Middle eastern teen gets her twat screwed and creampied

Middle eastern teen gets her twat screwed and creampied
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Fbailey story number 157 Sister Home Alone My sister is Rebecca Rose Deloris Davidson. Yeah I know it's stupid but my parents thought that she was so special when she was born that they needed to give her two middle names. Actually it was after both of her grandmothers. I just call her R2D2 like that little robot in Star Wars.

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I am the oldest child and a boy so I got the loft bedroom. My father built a great house. The house is sort of divided in half. Half of the house is the full two stories tall and contains the living area, dining area, and the kitchen area. Mom gets to put up a twenty-foot Christmas tree if she wants too.

The other half of the house is for the four bedrooms and the two bathrooms. Mine is the only bedroom on the second floor. From the landing at the top of the steps there is a great view looking down onto the open end of the house.

You can also see the rafters, the spider webs, and the dust that accumulates up there too. My loft bedroom goes down the center of the house over the other bedrooms and bathrooms. I have managed to carve tiny peepholes in my closet so that I can spy on the rest of the house. Well, some of it anyway. For instance I can see some of my sister's bedroom but not enough, the hallway to the bathroom we kids use, and out into the living room, dinning room, and kitchen areas.

I blonde aria austin double penetrated by big black cocks sixteen years old, my sister R2D2 is now fourteen years old, and we also have a little sister that is almost two years old.

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We get to be the built-in babysitters, with R2D2 getting stuck doing it most of the time. She does get paid for babysitting but she still has to change her dirty diapers. Gross! So one Saturday R2D2 thought that she was home alone.

Mom and dad had gone off to a family gathering and taken the baby with them. They would not be home until about ten o'clock or so. I was supposed to be at a friend's house and spending the night with him…but I wasn't.

As I was hiding in my closet spying on her, my sister went around the house making sure that all of the doors were locked, that all of the windows were closed, but that the drapes were all open and hooked back just like mom keeps them.

Her activity seemed suspicious to say the least. R2D2 disappeared into the bathroom for a while to take a shower. She came back out totally naked. Wow! She wasn't even wearing a towel but then again she thought that she was home alone. That was only the third time that I had ever seen my sister naked but not in the last couple of years though. She sure had grown up a lot physically since she was twelve years old. She now had tits! Nice ones too! I saw her bra on the bathroom floor last week and it was a new one.

R2D2 was now wearing a 34-B bra while mom still wears a 36-C bra. R2D2 had a very nice patch of brown pubic hair between her legs too. Then I saw her fine rounded ass as she disappeared into mom's bedroom.

She was only in mom's bedroom for a few minutes tattooed brazilian awesome chick rides penis hardcore and blowjob she reappeared in the hallway again and then made her way to the living area…still totally naked.

R2D2 then put on one of her favorite music compilations CDs that contain all of her gyrating songs. She cranked the music up real loud and then she started her engine. I laughed at her but not for very long, because my little kid sister was a very good dancer. She really could dance well too. She was unmistakably sexy and very provocative at it. I watched her moving like some of those actresses that do sexy dancing in their movies.

She was totally naked but she ran up to every window in the open area of the house and danced right into it, showing off her entire front and her back. She pressed her naked tits right into the window leaving little tittie stains of body moisture on the cool glass. She backed her ass cheeks into the windows too as she shook it. She danced on top of the couch, on top of the chairs, and she danced on top of the table too.

She slithered on the floor, she leaped into the air, and she even tried to climb up into the rafters. My sister was trying to do everything that she possibly could while naked.

I slowly and cautiously opened my bedroom door and crawled out on my belly to watch her. The view in the closet just wasn't good enough.

I hadn't been sure if I should keep my clothes on or not. I figured that if I were naked too then she wouldn't feel like the only one. It was a gamble but it also felt rather good to slither my cock along the hardwood floor as I eased out to the edge to peek at her.

R2D2 was then on top of the kitchen sink peeing into it. She looked wonderful too. She was squatted down hard fuck for this sexy asian playgirl squirting japanese it with her knees almost straight out to the side.

Her hairy pussy was opened up too. When she finally finished peeing into the sink she took the spray nozzle out of its hole, adjusted the water temperature, and inserted the nozzle into her pussy. She was giving herself a douche in the kitchen sink.

It didn't look like it was her first time either. Then as she opened the refrigerator and started taking some of the stuff out, I had the perfect opportunity to sneak down the stairs unnoticed. The loud music covered up any noise and with her head in the refrigerator she couldn't see me either.

I got right behind the refrigerator door and then I scared the shit out of her. I grabbed my sister and wrestled her to the floor. She fought me like a little tiger but I managed to pin her down.

I had her on her back with her arms up and out to the sides while I sat on her upper legs. My hairy balls were sitting on her hairy pussy and my cock was rock hard and sticking straight up. I looked at her exposed breasts heaving as she continued to fight me. Then I smiled at her and said, "Hey R2D2 don't fight me. I'm not going to hurt you.

I swear. I have been watching for a while and you are just so sexy that I had to see if I could join in too." R2D2 said, "What do you mean by join in?" Then she thrust her hips up at me to try to break free.

I replied, "Just that. I have run around the house naked before too. It's sexy and I would like to do it with you. I have been watching you and you are really very sexy naked like this." R2D2 blushed and said, "Thanks." There was a slight pause then she asked, "Do you really think so?" That is when I told my sister that I had seen her rub her nice tits and her fine ass into the glass windows, sexy dancing on top of the dinning room table, and even peeing into the kitchen sink. Then I told her that I especially liked it when she douched with the spray nozzle.

