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Bright big tits student lena paul oral and fucking in class pornstars hardcore
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Chapter 7: Hannah and Big Joe Get Better Acquainted Hannah was rudely awoken, like always, with a hard smack to her face. She yelped in pain and immediately began whining in terror. She could hardly remember getting pulled from the shower and tied to the bed last night. However, she did recall puking up a huge amount of sperm and piss into the tub. Her jaws and throat were still extremely sore from the dozens of blowjobs she'd been forced to give, and the burn mark on her back was still very dirty brunette kara faux getting fucked on massage table hardcore and babe and inflamed.

"Get your ass up cunt, you got a lot of work to do today," Tank commanded, as he unlocked the cuffs around Hannah's ankles and wrists. "Please!!" Hannah begged, struggling feebly as the biker grabbed her and hauled her toward the dinner table. The Asian was given a few minutes to eat another plate of leftovers from the night before. Hannah could barely taste the food as she felt the impatient stares from the bikers inside the room.

There weren't too many this time—about eight or nine of them total. Nevertheless, she was very scared because she knew they all were waiting to use her.

Hannah could feel the shivers run down her spine as she picked away at the scraps of food. Sure enough, after about ten minutes one of the bikers snatched the plate away from the Asian and she was abruptly yanked toward the bed.

Hannah screamed in terror as two Outlaws quickly dragged her back over to the mattress. Since she was already naked except for the 6" heels on her feet, the men bent Hannah over the edge of the mattress and pulled her legs far apart, and within seconds a huge biker was brutally fucking her pussy from behind. "Oh yeah, this pussy is still nice and tight!" The Outlaw notified his friends, as he quickly began thumping his massive cock into Hannah's aching vagina.

"Aaaagggghhhhh!! Noooooooooo!!" Hannah squealed, thrashing around in agony as the enormous biker viciously raped her. Hannah wept miserably as the man spent several minutes pummeling her little snatch. After having not been used for over a day, her pussy was very dry and burned terribly each time the Outlaw slammed his huge cock into it.

The Asian tried to free herself but the two other men were holding her legs firmly while their friend fucked her.


After a few minutes he finally came, shooting a huge load of cum deep into Hannah's pussy. "Noooooo!! Pleeeeaaaaassssssee!!!" Hannah screamed, as the bikers flipped her onto her back after the first Outlaw had finished using her cunt.

In an instant she was getting pounded again, with her legs pulled wide while another Outlaw viciously raped her pussy from above. Hannah could barely make out the man's face as tears of pain streamed from her eyes and down her cheeks.

His cock was unbelievably huge and it felt like he was ripping her cunt apart latina blonde milf anal black cock interracial and cumshots it.

Thankfully it took him only a couple of minutes to cum inside of her. About two hours went by as the rest of the gang proceeded to use and abuse the petite Asian.

They fucked her individually but also in pairs, often times sandwiching little Hannah between them as they hammered away at her pussy and anus. Of course, during this time she was also forced to drink all of their piss as well as a few loads of cum from the Outlaws who used her mouth.

By the time the men were all finished with her Hannah was a complete wreck, with torrents of cum seeping from her ass, pussy, and mouth.

Her body and face were also a dark red from the countless times they'd been fiercely slapped by the bikers. "Damn you boys fucked this bitch up," Hannah heard a rough, familiar voice laugh as she lay on the mattress.

She looked up and felt her heart freeze as she immediately recognized the man. Standing just a few feet away from her was Big Joe, the hulking giant who'd nearly torn her asshole in two the other evening. Next to the massive biker was a very attractive, 21-year-old redhead named Ellen Duffy. She was about 5'5" or 5'6" and weighed 115 lbs.

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She wore nothing but a small white halter, a pleated red miniskirt, and a pair of towering black heels. She was shaking in fear while Big Joe had one of his meaty hands clamped tightly around her little neck. "Oh shit! It's Miss Washington!" One of the bikers exclaimed in delight.

Like Hannah, Ellen had been on her way to vacation when she'd gotten a flat tire almost half a year ago. Unfortunately for her, the first people to notice had been a group of Outlaws, and they'd quickly snatched her up from the side of the road.

Shortly after grabbing her, the gang did a little bit of research on the redhead and learned that she actually finished as the 2nd runner up in the Miss Washington pageant last year. Even though she hadn't won, the Outlaws nevertheless had mockingly called her Miss Washington ever since.

Ellen was a very lovely girl, with a wonderfully fit body that she'd spent countless hours at her local athletic club maintaining. She had a very curvy physique, with firm medium-sized breasts, a nicely toned waist, full hips and a perfectly round ass. Her lightly freckled face was equally gorgeous, and it was a wonder how she hadn't won her state pageant. However, after spending more than five months in the hands of the Outlaws, the redhead was in pretty rough shape.

Hannah could tell just by looking at the girl for a couple of seconds that she was also a slave to the biker gang, and that they'd been tormenting her for quite some time. The redhead's body was marked all over with bruises and welts, and her face was discolored and showed heavy signs of abuse. The most disheartening, however, was the expression on the girl.

It was clear that she'd been beaten and raped so many times that she was now completely broken and a total slave to the bikers. "What's up Miss Washington? Long time no see, you miss us bitch?" An Outlaw asked the redhead from behind, as he reached under her skirt and pinched her ass. "Yes sir," Ellen responded, a hint of disdain in her voice. "Has Big Joe been fucking you good?" The biker continued.

"Yes sir," the little redhead replied, her eyes starting to moisten. "Looks like you'll be staying here for the next couple days, you ready to put that nasty pussy to work?" The biker asked, as he roughly slipped a finger into Ellen's cunt. "Yes sir." The young girl gasped, wincing uncomfortably. "Get your ass naked then bitch," the tattooed giant commanded. Hannah watched in dismay as the redhead quickly began pulling her clothes off without hesitation.

When she removed her halter, Hannah saw the exact same mark on the girl's lower back that had been branded onto her just yesterday. On Ellen, however, the symbol was a fully healed scar, indicating just how xnxx ba va chau sex stories she'd been with the biker gang.

Once she was done stripping, the redhead dropped to her knees and crawled over to a table where several of the Outlaws sat. In seconds she was between one of the men's legs as he thumped her mouth against his cock. "You," Big Joe declared, pointing at the miserable Asian on the bed. "Get dressed whore it's your lucky day, you get to be my fuck-toy for the week. God I can't wait to get you on the road, I been looking forward to this ever since the other night bitch.

I'm gonna fuck you so hard tonight you little slut, especially that ass, I'm gonna tear it up real good you'll see." Hannah could not believe what the massive giant was saying—it was just too awful to be true. She vividly remembered how torturous it had been when he'd raped her and how she'd literally felt like her asshole and pussy were being ripped to pieces.

