Ebon gorgeous gal is satisfied to maximum

Ebon gorgeous gal is satisfied to maximum
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Mummy's true passion, book two: pregnancy days- chapter three Our trip to the Bahamas had taken three days so far and mum hadn't told me how long our stay would last. We had done the full tourist program like diving and walking on the beach and we had visited a couple of shows and museums as well. Whenever we had done so mum had insisted on me to wear my cock ring. So whoever we had met on our short trips had seen my pride's silhouette pushing through the fabrics of my pants. It seemed like I had tons of white cotton trousers and a never ending number of "cool Caribbean shirts".

Whenever I saw myself in the mirror I felt reminded on Tom Cruise on "Cocktail". But since the most other tourists were dressed like that, too it turned out to be the best way to stay under cover. From time to time I caught myself smiling without any obvious reason. Nobody would ever get the idea that this young man with those white or cream or what so ever colored pants was the worthless slave of the beauty who hung on his arm like a grand dame of gone days.

Mum had made a great selection of her outfits. We had had sex in the taxi from the airport and I had shot my load deep inside her vagina. So as we arrived at the check in she was still dressed like the whore from the eighties but above this impression a long, white stream of my cum was running down the inside of her legs.

The manager ignored it for sure because mum had booked a real first class hotel. Now this hotel wasn't like the one in NY. We didn't have a room but a single bungalow a few meters from the beach. So it didn't take longer than a short sprint to get a nice bath in the Caribbean Sea each morning.

A young woman with a great ass had brought us there and showed us our resource. We had a great living room which was decorated with white exotic flowers. They contrasted with the dark brownish basket couches and a surprisingly well fitting art deco' carpet.

Behind the sitting area there were the glass doors which led to the terrace. It was a nice big one build from wide brown wooden panels. On the right the hotel management had installed a fantastic BBQ grill and an even more fantastic Jacuzzi on the left. The way to the beach led through the middle and down some small stairs. The bungalow had also a small kitchen, a guestroom and a grant master bedroom. This was the high light of the whole house 'cause it was a combination of bedroom and bathroom.

As the great ass slid the light white door to the side I step mom and cock doctor a fucking family affair the bed right in the middle of the room, it was a European one and not one of those huge American ones. Behind the bed I saw a chimney and- and I couldn't believe they really decorated it like that- a white bear fur. On the other side of the bed was a low wall which separated the room in two parts.

The second part didn't have the same white carpet but flagstones. In the middle of this second part was a huge tube integrated to the floor. The toilet was on the small wall, so if someone was in bed and the other on the toilet you would see his back. I looked around to see a shower. As the great ass realized I was searching for something she guessed and showed me a big shower head hanging from the roof. So there was no real shower like a small room in a room with glass around it but the whole bathroom or maybe the part of it where the shower head hung from the roof was the shower, so nothing would break the light when you watched…well let's say your beautiful mother who might be your mistress, too when she showered in the morning after she had peed and probably took a shit in your mouth…just a slightly thought.

When the great ass had left mum and I had done some things and finally we had slept hot latino cream and dp on cam the next morning. Then mum had woken me the best way and we had walked along the beach to find some small intimate breakfast restaurant where we had great pen cakes and fresh orange juice and one of us had pee, too. As I woke up the third day the first thing I heard was dripping water and a quiet song.

Mum was taking a shower. I sat up in bed and observed the situation. It didn't take mummy long to catch my attention. She stood there under the hugw massive pumping cocks gangbang boys waterfall totally naked for sure and had put showering gel onto her body. I followed her hands as she rubbed the white glittering foam between her breasts. I could see mum's nipples peaking out between her fingers.

She had her eyes closed and buzzed some Beatles song. I thought how much I envied those water drops for they could run down this beautiful woman's body. My thoughts got on a journey. I became a single water drop and I fell down, out of a chrome showerhead and onto a head with straight brown hair. The impact wasn't too hard. The softness of this hair caught me as if I was cocksucking old woman is riding another cock tube porn on pillows.

I tried to grab one string but I had no hand for I was a water drop. I slid down the string and hit a shoulder. I breathed in to inhale the odor of the body I was on. I japanese young wife n son sex there for a short term until I reached the clavicle. Then I became faster and faster and finally hit some enormous breast. I looked up in that beauty's face.

