Sexy hot stripteasing babe at home seducing with her hot stuff on webcam

Sexy hot stripteasing babe at home seducing with her hot stuff on webcam
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Summer break was finally here, and Debbie was ready. She loved going to college, one it was away from her overly demanding mother and over protective father. She could be herself. Now two years at the University of Arkansas, Debbie had made a name for herself. She didn't mind one bit. Her roommates were almost as bad. Both roommates, however, had gone back home sensualclub erica vieira chat dreamcam to Tulsa where Debbie was from and one back to Florida.

Debbie was almost tempted to go, but she wanted to do something wild. Besides she went to Fla last year. Debbie sat at her desk and flipped on her computer.


First, she sat and stared at the Google Chrome emblem on her screen not knowing what to type. She needed an outlet to let herself go with no one who knew her. She wanted just to crank up her kinky side to the max if she could. She began thinking about her all time fetish, wetting or commonly known as pissing herself.

She loved it, hell she loved everything about piss, she got turned on just thinking about it.

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Her first time was her last week of high school. She was staying with her best friend Julie, they were laying in bed one night, and sometimes early in the morning, Debbie woke up to a warm feeling on her leg. At first, she thought she had wet the bed, but when the flow of warmness kept going, she realized it was her friend who was wetting the bed.

They were snuggled up to each other and Julie had her leg thrown over Debbies. Now Debbie wasn't a lesbian or even Bi for that matter but them snuggling meant nothing to her they had done it since grade school.

Debbie lay there feeling the warmness and felt a funny feeling down within, and it was growing stronger, Debbie was getting turned on. Julie woke a few seconds later when she realized she had pissed the bed she started crying and cussing herself. Debbie wrapped an arm around her and held her close. "it's ok Julie, it's between you and me my secret." Julie looked up at her best friend. "You wouldn't understand." "Bullhockey, what do you mean I wouldn't know, I've been your BF for how long.

Pull your head out of your butt. Try again." Julie turned her eyes away, "I get turned on by doing it and have been for a long time, I usually can control it, I didn't want to in front of you. I didn't want you to think of me as a freak." Debbie stroked her friend's hair. "You are a freak Julie, but then that makes me a freak too. For some reason when I woke up and felt it was you I got highly turned on." Just as she said it, she rolled Julie on her back and sat on her stomach.

Her panties began to darken, and pee began to puddle on Julie's belly. "This is for pissing on my leg." When she was done, she rolled off Julie and shoved her hand down her panties and started fingering her pussy. She looked over at Julie who was doing the same. From that day on Debbie loved piss. She broke from her day dream and started typing for what she put "kinky destinations." As she scanned the different locations, none of which were even close, she decided to add some other criteria.

Finally after nearly an hour of looking she found a place to go. As she had been looking she had started feeling the urge to pee. She kept it held in as long as she could and trying to make the feeling even stronger by continually drinking water.

By the time she had finished writing all her info down, she was squirming in her chair like a five-year-old. She had one hand between her legs, as though that was going to hold the flood back. The computer desk was sitting next to the kitchen, but Deb wanted to make it to the bathroom, but the more she thought about it, she had held on longer than she should have and get up was probably going to cause her muscles to loosen their grip. She quickly stood, and as she thought would happen her body let a trickle go, It was just enough it ran down her leg.

Debbie turned and stood on the kitchen floor. Standing there she put a hand down her pants and started rubbing her clit. She relaxed her muscle, she looked down and watched and felt the wetness hit her pants and start running down her leg. Her orgasm was instant, her knees got a week, and before she could finish peeing she allowed her self to drop to the ground, she lay down in the puddle that was forming under her.

She continued to play with her clit and let her piss flow. Not wanting to stop she finally removed her hand from her piss sex com xxx mature and girl story pants, rolling over she lay on her belly and with both hands pushed her body back into the piss puddle.

She took a deep inhale of the floor. She was in heaven as far as she was concerned. Debbie laid and rolled in her puddle and fingering her pussy for several minutes; she had even stripped off her wet clothes and thrown them towards the laundry room but kept her panties, those she shoved in her mouth.

Finally, she stood up and looked at the mess she had made. "Well looks like I gotta clean up but the first time for a bath and to email Julie." Debbie jumped into her truck, her body still tingling from her fun in the kitchen.

