Helping his horny boss madison ivy

Helping his horny boss madison ivy
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Sister Catches Brother AUTHORS NOTE: This submission is just the dialogue between a brother and his sister who catches him masturbating but without all the details and trimmings associated with the plot for a regular story. It is not intended to portray any character under the age of 18. However, I have deliberately omitted detailed descriptions, references to the age of each character and the names of the participants in the story so that you can use your imagination to insert the respective persons with the names, ages and physical attributes of your choice.

* * * * * "Hey bro whatcha doing?. Can I come in?. I'm bored and can't sleep. What kind of movie is that?. Mind if I joined you?." "OH SHIT SIS?!?!. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?. GET OUT. GET OUT OF MY ROOM NOW!!" "Oh my God. You're naked. Why don't you have any. CHRIST!!. YOU'RE MASTURBATING!!.

I'm sorry. I. I. I should have knocked. I'm so so sorry. Please forgive me. Please. I shouldn't have barged in like this. WHAT THE FUCK?. What is that in your hand?. Are those my panties?. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PANTIES?!?!. HOLY SHIT!!. Did I hear what I think I did?. This movie is about incest.

That boy is having sex with his sister. How disgusting. You're sick. Is that what turns you on?. It is, isn't it?.

Answer me you fucking pervert. Is that what turns you on?. Seeing a boy with his sister?. That's what excites you?. Is that what you want to do as well?. Have sex with me?. Is that what you want to do with me?. Your own sister?. Holy Shit. It is, isn't it?. I can't believe this. You really are a dirty fucking pervert. Fantasizing about your sister.

My God. Masturbating at thoughts of doing dirty things to me. With your sister. How fucking sick and disgusting. How can you think of doing such nasty things?. I am your own flesh and blood for goodness sake." "Oh God sis.

Please forgive me. Please. I promise that I'll never do this again." "I can't believe this. My own brother doing such filthy things. Masturbating to the thought of two siblings having sex with each other. Smelling my soiled panties. You wait until I tell mom and dad about this. It seems that you have forgotten what happened to you the last time they caught you masturbating in the bathroom." "Oh God.

Please don't tell on me sis. Please. I'm begging you. Please don't tell on me!!" "CHRIST!!. My brother is a freak who jerks off while smelling my dirty underwear. How can you do something like that?. My fucking panties. How gross. You wait until I tell my friends what I caught you doing. OWWWW. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!. GET AWAY FROM ME!!.

STOP IT!!. What are you doing?. Let me go now. You're hurting me. Stop it. Get off me. Let me off your bed. Eight horny lezzies pleasure their wet pussies tube porn. You're crushing me. Get off me. Get the fuck off of me. I can't breathe. Get off me now or I'm gonna scream!!" "You can scream all you want to sis. Nobody will hear. We're the only ones here. Just you and me. All alone. Now you saw mine and I'm going to see yours whether you like it or not.

Quit squirming around under me and lift up your night shirt. Show me your pussy you little cock teaser. Show me your cunt. Coming into my room in the middle of the night dressed like this. You're not even wearing a bra are you?. I know you aren't. I can feel your hard nipples pressing against my chest. You're getting turned on too. This is making you horny. It is, isn't it?. You're getting all wet and horny. This is turning you on. Feeling your brother pinning you under him on my bed.

Feeling my hard cock pressing against your groin. You're probably so aroused that you want to play with yourself. Your pussy is probably getting so wet that you want to finger yourself right now don't you?. I know you want to sis. I can see it. I can see it on your face. I can smell it too. I can smell it all over you. Come on sis. Don't resist it. Play with your pretty pussy like you do every night.

Show me how you finger yourself. It's okay. Go ahead sis. Do it. Masturbate. Come on. I promise I won't tell anyone. I swear to God. Just do it for a bit so I can see. Oh shit.

You're wearing crotchless underwear. That's so hot. That's so fucking hot. Let me see you finger yourself with them on. Keep them on and play with yourself sis. Please let me see you do that. Old granny anal and young woman fuck aunt first time hot hookup after a super hot bath ahead, do it. Please show me sis.

Do it just for a little while. Please do it for me. That's it. Finger yourself you sexy vixen. Finger yourself. You like doing that to yourself don't you?. Massaging your clitoris?. It feels good doesn't it?. Now show me how you get off when you're fingering your slit. When you're masturbating. Show your brother how you enjoy playing with yourself like I do. Do you like playing with yourself in front of me sis?. Do you like exposing yourself in front of your brother?.

