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Fakeagentuk cute redhead gets a face full of cum on the casting couch
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The air was arid as I walked across the dry desert area miles from my home. I was on a quest to stop the bitch who was the absolute curse of my life. Diamond jackson casually chats with simone sonay while the bartender fucks her ass porn movies 3 mov dry wind blew out of the south, a hot tongue of dryness that tried to suck any moisture from any thing it touched. I had miles to go just to reach the border of her forest, then I had to struggle even more miles through the thick tangle of under brush.

It was going to be tough going considering I couldn't really run now, not after what she'd done to me, plus the fact I couldn't really let anyone see me. Me? I'm Tyrome Greenstick, retired cop and modern mage extraordinaire. Well, I was till a few days ago. It all started when I met the true bane of my life. Hell, I thought my ex-wife was bad, huh! This bi. woman mage though, damn good looking and a sweet time in bed, was as alive as a cold, dead, fish.

To see her in and out of bed you'd have sworn were 2 different women. So anyway, a week ago I met her in a bar. You know, knock a few back, watch a game on the tube. I, like every other guy at the bar had to pick his jaw off the floor, when in the front door walked this vision. Slender hips, deep blue eyes, the kind you don't mind getting lost in, legs that started at her feet and seemed to go on forever.

Her hair was like a fine silk that shimmers in the sun, and her blood red lips had every man in the place hurting for even a taste. About now I was thinking why was a good looking woman like this, downtown in some seedy bar?

Then the biggest shock of all when she stopped in front of me and spoke, "excuse me sir, is this seat taken?" Hell who was I to say no? Right now I felt like the luckiest bastard in the place. "Sure," I said, "here let me dust it for you," pulling out a hardly used handkerchief, I cleaned the stool for her.

"You're very kind," she said. Then she pulled something from her purse, I immediately recognized it as a spell charm. "There, I think that ought to give us enough time to speak." Looking around at everyone frozen, I knew we had 'bout half an hour. "I am sorry I had to resort to this, Mage Tyrome, but you were exceedingly difficult to locate," she said smirking at me.

"I have an address, you could've mailed me something faster than working up a freeze spell charm, unless you need the practice?" I hinted to her. "You might say that, I've heard around that you, you have a certain set of skills that are required for an uh.

hum.rescue mission," she said demurely looking out through her long painted lashes. "Mission? I've heard no word of rescue missions from the council," I replied a little taken a back. "That's because the council are the ones who are holding my sister captive, you remember that ice caper last month? She was taken prisoner by some low level mage." She spit out." I wasn't about to break her bubble since I was the mage to capture her, it had been my last case.

I had finally grown tired of the danger and life threatening jobs I had to do. Looking at her though, I didn't figure her for just another pretty face getting by on her looks and powers. No this one was up to something, I had the feeling between my shoulder blades that this wasn't going to end well at all.

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"Alright," I spoke up, "what do you need me for? I heard they had a solid case against her, not much I can do." "Ah, but there is, strong as my magic is, I've heard that you are one of the strongest around," she said giving me a sorrowful look. Yup, she definitely had something up her sleeve. I looked at her real close. She was good, but I already knew that her sister was guilty. I had gotten all the evidence against her, as far as I knew, though los ricos tambieacuten follan erotic festival and nora barcelona one else did.

"Tell you what, let me think on it," I told her, "let you know tomorrow." "I am afraid Mage Tyrome, I need an answer tonight. We move tomorrow, meet me here and we can discuss, everything and a reward," she said running her hand up the length of my hardening cock. "I'm sure I can think of something for us to do when we're done, if you're up for it." Damn, I always was a sucker for a tight ass like hers, plus the hypnotic sway of her hips as she moved off.

Shaking myself, I was a little worried about what would happen when the charm wore off. A moment later everything was normal. Everyone acted as if nothing happened. Getting up, I headed to the back to make a call.

Knowing that the woman would have me watched, this would be the only real chance I got. Exiting the bar, I headed back to my little apartment. The second I hit the street I felt the cold, dead eyes of the watchers she had tailing me. Thought I had her pegged right, I knew her type, all smiles til they felt you had betrayed them, then they dealt the most hideous and painful death they could.

Yeah, there wasn't too much in this world as bad as a pissed off bitch. Sighing, I decided I'd better get changed though every one of my senses were tingling with danger, more than I cared to admit. Rounding a corner I felt a second set of eyes on me. My guys, good, they'd gotten the message.

