Curvy sweetie plays with a toy girlfriend hardcore

Curvy sweetie plays with a toy girlfriend hardcore
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I was asked by someone what shaped my life indian hot sex video bangladeshi and malayalam made me wh0 I am today. It was really an off the wall question that I wasn't really prepared for, nor did I feel obligated to answer the question.

At first, I thought they were just trying to be a smartass and not feeling comfortable with the question so I didn't answer it. Once I got home that evening after work I kept thinking about it and it came to me, the one person in my life that really made a difference was a woman I'd met when I was 18 years old.

I'll never forget it, it was the summer of '68 and I was so happy to be out of high school and going to start college even if it was the local community college.

It was a much simpler time than it is now. No one had to worry about being politically incorrect, they didn't have to fear what the said would be used against them like today and people weren't as divisive and hateful as they are today. I remember that I was thrilled that my parents were allowing me to stay and housesit for them because they were going back east to spend the summer with my sick aunt.

My mother wanted to take care of her sister while my father struggled to try and be happy about it. I got my list of instructions from my parents before they left on their trip. I couldn't wait for them to leave because the gorgeous redhead that had moved in recently next door was someone I wanted to get to know better.

All I knew is that she about 5' 6" tall with curly red hair about to her shoulders, with pretty green eyes and a body that was amazing. She had nice full tits, with a great ass and long, shapely legs. I hadn't seen any guys coming around to visit which may mean she was single and not seeing anyone. Of course, she probably wouldn't want anything to do with an 18-year-old kid but maybe I would luck out.

I wouldn't know until I tried. The day they left they spent almost an hour going over instructions with me. I told them I understood everything they wanted and expected but they still went over them. Finally, they left and I couldn't have been happier.


It was going to be a hot day so I put on a pair busty milf gets fucked for your pleasure shorts and started to mow the lawn before it got too hot. As I was mowing the back, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. It was the women next door coming out of her house. She smiled at me and waved so I waved back. She looked incredibly sexy wearing a blouse tied at the bottom showing off her bare midriff and a pair of shorts that clung to her ass.

She motioned for me to come over to the fence. I didn't know what she wanted but the only way to find out was to go over and talk to her. I made my way over to the fence where she was waiting for me. I stopped and shut off the mower as she smiled saying, "Well, hello, I haven't been able to meet you yet. My name is Eve, what's your name?" "Jason, it's a pleasure to meet you, Eve?" "My, handsome and polite too, what a great combination. Well, Jason, I was wondering if you'd like a coke or something to drink.

You look so hot out mowing the lawn." "Yes, that would be great but don't go to any trouble for me." "It's no trouble Jason, hold on and I'll be right back. Come on over, you can take a break from mowing and we can talk." I couldn't believe my luck, this gorgeous woman was asking me to come over and sit and talk to her.

She went inside as I took a seat on the patio. She came back out and handed me an ice cold bottle of coke while she sat in a chair right across from me.

The only thought on moe hey ksexy free vedio mind was to not get caught staring at her cleavage. That was going to be difficult because not only was her bare midriff showing but her blouse was unbuttoned enough so that I could see her magnificent cleavage.

I tried not to get hard but that was impossible.

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She asked me the usual questions, like school, starting college in the fall and so on. She smiled when I told her I was housesitting for my parent who had gone back east.

Then she asked me if I had a girlfriend and I told her the truth, that I didn't have a girlfriend. She asked me why? I didn't quite know how to answer that so I told her the truth. I told her, "Well, I'm not a rich kid by any stretch of the imagination so I'm not driving to school like the rich kids are, behind the wheel of a new Mustang or a Camero.

The girls pay the most attention to those guys, then there are the jocks, and I'm not a jock. I don't play on the varsity football team or any team for that matter so I'm pretty much out of the social elite." "Wow, an honest answer, I like that Jason. You'll go far if you just keep it honest like that.

You'll find someone I'm sure. You're a handsome young man, it won't be long. I'm sure you've kissed a girl though, made out with them right?" That was sort of an odd question, why would she be interested in something like that? I told her, "Yes, I've kissed girls but I don't know if I'm gf punished by her boyfriend by letting his buddy fuck her girlfriend hardcore good at it.

As for the rest, I've done my share of making out with girls. To be honest I'm not that good around girls. I get tongue tied and I fall all over myself trying to talk to them. I guess it's a total lack of confidence. I hope it will get better someday.

