Teen kimmy is inexperience about sex so her stepmum shows her how fingering licking

Teen kimmy is inexperience about sex so her stepmum shows her how fingering licking
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The Moms Club Revisited #3 This will probably be the last chapter unless you all think it should continue, please let me hear your comments as to another chapter. Jen just wasn't sure she heard right, the part about condoms being worn but the other guys who would be fucking her were one thing. The part about making a baby with Zack was something else entirely. Well its Sunday Zack will leaving soon and John should be home around 1.

Zack was in the den watching porn, as she entered he looked at her with lust in his eyes. "Jen if I had anything left in my balls I'd give it too you but I'm dry". "Well sweetie I can see I've done my job, your nut sack is empty for today anyway". They both laughed as she sat down next to him.

The back door opened, John came in and called "Mom I'm home". He walked in the den, "Hi Zack how's it hanging"? "Its hanging but your mom made sure the sack was empty". "Well that's good mine is full to the brim". Jen stood up kissed Zack with an open mouth, "Zack honey let your self out, a mothers sex american xxx rep sex stories com is never done". She wiggled out of her shorts revealing a pair of red thong panties".

"My baby needs a mother's attention". Taking Johns hand they walked upstairs. In her bedroom she turned to face her son, he took hold of the bottom of brother rap with his sister many storys and torcher her sex t shirt and pulled it over her head.

Her red bra was off in a few seconds, he started sucking her nipple while twisting the other one. She was moaning with delight, they lay down on the bed and he pulled her panties off.

John climbed between her legs and she felt the head of his cock pushing at the entrance of her pussy. As it slipped in she gave a moan, "Deeper baby I'd like it deeper in me". John wasted no time pushing in until there pubic mounds were together. He was pumping hard; her hips were rising up to meet every downward push. "John baby fuck me harder shoot a big load in my pussy". He kept pumping, she felt the wave of passion sweeping over her as she grunted "Fuck me, fuck me, and shoot that load baby".

John pushed all the way down, held his cock there for a moment "Ugh I'm cumming mom, cum ejected from his cock into her milking pussy, spurt after spurt for four or five times before it ended. They lay there catching there breath. "Mom that was great". "The pleasure was all mine honey". They heard Zack, "Hay John from now on you should use a condom as Jen and I are working on a baby".

"Listen Zack, I'm not using a condom so one of us will be the daddy and we'll have to wait to see who it looks like before we make a decision". Jen just laid there stunned by the conversation she was hearing. Zack waved good by and left. They were still in bed, "Mom can I have a blow job"?

"You certainly can then we should talk". "OK while I eat". Jen took his cock and swirled her tongue around the head it was fat and gorged with blood.

She started bobbing up and down on it for what seemed like five minutes when she felt the familiar twitch, cum flooded her mouth, using her hand she massaged his cock so every drop was out. Looking him in the face she swallowed the entire load. "Good too the last drop". They both started laughing. Once they were in the kitchen with a sandwich in front of John she sat down, "John this thing with Zack about babies, I don't get it".

"Mom there are three of you in the group". "We have discussed this among us and basically we all feel if one of you gets pregnant it will be great".

"Really, great what do I tell your father"? "Tell him it's his". Jen sat there in disbelief. "Honey we don't have sex that often any more". "Mom listen, the two other moms were very concerned just like you". "We decided if they weren't going along with the plan we would stop fucking them".

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"Did you stop"? "Yes for about a month". "How did that work out"? John explained the boys had gotten together and stopped fucking Taylor Rimes Zack's mom.

It took her about 35 odia sasura bohu sex story to call John and tell him to come over with Armen she had changed her mind.

"For the last month or so we alternated between Taylor and Lynette Cutler a boy named Bobs mom". "I assume it is working well for you guys"? "To tell the truth no now that you are with us it will be better".

"Why is that"? "There are six of us with three moms we can have fuck parties, where each mom get two guys for an evening. The thought of two other moms agreeing seemed strange. The thought of loosing Zack's cock was very unsettling, as with him her orgasms were fucken great. She wasn't going to just tell them no way at this point. "John so now what"? "Dad will be home in a couple of hours so we'll see if we can get together for the weekend, I'll let you know".

"Mom they did video you Saturday right"? "Yes dear Armen is the first guy to have my ass".


"Wow he did hot babe aj applegate straddles hung delivery guy pornstars hardcore ass"? "He did my ass while Zack fucked my pussy". "It was great, believe me". "Well I'm going to watch it and you are our first DP mom". "What's that"? "Double penetration". John left the table and she sat there thinking I must be crazy; this could ruin my marriage and send me to jail.

Perhaps even get knocked up in the bargain. They had video of me fucking both guys at the same time, oh god what have I done. Her thoughts were cut short as the door opened and in walked Donald. They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about the flight and how the airlines continued to make demands of there people which seemed harsh but were necessary to keep the company profitable.

The three of them had dinner; Jen straightened old shaft enters juvenile aperture oldvsyoung and hardcore kitchen while Donald gets in his favorite chair and started to dose off.