Changing clothes, I decided that though she wanted this done tomorrow night, I might be safe from her doing anything tonight. Hmm, maybe I'd get lucky after all, then an after thought, I started working my enchantments anyway. Last time I took a situation for granted, a damn troll almost crushed my head, that was a hundred years ago.

Recently the work had started to bore the shit out of me, making me less attentive to everything around me, a sure way to get killed or locked away in some hellish prison.

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Moving past the window, I could still feel eyes in the street following my shadows every move. Looking at the time I decided I had a few hours for a nap, that is if the dreams would adorable teen slut barbara desires a massive schlong to bang me alone. Setting every ward and alarm I could think of, I laid on the bed. Rest would definitely give me an edge. Several hours later, I jerked awake when I felt my outermost ward shifting from someone entering it.

As I sat up, I awaited the inevitable scream that I knew was coming. Sure enough, a minute later there came an ear-splitting scream of terror rising from the bottom floor. Waving a hand at my mirror, I saw the idiot who was trapped in my ward trap. Shaking my head, it always surprised me when people overlooked wards.

Most, now a days weren't that strong. Thing is though, I used a lot older magic than most of the modern mages. Not only didn't they know it, but didn't know about the older magic. I smiled as I watched the fool start to strangle, then choke. Sighing I released him, wouldn't do to have the human cops poking around and getting killed. They might be useless dealing with the scum I did, but they did serve a worthy purpose.


Walking down the stairs I watched as the, hmm, not sure he was, tried even harder to escape. Turning off the wards, the.thing began to spit and curse at me, "You're next, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! No one can escape her! You can't., AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" The next thing I knew he just dissolved, huh strange.

Looking where he was, I saw there wasn't even ash, hell nothing. I had started to reach in to grab my phone, when i felt another pair of dark eyes upon me. Damn, figured a woman like her probably had a multitude lined up to do what she wanted. Hmm, wonder what she'd promised them? Probably wasn't good for them in the long run. Turning, I went back up to dress for tonight, not sure what she was expecting of me but my senses were telling me to pay closer attention than ever before.

I wasn't that sure what she was or what she had in mind. It seemed the woman had an unnatural beauty and charm to her. I headed back to the bar, the sound of my foot falls heavy in my ears. Awful quiet for this time of the evening. Walking into the bar, there were only 2 others there besides the bartender From the looks of them they were well into their cups. Stopping a moment, I thought of this afternoon.

Walking past the 2 men, I noticed neither wore the stench of alcohol, now I was glad I had prepared. A few moments later she seemed to float in the door, I tried not to stare at the shorter hem line she was now sporting.

Like earlier today, every man in the place had to pull their jaws off the floor. Sitting in a booth, I sat across from her. Slowly she pulled another charm out, effectively freezing the bar. "Now," she sexily smiled, "Here's what I have so far." For the next 29 minutes she described, in detail, the prison I knew intimately from working there. Standing she took my arms as I stood, the bar was back again and we exited.

Hailing a cab we took a half hour trip out of the city, stopping before a large two story building, actually a mansion. I had to say this one was well connected to say the least. Walking in we were met by more of the.still couldn't identify them, imagine a large puppet with small horns, a small ridge of spines down the back, short fangs, and more hair than I'd seen on even a few werewolves that I'd worked with.

Walking in, I saw she has a small army of these things. Huh, the lady had been busy. "Now that we've got the plan down, let's say we relax," she said as she waved her hand and was suddenly naked before me. Damn! I had to say she appeared to be perfect. Her tight ass, the untouched breasts, her trimmed pubic hair, hell her pussy was drooling and the odor coming from her was starting to work on me. Snapping my fingers, I too was naked.

Picking her up, I carried her upstairs. Everyone of her army watching me, a sinister, twisted look coming from each and everyone of them. By now I was to the point, I didn't care, nor was I noticing the warning signs. Placing her on the bed, I decided I should start before she changed her mind. Pushing her legs apart, I feasted on her until she was begging me to take her.

Rising up, I drove full length, balls deep. Her screams of pleasure causing me to slam harder and harder in her until she shrieked, locking her legs around me.

I felt her body convulsing her muscles squeezing my member, trying to draw my cum out. Finally, she started bucking even harder as I began to unload a large load deep within her.

Both of us exhausted, I tried to stay awake, I managed to place a dozen wards before I passed out. I jerked awake an hour later as several of her army were trying to break through my wards. Two were already dead with a few more about to join beauteous teen spreads her legs for one eyed monster hiddencam and hardcore. I reached over to wake her but found nothing there.

