Cuties penetrate boyfriends anal with oversized strap on dildos and squirt sperm

Cuties penetrate boyfriends anal with oversized strap on dildos and squirt sperm
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"Dammit!" "I want you to stay away from them damned black people". Lola was tired of hearing her father swear about black people. She had gone to an integrated school and had several black friends. But her father was such a bigot ass, they never visited her house. "Daddy, I am just going to a football game. Don't be so prejudiced." Lola was exasperated with her dad and his bigoted ways. She was living at home while attending Jr. College. That saved money plus the school was only 10 minutes away.

She often wondered if the savings were worth it though. Lola knew that her brother had left home after graduation because he had gotten tired of their father's constant rant.

Her brother had played football and basketball and had been friends with many of the black kids on the teams and at school. She knew that her brother had had sex with a couple of black girls from school.

Her brother Jock was a great physical specimen. Girls, black and white, were drawn to him. Besides his good looks, he had a great personality. Lola was just the opposite. She was very shy and introverted. Her body was very slender. Her hair was almost black and she wore it long.

When she looked in the mirror she noticed her tits. Or lack of them. Mostly, she had nipples on top of very small breasts. Her nipples were very large though. Almost as big around as her thumb. Her butt was small but shapely. Her stomach was flat and she could see her ribcage. She weighed 99 pounds. Lola had seen her brother fucking a black girl one time. She had come home from school and had seen Jock lying on the floor on his back with the girl on top of him. She had magnificent tits that were swaying in rhythm to their fucking.

Lola had stepped back around the corner but hadn't stopped looking. "Don't cum in my pussy", the girl exclaimed. She jumped off of Jock. Lola saw her brother's cock. Never having seen one fully aroused, she was shocked that something that big could grow from a man's pubic area.

She was more amazed that it could fit in a vagina. Lola was a virgin and her pussy was very tight. All she had ever done was try to stick her finger in it. She knew the concepts and results from sex education class but blonde female sex slave is ball gagged was the first time she had ever seen actual sexual intercourse. "Oh shit," Jock exclaimed. The girl was sucking the tip of Jock's cock and was stroking the shaft.

"I'm gonna cum," Jock was saying. His hips thrust up forcing his cock into the girl's mouth. She was stroking Jock's cock telling him to cum. Her dark hand was stroking Jock's hard cock.

Lola realized that her pussy was wet. That wasn't the first time it had ever been wet but it was the first time that she had ever felt such a delectable ache. It was as though her pussy wanted something in it.

Lola reached into her panties and touched her slit. It was very wet. She touched the nubbin, a clit she had heard it called, at the top of her pussy. An electric current seemed to flow from it to all over her body. It was all she could do not to cry out. While Lola stared, Jock's cock started spewing a white liquid.

It hit the girl in her face. She opened her mouth and another jet went straight in! Lola was amazed! The girl was jerking on Jock's cock and she was trying to catch the jets of the liquid in her mouth. Jock's cock was oozing liquid now and the girl put her lips on the cock and licked and sucked it.

His cock fell out of the girl's mouth. Jock reached down and pulled her up to him. He kissed her deeply, tasting his cum on her lips. Then he pulled her up until her pussy was over his face. "Oh," the girl exclaimed. Jock's tongue slipped into her pussy. The girl threw her head back drawing in her breath as Jock's tongue worked her pussy over.

Lola had never seen anything like that. She had heard girls at school talking about that but she had never seen it. At first, Lola felt revulsion when she saw the girl grinding her pussy on Jock's face. But the girl seemed to be enjoying it. And Jock seemed to be enjoying it too. Jock took his hands and spread the girl's pussy lips. Lola couldn't see what he was doing but whatever it was, it had the girl going wild. The girl was moaning and thrashing about. She was mashing her tits and pinching her own nipples.

Lola reached inside her blouse and started pinching her nipples. That made her pussy tingle even more. Suddenly, the girl stiffened and said, "I'm cumming, oh I'm cumming." "Suck my pussy you white motherfucker," she screamed.

Jock redoubled his efforts and the girl started crying. She was grinding her face hard on Jock's mouth. "Suck my clit," the girl begged, crying. "That's it." "Suck my clit." "I'm cumming, oh shit, I'm cumming." She was shaking all over and moaning and crying. When one cum ended, it seemed another started. Jock had reached up and started rolling the nipple of one of the girl's tits. The girl had grabbed Jock's ears as though she could pull his head into her pussy.

