Shesnew blonde with round ass had quickie with her boyfriend

Shesnew blonde with round ass had quickie with her boyfriend
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My mom's a sexy "MILF" even if she is 58 years old. She's an old "hippy" and still dresses like one in full length, thin summer dresses and sandels.

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Her hair is long and mostly gray and pulled back in a ponytail and even with her wrinkles and thick glasses, she's still pretty. She's a little plump and her boobs are huge and she hardly ever wears a bra and I'm guessing she's not big on panties either.

What I like most is her nice, round, jiggley, bubble butt that I think is perfect. Mom had me when she was 42 as the result of a fling she had with a neighborhood man. My much older brother lives with us and he's now 40 years old and obviously gay. His dad left when mom got pregnant because he had gotten a vasectomy and knew I wasn't his kid and that mom had been cheating on him.

My brother Jack told me about all of this after he had an argument with my mom. Me and Jack are about the same size 5 ft. 8 in. tall, 150 lbs. but Jack has red hair like is dad and mine is brown. Jack works evenings at an adult book store and mom works days as a waitress so they hardly see each other.

Since hitting puberty, they both make me so horny that I jack my big cock off several times a day. Mom with her big boobs and nice ass and Jack's feminine ass and big bulge.

Jack mostly wears a thong all day while mom's at work and something about it, really makes me hard. He just watches porn all day long on his computer and then goes to work bunch of singles make out and foursome in playboy mansion he deals with even more porn.

His boss comes over some days and they go in my brother's room and I can hear them having sex. Mom informed us that we were all going to take a trip to Tennessee because she had inherited her dads house. When Jack said he wasn't going, mom got mad and said "oh yeah you are if you want to keep living in this house". Jack muttered something under his breath and mom went off.

She yelled "all you do is jack off all day long or suck your sleazy bosses tiny cock. It wouldn't hurt if you helped out a little bit" and then mom stormed off. When it was time to leave, Jack brought his suitcase and put it in the trunk. I had a learners permit so mom let me drive part of the time. It took us 8 hours to drive from our house in Ohio to the north eastern mountains of Tennessee.

We got there at about 5 in the evening and were met by a thirty something little red headed woman with no teeth who introduced herself as Ida, my grandpa's girlfriend. She told mom that by the time she found us, they had already buried him. I guess mom and her dad weren't very close and I didn't even know he existed.

Ida was cute in a "hillbilly" way and not mentally all there. She would say and do inappropriate things like telling us that she lived with my grandpa and that he was hung like a horse. We all snickered at that one and I could tell that mom was ok with her. The house was a little run down but at least it was clean so we had dinner and then Ida showed us all to different bedrooms and said she was kerala college couple car sex to sleep on the couch.

My mom protested but Ida said "I always sleep out here anyways, unless your daddy wanted some pussy". Mom said goodnight and we all turned in. The next morning my mom wanted to go hiking and she wanted me and Jack to go with her. Ida offered to go along but mom told we would be alright because she had been all over the mountains as a kid. As we were leaving, Ida said "watch out for them Hackleberry brothers, they all got big cocks and brazzers forced hard step brother sex story lookin to use em".

Again we all snickered at her inappropriate remarks and set off into the woods. Mom said she was going to try to find a pond she used to swim in so we walked on this path for at least 2 miles. Mom decided we were lost and we were getting ready to turn back when a booming voice behind us yelled "get your hands up". We thought it was the police or a game warden until he walked around in front of us. Instead, it was a fifty something hillbilly in overalls and boots holding a double barrel shotgun on us.

He marched us up the hill and down the other side as my mom pleaded with him to let us go. He didn't say a word until we were close to a bunch of other men at a pond. Before going on in he yelled "it's me Tom" and we proceeded in. There were 6 more men, some in the pond bathing, some sitting in folding chairs and a couple just walking around but the one thing they had in common was their absolute nakedness.

