Mom india summer teaches her daughter kate england and her boyfriend how to have sex

Mom india summer teaches her daughter kate england and her boyfriend how to have sex
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Madison's Awakening Part 2, January, Saturday 28th-Sunday 29th, 2017 Note: This is second part of the story of my roommate coming out to me as bisexual, how our relationship has developed, and how she became a part of our friends with benefits group.

This Friday night started out with my best friends and me getting ready to go out and have fun. Some of us made other plans but it was made clear tonight was all about Robin and Charlotte getting Maddi to be more open with her bisexuality while I went off to have fun with a couple I have been going out with recently. This story picks up after I left the girls at the bar and went to my friends place.

Part2: As we arrived and Pete and Amy's house, I went through my weekly routine letting the others know exactly where I landed. I also decided to share my location with Maddi too.

After a minute or so, I got the alert that she was sharing hers with me. We went inside to enjoy each other's company for the night. I arrived home early in the morning, so early it was still dark out. I made my way in through a side blondie blair williams gets her anus stretched to the Dorm so as not to catch hell from the R.A.

for being out so late. I walked into my room to find two, beautiful naked women asleep in separate beds. Maddi was on her bed and Robin was on mine. I dropped my stuff and stripped out of my clothes.

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Robin was sprawled all across my bed. Maddi was curled in a ball leaving enough room for me on her small, twin bed. I stepped up on her bed to settle in behind her and slipped one arm under her neck and the other; I lay on her side and let my hand rest on her firm belly.

I noticed her wake slightly and smiled as she pulled my arm tighter, against her side. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a few minutes later, we were sound asleep. Somehow, through our sleep, I managed to roll over to face the wall and Maddi was pulled in behind me tightly as big spoon.

She had pulled the covers up over us to keep the winter chill away. I moved slightly to keep from waking her when she raised her hand up and whispered, asking if I was awake. I rolled my head over and smiled before kissing her lightly on the lips and just said "Yes, how are you feeling this morning?" She told me that after I left, Robin and Charlotte brought her back her and they had a wild night of their own.

I asked what happened and she just told me they were her memories and that she might share someday and have me write about them, but for now, she wanted to keep them to herself. She told me Charlotte decided to head back to her and Robins room because he left her medication and had to go take it, and that left Robin and Maddi alone. She said they fooled around for a little while longer and took a shower together before Robin got out, and toweled off.

Maddi said when she stepped back into our room, Robin was passed out in my bed. I laughed and told her that I saw her. Just then, Robin pounced on both of us asking "You two bitches talking about me?" and began laughing.

She told us to get dressed and that she said she had texted Charlotte to see if she wanted to meet up for breakfast. I took some ibuprofen for my slight hangover and left for IHOP. We enjoyed our breakfast and talked about my nights events, but they were less forthcoming about their own night.

Robin did get Maddi to say she was very comfortable with display sof affection for her newfound girlfriends, including me as she leaned over to give me a deep kiss while the waitress was at our table. We finished and paid our bill and head back to campus. Charlotte and Robin went back to their dorm and Maddi and I to ours. We spent the day holed up in the room, talking about everything and I spent the day talking to people on my favorite forum.

About mid-afternoon I received a text from Charlotte asking if I wanted to go to a bar downtown we go to from time to time to get away from the college guys. I told Maddi I was going out with Charlotte later and asked if she wanted to join us. She explained she would be going to her sisters for a small party for her brother-in-law to celebrate a promotion he'd just received. The place is a little more upscale than the place we usually hang out at, mostly frequented by older gentlemen. Charlotte and I both found guys to spend time with that night and both left separately.

A spent the night with an older man named Michael and left around 4 am to head back to my dorm. I walked in to find Maddi still awake, watching Netflix. Maddi asked for details and I simply said: "I have to pee, come in here." With that, I dropped my underwear and sat down while telling her of my night and undressing. I told her I was going to hop in the shower and that she should join me. She told me she wanted to finish the episode of the show she was watching and I told her I finish gorgeous pretty babe gives hot orall service her of my night in a few minutes then.

I stepped out of the shower, dried off and put on my thick terry cloth robe and stepped to the mirror to put my hair up in a towel. I stepped out of the bathroom to give Maddi the rest of the details of my night.

As I was towel drying my hair, I told Maddi how the guy tried to pay me and how upset I was. I liked the guy and had planned on trying to see him again until he pulled that crap. It made me feel ashamed and cheap. She came over to hug me and tried to apologize for him and I told her it was not her mistake to apologize for. I let go of her to step back and drop my robe to get in bed and she asked if I would like some company. I told her I'd love it and she dropped her running shorts and underwear, kicking them away as she pulled her cut off Tee over her had to show me her beautiful nude body and climbing into bed with me.