She headed for Johns room, opening the door she heard herself moaning, walking over to the computer she saw Zack fucking her and she came with a lot of noise. "Looks like you are really enjoying Zack's cock".

"That's an understatement I love the way it feels inside me". When he shoots cum in me it put me over the edge, as you saw". "The reason I came up was dad's taking the Chicago to Rome Flight Friday night. "The airline has a new policy so he has to layover in Rome for two days". "Instead of coming home he gets to go to Sidney, where he has another two day layover" "Mom get to the point, please". "He'll be gone for fourteen days, two complete weekends".

"This is great I'll make some call and let you know what's up. The rest of the evening went by quietly and for three days there was nothing but John on the phone for hours at a time. Jen went through her normal routine while all the while thinking about Zack's cock.

My god she thought I can't stop thinking about cock, I'm loosing my mind. Thursday afternoon John arrived home from school with Zack. They walked in, Zack gave her a big smile, and she smiled back. "You guys hungry"? John response was "We sure are". Zack looked around to see where Donald was, realizing they were alone he grabbed her tit and squeezed.

"Um that feels good baby" They moved away as they heard footsteps and Donald walked in. The boys said hello and headed for Johns room.

"They seem quiet this afternoon", said Donald. "I think new girl thing". Continuing to go about her daily activities the squeeze had only heighten her awareness of the need for his cock.

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Zack stayed for dinner, immediately after they headed beck to John's room. Donald went to his chair while Jen sat reading a Victoria's catalog.

Her thoughts were what outfit he will pick for me to wear this weekend. An hour passed and snoring was coming from the den; she headed upstairs, open the door to John's room and slipped inside. Zack was on his phone so she whispered, "What's going on"?

"I think we've put together a fuck party for the weekend". "Wow you guys work fast". Zack looked at her"We only work fast at some things". "Glad to hear that". They outlined the plan to her in detail. Friday afternoon Taylor would be over at about 2:30. Her husband thought she was going to a banker's conference so she wouldn't be home till Sunday afternoon as it was in Cleveland. Then by 4 Lynette as she was separated so she just had to wrap up a few loose ends would be over. They would be there a couple of hours to get acquainted until the guys showed up at 7.

They would each have three outfits as per what the guys steamy sexy curvy bottoms pornstar and hardcore and since each day they were with two new guys they all had different tastes in sexy so that's the plan.

Friday afternoon at 2:45 a red headed women knocked at the door Jen opened it, "Hi I'm Taylor", "Hi I'm Jen, come in". Taylor was about the same age as Jen, but she had large breasts, long red hair and a great smile.

They went into the kitchen. Only twenty minutes had passed until another knock on the door. Upon opening it there stood a woman a couple of years younger then her, small perky breasts, shoulder length hair. "I'm Lynette", "Jen, nice to meet you.

All three women were seated at the kitchen table with vodka and cranberry drinks. "Well girls this should be exciting don't you think"? "Frankly I'd prefer to just have Zack all weekend but it is what it is" replied Jen.

"I wish John would fuck me senseless just stare at this pretty teen girl giving unforgettable blowjob girlfriend and students week end without the others guys but". "It's almost six I guess we should get dressed"? "Mind as well" replied Taylor. Thirty minutes later they all looked at each other.

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Lynette giggled "We look like we work chap satisfies seductive beautiful nymph hardcore creampie a cat house".

Jen s reply was priceless "For this weekend we do". They heard the front door and the guys were coming in, so they headed down stairs to meet them. They entered the den and immediately were met with cheers; Taylor spoke up "I assume you guys like the look, right"?

"It only took another minute to understand how this would work. Zack and Tyrell a large black guy took Jen by the hand, "Lets go to your room", "I'd love to sweetie". John and Owen a Latino took Taylor's hand "Want to go to my room"?

"It's my pleasure babe". Armen and Bob smiled at Lynette "We get the guest room off the den. No sooner had the bedroom door closed and Zack had her tight boy shorts down while Tyrell unhook her bra and started sucking her nipples.

It didn't take long before her pussy was moist and her nipples were standing straight out. Zack laid her on the bed got between her legs and started rubbing his cock head on her moist pussy lips, a slight pressure and he was in. He was going deep and she loved it.

Tyrell got on her chest, she opened her mouth and a very nice size cock was feed to her. Zack was balls deep and had acquired a good rhythm. She moaned as the fire between her legs was spreading, the large cock in her mouth started twitching, the first spurt of cum went straight down her throat, he pulled back a little and the next four spurts were enormous, she swallowed twice to get it all down.

As he rolled off she was out of control with passion, fuck me honey shoot the baby stuff in my hot pussy". He gripped her hips cum was flowing from his cock as she had a violent orgasm. It took a few minutes for there breathing to return to normal. "How as that Jen"?


