Big tits blonde eats female taxi driver

Big tits blonde eats female taxi driver
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my parents divorced when i was 10. my mother remarried in 2006, when i was 15. she married a contractor, with a bad-ass, fresh-mouthed, 16-year-old son. he had dusty blond hair, a toned, tan body. sounds nice, right? except his wordrobe consisted of nothing busty lucie wilde masturbating for her fans baggy jeans, wife beater tanks, timberland boots, and more wife beater tanks. not exactly what you'd picture Romeo wearing.

so now, a year after their marriage, i am now 16, my step-brother, 17. his name is Jayden, and a couple of days ago he was released from a Juvenille Detention Center. he was picked up by the police for assisting in a robery that his friends had committed. "your tits got bigger." i choked on the dinner i was eating, and i could feel the blood rush to my face. my mother cleared her throat, Jayden's father looked appalled.

"Jayden, please. that's anything but appropriate." "what? i was just pointing it out," he said, slouched in the antique dining chair, a blank expression on his face.

i looked down and continued to eat. so i have never been nervous around guys. i wasn't ugly, i am not fat. i'm a toned, blond, 5'4 cheerleader. infact, i have a boyfriend. but i wasn't comfortable around Jayden.

was it because i had masterbated a couple of months ago, invisioning myself tied up helplessly to his bedposts, my legs spread, whimpering while he shoved his finger harshly up my cunt, his tongue- "Lauren!" my mother shouted at me, shaking me from my thoughts. my face turned scarlet again, and Jayden snickered. "huh?" i responded. had i been thinking outloud? shit! "i was speaking to you, and your staring off into space." "i'm sorry, mom.

what did you say?" i shifted in my seat, feeling a wetness between my legs. "i was telling you that Roger and I are going to Sao Paulo this weekend. Roger has business there, so we thought we'd make a vacation out of it.

i'm going to have your Aunt Pam stay-" "mother!" i yelled, feeling embarrassed that she felt i still needed a babysitter at the age of 16!

i couldn't believe it. "i'll babysit her," Jayden said slyly. he smirked at me, enjoying the embarrassment it was causing me.

"fresh out of Juvie, we both," Roger started, referring to himself and my mother, "thought that you BOTH could use a babysitter." "mom, this isn't fair. Jayden may have just gotten out of jail, but i-" "it wasn't jail." "whatever, same thing.


but i have not done ANYTHING to deserve a babysitter. you'll only be gone one weekend!" i leaned back in my chair, arms crossed. Roger looked over at my mother. "well, Lauren is pretty responsible, maybe we should reconsider." i looked hopefully up at my mom. this would be the perfect lucy lee gets her tight cooch fucked to have Nick stay the weekend. Jayden would probably be out with his deliquent friends. i got excited.

my mother sighed. "well. i guess so. but- if i get one phone call from the police, or if this house is trashed, or if the neighbors, and you know they'll let me know EVERYTHING that goes on here, have anything bad to tell me, that's it. next time we leave, you both get a babysitter. understood?" i nodded like an idiot. Jayden mumbled something and left the table. "you won't regret it, mom." * * * * my mother and Roger left at 5 oclock sharp thursday night for their over night flight to Sao Paulo.

i was on the phone with Nick, having a heated arguement. ". what do you mean 'too busy'?! Nick- i have the whole house for the WHOLE weekend." i paced around as i argued, the phone cord from my 80's hot pink phone twisting around me.

"whatever, Nick." the shower turned off in the bathroom. i watched Jayden walk out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, his body dripping wet. i stared at his closed door for a second, before i heard Nick shouting into the phone. "whatever, Nick. i don't have time for your shit. if you cant come, then its your damn loss," i yelled, and slammed the phone down. i sat down on my bed, still looking at Jayden's closed door.

a sly smile spread across my face. maybe if i just "accidently" walked into his room right now. my phone rang again. i sighed, thinking it was Nick. "what?" i answered. "Lauren?" "oh, angie, sorry, i thought you were nick." i explained that my parents were gone for the weekend, but Nick had "other plans". "wow, sounds like you guys are finished. i would drop his sorry ass. i bet he's over at Britney's house right now, bang-" "thanks, angie. i feel SOOO much better now." she laughed into the phone.

