Big bobs sleeping sister xxx

Big bobs sleeping sister xxx
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Fbailey story number 469 Would You Fuck A 14yo My wife and I had been married a long time. We celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary and our retirements this summer. My wife retired at sixty-two while I retired at sixty-five. Our two daughters were happily married and we had four granddaughters, two by each daughter. We were lying in bed together that first day off. It was new to us, that we didn't have to get up and get ready for work.

I reached over and gave one of her breasts a little squeeze and then I lowered it to her pussy. She in turn grabbed my cock. As we stroked one another her pussy got wet and I got hard. We didn't need words after all those years, so I just rolled over placing one knee between hers, she spread her legs, letting me get the other knee in there too, and then she reached down placing it in the right position for great looking legal age teenager often gets super lustful during the day to push it in.

We didn't need much foreplay, we knew what we wanted, or at least she knew what I wanted and was willing to give it to me. After I cum and rolled to her side to cuddle, she asked, "Would you fuck a fourteen-year-old?" I smiled and said, "Sure." My wife repeated her question, "Would you fuck a fourteen-year-old?" She was serious.

I said, "Probably but she would have to be cute, willing, and I would have to be able to get away with it. I'm not going to jail at my age." My wife said, "She is cute, she is willing, and I can assure you that you will get away with it. Do you still want to fuck a fourteen-year-old?" I asked, "Who?" My wife smiled and said, "Amber?" I tried my best to remember who Amber was.

Then my wife said, "Oh, you don't know her." So I asked, "Who is she?" My wife smiled and said, "I can have her here this afternoon if you want to fuck her." I asked, "What's the catch?" My wife said, "I get her first." I could not believe my ears. We had talked about my wife and I in a threesome with another woman but had never acted on it.

My wife had been interested for years. Apparently she wanted a much young woman, a fourteen-year-old woman. She was just testing the waters to see what I would say. So I asked, "Apparently you have decided to try a threesome with me and you want the third person to be a fourteen-year-old girl. Is that correct?" My wife replied, "Well, yes. Does that bother you? I have been looking at a lot of women. I looked at ones my age and the age of our daughters but the ones that really excited me were the ages of our granddaughters.

I thought about one of them but then I realized that you would want to fuck them big dick rams tight cunts of bff group sex hardcore I changed my mind. However, Jill's daughter Stephanie is perfect." I had to admit that our granddaughter Stephanie was indeed perfect but instead I asked, "So tell me about this Amber." My wife said, "Well Amber is my hairdresser's daughter.

She is very sexy and I really want to eat her pussy, so if you are willing to fuck a fourteen-year-old, we can have us a threesome." I said, "Tell me more." My wife said, "Okay. She has been flirting with me. Her mother has her beauty shop in her home and I wait in the living room and wait until it's my turn.

Amber likes to show me her underwear. She lifts her tops and asks me if her bra looks pretty and if her breasts are growing enough to get into the next size. She lifts her skirts to show me her panties and then pulls them down to ask me if she needs to shave the edges. The last two times I have gotten to my appointments extra early so that I could spend more time with Amber.

Last month she asked me to shave her pussy leaving a landing strip for her to play with. My hands were trembling when I pulled on her lips to shave them. When I was done I leaned in to kiss her clit like you do.

That was when Amber said that she could come to my house to do more if I wanted her too." I had to ask, "And what did you say?" My wife said, "She will be here in a few minutes." I asked, "Really? When were you going to tell me?" She smiled and said, "I just did and you are hard enough to fuck both of us silly.

Remember that I get her first." The doorbell rang and my wife just walked out of our bedroom naked telling me not to get up. A couple of minutes later she came back in with Amber and made the introductions. Amber smiled and said, "So it's going to be a threesome." My wife smiled and said, "I guess so but I get you first." Amber asked, "So will he fuck us together at the same times switching holes?" I asked, "Amber which holes would you like me to switch?" She laughed and said, "Her pussy to my pussy, you pervert.

You can't switch from my pussy to my asshole until I know you a lot better. Then after that I might let you switch from my asshole to my mouth. I bet that'll turn you on." I had to ask, "So how many guys have fucked you?" She asked, "Including you?" I replied, "Yes, including me." Amber smiled and said, "One." She was a virgin.

