Explicit jock riding pleasure hardcore and blowjob

Explicit jock riding pleasure hardcore and blowjob
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Tony's Dick A Girl's First Blow Job Tony and I had messed around often. I stroked his dick so many times I can't even remember the first time.

All I know is it started in the sixth grade. We had met on a bowling outing with the band or something. I got stuck on his mistress fucks my ass with her feet. Well, no one else wanted to play with me (I was kind of a geek then) and he said I could be on his team.

Bratty sis bribing her big brother se were maybe 11 years old at the time. Tony was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen.

Dark hair, blue eyes, and even at that age, he had a body to die for. I had explained to him that I was kind of an outsider in my class. He turned and looked at me and asked "Was it because you won't fuck any of them?". I was pretty shocked, but smiled and laughed at how he broke the ice and began our friendship and an exciting affair for years to come.

A year later, I remember times in JR High when we were in choir together, we'd find some reason or another to stand beside each other. He would reach over and massage may pussy through my jeans and place my hand on his swollen cock. At that time he and I were only about 12 and probably the most sexually active kids I knew of at the time. While I would rub his pants covered cock I wanted to see it and stroke it. Naked hand to cock. Wasn't for a while before I saw his cock though.

I began wearing skirts on choir days. This gave him better access to my pussy. We stood in the back row and no one in front of us cared to turn around.

So for every choir day, Tony would finger my pussy. And I would caress his cock until he came in the pants covering it. I remember one Christmas musical we were performing and the whole time, Tony had snaked his hand up the back of my dress and slid his fingers between my legs and into my pussy.

By this time, my little body craved for nothing more than the touch of Tony. For his look. For him to whisper into my ear those nasty things he would say. One time we were in the hall, so many people were there.

I think we were changing classes and I had been summoned to the office for some unimportant reason. Somehow, Tony made his way behind me and in a way that no one saw, pulled me to him, shoved his hand between my legs and squeezed my pussy. Whispered in my ear "If you were going to my office, I would fuck you on the desk".

Then he let go of me and lost himself in the crowd. All I remember from that moment is my pussy burning and my body begging him to come back.

Of course I couldn't call out for him. We were in the middle of a crowded hall and no one knew that he and I messed around. Things like this happened all the way till High School. Only then, it got more intense. I had finally gotten into his pants and jerked him off several times.

He'd fingered my pussy so many times.

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Then he'd make me stand there and watch him lick his fingers clean. He'd sit behind me in classes talking in my ear as I tried to pay attention to the teachers. So many nasty and dirty thoughts he poured into my head. He told me he wanted to fuck me bent over the desk right there. He asked me when my next period was because he wanted to fuck me while on it. Asked me if I would ever let him cum in my ass. Granted, Tony and I had never fucked. Through this whole time, it was all fingers, jerking, and words.

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Very hot words. Words that left my pussy dripping with nothing to quench its thirst. Then, one day, I was in the hall painting something for the band. It was after school. The football team were practicing. Tony had come in from practice for a drink of water and saw me on the floor painting.

We were 16 by now and our bodies were completely filled out. By this time, Tony looked like those busts of Caesar you see in museums. Or the gladiators you see in Greek mosaics. He was gorgeous. Could have been a Greek god if you asked me. And I had the body of a young Elizabeth Taylor.

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You know, like in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof or Cleopatra. I always found it ironic. I looked like Cleopatra and I had my own Anthony. Anyway, on this day, when Tony saw me laying on the floor, he walked over to me, and cleared his throat.

I looked up (knowing that my looking up at him from this angle would turn him on) at him with a small smile.

He never said a word. Just looked down at me. He dady sex daughter sleeping xstory to walk back down the stairs then turned back at me. He massaged his cock through his pants and nodded his head for me to follow as he descended the steps.

I followed him down the stairs. When at the bottom, I whispered his name since he'd gone out of site. I felt him grab my arm and pull me under the stairs. He grabbed my head and kissed me hard.

His tongue snaked into my mouth and I returned the pleasure with aggressive passion. "I want to fuck you" he whispered forcefully. "Right here?" I asked. His hand undid my pants and rammed into the.


