Tattooed babe gets fucked by her boyfriend

Tattooed babe gets fucked by her boyfriend
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A few hours later, when the girls arrived after dinner, they rang the doorbell, and he invited them in. They were wearing matching short pleated skirts and low cut blouses. He said, "Girls, you remember Zoe, my daughter." They smiled and curtsied, saying, "Nice to meet you again Miss Zoe." When they curtsied, they lifted their skirts, and he and Zoe bot caught a glimpse of their pantyless pussies.

Zoe said, "Wow you two have very polite manners." He said, "Yes, well there's a reason for that, I'll explain everything." They went and sat in the living room, Zoe next to her dad, and the girls on the other side. He tells her their story, but leaves out April, and that the girls are pregnant.

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He tells about the break blonde babe fingers and toys her cunt, and them becoming submissive to him. After hearing all of that, much more made sense to Zoe.

It's obvious to her how much the two girls sitting there care about her dad, and are truly committed to him. She says, "Dad, that's an amazing story. I would love to stay and get to know the girls better, if that's ok." The girls look to him to give her an answer, hoping it's yes, and he says, "Of course baby, I would love that too!

I want us all to become closer, like a family. The girls will be around for a long time hopefully." She gave him a big warm hug, brother rap with his sister many storys and torcher her sex went over and sat next to Hollie, and reached over and hugged them both like they were sisters. He got up and said, "Ok you three, I'll leave you alone to get to know each other now, you just behave." "Hollie and Katie, I want you to obey Zoe like you would obey me ok?" They both nod enthusiastically, and he mom and san porn porn to Zoe, "I can trust you not to abuse your responsibility right?" She flashes him a brief, but sultry smile and said, "Don't worry, I won't do anything you wouldn't do." The girls all laugh, and he just grins and leaves them, shocked at what a little succubus his daughter was turning out to be.

When 11 o'clock rolled around, he knew it was time for the girls to get home. He came out of his room, but didn't see them in the living room. He heard giggling coming from Zoe's room, so he went upstairs. He knocked, and heard Zoe say, "Come in!" in her sing-song voice, out of breath from laughing. He opened the door, and the girls were trying to act natural, like they had almost gotten caught doing something naughty.

He smiled, and said, "What are you three up to?" They giggled and said, "Nothing!" He knew that was a lie, but said, "It's time for the girls to leave unfortunately." They were sad, but the girls complied without complaint. As they walked past him, they kissed him goodbye.

He said, "Oh, I managed to get some absentee slips for you two for tomorrow, you don't have to go to school. I was thinking you should come over and spend the day with Zoe, you seem to have hit it off tonight." The girls beamed, and Zoe cheered. After they left, he said to Zoe, "What's that behind your back?" She clearly didn't think he saw it, but she reluctantly brought her hand in front of her, holding her digital camera. He said, "What were you doing with that?" although he already knew.

She said, "Just taking some pictures," innocently. He said, "Can I see those pictures?" She said, "Sure!" and jumped up, plugging the camera into her computer. Soon images of Hollie and Katie were displayed on the screen, striking poses. As Zoe flipped through them, the girls' poses became more provocative, and they were wearing less and less clothes. Piss play fun with hot blonde teen carla cox was watching him to gauge his reaction, but he remained stone faced.

He saw the girls flashing their tits and pussies, with their fingers all over themselves and each other. He said, "You're quite the photographer." She smiled, and said "It helps to have such sexy models." He replied, "I'm glad you find them as sexy as I do," and got up.

Before he left the room, he said "Get some sleep, you've got a date early tomorrow." He had trouble sleeping himself that night.

He couldn't get the image of his daughter fucking his two sex slaves out of his head. The next day, Jeff comes home from school a little threesome with the waiter pornstars group sex at 4. With his help, Hollie and Katie had taken the day off from school. He gave them forged excused absence passes so that they could stay home with Zoe all day and get to know her. He couldn't concentrate all day imagining what they might be doing at home alone.

He walked in, and into the living room. That's when he saw them out on the pool patio. He froze right where he was, astonished at what he saw. Zoe was sprawled out on a deck chair, with Hollie's face buried between her legs. From where he was he couldn't see much, as she was facing away from him. As he crept closer to the windows, he saw Zoe's bikini bottom on the ground next to her chair, and saw that Hollie was completely naked.

Once close enough, he saw Katie was sitting in a chair to his left, also completely naked, with her leg propped up and her fingers buried in her pussy. He can't believe he's watching his innocent little girl fuck these two high school girls. He can't see exactly what's going on between Zoe's legs, but all he knows is he wants to see more. He thinks to himself, "She has to know that I'll see her doing this, right?" He decides to find out, and moves toward the right, trying to get a better view of his gorgeous daughter.

As he inches closer and closer to being able to see her beautiful body in full, something catches his attention out of the corner of his eye. He looks up, and sees his neighbor's house, and the woman standing in front of the second floor window looking at them. He freezes, first in a panic, but then gets a hold of himself. The woman seems to be watching them, not running to call the neighbors about her new piece of juicy gossip.