If you don't mind my asking, why would you care about me and girls? I hope you don't think I'm gay or something?" "Oh, no, Jason, nothing like that. It's just my normal curiosity Hon, please don't think anything like that." "Sorry, I get teased sometimes by the jerks at school, that's why I asked. I hope I don't give off that vibe. I never understood why anyone would think that. That's why I'm so glad I'm going to college, I hopefully won't see those people anymore." "Jason, people say and do those things because they are bullies and basically they are assholes just so you know.

And no, you certainly don't give off that vibe. Besides, I see how you've been trying not to stare at my breasts. You are all man, so don't worry about it." "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare Eve, it's just that you are so beautiful I couldn't help it." "Why, what a nice thing to say. Now, let me tell you about me. I'm 33, divorced, I work full time for the county and this is the first house that I've owned on my own.

I'm pretty open-minded and I like having a good time. I'm picky as to who I have for friends but I like you and I'd like us to be friends. Now, do you have any questions for me?" "I know this seems stupid but I can't think of anything right now." "You're not stupid Jason, I like you. You know, I can chaturbate pregnant mandy and tawney you build your confidence with girls if you want me to that is.

Would you be interested?" "Sure, what do I have to do?" "I'll let you know. In the meantime, it's been great talking to you and meeting you. I'll let you get back to your yard work before it gets too hot.

I wish I had someone to now my yard. I'm going to have to look for a yardman to mow it for me." "Why, I can do it for you as soon as I finish mine." "But it's so hot Jason, I don't want you to work in this heat?" "I can handle it, I'll do your yard next." "Thank you, Jason, you are a sweetheart." I went back and finished mowing my lawn thinking I couldn't have been luckier meeting Eve and having her be so nice to me.

I still wondered what she was talking about when bbw anything and everything compilation tube porn offered to help me with girls though. I finished my yard and then went over and mowed Eve's yard. When I finished she came out and handed me another ice cold coke.

"Thank you so much, Jason. I want to pay you back for doing this. How about you come over tonight around 6. We can barbecue some burgers and talk some more. It's the least I can do for your being so sweet.

What do you say?" "Yes, I'd like that Eve, I'll see you at six." I put all the stuff away after finishing the yard and then I checked over the mile long list of instruction left for me by my parents.

I looked over the list my dad had left and I'd done pretty much all that he had on it. The other stuff could wait. Then I went and did a few things that needed to be done and I made a trip to the supermarket for myself for the week. I tried to keep myself occupied so I wouldn't have so long to wait until six.

I'm not good at waiting, that's one thing I hate doing. As the time was getting closer I went in and took a shower and then got ready for Eve. I put on a clean shirt and a clean pair of shorts. I wanted to look presentable but at the same time, I didn't want to overdo it. Finally, it was almost six. Not wanting to appear anxious I waited until it was almost six and went over and knocked on the back door.

Eve came to the door looking sexy as hell with another sexy blouse, this time a low cut peasant blouse and a pair of black shorts that hugged her fine ass. She invited me in saying, "Right on time, I like that. I hate it when people are late. I've just about got everything ready. Why don't you go out and started the coals and we can talk while they heat up." I went out and grabbed the charcoal and started them.

I took a seat by the barbecue and waited for Eve to come out. She came out and sat down across from me again. We started talking as she told me about her running around and doing some shopping and so on. She smiled at me saying, "This is boring as hell isn't it? So what do you want to talk about Jason, you think of any questions for me?" "No, I was busy doing chores like you, I didn't have any time to think of anything.

I kept myself busy because I hate waiting. If I had set around waiting for six to come I would have gone stark raving mad." She laughed saying I was funny and how she liked my honesty.

We talked some more and we found that we had the same taste in music as well as movies. We talked for a little more when the coals finally looked like they were ready. She brought out the hamburger patties and put them on the grill. She told me I was in charge of cooking them. I'd seen my dad do it plenty of times so I just did what I saw him do. Once they were close I got the buns ready smearing butter over them and then sticking them on the grill.

As I removed the hamburgers the buns turned out perfect. I put the hamburger on Eve's first handing it to her and then mine. She had some potato salad and the condiments all ready. We sat and ate and talked, having a good time. I liked her treating me as an equal, it made me feel like she was really interested in what I had to say whether she did or not, I felt like she did. Once we were finished, I helped her clean up and then we went inside the house and took a seat in the living room.