Looking around, I saw that she'd gone out another way. Snapping my fingers, it took a moment for my clothes to come. I should have headed to the council that moment, then this would have been over within 2 hours, did I? Hell no! As usual, I really didn't trust the council now, especially after an ex-lover of mine had been elected to it and I had turned them down again for the tenth time in a hundred years.

I was going to handle this my self. I should have noticed the stiffening in my legs when I stepped from the cab, again I ignored the signs. I found her outside the prison. She'd just knocked out everyone.

Damn, she'd linked my powers! Trying to take a step, I found my leg and foot were rooted to the spot. Looking down, I saw the creeping arbor spell I'd been hit with. Linked or not, I reversed the spell, but it had already reached past my waist, had already immobilized most of my spine.

I moved deeper into the forest, if she caught me, I was dead for sure. It'd take days for the bride to be juliana fucked by best man to completely reverse. Concealing my self, I did something dangerous, but I had to do it, shutting down almost completely.

I heard her cursing and ranting when she found her sister's cell empty. Good, the boys had moved her from here. Now I just had to survive the night and hope she didn't have the knowledge to drain all my powers.

I could hear her as she tried to destroy the prison. I don't think she even realized that the power she had was 50% weaker. Screaming I heard her curse me, "Curse you Tyrome, I fucked your ass for nothing, you pitiful son of a bitch! When I find you, you're going to wish that you'd died from the creeping arbor!" I could hear her moving through the forest, setting everything on fire. Damn, this seemed familiar. An hour later I heard her sexy amateur kassie kensington fingers her trimmed pussy masturbation pornstars she called a cab, "Tyrome!

you spineless coward! I'll be waiting for you, come for me if you dare! I have a strong link to all your powers, come fight your outstanding japanese anal toying hardcore and blowjob Laughing she got into the cab a moment later.

I felt the counter spell starting to work. At least my spine wasn't solid now. Damn! This was bad, I couldn't go to the council, with the link I couldn't call them. But the bitch had been wrong about one thing. She hadn't gotten all my powers, most yes. Sex had a tendency to open one up most of the way, not all the way like she thought. Sure she was a great lay but.I stopped a moment, you know, almost everything she'd done had a familiar feel to it, almost as if I knew?

Snapping my fingers, of course! A mile away, I felt her lurch over from the snap I'd just done. Smiling, I remembered, she might be linked, for now, but they were still my abilities not hers. I was well used to them, she'd only seen me use them. Thinking harder, I reached out as far as I dared, yup! It was her, my ex-wife. Told you I was a sucker for a tight ass and hers was always the tightest! Looking at the prison, I wished I could help them but I had more pressing problems. I had to keep moving to get the creeping arbor to reverse faster.

My spells were only at 50%, so it was going to take longer to reverse it. Picking up a straight branch, I started the long walk back to my place. 2 hours later, I was at the edge of the city. I had a route but not in the daylight. I could see the people running in terror, then the council would intercede, not good. They'd help me sure but they'd probably make the spell reverse an inch a year, just as punishment. Several hours later I crept into my room, grabbing my most powerful wand/cane I started out for her mansion.

The sun was rising when I made the desert area. I had started crossing with the rising sun. Half way across I felt another of my powers slip back. Problem was, it was still a minor power, but at least now I had enough to keep myself alive. The sun was already starting to set, when the tree line that was the edge of the property came within sight. I was now starting to feel more and more of my skin returning, but from my waist down, I was still tree roots. At least I was starting to feel more human like than tree like.

Finally, reaching the tree line, I waved my wand and could faintly see a path through. Looking down, I saw that the creep had reversed enough that my shirt had returned, along with the first of my major powers.

Smiling, I felt her panic when it slipped from her grasp. I felt her trying to reach and bring it back, only to get empty air. Laughing, I thought to her, <You forgot I was that strong didn't you? Even as weak as I am, you're no match for me!> <We'll see, you son of a bitch, everything is about to be mine when I kill your ass!

I'll hang your balls on the wall as my first and best trophy!> she shrieked. <As if, you bitch! You've always had to beg or trick me to fuck you. Please! Funny, you never could get enough when we were together!> I laughed again, I could feel her anger rising, good!

I had just reached the edge of the forest when there was a huge rumbling behind me, using my power? Hmm.I concentrated and everything quieted. From inside, I heard her scream as she burst through the front doors, "Alright, you bastard! You're a dead man!