She didn't want to get showered, but she didn't want the truck to smell. When she bought her newest pickup, she had plastic put down the put a Styrofoam cushion over the seat covers to protect the seats from accidents. Being that she was also short, it gave her just enough of a boost to see over the dash of her pick up.

She left the apartment and headed toward the main highway. Memphis was her destination, during her search she found a BDSM club there that specialized in every kink that was legal, and a few illegal. When she bought her first pickup, her dad insisted that she have a CB in it, hot brunette rided a large dick and got facial cum she got the new one he transferred it to the new truck. She had rarely ever turned it on, but she didn't travel much, so she had no use for it.

She reached down and turned it on; the channel was still set to 19. At first, all she heard was static, what she knew of CB's was range was not that big but the closer she got to the highway she could her bits and pieces of drivers talking.

After a couple of minutes, Debbie turned onto I49 and headed south. She knew she could have gotten onto the back roads and headed directly east, but she was in a kinky mood and felt like teasing the truckers.

Debbie set her cruise at 67; she knew from experience that she would catch the slower trucks and be able to just ease by them and they big tits office girl love to fuck hardcore movie be able to catch mind control mother and sister corey chase. As she approached the tunnel she saw three big trucks enter the tunnel, she figured they would be easy enough to catch.

As she started up the hill Debbie shucked off her shorts; she wanted easy access and easy view of her pussy. As far as her tits went, she didn't care they were nothing to be proud of.

Unlike her mom's large 44 DD's Debbie ended up with B cups. Though it wasn't hard to attract boys, she still was ashamed of them. Passing through the tunnel, she saw the group of trucks at the bottom of the hill getting ready to start up the next incline, and based on distance she would catch them before they topped the hill.

Debbie was already rubbing her clit making herself nice and wet. Her finger slid in with ease. Deb had no intentions on a quick orgasm, she not only planned on torturing the large ramrod is a challenge girlfriend hardcore but herself. She loved teasing herself, her orgasms were always massive, and if she timed it right, she would find a more than willing trucker to her what she wanted and then fuck her.

Of course, she did not intend on climbing into no big truck, but she did plan on getting fucked outside somewhere. Just as she crested the hill, she caught up with the last big truck. It looked as if he was gaining some speed so she wouldn't have to let off the gas. She eased up along side and started to rub her pussy.

She loved her truck cause she got a good view of the truckers and could tell if they were watching. If they were exceptionally cute, she would slow down and give them a longer show. She glanced over, and sure enough, he was watching. She watched as he grabbed the mic for his radio, and loud and clear she heard him on hers. "HOLY SHIT this girl ain't got no panties on, hell she ain't got no pants on for that matter." Another driver, she guessed was just ahead keyed up.

"Where she at the driver, and whats she doing." "She is fingering her pussy. Ah hell, she just looked at me and smiled." The driver gave a toot of his horn. "Damn it driver you lucky bastard, where is she?" She could hear the excitement in his voice. "We just passed the 37mm, she's in a black Mom son bsd top mm pickup, and looking fine as fuck." The driver waved as she began to pull away.

"Oh hell, that's her behind me. I hope she still got those pants off, damn this is a good day." Deb laughed when he said that. One thing she could count on was making a drivers day when she road around teasing.

A few minutes she eased up along side the next trucker. She reached over and grabbed a toy from her travel bag. She put it in her pussy and started easing it in and out. When she came up with the cab, the driver was looking. When he saw her looking, he stood up and turned his body side ways revealing a nice sized cock. She smiled and removed the toy and put it in her mouth and sucked all her juices off it.

She thought the driver was going to lose his mind when she did. "OH Damn this girl is a kinky one. She just pulled her dildo out of her pussy and sucked her juices off it and even deep throated it. Fuck I get home in about an hour my wife is getting her brains fucked out." Once she cleared the truckers, she grabbed the mic. "Thank you, boys, for the compliment, but I have to get going, and kinky dreams to you both." She put down the mike and resumed fucking her pussy nice and slow. One driver keyed up.

"Aw come on darling how about you pull over at the next exit, and we can play." "Aw driver I would love to, but I don't get into trucks with a strange man. But I'll make you a deal if you can catch me on my next rest stop you are more than welcome to dip your wick into my hot little slit.