"hey, is Jayden home?" "yeah, why?" "hmmm. what are you so upset over Nick for? if i were you, i'd be excited to have a weekend alone with my sexpot step-brother." "sex-what?" "nevermind. come on, Laur, he's sexy as hell.

he's fuckin gorgeous, and he's a bad boy. there's nothing sexier than a fine-ass bad boy. and you LIVE with him. no blood relation what-so-ever. if i were you, i'd put him over my knee and spank the-" "alright already!

christ, why don't you come over here and fuck him then," i said quietly so Jayden wouldn't hear. "shit, honey i would. but i know you got a thing for the kid." "no i don't,"i said, sitting on my bed, facing the mom gangbanged at all holes, away from the door.

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"yes you do." "he scares me." "oh geez, Laur, you need to do something WRONG in your life for once. shit, my mom's callin me, let me let you go. i'll call you later. we're partying tomarrow night." "wait, no, Angie!

my mom said-" i started, but she had already hung up. i sat my phone on the reciever and stood up to shut my blinds. i gasped, seeing Jayden's reflection in my window. i spun around. he stood there, in my room, wearing a pair of jeans that were hung low on his hips, revealing a pair of white boxers.

a single thin gold chain dangled down his bare chest. "i scare you?" "no," i said, wondering how much he'd heard. "i wasn't talking a-about great blowjob xxx one of the gals had loved our company prior smirked, and stepped closer to me.

i stepped back towards the still-open window. "why'r you backin up then?" "aren't you going out with your friends?" i asked, changing the subject. "and why were you spying on me?" Jayden shook his head and stood there infront of me. "where's your preppy herb-ass boyfriend?" he actually had it right for once. "we broke up," i said, predicting the future. i shifted my weight onto one leg, and crossed my arms, wondering what he wanted. i glanced passed him, and into his open room where i could see his bed.

stop it, Lauren, i told myself. his bed was tosseled, it looked like a tornado had ripped through his room. one probably had. i pictured myself ontop of his messy sheets, his solid body covering mine- "lauren," he said, and i looked at him. "why are you still here?" i asked. "why are you scared of me?" "i didn't say that." i rolled my eyes then saw him reach into his pocket.

he pulled out a swiss army knife and started toying with it. "then why'd you tell your girl that i scare you? and who wants to fuck me?" he asked, still playing with the knife.

i do. "God, your so conceited." was he trying to scare me with that damn knife? he could kill me right now. but if he wanted to tie me up and. "come here." i blinked, not sure i heard him right. "huh?" he tossed the knife onto my dresser. it spun once, then smacked against an old ballet music box. i looked at him and instead of repeating what he said, he motioned with his finger for me to go to him. i swallowed.

i took two steps towards him, and he grabbed me by the back of my neck, pulling me against him. i gasped, his face lowered to mine, his lips purposely inches from mine.

"do you want to fuck me?" he asked quietly, his breath on my face. i had not in any way been obvious about that. i swallowed hard. i looked at his lips and i realised i desperately wanted them all over me.

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badly. i felt his hand grip my neck tighter and i gasped again as Jayden pressed his mouth against mine. his lips crushed mine, hard, like i knew he would. nothing with him was going to be soft, and i didn't want it to be. i stepped onto my bed, our lips locked, i was bent over to still reach him. i shrugged my cardigan from my shoulders, and he lifted my skimpy tank top over my breasts. we stopped kissing to get my tank over my head and soon i was unbuttoning my own jeans. he still had not removed a thing.

i knelt down on my bed, him standing against it, and kissed him again. my hands roamed his bare chest, up and over his shoulders. i felt a scar across his back. Jayden pushed me harshly back on my bed, my chest cleavage spilling out of the top of my bra. he yanked my jeans down my legs and tossed them on the floor.

he got on my bed and knelt over me.


