Asian schoolgirl is hungry for some dick

Asian schoolgirl is hungry for some dick
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, dady sex daughter sleeping xstory Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.

--- Mouth part 3 (mFF, bi, blackmail, creampie, inc, nc, oral, impreg?) by Krosis of the Collective --- Leslie watched as Jay crumbled up some pills and dropped the resulting powder into the teacup. "So that's what you did to me the other night?" she asked. "Yep," he answered as he started to spoon honey on top of the dissolving medicine. "I don't want to do this," she reminded her brother. "I know," he replied, "But you have no choice, right?" She really didn't.

Jay had an incriminating incest video that he had doctored with her drugged body, some clever filmmaking, and her voice synthesized from recordings she had made for a summer project.

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If that video got out she would have no career after fact, she would be kicked out of college too! Jay handed her the tea. "She'll trust it more if it comes from you." --- They played some Settlers of Catan until Anne started to nod off. Jay nudged Leslie and she suggested that they head off to bed. "Goord idear." slurred Anne, barely able to keep her head up.

The siblings each took an arm and directed her to Leslie's room. "Good night you two," Jay said pleasantly as he left and closed the door. "Yr brothr's kinda cute now." Anne said dreamily as she lay back on the bed. Within a minute she was asleep. Leslie waited 10 minutes and then knocked on jojo kiss and tali dova satisfying their wet tight twats wall separating her room from Jay's.

In a flash her sibling rapist was there, and naked, his hard six inch cock bobbing up and down in front of him. "Gah!" Leslie said at the sight of her brother's package. She had seen enough of that in the last 24 hours. "You know," Jay said, looking at her, "You're wearing entirely too many clothes." Leslie sighed and stripped, remembering to do it slowly. Then the two of them removed Anne's clothes.

Like Leslie, Anne was wearing tight shorts, but had accentuated with a tube top instead of a tank top. When that top came off Jay whistled in appreciation.


Leslie had to admit, her best friend had quite the rack! Her boobs were large and round, as were her nipples, with areolae that were wide and light pink. When her shorts came off Jay exclaimed, "Aw, the carpet doesn't match the drapes!


She's a bottle blonde." Sure enough, Anne's trimmed muff betrayed her dark brunette reality. "Ah well." Jay moved up to Anne's face and stuck his stiffy into her mouth. She started to nurse on it instinctively. Jay pointed down at her crotch. "Get to work getting her ready for me." Leslie froze in place. She had never touched another woman sexually, let alone her best friend.

"Do it!" Jay hissed, thrusting into the unconscious girl's mouth. Leslie licked her finger and spread the moisture around Anne's pussy lips. She was tentative, as if a snake might jump out of that cave. That wasn't doing much so she tried pushing her finger inside.

No luck. She looked back at Jay. He made a "V" pattern with his fingers under his mouth and stuck his tongue out through it. Leslie hesitated again, but then sighed and brought her face down to Anne's nether regions. The smell of Anne's pussy was faint but recognizable.similar to her own juices, but different as well. She supposed all women smelled like each other, and yet not. She leaned down and licked up Anne's snatch. Not bad. Not good either, but. She licked again.

Using her fingers she spread Anne's vaginal lips and stuck her tongue inside. Warm! Kind of metallic tasting; not like a penis. She moved her tongue up and down, in and out. "Okay, move on up and give her a kiss," Jay said from behind her. She hadn't audrey bitoni the negotiator police when he had stopped sticking his dick into Anne's mouth.

She did as he instructed, but when she tried to move to the side he held her in place. "Jay." She was in a very vulnerable position, on all fours on top of Anne, with her pussy pointing back at her rapist brother.

"Just stay there," he said. Jay pushed Anne's knees up so that he had better access to her pussy. With Leslie on top of Anne their pussies were stacked, only inches apart. "Jay, I have some condoms," Leslie said, "They're in my top drawer." "Why would I want to use those?" Jay retorted, lining his cock up with Anne's lubricated pussy.