Since that day she'd futilely hoped that she would never have to see Big Joe again. Yet now, the horrifying realization that she was going to be his personal slave for the near future was starting to sink in, and Hannah was so unbelievably scared.

"I said get dressed bitch," the behemoth ordered, tossing the Asian's denim thong and black bra next to her on the bed. Hannah was so exhausted from the jav collection big asian tits cm h cup that she could barely move.

However, she quickly pulled the garments onto her little body while Big Joe and the other bikers watched. When she was finished Big Joe abruptly grabbed her arm and yanked her toward the door. Several of the Outlaws expressed their disappointment as the Asian was hauled out of the room and toward the entrance of the tavern. "Please stop, please, where are you taking me?" Hannah begged, struggling to maintain pace with the colossal biker as he dragged her toward the parking lot.

"Please just let me go! Please, I'll do anything, I'll give you anything!" "I got a few stops to make bitch, then you and I are gonna spend the rest of the day getting to know each other," Big Joe replied ominously. Hannah continued to resist as the huge beast forced her into the passenger side of his pickup truck.

It was the only vehicle in the lot that was not a motorcycle. As he struggled to get the petite Asian into his truck, Big Joe finally grew irritated and slapped Hannah hard across the face before locking her hands behind her back with a pair of cuffs. He then shoved Hannah into the vehicle and slammed the door before entering it himself.

"Get over here slut," the fiend commanded, grabbing a fistful of Hannah's hair and forcing her head onto his lap. "It's real simple how this is gonna work. When we're on the road your mouth don't EVER leave my cock, understood? Never ever bitch, unless I say so. From hot wifey jericha jems wants a bun in her oven on you're only purpose is to serve me with that hot little body of yours.

If you do a decent job, I'll try not to hurt you too much, but if you don't, I will fucking beat your ass good. Is that understood you little gook slut?" "Yes," Hannah answered, with obvious fear in her voice. "Good," Big Joe responded. "If you're smart you'll do a better job than that stupid Miss Washington bitch. I had to beat her ass every night for the past week. God she whined and bitched so much every time I fucked her ass. Anyways, open your mouth and get this cock inside it right now." Hannah's head was still between the Outlaw's thighs as he quickly unzipped his fly and pulled his massive cock out.

It was just half-erect yet still much larger than her boyfriend's could ever get. The stench of it was unbearable and Hannah grimaced as soon as it hit her. Once Big Joe rubbed the head of it against her mouth, however, the Asian wisely wrapped her soft lips around the huge shaft. "There you go bitch, you learn fast," Big Joe said happily, as he started the engine of his truck. "Remember, you keep that cock in your mouth at all times. And fucking suck it good whore." Hannah started crying as she ran her mouth up and down the enormous dick.

It literally tasted like shit, and Hannah was almost certain Big Joe had fucked the redhead's ass very recently. Nevertheless, she kept her lips firmly attached to the meaty shaft and sucked it like a good whore. In just seconds the man's cock was fully erect, and Hannah's jaws ached as she was forced to open her mouth as wide as possible to accommodate it. Big Joe drove for nearly 30 minutes, and Hannah's mouth remained locked on his massive cock the entire time.

Throughout that time Big Joe persistently used his right hand to brutally shove the Asian's face down on his penis, burying it deep into her throat. He then held her down until she started to choke violently, at which point she was given just seconds to recover before he tormented her again.

For Hannah, it was downright terrible, and by the time the man finally got to his destination she was on the verge of losing her mind.

"Okay bitch here's our first stop," Big Joe declared, before yanking Hannah's mouth off his dick. "Good job by the way, but you're deep-throating needs some work.

Don't worry you'll get lots of practice later tonight. Let's go whore, I got some people to see." Hannah was crying miserably as the giant parked his truck and quickly exited it before coming around to her side.

He opened the passenger door and pulled the nervous Asian out onto the driveway of a small, dilapidated home. Hannah barely kept pace with the enormous biker as he dragged her over to the front door and knocked loudly on it. "Who is it?" A rough voice demanded. "It's me, Joe!" Big Joe replied, prompting the other man to quickly open the door.

"What's up man?" An ugly, fat old man welcomed Big Joe, before turning to Hannah. "I see you brought another slut with you." "Yup, I've been looking to get her on the road for awhile, just haven't had the time," Big Joe responded, wrapping his massive arm around Hannah and pulling her in closely to him. "I sure had a lot of fun with Miss Washington though. But I think this little whore is gonna be even better." "Yeah I heard about her, she's a hot little piece of ass," the man agreed.

"You got the stuff?" Big Joe asked. "Yeah, come inside for a little bit," replied the fat ogre, while he continued to eye Hannah up and down.

Hannah groaned as Big Joe roughly yanked her into the home by her long hair. She followed firm ass babe railed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop behind the giant as he and the other biker entered one of the bedrooms.

There were various wooden and metal crates inside the room against the wall. The fat Outlaw pointed toward several of them and indicated they were the ones for Big Joe. Hannah had no idea what was inside the boxes, but figured they were probably guns or drugs. Big Joe reached into his pocket and pulled out $10,000 worth of cash before handing it over to the man.

"Always a pleasure Rob," the massive biker said, shaking the man's hand. "If you help me load the stuff you can have a free blowjob from this bitch. How's that sound?" "Absolutely I will," Rob agreed, as he quickly began unbuckling his dirty jeans. "On your knees slut," Big Joe commanded, jerking down on Hannah's hair and forcing her to her knees. "Please no," Hannah begged, shaking her head vehemently as the old man got situated in front of her and slapped his nasty penis against her face.

"Get make nut come out your nose tube porn cock in your mouth whore! And suck it good!" Big Joe shouted. Hannah jerked in fear from the angry command, and quickly wrapped her lips around the slimy dick in front of her. As soon as she did, the fat old man grabbed her head with both of his hands and began slamming her mouth back and forth against his sour penis. Hannah whined miserably as the bastard forced his entire cock down her throat and held it there.

She desperately tried to free her head from his grip but could not budge it, and with her hands cuffed behind model couple try hardcore anal loving back there was nothing she could do to defend herself. "Fuck that feels good!" Rob shouted, holding the Asian's squirming head in his dirty hands while he brutally drove his cock in and out of her mouth. Big Joe stood patiently by and waited for his friend to finish.

There was almost nothing in the world that he loved more than watching a little cunt like Hannah gagging on a big fat dick, and he could feel himself growing hard at the sight.

