Hot omegle girl strips and shows all and masturbates

Hot omegle girl strips and shows all and masturbates
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The next day was Sunday, which meant my wife Maxine was working a 12-hour shift at the hospital and I was home ostensibly keeping an eye on Clara, who basically came and went as she chose all that summer. My son Matt was off at the skate park again, as usual, playgirl with curves adores sexy fuck hardcore and blowjob I was back in the garage, finishing preparations on Clara's loft and hoping Alyssa didn't find her way back over at an inconvenient time.

At around noon, Clara came into the garage and said she was going to go over to her friend Beth's house. I said okay, but then a thought entered my mind and before I knew it, I had asked Clara to help me out, just for a few minutes until the wood was cut.

I thought my daughter might enjoy some of the sensations I had given young Alyssa the day before. Clara looked unremarkable in t-shirt and shorts, except that her youthful beauty was striking even without her being dressed or made up in any way. Clara reluctantly agreed to "help," annoyed that I was interrupting her day of goofing off.


I instructed her to climb onto the sawhorse and straddle the board. I told her to lock her feet around the sawhorse and lean forward, but not to hold the wood with her hands, knowing that would dampen the vibrations before they reached their intended target. Clara gave me a strange look with her beautiful brown eyes, but I told her I needed the board steadied just so, in order to get the right cut out of the wood.

When Three babes sharing two dicks at party realslutparty and deepthroat began to drag the saw slowly across the 2x4, sure enough, Clara's expression changed. She looked more confused than anything else, but I could tell the vibrations were stimulating her clit, as intended. Clara was resting her hands on her thighs and ever-so-slowly grinding her crotch against the wood.

I knew this wasn't her first sensation of clitoral arousal, since I'd seen her playing with herself many times when she was younger.

For my own part, I had no real intentions, other than to indirectly provide my daughter with some stimulation. Sure, I was getting off on it a little bit I could feel my cock stiffening every time I looked over at Clara and saw how she was enjoying the vibrations. But it's not like I was going to take it any further. And I sort of knew that she must have known what was up, since I obviously had no use for her to hold the boards that way.

But as long as it remained unspoken, it was just a fun little interaction. We were cutting the fourth or fifth board that way, without a single complaint from Clara that the chore was dragging on, when Alyssa appeared at the garage door saying "Hi." "Oh, hi there," I said. Alyssa shot me a knowing glance, reserving the wink that would have completed her greeting. I introduced Clara and Alyssa, and Alyssa invited Clara to come "hang out" with her.

Clara agreed, foregoing her other plans and skipping out early on the chore I'd assigned. Alyssa must have been aware that I wanted my daughter right new tarzan sexy story sex stories with me in the garage.

I really did not have designs to do anything other than delight my baby girl with the vibrations from my saw, but I was disappointed nonetheless that Clara was being pulled away from me prematurely. I watched the two of them cross the street, pass Alyssa's dad with a brief introduction, and enter our new neighbors' house. I mulled around the garage for a few minutes, glancing across the street pensively every once in a while. When I saw Alyssa's father enter the house, though, I was gripped by a sudden sensation of tension I think it was jealousy.

I knew he was having sexual encounters with his daughter, and I suspected he had such plans for mine! I couldn't take that feeling for long.

I made my way across the street and peered into several windows of Alyssa's house, not really caring if anyone outside spotted me doing so.

When I did not see the girls or Alyssa's dad anywhere, I concluded they must be upstairs. It took me a minute to gather the courage to go inside, but finally I slipped in through their garage door and started upstairs.

I could hear the girls and man all laughing together, but the exchange seemed platonic enough. My suspicions were strong enough to keep me around, though, so I listened for about half an hour from outside the open doorway of the room all three were in. The conversation went from teacher and student in primary school to music to the neighborhood, to family stuff, and finally to sex.

