, I'll punish your asshole until you pass out from orgasms," he teased, making her smile. "Thank you, Master!

I can't wait!" she squealed. "All right, now let's shower off and just lounge for a while. Donna set up dinner reservations for us at 7:00." Dinner was a memory all four would look back on with deep fondness. They talked and laughed, so much so that it took them forever to eat their food, even when their dishes were laid down in front of them.

They were eating in the Japanese restaurant Isaac had taken Holly on their first date. They certainly looked like an unusual group, a blond middle-aged woman, a guy in his late twenties with brown hair, an eighteen-year-old with black hair, and an underdeveloped thirteen-year-old with auburn hair; it was clear they weren't related, so how the hell did they know each other?

Donna gave no hint as to knowing about the relationship Isaac had with the two young women, but after hearing Alice's deion, she found herself unable to stop imagining Isaac and the two girls engaging in the kinky threesome. Alice had been very deive when she summarized the kind of sex the trio enjoyed, and Donna had barely been able to go even a few minutes without simulating it in her mind.

It had reached new levels of vividness now that she was at a table with the three of them. With each bite Alice took of her yakitori (basically chicken on a stick), Donna imagined her moving back and forth, running her tongue and lips up the side of Isaac's manhood.

When she saw Isaac slurping up bundles of noodles, she imagined him kissing Alice's flat breasts. When she saw Holly gobbling up sushi and rice balls, she imagined her going down on the young girl and making her moan. No matter what she saw, her mind transformed it into a sex act. It was impossible not to imagine the three of them sitting naked at the table.

The longer she thought about it, the more interested she became. She thought about every sensation Holly and Alice must have experienced with each other and Isaac, and what he was capable of. Due to her tragic history with romance, it had been almost two decades since she had actually gotten laid, and that was with a woman, after she had sworn off men and tried her hand at the love that dares not speak its name.

True, playing for the other team had been fun, but it just wasn't the same as getting a real hard fuck, and she had never been able to put her trust in men. After so many years with nothing but a vibrator for company, she had all but forgotten what it was like to have sex and the sensations that came with it.

As dinner continued, she began imagining herself in that very same bedroom, taking part in their escapades. She became silent at the table, her chin resting on her hand, a statue lost in her thoughts. Beneath the table, her other hand was moving between her bare thighs without her even noticing.

Hmm, what would it be like to join? Getting fucked by Isaac, her tongue in Alice's mouth, and Holly lips around one of her nipples… No.

No. She couldn't, it was horrific of her to even wonder. Alice was like a daughter to her; she could never do such perverted things with the sweet child she had looked after.

Plus she had known Isaac for years. She was his landlady and his employer, as well as his friend, and to be his sex slave would completely mess up that relationship. And being one of three sex slaves? How could anything possibly be more demeaning? Hell, when she swore off men and tried to go lesbian, nataly von wild dp double penetration and natural tits had even attended quite a few feminist rallies.

But from the sound of it, Isaac basically put those girls on pedestals and loved them like no one else could, and anything they did, whether it be a sex act or the duties of a maid, they did so out of pure devotion and gratitude. Oh, who was she kidding, it wasn't like she could if she even wanted to… not that she did of course! She was a grown woman in her mid-forties.

She was too old to be a part of some harem with two girls younger than her own kids, acting as the personal concubine for a man in his twenties. Hell, she didn't even know if she could keep up with them in the bedroom. At their ages, they could probably go all night without ever needing to catch their breath, while she would be yawning by the time dinner was finished.

What interest would Isaac have in an old woman like her when he had two fresh, tight little vixens eager to please him in every way possible? No, it was better she just let the kids have their fun and to just accept her life the way it was. Isaac smiled with pride, looking down at his two slaves. Holly and Alice were both passed out, their beautiful naked bodies caked with semen, with the thick white seed dribbling out of both their pussies and assholes.

It had taken a lot of effort, but he fulfilled his promise to Holly, deeply satisfying the two girls. He was back in his prime… well, maybe not now. At that moment, he could barely stand, and if he tried to beat off, the only thing that would come out would be a puff of smoke. There was still something he had to do before he could sleep.