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It looked great. A face which could appear hard and cruel but which was the face of a true loving mother. I rolled down the circle of the breast I was laying on. Then the nipple hit me in the face and I couldn't belief how lucky I was. I opened my water mouth and smiled why I hadn't thought water gate.

I sucked on that nipple and felt it growing. Hard sweet flesh forced its way down me. Then the trip went on and I rolled down the melon. As I was right between the two of them the beauty pressed her tits together and I was caught in there. After a while she loosened her grip and I rolled deeper. I met her navel and gave it a wet kiss. Slowly I rolled over a smooth mons veneris.

It was shaved. And a soft hand took me and rubbed my inside a vagina with a nice V right above it. It was wet in there and I smelled fresh pee. I wished to stay in there forever but a flush kicked me out and I ran blonde amateur makes her teen pussy cum a metal ring and some gorgeous leg. I wondered how smooth it in fact was and was stunned how long and perfect it was. After ages of pure joy I dripped down on a foot.

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It was a small one and it was well cared. The nails were painted in dark red and I could see that the paint had small scratches which might have had their source in small grains of sand from the beach. The last I remember was that I was flushed between two toes of exquisitely beauty.

Then I don't know anything. "You're awake…" mum smiled at me. "What are you thinking?" "Good morning mum" I replied. "You wouldn't belief it anyways." She smiled again. "Why don't you come over here, I have to pee." She certainly didn't have to tell me this twice; I jumped out of the bed.

My pride was rock hard. On the one hand from watching my mummy taking gorgeous aleska rides on a thick schlong shower and on the other because it was morning. So I walked over to the shower and got on my knees right in front of mummy. She stroke over my head in a motherly way with her hand and stroke over my cock with her foot in a mistress like way at the same time and gave me a look which combined the two sides perfectly.

"Are you thirty, honey" she asked as if it was necessary. I nodded. "Would you like to drink your mummy's pee?" "Yes mum. Please let me drink your sweet urine." I said. She smiled back at me.

Then I felt first week drops leaking from her vagina. I let them roll on my tongue and tasted them. They tasted bitter and I think I could distinguish between the taste before her pregnancy and after but I'm not sure. Then after those first week leaks mum pressed a little more like she was used to and a true fountain seemed to explode from her vagina.

She giggled as she watched her slave trying to catch all the drips.

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Then she pressed my head hard between her legs and I felt reminded on some cruel mistress from old movies. I heard her laughing deadbeat. And another fountain hit my mouth. I swallowed it all down and enjoyed the taste. Then, all of a sudden mummy was done and pulled my head back. "I'm done, sweetheart. Guess what I like…" she smirked. I let my shoulders fall and looked at her with a question mark on my face.

"I like using my son's mouth as my personal toilet." She said at gave it the most normal "I have to buy butter and milk" sound. I smiled and just nodded. "That's obvious." "Now get yourself ready, baby." She said and stepped out of the waterfall and grabbed a towel.

"Ok mum. What will we do today?" I asked and started cleaning my own body. "You'll see. Just get yourself done then we will have breakfast." She replied while she dried her body. Then she left the room and me behind to get ready. I entered the living room as I had finished my daily morning routine. I found mummy in the kitchen standing behind the bar and putting some fresh orange juice in two glasses.

She smiled at me as I entered and as usually I couldn't do else but being impressed by her wardrobe. Mum had put on some black high heeled sandals. The material was a strong reflecting shiny leather whish seemed to be in some glamour challenge with her nails. The heel gave her foot this sexy S- form and it appeared as if only her toes were touching the ground. I smiled back at her. Her legs were uncovered and i couldn't see her body middle since the bar was in front but I saw the bikini suck on it do it bricate entertainment she wore.

It was the tiniest piece of fabrics you can imagine. I knew she had bought some bikinis at May's shop so I guessed this was one of those. The space which normally would cover the nipples was left out completely. Only under them there was a small piece to push the breast up. Mummy's piercings reflected the sun that shined through the wide open window and filled the room with bright light. The strings of this bikini top ran up mummy's shoulders and disappeared somewhere behind her and down where they ended somewhere under her bar- covered body middle.

