Double edging blowjob compilation and championship hot arab dolls attempt foursome

Double edging blowjob compilation and championship hot arab dolls attempt foursome
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Chapter One: Capturing An Angel She was so flawless. So sweet, youthful, innocent. Watching her from afar for years, he knew he would do anything to own her.


Some call it obsession; if he was ever obsessed with anything, he supposed it would be her. The only problem? She was just barely 13. He had yearned for her since they moved in across the street, when she was only 6. Her long, wispy platnum hair hung to her waist- never once had he seen it cut short- and her wide blue eyes were bright with naivety and tenderness.

He loved her.

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But, he was 58 years old- a fat, balding, widowed man. The only thing he had going for him was money, but girls as young as her didn't care about that. The girl lived with her father, a prominent lawyer, and her 19 year old sister. Her sister was gorgeous, too- a busty blonde with curls and green eyes.

But he had always been infatuated by the younger sister, the one so fragile and tiny. He wanted to have her. It had been years, really, since he had forced himself on a woman.

He loathed addiction,and had vowed to lim it himself. The last couple of years, it seemed as though he was saving himself for her. Sweet little Lily. But he couldn't wait any longer. No, the time had come. He had everything set up in his vacation home, miles and miles away. Toys and contraptions designed for sexual pleasure-namely, his.

He knew she was too young to enjoy it, to feel the intensity he would feel, but he hoped, in time, Little Lily would come to love him, and need him as much as he already needed her. Lily was walking home from the bus stop, dressed in her favorite blue plaid skirt and white top.

Her school was strict- girls were to wear plaid skirts in the school colors of light blue or white, and the shirt was too match. Guys wore dress pants and white tops. She was a vision of innocence, unaware of the trauma soon to come. He already had her sister, Rebecca, tied up and knocked out downstairs.

Her dad too crazy pretty college girlfriends bisexual smoking hot dorm fucking drugged and placed in the dress room- he wasn't much for men, but he didn't want the father calling for the cops to investigate.

By the time the family was even found missing, they would all be away in his discreet home far away.

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He watched patiently as Lily walked near his house. He walked outside, humming to himself. "Hello Miss Lily!" He greeted jovially, smiling at her. "Oh, good afternoon Mr. Thomas!" She waved, bestowing him anal fucked hard by three rare positions who is she threesome and extreme the gift of her angelic smile as she did so.

"Would you mind coming in for a moment? I could use someone to help with chores around the house, and I know you've been babysitting to earn a little extra money." He lied easily, knowing she was a trusting and friendly girl.

"Uh, sure Mr. Thomas! Is it okay if I go ask my dad first? I hate to worry him!" She asked, not realizing her dad wasn't home. "Already cleared it, my dear girl! Do come in!" He opened the door, and though she hesitated at first, she followed him in. "What should I do first sir?" She questioned, looking around at his slightly disorganized home. He crept behind her, putting a cloth to her face, and soon all she saw was black.

He made sure they were completely knocked out before transporting them. He didn't want them to be able to signal for help after all. Lucky he had a big van. He left Lily, Rebecca, and her father all in the back and started the long drive. Upon reaching his destination and unloading his hostages- stopping momentairly to marvel at how light Lily was in his arms- he made sure they were all settled.

He put Rebecca and their dad in one room, his prize and joy in the other.


Rebecca was tied to a bed, naked. Lily was also tied spread eagled, but with her clothes still on-he wanted to treasure the removal of her garments, savor every moment of her deflowering.

The father he simply tied to a chair, covering his ears with headphones and making sure he was completely secure. He then stayed in their room, watching for Becca to wake up.

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She was gagged, though it wasn't really necessary with how isolated they were, with her own purple panties. She slowly woke up, beautiful goddess with big fake boobs on webcam eyes widening in fear and confusion. "Why hello, Rebecca. Good to see you awake." Mr.

Thomas said softly, looking at her with his glittering brown eyes. She tried to scream, but only a muffled sound was heard. "Don't bother. No one can hear you, child." He explained, smiling still. He leaned over and stroked her nipple, pleased to see it harden beneath his fingertips. Her eyes narrowed in anger, and she squirmed, trying to kick him. He chuckled. "Now, Rebecca, we can make this hard, or we can make it simple. If you do everything I ask for the next few days, you can go home, and so can your father.

We will not touch him if you cooperate. We will leave him there, blindfolded and unaware, and perhaps even feed him. If you displease me, you will get to witness his torment until finally I end his life completely. The choice, of course, is yours. Do you understand?" Mr. Thomas threatened, looking into her eyes with a blank expression. He meant what he said, too. Well, at least about harming her dad if she didn't listen to his commands.

He had no intention of telling her that her kid sister was down the hall- this was enough for now. She looked at him with venom in her eyes, but she nodded compliantly.

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He smiled, gave her a sloppery kiss on the mouth, and then left, warning her he would be back later, he just had some things to take care of. He crept to Lily's room, excitement mounting in his chest. He enteredseeing her child body laying there terrified, her arms tied above her head and her legs tied apart. His dick was already hard in his jeans, and he feared he would cum long before penetrating her body. "Why are you doing this to me?" She cried out upon seeing him.

He sat down on the bed, rubbing her leg softly. She was so young- 13 but petite and small for her age- and he knew he was about to tear her world apart. "Because I have spent years wanting you, and can wait no longer. You are mine, irrevocably, and I will do things to you no one ever has. You were made for me.

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You are meant to belong to me. Consider yourself my possesion- my most prized of all. I own you. That is how it should be, darling." He explained, his eyes full of lust.

"No! Please, just let me go, let me go home! My dad- h-he'll call the police! Please, sir, I won't tell anyone." She began to cry, blubbering as wet tears fell from her lovely azure eyes. "Sorry, Lily, I cannot do that. I need you." He then pulled himself on top of her, his weight crushing against her. She began to try to wiggle away, frantic, but he simply jerked her face towards him, kissing her jawline. Her continued screaming caused him to smack her hard. She was stunned into silence.

"Now, why did you have to make me do that? I do not want to hurt you. Just stop your blubbering. There is no one who can save you. Don't waste your breath, or I will have to duct tape your lovely little mouth." He warned, tracing his hands down her body. She shuddered at his touch, but bit her lip to keep quiet.

He smiled. His dream had finally come true.