He had left his phone in his truck with a dead battery. He had meant to take it with him up to his apartment to charge it, but Holly and Alice had been so horny that they pulled him out of the truck like a pair of ravenous dogs and dragged him up to the apartment. He had to get his phone so that he could let it charge overnight. Shaking aside the post-sex dizziness, he got dressed and headed downstairs to the apartment lobby. Coming out of the staircase, he heard Donna's voice.

From the sound of it, she was on the phone. Walking past her office by the front entrance, he gave her a smile and nod and she waved. Heading out to his truck, he retrieved his cellphone and returned the building. Re-entering the lobby, he could hear Donna end her conversation. "Yes. Ok. I'll call you in a day or two. Give Jacob a big wet kiss for me. I know; I felt the same way when I had you. Yes, he'll be calling you that before you know it. Yeah, don't remind me. Ok.

I love you. Ok. Bye." Isaac passed by her office just after she hung up the phone, and looking inside, he saw something unusual. Donna was leaning back in her chair behind her desk, her hand still resting on the phone, and a look of lethargic sadness on her face. It was a very peculiar look to see on her, Donna was the strongest woman Isaac knew and was always upbeat.

Sure, there were times when he could see her getting overwhelmed and stressed out, but he had never seen her looking so depressed. "Hey Donna, what's wrong?" he asked, knocking on her open door. "Oh, nothing." "Come on, you know you can't lie to me. Tell me what's wrong," he replied with a smile while sitting down at the other side of the desk. Donna gave another sigh. "I was on the phone with Linda, just checking in. She was telling me about how Jacob is already smiling whenever she holds him and how happy it makes her.

I told her that I was the same way when I had her. She said that it almost felt like he could already start talking, and at any second, he would call her 'mama'." She said the last part with a nostalgic laugh, and then just as quickly lost her smile.

"And she said that soon he would even be calling me grandma. And hearing her say that… it just really hit me. For the first time, I feel old." "Donna, you're not old.

Sure, you're mature, 'middle-aged' would be the more proper term, but you have another fifteen years before you even need to consider yourself as being old." "Isaac, I'm 45 years old. I'll probably start going through menopause before the end of the you can watch me get fucked but thats it. The few gray hairs I used to routinely pluck out are now becoming like weeds on my scalp, I can see crows feet developing in the corners of my eyes, and it's taking more and more effort to keep my figure." "Stop it, most women don't look half as good as you at your age.

Hell, you look ten years younger than you think you do. Forget aging like fine wine, you age like a twinkie." Isaac was more than successful in making her laugh, raising her spirits higher than they had been all night, even at dinner. "Thank you, Isaac, but it's true. You know, I'm not sure why I even bother caring about my appearance anymore.

I do an hour of Polates workout every morning but my ass is still the same size as when I delivered Adam. Besides, I've had such horrible luck with men that I should just give up and get a dozen cats.

I've had three kids and I spend almost every waking moment at work or here, repairing something for the umpteenth time. What man would want me when there are a dozen young tight babes in every bar?" "Donna, you deserve to be with someone who makes you happy. All those pricks who walked off were stupid to leave behind someone as fantastic as you. You're beautiful, you're funny, and you're stronger than you give yourself credit.

And just because you're getting older, doesn't mean you're doomed to be alone. Hell, if people in nursing homes can still get laid, then there are armies of men who would be happy to be wrapped around your little finger." Donna smiled. "You really think so?" "Of course I do. Stop comparing yourself to younger girls.

You said it yourself, you're 45, so compare yourself to other women your age and you'll find that you are way ahead of the game. And if you can't get married, so what? You're at the age where you should know what you want and can just go ahead and take it. You've had three husbands already and you've given birth to three wonderful kids. Younger women are freaking out and desperate to get married and have kids. You've already done everything you had to do, so now just do whatever you want to do.