Huh?. Do you like masturbating while I watch you?. Playing with your dripping pussy knowing that I'm right here watching you do it?." "Oh God yes. I do. I do. This is so naughty. So nasty. So sinful. So forbidden. I really love it. Look bro. Is this what you want to smell?. Huh?. Is it?. Is this what turns you on?.

What you masturbate to?. My pussy?. Your sister's soaking snatch?. How can you get off thinking about doing such nasty things with my forbidden fruit?. We're siblings.

I'm your sister. Wanting to smell my pussy. Jacking off while sniffing the crotch of my panties. Well smell my fingers you dirty pervert. Smell my fingers and lick them. Good. Lick them. Suck my blonde girlfriend puts on a hot masturbation show. That's a good boy. Now stick your nose in my vagina and smell it. Smell the real thing.

Does it smell good?. Huh?. Does it smell like you thought it would?. Well what are you waiting for?. An invitation?. Go ahead and suck my cunt you dirty bastard. Suck it. Yes, yes, yes. Just like that. Lick it. Lap my labs. Good God. Sucking your sister. Aren't you ashamed?. Licking my labia and sucking my clitoris.

Oh my God. What are we doing?. Stop. Please stop. Stop what you're doing. Stop it this instant. Please stop. Stop. Please. We can't do this. I'm your sister. We're related. We can't do this. We cannot do this. This is incest. It's a sin.

We'll go to hell. We're family. You're my brother. Oh God. Please stop doing that. Please stop. This is so bad. Aaaahhhhhh. No,no,no. Mmmmmmm. This isn't right. Oh God. Forgive us. No honey, stop what you're doing. Please stop and think about it for a minute. Do you really want to do this to me?. Is this what you want to do with your sister?.

To see and smell my cunt?. To eat me out?. To smell my vagina and lick it?. To suck it?. To eat your sister out?. To eat my pussy out?. Please tell me no. Please say no!!" "Yes sis. It's true. This is what I masturbate to. Smelling your dirty panties. Sniffing the juices of your pussy. Beating myself off while thinking about this. Thinking about eating you out and then fucking you.

Fucking you sis. Fucking my own sister. I want to screw you so bad you have no idea." "Oh God this is so evil. So immoral. So wicked. Do you know how sinful this is?.

My brother wanting to do such dirty things to me. His sister. His own sibling. Please forgive us. Please have mercy on our souls. Sweet Jesus. Who the hell am I kidding?. Screw those Sunday School Sermons. Fuck that bullshit. Fuck it. Go ahead, do it. Suck me. Keep sucking my vuggie.

Lick my most sacred place. My penis palace. My puffy pussy. Suck it. Suck my clitty. Lick it with your tongue. Yes. Lick it. Lick me. Lick your sister's pussy. Oh God. Oh God. OH. MY. GOD!!" "Shit sis. Your pussy is so wet. You taste so good. You don't know how long I've wanted to do this to you. How many times I've masturbated at thoughts of doing this. To taste your juice. To lick your cunt. To finger you. To feel your juice gushing on my fingers. In my mouth.

On my cock. To feel my hard cock plunging in your hole. " "Oh God. That's it. Suck my pussy. Your sister's soaking snatch. Suck my swollen clitty. Suck it. Eat me out. Lick my lips. Make me cum. Make your sister slut cum. Oh God. Yes, yes, yes. Lick my clitoris. Oh God. Oh my God. Suck my pussy. Suck your sister's snatch. Holy shit. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum so hard. Oh God. I'm cumming. Oh my God. Oh my God. OH. MY. GOD. AAAAAHHHHHH. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Suck me. Suck me. Suck me.

AAAAIIIIIEEEE. AAAAHHHH. UUUNNNGGGHHH." "Do you want to feel my cock inside you now sis?. Do you want to feel your brother pumping your pussy right now?. Do you, you sexy bitch?. My slutty siren?. Is that what you want me to do next?. Tell me sis.

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Tell me." "YES!!. Oh God, yes. I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck my pussy while I'm wearing my underwear. My crotchless panties. Fuck me with that latina cutie rides fat rod hardcore bigboobs cock of yours. Please brother. I'm begging you. Please fuck me. Screw your slutty sister. Fuck my dripping pussy stud. Fuck me. Fuck your sister. Push your cock through the hole in my panties. I want to feel your cock in my cunt while I'm wearing these panties.

Come and fuck your sister's wet, pussy through the slit in my crotchless panties." "Not yet sis. Not yet. I want you to suck my dick first. I want you to give me a blow job and then I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you hard and deep. But suck my cock first. Blow me. Yeah. Lick it. Suck it. Swallow it you whore. Take it down your throat.