he looped his fingers through my thong and didn't hesitate to get rid of them. "spread your legs." "jayden- my blinds- shut my- ooooooh God," i moaned, and my back arched as he slid his tongue into my cunt. he moved his tongue up and down my slit, stopped and nibbled on my clit. i moaned loudly and gripped the back of his head, holding his face against my pussy.

he spread my legs farther, pushing on my thighs as he licked and bit every inch between my legs. then he stopped and i let go of his head.

i sat up, breathless. "don't stop, Jayden. please don't stop," i pleaded, and he shoved me back down. "shut up, Lauren." he said, and got up off my bed.

he stood against it again, facing me, and unbuttoned his jeans. my pussy throbbed waiting for him to drop those damn jeans and stick his- "come here," he ordered and dropped his jeans to his ankles.

he slid his boxers down as i knelt on the bed infront of him. my eyes widened at the size of his cock. he yanked me by the hair, not roughly, but enough to make me go to him faster. i grabbed his eight and a half inches with my hand and stroked it, kneeling infront of him, my ass in the air. he pulled naughty petite tattooed girlfriend amazed on big mad cock brunette petite and blowjob face against it until it touched my lips.

"suck it." i released it and parted my lips, the tip of his dick feeling soft as it entered my mouth. he smelled like Irish Spring soap. i pulled it out of my mouth and ran my tongue up the vien under his dick, then swirled my tongue along his head. "oh shit." he moaned, holding my head.

i cupped his balls with my hand, something Nick always liked.

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i felt my pussy growing wet again as i fucked my face with his cock. then i stopped and looked up at him, my lips feeling swollen from the friction. "close the blinds, Jayden. the neighbors-" "no," he said and pushed my head back down. "let them see what a freak my step-sister is. is your pussy wet?" i moaned as i sucked him off, then felt him bend over me and stick his fingers up my cunt.

hard. "you're wet as hell. you dirty little girl," he laughed and took his fingers out of me. i tongued his dick again. running it all around his head and up and down his cock.

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i deep throated, gagging at first, then relaxing and let it slide down my throat. i gripped his balls again, played with them in my hand. "shit, Lauren, i'm gonna cum," he said, then i felt him tighten. i wanted to know what he tasted like. i pumped my mouth faster up and down his dick, my hand beginning to jerk him off at sunny leone sex story jabardast base of his dick.

he moaned and i felt a hot liquid shoot into my mouth. i swallowed and took it all in, still sucking his dick until his was finished. Jayden moaned as i pulled back, and i sat back on the bed, my legs spread, my mouth voilated from his huge dick. my jaw hurt, but i still wanted more.

he stepped out of his jeans and knelt on the bed, naked with me now, except for my bra. his dick hardened again when he reached behind me and unfastened my bra, and took it off. he cupped my breasts in his hands, then pushed me back on my bed. he held my arms above my head and i spread my legs, letting him lay between them.

he kissed and licked my tits, sucking on each nipple. i moaned and twisted beneath him, his gold chain dangling and sliding across my stomach everytime he moved.

i closed my eyes, and groaned, biting my own lip to keep from screaming. it felt so damn good, he knew what he was doing. my back arched as he bit my nipple, my stomach against his chest. the chain once again felt cold on my stomach, adding a different sensation. my pussy throbbed and i wanted his dick in me. i tried to pry my arms free, but he gripped them tighter, holding them above my head. he kissed my collar bone, then moved up to my chin.

i opened my eyes as he kissed me again, the taste of his cum and my wetness mixing in our mouths. his lips crushed mine, and he released my arms. i wrapped my arms around his shoulders and gripped his hips with my knees as i parted my lips to let his tongue in. he sucked on my tongue, then sat back up again. "turn around," he ordered. but instead of waiting for me to turn over, he grabbed my hips and moved me himself.

i was on my knees, bent over, my ass against his hips. i was well aware that if any of our neighbors were to look outside right now, they'd see just that. the tip of his cock slid up and down my wet pussy. then in one quick motion, he slid his whole dick in me, causing me to cry out. he thrusted hard from behind me, and he held my hips so i couldn't move. his hand reach reached around and found my clit. he massaged and pinched it, sending waves of shock through my body. i could barely stand it.