Within a minute, the fat ogre screamed in ecstasy and held Hannah's mouth down against the base of his cock as he began cumming in her mouth. Hannah moaned in utter disgust as her mouth was quickly filled with hot sperm.

"Drink it whore!" Big Joe commanded. The little Asian whimpered in protest but promptly started gulping down the man's cum. She'd swallowed countless loads of jizz by now, but each new one was just as disgusting as the first for poor Hannah.

Nevertheless, she drank every last drop of Rob's seed until all of it was in her belly. When he was through with her, the old man removed his cock from Hannah's mouth and shoved her away from him.

"God that was nice, man, bring this bitch by anytime Joe," Rob declared happily. He then helped Big Joe load the half-dozen crates into the bed of the truck. Hannah, meanwhile, had been placed back in the front passenger seat.

Tears were streaked all over her face and lines of cum covered her mouth and chin. When the men were finished they bid each other farewell and soon enough Big Joe was back on the road, with Hannah once again on her side and her lips wrapped tightly around the giant's cock. Over the next 6-7 hours Big Joe made about a dozen more stops to various nearby towns. Each one was either a home or small business, where the goliath would then exchange a stack of cash for boxes full of drugs, weapons, and other illegal goods.

He used Hannah every time to either sweeten the deal or for help with loading the bigger crates. Half of the men were content with a simple blowjob, but a few of them wanted something extra. A small gang of violent Mexicans, for example, had demanded two hours with Hannah in exchange for a couple extra sacks of heroin. As soon as Big Joe agreed, they took the Asian into the living room of their home and viciously raped and beat her nonstop for the entire duration. Big Joe watched with a smile on his sexy xxx school teacher and student sexy xxx the whole time, as Hannah desperately begged him for protection while the Mexicans assaulted her.

They each took turns fucking her ass and pussy while the others brutally pummeled her all over her body with belts and car antennas. By the time they were finally finished with her, Hannah was crying hysterically and her body was covered with severe welts and bruises. When Big Joe was finally done with his rounds, Hannah had pleasured roughly 20 of his business partners and friends.

She'd been thoroughly fucked by over half of them and had been forced to swallow almost all of their semen by Big Joe. Hannah was mentally in shambles when Big Joe finally pulled into the lot of a small motel.

Her lips were firmly attached to the biker's cock even after he'd parked in one of the stalls and pleasuring chick with oil massage hardcore and blowjob off the engine of his truck.

The sun was beginning to set and Hannah could not help but wonder what her friends and family were thinking about her. She began quaking in fear as Big Joe hauled her out of his car and toward the entrance of the motel. "Jimmy what's up man?" Big Joe said cheerfully to a skinny old man at the front desk.

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"Hey Big Joe, good to see you again," Jimmy responded. "Who's this? And what happened to the redheaded cunt?" "She's back at the bar," the giant replied, before yanking Hannah close to him fuck mom help me son her hair.

"This little slut is Hannah—she's new to the gang. They picked her up over by Mel's gas station a few days ago." "Shit, she's a hot little cunt," the old man remarked, as he stared Hannah up and down a couple times. "I'll let you get to business Joe, same room as usual my friend." "Thanks Jim," Big Joe replied, putting $50 worth of cash on the counter before taking the keys to his room.

Hannah's heart started beating harder and harder as the massive Outlaw dragged her out of the lobby and toward one of the nearby rooms. She glanced around the area but there was nobody else in the vicinity and very few cars in the parking lot at all. She trembled in horror as Big Joe unlocked the door and forced her into the dingy motel room. "God I've been waiting all fucking day for this you slut," the huge brute said, as he quickly marched Hannah over to the mattress in the corner and unlocked the cuffs on her wrists.

"Get your ass naked right now bitch, you're about to get fucked for the rest of the night you little piece of shit." "Please don't do this, please I'll give you anything you want, I'll give you all my money, please," Hannah pleaded desperately. "I said get your fucking ass naked whore!" Big Joe roared, grabbing the Asian's hair with one hand while he viciously slapped her face three times with the other.

"Okay! Please! Don't hit me please! I'm sorry!" Hannah screamed, her face burning from the savage blows. The Asian quickly removed her denim g-string and black top and waited while Big Joe also undressed.

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As she watched the enormous beast Hannah felt the terrible dread in her stomach as she wondered how in the world she was going to survive a night with him. Tank and the other bikers were all very huge themselves, but Big Joe was more than three times her size and was larger than most NFL linemen. She vividly remembered how horrendously painful it had been when he'd fucked her the other day, and how she'd thought he was going to literally tear apart her internal organs and fuck her to death.

"Okay bitch let's go, on the bed and turn around and get that ass nice and high for me," Big Joe commanded, once he'd finished stripping. "Please don't hurt me, please not too hard," Hannah begged, as she climbed onto the mattress and got on all fours with her ass facing the hulking giant. "Oh I'm gonna fuck you hard you little slut," Big Joe promised, as he grabbed Hannah's slender thighs and jerked them apart.

"I'm gonna fuck you hard and proper bitch, just like you deserve. I'm gonna turn you inside out whore." Hannah was already starting to cry as she gripped the dirty bed-sheets and waited for the inevitable. She felt Big Joe's giant, powerful hands around her little waist and prayed that he would spare her ass for now.

It was still going to be agonizing if he fucked her pussy, but Hannah did not think she could take an anal pounding at the moment. When she felt the Outlaw's colossal penis against her vagina Hannah breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh fuck yeah," Big Joe groaned, holding Hannah's hips firm while he slowly sank his cock deep into her tattered pussy. "Goddamn that feels so good, you little fucking slut." "Oh my God! Aaaooww please!" Hannah sobbed, shifting around in major discomfort as her cunt was forced open wider than she could have ever thought possible.

"Yeah you're definitely tighter than that Miss Washington bitch," the huge brute declared, as he forced more and more of his dick inside Hannah's cunt. "Even with how much you've been fucked, you're still so goddamn tight whore." Hannah let out a bleat of pain as the savage Outlaw forced inch after inch of his seemingly endless cock into her pussy.

As it began working its way past her cervix the pain quickly became intense and unbearable. Hannah screamed in anguish and desperately tried to wrestle her hips from Big Joe's grasp.

"Good thing all them cocks loosened you up bitch," the behemoth chuckled, as he yanked back on Hannah's skinny waist and speared more of his cock into her sex. "Looks like you're still super tight though, at least to me." "Stop please! It hurts!!" Hannah squealed, shifting around painfully as Big Joe's dick finally hit maximum depth. There were still 2-3 inches of the biker's penis protruding from Hannah's pussy.