Suck my cock sis. Suck your brother's cock!!" "So you like watching me suck your cock huh?. Is this what you want me to do?. Is this what you masturbate to?. Seeing your sister giving you a blow job?. Seeing me blow you?. Watching your sister swallow your spear?. Licking your lance?. Huh?. Is it?. Is this what you dream about when you're greasing your gun?.

Seeing me taste your tool?. Seeing your sister sucking your snake?. Is that what you palm your pole to?. Well bro, I'll give you a blow job that you'll never forget.

Look in my eyes dear brother. Watch your sister swallow your cock and stare deep in my eyes. Do you see me stud?. I'm sucking your penis. Your sister is blowing your horn. Your dick is in my mouth. I'm giving you a blow job. Does this turn you on?. Huh?. Does it?. Seeing your sister take your big cock deep in her throat.

I have your cock in my mouth and I'm gonna suck it dry and drink your sperm. I'm going to give you the dirtiest blowjob you've ever had. Does it feel good darling?. Does it?. Tell me. Sucking your cock is making me so wet. You better be able to cum a lot tonight. I want your cum everywhere. All over me. I want to fuck and suck your brains out all night long. Look baby, look. Do you see your cock in my mouth drooling with saliva?.

Dripping on my nipples?. Do you see me slobbering all over your hard cock?. Deep throating you?." "Oh God sis. You gotta stop. You gotta stop sucking my cock or I'm going to bust a nut.

I'll blow my load. Stop blowing me sis. Stop it. Oh God. Please stop. Please sis, please. I don't want to cum like this. Not right now. Not like this. Quit it. I want to fuck you now. I'm ready to give you the fucking you wanted. I want you to get ready to take my cock in your pussy sis. Get ready to take your brother's cock in your cunt. Lie down sis. Lie on your back and spread your legs. Yes, that's it.

Are you ready?. Are you ready to get fucked?. Screwed by me?. By your brother?. Here it comes. Open up slut. Here I come. My train is going in your tunnel. I'm guiding it in. Through the hole in your panties like you wanted. Do you feel that?.

Do you feel my boner going into your box?. I'm gonna pound your pussy while you're wearing your crotchless underwear?.

Do you feel it sis?. Do you feel your brother's hard cock in your nest?. How does it feel?. How does it feel getting boned by your brother?. What does it feel like committing incest while you have on those panties?." "Oh!!. My!!. God!!. This can't be happening. This can't be real.

I must be dreaming. WOW!!. This is fucking unreal. Go ahead hot blonde slut and bigcock in her pussy.

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Push it all the way in. Yes baby. Uh huh. Oh my God. I can't believe this. Are we really doing this?. Are we really fucking each other?. Are we really committing incest with each other?. What have we done?. What is happening?. Oh my God. What have I become?." "A whore sis. An incestuous whore. A dirty, rotten, no good whore.

A sister slut. You're not dreaming. You're wide awake and you better believe that you're committing incest with me. Your brother sis. Your own brother. We're really fucking each other sis. You and I are committing one of the ultimate taboos. Sex between siblings. We're committing incest. Incest sis. Incest. We're gonna burn in hell for this. For fucking each other." "Oh God. Please forgive us.

Please forgive us. But it feels so good. So good. Incest with my brother feels so good and I'm enjoying it. I can't believe I actually like doing this. Having sex with my brother. Mmmmmmmm. Push your cock deeper in my pussy bro.

That's it. Yes, yes. That's it baby, just like that. Now fuck me harder. Give me all of your cock . Pound your sister with that cock. Come on. Fuck me hard and fast. Fuck me deep. Deeper. Let me feel your cum shoot in my snatch. Fill my slushy swamp with your seed. Water my garden. Oh God, your cock feels so good inside me.


I can't believe we are really doing this. This is so wrong. This is so bad. But it feels so good. So right. Fuck me stud. Fuck your slutty sister. Fuck your dirty whore. Fuck your sister slut hard and fast. Fuck me deep in my incestuous hole. Yes,yes, yes. That's it. Do it just like that. This is what you've been dreaming about isn't it?. To fuck me. To screw your very own sister. To feel my pulsing pussy wrapped around your pumping pole?.

Well let me feel your cum shoot in my slippery slit. Cool my burning bush with your cream. Fill my cunt with your spunk. That's what you want to do isn't it?. To cum in me?. In your sister?. To shoot your seed in my snatch?. In your sister's tight twat?. Christ, you're a nasty boy. A very nasty boy. Wanting to do such a thing to your sister.

