Japan mom n son sex stories

Japan mom n son sex stories
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Only At Bed Time It started when Lacey was four years old. She began to have nightmares and I was the one designated to go calm her down. Gladys slept the sleep of the dead and it was easier for me to get up than it was to try to pry her away from her pillow. So I got up and went to Lacey's room to calm her. I started to reach up under her short nightie and rub her bare back.

At the same time I would whisper to her that things were okay. For three years it was always the same routine, rub her back and whisper in her ear. Spicy lesbians fill up their big butts with milk and squirt it out she would go a week without the nightmares.

Other times she had them every night for up to a month at a time. Then just before her eighth birthday things changed. "Rub my tummy, Daddy," she said. She lay on her back and I rubbed her belly and her chest.

You have heard the saying, "I can do it in my sleep?" That is exactly what I started to do. I would lie down on her bed next to her and rub her belly and chest. Then I started to rub a little lower. It happened while I was half asleep at first. The night I woke up rubbing only her pussy I realized I had crossed a line and I damned well did not want to cross back. The touch of her little mound was wonderful.

It was what I had wanted all along and did not realize it until it happened. As you might expect we grew closer together If you rub a girl's pussy, even that of a little girl, you become very close.


Even Gladys noticed how Lacey had become a daddy's girl. That observation scared me. The last thing I wanted was to get arrested for messing around with my own daughter.


"Honey, we have to stop this. If I get caught, or if anyone finds out I could go to jail.," I told her with great reluctance. "Daddy, I would never tell, you know that. Please don't passion hd teen kimberly costa gets fucked Weak willed that I was, our relationship continued.

I began to slip my finger inside her and work it in and out. She loved it. All those years I had rubbed her had sensitized her whole body.

Then came the night I slipped my tongue inside her. She became ecstatic from the very first lick. Now I am not blaming Gladys for this but after our first year of marriage she cooled down and permitted me to have sex with her once a month. Even that was an unwelcome chore to her. I became a prime candidate for all that happened afterward.

By the time I was slipping my tongue in Lacey I quit fucking Gladys altogether. I didn't think she even noticed. Then one evening she said, "I am going to take the guest room." Right after that Lacy and I went sixty-nine for the first time. Damn that was good. She took to cock sucking like a fish takes to water. From the very first she swallowed. "I like to stick your soft cock in my mouth and feel it get hard," she told me once.


There were a few nights when she wanted only to suck my cock and nothing else. Gladys went to her job at the advertising agency every day and I went to my job as an air conditioning tech.

I was able to adjust my workload so I could always home when Lacy got off the school bus. Lacy would hurry up the steps and sit on the front porch to wait for me if I was late.

Otherwise I greeted her at the door. We started to shower together and dress in sports clothes before we went out for dinner together. During all this Gladys got home later and later until one night she called and told me, "I'm staying the night with a friend. See you tomorrow." I figured she had a boyfriend and did not care. The second time it happened I shrugged and hung up without answering. Then she called the next night and said she would be home Saturday, that we needed to talk.

Of course Lacey was aware of all this and did not care either. Our lives revolved around each other. Friday night I stuck my cock inside mather sleep son hot focking for the first time. Only an inch went in. I worked it in and out slowly and Lacey moaned and whispered, "Deeper, more." It took an hour before I touched bottom and slowly worked out again. When I cum in her she went lusty lassies blow cocks in an orgy group sex brunette. "I love you, Daddy.

I love you," she moaned over and over again. We went to sleep with me still in her. I felt complete. Not quite ten and Lacy was a hundred times the woman her mother ever was. Gladys came early Saturday morning. She had a woman with her I never met before.

"This is Wanda," Gladys told me. "We are lovers." Now that set me back on my heels. Lacy came downstairs fully dressed and crossed the room to stand by me. She hugged herself up against me for protection. "I do not want to go with you," she told her mother before anything was said.

"If you make me go with you I will hate you." She sounded so grown up about it Gladys only nodded. I believe my wife was relieved she would not be saddled with a daughter.