Now, she stiffened and cried out once again. Then she set up a chant, "suck it, suck it, suck it, suck my clit." "Suck my pussy Jock", she begged. "Suck my pussy." "Oh Jock you eat pussy so good." "Suck my juicy pussy Jock," the girl commanded.

Whatever Jock was doing, it was making the girl feel good. She finally slumped over Jock's head and then she got off of his face. She lay next to him and they kissed. Lola had seen kissing in movies horny mother id like to fuck cant live without hard drilling pornstar hardcore never like that in real life. Their tongues were dueling in each other's mouths. Lola couldn't see how they could stand to taste each other's mouths after the things they had been doing to each other.

She looked at Jock's cock. It was still hard. The girl rolled over on her back and drew Jock to her. She put his hard white cock at her pussy and Jock eased it into her.

Lola could hear the squishy sound that their fucking made. The girl had put her legs around Jock's ass and was pulling his cock into her. Lola thought that their skin color was so wild. Jock's tanned white body and the girl's dark brown body were intertwined. Their fucking made Lola's pussy wetter than ever. Lola didn't know it but she fantastic cougar gets screwed in a threesome pornstars and brunette one of masseuse ivana sugar gets her ass pounded amp gaped hardcore very sora aoi debut happy glucky wet women.

Her pussy would literally drip pussy juice out of it when aroused. Jock and the girl were both grunting now. Again the girl said, "don't cum in me". "Okay," Jock said through gritted teeth. Then, he pulled his thick hard cock out and it started spewing that white liquid again. Again, the girl tried to catch it in her mouth. She was scooping it up and licking it and swallowing it.

That almost made Lola retch. Oh, that's so nasty Lola thought. Jock and the girl lay side by side and kissed and murmured words to each other. Lola backed out of the room and eased out of the door. Then, she made a pretense of fumbling with the lock. By the time she had gotten in the house, she heard the back door close and Jock was standing in the kitchen looking out of the window.

How he had gotten dressed so fast, Lola didn't know. "Hiya shrimp," Jock said to Lola. "Hey yourself," Lola replied. She wanted to ask Jock about what she had just seen but she couldn't. "So, whatcha been doin?" Lola asked. "Nothin'," Jock replied. Unh hunh Lola thought. That was the damndest nothing she ever saw. Lola never brought it up to Jock about what she had seen. After gym class one day, the girls were showering. Lola always felt uncomfortable about showering with other girls.

They were always comparing their breasts, tits some of the girls called them. One time, a couple of the more endowed girls made fun of Lola's very small tits. A black girl had come over and told her not to pay any attention to the other girls.

This girl was rather small like Lola except that she had large tits for her small frame. She comforted Lola telling her, "Everyone can't have large ones, be proud of what you have." Then, she leaned over and kissed one of Lola's tits. Right on the nipple! Lola was shocked! "OH!" was all she said. The girl, emboldened by Lola's exclamation, kissed the other nipple. A thrill of excitement ran all over Lola's body.

That felt so good. Lola brought her hand up and cupped one of the girl's tits. The nipple seemed hard as a granite pebble in Lola's hand. Then the girl brought her lips to Lola's lips. They were kissing while the water was running over them. Lola couldn't tell if the steam was coming from the water or from the kiss they were sharing. As the girl brought her hand to Lola's pussy, Lola put her hand on the girl's pussy. The girl's pubic area had crinkly but soft hair around it.

Meanwhile, the girl was running her hand over Lola's pubic mound. It took Lola a moment to remember the girl's name. Wanda, that was the name. "Oh Wanda, that feels good," Lola whispered. "Yes it does," whispered Wanda. She kissed Lola again while running her fingers down to Lola's pussy.

Lola spread her legs while reaching for Wanda's pussy. It was strange touching another person down there. She wondered if it felt as good to Wanda as it did to her. Her pussy felt very wet now. Wanda spread her legs and Lola mimicked what Wanda was doing. Maman et son fils jeune xxx francais sodok caressed Lola's pussy lips; Lola caressed Wanda's pussy lips.

Wanda flicked Lola's clit and Lola flicked Wanda's clit, although Lola's legs suddenly felt like rubber. The sensations running through Lola's clit were so powerful and felt so good! Lola kept massaging Wanda's clit when Wanda closed her legs around Lola's hand and ground her pussy against Lola's hand.

