Stranded ella hughes repays a stranger with a blowjob

Stranded ella hughes repays a stranger with a blowjob
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The Family Whore My wife and I have four of the nicest kids in the world. Mandy is the light of my life at fourteen years old. She is absolutely adorable. She has straight light brown hair to her waist, she is five feet two inches tall, and she weighs one hundred and five pounds. She has just gotten into her first B-cup bra and is very proud of her tits.


She is also an A-student and reads all of the time. Our boys Tom, Dick, and Harry are thirteen, twelve, and eleven respectively. They are active boys to say the least. Over active is more like it. They play every sport that they cane fit in my wife's busy schedule. My wife is a stay at home mom, the kids taxi service, and our chief cook and bottle washer. In essence my wife works more hours in a day than I do but then again she gets lots of time to herself when they are in school.

I married her when she was twenty years old. That was fifteen years ago. She is one fine looking lady too. Not only do I know how fine looking my wife is but my friends tell me constantly plus I can see every head in the stores turn to watch her when she passes by them.

We are very sexually active in the privacy of our own bedroom however I pretty babe sucks bbc pornstars and hardcore pat her ass or feel a breast whenever I want too, even in front of the kids.

Then everything changed one Friday afternoon when I only worked a half-day. Tommy said that he had seen Mandy sucking his friend's cock out behind the garage. My wife rushed out to hot blonde milf with big tits fucking with doll. Sure enough she caught Mandy in the act and sent the boy home.

When she came into the house I could see her fingers entwined in Mandy's hair and she was crying. My wife dragged her to me and forced Mandy to sit on the floor at my feet. She kept a hold of her hair though. My wife said, "Okay young lady tell your father what you were doing!" Mandy was crying so hard that she could hardly speak but said, "I was sucking Billy's cock!" My wife said, "Tell him where!" Mandy said, "Behind the garage!" My wife asked, "Where everyone could see you doing it?" Mandy said, "Yes!" My wife asked, "Do you like sucking cock young lady?" Mandy said, "I think so!

It was my first time! Honest it was mom!" My wife asked, "What else have you let Billy or any other boys do to you?" Mandy said, "I have let a few boys see my tits and pussy!" My wife asked, "What else!" Mandy said, "I have let Billy feel me up!" My wife asked, "What does 'feel you up' mean and I want details!" Mandy cried some more and said, "I let him kiss me, suck my nipples, and I let him poke his fingers in my pussy!" My wife asked, "Anything else?" Mandy cried harder and said, "I let him put his cock in my pussy, but not all the way!" My wife asked, "What do you mean by not all the way?" Mandy said, "Just a couple of inches then it starts to hurt so I make him stop!" My wife asked her, "How many times have you let him stick his cock in your pussy?" Mandy said, "Only three times!

Honest!" My wife said, "Remove your clothes! All of them!" Mandy started to get up and that pleased my wife. Then she started to leave the living room. My wife asked, "Where do you think you're going young lady?" Mandy said, "Up to my room to undress!" My wife said, "Oh no you're not!

If you can show your tits and pussy to a 'few' boys then you can show them to your father and your brothers too!" Mandy resolved herself to her fate but then said, "Not in front of my brothers!

Please mom! Not in front of them!" My wife replied, "Yes in front of your brothers, your uncles, or even the mailman if I tell you too! Is that clear?" Mandy lowered her eyes muttering her acceptance and then started to pull her T-shirt up over her head revealing her pretty new bra that we had just bought for her.

She lowered her jeans to her ankles and stepped out of them after stepping out of her shoes first. Standing right in front of my knees she looked at me with pleading eyes begging for me to stop this humiliation. I did not but her three brothers came around behind my chair to get a better view of their sister. My wife sat on the arm of my chair to watch her too.

I wrapped my arm around my wife's waist and placed my hand on her leg. Mandy took in a deep breath, sighed, and reached behind her back for the bra hooks. When she undid the hooks the bra stayed in place. Mandy then placed one hand on a breast and pulled one strap down off her shoulder. She placed the other hand on her other breast and removed the other strap too. When she had stalled all she could she lowered the bra cups revealing her young firm breasts and hard perky nipples to us all.

She didn't realize what she had been doing but by removing her clothes in slow motion she really gave us a much better show. If she had just simple undressed as quickly as she could have I would have been disappointed.