Then I'm going after the low level ass that captured my sister!" Stepping out, I spun the cane, watching as she was encased in crystal. Effective, though I knew it wouldn't hold her long, it might be enough for me to get a few more abilities back. I watched as the creep had moved almost to my knees, though I wasn't embarrassed to have my cock out in the open air, there was still a chill and it was damn cold to me there. A second, then third of my major abilities had finally returned, when she shattered the crystal.

"By the way you stupid bitch, in case you haven't guessed, I was the one to take your sister!" I shouted. "I'll kill you!" she screamed firing at me. "You and what.oh fuck." As I started to erect what shields I had, her things swept out of the mansion threatening to bury me.

I started to destroy them as fast as they came, then it struck me, I still had the wards I had left in her room. Pulling, I felt them creeping out of the house towards me. Her eyes grew wide as she tried to stop them. "I told you bitch, I am and have always been stronger than you," I started to pull harder, feeling more strength return. "NO! You can't! It is my destiny to rule all men, all you disgusting, warmongering, aggressive, belligerent excuses for living creatures. I WILL rule or destroy all of you!" She was screaming louder at me.

Sighing, I knew I should kill her and I knew I was probably going to catch hell, but hey, like I said, I've always been a sucker for a tight ass. Spinning the cane again, this time I put everything into it, a hell of a lot more than I had before. Screaming bloody murder the whole time she'd have her revenge, then finally blessed silence, damn!

Then it hit me, I had dissolved our bond 'cause she'd never shut the hell up, i was far more powerful than her and still she insisted I was nothing. My wards finally cleared the last of her army.


I had at least another hour before the creeping arbor was gone from me. Sitting, I looked at the devastation our battle had wrought, there were hardly any living thing left. About that time my last partner appeared, "shit Tyrome, no back up again? You got a damn death wish don't you? By the way the council is on sunny leone brother hot sex way, and brother they ain't happy." I nodded, I figured as much, a few minutes later all 12 appeared including Chloe, as always smirking at me.

"Tyrome! What is all this? You know better than to expose th." the elder started. "You know what?" I snapped at him, "I've been your enforcer. I've been your protection, your police force.

Shut the FUCK UP! I've taken your shit for over 200 years, after tonight you AND the whole council ought to be kissing MY ASS! So don't give me any shit.

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You'll have my report and my mother fucking badge in the morning. NO! Here!" I said as Pretty chick catrina and agnes on dildo fucking scene slammed it down in front of the elder.

"If you want to come after me, go right ahead. I guarantee I will take out at least half the council before it is done." I flashed out to my apartment, throwing triple wards around it.

The elder looked at the others, then shook his head as he started to smile as the others were, finally! The next morning I still felt a tiny bit of the creeping arbor but it was mostly gone.

Packing everything I owned in a sea bag, I headed to the office. The back of an old factory opened as I waved my hand. Walking to my desk, I sat, writing my report, not too bad. Only 23 pages, not like the Ice Caper, that had been 105 with 100 added a day later. I walked to the commander's desk, I handed him the report, then my badge (strangely I had it this morn), finally my mage police papers and id.

"I'm done," I told him, "the council can suck my ass," funny but he was smiling. "Glad you finally grew a set, wondering when you were going to tell them off," he smiled wider. Shaking my head I looked around at everyone smiling at me, "Hell, all you can kiss my ass, crap!" Leaving, I started to get that funny feeling again, yup I felt them watching me. Sighing, I pulled into an alley. The elder appeared before me as I had already enclosed us within a massive amount of wards.

Smiling, he gestured and sat, "we've been watching you for a long time, we've also been waiting. You are and were the strongest enforcer, police agent we've ever had, but you lacked something.


I don't know, I guess you were a yes man. You followed orders within the law but never beyond, it took this case to break you from it." "Wait, you've been waiting for me to tell you to kiss my ass?" I replied a wry smile on my face.

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"We've been waiting for you to get tired of orders only, not giving them yourself." the elder said "Now then, if your up to it, we have 2 new jobs for you, a command position." he said. "Okay," I said a broad smile on my face, "and the other?" Coughing a little, the elder blushed, "Oh, a minor detail, my daughter, she's young, only 200 but she wants to have a baby with you. It seems she has fallen for you, therefore I expect that you will try to impregnate her at least twice a day." It was my turn to cough when she appeared beside him blushing, holy shit!

She was twice as gorgeous as my ex wife! Clear skin, long hair, long legs, and what a tight ass! Maybe things were starting to look up for once, at least after the last 2 centuries.

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