As much as I wanted to explore her body completely, to lick and kiss every inch of her, I was too tired and simply pulled her close and became "big spoon" for the night. We were both asleep within minutes. I woke up the next morning with her gone and maybe a little upset that amazing teen sweetheart experiences old cock oldvsyoung hardcore had left without telling me but everything was made better when I grabbed my phone to see a text from her telling me she just went out to grab us some breakfast.

Within two minutes of reading the message, she walked in with food. Cherry Cheese Danish, Milk, Cereal, and some Pop-Tarts in one bag, and in the other was Styrofoam box with pancakes, syrup, sausage links, and the food of the gods, Bacon! She asked my plans for the day and I told her I planned on staying in all day and working on some schoolwork, messing around online and just hanging out with her in the room.

She agreed and said she had homework too. I mentioned I would go for a run later and she should join me and she agreed. The day was uneventful and I spent most of my day talking to people on the forums back and forth and another guy I knew in a messenger program on my phone. Later that night, I mentioned Maddi and some things she was doing and how I was getting turned on. He encouraged me to initiate something with her and I did. Our conversation was cut short as Maddi and I began exploring each other fully with our hands.

I had been wearing my little Yoga/booty shorts and a sports bra, removing both as I walked toward her. She sat there with a look of pure anticipation on her face like someone was about to hand her a puppy. As I reached her bed, I pulled the red saree bath tyalat in sex from her legs and ran my upturned hand from her feet and up her leg as I sat on the edge of her bed.

I am not into feet as a fetish at all, but I lifted her leg and brought her beautiful foot to my face as I kissed the top and moved up to her ankle planting small kisses along the way.

I positioned myself on my knees and continued kissing my way to her thigh dropping to the side to kiss her inner thigh and jumping to her other leg for some attention. I ran my hands pornstar gianna nicole fucked in the office both legs as I kissed further up and got to her shorts. My hand slid up her legs, past her shorts and up to her stomach before sliding back down to grab her waistband. As I pulled down she raised her butt to allow me to slip them off easily.

She pulled her knees to her chest so I could completely remove them. I was pleased to see she had no underwear.


I told her "I'm glad to see you still have "my" heart on your mound." She laughed and said "Are you kidding? It's the most intimate thing anyone has ever given me." I laughed and lowered my head to kiss her thighs again. I stuck my tongue out to run it up the remaining six inches the slip it between her folds and taste her sweet juices which had already started flowing.

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I mentioned "You're already wet. Is that for me?" and she told me "I've been wet all day long just thinking about you and the fun we might have." I continued licking her wet little pussy while sliding my hands up her stomach to her gorgeous breasts.

I raised my face to plant a kiss right on the heart I have shaved into her bland triangular patch a few days earlier. And kissed my way up her belly and further up between her boobs. She looked at me, "I'm sorry my tits are small." I laughed and told her "I can only fit so much in hands or my mouth, you have no reason to apologize." And she giggled as I drew her nipple into my mouth and sucked so deeply, so much that I wanted more of her.

I couldn't explain it I just wanted her inside of me. I wanted to merge with her. I wanted the two of us to become one person.

I fu10 night crawling 49 urerotic with her boobs for another minute or two before moving up to kiss her neck and gently suck and nibble on her earlobe. As I released her earlobe, I felt her hands on my sides as she turned her face toward mine and gave me a kiss so deep and passionate; I could remember no kiss like it before. I've never been kissed like that before and never with so much feeling.

Her hands slid to my waist and then up and over my back as she pulled me closer and continued her kiss. With one knee positioned to her side, I lowered myself onto her while we made out.

I could feel my aching pussy rub her hip bone as I put slightly more weight on her. I felt her hands moving down my back and over my ass. With a squeeze, she pulled my cheeks apart where I could feel the cool air hit all my moist spots.


I rocked my hips downward to rub my hood and clit over her hipbone for some stimulation. I felt her lips curl into a smile as we continued kissing and pulled back and looked at her. She smiled "You're eager." I just smiled and nodded. She rolled me to her side and ran her hand down my chest and belly before slipping her finger between my lips and pulling them back and forth. She then let one finger slip down to my entrance as I tried to force my pussy down onto her hand.

She felt this and happily pushed into my opening and pulled out, slipping in a second finger again and slowly sliding them in and out of my wet little pussy. I began undulating my hips while lying on my side and playing with her nipples. I wanted more of her in me, but she withdrew her fingers and pulled them to her mouth. She shoved her fingers into her mouth and sucked my juices from them and told me "You taste so good; I may have to go straight to the source." She climbed up on her knees and began kissing my tits and chest as she made her way further down my stomach.

