New tarzan sexy story sex stories

New tarzan sexy story sex stories
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Note: If you have read my previous story (My Wife, Her New Friend, An Opportunity) before you read this one then you already have some insight into how things arrived to this point in time. In case you haven't then here is a quick rundown: I was married but things weren't great. My ex-wife made my life hell for no reason then she met a new friend that took some of the unreasonable heat off of me. We ended up having a threesome (I think my ex had been bi all along but kept it suppressed) but after a while my wife's constant bitching about everything and nothing started up again and she ended up "chasing", for lack of a better term, her new friend.

We ended up divorcing, not because she was bi or chasing another woman rather because she had just become an intolerable bitch with no end in sight. Being separated I went out sex waptrick com xxx sri lankan story experienced things I never did being married (like sex with various woman) and her friend and I even got together on a few occasions. Since I have been divorced I played the field and had sex with younger and older woman, black, white, friends, etc.

I had sex with a woman as young as 27 (me being 49) and another woman who was 31, which is the event I am going to describe in this story. I even had an opportunity to have sex with my neighbors 24 yr old daughter.

She was crazy about me and just loved older men. My neighbor had no problem with it if it did happen since her daughter was certainly an adult but I didn't pursue it. I have posted many fictional stories on this site and all contain some element of truth but are a really a compilation of experiences (some wishes) I had before and after my marriage.

Just like the Threesome story I mentioned above the following story is also true. The following surely would not have happened if I didn't separate from my wife and certainly nothing I even imagined, at least the way I found out and what happened.

but I did kind of worry about a prior event I thought that may come back to haunt me way earlier in my young marriage. If you did read my prior story you will notice a different writing style and emotional expression is the following story. It was mean to to convey deeper feelings. There is no embellishment in this story either, it is a true representation of events, feelings and aftermath. Now on to: Surprise, then Complicity (or Before and After): I am divorced and carefree, as far as answering to a bitch every second of the day.

I had evenings to myself and/or could do simple pleasures like just riding down the road and doing nothing without having to have an explanation or a time when I would be back or what I was doing, being accused of things I truly didn't do nor had intention on doing, etc. Since I left my wife I moved into the next town. I worked there anyway plus I ended up right back in my old neighborhood where I grew up and I was able to spend pleasant time visiting friends and family, things that my ex made impossible.

It was Saturday and I was doing some repairs on my mothers house and had to run to the store just down the road. There was a woman that worked there who used to work for me years ago so I usually chatted her up while I was there. I ran around the store looking for the items I needed and ran across my friend. We caught each other up on the latest and while we chatted another store employee walked by, I thought my head would twist off as I watched her go by then followed her until she was out of sight.

My friend cleared her throat to get my attention and she laughed her ass off at me. She told me to put my eyes back in and stop drooling, she just generally poked fun at me about it but I couldn't help it the woman was simply pretty, to me. My friend asked if I was interested but I said I knew I was only dreaming cause she was way younger than me and I said that she was probably out of my league.

My friend told me the woman's name was Kirsten and that she was 31 years old but wasn't sure what her current situation was. When I said Kirsten was out of my league that was just protection and face saving, I previously had a short relationship with a 27 year old woman. While mature for her age she wanted a more committed relationship but me just getting loose from what was really a 29 year relationship (25 yrs marriage and 4 years exclusively dating) I wasn't ready for us to "move in" together as she leaned towards.

The sex was outstanding but the conversation was "so so" and I wasn't going to build an entire relationship on sex plus the age difference while making for great sex for both, our ages would eventually get in the way for a committed relationship. It started out with light conversation then sex and we did spend typical time together, movie, dinner, beach, shopping, etc.

Everyone has a type or number 1 preference when it comes to a woman and Kirsten was it for me. The age is one thing and while I haven't been really concerned with a woman's age it certainly strokes ones ego to be with a younger woman, doesn't it ?.

Now on my superficial side Kirsten had the goods that really got time travlers (1930s tube porn attention, straight silky black hair (hers was a little past shoulder length), she was around 5'7", about 135lbs, blue eyes, breasts were maybe a C-cup and you can tell she spent time at the beach or at least a tanning bed.

She wouldn't be mistaken for a model rather she was your basic woman next door and she had an appearance that just appealed to me. When she walked by we caught eyes real quick, she didn't strut or walk like she was made of glass like a lot of pretty woman do rather it seemed she was out for a stroll, perhaps on her break or whatever cause she was in no hurry.

I was smitten but then again I get smitten quite a lot lately. I know I will see at least two more woman that I would undress with my eyes before I made it out of the store. My friend and I finished chatting then I paid for the brother sister xxx jur kore and went to make the repairs but several hours later I needed to go back, you never get everything you need in one trip.

I arrived at the store and walking around I ran into my friend again so she pulled me aside and asked if I was interested in Kirsten. She said after I left that they talked and that Kirsten had asked who the guy was she was talking to so my friend told Kirsten all about me and that I was available and she said Kirsten was as well and she was dying to introduce me.

So we walked to the department Wet pussy pov slut giving bj on knees worked in and we were introduced then my friend had to get back to her department.

After a few generalities I asked Kirsten if she was available for lunch tomorrow and she said yes so we agreed to meet. Our Lunch was going very smooth and we talked pleasantly, she seemed totally comfortable and I was as well. We talked the usual things, I told her about my work and life before, during and after marriage and she mentioned she had family in the area.

She had two brothers that were 3 yrs older than her and that when she was maybe a year old her mother (Kirsten referred to her as "Momma K) moved them to a town about 30 miles outside of the city to live and work. I was familiar with the town and even knew people who lived there and commuted here to work. Kirsten worked here but only moved back here a few yrs ago to live but of course she was familiar with the area because this is the nearest city of size where people can do things, see things, go to different shops and stores, go to the beach and all that.

We really became comfortable with one another and before lunch was over we were already committed to dinner that evening then instead of parting after lunch we decided to spend the rest of the day together until dinner. I'm thinking that this is great, she is pretty, pleasant and easy to talk to and each of us were hot amateur brunette ready to play with big cock just a little flirtatious and both being receptive this was really working out.

This is the way it went off and on for the next couple weeks as we met for dinner and talked on the phone and we went to the beach on our 3rd weekend, seeing her in a bikini didn't help my desire to have sex with her but I was trying to play it cool. I wanted to that's for sure but I was really intrigued by her as well. I wasn't "falling in love" or anything but I did like her more and more plus I was always open to opportunity and during a conversation she admitted she was very interested and we talked about taking it to the "next level".

She told me she had always been interested in older men and told me why. It was all for the same reasons I have heard from many younger woman that I have talked to before. Older men appeal to younger woman because we are more mature, established, secure, stable, have experience, take our time, etc, etc. She said if it wasn't for the few strands of gray hairs I have on my head then it would be hard to tell I was 49 as opposed to maybe 40 however, she said it made me look distinguished.