Four looked like they were in their late 30's and three, including the one that brought us, were in their fifties. As they moved around to look at us, I noticed that they all resembled each other, hairy, chubby, balding and they were all hung with huge, similar horse cocks in various states of erection. An older man who I guessed to be Tom, was sitting in a chair and said "well Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, what do we have here" as he looked my mom, up and down.

The guy with the shotgun said "they just walked right up to the "still" so I brung em up here to see what you wanted me to do with em". The old guy said "strip em naked and kill em" and my mom started begging him not to kill her sons.

The old guy looked at my mom and said "git out of them clothes she likes to lick and ride ramrod lets see what you got to bargain with". When mom protested, the old guy said "go ahead and kill em" and immediately she kicked off her sandles as she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her dress and peeled it off over her head. My beautiful sweet mom was now standing buck naked in front of 9 men including me and my brother.

The old guy said "Damn, turn around and show em all, that hairy old pussy". Mom was embarrassed but she swiveled around a couple of times before saying "if you'll let my son's go, I'll do anything you want me too" but Tom said "you'll do anything I tell you too now".

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He looked up at me and Jack and said "git out of them clothes" and we stripped without argument. Tom told one of the guys to pour us a drink but before mom could protest, Tom said "if you'all wanta keep breathin, you'll do as your told".

I guess it was moonshine and it burned all the way down. Tom would have our glasses filled and watch to see that we drank it all. I think we were all willing to drink it to kill the fear we were experiencing. Mom's boobs were huge but pretty saggy as they hung off to their respective sides like the natives in National Geographic.

Both nipples were big and dark and the size of a small jar lid. Her ass was perfect and chubby and swollen and her whole lower belly was covered with this warm brown bush. When I looked up at her face, she was smiling at me and we had all lost our inhibitions.

Mom looked down at my 8 inch, hard, fat cock sticking straight out and then back to my face with a confused look. Next, she looked at each mans cock and found that they were all big and hard and drooling for her. When she looked toward my brother, she did a double take so I looked down and he was stroking one of the older guy's cock as that man rubbed his girly ass.

When I looked back at mom, she was standing right next to Tom who was rubbing her wonderful big ass. Ever so often, she would reach down and stroke Tom's big horse cock and then look at me and blush. I was getting really turned on watching my mom with Tom and she knew it. We made eye contact and she pointed to my brother who was on his knees sucking the older mans big hard cock while he stroked two of the younger men.

A big older guy came over to me and said his name was Earl and that he was Toms brother. Mom watched intently as he started rubbing my cock and kissing my neck and chest.

As she watched me, she continued to stroke Tom's needy cock until the whole scene got the better of her and she simply stepped over Tom's outstretched legs and sat down in his lap fully impaling herself on his rock hard cock.

As I watched my mom bounce up and down on a strangers big cock and my brother sucking one man and jacking off two others, my new lover asked me if I wanted to rub his cock. I reached down and took it in my hand and immediately noticed how hot and hard and how heavy it was. When I looked at mom, Tom was lifting her hips up and down on his big cummy cock while mom sucked one of the younger men who stood in front of her. That was it, I dropped to my knees to fulfill one of my fantasies and devoured Earl's big, salty, drooling cock.

My mouth was stretched but due to the whisky and my arousal, I swallowed it until his big balls were bouncing off of my chin. I was actually gobbling an older mans big hard cock and loving it.

It must of been good for him too because he cradled my head against his belly as he moaned and groaned out load after hot load of his thick, salty goodness into my waiting mouth and throat. As I was pulling my mouth off, I was wondering if anyone had seen me suck his cock but my query was answered when he staggered back and everybody started clapping their hands, especially my mom and brother.

There was a flat bed trailer sitting by the pond with some gallon jugs of moonshine and the horse that pulled it was tied up to a nearby tree. Tom carried my mom who was still impaled on his hard cock over to the trailer where he laid her down and really started fucking her hard.

All of the men were gathered around them, watching and jacking off or feeling my mom up. My brother crawled over to me and asked if I had gotten to cum yet. When I told him I hadn't, he said that he hadn't milkingtable peta jensen n amirah share cock as he began to jack off.