I know it will slide in nice and easy cause I have myself soo wet. I'm soo horny right now teasing my pussy with this toy, easing it in and out real slow." She laughed as she unkeyed the mic. That driver had to be beside himself right now and probably hard as a rock. "What rest area sweetheart, I'll be there?" The driver said with lust in his voice.

"Now darling I can't tell you that you will have to find me." Hot blonde gets fucked on webcam part giggled and passed on the pedal. About 45 minutes xxcom 2019 full sex stories vide she was on me 40 several miles from I49 and back at cruising speed.

She had already passed several trucks and those who radios were commenting on her, In fact by the time she passed the 55mm The line of trucks was as far as the eye could see. She smiled to herself.

"Now to find a rest area and a willing driver. After what seemed like forever she passed the 193mm, she had passed a few other rest areas, she hadn't found a driver she liked, and the rest areas didn't offer the seclusion she wanted. By now she had lost count of the multiple mini orgasms she had had. Her seat was wet, she needed to piss, and she needed to fuck and cum bad. She passed a couple of trucks and saw the stunning milf slut with big tits takes a dong up her asshole pornstars and brunette for the rest area.

She had gotten a few honks of the horn from a few drivers. She approached the exit and took the ramp. As she neared the cut off between trucks and cars, she noticed to rigs get off as well. She headed to the other side and parked so she could see the parking lot. As she sat in her seat she pulled on her pants; both trucks parked, both drivers exited their trucks. One from what she could tell was a lean man, and the other was well built and muscled.

She got out of her truck and as soon as she caught their attention she motioned to the wooded area close by. Debbie grabbed a blanket and made her way into the woods when she found a spot she laid out the blanket, as the two men approached one gave the other a friendly shove.

"Now now boys no shoving there is enough for both of you. But first one or both of you must do something for little old me. "What you want sweetheart?" The larger of the two said. "Well if one of you would be such a dear and drop your pants and give me your piss." A smile broadened across her face. "What the fuck your one sick bitch. Why the fuck would we do that." The thinner fellow said. "Because baby I love it and it makes my pussy so wet when A man pisses on me." She knelt down on the blanket.

"Once your done one can fuck my mouth, and the other can fuck my tight pussy, and when you want you can cum all over me. Deal?" "Well, she asked for it," The larger of the two said, and he stepped up and dropped his pants, removing his large dick, Debbies eyes almost popped out of her head.

He aimed and let a torrent of piss. Debbie lowered one hand to her pussy and started playing with her clit. She opened her mouth and drank some she lowered her head and allowed it to drench her hair. She enjoyed the flow. The other guy stepped up and relieved himself as well. Now she had two streams of piss to play in. She was in heaven. As the other driver piss began to dwindle, she took his cock in her hand and started to stroke. The second driver's piss stream dwindled as well and she took him in her other hand then pulled both of them to her.

As they willing let her pull she opened her mouth and took the larger cock into her mouth, taking a moment to taste what was left of his piss.


She played with the head then shoved his whole cock into her mouth. The drivers head flew back, and he let out a satisfying moan. She relinquished his cock and stood up, Pushing the skinnier guy back she bent over and took his cock in her mouth. The other driver got behind her and grabbed her hips. He had to lower his body foxy blonde minx rides a big dick bit, but with little trouble, he aimed his cock and shoved it all the way to his hip.

Debbie let go of the cock in her mouth and let out a loud moan as her tensed up body was slammed with a massive orgasm. All her teasing had done the trick for her. She grabbed the cock again and went to sucking like a mad woman possessed. Debbie loved sex she enjoyed piss, at this moment she was in total bliss.

She pulled the cock out of her mouth and looked up at the driver she was sucking. "I'm not going to do all the work hunny, so you better start fucking my face, or all you're going to get is a hand job." That was all the driver needed, he grabbed her head and forced his cock into her mouth.

Both men found a nice rhythm which helped Deb enjoy her orgasms as they hit her one after the other. After several minutes the cock in her mouth exploded with cum, she didn't swallow she just kept sucking, till he pulled his cock out.

The other driver kept pounding away till he moaned real loud. Debbie pulled away and spun around, grabbing his cock she pulled him into her mouth, as she fist pumped his cock she waited for him to cum, a second later he filled her mouth. Removing his cock, she opened her mouth so they both could see her mouth was full then she swallowed every drop and smiled a big smile.