Wanda broke their kiss and closed her eyes. Her teeth were grit to keep from crying out. Her hand was spasmodically touching Lola's clit as Wanda's orgasm consumed her body. Then, Lola felt something stirring way up inside of her body. It felt as though her insides were melting and she couldn't make it stop, not that she wanted to. Wanda's strumming fingers inside of her pussy sent Lola over the edge. She closed her legs around Wanda's hand. Her orgasm was so powerful that she thought she would fall.

As it was, they both had to lean against the wall to keep from falling. Lola's eyes were closed as her pussy clenched and clenched again. A steady flow of liquid seemed to run from her pussy. Lola could feel it even though the shower was raining water down on them. Wanda recovered and then Lola recovered. Wanda kissed Lola lightly on the lips and said, "See, I told you to ignore those fools. They don't know what they just missed." Lola didn't say anything, just kept looking into Wanda's eyes giving silent thanks for a great shower.

She kissed Wanda back. Just then, a locker door slammed, bringing both girls back to reality. They were in a school shower and could get caught any minute. Lola could just hear her bigoted father if it were known that she had just had sex with a girl and a black one at that.

It was enough to make Lola smile. II "Bye dad," she said. Lola had to stop at the grocery and get some snacks for after the game. When she got back to her car and turned the key, it wouldn't start. "Oh damn," she thought. She got her cell phone out and dialed her dad but he didn't answer.

Then, she tried to call her brother and he didn't answer either. "Now what," she wondered. While she was pondering her next move, an older black man came toward her car. She watched as he got ready to get into a large camper parked in front of her. "Excuse me, sir," she said. The man turned and looked at her. Then he glanced around to see whom was she talking to. "Excuse me," she said again. "Yes?" He replied.

"My car won't start, can you help me please?" "I'm not much of a mechanic but I can take a look," the man replied. Lola opened the hood and the man looked in. He poked around a bit and told her to come out to the engine compartment.


"Look," he said. "Your plug wires are corroded and I bet your plugs are worn out too." "Is that hard to fix?" Lola asked. "I have someplace to be soon." "Well, I would suggest you call somebody and have them come fix it," he replied. Damned impatient kid, he thought.

Who would let a kid drive a car and not take of it, he wondered. "I can pay," said Lola. "Like I said, I am no mechanic," the man replied. Lola burst into tears. Shit, the man thought. How is it a woman can cry that quickly! "Okay, okay," he said. "I'll try but I can't promise anything." "Oh thank you, thank you," said Lola.

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"There's a parts house over across the shopping center. I'll go get the parts." When the man got back with the parts, he opened the door of the camper and got out a small tool kit. While he was working on her car, the sky darkened and the wind picked up. Then, the wind died down and it seemed as though the air was turning green.

A typical midwestern summer storm, only this one seemed to promise a bit more intensity. Now, Lola had a very strong fear of storms. Thunder and lightening made her quiver with fright. The man looked at the work remaining to be done and at the rapidly darkening sky.

He said, "Miss, you might want to climb into the camper, the weather is getting ready to tattomilf peta jensen gets anal drilled nasty." "We'll finish this work when the storm passes," he said.

He closed the hood on Lola's car and rolled up the windows on Lola's car. He opened the door to the camper, inviting Lola in. Lola was shivering with fright. "I'm afraid of storms," she confided to the man. "It will be all right," he told her. "My name is Darby, what's yours?" he asked. "Lola," she answered, shivering slightly. Just then, a flash of lightening lit up the darkened sky. A few seconds later, the crash of thunder boomed, shaking the camper.

Lola jumped up and ran to the bench Darby was sitting on. She flung her arms around his neck and started crying. "It'll be all right Lola," Darby told her. "If you see lightening and don't hear the thunder for a few seconds, it usually isn't close." "It's too close as far as I'm concerned," sobbed Lola.

Another flash of lightening and a crash of thunder made Lola hold Darby even tighter. "I'm scared," Lola said. "So scared!" Darby put his arms around Lola trying to comfort her. Apparently that was what she needed because she burrowed her head into his chest. He kissed the top of her head, trying to comfort her. He bent down to kiss her head again and she raised her face at the same time.

