Teen lesbian girlfriends do masturbation sex video

Teen lesbian girlfriends do masturbation sex video
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Tim walked over and uncuffed all the cuffs.he even helped me up off the bench.wrapping his arm around me he helped me up the stairs and into the bathroom were he ran me a hot bath. He helped me into the tub.Laying back i soaked my sore body. The water felt good against my skin.I soaked for what seemed like hours.Tim came over and started washing me.rubbing my skin softly.His hands slid over my body, paying close attention to my nipples that were hardening under his touch.He rubbed his soapy hands down my body, reaching the top of my pussy he stopped." Come on, Hurry up and get clean and fresh.

We're going out!!". I didn't want to go out. I was tired and wanted to crawl into my bed and sleep this night away.But, Tim wasn't gonna let up.He kept hurrying me. So, I got out of the shower and walked into the bedroom.He was standing there waiting for me." I want you to wear something really sexy for me tonight" He said 2 sega con mia zia che dorme to my closet.

Opening my closet he looked through all my clothes.pulling out a black skirt. He walked over to my dresser and pulled out a short white t-shirt that barely covered my tits.Throwing the clothes at me he told me to get dressed.I put on the outfit and combed my long blonde hair until it shined.By the time he was finished i had on my black garder belt and hose, "He wouldn't let me wear any panties".with a pair of heels i was ready. I walked out into the living room where he'd been waiting." Now, you ready for some fun?" he said as he grabbed my arm and lead me out the door.We got into the car and away we went.

he reached over and lifted my skirt, " Open your legs for me ". he said as he pulled my legs farther apart. I sat there not sure on what was coming next. He drove into town. The streets were empty due to the storm. So he drpve to a bar and told me to get out. We went into the bar. It was loud and busy. Bodies everywhere. Looking around i could see naked people everywhere. Looking to my left i could see about half dozens doors. some were open, some were closed.

" Take my hand and smile". Tim said. " I wanna show you something". I could see a smile forming across his face. Taking his hand he lead me down the row of doors. I could hear moaning behind the doors.Behind one door a man was screaming that he was about to cum." Suck daddys cock!".


He yelled. Tim lead me to the end of the hall and stopped at the desk. " We would like room xx420 and girl # 69". He told the girl behind the desk. She made a call and handed him the keys. We walked down another hall to room xx420. He unlocked the door and led me inside. " I want you to sit over there and not move or say a word". He said, as he pointed in the direction of the bed. I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed.

A knock to the door brought in woman about 5'7", 115 lbs, She had long black hair that reached her ass. Her eyes were a light green. Her body was shy woman being pounded on her couch until you came to her full breast.

She wore a tight black catsuit made of leather. It fit to every curve of her body.She walked in went straight up to Tim and said, " I'm the real catwoman and I'm here to please!!". And with a Purrrrrrr sound she gave him a lick up the side of his face.He took hold over the " catwoman " and lead her over to the bed.

Laying her down he climbed ontop of her chest and brought out his cock.he started rubbing his soft cock over her lips, on her cheeks.down her neck." He stood up above her with his cock in hand, and started peeing on her tits. Letting the hot stream hit her nipples.She lets a moan excape as he pees down her body.

Ending with her pussy." Open your legs wider". He said. As she opened her legs wider he peed on her clit.His pee was running all over her body.

Tim walked over and pushed a button.A small door from the back of the room opened and in came two dogs.Two of the biggest dogs i've ever seen. They ran in and straight to her.One was between her legs, licking her pussy.the other had ran for her tits.his big tongue was licking one nipple, then moving to the other one.

They kept licking the pee from her body.

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The one between her legs was licking away. as if digging for gold. She spread her legs wider letting the dogs tongue deeper into her pussy. The "catwoman" reached over and started rubbing the dogs cock. Rubbing it more brought his cock out from hiding.Tim gets back on the bed and moves to her face. She opens for his cock.

She licks the head of his cock as if licking a cone. paying close attention to the head. Before i knew what was happening i had brought my hand down between my legs and was rubbing my pussy.

I was so wet from watching.


The "catwoman" continued to lick his cock, while one dog was licking her tits and getting jacked off.while the other dog was eating her pussy. " get up on all fours " Tim said. The " catwoman" got up and went to the floor.She bent down on all fours.Tim brought the male over to smell her wet pussy.he started licking her pussy right away." Come lay under him and take him into your mouth".

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Tim said to me. Getting up i move under the dog.taking his cock i started sucking him.I felt a tongue between my legs.Licking me.the second dog was licking my pussy. taking all my juices and wanting more.Looking over to tim i saw him come up behind the dog licking me.He took his cock and was rubbing her pussy with it.slowly he started putting his cock deeper into her pussy."MMMM baby lick my pussy, Come on !!