"Thank you, boys, so much I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, now scurry along, and maybe I'll see you two again." Both drivers pulled up their pants and turned and headed back to their trucks. Debbie how ever laid down on her blanket and fingered herself to another glorious orgasm. Debbie pulled out of the rest area and continued for Memphis, it was getting late, and the sun was dropping. She set her cruise at 75. Once in Memphis, she found the hotel she was staying in.

By this time her bladder was ready to burst. She was already beginning to squirm in her seat. Her goal was to make her room before she flooded herself, but if she didn't, she didn't care. Just knowing she needed to pee and wouldn't make it was making her pussy quiver. The desk clerk looked at her with a quizzical look. "Ma'am, are you ok?" The young lady asked her. Debbie filled out the paperwork as fast as she could, as she finished.

"Yes I'm ok just fingered mormon slut fuck blowjob and amateur pee, but I'll be okay, I can hold it till I get to my room." She squeezed her legs tight as the clerk handed her electronic key.

"Have a nice stay ma'am and hope you enjoy Memphis." Debbie waved and hurried back to her truck. Once in she sped around to where her room was.

As she got out of the truck and reached for her bag, she felt a squirt of piss and felt the warmth as it leaked down her leg.

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"Well, one benefit to not wearing panties is that feeling of pee on my leg." She said to no one in particular. She reached her door and felt another squirt. It was right then she wasn't going to make it. She squirmed and squeezed her legs together as she fought with the electronic key. Just as she got the room door to unlock her bladder let go, piss flowed freely from her body and pants quickly darkened. Piss flowed down her leg, leaked through her jeans and dripped on the concrete.

Debbie allowed her bladder to empty, she glanced around to see if anyone had seen, but to her disappointment no one had. She frowned and stepped into her room.

Her pussy needed some serious relief now.

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Angie watched from the security monitor at the desk as the girl tried to get into her room, she watched as the girl's jeans darkened and the ground got wet. She watched as the girl looked around and then went inside. Angie pulled up her skirt and stuck a hand down her panties and played with her clit, at 45 years of age Angie loved younger girls, especiallylly 18 to 20 somethings.

The benefit of working nights was it was not near as busy. Being summer time a lot of times the pool didn't close till 11 pm, and she was always watching women at the pool. All the cameras had zoom on them, so she was always looking at some females body.

She wasn't worried about being caught, her boss was a big perve and was just as an app to perve the girls at the pool. This video she would have to get rid of, she wanted this one to herself. Debbie let the door close behind her and threw her things on the bed. As soon as her stuff left her hand, she shoved it down her pants.

Feeling the wet jeans on her hand made her even wetter. She pulled her hand free and sucked the liquid from her fingers.

The mixture of her pussy juices and her piss caused her eyes to roll. "I'm one grade A fucked up pervert." She shoved her hand back down her pants.

As Debbie pleased herself, Angie was doing the same, playing the video over and over. After several orgasms, Angie had an idea.

She quickly backed to a part in hawt legal age teenager beautiful girl keeps video where Debbie had her legs crossed and printed it then another shot where she had turned to see if anyone had seen and her pants were wet then printed it. Angie took the photographs and shoved them in her purse. Grinning she played with her clit some more.

At 7 am Bob, her boss came in to relieve her. "Angie we need to talk, I, ve discovered some security feeds on your shift that were close ups of female patrons, this is a total invasion of privacy, and I can't allow this.

I am going to have to let you go." Angie was slightly shocked. "What? Are you firing me? What the fuck? "I'm sorry Angie, but I can' have this kind of behavior, It could cause me massive lawsuit if anyone found out that my employee was inappropriately filming females." Angie reached into her purse and removed a few USB drives, taking one she inserted it into the computer USB port.

"Ok attractive chicks know how to satisfy each other lesbian dildo me if you want, and your wife will be getting these." As she opened the video file, it showed Bob entering a room of a female patron; another showed him kissing the same woman as he left. Bob's mouth dropped, and he started to stammer. "This this is black mail you can't do this." "Oh but I will Bob, Firing me would be a terrible idea.

Oh, and I have several more videos besides this one, especially from that camera." She pointed at the camera behind her. "Of you zooming in on female breasts at the pool. So what are you going to do? Let me keep my job or fire me and reap the rewards of your actions." Bob stood silent for a moment. "Fuck, ok you can maintain the job, but if I find out you sent videos, it will not be just your job." With that, he stormed into his office.

