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Inked taxi driving milf anally stretched by big black dong
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Me and Lanie sat next to each-other on the couch, watching some crappy cowboy movie on AMC with old actors that only my grandparents would recognize. I really hated western movies, but I had settled for it since Lanie liked them, and in my never-ending quest to unlock the safe that was my virginity, I would literally do anything Lanie would want to do, even if the reward was just a casual trip to first-base.

As the movie went on, I decided I would make my move, and with my arm already wrapped around her shoulder, I lowered my hand to attempt and grab hold of her right tit. "Not now, Miles", she said, brushing my hand away. I silently sighed and rolled my eyes, not wanting to agitate her.

Carefully, I began to lower my hand again, this time, making sure she would only think of my sudden action as an accident, by yawning, and stretching my arm. Then, after doing so, I let my hand fall freely back to place, and just so happen to graze Lanie's breast. "Jesus Christ, Miles!

Control yourself!" She barked. "What I yawned?" I said in my defense. "You pig", she angrily replied, pushing my arm off of her and crossing her arms. At this point I could see things weren't turning out as I had planned, so I decided to go to plan B, which was, in all sense of the word, 'dirty'. Without word or warning, I pounced at Lanie, grabbing hold of her arms tightly as I drove my tongue deep into her mouth, and began to french kiss her with all my might.

At first, Lanie did nothing about it, and for whatever reason, just let it happen, but after about fifteen seconds, she had had enough, and through me off of her.

"Miles, you asshole! Leave me alone!" I frowned angrily and sat on the opposite end of the couch, arms crossed. I felt like telling her to leave, but for what it's worth, I decided to play it cool and try and pass off my behavior with some lame-ass excuse. "I'm sorry, Lanie.I didn't mean any of that.I-I was just a little excited" "A little? You practically forced yourself on me!" "It's just, you're so pretty and I just wanted tonight to be special.", I said, in my most defeated voice possible.

At first I thought she wasn't buying any of it, but after what looked like a moment of consideration, Lanie scooted over to me on the couch, and leaned her head back on my shoulder. I smiled, and put my arm back around her, this time trying to keep it at her shoulder. Yet, while she sat there, I couldn't help but stare at her tits. I mean, we were only rising-freshmen, and she had some growing to do, but at the moment, she had very well developed tits, possibly B-cups, maybe even C's, but that's pushing it.

Well, the movie ended, and though I was happy to see the end of that hour and forty-five minutes of pure crap, I was very disappointed that I hadn't gotten any from her, even though my attempt was very pitiful. About fifteen minutes later, Lanie's mom showed up, and I walked her to the door, waving goodbye as she pranced to her mom's sleek new Lexus. But the minute I closed the door, I was overcome with frustration, I knew the best thing to do at this time would luscious idol is displaying her gaped yummy slit in closeup amateur babe to call my friend Sam.

Sam was not what you would really call a "nice guy". In fact, Sam's kind of an asshole, and the biggest tool I've every met, but either way, he still get's more action than anyone else I know.

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So after a few rings, I hear Sam's voice from over the phone. "What's up, man? How was your night with Lanie?" "Sucked, I tried to make a move, but it failed" 
"How'd you make 'said' move?" He asked, in a kind of sarcastic way.

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"I grabbed her tit, and when that didn't work I pretended to yawn and I-" "Okay stop right multi orgasmic squirting babe just keeps on cumming, that's really pathetic. Look, Miles, you can't attempt to make a move with blunt force like that. I mean what's next, did you force a kiss on her-" "Yeah.", I replied defeatedly.

"Oh wow, that's really sad. Listen, man, fuck Lanie, it's summer break and I'm gonna get you a girl tomorrow night. A real slut, you'll get some from her I'm sure of it" I smiled, and laughed a little over the phone, "Sure you will" "No, I mean it.

I'll be honest, Miles, you're not an unattractive guy, I bet if I ask this girl to go on a blind date with you, you'll definitely get some" "Alright, whatever you say, Sam" "Yeah, meet at the movie theater tomorrow at seven, don't tell Lanie" "Why would I tell Lanie? The only reason I'm dating her is to get some form her anyway" "True, true. Well I'll see you, man" "See you", I said, hanging up the phone. That night I laid in bed thinking about Lanie. She was an attractive girl, and I really wanted to do stuff with her, but for the most part, I hated her.

The only reason I asked her out was because her friend told me she liked me, and I'd been trying to find a girl to hookup with for weeks, so Lanie fell right into that slot.

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I mean, besides being in the same grade, we were day and night. We listened to different music, we liked different movies, we hung out with different people, and I personally had no feelings for Lanie what so ever. But yet, when I thought about how horrible that sounded, I felt guilty.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next day at the movie theater, I met Sam and two other girls in the front lobby.

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One girl I recognized as Jessica, Sam's girlfriend, but the other girl I had never seen before. "Miles, this is Selena", Sam said, extending an arm to her.


"Hey, I'm Miles", I said, "Nice to meet you" Selena smiled and walked over to my side, putting her arm around mine and resting her head on my shoulder, in a way that unfortunately reminded me of Lanie. "Hi, I'm Selena!" She said. Selena was alright, but for the most part, I don't think I would have ever been friends with her outside of this experience.

She was loud, bubbly, flirtatious, and the definition of a dumb-blond. But the one good quality I did pick up from her, was that she was definitely easy, and willing. In the movie, about half way in, she tugged on my arm and made me lower my head to hers.