He quickly makes a decision. He doesn't know if the woman has seen him watching the girls, so he storms outside, yelling at them. "Zoe! What do you think you're doing! I leave you alone for one day, and this is what you do? You bring your friends over and do this debauchery? In my own house!" As he yells, Zoe looks utterly confused, and a bit hurt.

She obviously expected a very different reaction from him, one more welcoming, and so she covers herself up with her towel. Hollie and Katie stand up with their heads bowed in a submissive posture. He barks at them, "Cover yourselves up and get inside, right now!" The school girls obey immediately, but Zoe goes more slowly.

Watching her disappointment and shame is horrible, and he thinks, "Just a few moments more sweetie." Once inside, he slams the door, and pulls the blinds shut. Finally convinced that they have their privacy back, he turns to the girls. Zoe says, her voice quaking with the fear that she's just ruined her relationship with her father, "Daddy, I'm so sorry, I just…" She doesn't know how to finish, and trails off, when he says, "No baby, don't be sorry.

I didn't want to react like that, but you three were careless. There was a woman next door watching everything you were doing!" The girls all gasp in horror, and Zoe says, "But I didn't see anyone!" The anger he was trying to suppress rising in his voice, he says, "Of course not, but she was there.

So now I have to go talk to her and try to convince her that what she saw was just the one time indiscretion if some teenagers, and not what it really is." All three girls look ashamed, and apologize, which softens him a bit.

He says, "Look, you three just stay right here, I'll be back." They nod, and he leaves the house. He crosses the yard to the neighbor's house, which feels like a million miles away. He doesn't see her looking out of any windows, which might be good or bad. He reaches the door, prepares himself, and rings the doorbell. He hears a woman's voice call out, "Come in!" He hesitates, and then opens the door. He steps inside, and calls out "Hello? It's your next door neighbor." The voice says, "Come in, I'm here in the kitchen." He heads into the house, and sees her sitting to his right as he passes the door.

She's seated on a bar stool at her counter, wearing a black and gold kimono. She looks to be in her late 40's, but very fit. She says, "Come in, don't just stand there." He says, "I'm Jeff, I live next door." She's holding a mixed drink, and says, "I know who you are Jeff. Can I get you a drink?" He shakes his head, puzzled by her attitude, and says, "Sorry to come over unannounced, but I'm afraid there's been a bit of an embarrassing situation." She playfully says, "Oh has there?" He senses she's toying with him, but continues, "Yes, I think you may have seen something a short while ago that might have given you the wrong impression.

You see, my daughter, she's a little on the rebellious side, and is always trying to push my buttons." The mystery woman shifts in her seat, and her kimono falls open to her navel, giving him an ample view of her cleavage.

She either doesn't notice, or doesn't care, so Jeff continues, "Anyway, I hope that we'll be able to come to an understanding and put these tits and sexy cunt cry for a cock whole thing behind us." She looks at him after he finished speaking, the faintest smile on her lips, then finally her straight face breaks, and she bursts out laughing.

He's confused, and she says, "Oh Jeff, this is too good. I'm sorry, I shouldn't tease you, but it's too maid vs boss japanese xxx fun. Relax a bit won't you? Come sit down." She motions to the bar stool next to hers, and not sure what her game is, he plays along.

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He sits, and she says, "Don't worry Jeff, if I was the gossiping type, I'd have had time to tell every housewife in the state by now." He looks at her suspiciously, and she says in a conspiratorial tone, "This isn't the first time I've seen scandalous behavior at your house." He doesn't know if she's bluffing, so he keeps a straight face.

She says, "I understand why you'd play it cool, you don't want to let a stranger in on your secrets, but trust me, I'm the discreet type." As she says this, she runs a hand down the opening of her kimono, from her neck down to her breasts, pulling the material aside even further.

As his eyes were drawn down, she slowly spread her legs toward him, sending the silk sliding off her legs, and revealing her perfectly tanned shaven pussy to him. She says, "I know I have you at a disadvantage, and that you're a man who likes to be in control.

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So here's your chance, take control. Give me the chance to prove you can trust me." He says, "How do I know you aren't just trying to get even more dirt on me?" She coyly says, "Only one way to find out," and spreads her legs farther, sliding toward him. He stands, and moves closer to her, close enough to kiss her. She rubs her thighs on his legs gently, and he reaches up to her face.

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But instead of kissing her, he grabs her hair and pulls her off her stool, throwing her on the ground. She lands on her back on the cool tile floor, and he's on top of her in an instant. He pins her arms down, and says, "Tell me what you know about me!" She smiles, and says, "You'll have to make me tell you." He's stunned by how horny, yet submissive she is.

Every ounce of her is begging him to take her. He obliges her, pulling his dick out of his pants and feeding it to her. He plunges it roughly into her mouth, and she greedily swallows it.

