Stunning blonde pawg with big tits banged by uniformed guy

Stunning blonde pawg with big tits banged by uniformed guy
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This story is a combination of actuall events from my sexlife and my fantasies, hope you like it x --------------------- I have been secretly seeing Dave for a few months, he is one of my dads friends and is almost 30 years older than me and married.

We met at my dads birthday party and I could tell he fancied me, lets face it what 47 year old man wouldnt fancy an 18 year old blonde with my figure. Hot milf blowjob fat cock and cum in mouth closeup not sure if my dad realised but a lot of his work mates were eyeing me up at that party, my tight white mini dress didnt leave much to the imagination and I really busty chick wanna be your sex teacher the attention.

Dave was the only one I fancied though, mostly because he had the confidence to come over and start talking to me. After a bit of harmless chat the flirting started, Dave and I had to lean into quite close to hear each other over the music, I looked over his shoulder to check where my parents were, they were busy drinking and socialising and hadnt noticed the time that Dave was spending chatting up their young daughter in her slutty dress and fuck me shoes.

'Jesus Cindy dressed like that you could get an old guy into a lot of trouble' said Dave openly running his gaze up and down my tight young body. 'But I think you would find that I would be worth the trouble Dave' i replied I gave him a sultry wink and put my hand on his chest, letting in move slowly downwards.

'God the things I'd like to do to you Cindy' he whispered, the evenings drinks making forget that I was his friends teenage daughter. I glanced down to see his erection growing in his jeans, it was a damn fine looking size, i thought 'fuck it' and whispered in his ear, 'Dave, the way i feel now, you could do whatever you wanted to me' Within a few minutes we were in the toilet and I was bent over as he was forced his thick vieny cock into my tight pussy, i was so wet it was running down my thighs.

He fucked me so hard I thought I may black out, practically raping me, it felt fucking great. My boyfriend was about my age and had never fucked me like this! My dress was up round my waist and his big strong hands gripped my little body so hard. Before long he let out a deep moan and shot a thick load deep in my pussy, he pulled out and span me round, the cum oozing out down my thighs. I obiedently dropped to my knees and hungrily sucked his lovely big cock clean.

'God Cindy you gorgeous little slut' he panted pushing his semi hard cock back in his pants and pulling up his trousers. 'I better go back in before your dad notices we are both missing' I was still on my knees as he left the cubicle, a pool of his cum on the floor where it had run out of my gapping pussy, I was speechless and felt truely used, like a total whore .

it felt good, really good. After I cleaned myself up so I didnt look like I just been fucked roughly in the toilets I headed back in to the party. I made a point of not spending the night near Dave, otherwise would think something was up. We did swap mobile numbers and over the next few days I received several dirty text messages from Dave, telling me more and more things he wanted to do to my young, willing body.

We began to see each other secretly, he would arrange to meet me and pick me up in his car and we would go somewhere secluded and fuck. There was no romance in these meetings just lust, he was like a man possesed, taking out his filthiest fantasies on me and I loved it.

During sex he liked me to talk dirty, saying how much I loved his fat cock in me, how I was his little slut and that I would do anything for him. He would fuck me from behind and push his thumb into my ass telling me how I was his little fuck toy and that I was only good for fucking. He would pound me with his rock hard cock and say he'd like to share me with his friends, maybe tie me to the toilet in a pub and let everyone take turns on me and because i was a filthy little slut I would enjoy it and beg for more.

All this filthy talk and his dirty fantasies just got me wetter, hornier and made me come until I thought I might pass out. After next day after these sessions I could hardly walk. He would often send me messages before we met telling me what to wear, one day I got a package in the post it was from Dave : a skin tight mini dress made of thin black latex that had a zip in the front, I could barely close the thing over my tits.

He told me to wear it with stockings and slutty hi heels and meet him on the corner of a street in our town. I wore a raincoat to cover myself and walked to the meeting place but my long stockinged legs and black hi heels still made me look like a filthy slut.

As I waited several cars slowed to a crawl as they went past obviously thinking I was a hooker, the idea got me wet.

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Each car that rolled past and slowed down with its driver eying me got me hornier and hornier. As I didnt move towards the cars when they pulled up, like a real hooker would none of them stopped.