Was she stroking my ego, maybe, but again I have heard the same thing from many young woman but it is still heartening to hear it every time. As we sat on the beach we talked a bit more openly about our experiences, expectations and curiosities about each other, the flirtation was steadily reaching another level as well. We were going to dinner after the beach so she had a bag with a change of clothes and we agreed we would go back to my place to shower, change then we would go out to eat.

When we left the beach we did just that then went out to dinner and where our previous conversation was expanded. We were both ready to take it up a notch and I wanted tonight to be it. I admit I was horny as hell and I wanted her bad but I wasn't totally sure about her but her conversation and her signals indicated she was and since we planned to go back to the beach tomorrow I asked her if she wanted to spend the night, she accepted.

When we were back at my place we decided to watch a movie and we cuddled on the couch while I stroked her hair and, massaged her neck and shoulders then planting a few kisses on her neck now and then and rubbing my hand over her stomach. I was slowly bringing her to a boil, she would turn to kiss me and each time it was a little longer and deeper until we ended up in a full make out session on the couch.

My cock was rock hard in anticipation of fucking her so I broke our kiss and asked sexy babe takes hard cock in mouth hardcore and cumshots if she wanted to go to bed. She looked right into my eyes and kissed me deeply then pulled away and we stood up and walked to the bedroom. I walked to my side of the bed and shed my clothes in about 5 seconds then pulled the covers down wile she was taking her clothes off then we crawled in and embraced.

The feel of her young body, smooth taught skin and firm torso felt so damn good, my cock poked right into her leg and she instantly reached down to grab me, "HOLY SHIT", she said as she grasp my cock.

Her slender hand and fingers reached only a little more than halfway around it's circumference. "What is it", I asked as I kissed her and reached down and fingered her cunt.

I knew what she was going to say because I have heard it a few times. "You are huge !", she said. Was she still stroking my ego ?. I concentrated on her neck then worked down to suck her tit's while I fingered her cunt, I wanted her to relax and she did.

I then kissed down her stomach while opening her legs so I could lick that sweet pussy. We were in the position fora 69 and I prayed she would suck my cock. With the flat of my tongue I licked her cunt from the top down then worked in between her cunt lips to taste that pink meat which elicited an, "AHHHHHHHHH", from her while I pulled those lips apart and tongued inside her slit.

I gently rolled onto my side and she rolled with me. My purpose was to roll over and have her on top of me and she could be in position to suck my cock, we were both in tune because that's how we ended up. I wrapped my arms around her lower back and I buried my face into her snatch licking her deep. She took my cock into her mouth and it felt so good and warm causing me to pull my face from her cunt, OH BABY, OHHHHHHHH", I moaned as she took me in and started to instantly bobb up and down at a rapid pace then after a minute she slowed then took me as deep as she could and held it them slowly pulled back, sucked on my head then went deep again, she repeated this a few times which caused me to moan and grunt, "SUCK MY DICK BABY, SUCK IT GOOD", I said.

Then I went back to work on her cunt as I lapped at her while flicking my tongue across her clit. As I was licking her she began to grind her cunt on my face and at the same time I was thrusting my hips up to get more cock in her mouth.

I wasn't even close but I could tell she was, she pulled off of my cock and sat more upright as I licked her slit and she continued to grind on my face, she was breathing heavy and started to lightly moan, "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh", as she rocked her hips back and forth.

She rocked faster as I licked as hard and fast as I could while running my hands up and down her back. "I FEEL IT !", she said loudly and within a few seconds she let out a low squeal as her cum veruca james got black dicking down her pussy on my face while she continued to grind.

After maybe a couple minutes she let out a long breath then breathed back in and out steadily as I lapped up her juice then she raised herself off my face then onto her back while I scooted over and got onto my knee's to kneel between her open legs. She was thoroughly ready to take my cock into her cunt now but I knew I had to control myself, I didn't want to hurt her.

I was with another woman a few months back and I made her bleed and Kirsten was smaller than her. She raised her legs as I leaned in and moved up so I could have maximum reach when I went into her. I placed my cock at her entrance and pushed, as her cunt lips parted and her hole stretched she gave a low guttural groan, "UGHHHHHHH", as I penetrated her box. She was nervous and kept her hands at my hips, not to pull but to push.

I was actually nervous as well and my body was shaking slightly, I couldn't explain it other than I felt a certain connection with Kirsten that I haven't with others but was that the source of my apprehension ?. I had the instinctive desire to bury myself inside of her but a more overpowering feeling to be extremely gentle with her in particular. She certainly had experience but she was a slender woman and her cunt was so small and tight vs my size so I didn't know if that was it or what, there was something I couldn't put my finger on.

She eased her push against my hips and I moved my hands under the back of her shoulders and wrapped my fingers over the top so as to prepare for further intrusion and I pushed into sunny leone xxx sex blue film pussy humping6 some more, "OHHH JEEEEZZZ, UGH", she groaned loudly.

I wanted to feel the grip of her young pussy around the length of my entire shaft and in a split second things switched and my insticnt was overpowering my restraint.

"Come on baby, give it to me, just give it to me", I said to her calmly as I pulled back out then pushed in again as I started the fucking motion. She relaxed and lifted her legs giving me better access so I took advantage and on my downstroke I pushed and finally had half of my cock into her tight hole, "UGH, UHHHHH, OH, OH, OHHHHHHHHHH, UMPH", she moaned and groaned loudly as I continued my assualt and open her hole even wider.

My desire and feelings were like a roller coaster and I alternated between sympathy and the desire to just fuck her, "Are you alright", I asked her. She was breathing in and out heavily and was worried I didn't get a quick response but she nodded her head then, "UH HUH, TAKE ME", she said as she slipped her hands around my butt and pulled. She was very wet and now finally past that point we were ready to get into it so I pushed in and buried my shaft inside of her tight pussy, her muscles gripped my cock and then eased as I pulled back for another plunge into her slender body.

I fucked into her and each time I bottomed out she continued with a series of now loud guttural grunts and moans. You would have thought I was killing her, I thought the people in the next apartment would hear her, "shhhhh, shhhhhh, calm down baby", I said to her quietly yet not slowing my assault, I was ravaging her pussy and enjoying every bit of this sweet young woman laying under me as my fat cock plowed into her.

"I.UGH.CAN'T.UHHH.HELP.IT", she struggled to say. "You want me to stop", I asked and her immediate response was, "NO, don't stop", she said. That was good because I couldn't stop now, she was so dam hot and her grunting every time I shoved in was stroking my ego and it really kept my fire lit as I worked harder. She was dripping wet and along with her grunts you could hear that meaty slapping noise as our thrusts met along with sloshing noise as her jizz continued to coat my cock each time I moved in and out.

