Jav collection big asian tits cm h cup

Jav collection big asian tits cm h cup
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Sex Video By Blueheatt &hellip.I was caught. My older brother Kevin had quick opened my bedroom door right while I was on my knees listening at the floor vent. I only had a towel around me. He startled me so bad I jumped up and dropped the towel, and then quickly picked it up again. He had never seen me naked since I was real little. I looked at his eyes checking me out. I had blossomed. I was no sex dearsx com meggy masturbates with some help the skinny, no titted little spoiled brat sister, but now I had a sexy shape with some good sized tits.

I told him to get out, but he just smiled. He walked over and listened at the vent next to his bedroom. He had two buddies in his bedroom next to mine and could hear them talking.

I just knew he was thinking about all the things I could have heard over time. He closed the door, but stayed inside. I told him again to get out. He just smiled as his eyes kept looking me over.

"Shhhhhh" he said quietly. His buddies were talking about how they liked the sex video one of them's sister had made for her brother. They had not let Kevin see this. Why?…because the reason was the girl was Kevin's girlfriend. He knew nothing of her making a sex video of herself for her brother. I put my hand to my mouth as I quietly giggled. My brother Kevin was pissed. He held his finger to his mouth to shush me again.

His buddies talked more. They talked about how they both had felt her up and that her brother was fucking her. Kevin knew nothing of this.

We waited and then he smiled at me and quick kissed me. He whispered: (."thank you sis for listening, you've just made my day.") He left. …I had been listening for a long time. I knew who all they were hot for, who they were fucking and lots of details.

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I got to know what Kevin liked in girls…real well. Now it was all over as I was exposed. Damn…I used the conversations to get me all excited and thought of them at night in my bed.

I would finger myself so good after words. I went to bed thinking of all the hot stories I had heard. My fingers went for my pussy again as I pleasured myself.


I heard my door slowly open. It was Kevin. He shushed me and quietly came in and shut the door behind him. I whispered: (".Kevin get out of here.") He knelt beside me at my seachmujer madura de pezones duros en la playa. ("I need a favor, Julie. I want you to make a sexy video of yourself.

I said: ("…no way Kevin, what…so you can show it to your buddies?…get out.") He said: (".wait, hear me out. Just a video like a hidden camera of you walking around in sexy night clothes, or naked. We'll make them think more is going on&hellip.of course…if I tell mom and dad that you been spying on me, telling people at school things about me…well.you know they'll get pissed…right?") He had me. I would be grounded forever. I paused and then said: ("ok…I'll make a video of me, but one copy only that won't leave this house…got it?") He kissed me on the mouth this time and quick left.

That was two kisses I got from him now, and I kind of liked that. I let my fingers do their thing and tried to go to sleep. I thought of all the ways I could make my video. The thought of Kevin and his buddies watching me, was getting me all turned on. I wanted them to like it and I had to make it sexy for them. I figured I would have the only copy and I could fully control it from getting in the wrong hands. I was young and just didn't realize how fast a cell phone could make a copy.

I thought I was so clever as I planned out my video. The next day I set the camera so my face didn't show and got naked. I put on my black sexy robe and started the camera. The video looked like a hidden camera Kevin had set up to spy on me. I leaned over and showed my cleavage and put lotion on my legs showing up very high towards my pussy. I turned my back to the camera and let my robe drop showing my naked butt.

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I turned, showing some of my tits as I squeezed them. With just my back showing, I spread my legs. I let them see my fingers moving between my legs. I hawt playgirl is in love with lechery moaning and rocking my hips. I sucked on my fingers…and then… walked out of the picture. The end. That evening I came in Kevin's room and slipped him the disk.

I told him it was not to leave his room and to give it right back after his and his buddies had seen it…"OK!"&hellip.He stood up and thanked me, assuring me of the disk's safety.

He grabbed me and kissed me again only held my face this time as he kissed me on the lips real juicy. I was stunned as he pushed me out of his room. Kevin just gave me a tingle in my pussy.

That evening his two buddies came over and they whispered about the video. I heard some 'ooooo's' and hot comments about it. They were sure he and I were fucking, even though he never admitted to a thing.

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I got hot listening to them talk about me being sexy. Later on they left. I waited and hoped Kevin would come and tell me how it went. Nothing. Later I heard: ("Pssssst".) at the vent. I ran over and answered (."yes?") He proceeded to whisper how it went with his buddies.

He said they watched it several times. They all rubbed their cocks on top of their pants as they watched. They all really liked the 'fingers' shot at the end.

They wanted more, and begged him to get more. They wanted to see my naked front or better yet, having sex with my brother. He told them&hellip.maybe soon&hellip. He said I was a hit and said he would bring back the disk later that night. I was panting after listening to all that and very wet. I heard him blow me a kiss thru the vent and then he left.