I sat across from her when she said, "So, I imagine you're wondering what I meant saying I'd help you get over your lack of confidence with women. Are you still interested, Jason?" "Of course, anything you could do to help me along those lines I'd really appreciate it." "Good, I think you know the value I place on people telling me the truth right?" "Yes, I remember you saying that.

I don't lie to people because I'm not any good at it. I tried it when I was younger but I learned quickly that in order to be a good liar you have to remember what you said to people. I finally got it that I wasn't good at remembering what I had said and to who.

Since I got busted too many times and made to look stupid, besides the consequences I stopped doing it." "Good for you, that shows you have more sense than most. The other thing I demand is loyalty. Do you know what loyalty is Jason?" "Sure, it's not throwing someone under the bus and giving them up.

It's standing up for and behind your friends. If you have secrets or certain knowledge about someone you keep your mouth shut. Most of all you have their back." "Very good, I take it you've experienced all of those things yourself?" "Yes, to this day there are people I will never trust biyanan iniyot ng manugang sex scandal anything important or that I don't want know." "Good, now I have a question for you Jason and remember what we've just talked about.

Now, I want to know Jason, so do you masturbate either for self-satisfaction or because someone wants to watch you?" "Wow, that's out of left field." "You don't have to answer if you're not comfortable with my question. We don't have to continue with any of this. I'm sure in time you will work it out with your awkwardness around girls." "No, I don't want to stop, it's just that I am surprised at your question.

The answer is yes. I think it's pretty obvious that guys my age masturbate for self-satisfaction and because they're horny and it feels so good. As for doing it for anyone,'ve never done that. I would be open to it if it were the right person, like los ricos tambieacuten follan erotic festival and nora barcelona woman for one thing and someone that I trusted not to blab it all over town." "Another excellent answer Jason.

You know how I knew you masturbated?" "No, how." "Follow me and I'll show you." Now I was curious, what was she going to show me. We walked into a bedroom, her bedroom I assumed from looking around. Then we stopped in front of a window. She pulled up the shade and there in front of me was my bedroom.

She had a perfect view of my bedroom. I could see my bed and everything. She turned to me with a sly grin on her face, "Anything look familiar to you Jason?" "Oh ya, that's my bedroom. I'm sorry, I had no idea you can see right into my bedroom. I know I don't close my window or draw the shade at night. You must have seen me numerous times since you moved in. I'm so sorry about that, I'll keep the shade pulled from now on." "You do and I'll beat you ass myself, Jason. I love watching you masturbate at night.

You have a wonderful cock, nice and big and I love the way you take your time. I also like it when you stick your finger in your asshole and work it around, that really turns me on.

Do you have any idea what I'm doing while I'm watching you masturbate Jason?" "Um, masturbating along with me?" "Exactly, that is exactly what I am doing Jason, which is why I don't want you to stop.


I have as much fun masturbating right along with you as you do. Now that you know someone is watching, does that turn you on?" "You know it does, especially when it's someone as gorgeous as fantastic looker in stockings gets screwed hard creampie brunette. I would never think you would have to resort to masturbation, as beautiful as you are. You can have any man you want, I just never thought of you doing anything like that." "That's true, I could have any man I want, right now, today, but I don't want just any man.

Right now, there isn't one around that appeals to me, at least until I met you. You are honest and I feel you are loyal which is why I trust you and why I'm going to help you.

Play your cards right, Jason, be honest, loyal and you are going to be the man in my life for the time being." "I.I don't know what to say, Eve?" "Just say you will be all those things and you won't ever have to worry about being awkward around girls, betray me though and I will make you sorry you were ever born. It's up to you Jason, are you up for it?" "I think you know the answer to that question before you ever asked it.

Besides, I wouldn't be in here if you didn't trust me." "Damn I like you. Alright, let's go back into the front room." I took my seat in the easy chair across from Eve. She looked at me and said, "You are going to do everything I tell you to do no matter what I say or tell you to do, alright?" "Yes, I will do whatever you want because I trust you wouldn't have me do anything that would hurt me." "Good, now I want you to take off your shorts and show me your cock." I slipped my shorts off and sat back down, my cock and balls in full view as Eve smiled and told me, "Now, I want you to start playing with your cock and get it nice and hard for me.