Big Joe could feel the head of his cock pressing against the Asian's womb. He was very disappointed that she could not take his entire shaft, and was determined to get it all into her no matter what. "Okay bitch, you ready?" Big Joe asked, gripping Hannah's waist tightly as he prepared to smash her weary little vagina.

"You better brace yourself slut, I'm about to rip this tight little Asian pussy in half." "No! Please don't!" Hannah begged desperately.

"Please, I'm so sore! Please don't!" Hannah felt the Outlaw's massive cock slowly withdrawing itself from her twat. It seemed to take forever and she could feel her swollen pussy lips clinging to the meaty shaft. Hannah knew Big Joe was about to start violently fucking her and continued pleading for mercy. Her vagina was so sore from all of the earlier rapes throughout the day and she didn't know how she was going to cope with Big Joe's enormous cock.

"Aaaiiiiieeeegggghhhh!!!" Hannah screamed, digging her nails into the filthy mattress as the Outlaw abruptly slammed his dick into her with all of his strength. "Fuck yeah bitch!

God this tight little pussy feels so fucking good!" Big Joe exclaimed, clamping his hands around the Asian's narrow hips as he rammed his penis into Hannah's cunt as deep as possible. "Aaaauuuggghhh!! Pleeeaaasssee!!" Hannah shrieked in pain, her body jolting from the savage intrusion.

"Yeah bitch! How'd you like that?! I know you felt that one! Get ready slut here it comes!" Big Joe shouted ecstatically, as he began brutally pumping his cock in and out of the Asian's vagina. "No! Wait! Aaagghh!! Please!!!" Hannah begged, squirming around in misery. In just seconds the massive giant was pounding Hannah's pussy so ferociously that it looked like he was literally trying to fuck the Asian to death.

Fresh, heavy tears were streaming down Hannah's face and she was screaming in complete agony as Big Joe fucked her harder than she'd ever been fucked. She was thrashing around wildly as she desperately tried to escape from the giant's grasp.

"God fuck yeah slut! You feel that?! You feel that cock tearing up your tight little pussy?!" Big Joe roared, as he reached forward and grabbed Hannah's long dark hair with both hands. Hannah wailed in torture as the massive sunny leone nude sexy photo jerked brutally back on her hair as he continued to viciously fuck her vagina. Her scalp burned like crazy as Big Joe yanked on her locks as hard as he could.

Hannah's slender frame was bent in a severe arc and her back looked like it was on the verge of snapping in half. Yet the horrendous pain of her pussy getting absolutely pummeled trumped all the others. "Aaaiiiiieeeeee!!! Pleeeeaaaaasssssee!!!" The little Asian shrieked wretchedly. "Keep that ass in the air bitch!!" Big Joe commanded, as Hannah kept trying to free her pussy from his cock. "Please stop!! I can't—I can't take it!!

Please it hurts!!!" Hannah squealed piteously. Big Joe continued to furiously hammer away at the Asian's raw cunt for several long minutes. Eventually he grew tired of Hannah's incessant begging, so he hooked his index and middle finger onto either side of her mouth and stretched her jaws painfully wide.

Now all he had to hear were the Asian's muffled screams while he furiously fucked her as hard as he wished. "Aauughh!! Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!!!" Hannah wailed, futilely trying to pry Big Joe's hands from her mouth. The gigantic biker savagely fucked Hannah for about five more minutes, keeping his fingers hooked in her mouth the entire time. Hannah was weeping in pure misery and felt like her pussy was being completely ripped apart. Every time Big Joe violently thrust forward she felt his cock smashing against her womb, and the pain was just too awful for words.

"Oh my God please!! Stop!! Please no more!!!" Hannah begged, as the huge beast suddenly pulled out of her badly busted vagina. "Turn the fuck around whore!" Big Joe ordered, flipping the small Asian onto her back and grabbing her ankles in his hands. Hannah yelped dreadfully as the Outlaw yanked her legs far apart and quickly got into position between them. He held her ankles in the air as wide as he could and instantly drove his cock back into the Asian's cunt. Hannah wailed stunning brunette loves to tease hardcore european and started squirming around like mad beneath the giant biker.

"God this pussy feels so fucking nice!!" Big Joe growled, clutching Hannah's ankles while he used his hips to smash his dick into her sex. "Please!!!" Hannah begged, as the massive biker let go of her ankles and lay atop her, smothering her face with his hairy, sweaty chest. "Wrap those legs around me slut!" The Outlaw commanded, slapping Hannah brutally across the cheek. The sobbing Asian girl immediately wrapped her long, slender legs around Big Joe's hefty midsection as much as she could.

She kept them locked on the giant the whole time as he violently pounded her aching vagina. Hannah was having trouble breathing from beneath the man's immense frame, and she felt like she was about to be crushed to death.

"Aaauuuuggghhhhh!!!" Hannah squealed, wrapping her legs as tight as she could around Big Joe in a futile effort to slow his devastating thrusts. The huge biker fucked Hannah missionary style for ten horrendous minutes before pulling out once more.

He reached forward and grabbed the weeping Asian by her hair and dragged her off the bed onto the floor. He forced Hannah to kneel on the ground and slapped her hard across the face. "Open that mouth slut!" Big Joe commanded, smacking the little Asian once more. Hannah immediately opened her mouth wide but was met with yet another vicious, stinging slap across her face. She yelped in surprise and looked up at the hulking beast nervously.

There was no reason behind the blow—Big Joe simply enjoyed the sound of his palm striking the Asian whore's face. More importantly, he loved the feeling of absolute power he had over Hannah, and how he could hurt and fuck her as much as he wanted with nothing to stop him. "Get those fucking lips around my cock, you piece of shit whore," Big Joe instructed, grabbing Hannah's hair and yanking her toward him. The petite Asian was trembling in fear as she obediently wrapped her soft lips around the enormous head of the biker's dick.

Big Joe smiled as he watched Hannah force her mouth open as wide as she could just to fit his penis inside of it. Once she did, the Outlaw grabbed a fistful of Hannah's hair and began pumping her head back and forth along his cock. Big Joe fucked the Asian's mouth for several minutes, often times cramming his dick as far as he could into the opening.

Hannah cried and begged wretchedly the whole time as the biker repeatedly stuffed nearly his entire 11" cock down her throat and held it there until she almost choked to death. He would pull out of the Asian's mouth just before she began to suffocate then cruelly slap her back and forth across her face while she gasped desperately for oxygen.

"Get up! Get the fuck up slut, it's time to tear up that pussy some more," Big Joe declared, grabbing two fistfuls of Hannah's hair and jerking her high into the air.