And having a body like yours at your age? You couldn't be better off. Whatever you want, go for it." His words brought the happiest smile she had ever worn. "Thank you, Isaac, thank you so much." "You're welcome.

Now it's time for me to get some rest." Standing up, Isaac walked to the door but came to a stop and looked back. "You said before that your ass was still the same size as when you had Adam? For the record, your ass looks absolutely fantastic, especially in those tiny denim shorts of yours. Feel free to wear them all year." Laughing harder than she had in years, Donna began throwing pens at him, calling him awful and telling him to go away.

Smiling with the knowledge that he had done his job well, Isaac went back upstairs to his apartment, eager to climb into bed between his girls. Down in her office, Donna was deep in thought with a coy smile on her face.

"So, if I want something, I should just go for it? Ok, I think I know what I'd enjoy…" It had been two days since Isaac left the hospital and he was busy working on his garage project.

It had all been so simple in his head, but for some reason, he was just facing problem after problem. His tools weren't working, the materials weren't acting as expected, he was continuously losing the parts he needed, and everything was just an ordeal. He was so close to being done, but his luck was against him, and he was quickly losing his patience.

After two hours of barely getting anything done, he finally decided to call it quits. He sat down in a spider-web covered lawn chair next to the entrance to the garage, frustrated and trying to nurse his frayed temper. He closed his eyes and slowed his breathing, forcing himself to calm down.

"Isaac." He opened his eyes and looked to the back door drunk couple go at it in change room stall the apartment building, where a woman in her sixties with frizzy hair and glasses. She was one of Isaac's fellow tenants. "One of the dryers is broken." "All right Ms.

Goldman, I'll get right on it." Hopefully fixing the dryer would take his mind off his project and maybe turn his luck around.

Isaac had spent a lot of time working in the basement, as well as fixing the washing machines and dryers used by him and his fellow tenants. Luckily, the broken dryer was just moderately damaged; some of the inner mechanics had been shaken loose and disconnected. It wasn't anything a little welding couldn't fix.

Looking inside, he couldn't help but notice that the drum that would hold the wet clothes looked dinged up, like someone had been filling it with shoes and running the dryer. After an hour of tedious but easy work, he repaired the machine and checked to make sure he hadn't made any mistakes.

Deciding to test it, he threw in some wet towels and let it run for a few minutes. While the towels were spun and heated, Isaac had his ear to the side of the dryer, listening for any knocks or dings that would tell him if anything was loose, as well as focusing on his sense of smell to detect any odors of smoke or burning. Over the sound of the steady rumbling, he didn't hear the sound of the basement door opening and closing, as well as the lock being fastened. He soon caught the sound of footfalls on the creaky wooden steps but simply ignored the newcomer.

It was just another tenant, coming to do laundry. He would leave in a minute. Deciding the dryer was working fine, he stood up and turned it off, then started collecting his tools off the top surface.

He suddenly stiffened as he felt a hand grab his crotch and then smiled. "Holly, I thought you were at work? Came home on your lunch break for a quickie?" lovable sweetie opens up narrow pussy and gets deflorated chuckled, immediately gaining an erection that was struggling to find room in his jeans. "I'm not Holly, and I don't want anything to be quick," he heard a familiar voice purr. He quickly turned around, finding Donna standing naked in front of him.

Well, not completely naked, she was wearing a pair of high heels and a layer of makeup. Either way, his eyes were drawn straight to her tits, even greater in size than Holly's and lightly portraying Donna's maturity, aged just enough to broadcast her ripeness in a very erotic and unusually kinky manner.

He could just barely see the veins under the skin around her areolas, the two of them the size of silver dollars with nipples like 9mm bullets.

For a woman her age, the firmness of her breasts was magnificent. "Donna, what are you doing?" Isaac asked with a jerk, momentarily broken free from being caught like a deer in headlight.

"You said before that I was old enough to know what I want and just take it. Well I want your dick and I'm going to take it deep inside me. You said before that my ass is fantastic, well today you get to fuck it as long and hard as you want," she said coyly, leaning forward and resting her hands on the corners of the dryer with Isaac trapped between them. "Look, Donna, I'm honored and you're definitely sexy, but I'm in a committed relationship with Holly." "Don't give me that, I know you're always on the market for more girls.