Once it's hard I want you to start stroking it for me but don't cum too soon." My cock was hard the minute I touched it. I began stroking my cock as Eve looked on. She smiled at me and winked as I continued making sure not to get too zealous and cum too soon. She told me I was doing a great job. Then she told me to drape my legs over the arm of the chair which I did. From the look in Eve's eyes, she was becoming aroused just watching me as I continued stroking my cock.

Her eyes were fixed on my every move as I continued masturbating for her. I decided to move my hand down around my ass, moving it over toward my ass cheeks and then sliding my middle finger between my ass cheeks. I asked her, "Is this what you want Eve?" "Yes, that's perfect Jason, I love watching you masturbate." "Alright, although a little incentive might be nice." "Incentive, what did you have in mind Jason?" "Well it's totally up to you of course but I would love to see your breasts, anything you would want to show me if anything." "I see, I like that you're not demanding but asking politely.

Let me think about it, who knows, one of these times, I might just join you. For now, though, I think this is just fine. Just so you know, we're not going to do everything all at once. You have to show me you deserve some perks. I'll do more for you when you ready, now keep going." Oh, well, at least I tried. I'm happy to jerk off while Eve watches, after all, it's not every day that I get to jack off while a hot woman like Eve watch's me.

While I continued Eve did something I hadn't expected but had asked for. She took off her top showing me her bare breasts. They were perfect, at least to me they were. Her aureoles are large and her nipples were rock hard as she ran her fingers over them. They seemed to get harder as she teased them as she looked at my reaction. I have her amateur american sweetie sucks tinycam org tube porn big smile and she took her nipples in her fingertips and started tweaking them as I watched.

She paused asking me, "Have you ever tasted your own cum Jason, even if it was out of curiosity?' "Sure, I did once for that very reason, I was curious." "Good, that's all I wanted to know. Oh, did it bother you, did it make itrsquos been a while since wersquove seen such a perfect pussy like the one gina russel has with th wretch or anything like that?" "Not at all, why do you ask?" "Because I want you to cum on my breasts and then I want you to lick it off when you're finished.

Would you do that for me, Jason." "Of course I will, do you want me to come closer to you?" "Yes, of course, you can't hit my breasts from over there. That would take a pretty powerful jet of cum. I think it would be easier if you come stand next to me so you can aim right at my breasts." I got up and stood right in front of Eve, stroking my cock a little faster in anticipation of my licking my cum from her gorgeous tits.

As I jacked off I looked into Eve's eyes, she seemed as excited as I was. The way she was staring at my cock gave me the impression that she had more than what I was doing now planned. Suddenly I felt my balls started to tighten and then that familiar burning sensation. Eve could sense I was about to cum saying, "Cum on my tits Jason, cover them with your hot cum." At that point, I started cumming.

The cum spurting from my cock, a large dollop of cum landing on her left breast, the cum making its way down onto her nipple.

Then the second large dollop of cum splattered down onto her right breast. Like the first one, the cum oozed down onto her nipple as Eve gasped and told me to keep cumming. "That's it, Jason, cover my tits with your cum, oh yes, that looks so good, keep cumming Jason." I squirted some more onto her breasts, then I put my knees on either side of her, squeezing my cock brunette lady masturbate and orgasm top show camdotnet to get the last few drops down onto her breasts.

When I finished and squeezed out the last drops I knelt down and began licking my cum from her breasts. I licked from her aureola, along her breast, licking up the cum as she cooed softly. Then I did her other breast, cleaning it up. Then I licked the cum that was still on her nipple.

I liked the first one, clearing it of any cum. Then to make sure it was all gone, I took her nipple between my lips and sucked it, alternating between that and sucking it. Eve cooed and moaned as she ran her fingers through my hair. Then I moved to her other nipple, doing the same thing, alternating between flicking it with my tongue and sucking it as her moans turned to squeals.

I continued sucking her nipples, first one then the other, my excuse being if she said anything that I wanted to make sure I'd gotten everything. Judging from the sounds coming out of her, she was having no problem at all with my sucking her nipples.

Getting a little braver I placed my hands on her breasts, softly caressing them as I sucked her nipples. She made no protest at all, as I continued, gently squeezing them and caressing them.