Her friend gave Lacy a hungry look that sent a warning signal to me. Wanda then looked at me and sneered. She went into Gladys' room and helped her pack. A half hour later they reappeared.

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"Gladys said, "We have ten thousand dollars equity in the house. If you don't try to get me for child support you can have the house." I nodded and told her, "Give me your address and phone number.

I'll pay for a no contest divorce and you grant me sole custody. For all the emotion we showed we might as well have been talking about the weather.

She nodded and wrote her new address and phone number on one of her business cards. I took the card and they left. "Let's fuck, Daddy," Streaming sex mofos full sex stories said and undressed. "We need to celebrate." I took my clothes off and we had sex on the living room floor. I cum in her again and she slipped down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me hard. She kept sucking harder and harder until I cum again.

She licked me clean and said, "We can go again after a while." Just then I got an emergency service call and took Lacey with me. She had ridden along with me before so this was old stuff to her. It was a nice house in an upscale neighborhood. An attractive woman about my age came to the door. She saw Lacey and exclaimed, "Oh, you brought help with you." She smiled and we entered. She showed me where the AC unit was and I got busy.

A young guy about fourteen came down and asked Lacey, "You want to come upstairs and fool around?" "Daddy?" Lacey asked. "Sure, Honey," I told her. Just as I got finished, almost an hour later, Lacey came back down. "I better wait here with you. Danny was fucking his sister and wanted me to join in.

Their mom was watching." Lacey did not sound very shocked. It was more like she just was not interested. The woman I had thought my age turned out to be ten years older. She had her son Danny who was fourteen and a daughter thirteen.

She came flying down the stairs and did not try to make any denials. "Please," she asked, "you aren't going to make any trouble for us are you?" I looked at Lacey and asked, "What do you think, sweetheart?" "Well, he is kind of cute and his sister isn't ugly." She grinned at me.

"We would be the last people to make you any trouble. Isn't that right, Baby?" "We were going to order pizza and have a pool party. Would you care to join us?" "Could we, Daddy?" "We don't have any suits with us." "We don't use any swim suites either," Danny grinned and said he would order sweet lips sucking his dick pizza.

Carla, the mother, led the way back upstairs and out through the patio, Just outside the door there were hooks. She undressed first. Lacey and a beautiful young girl who was just getting a fine set of tits on her followed suit. I undressed and hung my uniform on the hook provided. Carmen, the young girl had a light sprinkling of hair on her pussy. Danny dropped to his knees and gave her pussy a few licks and then did the same to Lacey.

It made me jealous to see someone else have sex with her. Carmen came over to me and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked me until I was almost ready to cum. Then she stopped. Carla had a glazed look to her eyes and fucked herself with a vibrator. "Danny, come here." She called. She slipped the vibrator out and Danny took her standing up.

"Fuck me," Carmen said to me and lay down on the grass. I got down on top of her and started to fuck her slow. I cum a half hour later and looked over to see Danny had finished his mother and was on top of Lacy. As soon as Danny cum Carmen hurried over and began to lick all the cum out of Lacey's pussy.

My daughter had her first orgasm. Just as Carmen finished licking Lacey Danny had her roll over and he licked my cum out of his sister. We were all fucked out. Danny slipped on his shorts and brought the pizza back when it arrived.

I was hungry. All that sex with these people on top of Lacey earlier and me at home just about wore me out. "There is a group of us who meet in each others' homes on Sunday mornings.

We all share similar interests. In fact Carmen had her first gang bang when she was eleven years old at one of those meetings. I believe you and Lacey would fit right in. We call it 'The Father's Club. However with the number of mothers joining that name is going to have to be changed." We made a date for the following morning and I collected the check for the job and we went home.

"Daddy, when I am fourteen I want to have your baby," Lacey told me as we drove home. "Better put me on the pill." She is sixteen now and our two year old son is tinyk little teen squirter sally squirt fucked great shape.

We go to the Sunday meetings about once a month and she stays on the pill. We plan another baby soon so we will stay away until she is pregnant. I get a kick out of watching her suck another guy's cock. That is all she will do until my seed is planted deeply inside her.

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It's our life and we love it.