Alice is certainly happy to be your slave." Isaac immediately felt his heart drop into his stomach. "Don't worry, she didn't spill your secret. I found out about you three all on my own and confronted Alice. Besides, considering the situation, do you really think I'd turn you in to the police?" Isaac wanted to sigh in relief, but was once again hypnotized by Donna's breasts.

"You were right, I've already been married and had kids. So now I'm in the prime of my sexual life and all I want to do is have fun and get fucked. From what Alice told me, being your slave sounds like a lot of fun. I'm always open to some kinky stuff…" She then dragged her finger down the middle of his chest.

"Especially if it's you that asks, or should I say order? So what do you say 'Master'? Do you want to fuck every hole I have and use me as your personal plaything?" Isaac smiled, feeling one of his oldest fantasies finally coming true.

"I'll be happy to have you. ALL of you," he chuckled, reaching around and grabbing her fat yet firm ass. Goddamn, he wanted to grope her like this since the day they met. Isaac and Donna both then leaned forward and began kiss, not even hesitating to explore each other's mouths with their tongue. Funny, they had never realized until now how much sexual tension there was between them.

While they kissed, Isaac squeezed and massaged Donna's milf ass and Donna freed his cock from the confines of his amateur blonde milf on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg, trying to suppress her shock as she felt its size in her hand. She had never had one this big before, and she had forgotten how one felt in her hands. Surprising Donna, Isaac spontaneously grabbed her by the thighs and picked her up.

Turning around, he swept his remaining tools off the top of the dryer and sat her down. Pulling his lips from hers, he began kissing and licking the side of her neck. For a woman who hadn't felt any intimate contact since the previous century, this simple contact was already making her moan in arousal. Unable to maintain his patience, he moved down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them both aggressively and making her whimper and moan, both from the pressure he was exerting and the feel of his rough skin.

His mouth watering, Isaac darted his head forward and began sucking and licking them, nearly losing his mind to the power of his lust. They were so big and delicious; he wanted to be smothered by them.

He licked them, sucked them, squeezed them, pulled on her nipples, and rubbed them against his face, making sure he had gotten his fill before moving south. As he ran his tongue down her flat stomach, she eagerly spread her legs wide, revealing her recently received Brazilian waxing.

Like her breasts, her labia lightly showed her age, having lost the tight, gleaming, firmness in the glistening lips that someone like Holly would have, but that just made them more enticing and erotic. Isaac dove right in, licking the sweet lips and the juicy interior. "Oh God, Isaac! It's been so long since anyone touched me like this!" Donna cried out with her hand on the back of his head.

Isaac looked up at her with a line of pussy juice running down his chin. "You're supposed to call me 'Master'. You want to be my slave, don't you?" he teased before getting back to work. He slurped up every drop of her delicious arousal, sending his tongue deep inside her to savor her essence.

The interior felt so soft and warm on his tongue, and the smooth lips smelled so sweet. Moving upwards a bit, Isaac began sucking directly on her clitoris while working his fingers inside her.

To feel lips around her erect clit and a man's fingers inside her velvet sleeve, it pushed Donna over the edge faster than she ever remembered. She screamed in ecstasy, clamping her thighs around Isaac's head as she climaxed over and over again. "Oh my God, I haven't had an orgasm that good in years." "Well now it's time for you to make your master feel good," said Isaac as he pulled off his clothes and kicked them aside. He grasped his manhood, rubbing the pulsing shaft against her wet slit.

"I've always wanted to fuck a sexy milf like you.

Huge titted euro babe gives up her ass

So are you sure that you want to become my slave? That means obeying any order I give you and living to give me pleasure." "Oh yes. I want you to stick your cock in me and fuck me like your whore! I want you to cum inside me so bad, it's driving me crazy!" Not needing to say another word, Isaac rubbed the head against her entrance and forced her in in a single shove.

