Leche latin masseuse with a happy ending

Leche latin masseuse with a happy ending
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The day it happened, I was hanging around the Rockwell's yards, doing some lawn care. I worked maintenance for them for about 5 years now, more because I knew old man Rockwell than because of any landscaping abilities I have.

It gave me a chance to hang out with the rich set, and generally enjoy the perks of living on a huge estate with a wealthy family. My room around back was in a converted barn, nice and private, so I got no complaints. I was cleaning out the pool that afternoon, hot as hell because of the Malibu temperature.


Beside the pool were the tennis courts, where old man Rockwell's rich bitch daughter Darian was having a lesson. She had just turned 16, and was hitting puberty like a bull asian babes lusty wang sampling japanese and hardcore a china shop.

She had long blonde hair, thick and silky, framing her gorgeous face, blue eyes, full lips perpetually pouty.your typical pampered little minx. I knew her for years, but lately she was acting totally different to me. She had grown to a nice cute 5'3'' or so, and was slender but strong.her body looked like it was 21, but her voice and personality were strictly teeny-bopper. Her tits were growing heavy already, but still firm in her bra. Christ though, it was her lower half that made me nuts that day.she was playing tennis, bouncing around the court all in white, athletic shoes, short bobbi socks, tanned and muscled legs going up into that tiny miniskirt, fuck, her cotton panties showing every time she jumped, I was going nuts.

Lately she had been teasing and flirting with me too, even though I was years older than her.

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Like she would ever let a guy like me into that tight little virgin pussy of hers. Her old man didn't even let her go out with guys. He knew she was getting hot to trot, and didn't want any low-class bum sticking his cock up little Darian, no matter how badly she wanted it.

"Hey Tony!" It was Darian, coming over to me, breaking me out of my spell. She was breathing heavily, her white tank top soaked to her golden body. I could see the outline of her sports bra, and two hard stiff nipples poking against the thin cotton. She grinned at me mockingly, arching her back slightly towards me, as if in challenge. "So I bet you liked watching me, right? I was good out there.I know what to do with my body, wouldn't you say?" A bitch, like I said.

I just muttered "sure" and tried to ignore her and her little girl mind games. "Can you have a look at the sink in the change room, it's all fucked up.

I'm sure you're good with your.tools." she smirked at me and bounced off.


So 20 minutes later I go into the changeroom to look at her damn sink. I could hear her clunking around in the steam room, so I figured she'd be a good half hour before needing any water for a shower or whatever, so I had plenty of time. I was walking to the sink when a smell hit me like a slap. Lying on a bench in the change room was Darian's tennis outfit, all bunched together.

I could smell the odour of teenage sweat from five feet away, it was so strong. I started to get a hard-on, which surprised me. I walked over to the bench and looked at the sixteen year-old's clothes. Right on top, of course, were her little cotton bikini panties. The young cunt wanted me to see these, they were right by the damn sink.

Christ. The panties were limp, and moist with a warm dampness when I picked them up. I couldn't put them down, even though I knew I should have. They were so soft, slightly yellowed in serena blair rides shylas tongue till she orgasms pornstars and fingering crotch were the girl had sweat between her tight thighs.

I could smell the heady mixture of perspiration and a woman's hot musk emanating from the crotch of the panties, and I nearly passed out when I bent and inhaled the stink. I sat down on the bench and picked up Darian's sweat-soaked white socks. This was were the real smell was coming from. They had been locked into her expensive runners all afternoon, and reeked of sweaty feet.

They were a little dirty on the bottoms, and were still warm from the heat of the young girl's body. I couldn't take it anymore. I looked up and still heard Darian in the steam room. I unzipped my shorts and let my hard cock spring free. I held one of the fourteen year-old's stinky socks to my face and inhaled while I slowly stroked my cock with the silky soft panties. Darian's smell was everywhere around me, the stench of a healthy young girl just entering womanhood; her sweat and heat hung in the air heavily, surrounding me as I began jerking off with her underwear.

"Well, what have we here?" I froze as I heard Darian's soft voice in my ear, mocking. Darian was standing there nude, with a towel wrapped around her body.

Her golden skin was beaded with sweat from the sauna, her blonde hair up in a loose bun, stray strands clinging to her slick neck and moist back. My cock was so stiff and hard, the underwear still draped around it. Only problem was, I had no idea how to get my ass out of this one.

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I'd be lucky to stay out of jail, let alone keep my job. "You're such a perv, Tony," Darian giggled mischieviously. "I didn't know you were into that type of stuff. Boy, Daddy would really be pissed!" I couldn't even speak, I was scared stiff.

My dick started to sink as I tried to think a way out of this mess.

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Darian was grinning a little as she walked over to me, then stretched her leg out and ran the tip of her foot up my bare thigh, brushing her delicate little toes closer and closer to my groin. It was like a bolt of lightning straight into my crotch. My dick sprang up again, throbbing, as the cute fourteen year-old teased me. She was standing right in front of me, all I could see, her presence so intoxicating.I could sense the sour smell of her body, the heat in the changeroom wafting her womanly odour all around me.

Darian was grinning seductively, rubbing her warm foot up and down my leg. "I guess I'm in charge now, huh Tony? You better do everything I tell you to, or I'll have Daddy fire you!" Darian had an evil look in her eyes, sneering at me, gesturing for me to kneel in front of her. I did too, I didn't know what else to do. This snotty rich bitch had me by the balls, literaly. "You like my socks so much, why don't you sniff my stinky feet," japanes xxxx full sex stories movie purred, holding her tanned foot to my face, pushing her toes up against my nose, making me inhale the scent of her smelly toes.

I inhaled deeply, stroking my cock as I stuck my tongue out and tasted the teenager's foot.