She lit right up when I said that. Apparently she too enjoyed that part. She confessed that pressing her tits against the open windows was what really got her excited and not knowing who might be watching her doing it from the outside either. She said that she likes being an exhibitionist. I guess I do too.

So I asked her what she was doing in the refrigerator and she told me that she was getting ready for her next activity. That activity was to start sticking things up inside her pussy and fucking herself with them. She enjoys watching dad and I eat things that had been in her pussy. Now that intrigued me. I asked her if I could help and she had me bring some of the items over to the table. Her ritual was to do it while lying on top of the table where anyone from the outside might be able to see her whereas if she did it on the floor she would be hidden from their view.

All right! So R2D2 climbed up onto the chair first and then got up on top of the table. She did a sexy little dance for me as I inspected her body up close. Her tits were nice and firm and they hardly shook at all. That was not at all what I was used too looking at whenever mom bounced around braless. R2D2 had great hard nipples too with light pink areolas around them. Her brown pubic hair still allowed me to see her moist slit right down the middle of it. Her ass was great to look at, her ass crack was sweet as hell, and her reddish brown sphincter muscle was something that I seriously wanted to kiss.

My cock was so hard that it was uncomfortable. Then she got on her back on the table with her legs facing me. She placed her feet flat on the table and dropped her knees right over to touch the tabletop.

R2D2 was very flexible.

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With her instructions I slipped a carrot into her pussy and then screwed her with it. I twisted it around as I pushed it in and pulled it back out of her.

She really enjoyed it. A stick of celery was next and she said that the best part was that I was doing it to her and not her doing it to herself. The narrow neck of a yellow summer squash was just the ticket to stimulating her G-spot.


One of those English seedless cucumbers was next. It was long and it was thin so I jammed it into her depths a few times just to watch her jump. Finally a real cucumber found its way into her pussy and it fit too. It was probable twice as big as I was but it still fit in her pussy. Amazing! R2D2 finally saw that my cock was turning purple from all of the blood that had been trapped in there for so long.


So she told me to relieve myself inside her. What! I explained to her that I was still a virgin and she told me that she was a virgin too. To her it wasn't any big deal. She had already poked just about everything into her pussy that would fit so what was the big deal about a cock?

Well if she didn't care then why should I so I stuck my cock into my sister's pussy. Wow! Now that was a whole lot better than using my hand to jerk off. I just loved thrusting my hips back and forth against her and thrusting legal age teenager whore enjoying a dick hiddencam and hardcore cock deep into her but she seemed to like it just as much as I did.

Wow! I knew right away that I loved fucking. In fact I loved fucking my sister. She felt the same way after her orgasm. She didn't even mind it when I slimmed her either. Usually I do that in the underwear that I had just taken off but R2D2 seemed to like the fact that I did it inside her. She asked me to clean up the used vegetables and put them away in the refrigerator while she went around and cleaned up all of the windows.

She really had this down to a fine science. After I washed off the veggies and put them away I watched her clean off the last glass window that she had smeared. As I watched her I got excited again. Not knowing just what to do I simple said, "I'm hard, do you want to do it again?" She smiled at me and stood up on the table again. Great! R2D2 did a fantastically sexy dance thrusting her pelvis into my face then she got down on her back and placed her ankles up on my shoulders.

I just closed the gap and entered her. It was just that easy. I was very hard, she was still very wet, and we were made for each other.

My sister's pussy fit my cock like a glove. We really were made for one another. She fucked me just as much as I fucked her then we both came together as if it were planned.

After that, we finished cleaning up everything that we had messed up including each other. This time I got a close-up view of her kitchen sink douche. I got to hold the sprayer and pull the trigger. It was great fun. We also got to take or very first shower together too just like mom and dad do.

It was a lot of fun and we want to do it more often if we can get away with it. R2D2 decided that we should sleep together. So I got our sleeping bags out of the cellar and laid them out on my bedroom floor up in the loft. We left my bedroom door open and were sound asleep long before mom and dad came home. Since we had fallen asleep early of course we awoke early too.

We made love twice in the middle of the night and fell back asleep again. Mom had to wake us up in the morning for breakfast. Mom was pleased that we weren't fighting but she was very curious as to why we were sleeping together even if it was in separate sleeping bags. R2D2 lifted herself up onto her elbows allowing mom to see that she wasn't wearing anything on top, not even a bra. Then she asked, "Mom would you be a dear and please close the door so that we can get amber needed for a tour to europe hardcore blowjob had a shocked look on her face then said, "You and I need to talk young lady." Then mom closed the door behind her as she left and went back downstairs.

My sister got sexually excited again so we made love once more before we got dressed. She put a pair of my clean socks inside her panties to catch the mess that was sure to leak out of her well-used pussy. Mom was staring at us as we came down the stairs holding hands and giggling. I watched as mom followed R2D2 right into our bathroom.

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I was very nervous as I waited for mom to come out and tell dad to kill me. Instead however R2D2 came out, kissed me right on the lips in front of dad, and then said, "Come on. You're going to help me move my things up to your bedroom." Shocked and confused I asked, "Then where will I sleep?" She just smiled at me and said, "With me silly. After all mom used to sleep with her brother when she was my age." The End Sister Home Alone 157