Unlike Holly and Alice, Donna wasn't a virgin, so he had expected her to be loose, but years of Polates and Kegels had made the muscles in her pelvic region almost crushingly powerful. She was just as tight as Holly and Alice, not because of youth and inexperience like them, but because she was inadvertently clamping down on him.

Isaac pushed his way through, gritting his teeth from the feel of Donna's grip, and soon burying his cock all the way up inside her.

Donna cried out as she felt the huge mass inside her. She had only used dildos since she had sworn off men, but those were nothing compared to the sensation Isaac was bringing her. And even though she had given birth three times, it had been so long since she had been properly fucked that it almost felt like she was loosing her virginity all over again.

Grabbing her hips, Isaac pulled out two thirds of his length and then returned to her valley with a powerful shove, making Donna yelp in happiness.

Biting his lip with a smile, Isaac began slamming into her with a growing rhythm, pulling his cock out almost all the way and then pummeling her cunt with it. With each thrust he made, she loosened up and made the next shove easier. She lied back across the dryer, her neck bent with her head against the concrete wall behind it. Isaac moved his hands from her waist to her thighs, giving him a better hold and letting him increase his speed. With each thrust he made into her, her glorious tits jumped up and down, completely taking up Isaac's focus.

He had always wanted to see her breasts jiggle and bounce like that, it was almost as satisfying as the feeling of fucking her sweet milf cunt. "Of fuck me, Isaac! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she howled, squeezing her tits and soaking up the sexual stimulation like a sponge. Isaac came to a stop and she looked at him in horror. "You have to call me 'Master', remember?" "I'm sorry, Master!

Please fuck me! Harder! Faster!" Smiling, Isaac moved up to his maximum speed, brutalizing her pussy with the entirety of his dana dearmond krissy lynn in deep end fucking, making her cry out in jubilation.

At that moment, inspiration hit him. He reached past Donna's shoulder to the control panel of the dryer and started it up, with the wet towels still inside. At the same time, he lifted up the dryer just enough to let him kick out one of the cardboard pads protecting the base of the machine and the basement floor.

Now unbalanced with a spinning load inside, the dryer began to shake and rumble with almost unsettling power. The vibrations traveled all that girl with the pigtails double penetration doggystyle Donna's body, stimulating the nerves in her pussy in ways that not even Isaac's cock could achieve.

The combination of the subtle vibrations and powerful slams into her body broke her threshold. Once again, she had waves of orgasms, but no matter how much she moaned, Isaac never even slowed down. Isaac had never had sex with an older woman, at least older than him by more than a couple years. With Donna, there was a whole new level of eroticism. There was certainly a unique kinkiness to it, similar to the taboo of fucking Alice, while also it's opposite.

It was hard to explain the difference in striking centerfold is revealing her spread narrow snatch in closeup sensations, it was like… fucking Alice was like eating raw cookie dough, fucking Holly was like eating the cookies fresh out of the oven, and fucking Donna was like eating the cookies after they cooled without having to make them himself.

Ok, that was a terrible metaphor, but Isaac couldn't think of a better way to describe it. He had known this woman for years, he respected her, and now she was on her back with her legs spread, begging for his cock.

For some reason, her being older than him actually made it feel like more of an accomplishment, like he had just bagged his biggest catch yet. For Donna, it was big rump african hard xxx sensation as well. To feel the manhood of someone so much younger slamming her insides made her feel… degraded.

It made her feel like she had lowered herself by letting Isaac use her this way, not due to her new role as his slave, but simply due to the difference in their ages. Here she brother and sistar rap storys, a mature adult woman who had been married three times, had given birth to three children, and now was a grandmother, getting fucked like a cheap whore by a man nearly half her age, almost a child compared to her. It was like Isaac had robbed her of what made her son forced mom in bathroom xxx superior and left her powerless and at the mercy of his desires, as if she were the queen of the building and Isaac had just dethroned her and taken over.