His cock was big and circumcised with a long fat head that was half the length of his dick. His balls were also big and wrinkly lp officer fuck krystal orchids pussy on top bounced up and down as he jacked off. I was captivated by his thick red pubic hair and his cock and balls were very red as well except for the steady drool of thick, clear seminal fluid flowing from the gaped hole in the center.

As he watched mom and the men, I was more interested in fulfilling another fantasy of mine, to suck my own brothers hot cock. When I reached for it, he jerked his hand away giving me full access to it and his big balls.

I rubbed and stroked and kneaded his wonderful balls until he stood up and pushed it into my willing mouth. Because his cock curved upward, I was having a hard time getting it into my throat but Jack said "I'm gonna push hard and you swallow as hard as you can". When I did that, his stiff cock found my throat and he started to moan. He was standing there looking down at me as I knelt beneath him and stared up into his eyes waiting for what we both wanted.

Jack was kind of squatting as he fucked my mouth like a mad man. Finally he moaned "are you going to fuck our mommy" and while looking up at him, I nodded my head yes and he let go of a torrent of hot thick cum that burned my throat from the pressure and volume. Jacks cock jerked for two or three minutes as it pushed all of his built up cum out to his brothers waiting mouth. When we were done, I glanced over to my mom and she was still laying on her back with her legs spread wide open and her gaped open pussy oozing fresh cum down her nice ass crack.

The men were laughing and drinking again and my brother had found another cock to suck so I just studied my mom's beautiful old hairy pussy. When she saw me looking, she talked to Tom for a minute and then walked over to me carrying a big glass of whiskey. She stood over me and offered me a drink which I took and then she said "they're not bad guys, they were worried that we might busty brunette step mom slurps step son big dick them in for making whiskey".

Mom asked "was this your first sexual encounter" and I shook my head yes. I could tell she was still high on the moonshine and I guess I was too because I was still staring at her pussy that was now at my eye level. I heard my mom's voice say "lick it" so I looked up at her and said "what did you say" and she said "here's your chance to taste pussy, I hope you like it as much as you did those cocks you drained".

I sat there on the ground trying to get my courage but mom just moved forward and stood there with her legs spread and pulled my face into her hot musky old used pussy. I suddenly didn't care as I licked and sucked her messy pussy and thighs.

I didn't know what it was when I found my mothers swollen clit but I started sucking and licking it like it was a small hard penis and she almost immediately ground her pussy against my tongue and began jerking and grunting until she collapsed on top of me.

From her new position, she found my hard cock and began licking and sucking it. When I asked "can I fuck you mommy", she looked up at me and rolled onto her back and spread her legs without breaking eye contact. When I got between her legs, I felt her soft hand grasp my cock and run it up and down her wet slit before placing it just inside her hot entrance and sliding forward on it.

She said "fuck mommy good baby" and then she kissed me on the mouth and pushed her tongue into mine. She was bucking under me with her ankles and heels pulling me deeper.

My cock was the hardest it had ever been and mom was fucking around while his wife is in labor me get it into the deepest parts of her overheated belly and then I felt my cock begin to jerk and suddenly it was like her pussy pulled it into a deeper, hotter hole and we both started jerking as our bodies blended in simultaneous orgasms.

As we collapsed on the ground, everybody started clapping again, except Jack who was furiously jacking himself off after witnessing his brother fucking his mother. After that, we all started drinking again and me and Jack were basically sucking the men hard so they sleeping moms sex son sex stories moves fuck our mom. The moonshine had turned mom into an all out slut and she had pretty much drained all of our cocks but she still wanted more.

Whenever there was a lull in the fucking, mom would say to me, "Mikey, take care of mommy while the men rest" and I would crawl over to the trailer as she laid there on her back with her legs spread wide open and lick up all of the cummy mess from her over worked pussy while she drank more whiskey and taunted the men.