Dave was now 15 minutes late and I was so horny I was finding very difficult not to touch myself. I had let my coat fall open and my latex wrapped tits looked like they could burst free at any second, my nipples jutted through the rubber aching to be touched. Then a flash Mercedes pulled up, the music booming inside. A handsome looking black guy leant out and brazzenly asked 'How much to take you home baby?' This time I walked forward and bent over to face him, my tits bulging out the top of my dress.

'For £250 you can do whatever you like to me for the whole night' - where had that come from! what was I playing at, it was if my lust had taken over. The guy smiled and nodded his head towards to the driver, another black guy who was looking lustily at me.

'Think you teen redhead freckles redhead linda porked tube porn handle both of us?' The thought of being fucked by these two at the same time made my already wet pussy throb with expectation. 'You bet' I smiled and got into the back of their car. We arrived at there flat and the first guy let us in, it was very nice. I shrugged of my coat and put it on a chair, giving them full view of my young body in the tight slutty dress.

They both whistled softly and smiled. 'Craig put some music on man, im going to fix some drinks' Craig was the driver he was tall and muscular, he put the music on and sat down, motioning to me to join him.


As I sat down he reached over and ran a big hand over my body until he reached the zip, he slowly pulled it down, my tits popped out and he pinched my nipple and I let out a involuntary moan. "mmm you are ripe baby, you are ready and willing.' He was right. I watched as he pulled open his fly and extracted his semi erect cock.


It was practically the size of my forearm and not even fully erect, my eyes gave away my lust and i reached out to hold it, stroking it firmly until it was rock hard.

I knelt up on the sofa, sticking my ass up and lowered my head to his lap to take his cock in my watering mouth. I just managed to fit the head in and I could feel it throbbing and I wanked him with my hand.

He ran his hand over my body and began to pull my dress up over my ass, his finger pushing at the entrance to my asshole. I pushed my ass back firmly so his fingertip entered me. 'Damn girl' he laughed ' you love it dontcha !!' I was now really working his cock with my mouth but before long he had moved his hand from my ass and up to the back of my head.

He pushed my porno latina jazmine beach sex brunette www latinas mobi tube porn down and forced his cock head past the back of my mouth and into my throat. I gagged, but he kept going, his cock swelling and filling my throat until i had what must have been 10 inches of thick cock deep and tight in my throat.

'Oh damn bitch' he gasped, 'your throat feels like a pussy' I could hardly breathe, but the feeling of being used in this way was driving my wild. At this point the other guy came in with the drinks. 'Shit brother couldnt you wait !' he laughed Craig released me, I sat up gasping for breath spit pouring from my lips all down my tits. The look on my face must have said it all, total sluttish happiness! 'Shit Daryl she loves it this girl loves it!' Daryl laughed and handed my a glass of wine, I smiled ' Are you as big as him?' 'I sure am baby, and I get the feeling you hoped I was' 'Damn right I did!' I drank half my wine down in one go amature teen sister threesome native american brooke and brittany then went back to sucking on Craigs straining erection.

I arched my back, shoving my attractive chicks know how to satisfy each other lesbian dildo little ass in the air and I then felt Daryls hands on me pushing the rubber dress up to my waist and easing open my ass cheeks. I felt the hard swollen end of his dick pushing against the opening of my pussy and his thumbs meeting at the entrance of my ass hole.

He pushed his cock all the way in, no shit was he as big as Craig, maybe bigger! It felt amazing! Spit roasted between rachel roxxx cumshot compilation lord of cumshots big black cocks, both of them moved up onto their knees and began fucking me hard, Craigs cock moving the full length of my throat and Daryl slamming his fat black dick deep inside me with both his thumbs in my ass. I came so hard but they didnt let up and sure enough I came again and again until I felt limp.

Daryl had ripped open the latex dress and now I was in just stockings and hi heels. Suddenly I felt Craigs cock tense in my throat and he grabbed my hair pushing it in until my nose was squashed against his stomach. He let out a deep grunt and swore as he unloaded his fat balls deep inside me, practically straight into my guts, he then pulled out shooting the last streams of cum into my face and hair.

I collapsed face down while Daryl grunted and groaned and fucked me harder than I have ever been fucked before. Then bang! I felt his cock swell even bigger as he let loose and fired a massive load deep in my tight little pussy (lucky im on the pill I thought) He pulled out and I felt our shared cum run down my thighs.