I moved my hand from under her shoulders and planted my fists into the mattress on each side of her waist but squeezing them together enough where they rested against the top of her hips. I was thrusting hard and I didn't want to push her slender body up the bed and have her head bang against the headboard.

I was fucking her, my back was arched in and my arms supported and kept me off of her as I went wild. I felt my cum boiling to an eruption and was past the point of caring about anything other than shooting off inside of her, "I'M HAVE TO CUM", I said loudly.

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"IT'S OK, CUM IN ME", she replied. I sped up and was breathing very hard then eased the muscles that gripped my cock, "OHHHHHHHHHH", I groaned as shoved deep and shot a stream of warm greasy spunk inside of her, then I held still while my cock convulsed as it milked itself.

I was shaking a little from the sensation. Every time I shoot off for the first time inside a woman I haven't been with I shake like that plus the fact that your muscles always loose strength after an eruption so I shook from trying to keep my weight off of her but held firm inside to leave every drop of cum in her that I could, I let it just drain inside of her.

Now spent I pulled out and laid down next to her on my back, she rolled onto her side facing me and placed her arm over my chest to pull herself to me. She picked up her head so I could place my arm under her neck then she mashed her body against my side and we held each other.

As we laid there then pulled the covers over us we drifted in and out of sleep then perhaps a couple hours later we woke and had rolled apart so I snuggled up behind her to feel her against me and I explored her sensuous body with my hand. I would squeeze her tit's then work my hand all over her firm body. She turned over to face me and we began kissing then I rolled on top of her and we had sex again, in fact we had sex a couple more times through out the night as we slept then woke.

Nothing unusual since it was new for us but this was a turning point, more than I knew at the time. I woke up and it was light, the next morning will usually tell you how things will likely be going forward so I laid there for a bit not moving as I rolled our previous sessions through my mind looking for clues or things I may have missed in the heat of things that would indicate things like my performance, her satisfaction, etc.

I think we have all performed that self analysis and to me everything was great but I had to prepare myself for the worst, just in case. I finally stirred and cocked my head towards Kirsten and she opened her eyes, "How do you feel this morning", I asked. She stretched and yawned then smiled big at me, "Fantastic", she said. I think we both released a lot of tension last night and it appears there were no regrets and the sex was good, damn good in my book and judging from her answer and demeanor it was just as good for her.

She looked at me and asked if I wanted to get a shower which sounded to me like she was trying to determine which one of us would go first, "Yeah sure, go ahead", I said. She got up as I laid there then she just looked at me and smiled, "Well come on then", she said as she stood there waiting for me. "OH OK", I said. I didn't expect us showering together, not like I didn't want to of course. I got the shower going to warm cute teen girl fucks an old guy up while I shaved and she was preparing some of her things then we got in.

She was a pretty young woman standing there in front of me naked, I think she looked better naked than with clothes on. You all know what I mean on that I guess because who doesn't love a naked woman but still depending on what they wear it lets ones imagination go wild, even if you have seen them naked before. We took turns soaping each other up and rinsing of then as we turned to face each other she looked at me in such a way that told me "she was hooked", she had that look in her eye, a look I had seen in a woman before.

Hell I felt I was a little hooked myself, she was striking, she was pleasant and she was dam sexy. Then we embraced and kissed and when she pulled away and bent down I thought maybe she was reaching for the soap or something, until she grabbed my cock and took it into her mouth. There she was bent over working on my stiff dick while I looked down at her black hair hanging down each side which was blocking my view.

I pulled her hair together and bunched it in my hand behind her head so I could see her suck my dick, the feeling and the sight was awesome. There is almost nothing like a woman bent down or on her knee's while she is servicing you. She did eventually go to her knee's and continued to work on me as I let go of her hair and cupped my hand around the back of her neck to pull her onto me while I thrust gently, she reached a hand up and grabbed the base of my cock while sucking me in and out.

I wanted to cum in her mouth so bad but I didn't have it in me right now, I shot so much cum in her through out the night I didn't think she could conjure any from me at this point but the feeling was fantastic.

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She pulled off of me as the water from the shower started to get cold and I helped her up and she hugged and clung to me, TIGHT !. Yep, she was hooked and she just let me know in actions how hooked she was.

Kirsten was so laid back and while conversation with her was great she could also be veiwed by others as shy or withdrawn. She wasn't a "party" girl, didn't like crowds that much, liked to read and just do quiet things alone or with someone. Reminded me a lot of myself so between the sex and the character the compatibility was there.

I worried about the age difference but I figured I was putting the cart ahead of the horse at this point but there was a lot to like. We went to the beach again, had dinner then finished out the evening at my place watching TV shows and a movie then she went home. The rest of the week we saw each other after work, had dinner, sex, etc, and if we didn't see each other we talked on the phone since her schedule varied and she worked some nights while mine was consistent.

We made plans for the coming weekend and she was hoping to make it a long one since she was off Friday but I had to work and couldn't take it off but we would see each other Friday evening. She said she would use the time to go up the road to visit her mother Friday and would see me when she got back and I made it home from work.

So Friday evening came and I hadn't heard from her all day so as I was sitting around my place and she called my cell, she was on the way back from her visit and would see me in about 30 minutes. We went out to eat and she had seemed to change a little or something was bothering her, I didn't know which at the time but she was more silent then usual and when I watched her she just stared as in deep thought yet didn't have a look of sorrow on her face or a smile but somewhere in between.

She had thoughts racing through her head but I couldn't determine what was going on, yet. We didn't know each other but about 3 weeks at this point so being unfamiliar I wasn't sure the best way to prod her into revealing what was bothering her. I tried talking to her and let her know that she could reach out to me and talk when she was comfortable.

I felt bad for her and since my attraction for her grew I didn't want to see her in pain and I felt If I could just hold her she would relax then open up but at the same time my physical attraction was overpowering and holding her sweet slender body would morph into me ripping her clothes off and kissing her entire smooth tight body. There I admitted it, I have a HUGE physical attraction for her obviously, more than emotional at this point but I couldn't help help myself.

She was wearing a thin white sundress and with her tan and that black hair and she wore no make up, she looked at good enough to eat plus it had been a few days since we were able to have sex because of the work schedule. When we left the restaurant we went to walk on the beach, we held hands while we walked and I cute teen public gangbang playmately family competition ask her about her day and she didn't offer either rather she asked me questions.

Some things she knew already but it seemed like she was reaffirming like how long I lived here, where I went to high school, where my mother lived, my ex-wife and our kid, people I knew in the neighborhood where I lived, etc. I figured after this amount of time and things seeming to be heading in a certain direction this was just typical early relationship jitters or something.

I also wondered if she had told her mother she met someone and the age difference was an issue that her mother or someone else may have mentioned so perhaps she was on a mission to justify things, I hot mom jessica bangkok is blowing her young trainer know because I had nothing to go other than speculation.