Hannah screamed in complete agony as she felt her long mane being ripped from her scalp. Fortunately Big Joe quickly moved his hands down to her thighs and yanked them wide apart. He probed around frantically with his cock until he found the Asian's tight little slit. As soon as he did the Outlaw slammed Hannah down onto his shaft, prompting her to wail in horrendous pain. "Aaaaoooowwww!!! Pleeeeeaaaaassssssee!!!" Hannah squealed, writhing around miserably as Big Joe held her small ass in his hands and began bouncing her up and down his massive cock.

"Wrap those legs around me cunt!" The biker commanded impatiently. Hannah sobbed dismally while she brought her legs up and curled them around Big Joe's enormous hips. She continued to scream in agony as the giant Outlaw thumped her up and down along his penis. He continuously lifted the Asian until just the head of his cock was lodged inside her pussy then released her so that Hannah's own weight drove her body down onto the awaiting shaft.

Each time he did, of course, Hannah shrieked in excruciating pain as her cunt was instantly stuffed with the biker's insanely huge dick. "Look at me bitch! I said look at me! You fucking look me in the eye while I fuck your nasty little pussy!" Big Joe growled, forcing Hannah to gaze up at him.

Hannah locked her eyes onto the Outlaw's and even through her tears she could see the sheer bliss and satisfaction in them. Big Joe was smiling from ear to ear as he slammed the little Asian up and down his dick. Each time he felt his cock rip into Hannah's pussy he savored the amazing feeling of it, and also the expression of sheer agony on the girl's face. "Oh my God please!!!" Hannah sobbed, as the behemoth continued to smash her terribly sore vagina. Big Joe fucked the petite Asian in the air for several minutes, clutching her small, all natural college blondie fuck ready pornstars hardcore ass in his enormous hands while he repeatedly skewered her tight sex.

Every time he rammed her down onto his cock Hannah screamed in excruciating pain. She could feel the Outlaw's dick completely ruining her womb and couldn't help but wonder if Big Joe was going to literally rape her to death.

Thankfully just as she was thinking this the powerful fiend slammed her onto his shaft one last time and roared as he began emptying his cum deep inside of the Asian. "Open those eyes bitch! Look at me!" Big Joe demanded, staring angrily down at the girl's tear stained face. Hannah felt completely defeated and miserable katerina kay chair solo by pornstarpalladium masturbation pornstars she was forced to look into the sadistic eyes of the enormous, ruthless biker.

He had the same evil grin as all the other men she'd been forced to fuck in the past few days, and Hannah knew that he thoroughly enjoyed watching her suffer. She continued to gaze up at Big Joe as he finished pumping her full of his hot seed. When he was finally finished he lifted the Asian off his cock and tossed her onto the bed like a rag-doll.

"That was nice bitch," Big Joe said contentedly. "I can't wait to get to work on that ass next." Hannah began weeping even harder once she heard the Outlaw's words. Her pussy burned so badly and her cervix felt like it had been pounded to a pulp. She could not even comprehend how terrible it was going to be to have the monstrous beast take her anally. "Get on the fucking floor you cunt," Big Joe commanded, grabbing Hannah by the arm and yanking her off the bed.

"Please don't!" The Asian begged, as Big Joe forced her to get on her hands and knees. "Spread those legs bitch! And get that ass high in the air!" The biker shouted. Hannah whimpered in fear as she spread her legs wide and raised her ass as high as she could for the man.

She could feel him staring at her vulnerable asshole and badly gaping vagina. Big Joe gazed at the Asian's cavernous pussy in appreciation, and couldn't contain his smile as he watched a thick stream of his sperm slowly dripping from the orifice onto the floor. Hannah's asshole, despite being fucked literally more than a hundred times within the past few days, still looked so small and tight compared to her freshly busted pussy.

He simply could not wait to tear up the hole too. "Turn around slut," Big Joe directed, after he was finally finished staring at the Asian's upturned ass. "Please stop!" Hannah pleaded, as she knelt before the terrible giant. "You know the drill whore," Big Joe declared, grabbing a clump of Hannah's hair and bringing her lips against the head of his huge cock.

Hannah groaned dreadfully but wrapped her mouth around the tip of the Outlaw's shaft. She could see the excited grin on his face and wanted to tear his eyes out so badly. She heard him exhale deeply and immediately her body tensed up in complete disgust as Deep anal and throat tube porn Joe began urinating into her mouth. "Drink it slut! You better not spill a single fucking drop!" Big Joe roared, as he watched the horrified Asian squeeze her eyes shut while her mouth quickly filled up with his piss.

Though she'd swallowed easily over two dozen loads of urine, Hannah still had a great amount of difficulty drinking even a sip of the nasty fluid.

For her, the idea of it was simply beyond disgusting, and she doubted that she would ever get accustomed to the awful taste of the bikers' piss. As always, it took every bit of mental strength she had to start swallowing the despicable Outlaw's hot urine. The sour, salty taste of it was overwhelming, and it seemed like it would never stop flowing into her mouth.

"Ah yeah that's right cunt, I been waiting all day for this, saving up every drop of piss for your gook ass," Big Joe snickered, holding the Asian's head with both hands while he continued peeing in her mouth. Hannah began groaning in sheer frustration and disgust as the huge monster happily drained more and more piss into her belly. By the time he was finally finished, she'd swallowed enough urine to easily fill a large bottle of soda.

As soon as Big Joe emptied the last drops of piss into her mouth and let go of her, Hannah screamed in abject misery and shrank away from the giant. She felt so incredibly revolted and immediately wiped the taste of piss from her lips.

She could feel the terrible fluid churning in her stomach and wanted to puke. "Stop crying slut, you should be used to drinking piss by now, I heard all the guys have poor lover allows flirty mate to penetrate his ex girlfriend for hard using you as their own little toilet," Big Joe said, reaching down and grabbing the Asian by her hair again.

"Please just leave me alone!!!" Hannah screamed, as the behemoth jerked her back onto her feet and marched her over to the bed. Big Joe nonchalantly shoved the girl onto the mattress before climbing onto it himself. He leaned back against the wall and grabbed a television remote control sitting nearby. He turned on the TV and began flipping through channels while Hannah ava rose jizz wizz european and brunette softly next to him.

When he finally settled on a station he liked, the Outlaw turned his attention back to Hannah. "Get those pretty lips back around my cock bitch," Big Joe commanded.

The little Asian grumbled in distress but wrapped her lips around the head of Big Joe's dick. Thankfully it was no longer erect and she did not have to stretch her jaws as wide as possible to fit it in her mouth. Hannah shuddered unpleasantly as she felt the biker grip her hair and start working her mouth back and forth against his penis. Big Joe hardly said a single word for the next hour, as he sat back against the wall and forced Hannah to suckle his cock the entire time.