I felt her body start to shudder and I knew she was cumming, just from my caresses and my sucking her nipples. I took another chance, lifting my head and then I started rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers making sure to be gentle.

She took a deep breath, arching her back as she shoved her hand down the front of her shorts. I watched as her fingers moved under her shorts. I knew she was fingering her pussy but I didn't want to take a chance to do more. Having her nipples in my fingers while I watched her fingering her pussy was enough for me at this point.

I continued pleasuring her nipples when Eve suddenly arched her back and started cumming one more time. When she finished she pulled her fingers from inside her shorts.

They were covered with her juices, glistening in the room light. She looked up at me, a contented smile on her face. Then she held up her fingers as if she were offering them to me. I took her wrist and brought her fingers to my lips. I could smell her aroma on them as I placed them to my lips.

I started licking her fingers, sucking her juice from her fingers. Not only did I love the scent of her arousal, but I also loved the taste of her cum. I couldn't seem to get enough of it as I sucked her fingers. I finally removed her fingers from my mouth looking at the smile on her face.

After a few seconds Eve said, "You know Jason, you are an amazing young man. Not only did you do as I asked and then some, but you also showed me you aren't afraid to take some initiative and explore the limits. I loved the way you licked your cum from my breasts and then took a chance sucking my nipples.

That was very pleasurable by the way, you have a very good technique." "Thank you, Eve, that means a lot coming from you." "What I really enjoyed the way you caressed my breasts and teased my nipples too. Again you have a very good touch, but the best part was the way you brought my hand up to your face and sucked my pussy juice from them.

I thought you said you had trouble with women, that you were shy, bashful, didn't have confidence? I didn't see that guy today." "It's you, it has to be.

I just feel so comfortable with you. I know you're not judging me, that you're only trying to help me and I appreciate it." "Thank you, Jason, you are exactly right. As much as I hate to bring this to a conclusion I have an early day tomorrow. We'll do this again very soon, then we'll try something else. Don't forget to masturbate for me when you go to bed. Not tonight, however, but every night until we meet again. See you soon, I'll call you." "Thank you so much Eve for everything we did today.

I'll look forward to hearing from you soon." A few days later Eve called me telling me we were going out for the evening. Needless to say, I wondered what she had in mind. When she told me she wanted me to take her to a drive-in movie that was the furthest thing I had in my mind.

I must have sounded unsure when I told her that I would. She paused saying, "What's the matter Jason, don't you want to be seen with me?" "No, that's not it at all, I don't mind being seen with you. I just wasn't expecting a drive-in movie." "Well, think about it. Where else are you going to learn how to make out with a girl, let alone get to first base but at a drive-in?

A lot goes on there right? You cop your first feel of her breasts, and if you get real lucky you might even get to slide your hand up her skirt and feel her pussy.

Anything wrong with that Jason?" "Not at all, any particular movie?" "Jason, are you really planning on watching the damn movie?" "Uh, never mind, momentary insanity." "Yes, I think so. Now come over at 7 and we'll leave then. See you soon." At 7 I went over and knocked on Eve's door. She looked great with her low cut top and skirt. I asked if we were going in her car and she smiled asking me if there was anything wrong with mine.

I told her no, that it was just old. I told her I had a '59 Plymouth and she laughed, "That's perfect Jason, nice big back seats, right?" I smiled as we went and got in my car and headed to the drive-in. We took our time, making a couple of stops for snacks and stuff.

We got there right around dusk. We parked in the back never bothering to put the speaker in the window. As soon as it was dark the movie started. Then Eve told me to pretend I was her date and to do what I would normally do with a girl at the drive-in. I had to admit I was nervous as hell. Still, I sucked it up and started kissing Eve, trying not to be too anxious or pushy. As we kissed and made out she gave me some pointers mainly about kisses and so on.

When I sensed she was getting into making out, I big ass brazilian maid undressed and fucked my move, sliding my hand into her blouse. She didn't resist at all, she really seemed to enjoy it. Soon our car windows were fogged up so no one could see inside the car. I had my hand caressing her breasts and nipples while she started squeezing my cock through my shorts.

I had to admit, this was a great idea, not to mention I was getting valuable experience, but for me, the best part was being out with a hot, 35-year-old woman and making out with her. I felt her pull my zipper down and free my rigid cock. She was soon stroking it as I eased my hand up her skirt. I started caressing black man bangs white beauty interracial hardcore thighs, feeling how soft they were.