"Please? I don't know if Anne is on the pill or if this is a bad time of the month like it is for me. You can even cum inside me if you use them." "Fine," Jay said.

He retrieved the box, opened a packet, and then slipped a Jimmy Hat on about as well as you might expect for someone who had been a virgin the previous night. Then mom son xnxx xxx sxse storys pushed his cock into the unconscious girl's pussy. Jay thought it felt good, but not as good as his sister's pussy had felt the previous night. Was the difference Anne, or the condom?

he wondered. He pulled out and then grabbed Leslie's hips, lining himself up. "Jay?!" He shoved into her, the lubrication left on the condom from Anne's pussy assisting his penetration. "Ugh! Jay, why.?" With some additional thrusting he was all the way inside his sister's pussy again, but it was definitely the condom that was the issue.

There just wasn't enough sensitivity! He pulled out, causing Leslie to gasp at the sudden evacuation, and pulled the condom off with a snap. He then lined up again and shoved himself back into his sister's fertile depths. "Oh!" Leslie cried out.

Even she had to admit it felt better without the condom. Um, in as much that she hated this! It was just slightly less bad, really! Jay thrust into his sister, getting a good rhythm going. Yes, this was how he remembered it feeling!

So good! "Jay!" "Oh, right," he remembered. He pulled out and then pushed his cock back into Anne's moist hole. Yes, much more pleasurable without the big tits scoolgirl gets fucked at home Anne was actually tighter than his sister.

Was that better? He had an idea. "I said kiss her!" he called up to Leslie. "Make out!" When he made sure that she was doing what he wanted he pulled out of Anne and pushed back into his sister. "Mmph!" Leslie gasped into Anne's mouth. What was he doing? 'Yes,' Jay thought, analyzing the feeling of his cock sliding again and again into his sister's pussy, 'Not as tight, but warmer.' After some additional thrusting he again swapped pussies.

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'Fantastic,' he mused to himself, 'If only I could have both at the same time.' Leslie was confused. Her body was turned on by going down on and then making out with Anne while Jay fucked her unconscious best friend, and then when Jay switched to fucking her it had been almost pleasurable. When he pulled out to fuck Anne again her pussy felt.empty?

As Jay thrust into Anne his pelvis bumped up against Leslie's engorged pussy, which also felt good. Then he switched again and Leslie's pussy was stuffed with hard teenaged cock. 'Nooo.' she thought to herself. 'This can't feel good!' Jay thought he liked fucking his sister best. Not as tight, but she was responding to him because she wasn't unconscious like Anne. He kept thrusting. Leslie felt the first inklings of an orgasm start deep within her. marisoi gonzaiez hot view nude mirenia desnuda aqui nooo.' Jay noticed Leslie's pussy starting to get tighter around his cock.

Was that for real? It was feeling really good now. He thrust harder. Leslie knew that if she came now she'd set off Mexican girl loses virginity tmature and orgasm and wind up pregnant from her own brother. That couldn't happen! "Unhh.Jayy.put on the condommm." "Fuck that," he punctuated with an extra hard thrust. "Pleeaasse.not in meee." His thrusts were fast and hard now. He was getting close and so was she.

"I'm gonna cum inside a pussy, no condom. Yours or hers?" She looked down at her best friend, who she knew would trust her with her life. There was no choice. She kissed her unconscious friend. "I'm sorry." "HER!" she yelled back at him. Jay grabbed his sister's hips and started thrusting for all he was worth. "Noooo." Leslie moaned.

Once again Jay felt his orgasm wash over him but he gritted his teeth in order to suppress the sound of his ecstasy. Once again his potent cum rushed up his cock and shot out the tip, splashing deep inside his overheated sister's fertile pussy. He flexed all the muscles in his pelvic region in order to big boobs auntys fucking storys off his ejaculation and pulled out. He then shoved his cock back into Anne's pussy and let the rest of his soldiers fly, crying out in exultation.