He sank his finger deep into my soaked pussy. He kissed me harder and put my hand on his pants. I undid his pants and stroked his now man-sized dick. Tony had a huge dick by now. It was beautiful and as gorgeous as he was. His was not the first dick I'd seen, but was the only cock that made my mouth water at the site of it. He turned me around and humped at my bare ass checks. His breathing was bp cxc xxx story bp xxx heavy and so sporadic.

Finally he pushed me into one of the near by class rooms and locked the door behind us. He bent me over and slid his heavy dick into my wanting pussy. This, again, was not the first time I have gotten fucked, but I tell you, till this day, no one's dick has every felt as good inside me as Tony's did at that moment.


It was like a raging of two fires exploding. Tony fucked me. Never slowing. Trust after thrust. Pulled out and pushed my bigass babe banged on couch smalltits and pornstars down further.

Pushed me to the floor and forced me to my back. (As if he would have ever had to force me to do anything,, he just liked to be rough). Tony pinned my hands to my sides and got on top of me.

Slid in and fucked me some more. Tony's dick was like fire in my young pussy. It fit so nice in me. I could feel his thrusts.

Every bump and ridge of that godlike cock. I wanted it to never stop. I felt my body shudder as I was over come with orgasm, my head went back and back arched, I saw Tony smile at his accomplishment. He pulled out and pilled me to my knees before my orgasm had finished. "Have you tasted cock yet?" He asked.

I looked at his precum dripping cock. My mouth watered. My pussy dripped. I looked up at him innocently and shook my head. I had never had a cock in my mouth before. Even though I'd had sex and had jerked off more cocks than someone my age should have even seen, I'd never felt one in my mouth. Tony stroked his cock in front of my face looking at me. He put the head of his cock on my lips and told me to lick it. I did as I was commanded.

How sweet that precum was. How hot his dick.

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Heavy and meaty. Tony grabbed my hair and forced my head back. My mouth gapped open. He shuddered and let out a heavy breath. "Then this is both our first with head", he said.

He waited a second gliding the head over my lips. Finally he sank his cock deep into my mouth. He gasped and pulled my hair harder. He fucked at my watering mouth like he'd just done to my pussy.

It filled my mouth. His heavenly dick. Tony's dick. That gift of the gods delivered into my mouth. It filled my mouth. I couldn't breath. I gagged. I swallowed.

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I sucked. I loved it. I LOVED how Tony's dick felt in my mouth. Filling every inch of it. Forcing me to suckle on it like a little girl. Out of instinct, I think it was that, I reached up and cupped his balls. Massaged them. He let out a moan and let go of my hair. "Suck me off please" he whispered between his moans. I knelt there in front of Tony.

My pants still down to my ankles. His big dick in my mouth. My hands on his balls. And my eyes looking up at him. He looked like I was giving him the best thing in the world. At that moment, I just could not understand how any woman on earth would consider this degrading or even dislike it.

Tony looked like he was in heaven and it was MY MOUTH doing it for him.


What power this gave to me. To any woman with a dick in her mouth. I began moving my head back and forth as I'd seen women in movies doing. I watched him, his body language to see if I was doing it right. I wanted to please him so much. Judging by his holding onto my head for support, I assumed I was doing something right. So I continued doing it and sucking on Tony's dick at the same time. He grabbed my head again and began pumping a bit out of control.

It hurt my mouth and my jaw, but I didn't care. I loved knowing what I was doing for my Greek god. Then came the most awesome part. He shot his nectar into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed it and sucked harder trying to get more. He said my name over and over as he came some more. He gasped and stood still just letting the cum flow down my throat. I continued sucking. I couldn't get enough. Even after he'd finished cumming, I sucked. He tried to pull oh yes my gmg xxx story, but I sucked.

I wanted more. Finally, he pulled my head off with his hands and yelled "Gods. stop!". I looked at him confused. Then explained how sensitive his dick is after he cums. With it being my first time giving head, I'd not known that a man's dick got that sensitive after cumming.

Tony let me suck his cock only once more after that day. Until he and I stopped talking to each other. Then we graduated high school and went our separate ways.

Even to this day, I can't get enough cock. I suck as many dicks as I can. Though, none taste or feel like Tony's dick, I still cannot get enough. Yeas, I love to be fucked. I love the feel of a hot heavy dick in my pussy. But there is nothing like having it in my mouth as I look up and see a man lost in pleasure. Lost in my mouth. Because of Tony's dick, I love to give head.