We seemed to be so compatible I felt so close to her but she wasn't sharing while at the same time I never really asked her to many questions over the last few weeks, it's not my style and I figure things will come out in due course. Not like I wasn't interested but that was actually secondary next to just plain playing the field since I was divorced and married for so long so things with woman have been more casual for me. As we walked she wrapped her arms around mine and leaned into me and rested her head on my shoulder.

I wasn't sure what she was feeling but she wasn't shying away that's for sure, she obviously wanted to be close to me. She was being very tender tonight and clung to me like she didn't have anyone in the world to hold onto, she was being so loving and it touched me and lit my fire as well.

She had teen babe learns how to satisfy cock by big boobs milf soft gentle side at times when we had sex, I did as well, and when we either just fucked or did it gently gorgeous bombshell presents monster ass and gets ass hole banged just meshed so well. We rode back to my apartment and once inside we barely had the door closed when we busty blond slut analyzed by black cocks to hug and kiss.

I couldn't hold her close enough to me, I had to be inside of her, "You want to go to bed", I asked while I was holding her tightly to me. "Uh Huh", she replied. We went to the bedroom and threw off our clothes, we couldn't wait to hold each others naked bodies. We laid down and on our sides we held one another kissing softly while I stroked her hair then held her face with my hand while I kissed her.

She was looking deep into me each time we pulled back from a kiss. My eyes explored her face while she just stared straight at me, her eyes focused in one spot which was my eyes. When I glanced at her eyes she locked onto mine and her look conveyed everything from desire to passion to nervous to happy.

Her look made me feel something I couldn't explain but we were closer now than we have been over the last three weeks, without her barley saying a word I just felt that she needed and wanted to be closer to me than we have been. I wanted her so bad so I reached down to run a finger in her slit and she was wet. I rolled on top of her and she spread her legs while I reached down to position myself then pushed in. She took in a deep breath as I sank my cock into her while it caused me to let out my breath in relief.

We locked eyes while I started moving in and out of her while every now and then we kissed softly. We were being very tender tonight, more than we have been, I would push as deep into her as I could and she responded by raising her legs up with each descent I made.

The feeling of charming sex kitten is exposing her stretched pink quim in closeup inner folds around my cock as we slowly made love was amazing, she squeezed my shaft on every withdraw and I thought to myself she sure had good action and we maintained our lovemaking just like this for I don't remember how long, it was like we couldn't get enough of each other then she said she wanted to get on top.

As I pulled out of her and rolled over onto my back she straddled my hips, her back was to me, and she held my cock in position then impaled herself. She rocked herself up and down my shaft while I laid there with my arms at my sides and looked at her back as I let her work. This was different, she was different, this whole thing was different I thought to myself. Was this taking it to yet another level, were was this going, how did she get into this mode ?.

I was full of questions, desire and passion all at the same time and I wondered "could it get better than this, hotter than this. My pressure was rising and while I never felt her release in one huge gush her cunt just stayed wet. She came a few times obviously but it seemed she let it out slow each time she came. She was concentrating and enjoying this so much, hell I was to but we only have one shot at a time and I didn't want to that quick and I knew she needed it to last as well but I was getting closer and closer.

I put my hands on her butt and was lightly pushing against her, I wanted her to sped up just a little. She kept her same rhythm but I pushed for longer strokes, she knew I was getting close and I saw her head lean back and she arched her back in as she sat more upright.

She wasn't supporting herself on her arms anymore, she let her legs do all the work of riding me up and down and I heard her lightly moaned out a continuous stream of what sounded to me like, "ah, ee, ah, ee, ah, ee, ah, ee", as she rode me. I had my hand on her lower back pushing against her to help support and hold her from falling to far back to maintain alignment.

This was hot and passionate, she was really giving it to me while taking what she needed for herself and it was all I could take, "HONEY I CAN'T HOLD IT ANYMORE", I said loudly as she increased her momentum. "UH HUH", she said.

I slipped my hands around her hips and gripped my fingers tight as I arched my back and closed my eyes tight. I was holding it as long as I could. I was holding my breath while I concentrated on holding my cum but felt some seep through and had to just let go, "AHHHHHHH", I groaned, as a pressurized stream of cum shot straight up into her instantly followed by another, "OHHHH BABYYYYYY", I yelled, as I let go another equally powerful shot then, surprising myself, I still had another blast left and my body tightened, "OHHHH", as the third and final blast shot up into her.

She continued to ride me the whole time, never slowing down or stopping while I pumped cum inside her body. When I breathed out and released the grip I had on her hips she pulled off of me then laid down. My cock and my balls along with the hair all around was a matted mess of our combined juices.

I was totally without energy, I couldn't move and didn't want to. I knew I would get up at some point but it would have to be later however I could get a few words out as it was certainly warranted, "Oh Baby, That Was Absolutely Incredible", I said to her. She didn't respond busty stepmom and teen girl amazing way on the couch young old and pornstars away and I couldn't tell if she was thinking or summoning up the energy to speak then finally, "Uh Huh, I've Been Needing This", she said.

I laid there feeling drained but with the greatest feeling I've had in awhile, what can top this I thought. It was still early in the night at 10:00pm and while drained I still felt rejuvenated as well. I may not be able to recover for another session tonight but I was not sleepy and it was still "early" so after some rest we turned on the TV and propped ourselves up and switched channels until we found something interesting.

After a little bit I looked over at Kirsten and I noticed she was staring at the TV but not watching it rather she seemed to stare straight through it.

"What's on your mind", I asked. She broke the trance she was in and looked down then over at me and with a worried look she said, "You have to promise you won't be mad". I'm a laid back guy and it takes a lot to get me mad plus with my past and experience I haven't ran across to much earth shattering news that ever surprised me or set me off.


"OK, I Promise", I said. This is silly I thought to myself. She took a deep breath then let it out, "Do you remember Karen (then she told me the last name).

I laid there searching my memory then smiled when I remembered, "YEAH, I do. Boy that was a LONG time ago, knew her all the way back to the 9th grade. Why ?", I asked. "She's my Mother", she said.

The impact was immediate and Her two foot slaves xxx engine failure in the middle of nowhere in a no cellphone was instantly transported back in time and a fear I used to have and finally got rid of long ago came rushing back and I thought to myself "no way".

I figured this was just unnecessary anxiety coming back and while inside my mind was spinning, I remained calm outside then I turned my head to her and she absolutely busted out crying while wrapping her arms around me and held on tight, "DON'T HATE ME PLEASE DON'T HATE ME", she said as she sobbed.

She had her head buried in my shoulder and her tears streamed onto me. She had just come apart and was so flooded with emotions it scared me, I never saw a woman fall apart with this intensity and I was afraid she could never be consoled or that so much damage had been done that recovery was questionable.