As I was cleaning mom's pussy, I heard Tom say "I think she's ready for some "horse cock" and one of the guys went and untied the horse and brought him to the back of the trailer. I moved out of the way as the horse's nose and tongue went straight to mom's pussy. As the horse licked my mom, I moved to where his cock was and watched it slowly extending from it's sheath.

To help him along, I rubbed his massive hot balls with one hand as I stroked his growing pole with the other.

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His cock was fatter than a soda can and longer than a loaf of french bread but it was still pretty soft so I pulled it to my mouth and licked the drool from the large flat head. The head was black and shaped like a sunflower and then there was about 8 inches of fat pink skin and the remaining 10 inches were black all of the way to his belly.

In my hands, I could feel his cock getting stiffer so I stretched my mouth onto the first three or four inches and sucked. It was all he needed as his big cock went rigid and sprang upward, knocking me backward onto the ground. The big horse reared up and his front legs and hooves landed on the trailer, straddling my mom's head.

She had already passed out from the whiskey but grunted every time the horse rammed her pussy until finally I held his stiff cock against her opening and let him stretch her pussy open with one swift push.

Mom screamed and her eyes came wide open at the intrusion and she looked so confused as the mighty beast impaled her on what could best be described as the big end of a baseball bat. As he kept pounding into her, she was being pushed further back in the trailer limiting how deep he could go. Mom was frantic and begged us to stop him but there was no way. I was afraid the horse would fuck her to death and I felt guilty for helping get this started.

After the first few moments of screaming and all out panic, things settled down and mom would just grunt loudly when he filled her and moan loudly when he pulled out. After a while, being the slutty trooper she was, she motioned me over to her and pulled my lips to hers and we kissed this nasty, horny, slobbery kiss while sparring with our tongues and soon I could feel her bangbros big ass cuban maid talked into giving it up for more money sliding back down the trailer to get more horse cock into her needy old pussy.

Mom pulled my hand between her and the horse and placed it flat down on her belly, where I could feel her skin rise every time the big cock slid in and out.


I could feel the cockhead as if it was in my hand and I knew the horse was way deep in her pussy because my hand was on her belly button and his cockhead was going even deeper than that. The big horse began making stabbing thrusts and mom had a scared look on her face just before her eyes fluttered and then rolled back in her head, causing her whole body to start convulsing.

I could feel the horses cock jerking inside her and then her whole belly started to swell under my hand. After emptying his huge balls, the horse just pulled out and walked away. I was afraid that the horse had ruptured something inside my mom's belly so since legal age teenager widens luscious virgin legs hardcore blowjob legs were still spread wide open, I looked inside her gaped pussy for blood but all I saw was a thick stream of milky horse cum.

When I pressed down on her swollen belly, cum flooded out of her pussy and she moaned loudly. I licked her clean knowing her abused old pussy was probably very tender. Oddly enough, the same horse took us home that night. As me and Jack were helping mom into the house, Ida came out and said "I told ya'll to watch out for them Hackleberry boys". When we got mom in bed, Ida told her "you ain't gonna be able to walk for a couple of days after fucking that horse so if you need me, just holler".

Ida told me and Jack that she was psychic and that I had fucked my own mom and also sucked my brothers cock. She told Jack "and I also know that you want to let that horse fuck you in the ass and that you secretly want to fuck your own momma too". Later that night, I was awakened by somebody climbing into bed with me.

When I turned on the night light, a naked Ida was sitting by me and she said "I like you so you can fuck me if you want".

I didn't know what to say so I asked "are you really psychic" and she laughed and said "no silly I followed you'all up there so them Hackleberry boys didn't kill you. I watched it all so that's how I knew that stuff".

I said "what about the stuff you told Jack" and again she laughed and said "Duhhh!!. he's gay and he was drooling as he watched that horse's cock fuck your mom and he was also drooling when he watched you fuck your mom".

Changing the subject back, Ida said "if you want to fuck me, I think you'll like it because I've got all the things you like".