Eventually the Asian started going crazy, but once she felt the huge shaft begin to harden she instantly began shaking in terror. "Alright slut, it's time to tear up that little asshole," Big Joe announced, turning off the TV and pulling the girl's mouth off his cock. "Turn around and get that ass in the air." "No please!! Please don't I'll do anything else!! Please anything else you want!!" Hannah shrieked, shrinking away from the giant Outlaw.

"I said get that ass high up in the air cunt!" Big Joe yelled, reaching forward and slapping the Asian hard across her face. Hannah yelped in pain and instantly began moving into position. At Big Joe's orders, she crawled over to the side of the bed and turned around so that her knees were on the edge of the mattress.

Big Joe quickly stepped onto the floor and moved around so that he was standing directly behind the little Asian whore. Sexy ladies fucked on turns by hard man meat on the couch pornstars hardcore was on all fours with her ass elevated high and she was shaking in fear. "God you have such a sweet little ass," Big Joe commented, pressing his thumbs into Hannah's crack and pulling her ass-cheeks apart.

"This fucking ass was just meant to be destroyed." "Please! Please don't do this!!" Hannah sobbed, her body stiffening in terror as soon as she felt Big Joe's immense penis against her delicate anus. "Get ready slut, you're about to feel some serious pain," the Outlaw warned, gripping Hannah's hips firmly while he slowly began forcing his cock into her ass.

"Aaagghhh!! Noooooo!!" The Asian squealed, shifting around in major discomfort as she felt her asshole being forced excruciatingly wide. "Holy shit you're fucking tight! Goddamn that feels so fucking good!" Big Joe exclaimed, holding the squirming Asian tight while he sank inch after inch of his dick into her tiny anus. "Aaooowww!! God pleeeaaase!!!" Hannah screamed, tears of woe streaking down her face while the gigantic biker continued drilling his penis into her.

The little Asian began sobbing uncontrollably as she felt Big Joe's cock working its way deeper and deeper into her anus. The orifice was so horrendously stretched out, and for Hannah it literally felt like it was on the verge of completely ripping in two. Her asshole was already so incredibly raw from the countless cocks it had been forced to service.

Even with how slowly the biker was penetrating her Hannah's sphincter still burned so badly. The Asian started weeping harder as she thought about how terrible it was going to be once Big Joe started fucking her in his usual brutal manner. "Oh fuck yeah slut! That's right take that cock you little bitch! All of it!" Big Joe growled, gripping the struggling Asian as he continued to drill into her.

Hannah screamed in pain and disbelief as more and more of the Outlaw's massive gang bang ks tube porn filled her. She had no idea how he was squeezing so much of it inside of her. She could feel the huge shaft pushing all the way past her rectum now and against her intestines. By the time he could finally go no further, Big Joe had somehow managed to bury almost his entire 11" python inside the quivering Asian.

He stood still for about a minute or so, savoring the warmth and amazing tightness of Hannah's asshole. "I bet you ain't never been plugged like this before, huh slut?" Big Joe mocked the Asian, grabbing her hair and leaning close to her ear. "Aaahhh! Please stop!!" Hannah cried, as the huge biker fat dick for pretty teen twat girlfriend homemade forward and tried to bury the last 2-3 inches of his cock inside her anus.

"Okay whore it's time to get serious," Big Joe declared, as he locked his fingers firmly around Hannah's slender waist. "Brace yourself slut, this is gonna hurt real bad for you." "No please!! Pleeaaassse!!!" Hannah begged, looking back at the Outlaw in sheer desperation. There would be no mercy from the ruthless biker, however, as he quickly proceeded to pound Hannah's ass.

Hannah screamed in pain and instantly began fighting to free herself from the giant. Because she was so tight for him, Big Joe could not fuck the Asian with full, long thrusts right away.

For the moment he could only drill a few inches back and forth into the tiny opening. Even that, however, was incredibly painful for poor Hannah and she was already squealing in misery.

"Aaaauuugghhhhhh!!" The little Asian wailed, digging her nails that girl with the pigtails double penetration doggystyle the mattress as Big Joe began brutally raping her. "Fuck you're so goddamn tight!" The ugly giant roared, struggling to hold Hannah still as he teen bffs on a boat trip with mobys dick fuck outdoor fucking her very roughly.

"Noooooooooooo!! Pleeeeeaaaaassssssseee!!!" Hannah wailed in pain. It took him a couple of minutes, but eventually Big Joe loosened the Asian's sphincter enough to where he was finally able to slam nearly his entire cock into it in one thrust. At this point poor Hannah learned just how much of a lunatic the Outlaw was, as he literally began fucking her as hard as he could and with complete disregard for her well being. She started screaming in complete horror and agony as Big Joe proceeded to annihilate her asshole.

"AAAAOOOOWWWW!!! GOD PLEASE STOP!!!" Hannah screamed, thrashing around miserably as Big Joe viciously pounded her tiny little anus. "Hold still slut!" Big Joe yelled back, tightening his grip on the Asian's skinny waist and keeping her still while he continued hammering away at her ass. Every time he tore his massive cock into her Hannah shrieked at the top of her lungs and nearly fainted from the horrendous pain. Her asshole had never burned so badly, not even at the end of her absurd gangbang the other day.

The hole truly felt like it was being ripped to shreds from the savage pounding Big Joe was giving it. The other Outlaws were very big and mean also, but not a single one of them had unleashed this kind of pain on the Asian. "PLEEEAAASSSE!!! IT HURRRRTTTSS!!!" Hannah screeched deafeningly, kicking back at the man with her heels while he furiously fucked her.

Never in her life did Hannah want her asshole pumped full of cum as badly as she did right now. Each time Big Joe slammed his enormous dick into her the excruciating pain was overwhelming. The biker was fucking her so fiercely now that Hannah truly believed he was trying to kill her. Tears of misery were streaming down the Asian's face and her body was drenched in sweat from her constant struggles to free herself from the huge brute.

The brutal assault continued for almost 15 more minutes, as Big Joe relentlessly battered the Asian's sphincter. After awhile Hannah just buried her face into the sheets permanently, screaming and weeping while she thumped her little fists against the mattress in total agony. She'd given up begging the massive Outlaw for mercy long ago. "Yeah bitch, this is how a real man fucks, you little slut," Big Joe grunted, keeping his fingers locked around Hannah's skinny waist while he continued to pound her.

Hannah cried out in pain and relief when Big Joe gave one last thrust, sinking almost all 11" of his cock inside her anus. The mighty Outlaw groaned in pleasure as he began shooting another hefty load of cum into the sobbing Asian.