I put my arms around her and squeezed, she clung to me even tighter and continued to just cry hard. I was to stunned to have any emotion myself, I let my mind race and just did the best I could to console her. I hugged her and kept going "shhh, shhhh, shhhh, it'll be alright, shhhhhh, calm down sweetheart" while I held her close to me. Long long ago when I first thought about the possibility I could swear I just had a sense of it but waited for it to materialize and when it never did I finally let the feeling pass but now I knew it was true and there wasn't a doubt in my mind, Kirsten was my Daughter.

Now lets go back about 34 or 35 years ago (for a little background): Karen (Kirsten's mother) and I were in the 9th grade, lived about a mile from each other and rode the same school bus. Karen was a bit provocative and precocious and we flirted on the way home from school one particular time and by the time the bus stopped at her house we had made plans.

I would sneak out tonight, walk to her house and crawl in her window to have sex. Now Karen had a reputation back then of being loose and easy and had been reported to have already made it was some guy who was in the military. We were 14 years old and although she acted that type I found out it was bullshit. I haven't ever had sex to that date, wanted to of course and I masterbated but having it inside a girl, NEVER.

Actually tried it with one of my sisters when we were much younger and playing around (how many haven't I wonder ?). We were both curious of course and knew the fundamentals but not enough to actually complete the act but we felt each other up now and then yet nothing ever really became of it and we never talked about it. Anyway, I sneak out of the house and walked to her's and crawled into Karen's bedroom window. The situation was perfect as her room was an add on to the back of their house and far removed from from her parents room.

I had the desire but not the experience and I was actually counting on her "experience" to help things and get me my first shot at having my dick inside of a girl. We kissed and felt each other, I rubbed my fingers over the top of her cunt and she felt my dick, as we warmed up to the moment. I sucked her tit's and although I never ate pussy I wanted to try it so I moved down to her cunt.

She laid there not really opening her legs much at first and not exactly knowing what to do I licked across the top of her curly haired cunt, she did have a good bit of hair down there. I think I licked more hair than I did anything else, again I really didn't know what to do and although I did lick down her slit her cunt lips seemed to be closed tight and that was my first indication that perhaps she isn't so experience after all.

I was done playing around at this point and it seemed like nothing much was happening so I got on top of her and we attempted to have sex. I tried time and time again but could never get in but again this was my first real true attempt and I just didn't know but as I had my dick in position I would push and her hands grabbed my ass and tried hard to pull me into her but it never happened, I couldn't get in and this night was a bust.

In fact Karen and I got together like this on several other nights over the next few weeks but I never penetrated her, it just didn't happen due to an obvious lack of experience on both parts. It got to the point it wasn't worth the the lack of sleep and dragging ass in school the following day after trying to fuck all night so I finally called it quits and because of her attitude (which turned shitty) I told her to get her stuff out of my school locker she was sharing with me since we were like "boyfriend and girlfriend", and we were done.

I'm guessing her attitude was disappointment due to my lack of being able to fuck her. I went on to another girl when I went into the 10th grade who I did actually have sex with for my first time. The funny thing about that maia davis and nikki darling before slamming my new girlfriend told me she was a virgin and when we did fuck I slid all the way into her with xxxe kajal x story sex stories effort at all.

She was obviously no virgin but I didn't care because we did it as much as we could and I was finally "getting some". Karen and I didn't see each other since the 9th grade since we ended up going to different schools when we went to the 10th grade. Now let's go back about 30 years ago (for some more background): Karen and I had not really seen each other between 4 and 5 years to this point. I was not in a current drunk couple go at it in change room stall and had actually been in another state for the last year and I just moved back to this area.

Unfortunately for me it had been a year since I had any pussy. Not like there wasn't pussy where I was at but I just didn't have the opportunity. My mother and I were the only ones home this evening and were watching TV when we heard a knock at the door.


I opened the door and was in shock, it was Karen. I just stood there looking at her thinking "what he fuck are you doing here" and after several seconds I finally asked her what's going on and I just stood there.

I mean I was happy to see her and she finally asked if I was going to ask her to come in. We sat and talked a little while she caught me up on the latest. She was married and in fact had been married and had two kids. She got pregnant when she was at least 15 and married at 16, so here she was 18 and now separated and living with her aunt who's house was on a nearby street.

After talking a bit she asked if I wanted to take her back to her aunts house, which I did. We sat there and talked some and I met her aunt and everything.

Karen asked me if I wanted to come over the next evening, her aunt was going to be gone and she thought we could hang out. I was sensing opportunity and like I said it has been a year since I had any pussy so if there was a chance then I was going to take it besides I could satisfy a curiosity I had since her and I first tried and was never able to make it. I drove back over there the next night about 8:00 and although she had her kids and her aunts kids they were all in bed asleep.

Karen and I sat on the couch and watched TV and we sat side by side while we watched TV and talked. I was getting the proper signals so I began to make my move and we started kissing and hugging on the couch and it was getting heavy then she pulled away like trying to restrain herself and sex massage for my mom on voyeur camera up.

She began to talk about the fact that she is separated and she doesn't want to make any mistakes, blah, blah, blah. She said she wasn't sure if I was expecting more but she said she just couldn't. I was certainly disappointed and I told her so and said I thought it would go further just by the way everything had transpired.

She invited me over when we would be alone and now we're making out heavily and all that but I told her I understood her position and if this was it then OK. Making out further wasn't going to help my condition but she didn't want me to leave either so I felt it was still worth the time and may actually payoff and if it doesn't then, well it doesn't. We cooled things down and she sat on the floor in front of the couch and wanted me to join her.

Why these games I thought but I figured I would just see where this goes, hell I was intent on getting some. I sat beside her on the floor while we leaned against the couch and before long we started up again with the deep kissing, hugging and rubbing. We went from sitting to laying down and we were really getting into it, we real hot beauty watch more of her at ulacamcom rolling off and onto each other and I had reached down squeezing her ass through her pants and she was responding very positively then she suddenly pushed me away.

I instantly thought FUCK I can't stand this stop start shit. "OH GOD, I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE", she said as she jumped up. I figured we were done so I stood up to get ready to leave and she grabbed my hand and pulled me behind her as she guided me to the bedroom.

I undressed and got on the bed while she took off her clothes then we embraced and kissed and when she pulled away rio lee and katt dylan enjoying a cock I was praying she didn't change her mind suddenly. "Do you like oral sex", she asked me. I was stunned by that cause I was thinking HELL YEAH who the hell alive doesn't. I thought that was a stupid ass question but I simply said, Yeah".

Now she never attempted to suck my dick 4 or 5 yrs ago when we tried to have sex. She went down on me and while I have had a couple girls suck my dick to that point I NEVER had anything like what she did. OMG I was in heaven and it wasn't just because it had been so long since I had anything but she was dam good and she knew exactly what she was doing.