"Just wonderful sweetie", "No it was fucken terrific that's what it was". Tyrell moved between her legs with a broad smile, she looked up "OK big boy you get sloppy seconds but my pussy will milk every drop out for you". Tyrell pushed into her pussy which was very sloppy so it fit in easily.

He was bigger then Zack and was balls deep in nothing flat. "She moaned with delight as he started pumping her pussy. She moved her hips up to meet every down beauteous teen rubs a big throbbing dong girlfriend homemade he gave her.

She came again while he just kept up the pumping motion. Pulling him down to her she told him "shoot that black cum deep in me baby".

Upon hearing that he pulled her hips close and let go with a volume flow of hot cum into her pussy. She moaned and had another orgasm. They finally fell asleep around 11, she laid there between them smiling to her self I'm going to have trouble walking tomorrow.

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The next morning both guys were given a good morning blow job and in nothing but cum stained panties she went to the kitchen to start coffee. Within ten minutes both other women were with her in the same attire, just cum stained panties.

"Well ladies" asked Jen "How are our pussies this morning"? "Mine feel wonderful" was Taylor's reply "But walking may be a problem". "That seems to be my problem too" said Lynette.

They all giggled with the look of well fucked women. "Do we know who gets who tonight"? A unified no was there response. The guys came to the kitchen and one by one boob press by old man in bus saying see you tonight.

"Ladies I don't know about you but I need to brush my teeth and shower" Ditto to that was the response from both of them. They lay around the house all afternoon until around six thirty "Lets get ready girls" .

They changed into the second different outfit they had been given. They heard the guys come in they once again headed for the den dressed like sluts.

Armen and Bob took Jen and led her to her room, the door closed, she felt her bra being unhooked, it fell to the floor and Bob was sucking her tits. Armen pulled her panties down and started rubbing her clit. She was moist rather quickly in anticipation of these two new guys. Bob lay down and she got on his cock and pushed it in her as deep as he could go. They were building a rhythm when she felt the head of Armen's cock at her ass, a slight pressure and in he went. "Ugh she grunted as he pushed deep into he bowels, the three got a rhythm going and she knew the fire between her legs was out of control again.

It didn't take long with both cocks touching each other separated only by a membrane she cried very loudly "I'm cumming guys". Both cock were pushed deep and cum was flowing out of both at the same time, she almost lost consciousness, all three laid there until there breathing returned to normal. They didn't get to sleep until well after midnight. She lay there thinking I feel wonderful.

The next morning in the kitchen they sat around laughing. "Girls this sex is better then anything I've ever experienced, what about you two"? Both Lynette and Jen agreed but all three were joking about walking funny for a week. The guys seemed to get into the kitchen about the same time. They were all discussing the weekend and how it was too bad it was almost over. Frank and Owen looked at Jen with a sly smile.

She knew what they were thinking when at that minute Owen spoke. "Jen we'd like some blonde vixen kleio valentien gets her anus stretched that fine pussy before we leave, how about it"? "Well I thought you'd never ask, sure". As they left the kitchen Jen realized they were all getting a goodbye fuck.

In her bedroom she watched as the boys pulled there short down. Frank had an average looking cock but Owens seemed fatter then usual. She wiggled out of panties, got on the bed and started rubbing both cocks which were now hard.

Owen rolled over between her legs and she felt him rubbing the head of his wild anal dance for cute asian schoolgirl japanese and hardcore on her pussy lips which were getting moist, a slight pressure and in his cock went. Wow this certainly feels different it's fatter then Zack's she thought as he pushed deep. He was working a slow deep rhythm and she was pushing her hips up to meet every downward thrust.

This cock feels great as he went still deeper. She was moaning, grunting and just having a wonderful time as the burning between her legs built until she gushed, pussy juice started flowing she felt him push his cock deep hold it there for and then cum was flowing into her pussy canal.

"Fuck me hard baby", was all she could mutter as her pussy milked the cock dry. Owen rolled off and Frank mounted her, "Baby I'm very sloppy but I'll do my best to let my pussy milk you dry". "I know you will Jen". He was pumping her hard and there pubic mounds ground against each other for ten minutes until she burst forth with a wave of passion.

Frank kept pumping for a few more minutes, then she felt him stiffen and cum oozed out, again her pussy milked every drop out. They laid there for about half an hour before they got up and headed for the bathroom. Back in the kitchen the three women sat chatting while they oozed cum.

Taylor giggled "I'm leaking like a faucet I hope it stops before I get home". Jen laughed "I hope my husband doesn't realize I'm walking funny". They all laughed. Taylor stood up "Jen I've got to take a shower and get ready to leave", "But lets get together this week for lunch or something"? "You've got a deal; we have to stay in touch". By three o'clock Jen and John were alone, she had showered and changed into fresh panties and had her robe on.

She went in his room where he was on his bed half asleep. "Honey anything left in your nut sack you need mom to get out"? "God no mom, I'm dry". She stood up to leave, "Mom the guys think we should get together real soon". "Well the girls think so too, we just need a little time to be able to walk straight, OK"? With a big smile he cooed back "Ok".