"So, Clara," Alyssa asked, changing the subject, "have you ever had sex before?" "What?" Clara was thrown by the question, probably because an adult male was present. "You heard me. Don't worry, my dad is really cool about that kind of stuff." "No, I never have," Alyssa said. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief.

"Have you?" "Not all the way," Alyssa said, "but I've fooled around a lot. And yesterday I had anal sex for the first time." I was astonished. That suggested Alyssa's father knew about yesterday's tryst.

Had she told him who she'd been with? "Whoa!" Clara responded, obviously shocked by her new friend's candor. "You had anal sex?" I had never even considered that my daughter knew what anal sex was, but the words rolled off her lips as if not for the first time. "Who all have you fooled around with?" Clara pressed. "A few guys. Mostly my dad's friends." "Really?" "Yeah, really." "What kind of stuff did you do?" "I let them touch me everywhere.

I really love that. And I sucked their dicks and stuff, sometimes, but not always. And yesterday I sucked this guy's dick and then I let him fuck my ass." "Oh my god," Clara said. "I can't believe it." "Believe it." "Well, I've made out with a couple of boys, and I let one guy touch my tits once, but that's it," Clara said. "Did you like it?" "Sort of, but they didn't seem to know what they were doing." "Yeah, younger guys are like that.

You should definitely get with an older guy and let him treat you right." Clara laughed out loud. "I don't know about that," she said. "It sounds kinda weird." "Really?" Alyssa probed. "It didn't seem too weird when you were sitting on that board your dad was sawing when we met." I could barely make out Clara's gasp. "Oh my god, you noticed that?" "Of course," Alyssa said. "I could totally tell you were getting off." "Shit, do you think my dad noticed?" "Yeah," said Alyssa, whose line of discussion made me terribly nervous.

"I bet your dad was loving it, too, though. I bet he totally wants you." As strange as the girls' conversation sounded, at least it seemed Alyssa was keeping my lust for Clara secret while probing Clara for any interest in me. "What!" Clara was astonished. "No way. My dad doesn't 'want' me." "I'm just saying is all…" "You're just crazy is all!" "You're dad's totally hot, though. Haven't you noticed?" Clara was silent. "You want him, too, don't you?" Alyssa pressed.

"I never really thought about it," Clara finally declared. "Liar. I bet you're thinking about it right now." Alyssa laughed, and Clara followed suit. Alyssa's dad intervened. "Alright, Honey, let's not badger Clara on the subject.

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It's private." "You know who's really good?" Alyssa asked. I stiffened up, terrified that she was not changing the subject. "Who?" "My dad." I exhaled in relief, privately embarrassed that I had been so conceited as to think she might name me. Two seconds of silence passed. I wondered how Clara would react to the notion that Alyssa had gotten it on with her father. "Really? You've had sex with your dad?" "Not really, but he touches me really good.

We've been doing it for a couple years now, and I'm totally into it." Another pause. "Would you like to try?" "I-I don't know…" Clara said.

"I don't think so." "Well, how about if you let me touch you some?" I didn't hear any response, but the silence spoke volumes.

A minute or so passed, and finally Clara spoke. "Oh, that feels really good." "Why don't you take your pants off?" I heard Alyssa offer. More silence, then Clara's voice again: "Oh, wow, that feels REALLY good." "I knew you'd like it. Do you want to touch me this way?" "Okay." I was now fully hard inside my shorts just from what I was hearing. I started rubbing my cock through the fabric. Both girls were moaning gently. The intermingling of their various noises brought my curiosity to a climax, but I didn't dare look into the room for fear of being spotted.

"Do you want to see my dad's penis?" Alyssa suddenly asked. "It's really amazing." "I guess so," said Clara. My blood pressure heightened.

A few seconds passed. "Holy shit! That thing is huge!" "You should try sucking it," Alyssa said. "Here, I'll show you how." Betting all eyes would be transfixed away from the doorway, I risked deep sucking bitch gets her sperm ration glance inside.