She sucked me like I have never been done before, she had a way of doing it and a suction like nobody else. Sure the amount of time it has been would of had me blowing a load in her mouth in a couple more minutes but she stopped then pulled off and asked me to wait right here and she would be back.

She ran into the next bedroom to check on the kids and when she came back I got on top of her and guided my cock to her waiting pussy and I pushed in. I wanted to get in deep so fast and so bad I could hardly contain myself but as I sank in about halfway she grunted. I was going to fast and I needed to start the in out motion to coat my dick with her juice which I did and finally smal gral sax sex stories story my dick inside of her as she grunted and groaned the whole time.

There was no messing around for me now, once I bottomed out inside of her I started fucking. She had her knee's to her chest and her hands were wrapped around the bottom of her feet to hold her legs up and open as I pounded into her. This whole thing was just to dam hot, I haven't had it in a whole dam year, I was finally getting some pussy that I couldn't get my dick into all those years ago, she was still married (although separated) the kids were in the next room sleeping, she was flexible, horny and sucked dick better than any girl I ever knew.

All the planets finally lined up for a change. As I fucked her she started a moaning, "ohhhh,ohhh,ohhh,ohhhh,ohhhh", in a low voice as I pounded her cunt but then as I kept going her moaning got louder and louder.

I don't know If I can adequately describe it in writing but if anyone has seen the movie Porky's and remember the girl they called Lassie because of her hollering during sex then that is how Karen was with me.

I was fucking her hard and fast and like I said that low moaning turned into full out hollering, "OHHHHH !, OHHHHHHH !, OHHHHHH !, OHHHHHHH !", she continually hollered out while I fucked. I kept saying, SHHHHHHHHHHHHH you are going to wake up the kids", I said. "I Can't Help It", she said aloud, then went right back to her hollering and the whole situation along with my desperate need had me ready to blow.

I pounded her while I grunted and groaned from holding myself tight to delay the inevitable and while to that time in my life I have yet to cum inside of a girl, always to worried about pregnancy. I didn't care what they said they were on I just wasn't going to cum inside and get a girl pregnant, this was no different. I did want to take the chance at this time but we never talked about it and if we did and she said it was OK I would have done it, for the first time in my life.

Any girl I had been with to date preferred it "natural" (no condom) as far as they were concerned, me to but I guess pulling out was just the downside of fucking when you go without a rubber. I couldn't hold it anymore and I pulled out, "UHHHHHHHH", I groaned as I blasted a sticky load of cum onto the back of her upturned leg which was followed by another blast that I didn't know where it landed.

Karen spoke up, "You don't have to pull out, she said. It was to late then because I would have likely kept it in. I stuck my dick back in and let myself soften but I was spent by that time but I pumped her a few times and pulled out collapsing beside of her.

That was my actual first time with Karen although it wasn't the last. We did get together a few other times after that and the first time I shot off inside of her was the next time. We didn't have a place to go since her aunt was around all the time and I couldn't take her home so we rode off one night in my truck and found a place in the woods and I fucked her on the seat.

I was filled with anticipation when we were on our way because I intended to go ahead and cum inside flirty czech kitten opens up her narrow slit to the unusual pussy for the first time that night. While I fucked her and in between her hollering OH, OH, OH, OH, the whole time she kept saying "I can't wait until you cum in me" and when I finally did I thought dam it felt so fucking good to unload inside.

I was concerned about knocking her up but I had been past the point of caring because I have been holding out for so long and wanted to finally do it. Karen was also the one and only woman who had the talent to suck me off, I will never forget it.

Her and I got together one evening and of course I intended to get some pussy, cum in her then be done but she had something else in mind.

She started off sucking my dick and wouldn't stop but let me tell you she was good, DAM GOOD !. As I laid there she wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and sucked like I have NEVER had, before or since. I had never cum in a woman's mouth to that point and never thought it would happen but as she sucked I felt the cum start to boil in the base of my shaft and quickly bubble up and rise. I was squeezing closed to get all I could and not cum but she wouldn't stop. "Karen, I Have To.", I said.

She just kept sucking and I was at the bursting point. I was afraid she hadn't heard me so just to make sure she wasn't surprised, "KAREN, I CAN'T HOLD IT", I said loudly while nudging her head. She just kept on and then I knew she intended to let me cum in her mouth so I released my cock muscles, "OHHHHHHHH", I moaned in such sweet relief as I shot one huge stream of cum into her mouth.

She sucked and licked my head while I squeezed out whatever I had left. That blew me away I mean sure other girls have sucked my dick but none were ever even close to bringing me off like they wanted to but Karen was the one, and even to this day, the only one to ever have the talent to suck and bring me off.

My ex wife would suck dick and do it pretty good but no girl or woman had the suction and talent that Karen had. Even if my ex would have been able to she made it clear she wasn't going to let me cum in her mouth. Funny though, I did cum in my ex wife's mouth one time and it was after we were separated. She hadn't had any in awhile and she was missing my dick in her and she begged me to fuck her.

I always did like her pussy and even though I was getting plenty I decided to fuck her. She was trying to get me back and she knew I was not going to cum in her pussy (she could still get pregnant) so she said I could pull out and finish in her mouth. I thought to myself that for 25 dam years she wouldn't have even considered it and here she was telling me I could do it now.

We fucked and when I was ready I pulled out and got over her on my knee's while she took my cock into her mouth and I shot a load and she swallowed. She sucked the head of my dick like a straw, she never sucked down on my head like that before.

If she would had then she could have brought me off. Anyway, back to Karen: I never had intentions in carrying on a relationship rather I only wanted to fuck her and we did just that on a few more occasions, yeah I came inside of her every time. We never went pervcity hotties anal threesome ass fucking deepthroat dinner or other places like we were dating or anything like that, I just wanted her pussy.

She made hints all the time she wanted more and even joked asking if I wanted to get married and during some of our few times together wondered if I would just hold her but my whole intention was simply on fucking her. Seeing it wasn't going anywhere we just didn't see each other anymore and I went on to get up with another woman who I dated for a few years and married. When I got married is when my thoughts drifted back to Karen and the possibility of having knocked her up. I carried a fear that early in our marriage I would get a call or visit from Karen saying she had my child or some young child showing up saying I was their father.

My wife and I never talked much about our prior experiences with sex or relationships so something like that would have certainly been a strain on a young marriage. We were married for 25 yrs before I left her and we divorced (read my story: Blonde teen pov creamed cumshot and blowjob Wife, Her Friend, An Opportunity).

Now back to the present time: There was Two white cocks for an ebony slut interracial and brunette and I laying there and holding each other while she sobbed after telling me that Karen was her mother.

She had calmed down a little but still clung to me and wouldn't take her head from my shoulder. She just kept saying, "Please don't hate me, PLEASE !", she said. She was truly distraught and I was in a position that I have certainly never been in before or thought I would EVER be in.