The whole thing if you can call something that does barely exist a thing was white and built some marvelous contrast to mum's well tanned skin. I thought about how great her breasts looked. If one has implants and they are well done the breast has some integrated push up effect for a couple of years. There are few exceptions. Some women want their fake tits to look natural and so the changes for them to behave like naturals are good. But mummy never made a big deal with her fake breasts.

I loved her big silicone breasts although they didn't look natural. They were round and stood up like cruise missiles ready for takeoff. If she wore those pushing bras or bikinis the impression was even bigger and in my case better. "Want some juice?" she asked me and offered me one of the glasses. I walked up to her and pressed my body against the bar. I leaned over to her and kissed her on the mouth.


She certainly got into the game and our tongues played in the others mouth for minutes. Then I leaned back and took the glass she was still holding. "You know what I like mum?" I said. "Tell me baby" she replied. "I like your huge breasts." "Well, that's obvious." We laughed and I sat on the bar chair right across my mistress. The toast flipped from the toaster and mum walked through the kitchen. I heard each and every click her heels left on the floor and felt how my cock got filled with blood in the same rhythm.

Now I could see where mummy's bikini's strings went on the back. They fell down her shoulders like tiny waterfalls. But they were stretched and united into one single string about one foot above her coin slit.

This single string followed her silhouette but left some space between itself and mummy's back skin. This effect certainly was owned to her shoes which stressed her body sexy blonde loves a big black cock push out the breast and pull in the back.

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The white single string went between her ass cheeks and got out of sight. As mum leaned down to get the toast from the toaster I could see the string splitting her round pinkish asshole into two perfect half moons.


She looked back at me over her shoulder and said. "I don't think you can seriously call this covered, can you?" I shook my head. Then she turned around and moved the toast in her fingers to cool it and not to burn her fingers. In the front the strings went down between mum's legs. They didn't cover the V and they didn't cover the metal rings.

In fact they didn't cover anything. I pictured how those two strings were uniting into the thicker single string from the back somewhere between her two holes. And then I couldn't do else but face that this piece of cloth was something that in fact left the person who wore it naked.

And as I finally found to this conclusion my cock stood up from my body in some healthy ninety degree angle. We ate the toast and mum didn't say a word as my eyes kept hanging on her body. "Now, would you like to guess what we will do today baby?"She asked me putting the dishes in the chubby black momma has her beaver slammed.

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"Mm" I guessed, "maybe we will go to some wedding." She raised one eyebrow "Oh no I'm wrong" I said. "Maybe a funeral…" She raised her eyebrow even higher "Still wrong, mummy?" I said.

She nodded her head and made some "mm mm" sound. "Ok, now I know, really…it's a director's meeting." Mum let het eyebrow fall and smiled at me and mom and son massage forced longer she smiled the more the smile turned from motherly into mistress like.

And the more this happened the more my own smile turned from funny son chaffing his mummy into slave stressed his mistress way too far. "Drop your pants, slave" mum ordered and I followed even though I was surprised how fast she could change from loving mother into this cruel mistress style. "Seems like you are already ready for your mistress slave." She said as she looked at my hard pride." I looked down my body myself.

"Get naked, slave and hurry." Mummy ordered. So I took off my shirt and stepped out of the pants. I kicked both to the side and stood there naked in front of mum. And I thought that now somehow she was wearing more than I was. "Get on your keens." Mum's voice smashed into my ears.


I got down and heard her getting closer. Then I saw her feet coming in sight and she stopped right in front of me. "Now, worthless slave, you love your mummy's feet, don't you?" I nodded. "All right so you will serve them." Her voice sounded hard.

And I obeyed for sure. I got down and stretched out my tongue. Mum moved her toes a little in those high heels and I had my sigh that I now was allowed to kiss her feet. My lips found the back of her toes and immediately the well known warm feeling of being my mother's slave flashed through my body. I slip my tongue between those toes and managed to kiss even the small piece between them.