That's it!!! " The catwoman was moaning. As i was sucking the dogs cock, he started humping faster into my mouth.the faster he humped my mouth.the faster the dogs tongue was licking my pussy.the faster Tim was pumping her pussy. The catwoman started cummmming. She grabbed the dogs head and was grinding his face into her pussy.I could feel the dogs cock getting bigger down my thoat.humping faster he started cummmming.

His thick white creamy cum was running down my throat, and some was running out the sides of my mouth.licking faster.mmmmmm i could feel my body tightening up.ready to explode.she kept licking faster.putting her tongue deeper into my pussy.until i exploded into her mouth.her tongue was there to lap up my juices.Tim continued to pound her pussy,, harder and faster until he too empted his load deep into the dogs pussy. Catwoman 18inch long nigrsex sex stories storys her ass again and the big dog jumped up onto her back and was trying to find his spot.she reached back and took hold of his cock and guided it to her pussy.once he felt the wet pussy he started humping.making her take his full 10inch cock deep in her pussy.

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Tim grabbed me and led me back to the bed.bending me over the bed."smack" to my bare ass."smack" again. I moved away from the pain. He grabbed me and flipped me over.laying his body down on my he took my left arm and pulled it to the corner of the bed.and snap.i was cuffed again.He continued asian girl with big ass and toys in pussy masturbate homemade my other hand as well as both feet.getting up he went over to the table.coming back with a candle.He lit a match and lit the candle.walking over to me he held the candle above my left tit.bringing the candle closer he tilted the it and let the hot wax fall onto my nipple.I flinched in pain.

Looking over i could see the dog was humping away on the catwoman.driving his cock deeper into her pussy." Oh fuck yeahhhhh". She screamed." Fuck me harder,mmmmmm yeah, that's it!". I kept watching her get fucked by this huge dog.Tilting the candle again, i felt this warm feeling fall over my nipple.Tim bent down and was blowing on the wax.as it harden it tighten up on my nipple.Tim stood back up and let the candle drip wax all over my tits.little wax drops over my tits, down my belly.and down to my pussy.mmmm the feeling of the wax hitting my pussy.

I opened up my pussy wider for him to drip the wax on my clit.mmmmm my pussy was getting wetter. Tim blew the candle out and placed it back on the table.He came back to me. The dog was humping her faster and harder.her tities bouncing back and forth with each thrust he gave.Humping faster.she begin yelling." I'M CUMMMMINNN" the dog whimpered and he came.

I could see the cum running down her leg.locking to her with his knott deep inside her.he humped her still.driving deeper.unloaning all of his cum deep into her.

Grabbing me, Tim brings me down to Catwoman." I want you to lick his cum from her pussy". Bending down i got between her legs and started licking the cum from her.bringing her pussy closer to my mouth.licking her pussy.pulling her pussy open wider.

my tongue slipped deeper in her.I could taste his cum on my tongue.

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I licked her pussy more, then moving to her ass.I spread her ass cheeks wider.licking her ass hole.running my tongue in circles. then sticking it in her hole, but just the tip of my tongue.I started rubbing her pussy while licking her ass.paying close attention to her clit.feeling it becoming harder wanting to be pleased.I rubbed harder.putting more of my tongue deeper into her ass.Putting in two fingers I start fucking her pussy. Tim comes up behind me.rubbing his cock on my pussy, feeling the wettness.He slams hard, deep in my pussy, and starts pumping.Driving my tongue deeper in Catwomans ass.Fucking her harder with my fingers, licking her ass.She begins to moan with pleasure.

Ramming his cock deeper into my pussy.His cock getting bigger. Grabbing my hips he fucks my pussy harder, faster.feeling his balls against my ass.

Moving to catwomans pussy, working my tongue up and down her pussy.licking and sucking her wettness.taking her clit into my mouth and start sucking it."mmmmm suck my pussy bitch". She moaned.sucking her clit harder.i stuck a finger in her ass.she moaned with pleasure as she big daddy fucking boy hard closer to cummming.

Slamming his throbbing cock deeper into my pussy.tim blew his load.cummmming deep in my pussy.sucking catwomans pussy and fucking her ass she begins to cummm, drinking her juices.Tim slams harder, deeper until i feel myself start to cummmm .Licking her pussy clean.Tim bends to lick me clean.as catwoman licks and sucks tim clean.We finished cleaning up, and getting dressed.Tim bent down and whispered something to catwoman.With a smile she nodded.

As we were leaving the club.I noticed she was coming with us.Getting into the car, Me driving this time.

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Tim in the middle, catwoman far right.He reaches over and starts rubbing both catwoman and myself." Ladies! We've got the rest of the weekend". He said with a smile.The boys are waiting. Part 4 coming soon.Final part.Please leave comments.it helps guide the story.