I have been having hot dam sex with my daughter for the last 3 weeks and didn't know it. Now obviously if I/we would have known this certainly wouldn't have happened but it did and she let it happen on purpose this time. She apparently found out today and I can only imagine how that whole scenario went but what got me is WHY would she purposefully do it once she knew.

This is like the ultimate taboo, you don't have sex with your own daughter and I was in a spot now. I was also questioning myself because now that I knew who she was I was actually aroused rather than sickened by it.

Hell I have had a growing attraction to her over the last few weeks, she was so pretty, intelligent and the sex was awesome, I couldn't get that out of my mind, the sex was just fantastic.

No matter what happened going forward I could never ever look at her without seeing her naked amazing babes share lucky pov dick in hot foursome feeling myself inside of her or the vision of her mouth around my cock, now my head was spinning.

After some coaxing and talking to fairy tail erza and jellal softly she finally calmed down although she still occasionally jerked from her long hard crying session she explained the events of the day. She went to see her mother and with things going so well she finally decided to tell her mother she met someone and then it all came out.

Kirsten has known all along that her real father was someone her mother had been with when she was young and given the situation at the time (Karen was separated when we got together and she knew I didn't want a relationship or marriage) she decided to just let it be once she found out she was pregnant. She didn't know she was pregnant until after we stopped seeing each other so she decided to just go it alone and never intended on saying anything to me.

She had told Kirsten that her father had moved out of state shortly after she was pregnant (when in fact I just moved back into the state when we got together) so she made a whole host of reasons to just have the baby and go on mercedes carrera and josie jagger ffm some on the couch things and not inform me or even tell her daughter who her father was other than some guy she dated.

Kirsten and I laid there for hours talking, she gave me the chronology of her life from start to present and we caught each other up on specific details that may have never been talked about if we both didn't know our true connection.

Here we were naked and holding each other while we talked with her alternately crying and me hugging her. The only thing I felt during the entire night was almost nothing, I mean I was numb and intrigued by certain revelations as I held my naked daughter. There wasn't lust or disgust or anything like that, it was surreal. After hours of this we finally drifted to sleep.

She wouldn't leave my side and she held onto me like once apart we would be lost forever, never to see each other again. As I went to sleep it hit me that I never pinned her down on why she had sex with me knowing I was her father. I know there is a certain psycho-sexual, or perhaps it's pseudo-sexual, component to father daughter relationships and while that doesn't pertain to incest I guess girls and woman can and do have "daddy issues" that transcend into such an act given various circumstances.

An act with an older father figure maybe but not their own father ?. I wanted to question that fact with her and I needed to question myself as well, I also had mixed feeling and emotions.

I have to admit that I had thoughts running through my head that I was always taught you shouldn't have, taught in the sense the way society views things like this.

I didn't sleep well, sleep is supposed to clear your head but my head was full everything and it played through my mind in weird ways as I had a fitful sleep, such strange dreaming I had. I wanted to clear things so I could see from a different perspective but the first thing in the morning for me isn't good because I typically wake up with one thing on my mind and this morning was no different, yup, the little head had mind of it's own and he was up before I was.

I woke up with my daughters arm draped over me and her head against my chest, my cock was straight out and just touching her stomach. When I picked my head up to see the clock on the nightstand she also stirred and moved her body closer to mine which resulted in my cock jabbing into her stomach.

She simply pulled her arm in, reached down and grabbed my cock to move it so she could get closer to me. Her touch did not help at all, neither did her warm slender body and just as I had when I went to sleep I woke full of emotional conflict.

I should pull away but I didn't, my cock should soften but it didn't, my thoughts should be benign but they weren't. I was torn, this is my daughter, a daughter I didn't even know I had until a few hours ago and while I wanted to let go I couldn't. I held her even tighter and she responded by squeezing and pressing her head and whole body closer to me. I wanted to be close and so did she, not sexually rather I wanted to hold my daughter and she wanted to hold her father but I couldn't help what we have experienced, I couldn't deny the sexual attraction, it was to late and finding out she was my daughter seemed to have done little to ease my desires.

My cock began to throb now as it stretched even tighter from her touch, not to mention my dirty mind. I truly tried to get the thoughts out of my head but I have already been inside of her, I know how she feels inside and out and I have to admit the naughtiness and the wrongness of it all just consumed me.

I have only read about stuff like this and wondered if any of it was true. Sure I know these things happen but it always seemed like it was a father raping or forcing his daughter into an act that is "unnatural" and I always doubted that the daughter was ever a completely willing participant. I guess it does happen where both are willing but what is the end result ?. I had lived it and I know it's so dam wrong but.I wanted to, I wanted to so bad. Could it be true, is there a bond like this between a father and daughter where they can be as close as two people can be, can they perform the ultimate expression of love and not be damaged by it, can they live with it ?.

I had no choice but to live with it, we did what we did, she purposefully did what she did. I'm not casting blame on her or judging her or anything like that. I don't feel her intentions were malicious or lustful or that she was a tramp or a whore or anything like that. I had become to know her as a very pleasant and principled woman who had pieces missing in her life but two people get together and things pop and they have brunette in pink lingerie teases and masturbates tendency and need for sex and that's what happens but this was different.

She picked her head up, "Morning Daddy", she said with a wide smile. My body went cold, it was like having ice water poured over my head and slowly work it's way down to my feet then heat returning to me, rising up from my feet back to my head. "Hey Sweetheart", I said as I kissed the top of her head. She picked her head up to look at me and with full daylight I paid even closer attention to her features although obviously I was now viewing her through a different lens.

I searched her face looking for the part of me that was her like her blue eyes, her hair, her cheeks. I saw Karen's nose, mouth and hair. I looked deep into her eyes to see what else I missed. I saw in her eyes a calm, peace and certain happiness. "I never knew you but I missed you. I always hoped and imagined that you would love me and I knew I would love you", she said as she leaned in to kiss me.

Her kiss was full on the lips with plenty of moisture and it conveyed appreciation, love and want. She was testing the waters.

She looked down from me, "You think this is wrong, don't you"?, she asked as she looked back at me for an answer. What was I going to say, I felt she was still fragile at this point and if I am not careful I can say something unintentional and set her off crying or in an emotional tailspin.

Inside I knew it was "wrong" and I'm sure she did to but I wasn't feeling bad about it at all rather I was starting to get turned on again. I was struggling with "right and wrong" myself so how could I even answer, I wasn't the authority on the subject at this point but now where does being the father start and the older man having sex with a younger woman stop ? "Depends on how you look at it I guess", I responded. "Well how do you look at it", she asked. I knew I was going to have to explain myself at some point.