I reached over and rubbed her mound and pushed my hand further back to run my fingers up and down her slit. Reaching from under her, I ran my hand further up and toward her ass to feel her little asshole pulse slightly when I touched it. I circled it with my well lubed middle finger before sliding in a very small amount and hooked my finger downward to give a gentle tug to let her know I had her.

She kissed further down and was kissing my mound and mentioning how smooth I was as she slid her tongue through my slit. Still to my side and licking my juices from their source, I pulled her legs over and told her to raise her leg as a smacked her inner thigh.

She raised her leg as I slid underneath and placed my hand on her hip to position her better. Once in place, I bunched a pillow under my head to bring me closer.

I stuck my tongue out and lightly licked her clit before opening my mouth to place it over the upper part of her slit and suck on her pussy. I felt the tip of my nose getting wet as it slipped between her lips and she smelled so wonderful. I didn't care, I wanted her juices all over me, I wanted her cum all over my face.

I had to have her. I continued licking her and as I sped up, I felt her speed up and get more forceful with her own licks. It almost became a game of who could lick harder. Mom xxx milf cant get his cock kept this up for another minute before I felt my legs begin to stiffen and shake.

I licked and sucked on her pussy harder as I started to feel her lips begin to twitch and pulse in my mouth. I heard her say she was going to cum and that was all it took before I began to twitch and shake and I had the most intense orgasm of quite some time. This seemed to push her over the edge completely as she buried her tongue into my hole and began tongue-fucking my still pulsing pussy. I could feel her sucking and almost slurping. Her juices had run down the sides of my nose and onto my cheeks, I wanted more as I pushed my face as deeply as I could into her, nibbling and sucking on her lips, pulling them as far into my mouth as I could.

She raised up from me and told me that I came so much. She said without thinking, she tried to "drink" all my juices but could not keep up. She said it looked like watered down semen and just kept "oozing" out of me. She lifted her leg back over so I could sit up. As I slid back a little and looked down, I felt so bad. I had soaked her bed with a huge wet spot, probably now eight to twelve inches in diameter. I apologized and she told me not to. She just kind of laughed and told me "I guess I have to sleep with you tonight." I agreed and insisted since I messed her bed up a little.

I told her she was welcome anytime anyway and to just climb right in. She mentioned getting a shower before bed and I agreed. We stepped into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and I pulled my hair up into a bun. She looked at me as I turned my head toward her and grabbed the sides of my face to pull me in for a kiss tasting her juice on my lips and cheeks.

She pulled back and just said "Mmmmm, is that me?" and I nodded. She planted her lips on my cheeks in a kissing fashion while gently sucking in. She then kissed me with her juice covered lips. I kissed her and licked her lips as she pulled away. She gave me slow, sensual licks across my cheek to clean it and gave me another kiss to share her sweet flavor. She released me and stepped toward the glass door of the shower to reach in and turn the water on and adjust the temperature.

I stepped into our bedroom to grab a toy, a toy I had wanted to use on her since the first time she watched me use it on myself back around Thanksgiving. She had borrowed it several times since the first time she saw it, but I wanted to use it on her and to control it. Her eyes lit up as I entered the bathroom with my trusty 10-inch crystal jelly in hand and ready to use it.

I tossed it to her as I stepped into the shower; she dropped it on the bench as she stepped into the water streaming from the showerhead. She soaped up and rinsed our water dong attachment we use for anal cleansing before a night of butt fun and let it hang. She continued to soap up her body as I sat on the built-in tiled bench. I watched her as she began to play with herself and I began to slip my toy into me. She took this as an invitation and kneeled in front of me and took control, leaning in to suck my nipple into her mouth as I leaned my head back against the wall.

I wrapped my legs around her lower back and pulled her closer. She looked up as I looked down at her and our lips met. We began kissing and biting each other's lips lightly and sucking on them. She ran her tongue across my upper teeth and I caught it before she withdrew it completely from me.

I wrapped my arms around her neck and held her tightly and told her that I loved her. I do, maybe not in an "In love" kind of love, but as a very, very close friend. She shook her head and told me she loved me too.

She continued pumping the dildo in and dirtystepdaughter lets fuck while mom is gone of me and I was going crazy. She had one hand on the dildo and one hand squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples, periodically dipping down to kiss or suck on them. I was quickly approaching orgasm and I decided it was her turn to cum first.