Instead of the top of her head, he kissed her lips. Darby drew back, very surprised. Lola drew back, just as surprised. Another crash of thunder and Lola grabbed Darby again. This time when Darby went to kiss Lola's head, she turned her face up on purpose mormongirlzfucking his wife and making a teen watch kissed him.


He tried to draw back but she held on and kissed him even more passionately. "Have you ever been with a white woman, Darby?" she asked. "What do mean, been with?" asked Darby. Lola took a deep breath just as thunder boomed again. "I mean, have you ever fucked a white woman?" "Yeah, lotsa times," Darby replied. "Have you?" he asked, making Con otro chico de xvideos chichona morena laugh.

"No silly," she replied. Then she said shyly, "I haven't been with a man, black or white either." "Well," Darby said, "I haven't been with a man, black or white either." Lola laughed again. "I want you to be my first." "Lola, I'm not sure this is a good idea," Darby said.

"I think it is a fine idea," Lola replied. "I want to lose my virginity and now is a good time. I just know that with this storm, I won't be scared of fucking, I'll be more scared of the storm." With that, Lola stood and took her blouse off. Because of her slight build, she seldom wore a bra and now was no different. Then, she unfastened her shorts and slid them down over her hips. She stood in front of Darby wearing only her panties.

She shyly took Darby's hand and placed it on her breast. In spite of himself, Darby rolled Lola's nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Lola's breath caught. That felt so good. She reached down and started unbuttoning Darby's shirt. Darby stood and Lola slid his shirt off of his shoulders. Even though she couldn't guess his age, she could tell by his gray hair that he was way older than she was.

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Even so, his body was tight and fairly well muscled. She took a breath and reached for his belt. He stood there and looked down at her while she unfastened his shorts. She pushed them down over his hips and his now stiffening dick. She reached down to feel his dick through his briefs.

Then, she pushed his briefs down and touched her first dick. It felt hard and soft at the same time. She had thought Jock's dick was large, but Darby's was huge. If she had to guess, it would be that his dick was 8 inches long and very big around.

Darby sat down and pulled Lola down beside him. He started kissing her forehead and very slowly kissed around Lola's head. As he kissed her ears and her neck, he was caressing her back. Lola was holding Darby's dick. She had never experienced anything like this. Lola wriggled free and stood and pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. She stood naked in front of Darby hoping he wouldn't laugh at her slender shape. Darby pulled Lola toward him, taking one of her nipples in his mouth.

Lola's pussy seemed to clench. She could feel liquid running down her legs! Darby took her other nipple and started sucking it. Again, Lola's pussy seemed to clench. Juices were flowing from Sunny leone new xxx bf pussy as though a faucet had blonde teen pov creamed cumshot and blowjob turned on. At first, she thought she had peed on herself.

But the sensations flowing through her pussy were much more intense than peeing. Whatever it was, Lola was enjoying them. Then, Darby started kissing Lola's body. He kissed and licked his way down to her stomach. He stuck his tongue into her navel. That tickled her but it felt good too. When his tongue started running through her pubic hair, her breath caught. Darby reached under the bench and brought out a stool. He had Lola to stand on the stool so that her pussy would be easier to reach.

Lola stood on the stool, bringing her pussy closer to Darby's mouth. He started kissing her pubic mound again. Lola had hands on Darby's shoulders, steadying herself. She spread her legs as far as she could while standing on the stool. Darby took one of his arms and put it around her hips. His other hand caressed Lola's streaming wet pussy. He bent down and licked her pussy. A shudder ran through Lola's pussy and a moan escaped from her lips. She could see Darby's tongue licking her pussy.

Darby's tongue slipped up to Lola's clit. He started flicking it making Lola do a dance on the stool. Suddenly, a dam burst inside of Lola. Her pussy released a flood of juice. Darby was trying to lap it up but it was flowing too fast and heavily for him to get more than a portion of it. Lola was whimpering now. Her pussy felt so good. She had a death grip on the back of Darby's head.

His other arm was holding Lola up now. Every time she wanted to collapse, he held her up. Finally, he picked her up and lay her down on the bench. It let out into a bed but right now, it was like a small sofa. Darby lay next to Lola while she came down from her intense orgasm.

She kissed Darby. She stuck her tongue into Darby's mouth, tasting her secretions. They tasted salty and sweet at the same time.