What if you got me pregnant?. What would happen then?. What would we do?. Huh?. What then?. Aaaahhhhh. Deeper. Deeper. Oh God. Yes, yes, yes.

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Ram your rod in my hole. Into your sister. Mmmmmmm. Uh huh. Uh huh. Mmmmmm. Fuck me harder. Harder. Fuck me harder. Don't stop. Please don't stop. Keep fucking me.

Come on. Why are you stopping?. What's wrong?." "Where else sis?. Where else do you want to feel my hard cock?." "Anywhere, anywhere. I'm yours. I'm all sexy kayla from the netherlands camel toe. Just please don't stop fucking me. Don't stop fucking me you. Keep fucking me. Quit teasing me. Keep fucking your horny sister. Make me your whore. Make me your cock sucking. Cock fucking. Cock loving whore!!" "Oh don't worry about that you sexy slut.

I am going to fuck you, and fuck you hard, you dirty whore. Your brother is going to fuck you like you deserve to be fucked. Sis, I'm going to fuck you in your ass. I want to try anal sex and you're the victim. So get ready to be violated anally you fucking cock sucker." "Oh God no. You can't do that. Please don't. I'm begging you. Please.

I've never been fucked in my butt before. Your cock is too big, it won't fit. Please honey please. Not in my ass. It's too small. Fuck my pussy again. Please fuck my pussy again . Not my asshole. Not in my anus. Please dont. Please brother, please. I'm begging you. Not in my ass. I'm a virgin back there. I'm a virgin back there.

It's gonna hurt." "Shut up bitch and kneel down. Kneel down like a dog. I'm going to give you a tongue bath first. I'm going to lick your ass sis. Your brother is going to suck your poop shoot. I'm going to lick your butt. Now take off those panties. Take them off bitch. Take them off and bend over. That's it. Good girl. Now get ready for your rim job brazzers jenny glam takes a big dick. Get ready to feel your brother lick your hershey highway.

Are you ready?. Here I go. Here it comes. I'm going to lick your crack sis. I'm going to charming yo blonde teen loves it hard my tongue in your ass." "Aaaahhhh.

Holy shit. That feels so good. Lick it again. Lick my asshole again. Oh God, you're sucking my ass. You're sticking your tongue in my anus. Oh God. Lick it more. Ream me. Ream my asshole. Stick your tongue in it again. Mmmmm. Yes. Yes. Oh my God. Just like that. Just. Like. That. Mmmm. Suck you bastard. Suck. Suck my asshole. Lick my butt. Lick your sister's anus.

Uh huh. Oh my God. Oh God. Mmmmmmm. Yes. Yes. Oh my God. Your tongue feels so good in there. Yes honey, lick my anus. Stick a finger in it. Stick a finger in my tiny ass. Go ahead, do it. OH!!. MY!!. FUCKING!!. GOD!!. Mmmmmmm. That feels unbelievable. Try to stick another one in. Stick another finger in my tiny little pucker. Oh God, nobody has ever fucked me there before, but I need to feel your big cock in me again. Please fuck me again. Please fuck me bro. Stick it in me.

In my pussy. In my ass. Anywhere. Just fuck me again. Anywhere you want to. I don't care. I don't fucking care anymore. Go ahead and stick it in my ass. Fuck me in my ass like a street side whore. Go ahead . Do it. Put it in.

Let me feel your cock in my asshole." "Okay sis. You asked for it. Stay right where you are. Don't move. Keep kneeling down in that position. Yeah. Like that. Now push your butt up a little bit. Good. Now relax sis. Relax. It won't hurt if you relax. Okay. Here it comes sis. Get ready for your butt fuck. I'm spreading your cheeks apart sis. I'm opening you up. Opening your anus to feel my dick. I'm putting the head in now. Do you sex stories in ebony dubbing it sis?.

Do you feel my cock going in your ass?. I'm pushing my cock deep in your anus." "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!. Jesus Christ. It's huge. It's fucking huge. You're dick is so deep inside me. Your dick is in my anus. Oh God. I can't belive it. I have my brother's dick in my asshole. I'm letting my brother have anal sex with me. My brother is actually fucking me up the butt.

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Mmmmmmm. Go ahead bro. Go ahead and fuck me up the butt. I want you to fuck my ass. Fuck your sister's ass. Fuck the shit out of it.