I stood up and made her sit on the bench. I grabbed the dildo from her and reached up to turn on the water dong. I knelt down in front of her and slid the dildo up and down her slit before sliding it up inside her.

She leaned over and put her face on my shoulder and inhaled so deeply as I worked the crystal pink shaft in and out of her wet little kitty. I could hear her long, inhale deeply as I slid it in and exhale slowly as I withdrew it, with moans mingled in between everything.

I grabbed the water dong and shoved it into my own wet little slit to flood my own pussy with warm water. It felts so amazing flooding me like that. I could not put it in as deeply as I craved it because of the hose so I slid back from the bench to be able to go deeper.

This also allowed me to bend down and suck her inner lips into my mouth as they stuck to the side of the dildo as I slid it out of her. I changed my angle akele ghar me xxx story maa son I could lick and suck on her clit. As I made contact, she put her hands on my back and dragged her nails from my butt to my shoulders and slid them back down. She gave me goosebumps it felt so good.

I raised up and suck her nipples into my mouth as I dropped the dildo and started beauty milf fucks her ass on webcam my fingers over her clit quickly as I heard her breathing increase.

Within 10 or 15 seconds, her legs start shaking and stiffen as she came with a loud moan. I continued kissing her and rubbing her pussy until she pushed my hand away.

I raised my face to hers and kissed her as deeply as I could, she began kissing and licking my cheek and face as the water from the shower beaded and ran down my face. I was close to my own orgasm from the water dong and the flooding of my pussy. My breathing picked up and she stood up, put her hands under my arms to raise me up. As I stood up, she pushed me backward to the opposite wall and ran her hands up my legs to my stomach before squeezing and pulling on my boobs and rolling my nipples between her fingers.

She leaned down to take one in her mouth and looked up at me. I can only imagine that is the same feeling a guy gets when I look up at him with his cock buried deep in my mouth and throat.

She opened her mouth and suck in a moms college lesbian friend seduces her daughter right behind her back part of my boob like a baby suckling on its mother.

It felt incredible as I felt her tongue rolling back and forth over my nipple buried inside her mouth. She had her palm flat against my stomach as she slid her hand down to cup my mound and let her middle exclusive hardworker guy gets fuck brunette mommy slide into my slit.

As she rubbed her hand up and down, I could feel her increasing the pressure so the length of her finger pressed on my clit. I still had the water dong in my hand, just spraying our legs. She grabbed it between her fingers and slid it inside me while continuing to rub her palm up and down my mound and putting pressure on my clit at the same time.

She released my breast from her mouth and began kissing down my belly where she teased my belly button with her tongue. She finally brought her lips down to my pussy and ran her tongue up and down my folds before locking onto my little love button and sucking on it gently at first, then increasing her pressure as she heard and felt my breathing increase.

She had let go of the toy she was using on me to replace it with her fingers. The more I moaned and squirmed, the faster and harder she pumped her fingers into my little cunt. My clit felt like it was swelling these hot adorable gals hardcore and reality and more and she sucked on it harder.

Just then I felt my legs start to shake, then stiffen, and then give completely out as I slid down the wall to my ass. She steadied me as I slid to the floor but continued pushing her fingers into me to keep my orgasm rolling. She started rubbing my slit with her other hand and kissing me with her tongue buried deep in my mouth as I breathed heavier. Finally, she eased off to let me calm down.

I grabbed her face with both hands and pulled her close to kiss her and told her again that I loved her. She looked down at my lips, shook her head yes and kissed me once more. She thanked me for everything that's happened over this weekend and wanted me to know she would love to continue our relationship together, knowing we wouldn't be exclusive to one another, but she informed me she would not be actively seeking out other partners because of schoolwork.

We turned the water off, dried ourselves, helping each other and walking out to our beds. She plugged her phone into her charger and I asked her if she'd plug mine in as well. I laid on my bed and slid under the covers. When she turned around, I raised one arm to open my covers to her and simply said "Won't you join me, Angel?" She smiled "No one has ever called me that before." and smiled from ear to ear.

She climbed in facing me for a kiss and we made out for a few minutes before rolling over, telling me once again that she loved me, and good night. I had one arm under her neck and the other draped over her side and stomach.

I drew her tightly against me and laid my cheek on the side of her head and told her that I loved her as well. The next morning, we both woke up late and had to scramble out the door to make it to class. That afternoon, I got a text asking me to let her know if I would be heading back to our room anytime soon and she would be waiting.

We've had fun with each other at least two or three times a week since she began to open up. I have even walked in on her and Robin having fun too. I'm so glad my best friends all get along. I finally admitted to myself and her that I considered her one of my best friends along with Robin and Charlotte.