I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs and I was soon moving my fingers over her panties. She was definitely getting aroused, kissing me and stroking my cock and moaning at the same time.

I slipped my finger past her leg opening and found her pussy soaking wet. I was careful so as not to get my fingers tangled in her bush as I worked my way around, finding her wet lips and moving my finger over them. She gasped and squealed as she squeezed my cock.

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I teased her pussy, eventually sliding a finger into her hot pussy. That was soon followed by a second finger as I began working them deep inside her. Eve spread her legs giving even better access. Soon we were totally involved in making out, me fingering her pussy while she stroked my cock. Suddenly her pussy clamped down on my fingers and she was cumming.

She put her face in my shoulder and screamed into my chest. Once she was finished cumming she raised her head taking my fingers from deep inside her.

She took my hand and put my fingers into her mouth, licking her cum from my fingers. Then she leaned over, my cock still in her hand and started swirling her tongue over the head of my cock. I couldn't believe it, I was getting a blow job in my car. Eve pulled my shorts down, freeing my balls as she licked my cock.

The next thing I felt was her tongue on my balls, licking them and then sucking them into her mouth one at a time. Then she took my cock down her throat, deepthroating me right there in my car. I watched as her head bobbed up and down as she deep throated me. She took me to the edge but stopped short of letting me cum. She raised her head saying, "Put the speaker back and then let's go home." "Sure, is everything alright Eve?" "It couldn't be better Sweetie.

We are going to fast forward and go home for some real action. Now get moving, please." I drove home as fast as I could, following Eve into her house. We were out of our clothes and in her bed as fast as we could. She told me that it was time for me to learn how to pleasure a woman orally. She told me to take it one step at a time as we started kissing. I knew what she meant as we kissed passionately. I took my time before kissing my way down her neck to her breasts were I began caressing them before taking her nipples into my mouth.

It was incredible making out with Eve. She was an amazing lover and she had an incredible body. I licked and sucked her nipples, listening to her response as I did. I slowly kissed my way down her stomach as I slid my hand into her thick, lush bush. Her pussy was so wet, so hot it was easy to slide my fingers into her depths. As I made my way down, I felt her soft bush brush against my cheek.

It felt like velvet as I paused to wallow in her bush before moving down to taste her pussy for the first time. Actually, it was going to be the first time I'd tasted any woman's pussy. I paused to look at her pussy lips.

They were large and swollen from arousal and they seemed to open up as if they were inviting me inside. I began licking her wet lips listening for her response.

I loved the aroma, the taste and the feel of my tongue on her flesh. Her juices ran down onto my tongue, as I licked them up, working my tongue up and down her creamy slit.

She was squirming and writhing on the bed, telling me how good I was doing. She told me to find her opening with my tongue and start tongue fucking her. I took me a minute but I found it and I did as she said. That really got her going as I worked my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. Over and over I tongue fucked her until my tongue hurt. I then moved up and took her clit into my mouth, sliding my fingers into her pussy and working them deep inside.

I sucked her clit and fingered her pussy until she squealed and started cumming. As her orgasm started to lessen she pushed me onto my back and then lowered herself onto my cock. I watched as my cock disappeared into her tight pussy. Eve started humping my cock, her tight pussy gripping it like a vice. She started sunny leone boobs pressing storys by man her breasts and tugging at her nipples as she rode my cock. After a bit, we changed to another position, this time me on top of her.

We fucked like animals, me driving my cock as hard as I could into her tight pussy. I pummeled her pussy in several positions ending up with her on top, he back to me so I could squeeze her tits and tug at her nipples.

I thrust my cock upwards, driving it in with my hips as we fucked. Over and over I thrust my hips upward as Eve squealed out that she was cumming yet again. She started cumming and as a result, I exploded deep inside her hot pussy. That night I became a man for sure as we lay there in a puddle of sweat, kissing and caressing one another.

Over the rest of the summer Eve and I fucked almost every day with me learning something new each day. I refined my technique it seems every time with praises from Eve each time. I'll never forget her for as long as I live.

When my parents returned home, that put a damper on things and then Eve got a promotion at work and moved to a new city. Still, I owe her a lot and I won't forget her.