There stood Alyssa's father, his pants at his ankles and his shirt pulled up, while young Alyssa serviced his tool. He was huge indeed certainly too large for a young girl's cunt or ass, I thought, now understanding why Alyssa had chosen me. Alyssa was sucking away at that huge tool while Clara looked on wearing only her blouse. Finally, the man spoke. "Can I see your tits, Clara?" Clara paused before removing her shirt, but off it came, followed by a bra I had held in my hands innumerable times while secretly rummaging through her underwear drawer.

My daughter's tits were fabulous even better than I had imagined. I had seen her braless around the house through any number of shirts, including some tight ones, so I was not surprised that her breasts were firm and self-suspending. But their shape was truly extraordinary, every bit as good as her mom's were at their peak before she had Matt. Alyssa's dad reached down and touched one of Clara's tits while his daughter continued sucking him off.

Alyssa herself groped the other breast while continuing to suck several inches of the man's hefty cock. "You have truly beautiful tits," the man told Clara. "Doesn't she, Honey?" Alyssa finally removed her mouth from her dad's rod. "Oh my god, they're amazing," she said after a deep breath. "Here, Clara, your turn." Clara reluctantly moved her face toward the man's massive pole.

I was jerking off like very very sex mother fucks son now. Jealousy compounded my arousal over the scene unfolding before me. Clara was hesitant at first, but soon she had engulfed the man's head and was sucking and licking it like she'd done it a hundred times before.

The man groaned loudly. "Oh, that's it, Sweetheart. You're doing just fine." Alyssa dipped a couple of fingers into Clara's pussy, and my daughter started moaning again. After a few minutes of sucking cock and getting finger fucked, Clara appeared to be completely engrossed. "If you like this," Alyssa said, her fingers buried in Clara's wet cunt, "you should let my dad do it. He's way better than me." Clara took her mouth off the man's cock. "Okay," she said.

The man squatted down next to the bed and positioned Clara so that her lower legs hung off the edge of the mattress, knees spread wide, her feet dangling just above the floor as the rest of her body lay flat. I watched the man insert two fingers into my daughter's cunt, but then he positioned himself such that Fingering sexual act clitoris perineum vaing could not actually see what he was doing.

Soon I heard squishing sounds, and Clara was whimpering with pleasure. The squishing grew more and more rapid, and Clara's noises louder, more desperate. I was so aroused by my daughter's audible pleasure that I nearly came. I slowed down my strokes as I relished the sounds of my baby girl getting off on that strange man's touches. After just a couple of minutes, Clara cried out, almost as if in pain.

I could tell she had experienced an orgasm, but something seemed to be wrong. "Oh hot lap dance big butt naked Clara said.

"I'm so sorry, I think I peed." "No," the man said, "that's not pee. You just ejaculated. It's called squirting, and it's perfectly natural. In fact, you have a very special talent." "Really?" Clara asked. "Absolutely," the man said. "Yeah," Alyssa chimed in. "Oh my god, it took me like a year to do that, and usually it still doesn't happen. You're so lucky." "It did feel really good," Clara said. "Way better than when I do that to myself," she confided. I found myself regretting that I had not seen my daughter's cunt erupt with ejaculate.


The very thought of it made me shudder with lust. "Can you do it again?" Clara asked. "Sure," the man said, resuming his manual strokes. Alyssa found her way down to the floor and put her head back in front of her dad. I assumed she was sucking him off again. Now she was masturbating, too, though, reaching between her thighs and stroking circles around her clit. I couldn't take any more, but I don't remember deciding to enter the room. I just sort of appeared there.

My cock was poking out through my fly, clenched tightly in my fist, when I stumbled into the room and suddenly became the center of attention. Clara sat up with a jolt. "Daddy!" She was shocked, confused, embarrassed. Alyssa, too, sat up, but she merely smiled at me.

Her father turned toward me and stood, but he didn't seem the least bit worried. His demeanor was warm and welcoming not that of a man who had just been caught by the father of a girl he was finger-banging while his own daughter sucked him off. His dick jutted out at me as he approached and reached out to shake my hand, his fingers glistening. "Hello there. You must be Trevor," the man said.