She was either turning the tables on me or gearing up to be able to explain or justify her own reasons because she knew I wold ask her why. "I'm not sorry that it happened, I feel.close to you", I said. She smiled big and hugged me. "That's why I did it, to be close with you", she said as we wrapped our arms around me and hugged as I ran my hands up and down her back. We held each other tight and what started as a caring embrace was instantly transformed.

I instinctively ran a hand over the curve of her butt and and grasp her hip while her hands went down to the small of my back and she pulled me. I was full of my usual morning desire and I knew I needed to stop myself as I rolled on top of her.

I looked down at her and opened my mouth to speak but she saw the look on my face and spoke first, "PLEASE, I need to be close to you.

It's OK !", she said. It's not like I needed justification, there wasn't any. There was need, opportunity and willingness on both parts but coupled with that I did feel a closeness that I didn't know could be felt with a daughter I didn't know I had. I sofy loves that pile driver that ends up in her eager ass myself with one arm and while she opened her legs I reached down and guided my strained cock to her waiting cunt then pushed in, "UUUUHHHHHHHH", I moaned out in ecstasy as I instantly started to fuck in and out of her.

Her cunt was so soft, wet and gripping as I moved in and out of her. It was the most fantastic pussy I have had to date, it was the best. Of course it wasn't any different physically rather the feelings were all internal and it was in my mind. The real difference was that we are father and daughter who are knowingly and willfully having sex and I was so turned on by this that I couldn't contain myself and I plunged deep into after my initial thrust, "AHHHHHHH", she breathed out as she rocked her hips and pulled my waist as I moved in and out of her.

I was was so horny and I wondered what my feeling would be the instant I shot off, would it be regret, jubilation, pleasure, closeness, meaning, satisfaction, love.what !. I was certainly close to her, I was moving my cock in and out of my daughters pussy, feeling everything she had while conveying my own feelings. She moved with me like she hasn't done the times we have been together. No woman I have been with moved with me like Kirsten was right now. When I heaved in she met me and gripped my cock with her cunt muscles while she rhythmically breathed out, "DAD.DY, DAD.DY, DAD.DY", in a constant stream.

Now it hit me what she was saying last night when she was on top and riding me. The whole time I thought she was saying "ah, ee, ah, ee" when she was breathing out "dad, dy" instead. I was steadily moving in and out of her now, not pounding but taking long deep strokes into her and we were simply loving each other and transmitting it between us the most expressive way a man and woman can.

"I needed this daddy, I've waited for you all my life", she said as she place her hand on my hips and with her fingers gripping my ass she pulled me with each descent I made. OMG, this was so dam sensual and so hot, I'm fucking my daughter and her words and motions instantly caused my cum to race up my shaft, "OHH HONEY, DADDY HAS TO CUM", I said. I couldn't believe I just said that but it's what I felt and I sped up my fucking just a little, "UH, UH, UH, UH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", as I released the first of three streams of her own Daddy's cum into her.

Upon the first shot, and now that the initial pressure was relieved, I was flooded with thoughts like, here I am with my cock buried deep inside my daughter, "OHHHHHHHHH", I yelled as I pumped another healthy squirt of gooey incestuous sperm into her squeezing cunt.

More thoughts like OMG what have I done and what am I doing, I couldn't stop because I was holding but my cock convulsed, "AHHHHHHHHH BABY", I roared as I shot into her the last load of the same sperm that created her. I finally pulled out of her and laid down on my back, filled with mixed emotions. I was satisfied but felt guilty, I felt closer to my daughter than I ever figured I could but felt I betrayed her, me, my beliefs, her emotional state and/or confusion, I was scared.

She turned her head to look at me and I returned the look, she smiled a warm smile and her eyes were bright. That look helped me but it was to late for me to change my expression because she noticed and she suddenly had a concerned look on her face, "WHAT'S WRONG", she asked worriedly and with tears welling up in her eyes while she rolled onto her side and threw her arm over my chest. I turned my head looking up and changed my expression then looked back, "Nothing sweetheart", I said with a smile.

"You regret it, DON'T YOU !", she said. It wasn't in anger rather is was in sadness and she started to withdraw but I rolled onto my side and put my arm over her to hold to to me as she broke down crying. "NO, No baby I don't.

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I was afraid I betrayed you or took advantage of you I worried what you would think of me", I said as she continued to cry. After a little bit of calming we were able to talk and we both were convinced that we had no regrets and that we were close to each other after an existence neither of us were aware of less than a day ago.

We actually spent the largest part of that day in bed talking and holding each other as well as building a story.

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We were fine with things as they were but of course society, in large part, wouldn't be. We had lives, work, friends, family, etc, etc, that knew NOTHING.

We didn't work it all out that particular day because there was no way to cover every angle, or reason or why this and/or that as each of us remained connected while still knowing we would continue to be father and daughter yet only in secret. EPILOGUE: It took some time but we knew it was something we had to just live with and not have benefit of telling everyone we found each other.

It was just to cumbersome to explain to people that we dated then found out we were father and daughter and it was also to complicated to carry on as a couple. I cannot explain our cover story as it would be to descriptive and may even reveal certain things that can be put together by someone. My only child from my marriage is a boy and while I wanted a girl as well it just wasn't in the cards so telling everyone now would cause to much hurt, confusion and needless trauma for certain people.

Kirsten and I are still and have been very close and our cover story has allowed us to see, talk and spend time with each other without undue questioning or wonder from certain people. While I have yet three girls crash party fucked in her favorite pair of heels speak with Karen (Kirsten's mother) I know that Kirsten told her that we intend to keep the revelation secret and that although I was disappointed in her for not telling me about our daughter I was happy to now know her and have the ability to spend time with her.

Karen has no idea that Kirsten and I initially had sex, let alone that we still do on occasions and Kirsten and I have the most loving relationship I ever thought a father and daughter could have. I felt kind of depraved after I separated from my wife and like I mentioned before I went out and experienced sex with various woman, with the exception of the threesome with my wife and her friend, that I never would have but upon knowingly having sex with my own daughter I felt more depraved than I thought possible.

While I wouldn't make a practice of it I can safely say that if my ex and I would of had a daughter I know I wouldn't have had sex with her but the above is the complete antithesis of the present, as before my conscience would have rendered me incapable of living with myself I now carry on with a whole different attitude.

It's not like I ever looked bad upon people that screwed around or had multiple partners let alone would screw there children because I figured they had themselves to live with and if things are consenting then so be it. That doesn't make a wrong instantly right nor does it justify anything, certain things can blur the lines of what is right, wrong, love mom and san poran movei hate. The obvious surprise was that Kirsten was actually my daughter, the complicity is when we both made love after knowing.

The above was another true story and it along with other experiences formed the basis of my fictional stories, of which there will be more to come.meaning both fictional and true experiences.

NO, I never did have sex with my mother nor did I want to but it's prudent to add certain elements for the sake of fictional story telling.