I was getting aroused more and more by my own brother&hellip.and I was liking it. Thoughts of him were now putting good feelings in me. Warm feelings between my legs… &hellip.That evening I couldn't relax waiting for mom and dad to go to bed, so Kevin could sneak the disk back to me. I went up to bed and got naked.

I put on that black sexy robe again. I laid on top of my bed. I let a my cleavage show as I posed myself for Kevin. I heard mom and dad's bedroom door close. I waited. I began to dream about all the guys looking at my body as I began to fall asleep… I woke up way later with someone kissing me.

I at first thought I was dreaming…It was Kevin. He held the disk and told me how hot it was. I was groggy and aroused by all his kissing on me.

I thought I heard him say he added something to it? .or something. I was just enjoying his kisses, I was content but in a aroused daze.

I groaned a content groan as he kept up kissing me very hot&hellip. My brother and I were for the very first time, were making out with each other. It was the most exciting tiny red head teen first time hes the is one of the many things that ill miss from this we had ever done.

We enjoyed making each other as hot as possible. I wasn't the little spoiled brat sister now, was I. His hands told me how much he liked my body…damn…he knew how to make me hot and it was taking my breathing away&hellip. ---------- Kevin is my slave brother now. I wanted him to tell the readers what he was thinking at the time he brought back that disk. (Watch how I get him to do it…) "Kevin." "What?" "Could you come here please, I'm at my computer." "I'm busy." "If you come here, I have something for you." "What?" "I have something for you to feel".

(I hear him chuckle in the next room. Here he comes…) "What are you up to, brat." "Kevin, I want you to type and tell the readers what you were thinking that night you brought that first disk back…please?… If you do, I need my tits felt real bad." (He's now sitting at the computer&hellip. He starts typing.) "Fuck…I don't remember all of it, but 'she', was looking so sexy I did some kissing on her&hellip.and then we started feeling each other and stuff.

I hadn't noticed her that she now got full tits now and a nice ass. I got a big boner and she got hot. I felt her tits and then her pussy and then I kissed her tits and I wanted to fuck her real bad. She started jack'in my boner and made me cum real good.

" "Thank you Kevin, now andi james very mature stepmom gets fucked by her boy up. Feel me nice like you do and I'll feel your boner." &hellip.He started in feeling my tits with that evil smile of his&hellip." Oh yes, that feels so good.

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I'll give you a blow job later, but not now right now." I pushed him out of my room…… Now back to the night he brought the disk back&hellip.

It was a very arousing night. He had never felt my tits before and it was exciting. I had him lay beside me and I let my hand slip down in his boxers and I felt his huge boner. He started licking my tits as I pulled his boner out and started jacking it.

He started breathing fast and humping my hand. I jacked faster as he sucked my nipples. I felt his finger go in my wet pussy as I gasp and moaned very quietly.

Mom and dad's bedroom was right across the hall. This was the most dangerous thing we had ever done. I thought sure we were going to fuck, but then he held me tight and shot cum all over my robe and the bed spread. He fingered my clit fast and I orgasmed hard. We were so out of breath we just lay there squirming for a while. He finally got up and went and quietly got a towel. We quietly clean up and then&hellip.he kissed my pussy…so sweet, and then left&hellip.

I got ready to make a second video. I waited for mom and dad's Bingo night. They wouldn't be home till real late. I used the same hidden camera style, only this time, I went wild.

I never showed sassy amateur blonde fucked hard and riding cock in kitchen face. I did a slow strip from fully clothed. I whispered like I was talking to myself about how horny I was and I needed a big cock in me. I felt my body all over and then began to finger my pussy. I chesty doctor candy sexton gets plowed by hung patient pornstars and hardcore quietly as I really did think of Kevin and I fucking.

I ended up with 2 fingers in my wet slick pussy. I begged for someone to make me cum as I was so hot. I fucked my fingers real good and jerked as I orgasmed. I waited until late night, I had on a sheer tiny nightie and burst in Kevin's room to surprise him with the my new video disk&hellip. Shock&hellip. I didn't realize he had his two buddies in the room with him, quietly watching porn. Oh my god… …they were all watching my video and all jacking off.

They all jumped and gasp. I tossed the new disk on his bed and quickly left. I was so embarrassed. I felt like I could never look at them in face again&hellip.but…on the other hand…that was so fucking hot, them jacking off to my video got me so aroused I had the jitters. I just knew that now, they were watching my 'second' video. I listened at the vent, but Kevin had told them I could heard them talking. All I heard was some tiny whispering now as I got a wonderful hot feeling in my pussy.

The picture of them all jacking, played like a video in my head, over and over. The unknown factors were driving me crazy. Would they tell others? Would mom and dad somehow find out? Later I heard his buddies leave. I heard my door open.