My wife knew that from all of the times that I have watched her undress like a stripper for me. Then Mandy lowered her panties. Once again she did so slowly and that only prolonged her torment longer. When she stepped out of her panties she stood straight up with her hands clasped behind her back for inspection. My wife looked at me and said, "Check for her hymen!" As I reached my hand out Mandy opened up her stance for me.

As my fingers approached her pussy tears ran down her face anew. I leaned forward and used both hands to open her pussy lips up and try to insert my middle finger in her vagina. She was dry so I pulled my finger back out and sucked on it. I left it wet with my spit as I slipped it back in between her puffy lips. This time I got it in to the first knuckle. I could have gone further but I wanted this to last like her slow motion undressing.

I put that finger up to my nose and smelled her natural odor. Then I tasted her pussy and I liked it. I coated my finger with more saliva and slipped it back into her pussy. As I approached the second knuckle I felt resistance. I left my finger inside her as I said, "Yes I feel her hymen! Mandy is neighbor house girl fuck young boy a virgin!" I saw the relief on Mandy's face as I said that.

Then I saw the panic her face as my wife spoke. "Break it! Break it now! Then use two finger to open her up good!" Mandy started shaking uncontrollable, her knees went weak, and she slumped to the carpet. My hand went with her and I slipped out of my chair onto the floor with her. She was in a trance. My wife got on the floor with us while the boys stood and tried to find the best vantagepoint. I decided to do what my wife wanted me to do because actually it excited the hell out of me.

I forced my finger in past her hymen breaking it in the process. She cried some more. I poked her with my middle finger about a dozen times more.

Mandy just kept crying. Personally I didn't think I had inflicted all that much pain. I figured that she was mostly embarrassed to beat hell with her father finger fucking her and her brothers watching.

As was suggested I placed two fingers at her entrance and pushed in both my index and middle fingers. I felt muck more resistance this time and had to fuck her with my fingers getting in a little further each time. Finally I had both fingers all the way into her virgin pussy and kept fucking her with them.

I reached up with my other hand and played with her clit. Mandy said, "No! Please don't do that daddy!" Needless to say, I did not stop tickling her clit or pushing my fingers up into her. Then I realized why she didn't want me to play with her clit, she had an orgasm with everyone watching.

It was a very good one too, probably the first one she ever experienced by someone else's hand. Mandy made a real spectacle of herself too. She moaned, she groaned, she thrashes about, and the whole time she was shouting, "Fuck me daddy! Fuck me daddy! Make me your little whore!" What! Had I head her correctly? Did she really say that? Yes she did and several times I might add. I wouldn't stop playing with her clit and giving her orgasms until I was positive of what I had heard.

Still, had I really heard it? Then I heard my three sons chanting, "Fuck her daddy! Fuck her daddy! Make her your little whore!" I must have heard her right. We all must have heard her right. My daughter wanted me to fuck her and make her my little whore. I didn't even think she knew the meaning of fuck and whore. These girls grow up so quickly these days. My wife leaned in closer stepmom finds stepsons taboo porn stash and got curious said, "Do it!

Give her what she wants! Our little girl wants to be your whore! Let her! Fuck her! Take her virginity! Half of a little boy's cock didn't count! He didn't even take her cherry, you did! Now take the rest of it! Fuck her!" As I was thinking about it my wife was undoing my pants and trying to get them off of me.

She had my cock out and she knew that I had to be very excited to be that hard. I sure was hard. Most of the time I listen to my cock, it is a very wise cock, and at this moment it was telling me to fuck my daughter. After all it was clearly what she wanted too.

Wasn't it? So I stood up, dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles, and squatted back down between her outstretched legs. Everything was bunched up around my shoes but it wouldn't hinder me in the least. I positioned my cock where my two fingers had been and pushed it in. I did it as slowly as I possibly could to prolong my pleasure. When I was in all the way I started my fucking motion.

Mandy opened her eyes, smiled up at me, and said, "Thank you daddy! I have wanted this for so long! I only tried Billy and the other boys because I didn't think that you would fuck me!" At that point Mandy and I were the only two people in the whole world. I had shut out the fact that my wife and my three sons were watching me fuck Mandy. It became more romantic and pleasant instead of a circus act.

I fucked into Mandy for quite a while. I didn't know why I could last that long in a tight virgin pussy until later when I saw a big puddle of cum in my underwear.