After Angie did all her paper work and handed it over to Bob, she clocked out, as she was doing, so she shut off the feed to a particular camera. Quickly exiting she went to her car and grabbed her play bag and headed for the room occupied by Debbie. Debbie stirred from lesbiananalingus siri and tara lynn foxx pornstars big tits sleep and looked at the clock.

It was only seven in the morning. Then she heard the knock on the door. "Who the fuck?" Angie stood outside the door patiently waiting, she glanced up at the camera and didn't see the red light. Suddenly the door open. Before Angie stood Debbie half asleep and her horny fat ladies applying for a porn project all a mess.

"What? It's not check out time yet. What do you want?" What I want is you, and I am going to have you any way I want and do what ever I want." Angie pushed Debbie back and stepped into the room.

As soon as Debbie began to protest she handed her the photos. I took these last night and had them saved so unless you want to be all over the internet, you will do as I want. Debbie looked at the photos and decided to play the innocent little girl act. "Why would you do that, you could destroy my reputation.

My parents could find out. Please don't post these photos please." "As I said you would do what I want when I want and how I want and nothing will happen as far as the pictures are concerned. Now, what are you going to do." Debbie dropped to her knees and held her hands clenched together.

"Please, I'll do anything you want just don't ruin my reputation." Debbie thought to herself. "Bitch you have no idea who your fucking with." Angie stepped to the side and went into the bathroom. "Be naked when I come out." Debbie got up and scrambled to her lap top sitting on the dresser, she made sure it was still on and turned on the camera and set to video record then blacked out the screen. "Why would you want to do this to me, what did I do to you?" Debbie was back on her knees.

Angie came back into the room and looked at Debbie still kneeling on the floor. "Because bitch I'm horny, and I like 20 something females as play toys. I like to fuck them, parade them around for my enjoyment at the club. And it's girls like you that make it worth while. Now fucking strip off that shirt." Debbie pulled off her shirt as though she didn't want to.

As she got it off, she noticed the large strap on she was wearing. "Please don't use that on me. My vagina couldn't handle something that big." Angie let out a laugh. "You miserable little bitch, well your vagina as you put it will get used to it and will enjoy it." She stepped around the bed to Debbie standing in front of her she put the cock head to her lips. "Open up bitch and start sucking, you might want to make sure it's nice and wet before it goes inside you." Debbie opened her mouth, as she did so Angie grabbed her hair with both hands and shoved the dildo into her mouth.

The dildo hit the back of her throat; she gagged as it was pulled back. Drool flowed from her mouth with the dildo. Angie shoved it back in this time not pulling out so far. Debbie finally caught onto her rhythm and was able to let the dildo slide down her throat.

"Oh damn bitch I see you have excellent gag reflexes, it's obvious you do have some experience with cock. Now let's see if your pussy does too." Pulling the dildo from Debbie's mouth, Angie pulled her to her feet and then bent her over the bed. Angie shoved the dildo into Debbies pussy and wasted no time slamming it to the hilt of the strap on. Debbie let out a loud moan as she felt the end bury itself deep inside her.

She had never had a dick this size in her, but the feeling it gave her was awesome. With her head pulled back she met every thrust, Her pussy began to drip."MMM fuck me harder please oh fuck yes." At first, Angie was in shock that this girl was enjoying herself. But then again she didn't care. Once she was done, this little bitch was going to get a mouth full of pussy.

She let go of Debbie's hair and then with one hand grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back as hard as she could, with her free hand she grabbed her hip and started thrusting as hard as she could. Debbie didn't care so much for pain or having her hair pulled, but the electric jolts of pleasure flowing through her body made her forget the hair pulling. She felt an orgasm building; She pushed back harder wanting it to erupt quickly.

Angie sensed that her new fucktoy was about to cum. She pulled the strap-on out of her and then forced her onto the bed. Debbie's head landed at the foot of the bed, though she was tormented with being edged she smiled to herself. Angie was in perfect position for the camera. Angie took off the strap-on. Getting on the bed, she straddled Debbie's head making sure to pin Debbie's hands.

"Be a good little bitch, and I may let you cum, that is if I feel like it." Angie lowered herself smashing into Debbie's face with her pussy. Debbie could smell Angie's pussy as soon as it was over her, a mixture of cum and piss. Angie must have pissed before she came back into the room. Debbie's pussy felt like it was gushing when she caught the smell of the pee.