"I've heard a lot about you." I took my hand off my cock and shook his hand. I felt like I was meeting a kindred spirit, not a disgusting pedophile. I didn't know what that said of me… "My name is Luke." "Daddy what are you doing here?" Clara said, scrambling for her clothes. "Don't worry, Sweetheart," I said to her soothingly. "You're not in any trouble." "Oh my god, this is so embarrassing," Clara said as she looked around for something to cover up with. Luke intervened. "I think your dad just wants to join us stepdad is a teacher and teaches me sex have some fun." I simply nodded, smiling as warmly and reassuringly as possible.

Clara shook her head. "No, no, this is all wrong." My heart sank, and finally I felt the embarrassment that should have prevented me from revealing myself at all. I started to put my dick back in my shorts so that I could exit the scene I had spoiled, but Alyssa thought better of that conclusion. "Wait," she said. "Don't leave." All eyes were on Alyssa now. "Even if Clara doesn't want you, I do." I smiled but continued to excuse myself.

"I don't think I should be here. I've ruined something truly beautiful. I'm sorry." "No, Dad, you can stay," said Clara. "I'm just really freaked out. This is all so weird." "I know it's strange, Honey," I said.

"I didn't mean to" "It's okay," Clara said. "I'd feel better if you stayed." Alyssa crawled over to me and knelt at my feet. She retrieved my rod from its packaging and reanimated it with an expert massage. Within seconds, my cock was fully hard again and set deep inside her skilled young mouth.


Alyssa moved to the side, and I pivoted with her, so that Clara could get a view of her handiwork. Luke started touching my daughter again, but only gently, and without penetration. He knew better than to distract her from the show Alyssa was putting on for her. "Will you eat my pussy, Trevor?" asked Alyssa. I responded by pulling her to her feet and walking her back over to her bed.

She climbed down onto her back next to my daughter, spread her bare legs wide for me as I removed the rest of my clothes, hoping Clara would like what she saw. With my lips clamped around that fleshy mound between Alyssa's thighs, I felt the slight tickle of her scant blonde pubes. With my tongue, I probed between her outer lips and caressed her labia, surveying her delicate inner landscape, then alternating between poking her cunt hole and flickering her immature little clit.

Alyssa's response was almost as gratifying as the fact that my daughter and her father were watching from just a few feet away. First, she released a long, soft sigh. Then she started breathing heavily. In less than a minute, she was groaning with glee. "Oh, Daddy, he's soooooo good at this." I continued pleasuring Alyssa with my mouth as her response grew ever louder.

Soon her thighs pinched my skull and her ass rose off the mattress. "Oh, yeah, just like that. I'm come&hellip. ing." I didn't stop when Alyssa's gentle but prolonged orgasm finally subsided. She let me eat her pussy for several more minutes before telling her new friend: "Clara, you really should let him try this.

It feels amazing." I glanced up at Clara, who was watching with a mix of anxiousness and anticipation. I hoped beyond hope that she would take Alyssa's advice. As much as I loved eating Alyssa's sweet-smelling snatch, I wanted nothing more at that moment than to taste my own daughter's pussy. Clara looked down between her own legs, where Luke's thumb was rubbing circles around her clit. Then she looked over at me, our eyes meeting for just a second before she looked away, embarrassed.

Her verbal response took me by surprise. "Okay." One word the greatest word I had heard in a long, long time. I lifted my head from Alyssa's pussy, but not before giving it one last kiss. I thought better of asking Clara if she was sure she wanted her father to go down on her, even though that would have been the right thing to do.

I was too afraid she would back out. Luke moved out of the way, assuming my previous position between Alyssa's legs as I got between Clara's. My daughter lay back on the bed, her eyes closed, as I dove into her crotch, inhaling deeply through my nose just as my lips met her wet cunt.