When I pulled out Tom asked, "Mom can I fuck her now?" My wife responded with, "Ask your father she is his little whore!" Then Mandy said, "Daddy can I be the Family Whore instead!" I said, "Okay!

Mandy you are now officially the Family Whore! Boys you can each fuck her once!" Then I sat back up foxy girl was brought in anus loony bin for uninhibited treatment my chair to watch.

My wife had removed her skirt and panties and was naked from the waist down. She backed up and sat in my lap slowly tucking my cock into her dripping cunt as she did so.

I hadn't even know that it was hard again. I reached around and unbuttoned her blouse and removed it for her. Then I unhooked her bra and slipped that off too. Dick was watching Tom fuck Mandy and waiting for his turn. Harry the eleven-year-old had his eyes glued to his mother's tits as they jiggled while I fucked her. My wife noticed and pulled him to her breasts and let him suckle while we fucked. She likes having me suck her breasts so this was giving her satisfaction at both ends at the same time.

I was in no hurry to come, especially with this being my third time to cum in an hour. Besides I wasn't in control of the fucking motion. In this position I had very little friction but actually I was enjoying soaking my cock in a nice warm pussy. Together we watched Tom cum in Mandy's pussy and get out, then Dick cum in her too and got out, and we were watching Harry fucking her at the moment. Tom and Dick came up to suck their mother's tits like their brother had. When Harry finished cumming in his sister my wife pushed the boys away from her breasts and told them to suck Mandy's tits all they wanted too.

My wife got off my lap raw oriental oral stimulation and titty fuck japanese hardcore said that she had to start dinner.

She looked at my unfinished erection and said, "Use Mandy's hole if you want to take care of that!" Well as a danejones hd woman has teen dripping with joy hot scene of fact I did want to take care of it. So I pushed the boys out of the way and took my turn.

Mandy was a lot tighter and the friction was really there but then again I shot a load in my underwear and another load in her pussy already, so I was in no hurry still. I slow fucked Mandy while her brothers watched. The cum from her three brothers was oozing out with every inward stoke. Mandy looked up at me and smiled, "Oh daddy!

You don't know how good this feels!" I replied, "I know how good you make incesto julia is sad and dad consoles feel! Does that count?" Mandy replied, "I think so!" As I slow fucked Mandy she told me about the four boys that she had stripped for in our garage. She told me a little more about how Billy had felt her up and tried to poke his little cock in her but she wouldn't let him hurt her.

She said Billy's cock was even smaller than Harry's cock. Then she said that it really was her first time to let him put his cock in her mouth. She sort of liked it but sort of didn't like it too. It was kind of nice to feel inside her mouth but it tasted like pee. Then mom caught her and it was all over. Hearing that, it was all over for me too. I filled her with cum. During dinner none of us bothered to get dressed. I sit at the head of indian babe blowjob in restaurant toilet mms indian sex table with my wife and daughter next to me.

Tom sits at the other end with his two brothers next to him. So I got to look at and touch my girl's tits all the time I was eating and I loved it. Finally I said, "Okay! Listen up! Here is the way it is going to be! Your sister will be our Family Whore but she still belongs to me!

By family I mean just that, our family, the six of us! Don't be going to school and telling your friends all about it and don't be bringing them home to fuck your sister either! Keep your mouths shut if you want to fuck! If word of this gets out your mother and I could be in serious trouble!

Understood?" I got a round of "Yes!" Then I told them, "Your mother is NOT your family whore! Is that understood?" I got another round of, "Yes!" I continued, "Your mother can let you fuck her if she wants you too! However you should always start with Mandy! Mandy, you are the Family Whore so they can use your body anytime they want to within the confines of this house!


Is that clear?" Again I got another round of, "Yes!" I continued, "Mandy, you are to be totally naked inside the house as long we are alone! If there are any guests here you will dress appropriately! Is that clear?" Mandy said, "Yes it is!" My wife looked at me to see if I was done speaking and then she said, "Okay then! Mandy, go in the living room and suck your brother's cocks! I want you to swallow their cum too! Understand?" Mandy smiled and said, "Yes mom!" My wife turned to me and said, "You get to help me with the dishes!" I smiled and started stacking the dishes up to carry out into the kitchen while my wife started the dishwater.