For a while I just lay there, face down on the sofa ass still in the air, covered in cum and feeling utterly used. Eventually I managed to sit up and drink some more wine. The guys had stood up and removed the rest of their clothes, they were both very well built and their semi hard cocks hung down low and long. I eyed them both greedily - I still wanted more, and I realised that so did they. Then my mobile phone rang, Daryl took it from the pocket of my coat and checked the caller ID. 'Dave?', he smiled ' Dat your boyfriend little slut?' The phone kept ringing 'Kind of' I said with a little grin The phone stopped ringing.

Daryl clicked a few buttons and held the phone up to take a picture of me draped on the sofa, in stockings and hi heels and drenched in the cum of two black men. 'Lets see what your boyfriend thinks of that' he said as he sent the picture message to Daves number.

Fuck he will love that i thought, probably text back asking for more! Daryl threw my phone on to the chair, reached out and helped me to my feet, 'to the bedroom little slut, we aint finished yet' and he slapped my ass. Craig was already on the bed with a bottle of wine, stroking his beautiful black cock back to its full size.

I crawled onto the kingsize bed towards him making sure Daryl got a good view of my svelte little body as I climbed over Craig and kissed him deeply. As I kissed him I reached behind and eased myself down onto the thick ten inches that had recently been jammed in my throat. it felt good to be full of cock again. I looked over my shoulder at Daryl, 'What are you waiting for baby?' I asked and then I saw that he was slowly rubbing his erection with some sort of lubricant.

I knew what he was going to do from the glint in his eye, as he knelt on the bed behind me while i moved slowly up and down on Craigs meaty pole. Craig was sucking on my tits greedily, it felt great. I glanced back at Daryl and caught his eye, his massive erection was aimed directly at my ass, I reached back and pulled my ass cheek open 'Go on you big bastard fuck me in the ass, I want both your big dicks in me' With that he ploughed roughly into my ass, stretching me so wide it hurt but made me shudder with a deep orgasm instantly.

So there I was stuffed full of big black cock and loving it, I slumped forward onto Craigs chest and just let them fuck me, my whole body buzzed with orgasmic feellings and the deep unquenchable need for more cock. As they ploughed my ass and pussy, their hands groping my young body I realised I had awoken something in the last few weeks, I was now unable to enjoy 'normal sex' I needed to be used like a slut, fucked hard and filthy the more cock the better.

As these thoughts drifted through my orgasm addled mind Daryl strained and shot his load deep in my virgin ass. He pulled out, rubbing his sticky cock on my ass cheeks and lying back on the bed. Craig then pulled out and moved from under me, pushing me face down on the bed he took Daryls place in my cum filled ass hole.

I put up no resistance, I just moaned out loud and enjoyed the fat cock inside me. To tell you the truth I was so aroused that if Daryl had brought a big Rottwieler into the room to mount me I wouldnt have resisted, I was up for anything like the cock hungry fuck toy i realised I had become.

The two guys got their moneys worth, fucking me all night sometimes together sometimes taking turns on my willing body. About 6 in the morning I was on top of Daryl, kissing him deeply waiting for craig to shove his lovely cock into my now gapping hot ass hole again when Craig decided on something new. My pussy was now hyper sensitive and I had lost count of the orgasms as they all rolled into one, but I felt a new excitement build as I realised what Craig was going to do with his rigid 10 inches of black meat.

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I gasped loudly as he eased his cock into my pussy alongside the cock of his friend Daryl. I sowre out loud ' OH FUCK YOU DIRTY FUCKERS OHHH GOD YESS' They both stepped up a gear and I used the last of my energy to push myself back onto both their cocks until they shouted and thrust deep into my wanton slutty cunt emptying their last thick loads of the night into me.

We lay in an exhausted heap on the bed covered in cum and sweat. -------- I got out of the taxi at my parents house, under my raincoat I was naked except for my torn stocking and hi heels. I felt lightheaded and found it difficult to walk due to the tingleling buzz coming from my overused pussy and ass (god knows how much come was in my stomach that morning).

In my pocket was £250 and Daryl and Craigs number. My phone rang, it was Dave. "Hello?' 'Hi Baby, I liked that picture, looks lke you had a good night without me' Dave tattoo girl creampie tacori blu 1 1 7 tube porn obviously aroused.

'Oh god Dave it was amazing' 'I thought you would have fun if i dressed you like a whore and left you there, you cant avoid it baby you are just a dirty little fuck toy' 'Dave?

you planned it?' 'Yes, I just wish I could have watched you doing it . what was he like?' 'You mean what were THEY like?' I giggled 'Ha, you little whore Cindy, You filthy little whore' and I guess I am. x