Kevin came in and laid right on top of me. He held my wrists down as we smiled at each other. He said: "Look you little brat, I don't want get into a full incest thing with you. " I smiled and squirmed my pussy under him.

"You're just loving all this, aren't you." I lifted my head and licked his lips. "Listen…jack off's and fingering's were hot, but we need to stop this now. I don't need the risk of being caught by mom and dad, and you to be known as a school slut." I felt his big boner getting bigger.

I squirmed and tongue kissed him. "Julie stop that…damn,, you make me so horny…I&hellip.don't…need this…" He slowly let his lips go down on mine. I pulled my hands loose and put his hands on my tits. I whispered in his ear: ("Now you listen Kevin, you cooperate and all will be fine.

I'm on the pill&hellip. 'IF' you don't cooperate, I'll tell DAD your molesting me, and WE don't want that, now do WE?") He was out of breath and said smiling: "Your such a fucking brat." I said: "Shut up and feel my tits 'big brother". Mom and dad were not due home for a while and things got hot between us.

I wanted his big cock in me, and bad. I took my panties off and pulled his boxers down and put his boner between my hot legs. "I want to jack you off, but 'in' me," I said. His reluctance was gone as I worked his boner in my tight brunette teen gets her mouth fucked hardline. Oh damn he was big and I squirmed to get my wet pussy all over his cock.

I kissed him with my tongue all over his mouth. I locked my legs around him and started fucking with him for our first time. It was tight but felt oooh so good. It was a beautiful moment for us. I moaned in his ear and he groaned with pleasure.

He squeezed my tits hard as my nipples tingled like never before. He started to fuck a little faster as I gasp for breath. I squeezed his butt cheeks as hard as I could as my climax was coming up fast.

My body raised my pussy up high as I began to shake&hellip.he groaned …and shot hot cum deep in me. My hips fucked him fast and long as I felt euphoria fill my whole body. We just gives a great show on cam pov fucking and moaning quietly &hellip.it was beautiful ecstasy&hellip.

I hated to feel him get off me but I was so weak with pleasure I couldn't hardly move. He kissed me one more time and left… ----- Kevin is now my sex slave.but of course I'm his too. We have fun threatening each other with "I'll tell if you don't&hellip." do this or that until we get our way with each other.

We sneak in feels, fingers, jack off's, blow jobs and pussy licks behind mom and dad's back. He took that first video I made for him and added to it. We watch it together.

I do my first little tease showing my tits and butt, and then we watch his add-on part.


He hid the camera in his room and I get to watch him and his two buddies all jack off, groan and shoot big streams of cum&hellip.all while watching my video&hellip. I then 'demand' he have sex with me. He 'demands' I suck his boner. The threats of: "I'll tell Dad!…if you don't!", are traded between us as we wrestle on the bed. I force him to undress me.

He makes me strip his let see how keiran almost choked jacklyn with his huge cock missionary fantasies off. I turn and hold his head and force him to eat my pussy. He holds my head as he sticks his big boner down my throat. We struggle, and fight moaning our demands.

"You better fuck me good big brother!"&hellip.and…"Spread those legs, you little brat!" he says. We hold each other tight and the bed begins to bang against the wall. My fingernails dig into him as he pushes his boner in me till he touches the bottom of my pussy. I moan in his mouth as our tongues go wild in our mouths.

I whisper: (".make me cum hard!, big brother")…and he does. We both gasp for air. &hellip.then I feel warm cum filling my pussy&hellip.we yell in our mouths as I climax hard…we both shake…as his cum flows in me. I squeeze his boner with my pussy, over and over. We slowly go weak as we slow fuck with the glorious feelings. … Brothers and sister will have fights, we just changed the 'way' we fight&hellip.just a little… Kevin&hellip. … I snuck in sis's room and added this to her story.

"My sister is so easy I fuck her any time I want, she gives a great blow job." I went back to my room and waited for her to read it. Later I hear: "Kevin!!!" She comes in my room and pulls my chair over backwards to the floor as we both giggle. She gets on top of me and lifts her skirt up. She sticks her wet pussy right in my face. She un-zips my pants and starts sucking on my dick.

I make her twitch and moan as I lick her clit. She teases the head of my dick with her tongue. She moans as I reach up and squeeze her tits. She starts humping my face as she jacks me faster. She buries my dick in her mouth. She knows how to make me cum as her mouth goes up and down on me. I unload the first big shot as she moans and pushes her pussy tight against my tongue. She swallows all the cum she can as I keep shooting and finger her back hole.

She squirms and moans more. Her pussy is all wet as she gushes some&hellip. Finally she mumbles out of breath…"I'm tell'in dad you said I'm easy." (…I just love fighting with my sister…)