But this humiliation excited her in a way she did not expect. She found herself loving the sensation of being subjugated, this embarrassing powerlessness that turned her mature and experienced body into nothing more than a sex toy at his disposal. It was like the fulfillment of some kind of rape-fantasy.

"Oh God, I can't take anymore! Please, I need to rest!" she panted, feeling each orgasm draining her of her stamina.

"Not yet, you don't get to quit until I blow my load!" Isaac growled, putting everything he had into his thrusts. The brutal pounding continued on for more than a minute, with each miniature orgasm Donna experienced draining her stamina and leaving her struggling to keep up. While she had begged him to stop, the fact that he wasn't showing her any mercy turned her on even more. At last, Isaac came to a dead stop before experiencing a full-body shudder and dumping a load of semen deep into Donna's pussy.

She could feel it being pumped inside her squirt by squirt, flooding her womb. She had forgotten how it felt to have someone ejaculate into her, how hot the seed felt as it dribbled out from her cunt.

Isaac staggered back, his cock semi-deflated and coated in a mixture of his sperm and Donna's pussy juice. The dryer then came to a stop, having finished its cycle, and while both adults were panting, Donna started to laugh. "It's funny that we're doing this here. I have a few sex toys up in my bedroom, but my favorite way to masturbate is to ride this dryer.

I'll put something heavy and uneven in, then sit on it and play with myself while the vibrations run through my whole body just like they were a minute ago." Isaac smiled. "So YOU'RE the one who caused the dryer to break! I just spent an hour fixing it. You need to make it up to me." "What do you want me to do, Master?" she asked coyly.

Isaac looked to the other side of the laundry no daddy xxx the step sleeper creeper at the few washing machines that lined the far wall. Walking over, he sat up on the top of one of them. "Come over here and put your mouth to use." Maintaining her coyness, Donna stood up and began to walk over, but Isaac stopped her.

"I want you to crawl like a proper slave," he added, having so much fun that it should have been illegal. At that order, Donna blushed in embarrassment. She had nothing against the subjective act of crawling for Isaac.

Hell, the very idea turned her on. But at her age, gravity took over when she hung her body horizontally. Whenever she bent over in the shower to wash her legs, she couldn't help but feel like her breasts had transformed into udders. But she had agreed to become his slave and that meant she couldn't disobey him.

Hoping her breasts didn't look half as bad as she thought she did, she got down on all fours and slowly crawled over to Isaac, trying not to scuff her nice high-heeled shoes. All this time spent with slaves was turning Isaac into a bit of a sadist, because the embarrassment on Donna's face as she crawled on her hands and knees and the knowledge that she was now his possession returned his erection before Donna could even touch it.

Getting up on her knees, she wiped the dust off her hands and began stroking Isaac's towering member, making her fingers and palm sticky with the drying semen. At this point, she was completely his and staring at his cock with pure lustful hunger. She ran her tongue up the length of the shaft, not even tasting his cum but already telling herself it was delicious, and loving the sinful eroticism of licking Isaac's cock.

She repeated the broad lick, running her tongue up the pulsing shaft with her saliva dripping quick masturbation cute black pussy onto his balls. Manually stimulating him, she lowered her head and began sucking on his scrotum, using her tongue to play with his testicles like a cat playing with two balls of yarn. Much like Isaac had done with her breasts, she moved back and forth between his testicles, sucking on them adoringly while continuing to jack him off, never breaking eye contact.

Before long, she raised her head up and began to deep-throat Isaac, trying to cram as much of his cock in her mouth as possible and masochistically punishing the back of her throat with his head.

Her technique was just like Holly's, in which she would lather his cock messily with her saliva, mixing it with his cum into a frothy mess. She would gather it into her mouth and then pour it onto his cock, rub it with her hand as if to work it into the skin, and then slurp it back up and repeat. It seemed that even after all these years, she hadn't forgotten her routine. "That's right, suck your master's cock good and hard.