Since we were both naked I played with her tits, ass, and pussy while she washed the dishes. She realized that I wasn't going to dry the dishes and put them away so she sent me in to Mandy telling me that I should break in her cherry ass too.

Then she told me where the big tube of K-Y Jelly was in her nightstand. While I was getting the K-Y Jelly I saw several of my wife's dildos and picked out the long double-ended one because it was slightly smaller than my cock. I planed to open her ass up gently. When I got back downstairs Mandy was finishing up with Harry's blowjob.

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She looked up at me, stuck out her tongue so that I could see that his cum was still on it, and then swallowed it. When I told Mandy that I wanted to fuck her in her ass she cringed but decided that she really was my whore so I could do whatever I wanted to do to her. She only asked that I be gentle. I applied a liberal amount of K-Y Jelly to her rectum and to my fingers. She accepted one finger easily then a second finger with just a little difficulty but the third finger hurt her a lot.

I decided to try the double-ended dildo next and greased it up. Mandy took it very well inch by never ending inch. I could not believe that I got almost twelve of the eighteen inches into her rectum. She said that it was very uncomfortable and had been especially so the last few inches.

About then my wife came in, took one look at what was hanging out of Mandy's ass and told me that I should have given her an enema first. Oh yeah! I forgot! So the boys and I followed Mandy and her mother up to our master bathroom where she keeps her combination douche bag and enema bag. She had Mandy bend over and grab her ankles. She filled her ass up good. Mandy had to hold it in for as long as she could before flushing her bowels out into the toilet. This was repeated a second time.

Next my wife took Mandy into our bedroom, applied the K-Y Jelly to her asshole and then slipped almost the entire eighteen inch double-ended dildo into Mandy's rectum with ease. Next my wife greased up my cock and told me to give Mandy a cum enema. Mandy cried for a little while because I was stretching her ass a little bit bigger than she could actually handle. Mandy never asked me to stop though. Once she had excepted the anal intrusion I started fucking her in long slow strokes.

Her mother slipped a hand under Mandy and played with her clit to take the edge off the anal pain. Her two younger brothers got on their backs under her tits and started nursing on them. Her oldest brother Tom xxx sunny lennon sex storys com in front of her so that she could suck his cock.

At that moment I had to smile thinking about our new Family Whore allowing all five of us to enjoy her body at the same time and this was only her first day on the job too. I finished fucking Mandy's ass and was able to shoot a good amount of cum up her butt before pulling out.

Tom wanted to butt fuck her too but Mandy begged me not to let him that night. She promised me that she would allow all three of her brothers to fuck her ass tomorrow if they would only space them out a few hours apart. I agreed and told the boys to use her pussy and mouth all they wanted but that ten o'clock would be their bedtime and that they would have to leave Mandy alone. I instructed Mandy to come to my bed at ten o'clock and told her not to be late.

When the kids sex makes curvy beautiful hottie cum a lot gone my wife and I talked. First I asked my wife to give Mandy an enema, a douche, and to have her take a shower before getting into bed on my side. I wanted to be in the middle of my two girls. Then we discussed our Family Whore. My wife thought that Mandy was doing very well.

She would definitely enjoy sex with a future husband and the boys would also learn to become better lovers. My wife was also pleased that she could make my fantasy come true. Yes it's true I had been trying to find a way to fuck my daughter ever since she turned thirteen.

My wife knew all about my desire because it had been the subject of many of our better sexual encounters. My wife would tell me about everything sexual with Mandy in great detail to get me excited. That's why I knew all about her new B-cup bras. My wife had seen Mandy's bare breasts in the changing room and tried to give me a visual image of how nice they really were. However today when I saw them myself for the first time I was very impressed.

At ten o'clock Mandy came into our bedroom as she was told to do. My wife took her into our bathroom and gave her an enema, a douche, and then got in the shower with her.

When my two girls came to bed I was in the middle where I belonged. Both girls cuddled into me and placed their heads on my shoulders. My arms wrapped around them with a tit in each hand.

When I tweaked Mandy's nipple she cooed softly. I asked Mandy how she liked her day and she said that it was fantastic, even when I took her virgin pussy and her virgin butt. Mandy said that her three little brothers were horny little fuckers and that between the three of them they had fucked her pussy thirteen times and her mouth eleven times.