I was confused and asked "what are you talking about" and she said "well, I ain't got no teeth and I love sucking cock and I got a nice ass you can fuck and like most girls, I got a nice tight, hairy pussy but I also got a cock that works".

I said "your messing with me again" but she just spread her legs and there was a 6 inch semi-hard uncut cock. She said "lift my balls and check it out" and so I lifted her small balls and, sure enough there was a set of pretty little pussy lips hiding a thin, wet slit surrounded by lots of red pubic hair. He said "my pussy is to small for all of them Hackleberry cocks and especially that fucking horse although I have managed to fuck him twice and he even took my ass once". As she talked, I played with her pussy that was dripping wet and I guess her two sex organs were linked because her cock had gotten hard and it too, was drooling on her belly and balls.

She said "I'll get this started" as she threw one leg over my midsection and guided my hard cock into her wet slit. Instantly, she was moaning like a porn star but it was because her little pussy was so tight. We fucked and kissed and although it took a little getting used to, we started french kissing and I actually enjoyed licking her bare gums. I was loving her little body on top of me and the freakish way she was frantically humping on my cock.

I started feeling the cum building in my balls and I wailed "get ready, I'm gonna cum" and she screamed back "meeeeee tooooooo.ohhhh Goddddddd.ohhhhhh Goddddddddddd" as her whole body jerked on top of me. As she jerked, I could feel her hard cock squirting between our bellies and her tight little pussy coated my cock and balls with hot thick cum that was very slick.

After a minute or so, she rolled off but left one leg on top of me as she rubbed my drooling cock. I wasn't ready when she sucked up a mouthful of our cum and kissed me but I wound up stealing it all back and swallowing it.

She pretended to be hurt when she said "if you really loved me, you would of saved hot bbw gets both her sweet holes fucked for me". I'm sure she was joking about the love thing but hearing her say it made me feel good, so I kissed her again. As we lay there, she told me that my dick was the perfect size for her and that she had never had an orgasm that quick.

When she got on her knees and started sucking my dick, I just lifted her little rear end up and swiveled it around and set it back down with her skinny little legs straddling my head. She moaned loudly when I took her cock in my mouth and buried my middle finger in her hot pussy. Her juices flowed as she humped my mouth and I loved it. When I started licking her clit, she screamed and her strong little legs and pussy nearly smothered me as both of her sex organs painted my face with her hot cum.

When we both relaxed, she licked all of the cum from my face and then she shared it with me again but this time I saved her some. This girl was insatiable and soon my cock was hard and she was riding me like a horse. As she humped me, she asked me what my brothers name was and when I told her "Jack", she yelled "come in Jack" and my brother opened the door and walked in. I could tell by his confused look that he didn't know how she knew he was there either. She said "hurry, strip them clothes and fuck my ass".

Jack must have been listening at the door because his cock was already hard and slid right in Ida's well lubed butt. We both fucked the shit out of her and we all managed to cum at about the same time. As things calmed down, I noticed my mom standing in the doorway with her hand in her panties. When she looked at me, she said "damn, you guys started early. I've got a bad hangover and a sore jmac carry holly mack and fuck her pussy on top naturaltits hardcore but watching that was hot".

I spread Ida's legs and moved her cock and balls aside to reveal her well used pussy and said "check this out". My mother and my brother's jaws dropped when they saw her extra parts and mom moved in closer to have a better look. Ida grabbed mom's head and forced it into her messy pussy and to my surprise, mom just started munching on it.

We all watched as mom quickly brought Ida to another body shaking orgasm and then we all collapsed into a heap on my bed. Mom couldn't fuck for 3 days because of the horse and when she finally did, it was with Ida's small cock.

The next day, she fucked my brother Jack and the following day she fucked all of us. After that it was back to the "Hackleberry's" for some intense fucking. Me, mom and Jack took a vote and decided to stay in the little town where everybody fucked everybody. Mom now helps make moonshine, Jack opened an adult book store and Ida and me are a "couple" and she's rich because her daddy's the Sheriff and he takes lots of "payoffs".