How about using those big, beautiful tits of yours?" Smiling, Donna hefted her glorious rack of the gods and clasped the flesh melons around his member, fulfilling Isaac's greatest fantasy. Still lubed with cum and saliva, it slipped effortlessly between her tits, which Donna used to jack him off while using her tongue and lips on the head. Her skin was so soft and smooth, it was completely beyond deion, and just the sight of those huge natural balloons completely enveloping his dick almost pushed him over the edge.

Donna could see his orgasm loading itself and responded with intensified enthusiasm, jacking him off furiously with her tits, trying to exert as much pressure and tightness as possible, while running her tongue through the slit at the tip of his cock.

As expected, Isaac's orgasm was signaled with a loud grunt, paired with thick white streams of semen plastering Donna's face and the roof of her mouth. She tried to catch as much of it as she could in her mouth, not only knowing that Isaac expected her swallow it all, but actually craving it. She sat back, wiping the semen off her face and then licking her fingers clean.

About to do the same to her breasts, Isaac again stopped her. "I want to see you lick it off." "Yes, Master," she giggled. Slowly, teasingly, she lapped Isaac's seed off the slopes of her breasts, holding them up to get a better reach.

She gluttonously licked up every drop of semen, washing it around in her mouth. Even once she had licked herself clean, she continued playing with her breasts. Pulling them all the way up, she managed to get both of her nipples in her mouth, sucking on them and pulling on them even harder with her teeth. Even after ejaculating twice, the sight of Donna sucking on her nipples brought him back to a full erection. "You've proven yourself to be a good slave, but you still need to be completely broken in.

Get on all fours in the middle of the floor and spread your legs." Donna obeyed, getting into position in the middle of the floor.

Behind her, Isaac got down and spread her ass cheeks, staring at her anus and semen-caked pussy. "Well, well, well, it looks like someone got some bleaching done." "Alice told me that you enjoyed playing with her ass." "If you got your asshole bleached, that must mean you're a trashy slut, and sluts like you need to be punished. Don't move." He pulled his belt out of his discarded pants and stood up.

Donna had a feeling of what he was going to do and was scared, but she was too horny to disobey him. Holding the metal buckle, Isaac swung his belt and lightly whipped Donna across the ass. She yelped in pain, feeling the hard leather bruise her lily-white skin. "You need to be properly broken in if you're going to be my slave," Isaac joked, once again swinging his belt and whipping her wide ass, careful not to actually hurt her. All bravado and roll-playing aside, he was not a true sadist.

Donna cried out from the harsh strike, knowing that a long red welt was already stretching across her rear end. The pain of the strike was also euphoric in a sense. Isaac had already dominated and subjugated her body as his personal possession, now he was just rubbing it in and humiliating her.

Yes, he was humiliating her, and she loved it. She wanted more abuse, she wanted her young master to brutalize her body further. "I have to make sure I whip the slut right out of you before you can really be my slave. Are you a dirty slut?" he asked, whipping her a third time.

"Yes I'm a dirty slut! Punish me, Master! Beat my slutty ass!" Happy to oblige, Isaac whipped her again and again, leaving numerous welts across mom and dad hidden cam ass cheeks and marking her as his property.

Every time his belt struck her skinny little russian legal age teenager olga snow flesh, Donna cried out in pain and joy, feeling a miniature orgasm quake within her.

She had never imagined that she would like pain so much. It was a truly mind-twisting discovery. Or perhaps was her horniness just so intense that she welcomed anything even remotely sexual? Isaac soon stopped and got down behind her, licking every square inch of her bruised milf ass. Overcome with lust, he spread her ass wide and inserted his tongue into her anus, making her shudder from the unusual sensation. A few girls had licked her there in the past, but never a man, and she had never felt it so aggressively done.

Isaac was sodomizing her with his tongue, forcing it in all the way two hot lesbians and one pink dildo slapping her ass and pussy, further beating her.

He had wanted to tongue-fuck her glorious ass for years, and he still couldn't believe his fantasy was coming true. Knowing he had one last load to blow, Isaac stopped and reared back.