Holly shit that evens out to eight times apiece. I only fucked her ass once, her pussy three times, and I got a blowjob. Oh yeah and my wife wanted sex too. My wife had let her sons suck her tits but she hadn't let them fuck her or given them blowjobs, yet! Bright and early that Saturday morning I was awakened by someone sucking on my cock. I hadn't had that happen in a long time. I remembered my fabulous little Family Whore then I opened my eyes, turned my head, and saw Mandy still sound asleep.

My wonderful wife was turned on more than ever by all of the sex in the house. I whispered, "Love you!" To which my wife answered, "You will in another minute! I want to get mine early today before you give it all away!" Halfway through our love making with my wife on top and me playing with her swinging breasts Mandy opened her eyes and asked, "Don't you two ever get enough sex?" To which my wife answered, "No!

Do you?" Mandy smiled and said, "I sure did yesterday! That's for sure! Up until then I couldn't get enough either!" My wife asked, "Are you ready to go to work yet?" Mandy answered, "Yes! I think so!" My wife said, "Okay then! Go pee first then wake Tommy up with a blowjob but let him cum in your ass!" Mandy smiled and said, "Okay! That sounds like fun!" My wife then said, "Be sure to take care of your other two brothers too! Double up!

Put one in your mouth and one in your pussy at the same time!" Once Mandy was gone my wife kissed me very passionately and continued to ride me cock as she said, "I love having Mandy openly sexually active!

It makes me so horny that I want sex all the time too!" I said, "I sure like this new you!" My wife smiled, squeezed her pussy muscles, and milked the cum right out of my balls.

I got my cock sucked clean and we went down to start breakfast with my cum dripping down my wife's legs. Along the way we looked in on Mandy. She was being double-teamed by Dick in her pussy and Harry in her mouth. My wife told them to come down to breakfast when they were finished and she told Mandy not to clean up that we wanted to see how messy she was after servicing her three brothers in her three holes. Mandy couldn't talk with her mouth full but waved her hand letting us know that she had heard us.

As we were finishing up the bacon and eggs the kids came down. I poured the orange juice while my wife inspected Mandy's dripping holes. She shoved two fingers up Mandy's ass to see if she was okay and she was. Otherwise Mandy wouldn't have taken her two fingers that well. We sat and ate, then my wife told the four kids to get dressed, go outside, and play with their friends until noon. They were not to feel their sister up outdoors or tell anyone about our new activities.

They were also to be home by noon for lunch. Together we washed up the breakfast dishes, started a couple loads teen sex teen sex pela prova pornporn clothes, and vacuumed the downstairs.

We finished changing all of the beds in time to start lunch. It was simple, just soup and sandwiches. Right afterwards we all went up to Mandy's bedroom.

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Harry got on his back with Mandy riding his cock, Dick got in her ass, and she sucked Tom's cock. This was her very first triple penetration but certainly not her last one.

When they were done my wife told them to clean up, get dressed, go back outside, and play some more. However they were to be home by five o'clock and that then they were in for the night after that.

My wife put on a very sexy transparent negligée to excite me but not so that she could use me she wanted me primed for Mandy. She had it all worked out that after dinner she and Mandy would get into a sixty-nine with Mandy on top and that I would butt fuck Mandy with her nose rubbing my balls as they passed by.

I got very excited listening to her and told her that I couldn't wait until after dinner. So my wife slipped on a dress and went outside looking for Mandy. The two girls returned a short while later.

We went up to our bedroom and acted out the scene perfectly. Mandy had adjusted very well to my cock in her ass. Meanwhile my wife was sampling two of her son's cum at the time. When we were done the boys knocked on the door and asked if they could have sex with Mandy too. Of course they could! They said they would rather have sex with Mandy than to go out and play anymore. I knew amateur blond bbw christina curves fucks for first time how they felt.

So my wife and I watched as Mandy sat on Tom's cock, let Harry slip his in her freshly used ass, and then sucked on Dick's dick. In roughly eight hours that Saturday Mandy took all four of our cocks up her ass and loved it. After dinner my wife sucked her three sons hard and had them fuck Mandy's pussy.


Then she sucked my cock and told me to fuck Mandy in any hole that I wanted to since she belonged to me. I decided that I really liked anal sex with my daughter. I know my wife was just happy that I wasn't begging to butt fuck her anymore. I guess she just wasn't trained very well when she was younger. Mandy's future husband won't have that problem!

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