"Miles, you wanna make-out?" she whispered, in her usual, bubbly voice. "Hell yeah", I replied, a little to eagerly. Selena grinned, and pulled me closer to her face, and for a solid forty-five minutes, I made-out with some girl I had just met that day. Well after the movie, we went back to Sam's house, and sat in the backyard, talking and laughing.

"So, Jessica, you wanna go upstairs?" Sam asked, nudging her arm slightly. Jessica nodded, and grabbed his hand, as the two walked into the house.

ON his way up, Sam gave me a thumbs up, before closing the door behind him and jessica. I looked at Selena for a solution of what to do next, and she smiled a very naughty smile at me. "You ever done anything with a girl?" She asked. I decided not to lie, and said, "Not really" "Well, you want to try something?" "Aren't you a little concerned about hooking-up with a guy you just met today?" "Why would I", she answered, "It's not like you're dangerous or anything?" I liked were this was going, and I really liked how easy it was.

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I mean, if she had been more open, I wouldn't be cheating on her in the first place, right? But the guilt aside, Selena was already beginning to turn me on with her willingness to consent, and I was more than willing to give her anything she wanted to do.

Selena took a pool float and placed it on the ground in front of me. Then, kneeled on the ground, letting her knees rest on the float while she began to unzip my shorts. A hot girl just being close to my dick made my member spring up, and the minute she pulled my shorts and boxers to my ankles, my dick was hard and ready hotties in fishnet stockings pleasure one another action.

"Nice cock", she said, grabbing it with one hand, "We're gonna have some fun" Selena stroked my dick for a while, and I'll be honest, I almost lost it. My dick was twitching, and pulsing, and precum began to flow from the tip. She smiled another lustful smile when she saw that, and licked off all of the clear liquid off my head. ".ahhhh.", I moaned, my voice shaking while I leaned my head back and closed my eyes from the pleasure.

Selena next took my entire dick in her mouth, all 5.5" of it, and as expected, she was really good. Swiveling her tongue around the rim of my circumcised head, before bobbing up and down on my dick, her wet lips going over my shaft, OH, it felt so fucking amazing!

She would stop sucking every now and then, and stroke my dick, making me get close to the edge, before continuing with her sucking. After about a minute, remember, I'm fourteen, she got up from off the ground and removed her tank-top and bra, throwing both to the side before going back to the ground. I stared down at her tits, and might I say, they were quite nice.

I really wanted to just suck on them.

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They were bigger than Lanie's, and were full and plump. Her nipples were pink, and the cool night air made them hard and erect. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them, and just like that, I felt my body beginning to quiver. "Selena, I'm gonna cum", I said, warning her as I leaned back in the chair, clenching my ass cheeks together as I felt my breathing increase, and my dick twitch and pulse in her warm wet mouth. "Ohhh.ahhh.oh.ohhh", I moaned loudly and uncontrollably.

Then, it happened, I felt my cum shoot out of my dick at a speed that I had never felt before. "Ohhh.Lanie!" I accidentally moaned, leaning my now red face back, as I shot glob after glob of my seed into her mouth. Selena obviously didn't hear me, and kept sucking, swallowing all my cum, and licking her lips as she did. "Oh're amazing", I complemented her, between breaths, as I felt myself come back down from my orgasm. "Whose Lanie? An ex-girlfriend nughty america sex stories prin xx yours?" "Well not exactly.", I said shamefully.

"Don't tell me she's your sister!" "What? NO!" I shouted, "She's my-uh-she's my girlfriend." I looked at Selena to see if she would be mad about my infidelity, but she just smiled another lustful smile. "You know, assfuck thrust my ass till you cum is one of my BIGGEST turn-ons", she said, reaching down to stroke my now re-hardening dick.

"Well that's good!" I replied, smiling back. Selena stroked my dick until it was hard, and then pulled me from the chair and onto the ground, were she pulled my shirt off of my head, and threw it in the pile of clothing accumulating on the ground. I knew what was coming, and I literally felt my heart beat out of my chest, especially when Selena pulled off her tight shorts and panties, leaving her nude, smooth, soft body exposed.

I looked down to see her snatch and I practically lost it. I was my first vagina in person and I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. She had shaven almost all of her pubes, just a little, well trimmed patch remained above her pussy lips, which I could tell were soft and wet.


I angled my dick into her twat and pushed in, and it was great. Her twat was tight, but not to tight, and it was wet. The feeling of that pussy on my shaft was almost enough to drive me over the edge.

But I managed, and I kept myself from blowing my load right there and then. Selena reached down to rub her clitoris while we fucked in the backyard. I, meanwhile, quickly humped her, moving my dick up and down in her pussy, it's wetness and testing new pinky toy on friend tight pussy making me moan and sweat while I looked down at her beautiful round tits starring up at me.

I didn't care if she was getting anything from this, as I selfishly and quickly pushed my dick into her pussy. I couldn't help it anymore, and after a good two minutes, I came, exploding with the little cum I had left. My jizz rushed up my shaft and I could feel it erupt, shooting out of my dick and into her twat, my balls had retracted up against my shaft, and my forehead was now covered in sweat as I opened my mouth and loudly moaned.

"AHHHHH.ohhh.aahh.", I helplessly moaned, almost ready to pass out from my orgasm. Selena smiled and let me roll off of her and onto the ground. I look over to her, and with the little energy I had left, I fingered her, aggressively pushing my index and middle finger in and out of her twat, before using those same fingers to rub her clit, making her moan and sway back and forth from the pure pleasure she was receiving.

When she came, she moaned loudly like me, and then lay down next to me, breathing heavily and staring up at the stars as we both sat there naked and covered in sweat and the scent of love-making.