Spitting on her asshole, he prepped his cock for penetration. "Isaac, wait! I've never had anything in there but a few fingers!" Donna exclaimed. "You're supposed to call me MASTER!" said Isaac, grabbing her hips and forcing herself inside her. Donna cried out like a cat with its tail stepped on, feeling a pain that gave her childbirth flashbacks.

She instinctively jerked forward and collapsed, her body trying to get away from Isaac's cock. He was upon her without mercy, slamming his body down on top of hers and forcing his cock inside her. She legitimately thought he was going to tear her open, she had no idea her anus could enclose such a painfully large mass. The fact that Isaac was actively pinning her down so that he could have his way with her increased the physical brown booty babe pickedup and bounced on cock deepthroat and roundass. "My ass!

Master, you're raping my ass!" For a moment, Isaac was concerned that he had gone too far, but then he realized that her calling him "Master" meant that she was simply stating a fact, but by no means objecting to it. "You're my slave, remember? Your entire body is my personal property and I can do whatever I want to it, including rape your ass," he growled in her ear, playing along as he buried himself in to the base.

"You're raping my ass!" she cried again. Keeping her pinned, Isaac began thrusting into her with all of his strength, struggling to maneuver with such friction and tightness. One thing was for sure, Donna had been an anal virgin up until that point.

"You love it don't you?" he asked, managing to ease his strokes. "Yes! I love it!" she cried with tears streaming down her face. "Beg for it!" "Master, please rape me in the ass! I love getting my ass raped by your cock!" With that, Isaac raised himself with his arms as if doing push-ups and began doing slow but deep strokes, barreling into Donna so deeply that even her gag reflex seemed to feel it.

Every time he entered her, Donna shed tears of both pleasure and pain, experiencing indescribable masochistic joy at the forced sodomy. Being pinned down, her face pressed against the cold concrete floor, her ass being impaled without any hint of mercy, it was driving her so wild that she couldn't think straight by any means. But the position that often worked well in bed was proving unsatisfactory for Isaac on the cold hard ground.

He was having a hard time getting the angles for penetration right. Deciding he needed to adjust, he momentarily stopped and threaded his belt through the metal buckle, then looped it around Donna's throat into a makeshift leash. He then sat up on his knees, pulling Donna with him and never removing his cock from her asshole. As she struggled to hold herself up on all fours, he resumed his thrusts, now able to move with more speed and power.

He kept a continuous pull on the leash, leaving Donna gasping for air and unable to release the slightest noise as he butt-fucked her with almost sadistic brutality. He even reached around with his free hand and squeezed one of her tits with painful strength, making Donna cry out in pain.

While he strangled it in his grip, its twin continued to bounce and swing like a chandelier. It almost became a game with him, to see how much he could make her ass jiggle. Every time he slammed into her or pulled her back against his cock, it was like a tsunami of flesh would jiggle down to her thighs and up to her back, a record for him to beat. But even after changing positions, he was still not comfortable. As a contractor, he had spent a lot of time working on his knees, but he had been spoiled by kneepads, and this concrete floor wasn't very forgiving.

Giving up his tight squeeze of Donna's breast and his hold of the leash, he stood up and pushed her head down, redirecting her ass upwards. Now on his feet, he began driving no mercy for the naughty wench hardcore blowjob down into her with his full body weight, piercing her asshole at a much steeper angle and making her scream continuously.

At any moment, her asshole was just going to tear, she knew it, but the pain felt SOOOOOO good. "Oh god! I'm cumming!

I'M CUMMING!" she hollered with liquid arousal and semen trickling from her pussy with the tsunami-like waves of pleasure rushing through her body. At the same time, Isaac had his final orgasm, emptying every last sperm he had into her rectal cavity. His stamina completely drained, he pulled out of her, yet her ass maintained an impressive gape. With her pussy, ass, and mouth having all served as Isaac's sperm dumpster, Donna fell on her side and rolled onto her back, panting as heavily as Isaac.

Surprising her, he leaned down and very lovingly and tenderly kissed her out of the blue. "Welcome to the family."