'Oh thank God,' Leslie thought. She had been so close to cumming.cumming on her own brother's cock and getting pregnant! But now her best friend might get pregnant due to her weakness. "Hoooo." Jay exclaimed, pulling out, standing up, and almost falling over due to the lack of blood to his brain. "Man, that was good! See ya sis!" And then he wandered out of her room. Leslie looked at the mess that had been made of her friend's vagina. So much sperm! Anne would figure out what happened when she woke up!

Unless. Leslie got back down in between Anne's legs and sniffed. There was still that pussy smell, but now it was overwhelmed by the acrid scent of semen. She put her mouth to Anne's vagina and sucked and licked, swallowing as much of the dangerous seed as she could.

Her pussy was on fire! She had been so close to orgasm when Jay had pulled out, and licking cum out of her friend's pussy was turning her on something fierce! She reached down and manipulated her clit as she did her best to help the helpless Anne. Almost there.almost there.

Someone stepsis snuggles up to stepbro and they end up fucking her hips from behind and a hard cock shoved its way into her very wet pussy. "I was going to go to bed but you were making some very interesting noises, sis," Jay said as he thrust into her again.

"No! Nooo." she whined. "Don't stop playing with yourself.keep going!" She barely had to touch her clit again and she was cumming hard on her brother's cock. As her vaginal tunnel contracted on his babymaker the bolt of sperm he had stealthily shot into her earlier, plus the remaining sperm from his last ejaculation clinging to his cock head, were given greater access to her fertile depths. "Noooo." she whispered as she collapsed back onto her friend's sleeping form, shaking with aftershocks from her orgasm.

"All right. Since I'm hard again." Jay pulled out and shoved his cock back into Anne's sodden pussy. Leslie rolled to the side, examining her own vagina. No sperm! *Well, no sperm she could see, anyway, eh, dear readers?* "You didn't cum in me?" she asked hopefully.

Jay chose his words carefully as he sawed into the sleeping beauty. "I'm gonna cum in her again, not you." He pulled out. "And you're gonna help me." They turned Anne over and Jay got underneath her so that the unconscious girl as in the cowgirl position. With some work they got her pussy lined back up with his cock and he thrust upward into her. Once he was established he pulled out most of the way and then said, "Work on my cock.lick it, whack me off into her." "Oh shit." she said, but did as he commanded.

As she brought her face down to where they were coupled she could smell his butthole a little. She got up away from it and grasped his cock, masturbating it while the head penetrated her friend.

"I said lick it!" he urged. She bent down and, holding her breath, licked up and down his shaft while still manipulating it with her fingers. "Yeah, that's good." After a bit he started to thrust up into Anne so it became difficult for Leslie to keep licking. "Reach around and play with her clit." She did so, having to hold her chest against Anne's back in order to reach. Her nipples reacted to the warmth of her friend's body and became stiff.

"She's getting tight.I think she's gonna cum," Jay said. "Tell me you want me to cum in her." "What?!" "You heard me.I want you to tell me you want me to cum in your friend's pussy and maybe knock her up.

Do it!" "I.I want you to do it." She rubbed her own nipples on Anne's back as she frigged the unconscious girl's clit. "Do what?" "Cum." "Where?" " her pussy. I.oh." When had she moved her other hand to her own clit? She was fast approaching orgasm herself. "Cum in her. Fill her up. I want you to." "Why?" "Because.ohh.shittt." The comatose Anne started to grunt, reacting to the manipulation of her clit and the feeling of her pussy being filled with hard cock.

"Why?!" "I want you to knock her up! Put a baby in her tummy! Make.her.pregnant! OHHHH!" Leslie came hard at the thought of her best friend's belly getting large with her brother Jay's baby, knowing that she had a part in it. "Nhhh! Nhhh!" the sleeping Anne started to orgasm. Jay felt Anne's tight pussy suddenly get tighter as he thrust up at it, setting off his own orgasm. "Fuck yeah!" he yelled as he thrust up hard, shooting his cum deep inside the voluptuous, insensate young woman.

"I think you're starting to like this," Jay said as he left. Leslie looked at her friend's sopping pussy as she lay there. Sighing, she went back to cleaning up the mess. To be continued.