Hannah could feel the hot, sticky seed flooding her asshole but did not care one bit. When he was finished, Big Joe swiftly pulled his massive cock out of the Asian's ass and pried her cheeks apart so he could inspect the damage he'd done. "Oh yeah, that's what the fuck I call a well busted asshole," the Outlaw said proudly. Hannah's anus was gaping grotesquely and fresh trails of blood and cum were oozing from the orifice.

Big Joe could see several areas along the girl's anal ring that had been badly torn from the lengthy, vicious rape. He could only imagine how much agony the little Asian was in at the moment, as she continued to weep miserably into the mattress.

"Okay bitch that's enough crying, get on your fucking knees," the huge biker commanded, grabbing Hannah's legs and pulling her off the bed and to the floor. "Please stop!" Hannah begged, as the Outlaw forced her to kneel before him. "Open your mouth whore!" Big Joe shouted, slapping the Asian's face viciously with his palm.

Hannah yelped in pain and promptly leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide. Her head was ringing from the fierce slap and she was still trying to recover from the horrendous rape just moments earlier. Her asshole was still stretched wide and she could feel more and more of Big Joe's cum seeping out of it and onto the floor. "Clean that cock you little slut," Big Joe ordered, smacking the tip of his penis against the Asian's forehead.

"Lick up all that shit and blood you left on there, you piece of shit whore." Hannah hesitated for just a second before wrapping her lips around the huge, disgusting shaft.

She quickly began bobbing her head up and down the cock, using her soft lips and tongue to clean the blood and feces from Big Joe's penis.

The horrible taste of it was overwhelming, and Hannah nearly puked as she felt her own shit rubbing onto every part of her mouth.

"All of it!" Big Joe instructed, glaring down at the suffering Asian. "I want you to lick up all of it, every fucking inch of that cock! Use that dirty Asian tongue and clean it good!" Hannah continued to service the enormous Outlaw's half-erect dick, sliding her tongue up and down the full length of Big Joe's cock repeatedly. The entire shaft was coated with blood and shit and it took her several minutes to lick it all off. It was so disgusting and Hannah cried the entire time, but she did not dare to stop and rouse the anger of the violent biker.

"That's a good little whore," Big Joe said, grabbing Hannah by the hair and pulling her face away from his dick. Content for the moment, the Outlaw forced Hannah to follow him back onto the bed.

He spent the next couple hours leaning back against the wall and watching TV while he made the Asian suckle his cock. When he eventually grew hard again, he flipped Hannah onto her back and ferociously pounded her vagina for almost half an hour. The poor little slut screamed and wept in agony the entire time.

When Big Joe finally ejaculated into her vagina and pulled out of her, Hannah had finally had enough and made a wild dash for the exit. Of course, given how physically drained she was and with the towering heels on her feet, the Asian barely made it to the door before Big Joe snared her. "You stupid fucking cunt!" Big Joe hissed, grabbing a large clump of Hannah's hair and dragging her back toward the bed. "Please!!!" Hannah begged, stumbling along after the man in her high heels.

"Please! I'm sorry!!" The enraged biker flung Hannah onto the mattress and instantly pounced on her like a bear. He wrapped both of his powerful hands around the Asian's frail neck and began choking her. Horny babe swallows a big fat dick gasped in pain and frantically thumped her fists against the Outlaw's huge, tattooed arms. Her face quickly started to turn red as Big Joe strangled the life out of her.

"Don't you ever, EVER fucking try that shit again!!" The biker screamed, as he took one hand off the Asian's neck and ferociously slapped her across the face several times.

"You hear me bitch?!" "Yes! Please I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!" Hannah begged, coughing miserably when Big Joe finally loosened his grip. "On the floor bitch, you need to learn some lessons!" The Outlaw commanded, grabbing Hannah's hair and yanking her onto the dirty carpet.

"On your hands and knees, and get that ass up in the air slut," Big Joe ordered, as he removed the belt from his jeans. "Please I'm sorry," Hannah pleaded, as she assumed the doggy-style position. "Please don't hit me, I won't do it again, I promise." "Too late whore, you need to learn," Big Joe replied, folding the leather belt over into a loop. "I'm gonna beat this pretty little ass first, then your tits, and then that nasty pussy of yours.

You better keep that ass in the air, or else." Hannah screamed in pain as the Outlaw slashed his belt across her buttocks as hard as he could. The ghastly explosion of the rough leather against the Asian's flesh was so loud it sounded like a firecracker had gone off inside the motel.

Hannah instantly began writhing in pain but somehow remained on her hands and knees, with her lovely ass high up in the air. "Please don't!!" The Asian shrieked, as Big Joe quickly cocked his belt back once more.

Hannah screamed in terror and agony as the huge biker began thrashing the leather strap back and forth across her naked ass. Each vicious blow was excruciating and within seconds Hannah felt like tiny tits pierced babe fucks fake agent butt was on fire.

Big Joe was smiling in pure delight as he beat the little Asian's buttocks. It was already covered with welts and bruises from the many canings over the past few days and the Outlaw could imagine how much pain the girl was in while he battered her raw flesh.

Big Joe spent more than ten minutes whipping the Asian's ass until her skin was red all over and starting to bleed. Somehow, schoolgirl force fuck by teachers Hannah had remained on all fours the entire time, weeping in complete misery as the enormous biker thrashed her ass.

When he was finally done he grabbed the petite Asian and forced her to kneel in front of the bed before pulling her wrists wide and cuffing them to the corner bedposts. "Please! Please stop!" Hannah sobbed, looking up at the terrifying Outlaw in front of her. "Time to fuck those little titties up slut!" Big Joe shouted gleefully, as he started ripping his belt across the Asian's small, helpless breasts.

"Noooooooo!! Aaauuuggghhhh!!!" Hannah screamed, frantically pulling against the steel cuffs on her wrists while the biker mercilessly pummeled her little tits. Big Joe could feel his heart pumping with excitement as he swung the rough belt back and forth against the girl's inflamed chest. He was literally beating the Asian as hard as he could, savoring the sound of her tormented screams and the sight of her small breasts jiggling violently from the heavy blows.

The giant ogre did not pause even for a short moment, and in just a few minutes he'd unleashed over 100 blows on the little Asian fuck-toy. "Pleeaaassseee!!!" Hannah wailed, looking up at the massive lunatic in complete horror and misery. Big Joe continued to rain down blows on the blubbering Asian for a couple more minutes, pummeling her firm little tits with all his might. Each time he ripped his belt across Hannah's chest and thought he was done, the image of her two small, round breasts quivering slap face rough teen and petite blonde braces sally going on a wild rail the savage strike compelled him to keep going.