Fuck my asshole. Fuck it hard. I want it to feel pain. I deserve to be punished for committing incest. Punish me. Go ahead. Hurt my ass. Fuck it. I want you to split it in two. Fuck me you dirty bastard. Fuck me hard. Fuck your whoring sister. Give it to me deep and hard. Give it to me deep and hard up my ass you fucking pervert!!" "Look sis.

I'm fucking you up the butt where you always wanted it didn't you?. Didn't you, you fucking whore?. Are you going to be my whore sis?.

Are you going to be my dirty whore from now on?." "Yes. Yes. I will be your whore. Your sister will be your nasty whore. I'll be your anal whore too. I'll be your dirty, fucking whore from now on.

AHHH. Oh my God. That feels so good. That's it. Fuck my slutty asshole. Fuck me. Slam your cock deep in my ass you fucking cunt.


Come on you piece of shit. Slam your sister's butt. Oh God. Fuck my tight ass. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEE!!" "Oh. So you want me to keep fucking you up the ass huh bitch?.

You want your brother to keep fucking you in that dirty little ass of yours. Answer me bitch. Answer sluts throat and pussy acquire rammed hardcore and blowjob. Do you want me to keep fucking you up the ass?. Huh?. Do you like feeling my big dick in your anus?. Your brother's big fat dick pumping your anus?. Huh sis?. What did you say?. I can't hear you. Say it again. Say it again. Do you like getting fucked up the ass by your brother?.

Do you like getting fucked like this by your brother?. Answer me sis. Answer me." "Oh God yes. I do. I do you sick fuck. I like feeling your dick pumping my ass. My dirty ass. In fact, I fucking love it. Come on you dirty bastard. Fuck it harder. Ram your long cock in my butt. Give it to your cum slut .

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Give it to me. Fuck my tiny ass. Fuck me harder you dirty son of a bitch. Fuck my ass harder. Uh huh. Fuck me. Oh God yes. Fuck my asshole. God I love this. I love it so bad. Your sister loves it baby. I really am a dirty whore. I really am a dirty whore. I'm the biggest whore around. Your sister is the sluttiest whore around.

Look brother, look. You're fucking my ass. You're fucking your sister up the butt. Your sister is letting you fuck her in her slutty little asshole. How does that make you feel?. How does that make you feel?. Does it turn you on?. Huh?. Fucking your sister in her anus. Well I love it. I love feeling your dick pumping my tight ass. My brother is fucking me in my anus and I love it." "How much do you love it sis?. Huh?. How much?. How much do you like feeling my hard cock ramming your tight little ass?.

Pumping in and out. In and out. Tell me how much you like having your brother fuck you up the ass or I'm gonna stop. Tell me. TELL ME NOW!!" "I love it bad.

Your sister loves it bad. I love it so fucking much. I love getting fucked up the butt by you. I love getting fucked in my ass by my brother. Oh God. Oh God. You're fucking my ass. My brother is fucking me in the ass and it feels so fucking good. So good . It feels great. Fucking great. Do you like fucking my ass stud?. Do you like fucking your sister's ass?. Fucking me up the butt?. Huh?. Do you?. Is it tight?. Is my asshole nice and tight?. Is it?. Tell me.

Tell me. Is it squeezing the milk out of your big cock?. Is it squeezing the dirty cum out of your balls?. Are you going to cum in it?. Are you going to fire your bullets in my ass?. In your sister's ass?. Huh?. Are you?. Are you going blow your spunk in my anus?. You are, aren't you?. You're going to cum in my butt.

I know you are. You're gonna keep fucking me in the ass and then cum in it. You're gonna shoot your juice in it. In my ass. My anus." "You're damn right I am. I'm gonna keep fucking you up your ass until I blow a big fat load in it. Do you know what they call this sis?. What we're doing?. Huh?. Do you?.

They call it sodomy. SODOMY!!. This is what sodomy is. Anal sex is called sodomy. I'm sodomizing your asshole. I'm sodomizing my sister's ass. Fucking you up the butt. In your anus. Fucking you in your firm ass." "I know brother. I know. It's true. You're sodomizing me. Your sister. Your own flesh and blood. You're sodomizing my slutty asshole. We're committing sodomy. Sodomy and incest.

Oh God. We're going to go to hell. We're going to go to the depths of hell for this. For committing incest. For committing sodomy. And you know what?. I don't care. I don't fucking care one bit. I love it. I love getting my ass buggered by you. My brother is buggering my ass and I love it. I love getting fucked up the butt by my brother and I don't give a shit. In fact, I want more. I want more. Give it to me. Keep screwing me. Keep screwing your dirty whore.

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