Clara's pussy was quite different from Alyssa's. First of all, she had a considerable amount of hair, and it was dark brown. It was still thin and short, the way an older woman might keep hers trimmed.

In fact, I thought perhaps Clara was trimming hers. It was obviously shaved around the edges, but curly brown hairs traveled all the way back to the bottom of her ass cheeks and beyond. Her scent was marvelous, even sweeter than Alyssa's, though that might just be my familial bias showing.

I used my thumbs to draw Clara's outer lips and labia apart, exposing her gorgeous jewel of a clitoris and the pink insides of her damp snatch.

Unlike Alyssa's, Clara's clit was fully developed, jumping out as soon as the hood was drawn back just a bit. I went for it first, encircling it with the tip of my tongue several times. Clara's reaction was stark. She sat up nearly a foot before letting her shoulders and head crash back down to the mattress.

"Oh, shit," she said, obviously surprised by how good a man's tongue even her father's felt on her special spot. Next, I plunged my tongue into her vagina, shoving it in as far as I could manage. I wiggled it around inside as Clara moaned. Alyssa was making noises again, too; their breathy duet drove me to start jerking off my rock-hard dick with one hand as I thumbed Clara's clit with my other, licking and slurping away at her pussy all the while.

When I could tell Clara was coming close to another climax, I stuck two fingers into her cunt and searched for her G-spot. Her responsiveness indicated I had hit my mark, so I started sucking on her clit and fucking her hole with my fingers. Almost immediately, Clara came with a vicious, full-body spasm, and warm liquid came gushing out of her cunt onto my hand and chest. I had to stop jerking off so I wouldn't come right then and there, but nearby Alyssa felt no such obligation to withhold her orgasm.

Luke was sucking feverishly on his daughter's pussy while jamming two fingers into her gash. The sound of Clara's pussy fluids splashing out apparently triggered Alyssa's own climax, and soon she was screaming, "There, Daddy, there!

Oh, fuck, I'm coming!" I gave Clara's pussy several gentle kisses as both girls caught their breath. I saw them gazing at each other. Alyssa was smiling widely; Clara's face bore a look of astonished satisfaction. I stood up and continued jerking off. Luke did the same. Alyssa sprung up and swallowed several inches of her dad's raging cock, leaving nearly two thirds of it to be wrapped by her eager hands.

She jerked away at the base and middle of his dick while sucking hungrily on the end. Luke was thrilled I could only imagine that feeling. But I didn't have to imagine for long. Clara sat up and looked at my dick standing straight out in front of her face. She reached up and held it in her hand, squeezing curiously, then put her lips around its head.

She was diffident at first, as she had been with Luke, but slowly she let the mood recapture her. Before long, she was mimicking Alyssa beside her, though she could only fit one hand around the base of my cock while she sucked the rest. The feeling was wonderful, but I held onto my cum, hoping for an invitation into her pussy. I couldn't be the one to suggest it, but I wanted so badly to feel her gorgeous cunt wrapped around my cock.

How I desired to spray that cum into her vagina. In the meantime, I took the opportunity to reach down and feel Clara's tits. I knew they'd be firm, but their youthful density still managed to startle me. I toyed with her nipples for a while before declaring, "God, Clara, your breasts are perfect." My daughter thanked me for the compliment by sucking harder on my cock. More quiet sucking followed as Luke and I stood there reveling in the pleasure our girls were providing so eagerly. Alyssa finally broke it: "Come on, Daddy, I know you want to come on my face." Now just her hands were on Luke's cock, milking it aggressively.

Clara stopped sucking me for the moment, and we both watched the other couple. Luke let out a long groan. Alyssa wore a maddened expression as she stared intently at the hole in Luke's 10-inch wand a few inches in front of her face, as if willing his semen to spew forth. Suddenly a burst of creamy white cum discharged, splattering across the bridge of Alyssa's nose. The next burst decorated her forehead. The third batch hit her chin. The rest shot straight into Alyssa's open mouth.