By the time he was finally ready to move onto her pussy, Hannah's tits were completely covered in thick red welts and bruises. "We ain't done yet you little cunt," Big Joe huffed, setting the belt down for a moment to unlock the miserable girl's wrists.

"And I saved the best whipping for last, you little chink bitch." "Oh my God please stop!!" Hannah sobbed, not resisting one bit as the huge biker cuffed her hands behind her back before dragging her onto the bed. Big Joe quickly positioned the Asian so that she was on her back and her gaping pussy was at the edge of the bed.

He then pulled her ankles wide and tied them to the bedposts at the corner of the mattress. Within moments, Hannah was securely strapped down with her legs spread far apart and her juicy, helpless cunt on display. Her body was trembling as she continued to cry from the painful beatings. "Look at this fucking pussy," the Outlaw said in disgust, running his belt against Hannah's gaping sex.

"This dirty little pussy was made for two things—fucking and beating, you piece of shit whore." "Please stop! Please don't hurt me! I'll be good!" Hannah wept desperately. "I'm gonna beat your cunt till my arm falls off bitch," Big Joe shot back, as he got into position between Hannah's outstretched legs.

"Noooooooooo!!! Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssssse!!!" Hannah screamed, thrashing around miserably as Big Joe began sadistically smashing his belt down onto her vagina. Every time the huge biker slammed the leather strap against Hannah's cunt her pussy lips quivered terribly from the savage blows. The wet, nauseating sound of the belt ripping into Hannah's helpless vagina was almost as loud as the Asian's deafening screams. Big Joe laughed as he watched her vainly trying to free her legs from the bedposts.

He proceeded to shower the suffering Asian with dozens of vicious strikes. "Please!!! Stop it pleeeaaasssssee!!" Hannah wailed, her gorgeous face twisted into an expression of complete agony.

"Goddamn look at that pussy dance!" Big Joe exclaimed, grinning cruelly while he continued whipping Hannah's cunt to a pulp. "Aaaaaooooowwwwwww!!!" The little Asian screamed at the top of her lungs, as she tried to endure the sadistic beating. Big Joe battered Hannah's pussy without pause for more than ten minutes, ripping the leather belt against the Asian's cunt with no mercy whatsoever. He knew just how raw the opening must have been after servicing hundreds of cocks over the past few days, and he took great pleasure in putting the girl through pure agony.

"Aaaaaauuuugggghhhhhhh!!!" Hannah screamed miserably, as the Outlaw continued to thrash her ragged vagina. At this point the Asian just lay on the bed with her head back and her eyes shut, screaming and weeping in complete horror while Big Joe beat the cum off her pussy.

Every stroke of the belt on her vagina brought a scorching pain that Hannah could never have imagined. It might have even been worse than getting her asshole fucked to shreds by the impossibly huge biker. "Oh my God!! Please no more!! Please!!!" Hannah shrieked, finally tilting her head forward and looking at Big Joe with desperation. The massive biker had been pummeling her cunt now for over 15 minutes, and had dispensed literally over 200 blows on Hannah's badly swollen pussy.

Hannah was so overwhelmed with pain now that she could not even think coherently. Her mind was just in a haze of unimaginable agony and her cunt felt like it was nothing more than a bloodied mass of flesh at this point.

Though he didn't quite go until his arm fell off, Big Joe continued to thrash the Asian's pussy until he didn't have the strength to anymore. At that point he finally tossed the belt to the side and stared proudly at Hannah's blistering sex. "Well, did we learn our lesson whore?" Big Joe asked, untying the girl's ankles from the bed and yanking her to the floor by her hair. "You ever gonna try that shit again?" "No, no never, please," Hannah blubbered, kneeling before the Outlaw while tears of agony streamed down her cheeks.

"Open that dirty little mouth slut, I need to piss," Big Joe commanded, grabbing a fistful of the Asian's hair and brutally jerking her head towards his cock. Without hesitation Hannah wisely tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide.

She was still weeping and shaking in pain from the vicious beating. Big Joe continued holding her hair with one hand and used the other to guide the tip of his cock between Hannah's soft lips. As soon as he began peeing into her mouth the Asian closed her eyes in sheer disgust and began groaning wretchedly. "No spilling bitch! You spill one fucking drop and I'll beat that pussy for the rest of the night!" The biker shouted.

Knowing he meant every word, Hannah quickly began gulping down the Outlaw's piss just as quickly as he dumped it into her mouth. As always, the taste of urine was absolutely sickening and Hannah was barely able to keep herself from spitting it out onto the floor.

She tried her best to just chug the sour fluid down and not think about it. After consuming almost ten gulps of the biker's piss, she finally felt the stream dwindle away. The instant he was done, Hannah immediately pulled away from the Outlaw and whimpered miserably. "Wait bitch! Keep that mouth open wide!" Big Joe ordered, still keeping a firm grip on the Asian's long, dark hair. "Please!!!" Hannah cried, spreading her lips once more while she gazed dejectedly at the biker.

She watched in complete abhorrence as Big Joe grinned and worked up all the phlegm in his throat. When he was ready, he leaned forward so his face was just inches away from Hannah's and then spat a massive wad of spit and yellow snot directly into her mouth. As soon as he did Hannah screamed in disgust and began crying even harder.

"Swallow it bitch!" Big Joe yelled, beaming happily as he watched the appalled look on Hannah's face. He continued to stare down at the little Asian cum-bucket, and beneath the suffering in her eyes he could also see an intense and burning hatred that she had for him.

After a few seconds Hannah conjured enough willpower and swallowed the huge, disgusting blob of snot. She tried to move away from the Outlaw again, but he continued to hold her firmly by the hair. "Alright cunt, I don't know about you elsa jean and alexia fawx I'm fucking spent," Big Joe declared, dragging Hannah toward the bed again. The biker removed the cuffs from the bedposts and then flipped Hannah onto her stomach and quickly locked her wrists and ankles together behind her.

When he was finished, the Asian was bound in a hogtie position and had no chance of going anywhere. Big Joe dumped her on the floor and then proceeded to settle comfortably atop the mattress. "Good night bitch, get some rest," the Outlaw said, turning off the lamp by the bed. "I'm gonna fuck you real good all day tomorrow. We'll try to swing by a couple of the bars too, so you can see some of your other whore friends we got." Several minutes passed by as Big Joe tried to sleep, but the Asian could not stop crying and pleading with him.

After awhile he grew tired of it and grabbed a roll of duct tape from his truck. He then wadded up the pair of socks that he'd worn for the past several days and stuffed it into Hannah's mouth before sealing it shut with several pieces of the silver tape. Afterwards, he climbed back into the bed and lay comfortably, savoring the muffled sounds of Hannah's sobbing while he quickly drifted off to sleep.


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