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As she sucks, he pushes farther and farther perverted dream of hooker bound hardcore bondage her throat. When he lets up, he repeats his question, and says with a coy grin, "I know that you're a high school teacher with a few problem students, plus one very curious daughter." He says, "What do you know about what we've done?" She shuts her mouth and raises her eyebrows to say, 'You know what to do.' He thinks, "She really wants to be abused!

She's forcing me to fuck her to tell me her secrets! Maybe she's a kindred spirit after all." He slides his dick back down her throat, all the way to the hilt this time. She swallows it whole. This is the deepest any woman has ever taken his dick before. Again he relents, and she says, "You spent a weekend fucking the high schoolers, but two of them came back for more.

The third is off plotting her revenge as we speak no doubt. I don't think you've had the older girl, despite how much she obviously wants her daddy's cock." This time he starts fucking her face before asking his question, "Who have you told?" This time she simply says, "No one, and I never will. What you do in that house isn't anyone else's business but yours." He says sarcastically, "And yours apparently." She grins devilishly, and says, "I've got to have a hobby." He holds her face down, and jerks his dick against it until he starts blasting his cum all over her face.

He coats her face hair and tits, and once finished, he gets up. She doesn't move from her place on the floor, instead she just moves her hand to her naked pussy and starts rubbing her clit. She says, "Well Jeff, do you believe me now?" she says, "Maybe, but I'll take some insurance just to be sure." He takes out his phone, and starts to record her as she writhes on the tile, fingering herself closer to orgasm.

She stares into the camera, almost proud to be filmed debasing herself with his cum all over her. She said, "I always thought I was prettiest with a load of cum on my face." She continues until she cums, reveling in the show she's putting on for him.

After she finishes, she says, "Well?" he looks at her and says, "Well what?" She replied, "Aren't you even going to ask me my name?" he says, "No, I'll find out on my own. Follow me." She obeys, standing up and following him as he walks out of the kitchen. Her robe is hanging open freely, and she makes no effort to conceal herself or question him. He finds her bedroom, which overlooks his pool. It's the only window that does, so he starts looking around.

He finds her laptop, and opens it. He opens her email, and starts to snoop. She simply seachmujer madura de pezones duros en la playa there watching him, almost delighted at the invasion.

He finds her name, Nora, and searches for anything about his family, while she slides two fingers into her pussy. She orgasms again watching him, and soon he's satisfied that she hasn't been talking about them. He looks through her closet and her dressers for cameras or pictures, but finds nothing.


Finally he says, "Seems what you told me checks out. But since you know so much about me, it's time for you to tell me your story. Let's go get you showered while you fill me in." He leads her to the bathroom, and she drops her robe, and runs the shower. "Well, I'm actually a retired schoolteacher too!


I moved here about a year ago for the peace and quiet of this rural neighborhood. I never had any kids of my own, so when I saw what was going on, I wanted to be included. I knew I couldn't though, not until the right moment." He says, "Which was today." She grinned, and said, "Yes. I can't count the number of times I've fucked myself with my vibrator standing at that window, wishing I was one of those girls.

All my life I've wanted a strong man to take me like you did, be my master, but I never got it. Until now hopefully." He saw nothing but truth and sincerity in her eyes, and felt that he could trust her.

After her shower, he says, "I feel a connection with you Nora, and I think you're someone I can trust to help me with my problems." She's ecstatic, and says, "Yes, anything!" As she showers, washing his cum off her face, he tells her, "The girls names are Hollie and Katie. Zoe's my daughter. Zoe doesn't know it yet, but the girls are both pregnant." She gives him a look that's half admonition, and half arousal. He continues, "So is April." Now she's really intrigued and says, "Is Zoe too?" He shakes his head, and says, "I haven't had sex with Zoe." She says, "Was there an unspoken 'yet' on the end of that sentence?" He smiled and said, "You're very observant.

Yes, I've been fantasizing about it, but I don't want to take advantage of her before she's ready." Nora thought 'the girl's obviously ready, she's practically begging for it,' but she left that subject for another time. She said, "Well, we'll have to deal with the pregnancies quickly then." He said, "Do you have any ideas?" She said, "A few, but first let's go meet wold bigest black sex in the cock girls." She dried off, reveling in Jeff ogling her tight body.

He takes in her body, admiring her pert natural breasts, her beautiful legs, and her evenlt tanned skin. She clearly spends a lot of time tanning and working out. As she dresses, he asks her, "So how does a teacher afford to retire at your age?" She said, "My parents left me quite a bit of money in the inheritance.

My father always doted on me, not unlike you do Zoe, and made sure that I would be well off." She finally is finished dressing, wearing an outfit that's halfway between stern schoolmarm and sexy librarian. He says, "You're amazingly beautiful. How old are you?" He had never asked a woman that before so bluntly, but instead of the usual appalled reaction, she simply answered, "I'm 49." He said, "You're gorgeous for 49, you don't look anywhere near it." She thanked him, and said, "Let's go meet the girls!" TO BE CONTINUED