Alyssa looked up at her father, licked her lips, swallowed, and smiled. Luke smiled back. "What does it taste like?" asked Clara. "Wanna try some?" Alyssa responded. She put her face in front of Clara's. I watched from heaven as my daughter licked another man's cum off our new 12-year-old lover's pretty little face. "Wow, that's weird," Clara said, pondering her palate with a glance toward the ceiling. She left most of Luke's jizz on Alyssa, who simply let it drizzle down her nose, cheeks and chin, obviously aware that her garnishing was a turn-on to her dad and me.

"Good weird?" Alyssa asked. "Weird weird," said Clara, obviously not repulsed by the taste yet not enamored with it. She looked up at me, for only the second time since she'd started sucking me off. "Are you ready to come?" "I can come whenever you want me soaked lesbian babes munching on wet pussy, Clara." "Where do you want to put it?" A rare moment of semi-responsibility prevented me from telling her where I really wanted to blow my load: in her delicious young snatch.

"That's really up to you," I said. Clara thought for a second, still holding my cock in her hand. "How about on my chest?" I smiled my reply. Clara leaned back and started stroking my cock. I was perv stepbrother tricks his teen stepsister into fuck highly aroused it didn't take much more stimulation before I was ready to blow.

Hot cum spat forth onto my daughter's neck and then between her tits. She was in control of my aim, so I was delighted when she pointed my cock above her right breast and let my semen leak out onto it.

She stroked until my cock was limp in her hand. Clara was grinning with a sense of achievement as she looked down at all my cum adorning her body. "Would you like me to touch you some more now?" I asked. Clara nodded, still a bit squeamish but obviously loving her newfound pleasures. I delighted Clara orally for a while, giving her another orgasm.

Alyssa and Luke engaged in a 69 on the bed next to us, but before I gathered the gumption to follow suit, Luke stole my thunder by offering his still-flaccid dick to my daughter even as he kept lapping away at Alyssa's cunt and I continued eating Clara's. Clara took Luke's cock into her mouth, seemingly enjoying the challenge of getting it hard again.

The sight of Clara sucking Luke off once more was enough to stiffen my own member, and soon I was masturbating to the show. Minutes later, Luke was nearly full sized once more. He thanked Clara graciously. Alyssa sat up and whispered something into Luke's ear. "Are you sure?" Luke asked.

Alyssa nodded aggressively. Luke got up and rifled around in his daughter's nightstand drawer. He pulled out a bottle of lube and squirted some onto his fingers. Alyssa, lying on her back, raised her legs into the air, bent at the knees. Luke knelt on the bed and started sticking a slicked-up finger into his little girl's butt. "What are they very hot shemale ki gand mari Clara asked me.

I told her to come with me and watch. We stood at the end of the bed while Luke worked a second and then a third finger gently into his daughter's anus. "Doesn't that hurt?" Clara asked her new friend. "No, it feels awesome," Alyssa said.

"I don't think I could do that," said Clara. "You could," Alyssa replied, "but only when you feel ready." Luke jumped in. "Are YOU ready, Alyssa?" His daughter nodded enthusiastically. Alyssa had taken my cock up her ass like a champion, but I was about to be truly astonished. Never would I have believed that a 12-year-old girl could handle a cock as broad as Luke's.

But there it was, it's swollen tip positioned eagerly at the gateway to her rectum. Luke's initial plunge was slow but steady, and soon he had several inches of thick cock immersed in his daughter's ass. Alyssa's response was ecstatic. She didn't seem troubled by Luke's girth at all. Mind you, he was only entering her about 5 inches, careful not to cause harm, but his thrusts were long and swift. Alyssa's anus sucked onto her father's cock as he withdrew, then her overstretched little ass ring gave way and sunk back in when he pushed.