"oh God, Jayden. Jayden," i moaned, my body ready to collapse from an on-coming orgasm. he held me up with his left hand, his right hand still torturing my clit. "jayden, i'm gonna cum." i cried out and my muscles tightened and released around his cock, my stomach cunvulsing in one big orgasm. he pulled out and i collapsed onto my bed.

he turned me over and spread my legs, so wide i almost screamed from the pain. he entered me again, so hard and fast i did scream. he thrusted slow then fast, hitting a spot that was about to send another orgasm through me. "oh my God." i moaned. he fucked me for a few minutes, torturing my cunt with his dick.

but before i could cum a second time, he pulled out. "suck me off again, come here," he said, then once again pulled me into a sitting position before i could move myself.

he pushed my head down and i slid his cock into my mouth, tasting my own cum. i sucked fast, and felt his dick tighten and his balls tense. his cum shot into my mouth again and i continued to suck until he finished. i licked my lips and leaned back on my bed, my legs still spread for him.

Jayden's chest rose and fell with his heavy breathing. he whiped sweat from his brow and leaned down over me. he brushed a thumb across my nipple, hardening it. "you gotta tight little body," he said, smirking at me. he kissed my lips then sat back up. "turn over." i got back on my knees, and he said, ".facing your headboard." i turned around, then bent back over infront of him.

he grabbed my wrists and put them on my headboard. i felt his hard cock against my ass and thighs as he kissed the back of my neck, then my shoulders and back. he stopped, then released one of my hands, the other still holding my hand against my headboard.

he grabbed his cock and i felt him press it against my pussy. he entered me easily, i was dripping wet. he slid in and out of me slowly, i could feel his breath on my shoulder. when his dick was well lubricated, he pulled out mateur brunette teen solo dildoe play more on sex-toys-tube ga tube porn me and i felt him press his dick against my asshole.

"Jayden-" "shut up," he said as he pushed his eight and a half inch cock into my tiny virgin ass. i cried out and tried to move, but he grabbed my other hand again, this time both hands holding me against the headboard. my hands gripped the headboard, and i kept telling myself to relax. the more his cock slid in and out, the more i tried to relax my muscles. he slid it all the way in and i screamed.

he let go of my hands and covered my mouth, my back against his chest, his other hand holding my stomach. "does it hurt, Lauren?" he asked, breathlessly.

i groaned blair william fuck with brother in home full time story he thrusted. his hand that was gripping my abs trailed down to my pussy. he found my clit and started rubbing. i felt myself pushing my ass against his dick now. he pinched and rubbed my clit. "am i scaring you?" he asked, and i could tell he was smirking.

he shoved his dick up further in me, then moved his hand from my clit to my nipples, taking his hand off my mouth. i moaned, dropping my head against his shoulder. he rubbed my clit again, and kissed my shoulder. then he shoved me foward, and i caught myself with my hands.

with his cock having better access to my ass, he thrusted harder and faster. i was bent over against him, his hand gripping, rubbing, and pinching my clit. "don't stop," i told him. "i want to cum again." "i want to cum in you," he said, out of breath. i gripped my bedsheets as he slowed, then he moaned as he came. he kept rubbing me as he shot a load into my ass, and i felt my body convulse with him.

he pulled out and i collapsed face down onto my bed. my bed moved as he sat down, next to me, and caught his breath. he bent down and picked up his boxers and jeans. i couldn't move. my ass throbbed, but the rest of me throbbed from the three orgasms he'd just given me.

my bed shifted again when he got up. i head him snicker.


"what's the matter? too much for you to handle?" he laughed and walked around my bed, pulling his boxers up, his dick now limp. without moving, i looked up at him, my face half burried in my bed. "your such a dick." he slapped me hard on the ass. "ow!" i yelled, jumping up and feeling a sting where he'd just hit me. i touched my ass. "you love my dick." he smirked, then left my room. i layed back on my bed. i DID love his dick. maybe having a deliquent bad boy step-brother wasn't so bad after all.