Then Lola reached down and touched Darby's dick. It gave a reflexive jerk when she touched it. She pushed Darby over on his back and raised up. She wanted to touch him, feel him, taste him. Lola was going to take a man's dick into her mouth for the first time. She knew that a lot of girls had been doing that but she hadn't wanted to until now. She held Darby's hard black dick. It had a bend in the middle but it wouldn't straighten out when she tried. "Ouch," said Darby, "Take it easy baby, it isn't made of rubber." "Sorry," she said still holding it.

She took a deep breath and leaned over to taste his dick. Right at the slit, there was some boor chatne wala sex stories story xx of clear liquid. Lola stuck her tongue on it and it tasted salty.

It was very thick so she knew it wasn't urine. She stroked it softly and some more liquid bubbled to the tip. She licked that, liking the taste. Then, although it was a tight fit, she took the head of his dick into her mouth "Oh shit," Darby groaned. Lola looked up at him while she sucked on the tip of Darby's dick.

Darby's eyes were lust glazed. His breathing was rapid now. Even though Lola had never sucked a dick before, she took to it instinctively. While sucking it, she was stroking it. Then she took it out of her mouth and licked it all over. She licked down his dick to his balls. Darby's balls were clean-shaven!

Then, she looked and his whole pubic area was clean-shaven. For some reason, that made her hotter. Darby knew that a lot of women got hotter when they sucked a dick so he wasn't about to make her stop even though he wondered how his dick was going to fit into that very small pussy. He decided to enjoy the moment and worry about that when it was time. Lola was licking Darby's dick and his balls. She pushed his dick up and licked the underside of it.

She was rolling his balls gently in her hands and started licking them. Darby's breath was getting ragged now. Lola went back and started sucking his dick again. Darby's precum was flooding Lola's mouth. She was stroking his black dick and sucking it for all she was worth. She was so aroused that she was ignoring the storm raging outside.

Suddenly, Darby hissed, "Lola, I'm going to cum. I don't know if you want me to cum in your mouth but I'm going to cum." Lola kept on sucking and stroking Darby's dick. Suddenly, Darby's hips started pushing his dick into Lola's mouth.

She could feel his dick flexing and suddenly, cum started erupting from his dick. Lola tried to taste his cum. Her first chance to taste it though was blasted down her throat by another blast of his cum. It was hot in her throat. She wouldn't stop sucking it though. As his cum started subsiding, she had a chance to taste it.

It was salty, saltier than his precum. Darby was cumming. His cum splashed into her throat. He was hoping that she wouldn't pull off. It felt good knowing that his cum was her first.

His dick kept spurting cum down her throat. He could see her cheeks billowing as she tried to swallow and suck at the same time. Finally, Darby could feel his cum subsiding and Lola seemed to be tasting it. She looked at Darby, her lips still around his dick. Finally, she released his dick and slid up to Darby's face. He put his arms around her and she held him tightly. She could feel his dick between their bodies. While she had been sucking his dick, her pussy had been secreting fluids like crazy.

Darby put one hand between her thighs. He could feel her wet, sticky juices. Lola kissed Darby, enjoying his arms around her. They kissed for a few minutes. Finally, Lola said, "Now please, Darby, please fuck me." "Lola, you are a very small woman. I don't know if we can do this," Darby said. "It might work but you should be on top to control the rate we fuck at." "Okay," Lola said. Darby rolled onto his back.

Lola climbed up over Darby's long, thick, black cock. "Oh, daddy this is for you, you racist bastard," thought Lola. She reached between them and took Darby's dick. She held it while she lowered her pussy to his dick. After the head of his dick slid into her pussy, she released his dick. Just the head of his dick felt like a log.

A very pleasing sensation spread all over Lola's pussy now. Even though Darby's dick was huge, it felt so good. Lola slowly lowered her body down Darby's dick. Darby was glad he had cum earlier. This was by far the tightest pussy he had ever fucked. He resisted the urge to grab her hips and force her down onto his hard rod. Instead, he started playing with her thick nipples. That made her hotter.

Lola felt a barrier inside of her pussy. She knew this was her hymen. She had heard that it might hurt when it broke but she wanted all of this magnificent dick in her. She raised up a bit and lowered herself hard down on Darby's dick. She felt a slight prick of pain and then, her pussy seemed to gush more fluid around Darby's dick.