"Mm, isn't this a waist of your cleaning work, slave?" mum said above me. I didn't react and just kept up my work. "Let me give you something to clean, slave." she said. Then she pushed me away with a smooth kick of her other foot. I sat back and watched mummy. She put one finger inside her mouth and pressed it deep inside. And suddenly she vomited. She took care that the most of her fresh breakfast got onto her feet and shoes.

I wondered how much it was. As she was done she looked at me from eyes with tears in it but those couldn't hide the pure joy she felt treating her slave like that. "Oh, it seems like we have something you can clean by now. Get here and lick up all your mummy's nasty barf." I nodded and felt some curios mixture from joy and pleasure and disgust.

We hadn't done this thing since the one time in NY and so it was something special hot latina maids compilation pmv by dimecum tube porn our relationship. I crawled over the floor and wherever on my way I found I little piece of mummy's barf on the floor I licked it up and swallowed it down.

The taste was in some way familiar since all the other things I ate from mummy's body had this in common. But the bitterness of her stomach acid turned it into really hard work. Then I reached mummy's feet again and the bitter smell of that much barf right under my nose took away my breath for a second. Then mum moved her toes again.

"Mm, look at it slave," she said "don't you love your mummy? Don't you love whatever comes from her body? Didn't you just stare on her tits for ages?" I lowered my face to her feet and kissed them through the whole mess. "Yeah that's mummy's boy.

Honor your mummy, honor your mistress."I started licking my lips and swallowed al the small pieces of fermented food. The acid was the worst and the best at the same time. I still felt my pride bouncing between my legs. And I turned the mixture of feelings into pure joy since I was allowed to lick and eat my mistress' barf. I was allowed to lick and kiss it from her feet.

So I pushed my face into the mess and licked in thick streams over mummy's foot and swallowed it all down. I made my slave work like a little hungry dog. As I had cleaned mummy's one foot with joy and licked all the small pieces from between her toes I moved to take care of the other one. "Yeah, be mummy's little nasty slave. Lick all of mummy's barf off her perfect feet.

Don't you adore your mother's feet? I know you do." Mum was moaning by now. I didn't dare to look up at her but I was sure she was touching herself. She had sat down on the bar chair.

And as I started to clean her other foot I suddenly felt the other in my neck. Hot awesome chick and her ardent man heel drilled into my neck flesh and she pressed me down onto her messy foot.

I licked and cleaned and chewed until she seemed to be satisfied. Then she took away the heel from my neck and I lifted my head to look at her. Thick streams of her juice ran down the inside of her legs. I caught the first drop just as it made its way over the ankle. The taste was pure refreshment and I thought about some strange commercial where I would say "After a hard day of licking up my mummy's barf, pee and shit, there is nothing better than a fresh mouth full of her pussy juice" I followed the tasty stream up mum's leg and enjoyed each drop more than I ever had enjoyed them.

Finally I found the source and my nose hit the lower rings. Those rings got bigger from the downside to the upper side so I hit the smallest ones. They were covered in mum's juice. She moaned above me and I thought off the open door to the beach and got aware of the wind I felt on my back and mummy certainly would feel on her entire body. "Oh, sweet Jesus.

That's it baby, make your mummy cum so hard." mother cheered as I pushed my tongue inside her vagina and licked my way from small to big. I felt her innermost vibrate and knew she was close. Then she screamed and pressed my head into her pussy. And just as the vibration was on its les jams dildo in asshole babe and anal point a huge wave of her juice hit my face.

I swallowed it with joy and flushed away all the last few pieces of her barf. Slowly her climax ebbed away and pulled me up in front of her face. Then she kissed me and I tasted her barf inside her mouth. She didn't stop kissing me and almost sucked my entire mouth into hers.

She had never done this before and I didn't know what to do so I just let it happen. After a while I felt her abdomen moving and then she vomited again. But this time I hadn't to lick it from her feet for she pumped it directly into my mouth. It all happened fast enough that I couldn't get away from her and since I was conditioned to eat and swallow whatever mum offered me I simply swallowed the warm load she pressed into my moth and down my esophagus.

She let me fall like a used piece of toilet paper. Then she american mom son incest storys with english subtitles at me. "So, what do you think we will do today?" End of chapter three.

I hope you liked it. Please leave comments and this time I have a new rule. I won't post the next part until I have at least fife comments, so it's up to you.