To Debbie, she was in heaven. Angie grabbed a handful of hair. "Start licking bitch; I want to feel that tongue deep inside me. I want to cum all over that beautiful young face of yours." Angie felt Debbie's nose bump her clit. She began humping on her nose. Debbie felt as though her nose might break, so she did her best to go with her rhythm. After a few seconds, she shoved her tongue up into Angie's pussy. The flavor of her pussy sent shivers through out her body. Debbie let out a low moan making sure it vibrated Angie's pussy.

Angie was in total ecstasy, a nose on her clit and a tongue shoved up her pussy. She loved it; she gripped Debbie's hair tighter willing an orgasm, wanting desperately to explode all over this girls face. She wanted to taste herself on her. She let one hand let go of hair and reached up and grabbed one of her tits and began to squeeze it real tight. "MMMM that's it hunny lick my pussy make me cum mmm fuck yeah." Debbie stuck her tongue out as far as she could, Angie's pussy was getting sopping wet.

She could taste her and the more she tasted, the more she wanted. She felt her body hump the air wanting release.

She felt Angie grip her hair even tighter, the flow of pussy juice began to quicken. Angie's moans became more urgent as her orgasm began to build.

As felt her body tense she lifted off Debbie's face and started rubbing her clit. Her orgasm caused her whole body to shake, her pussy squirted. Her juices going into Debbie's open mouth and all over her face. Debbie eagerly drank up as much of it as she could, her face was drenched she could feel it in her hair. Her pussy spasmed as little orgasms hit her.

She lifted her head trying to get at Angie's pussy. She managed to get her tongue on her clit. When she felt Debbie's tongue touch her clit, it was like someone had hit her with a thousand volts, though she thought she had emptied her bladder, she let go a stream of golden liquid.

When she looked down to her surprise, Debbie was eagerly drinking every drop she could get.

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Angie quickly spread her pussy lips and wiggled her hip causing piss to splash all over Debbie's face. The squirting had given Debbie little mini orgasms, but when Angie began to piss all over her, her orgasms got a lot stronger. Between trying to drink she lost track and nearly forgot to swallow.

When Angie started to move, the piss hitting her whole face drove her further over the edge. Her bladder finally empty Angie moved her body down and laid on top of Debbie, she took her face in her hands and began to kiss her deeply. Breaking the kiss, she looked deep into Debbie's eyes. "Last night when you came in, I was so turned on knowing you were desperate to pee when I watched you on the camera, and your pants got dark, and liquid hit the ground beneath you I couldn't resist and had to finger myself to multiple orgasms.

My panties were so wet I had to remove them and suck the juices from them the taste was brazzers jenny glam takes a big dick good." She leaned down and kissed her again. Angie got up and leaned against the head board. "Now what to do with you?" Debbie grinned and got out of bed and headed to the dresser, facing Angie she knelt down next to the laptop.

." She tapped the spacebar, and the screen came to life, she quickly hit the stop icon "I don't know what you're going to do with me, but I do see what I'm going to do with you. See I don't take kindly to blackmail, though I could have cared less if you had posted those pics let alone video, see everyone that knows me knows I'm a little freak and love piss." Angie's mouth felt like it came unhinged as it dropped.

"This little slut has been filming me this whole time?" "You little fucking bitch." "yep I am a little bitch, but this weekend you are going to be my slut. This weekend you are going to do what I want.

If not this video goes out and I will even post on your company website on how you tried to blackmail an underage girl." The grin on Debbie's face became very broad. "The video will be posted to a very very popular website. Ever heard of Tumblr?" Angie didn't even stammer she got off the bed and knelt on the floor.

As she did so, Debbie hit record. "I will do what ever you want just, please don' get me into trouble with the company." Debbie stood and walked over to Angie; she stood to one side and pulled at her pussy lips. " Start drinking slut I have plenty for you." As Angie was opening her mouth, Debbie let loose a solid stream, Angie tried her best to catch it, by the time Debbie was done Angie's hair was drenched and her body covered in piss.

Debbie leaned down and kissed Angie full on the lips tasting herself. "MMM, I taste so damn good. Now let's get cleaned up; you slut are going to show me around town, then tonight we are headed to Cockheads bar."