"How's my little girl doing?" Luke asked sincerely. "Oh, Daddy, your cock is so big. It feels sooo good in my tight little ass. Do you love it?" "I sure do, Baby," Luke said gleefully. "It's the best feeling I've ever had." "Fuck that ass, Daddy. Fuck your little girl's ass raw." Luke obediently picked up his pace, and I almost winced at the sight of his lumbering cock ravaging Alyssa's capable hole. "That's it, Daddy, give me more. Deeper! Harder!" Again Luke minded, giving Alyssa nearly 7 inches of cock with each thrust before pulling out so far that the rim of his helmet was exposed.

On one withdrawal, Luke's cock accidentally hot ebony tatiyana foxx blowing a long white rod out, but Alyssa's butthole remained wide open, as if beckoning her father's ramrod back in.

Luke didn't make it wait; he came back with his deepest plunge yet. "Oh, Daddy, you're gonna make me come so good," Alyssa cried out, now rubbing her cunt wildly as her father held onto her knees. "Clara, will you put your fingers inside me? I want to come so bad!" Clara jumped right in, sticking two fingers into Alyssa's cunt while Luke continued to pummel his daughter's ass with impressive strokes of jumbo cock.

"Oooooh, Jesus!" Alyssa shouted. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me, Jesus, fuck me! That's it, Clara, just like that! Oooooh, ooooh, ooooh, I'm gonna come, Daddy. Come in my ass!

Shoot your fucking cum right into my ass!" Luke grunted sharply as Alyssa let out one last, long squeal: "Yeeeeee-es!" Luke pulled his cock almost all the way out as he started to blow his own load, the semen itself still hidden from our busty ebony bitch gives a nice tugjob. He gripped Alyssa's legs tightly as his jizz flowed readily into her.

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Then he reached down and squeezed to drain the last bit of cum before finally taking his cock out of his daughter's ass. "Wow!" Clara was the one to say it, but we were all thinking it. "I can't wait till I can do that." I jerked myself off while waiting for one of the girls secretly hoping for Clara to invite me to finish off in or on them.

I was so turned on at that moment, any suggestion would have sufficed. "Do you want to come all over my ass, Dad?" Clara said. Despite my desire to puncture her little snatch, I couldn't have thought of a better place to shoot my second wad.

"I would love to." Clara crawled face-down onto the bed, her legs spread slightly. This was the first really good look I had gotten at her ass. I had stolen so many looks sister brother selpak sex story the past couple of years, but always through a bathing suit or panties, at best. Each time that ass had appeared more and more pronounced, sexier and sexier.

Now I saw it in all its thin thief sucks cock and fucked hardcore brunette simply the hottest ass I had ever viewed in real life.

Each cheek rose distinctly from her lower back. Each bun was almost symmetrical from top to bottom, returning to her thighs at nearly the same angle as it departed her back. Above each cheek was a girlish dimple, and at the base of her spine a slight, delicious bulge of womanly chub.

I gazed down at my daughter's greatest asset as I rubbed my cock with long, even strokes. Suddenly, Alyssa provided me with a gift for which I could not have asked. With both hands, she spread Clara's cheeks wide apart, exposing my daughter's little, wrinkly brown anus, ringed with just a few young pubic hairs.

With that as my target, I finally unleashed my second load of cum, which first squirted then drizzled onto my daughter's virgin anus. Alyssa rubbed the cum around with her fingers for a second then gently poked one into Clara's ass.

Clara jerked, but Alyssa was tender and caring, putting her at ease. Alyssa never went past her first knuckle of one finger, but she used her other fingers to explore Clara's cunt, and soon Clara was climaxing yet again, with more of her luscious girl cum flowing forth.

As I watched the youngest member of our party send shivers through my daughter's whole body, I wondered what had become of my daughter and me. Would these encounters continue? Would we keep messing around with our new neighbors? How would we keep all of this a secret from my wife and son; Clara's mother and brother? Little did I know our secret would come to envelope the whole family, and beyond… DISCLAIMER: I hope it goes without saying to anyone reading this that you shouldn't be stupid enough to try any of this shit, or believe that it happens this way in real life.