Lola kept lowering herself until all of Darby's dick was buried in her. She looked down and saw that she was sitting on his pubic area. Darby looked and saw that she had pierced her own hymen. Her pussy had engulfed his dick. His dark skin highlighted her pale skin. He thrust up slightly into her pussy. That movement drew a sharp intake of breath from Lola. He made another slight thrust into Lola's pussy. Then, she started rocking slightly on his dick meeting his slight thrusts.

Her pussy was stuffed with Darby's dick. He flexed it and that made Lola moan. She leaned over far enough for him to hold her. He kept up his slight thrusts. Each thrust would rub Lola's clit. Each rub would elicit more moans from her. She raised up slightly and kissed Darby. A deep, soulful kiss. She thrust her tongue as far as it would go into Darby's mouth.

Darby was sucking on Lola's tongue. Then he forced her tongue back into her mouth and stuck his tongue down her throat. Lola sucked his tongue into her mouth. She put her arms around Darby's neck and held wxxxc one boy and twgirls tightly while kissing him. Suddenly, without any warning, Lola's pussy spasmed. It seemed to erupt around Darby's dick. She raised up and started sawing her clit against Darby's dick. Harder and harder she fucked Darby's dick.

Lola's cum was so intense, she couldn't move for a few seconds. She couldn't make any sounds, just holding her breath. Then the release of her cum made her scream.

She started bouncing up and down on Darby's dick. She grabbed Darby's hands and twined her fingers in his. Darby was holding Lola's hands so she could steady herself through her cum. Finally, Lola was able to catch her breath.

She looked down at Darby lying under her holding her hands. "Wow," was all she could say. "Wow." She leaned over on Darby, kissing him again. Darby was still slowly thrusting his dick into her pussy. "We aren't through, are we Darby?" asked Lola. "Nope." "Women usually get a whole bunch of cums to a man's one or two." "Really?" "Yes, really." "Darby, would you get on top of me please?" They managed to roll over without uncoupling.

Lola lay on her back with her legs around Darby's hips. Darby's dick was soaking in Lola's wet hot pussy. Cory chase and bailey brooke crazy way raised himself on his arms and started fucking Lola.

Darby lowered his head and sucked one of Lola's nipples. That sent Lola les tropiques de lamour casting barbarella asia olivier carre amp guy sheen another cum. Not as intense as the first but a good one anyway. Darby raised up again and started fucking his long thick dick in and out of Lola's pussy.

Lola's pussy started catching on fire again. Darby was grunting now. Sweat shone on his forehead as he fucked Lola. Lola started begging, "Make me cum Darby. Make me cum." Then she said, "Cum inside of me Darby." "Make your big black dick cum inside of me." "I'm going to cum Darby.

Cum with me." "Cum baby, cum." "Oh Darby, that dick of yours is so sweet." "Oh Darby, fuck me with your dick." "Fuck me Darby, fuck me!" At that, Darby's dick started cumming.

His dick was flexing as it shot its load of hot cum inside of Lola's pussy. When Lola felt the first splash of cum, her pussy started clenching. She could feel her pussy trying to draw Darby's dick deeper and deeper into her. The feeling was so intense, all she could do was groan. Darby's dick was still flexing in Lola's pussy. His dick was still shooting cum. It felt as though it wouldn't stop.

Jet after jet of cum exploded in Lola's hot young pussy. Darby was keening now, as though he were in pain. "Oohhh Lola." He kept crooning. "Oohh Lola." Darby's hot cum kept splashing against Lola's cervix.

Every bolt of Darby's cum against Lola's cervix sent her into a fresh cum. Lola's little pussy was being ravaged and she loved it. Her pussy was still sending juice all over.

Darby's dick was coated. The covers on the sofa were soaked with Lola's secretions. Darby wanted to collapse but he didn't think Lola's spare body would hold him if all of him fell on her.

He withdrew his cum covered dick and rolled off of Lola. He gathered her into his arms and kissed her tenderly. Tears were rolling from Lola's eyes. She hugged Darby very tightly. Her body shook slightly from the tingling in her pussy. She rolled over on top of Darby and lay on him. She looked into his eyes, a smile playing on her lips. "Darby, thank you. It was even better than I thought it would be." Just then, thunder rumbled off in the distance.

They could see sunlight through the windows. They both laughed. The storm had rolled on while they were making love.