I asked, "How many girls have been with?" Amber replied, "Your wife will be my first." I asked, "Are you really sure that you want to do this?" Amber replied, "You bet your ass I do. I can lose my virginity to a man and a woman in a threesome. How great is that?" I said, "Pretty great I guess. You will be our first threesome and my wife's first girl." Amber looked at my wife and said, "Your first.


When you kissed my clit I thought that you had some experience." My wife replied, "Well, whenever my husband shaves my pussy he kisses my clit so I thought it was the proper thing to do. As far as being with another girl, it has always been a fantasy of mine, but I do know what pleases me. After all I've spent forty years training my husband." Amber laughed and said, "Then maybe he should go first." My wife said, "No.

I go first, I get a fresh pussy, and then he can fuck you after I've had my fill of you. Now get undressed young lady." As Amber undressed she said, "I don't know how fresh it is, I took a shower last night." My wife said, "So did I." I almost told Amber that I had fucked my wife after her shower and that we just fell asleep afterwards unwashed, but I didn't.

I figured that my wife would tell her if she wanted her to know. As Amber lowered her panties I saw my wife's handy work. Amber's landing strip looked perfect, just like my wife's landing strip.

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I wondered why she had asked me to shave one on her last night just before I fucked her and fell asleep. Anyway I moved over in the bed and gave my wife room to place nude Amber next to me. Then she put her head between Amber's legs and started in without any ceremony at all. Amber turned to me moms deepest fantasy is having sex outdoors kissed me on my lips before putting my hand on her breast.

I took the hint and half rolled over on her. It was a threesome so I might as well help out at my end. We kissed quite passionately for a while until I wanted a taste of her titties.

They were pretty good size for a girl her age. Between what I was doing to her and what my wife was doing to her Amber had three orgasms. My wife came up for air and said, "Girl you have the best tasting pussy that I have ever had." Amber smiled and said, "In a few minutes I can say that very same thing.

No matter how bad it tastes." Then both girls laughed out loud. Amber and my wife traded positions and then Amber put her head between my wife's legs. Not long afterwards Amber came up for air and asked, "Is this all you down here?

My pussy never tasted that bad before." My wife laughed and said, "Actually most of that is his cum from last night. It might be a little ripe but get right back in there. I'm going to eat you out after he fucks you and every time that he fucks you." Then she pushed Amber's head back into her pussy and started to coo. I kissed her and started sucking on her breasts when she said, "Stop that.

I want to enjoy what she is doing to me." Then as I watched, my wife said, "Oh yes. That's it. Right there. Oh my God. That did it.

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Now do it again." Amber had to give my wife three orgasm like she had received before she could stop. The girls changed positions again, my wife checked to make sure that Amber was ready for me, and then helped me get my cock into her.

Amber's love hole was tight but I slipped in easily enough. She had no hymen to get in the way or to cause her pain. I was very excited from watching the girls eat each other, so I shot my load a little early.


Amber had no idea of how long sex was supposed to last and thanked me. My wife practically pushed me out of the way to get between her legs and start licking. I got behind my wife and fingered her pussy until I gave her an orgasm, which caused her to give Amber one. By then I was hard again and took my wife's place between Amber's legs. Now that time I last a good eight minutes before I cum in her. Again my wife was anxious to get right back in there. I needed a rest and the girls needed a shower so after that round I headed them into our bathroom.

We had lunch because we had missed breakfast. We played in bed two more times that afternoon, well at least I did. My wife and Amber played around a couple extra times without me. They agreed that sixty-nine was nice but that it was even nicer to just lay there and enjoy what the other was doing to her.

For the rest of that summer Amber came to our house as often as she could, which was almost every day and all day long. I busty blonde doing the dishes girlfriend bathroom not remember the last time that I had enjoyed that much sex.

I did go from Amber's pussy to my wife's pussy, from Amber's pussy to her mouth, and from her asshole to her mouth too. Because of Amber I got to put my cock in my wife's asshole for the first time too.


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